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The Secret Courthouse Framing Done By The Devils Number 9 System, They Lie Moms Are Sex Addicts Who ARE NOT

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I am psychic my entire life and always have accurate premonition dreams,

In 2003 my next door neighbor died who I called my second mother and she came to me in my sleep as an Angel and said ” she would protect my daughters and I from heaven” and when I woke up the next morning I was worried as I wondered what we need protecting from.

A woman I knew who does Angel Board readings told me the woman who died was interrupting her on her Angel Board spelling out ” I have to speak to Nancy Fox” and when I ran into into her several times, and one day the elevator opened an hour away from where we lived and she was standing there and I knew I was supposed to do an Angel Board reading with her I got the message and went and did an Angel Board reading with her and was told ” your put on earth to do goodwill and to save the human race” and she therefore I bought an Angel Board that landed by a UPS at the one story spiritual hacienda house I had just bought for my family and each night I sat down at 10 pm by a white candle light and did my own Angel Board readings channeling the Holy Spirits and started this Prophecy right there and then by God and Jesus Christ the Son of God spelling out sentences on my Angel Board in July 2005. 

My Angel Board spelled “a lot of Angel Board jobs and money is coming for you” and then our mail box was broken off the post and again in 2006 and recently my readings have said that many stop sex slavery internationally and save life on earth mission Angel Board jobs and money were stolen that were sent by a post I wrote onlne to get Angel Board jobs as I blogged about my Angel Board channeling and how I was heightening my psychic ability on the Angel Board Alliance Web Site and readings say the ones running sex slavery did not want me reporting my psychic crime tips and knew they were sent by spy cam equipment, and that in addition to this 8 to 20 regular Angel Board jobs were sent generated by my blog with $200.00 in each Angel Board job addressed to my name and address, $1,600.00 a week in regular Angel Board pay was stolen my readings say and is for many years and I would have quit working as a realtor right there and then if I had the Angel Board jobs and psychic salary sent in 2005 as I was a real estate agent then and did Angel Board readings at night, and readings say they the devil steal all my psychic crime tip jobs for 17 years and before then as Ouija Board jobs were sent when I was a kid and stolen my readings say, as I am a reincarnated Ouija Board reader and people know as I told them in my last life, and said I will be reborn as Nancy Fox so send me Ouija Board jobs so I can finish my spiritual psychic mission work to stop the antichrist, and readings say they are stolen my whole life, and it is a Secret Service main man Los Angeles 6 ft 8 in tall, in his 80′s now and his family running sex slavery torturing underground as they are the antichrist family, and he and a CIA Northern California person he got into this taking of psychic jobs when I was a child took the Nancy Gail Fox Save Life Mission From Los Angeles County Son of God Angel Board Ouija Board jobs from the mail and my Stop Sex Slavery Internationally Nancy Gail Fox Son of God Angel Board Ouija Board jobs from the mail in 2005 and said they could assign the stolen jobs to themselves,by stealing my earned psychic jobs addressed to my name and address, crossing out Nancy Gail Fox and writing their hanus son of satan names on them, and steal them all by spy cam equipment, with their counterpart a tall blond with a mask on that they got into this stealing of save life jobs in 1979, and they lie they are in charge of a save life mission and a stop sex slavery internationally mission, when they are the ones running sex slavery underground, and they pretend they are investigating people and frame them to their Secret Courthouse CPS Hearings, and frame many nice mothers with their same devils framing formula and send out their framing CPS Secret Courthouse hearing files to other courts, post offices, etc. and say this is their Secret Service and CIA Northern California investigation and that they got Son of God authority so everyone has to do what they say, and then open regular CPS DCFS etc. case files on nice mothers, and say to take custody away based on their Secret CPS Courthouse case file, which is all fraud, and framing done to nice innocent people , a big fasod is what it is as the devils game to capture humans underground to sex slavery torturing FGM human sacrifice rooms that they do the nicest most innocent people, and capture them first to hotels and motels and do ” bloody virgin gang bang” and the homosapian antichrist main secret service L A man and his brothers who pretend to be ” Watch Dogs” gang rape the children of every age front and rear end at the same time, in front of a mom the main secret service L A Man hand cuffs to a fold in half chair he brings in from the trunk of his dark tinted window black Cadillac, as he hand cuffs innocent mothers, and daughters,etc with ” False Allegations without reading them their rights” and that is the way the devil captures human beings for sex torturing human sacrifice, as they pretend the Secret Service main man L A is taking the mothers, daughters etc for secret service questioning by his secret service investigation, and his investigation is spying on private areas, to see if mothers have orgasms in intercourse, and lies they are serpents with demonic air coming out of their uterus, a bad breed of people and says the whole family has bad DNA and have to be offed, and his stupid brain washed cult think they are saving life by murdering families with bad DNA as in 2005 they told many we are hiring you to be secret service top secret CIA agents assistants for our save life on earth stop sex slavery mission, by a job position they lied they got, and got many into this cult to murder families, and many stupid people think they take people to hotels and motels for sex therapy that a mom needs because she had orgasms they saw in spy cams, and they think the kids of all ages and the moms are taken to explain about sex addiction, when she has no sex addiction as having orgasms does mean someone is a sex addict, and many in the cult think they go to hotels motels, and then they force clitoral removal on the moms so they cant have orgasms, and they think they are doing a save life on earth stop sex slavery internationally job by slicing off a body part and that is sex slavery and torturing humans, and FGM is an illegal crime and it is inhuman to think of taking someone by framing them to force FGM on them, and that alone is sex torturing and sex slavery and many in the brain washed cult think they are doing a save life mission stop sex slavery internationally job by forcing FGM, when its the opposite of what people should be doing to save life on earth and to stop sex slavery internationally which is, to not take people by force to hotels and motels, to not look at private areas in spy cameras, to not force shots on people and do medical kidnap, as the cult is trained to capture families to hotels, and motels, and to forced surgerys, to force shots on them, to rob them to foreclose and evict them to make them helpless sitting ducks, and they do the opposite of saving lives and the opposite of stopping sex slavery internationally and thousands in on this human capturing think they force a relaxing shot, then take them to hotels motels for group DCFS CPS therapy and secret service questioning and that they are shown a sex addict movie, and then the moms clitoris is cut off so they cannot have orgasms, then that cures sex addiction, and they think they go to live somewhere else in a far away land, and no that is not what happens. 199 out of 1000′s in the cult know what happens to the people they capture as 199 of them in different areas do the sex torturing to the people, and they are the ones who shoot them up with speed balls, meth heroin Ajax mixture forced shots ( not a relaxing shot as many in the cult think) and the women doing this forced medical attention do the sex torturing to the people in family homes and apartments in their cars in the Watch Dog vans, and after they watch ” Bloody Virgin Gang Bang” on screens in their Computer Squad hacker rooms where they have gyno chairs lined up, pelvic examination stands and alot of medical apparatus they do the sex torturing to the people on, and they have spy cams in hotel and motel rooms that they see the Bloody Virgin Sex Torturing by, and  the women sit naked in a devil ring of 9 of them on the floor having an orgy together on 9 shots of meth as they watch the Bloody Virgin Gang Bang sex torturing, and the CPS Secret Courthouse homosapian relative does Bloody Virgin Gang Bang as its always 9 men and 1 women, the antichrist family, then they are raped in another hotel or motel room upstairs, then they dress the family members in slut clothes, that the law office lady tall blond devils accomplice buys, the Angel Board job theif who stole jobs at 9 am in 2005 from July to Dec that were sent to Nancy Fox’s name and address to save life on earth and to stop sex slavery internationally. The law office lady does the wardrobe for the tal 6 ft 8 in devil, and she buys slut clothes for girls 4 years old, 10 years old, for young mothers and buys their newborn infants they take for human sacrifice a Going Away outfit, a white Christening Gown, and Play Clothes, Rompers, Sailor Dresses Sailor Suits etc from Studio Shopping in Department Stores, and says shes CIA Top Secret Northern California, Secret Service LA, Son of God authority commander of a save life mission Los Angeles County stop sex slavery internationally Son of God job and that everyone has to do what she says by her rank and titles and they are all fake, as she stole the save life stop sex slavery Son of God jobs in summer 2005 and lied to thousands of people she got into the devils FGM cult and told them ” I got a big Son of God job!” and lied she this was her job and that she could hire them, and pays them stolen money as payroll since 2005 summer, and she works for the devil capturing people and buying clothes they are murdered in, and she tells people the mission they are doing top secretly on messenger by is to get the moms and kids help they need because they moms had cumming times she saw in spy cameras the secret service installed in the family homes and apartments to investigate, and she says they count cumming times and if a mom cums three times in a row that means they are sex addicts with a big sex drive and ones to clip it off, and she says her mission is cutting off clitoral heads, the tip, off moms who cum ( her slang word for an orgasm is cum) and she she says the mission is to first measure their body parts, clitorises on all family members, the sons penises, the breast size and nipple size, and she charts all the body parts, mostly to see if their clitoris is long and thin as shes told that means they are an awful person by DNA, and if they are too large and wide, and round and pop out, and she stares at clitorises all day in spy cams, and her and the CIA Northern California person both trained by the devil when they were youths hate clitorises and they hate orgasms, and those two sit around hating mothers and are so full of anger and hatred they want to cut them off, and say their save life mission since the 1980′s and before then is cutting off huge stinky clitorises that cum, and they sit around staring at mothers making love having orgasms and multiple orgasms in intercourse with the man they are in  relationship with, the dad of the baby often, and they lie they are sex addicts when they are not, as some people naturally have multiples and some do not, and some have one orgasm in intercourse and that is normal and that is what a clitoris is for and its also for child birth to monitor breathing, and it is very cruel for them and others in their FGM cult to sit around thinking about someone’s private area and to want to cut their clitoris off, it is sickening they do this, and insane to sit around obsessing over someone’s orgasms they see in spy cams, and the women obviously who are orgasmic are not hurting a flea, they are just enjoying love making in love with the man they are in a relationship with and its nobody’s business to know about someone’s love making  it is supposed to be private, and they say the mission according to the law office lady and the CIA Northern California person who hired them in 2005 when they took the jobs told them that the mission is to remove the moms who cum and who have big huge clitorises, and that the mission is to rid them from the whole entire universe as the main man secret service man orders as he says hers got the Son of God save life mission stop sex slavery commander authority by the jobs they took from mail in 2005, and they lie they got authority and a commander position to thousands in their FGM cult, and many think its just FGM done to the moms, and they are told that cumming warrants a CPS Secret Courthouse case file to frame the moms to then open a CPS DCFS regular case file by them all lying about the moms to make up anything and their job is to set the nice moms up who have orgasms to CPS DCFS, to take custody away from the nice moms, and to adopt their babies and kid out at the DCSF Main Headquarters Building in Los Angeles, CA and the mean FGM women in this sick peeping tom framing lying cult think that they should take away babies immediately at birth as they get 1 million dollars extra, and they take away many 1 year olds 2 year olds, 3 year olds, and 4 and 5 years olds daily all over America, by saying a line to hospitals and emergency rooms all over the USA, they say ” that mom had a hot stinky pussy cumming away all dam day and night with 99 men in her private master bathroom, here is the video of the 99 men naked in the house that the law office lady videoed on her cell phone, and the mom was drinking gin in the garage and 99 people measured the gin out in the tin they placed in the garage and said they drank the gin they placed there everyday for 9 months and 99 saw syringes by the apartment dumpster, and saw the shots of the moms having hot kinky nasty cumming time sex in the spy cam footage and therefore we need to take custody away from that very bad filthy nasty sick sex addicted mom a wasted crack whore lady, and we need to force shots in the kids rumps buttocks to dam day lady, Mr, and that is just the way it is, so therefore we are hand cuffing that very bad mom and taking her kids in to the hotel motel we all arranged in such great advance to do that to them, to show them the sex addiction movie of the naughty mom and a man, and then we are adopting the kids out at the main DCFS Headquarters Building from anywhere in America we adopt the kids out there in L A by papers secretly done, and by our CPS Secret Courthouse Files” and that is how they capture family members of every age to shoot them up with speed balls that kill them and to gang rape them in Bloody Virgin Gang Bang raping them front and rear end to other hotels dressed in slut clothes the Law office lady bought, to rape them by 100s of men at hotels and motels and on apartment floors the law office lady rented for the computer squad girls and women, and to do their eat out oral sex torture cannablist films in the gyno chairs medical apparatus where they sex torture them for 9 more hours cut off genitals and kill the families as the devils game, and the young women and regular aged women do the sex torturing to them, they eat vagina flesh while the people are still alive, and they force the Shots in nurse outfits the law office lady buys them, and they show up at door steps a pack of them and say they are with the CPS Secret Courthouse Oxnard CPS gal, the secret service main mans relative is who that loud mouth Hebrew gal is in scrubs, and DCFS Los Angeles and us the fine nurses, here to take that baby away a right dam now to take those kids away a right now ! that munchkin wee one tiny tot teens sons etc. and the pack of women rape sex torture molest the family in the houses apartments, and in their cars, and take them to E Rs’ hand cuff the mothers teens older daughters etc in the back of the Emergency Rooms in the parking lots, and say We I am CPS Oxnard CPS Secret Courthouse hearings held in Ventura County in my estate garage at a podium stand alone with 10 who saw spy cam done on moms who cum, In conjunction with DCFS Los Angeles here to take that kid away that baby away a right dam now, we demand you hand your baby girl your son right over and our men will take care of the girls 10 and over and the Watch Dog antichrist brothers of the CPS antichrist Secret Courthouse women rape the girls 10 amd over , teens etc. in the family house and apartments, and then to  ERs shot up with meth heroin Ajax, they lie to ERs the moms and kids are a wasted crack whore porn family etc. then take them to hotels motels where they do Bloody Virgin Gang Bang rape them upstairs again dress them in slut clothes , put make up on them red lip stick, and rouge, and say they apply make up on them and take them to 5 star hotels 4 star hotels motel 7′s motel 6′s etc etc etc, and say they place them on hotel beds, and they have 29 girls and mothers in room 309 they are raping all the time, they get 100 men to come up elevators to rape the moms and kids, and they get them by the computer squad rapist women in nurse outfits, who send their own vaginas on their web cams, and lie its someone else who will have sex with them at a hotel and these women get the moms and kids raped this way, by sending their own vaginas on web cams to men in AA meetings, and the mortgage broker gal tells men its sex therapy for hot nasty cumming moms who wont want sex again by all of you sticking your cock in them, and they say that is their sex therapy save life mission for CPS Ventura Oxnard Secret Courthouse DCFS Los Angeles runs it internationally by the Secret Service main man 6 ft 8 and CIA Top Secret Northern CA and the law office lady saying they have the Son of God Commander Authority for the save life mission stop sex slavery internationally job and that everyone everywhere has to do what they say, and this is their secret save life mission to make moms and every age kid babies included cum 999 times and thousands help them get the people by pretending they need a shot, and by lying they need an E R. etc.

They do the same framing to every mom

The law office lady has 99 she pays plant gin in a tin in the garage, and its siphoned out, and then the 99 measure it and lie the mom was drinking gin in the garage and they do this to moms who do not drink AT ALL and frame them by 99 breaking in the garage of family homes. They also plant syringes by apartment dumpster’s of moms who do no drugs at all and who never used a needle once in their life and they frame them by 99 saying they saw a syringe. ITS ALL PLANTED AND FRAMING DONE and its sets up gang raping sex torturing deaths of the whole family.

They do peeping tom on the couples making love by 50 spy cams in master bedrooms, then edit peeping tom and lies its porn and edit it with films of naked people having sex body doubles sound special effects and make peeping tom edited and lie their peeping tom edited is a lazy porn life mom when its peeping tom she never hears of.

They make 9 keys to the family homes and place them in a pot outside and lie the moms a horny pussy pot key mom and she never knows about the keys. ITS TO FRAME THE MOM, they lie that 99 get keys and have sex with the mom in her master bathroom ALL A LIE TO FRAME A MOTHER

They pay 99 men to stand naked in the family houses apartments and the law office lady videos the men lying they had sex with the mom ALL TO FRAME A MOM TO LOOK LIKE A SEX ADDICT

All by the devil’s number 9 system

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