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Stop The FGM Medical Laboratory Facilitys Underground

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My past life readings say in my last life I did spirit writing as a medium and Ouija Board readings to stop the occult, the same as I do in this life as Nancy Fox by Angel Board readings since 2005 and by spirit writing since 2009 spring, to stop sex slavery internationally and to stop them from sex torturing and murdering human beings and my past life readings say I did this work in my last life as Carly Wilkinson Smith Tate and I died in the middle of Dec.1958. 

I predicated my name would be Nancy Fox and I would be born around the date I was born Nov. 4th, 1959 and my readings in my past life predicated the street I would grow up on in Sherman Oaks, California, and I willed my past life money to myself as the Heiress of the money, and a Nancy Gail Fox workbook, to continue my work as Nancy Fox to stop the occult, and my past life readings say the instructions said send Nancy Fox her money and psychic question answer work book to stop the occult when she begins her Ouija Board tool to get answers by channeling spirits.

When I was 10 and 11 years old in around 1970 I did Ouija Board reading spirit channeling, and my readings say that Ouija Board instructions, jobs, and bank statements were stolen then as the occult did not want me reporting, and readings say when I was a child they stole my mail, and had others start taking it, and they told Mormons in Utah they could use this money to save life with them, and do female genital mutilation, and they lied the inheritance money could be assigned to them, and told them to lie shes not able to this job. The instructions may have said 20% of the money could be borrowed by people if it’s used for saving lives, and the instructions may have said if she’s too young to do her psychic work and not yet able then some jobs could be assigned out with her approval, even at age 5 or 6 or 7 and from then on, and the Mormons lied shes not able to do this utmost important job position, so we are using the money assigned to us, by them lying to a Court, and they may have lied Nancy Gail Fox is a retarded citizen, and therefore we are using this money sent to us by the L A County men who suggested we do this laundering of money and embezzlement by telling Courts shes not the person named as the Heiress Nancy Gail Fox, and they lied to a Court in Utah in the 1960′s my readings say, 20 Mormons to get the money, and the L A County men who told them to do this are probably the occult, who did not and do not want my owned inheritance money reaching me or my Ouija Board stop the occult crime tip jobs and my Nancy Gail Fox workbook, and readings say the occult started slandering me when I was a child and started having everyone and their brother steal what is sent for Nancy Fox. The occult told the Mormons they would use the money to cut off clitorises underground, and that that would be saving lives around the world, and stop diseases and infections from spreading, and they got them into FGM, and others in 1970 their High School graduating class year, and they in 1979 they got a 19 year old class of 1977 to take Nancy Gail Fox mail and told her she was going to do the Son of God Save Life Mission with the others who take the mail and money, and thats the Mormons and others from class of 1970 and the occult who took money from planes at airports, and from banks where it was sent, and the occult sends the money to them the 1st of the month and says your save life money has come in, I am wiring it to you, and they lie that is their Save Life Mission Funds, and some receive it for around 55 years, and whatever is sent for Nancy Gail Fox to stop crimes they steal it and lie they can assign it to someone as the occult does not want me reporting them, the way they sex torture and kill humans.

Readings say all the mail was stolen in the 1960′s that said the inheritance money of Nancy Gail Foxs of Sherman Oaks California is her owned money and 20% is her future childrens and some lied that money is for Nancy Gail Fox and her future family, and shes not capable of the work stated or the right person to do the utmost important job position so the family will take it and use it for FGM a secret save life mission with the L A County men who say they are in home investigators, and who have medical laboratory underground and secret county medical facility’s for the women FGM is done to, where their kids go too, and some people may have said they are long distant relatives, who are not blood related are the Nancy Gail Fox family heirs of the money sent when they are not, as letters stated Nancy Gail Fox and family meaning Nancy Foxs own family as in children, and readings say the occult who sex torture and murder people underground got it twisted all around and fooled some Mormons in Utah and told them to go to a Court in Utah and lie then they could be sent the Nancy Gail Fox family money every month for the FGM save life mission they are doing top secret. I do not have any Mormon blood relatives, and I am not Mormon, but my readings say it was 20 Mormons in Utah in the 1960′s who did this at a Court, then had their children get money on the first of the month, and there could be some 10th cousins who are sent money who think its theirs as they may have been told we are the Son of God Save Life Mission Money, and they may have said they took over the Nancy Gail Fox Corporation Funds, and the Nancy Fox Company money, and that may be inheritance money put in bank accounts by Federal Tax I D Numbers, and they may also be sent Medium For God Prophet channel writer money and Prophet thank you gifts sent to Nancy Gail Fox since June 09 and Nancy Gail Fox paypal since April 2013, as a group of people lied to aol and lied my paypal aol email address was their groups email address, and my alternate email was changed to a Jane Smiths email, and that could be a long distant relative by marriage not blood related, a 5th cousin or 9th cousin by marriage who may say they always take the Nancy Gail Fox money, as they took over the Nancy Gail Fox Son of God Save Life Mission work and funds when she was 7 when they voted and all agreed to do the save life FGM work secretly and to say thats their family money for their work, and readings say the instructions said Secret Service men are to protect Nancy Gail Fox when she gets her inheritance at Glendale Federal Savings Bank, in the 1960′s 1970 Sherman Oaks, California, and instructions may have said the Secret Service will be underground protecting her the heiress of the money sent from America Funding on planes to the banks, and the occult got a job as a secret service investigator in home investigator, and set up rooms to sex torture and murder people underground as he and his family always do the opposite of notices and instructions sent, they reverse everything and still are, and they got a person who takes the Son of God save life mission mail since the 1960′s 1970 to say they are CIA Top Secret, and to say they are doing the Save Life Mission Son of God job secretly with the in home investigator man and the law office lady who takes the Nancy Gail Fox mail since 1979, and they all steal the mail and money and lie they are doing the Nancy Gail Fox Son of God Save Life Mission, by the secret service man assigning it to them, and by CIA Northern CA assigning it to them and readings say they stole Ouija Board stop the occult jobs in 1979 and money from banks from 1979 to 1989, and they stole Ouija Board jobs in 1988, and the law office lady made a framer report, and lied Nancy Gail Fox is not suited for this utmost important job position so we are assigning it to ourselves, and readings say they stole alot of inheritance money and save life jobs and instructions and lied shes not able to do this work, and lied shes not the type.      In 1988 I was 3 years sober in AA working a spiritual program, sober since age 25, and in 1988 I was living in my townhome I owned reading The Prophet, Right Use Of Gods Will, and very spiritual books, and I did my own psychic readings all in my 20′s in the 1980s, and my readings say they stole the mail and lied shes not the type to do this save life mission work, and I was a Costume Designer starting at age 21 and Nominated for an Emmy Award in 1987, and a Costume Supervisor on feature films since 1979, age 19, a Department Head on movies delegating to assistants, and my readings say they totally lied to steal my money and psychic jobs sent for me to save lives, and they steal my Nancy Gail Fox workbook I willed to myself, and my readings say they stole money from 5 banks again in 1995, from banks in Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys, California and in 1997 they stole money from 5 banks again sent when we moved to The Conejo Valley, California and they stole it again from 5 banks, and lied that’s our save life mission Son of God job money.

In 2005 my readings say it was sent for Nancy Fox to bank branches where I had accounts, and in 2007 etc. and they stole the money, and lied that is not Nancy Taylors money, some others took over the Son of God Family Save Life Mission, and they took her out of the Nancy Gail Fox Son of God Family Inheritance funds when she was 7 years old by reports done on her personality, and some others assumed that job position to save life on earth, the CIA Northern CA, the law office lady since 1979,and the in home investigator secret service main man L A County, who was hired to work on the Son of God save life mission from below the streets to cover the Son of God and her family, her mom and future children and they all took the inheritance money sent to Nancy Fox at the bank branches where I had bank accounts as Nancy Fox and as Nancy G. Fox-Taylor and my name is not Nancy Taylor and never was, and they lied Nancy Taylor cannot have this money, thats others who took the save life son of God family mission job over, etc. and lied my name was Nancy Taylor, and still are my readings say, and my name has never been Nancy Taylor, it was Nancy Gail Fox-Taylor, and I restored my maiden name over 17 years ago to Nancy Gail Fox.


Readings say they stole many of my Angel Board spirit channeling jobs sent for me in 2005 by my post I wrote about my Angel Board ability on The Angel Board Alliance Web site in summer 2005, readings say 100′s of Angel Board jobs were sent to Nancy Foxs name and address with $200.00 in each Angel Board job they stole, and readings say the law office lady who does I D Theft since 1979 ran and stole them off the front porch and lied ” I got the big huge Son of God job!” and she stole instructions that said Nancy Fox should hire people from her High School class of 1977 and she hired them and lie it was her Son of God save life mission job, and the CIA Northern CA who steals the Nancy Fox Ouija Board mail since the 1960′s got their class of 1970 in it, and they all voted top secret by thumbs up texts to vote in the law office lady and the CIA Northern CA person to do the job by taking the mail., crossing off Nancy Fox and by writing their names on it, and they agreed to pretend its their Son of God save life mission job they are doing, with the in home investigator, and they were told the mission is to do FGM, and to take kids from moms by framing them to DCFS CPS Etc. by first setting them up to their CPS Secret Courthouse, and its for dead child trafficking, kiddy porn and snuff movies the occult in home investigator and his family are running underground with the DCFS CPS case workers who are their relatives, and they mass murder and sex torture the population and lie they got a save life mission job. Readings say many Angel Board jobs sent for Nancy Fox to stop the occult were stolen and sent to the CIA Northern CA person who shreds them, and changes reverses them, and sends everything out backwards, and so do many hacker crews they pay stolen money to, they steal the mail, and open it, change instructions, reverse them, assign gifts and money to other people, and lie the gifts and money and paypal etc are for their save life Son of God mission the CIA Northern CA took over, when its not their money or gifts or paypal, it’s sent for my psychic crime tips, and they lie its for them and say lets all pretend the great gifts sent to thank a Prophet, and the nice car presents, and gated estates are for us men,thou ladies and gents down under who run out to loot UPS Fed Ex trucks and bank vaults Brinks Trucks by the papers we got that state the CIA Northern California along with the law office lady and Mormons assumed this utmost important job position from way back when Nancy Gail Fox was a kid, and they lie her name is really Nancy F, Taylor, and shes not the real psychic Ouija Board reader who grew up on Ranchito Ave. in Sherman Oaks, California when I am that person.

Readings say the law office lady stole Nancy Gail Fox Son of God save life mission instructions in 2005, 2006 , 2007 that said Nancy Fox should buy many mansions with her money sent to the bank branches where she has bank accounts under Nancy Fox, and under Nancy G. Fox-Taylor. and the law office lady lied thats a big realtor buyers job we can assign to realtors, and she had realtors steal Angel Board jobs and lie they got a big realtor buyers job to buy many mansions and she had the people from the stolen list to hire people from the class of 1977 move in the mansions bought with stolen money, and says their her great groups of people, doing save life mission folders for them, and the law office lady decided to get a real estate license and lie she got a big real estate buyers job to buy many mansions with other realtors, when its not a realtor buyers job at all and in 2009 when I started my spirit channel writing in Sherman Oaks CA the law office lady had my Medium For God Prophet channel writer gifts sent to women in that neighborhood, and said they assigned you this utmost important son of God save life mission job position, and UPS Fed Ex trucks are sent to those imposters homes who do I D Theft for over 12 years, and they told them to pick up Nancy Gail Foxs Medium For God Prophet thank you pay from Churches,etc. and they lie the Prophet pay is for folders they drop off that the classes of 1970 1977 do in the many mansions, estates on Golf Courses, and the law office lady gets the master UPS Fed Ex drop off delivery lists, and changes the drop off addresses, and lies shes the Son of God Save Life Mission From Los Angeles County Commander, that she was assigned this position in 1979 and in 1989 they started doing a lot of work to remove clitorises and she says she always takes the Nancy Gail Fox Son of God mail and money and notices, and she shreds them rewrites them changes them, lies she can over ride any instruction sent from anywhere in the world, and stops the kiddy porn perps from being arrested or searched, as notices may say frisk their hackers, check to see if those hacker women have underwear on or pubic hair, do a urine test to see if they do meth heroin or are drinking and swab their mouths with q tip for vagina dna from children they took,and do these tests on the DCFS CPS women with them, to prove their pedos, and whatever is sent to stop sex slavery internationally and to stop human sex trafficking is changed by the law office lady CIA Northern CA and by their crews in hacker rooms, and they open stolen mail, and respond to it, and lie they are many other job titles by stolen jobs they ripped off from mail, and they may lie they are the White House Staff Los Angeles doing a stop traffick job for America and the world, in conjunction with the Son of God Save Life Mission From Los Angeles County job, stolen by the law office lady and CIA Northern CA, and they may lie they are a White House staff by a job they stole in July 2010 that said for Nancy Fox The White House Presidents Medium To Stop Traffick For America and The World, as that job may have been sent in July 2010 by my White House Medium channel writing I do since 09 June for the passed on White House Presidents, as every job sent , they steal it and twist it around, and lie they can assign an utmost important job position to themselves, and that would a be a job generated by my work I do channel writing for the passed on White House Presidents as a medium to stop sex slavery internationally and to stop human sex trafficking as that is the work I have been doing writing for them for over 13 years, and in 2013 I wrote a post by each one of them on a wordpress of mine and did youtube medium President speaking videos in 2013 to stop sex slavery internationally and since then also, and my paypal is on this work I have done as a medium and readings say they rob my paypal by hacking and lie that pay to a Prophet is for our utmost important job position we got, the Son of God Save Life On Earth Mission From L A County realtor buyers job, and the White House L A County Staff job, and the Stop Traffick at CPS DCFS Welfare Services job sent May 2010, that they took in a fed ex sent for Nancy Gail Fox, sent for her channel writer Nancy Gail Fox resume’ she emailed the U N’s May 2010, and every job sent to stop sex slavery and traffick they steal, and lie they got an utmost important job position, and readings say they started hacking my psychic reading facebook March 2010 and stealing my reading calls by bugging phones in Dec 09, that are by my resumes’ and work I do as a medium, and they may lie they are the Medium For God Reading Group, and rob my reading calls for over 12 years by bugging hacking equipment, and in July 2010 they lied they could say someone else is the Medium For God team group leader, and readings say they stole my Medium For God channel writer stop sex slavery etc jobs then and lied they could assign my job to someone else, when a human being does not decide who Gods Medium is, as I channel God since summer 05 and started doing this work channeling Holy Spirits over 17 years ago, and God and Jesus made me their medium, not a person obviously, and readings say they stole my Nancy Fox Medium For the White House Presidents Spirit channel writer jobs in July 2010 and they stole instructions that said hand Nancy Fox one thousand a day spending cash from her owned inheritance money at U S Bank,and withdrawl her money as stated in 2005 to 2007 in many letters, and give her one thousand of her own money in her hand every day so she has spending money, and they steal that money, and it also said in 05 to 07 take ten thousand to forty thousand out of Nancy Fox U S Bank funds sent, and put one thousand in cash at all the Starbucks she frequents to hand her when she walks in, and shes to be handed $100,000.00 to 20 mil when she walks in a bank, and readings say they waltz in many Starbucks and say that cash under the counter is for my utmost important son of God job position I was assigned, and take it since 2007 from all over at many Starbucks, and they lie the file under car lot desks to get cars is an account for their utmost important job they were assigned, and they lie to car lots, banks, Starbucks,and everywhere and say that persons name is Nancy Taylor, and they lie shes just pretending to be the Nancy Gail Fox who grew up on Ranchito Ave Sherman Oaks California, and they lie shes just trying to get a fast buck for doing nothing, and they lie that is not her Medium For God pay to a Prophet writer, we say that pay is for our utmost important job position we got, that we were assigned by taking Nancy Foxs angel board mail years back by simply crossing off Nancy Fox with a sharpie and writing our names on the jobs sent to her name and address, and then CIA Northern CA writes I assign you this utmost important job position and this is very hush hush so very top secret as we are all pretending these are our FGM jobs to save life on  earth and say we save life on earth by setting up very nice moms to our CPS Secret Courthouse hearings held in the CPS case workers garage,the secret service main man in home investigators sister in laws estate garage, and we have the great groups of people from classes of 1970 1977 make medical reports to take children from nice moms, and they frame them and set them up to the CPS Secret Courthouse garage in the gaurd gated estate neighborhood right near their many mansions on golf courses we got with the Nancy Gail Fox inheritance funds we took from banks, and lied it was our save life mission money for a job we got, and lied the save life jobs of hers we took from mail were jobs we got that the money sent in her name goes with, and this is why sex slavery torturing deaths are not stopped as they run sex slavery with stolen stop sex slavery internationally stop traffick money sent to the Medium For God Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor since 2009 on top of the Nancy Gail Fox inheritance money they take, and they send people out with fake crime tips in folders all over many towns, and give them stolen Medium For God Prophet pay sent for Nancy Gail Foxs work, and they give the people dropping off fake crime tips the money and say here is your pay to a Prophet, for taking our work around, for setting it on mail boxes, and fences, and for delivering it to porches, and that’s how they cover up the occults serial killer sex torture operation, and the law office lady had a class of 1977 person whos a realtor make 10,000 copies of fake work and fed ex it to 500 places recently, and the law office lady gets redone work the hacker pedos do to my posts, and she copies the redone work onto a blank wordpress page, and xeroxes it fed exes it and lies shes sending out her Son of God Save life mission work,the utmost important job position she got in 05, by stealing Nancy Gail Fox Angel Board jobs off the porch, that she crossed off Nancy Fox on and wrote her name on, and said CIA Northern CA and the in home investigator assign this utmost important job position to me, and they have stolen Gods Medium email money since 09 and wordpress money for over 10 years, and youtube money for almost 10 years, and Fox-Taylor DCFS Victims family money since 2009, and Medium For God Prophet channel writer money since 2009, gifts, cars, gift cards, office rent money mortgage money Prophet writer rent expense money, and paypal for almost 10 years by hacking and they steal every penny and lie that is for an utmost important job position I got, for jobs we took years back by roaring past the mail box,by taking mail out and crossing off Nancy Gail Fox and writing our names on the jobs, and we sent the Angel Board Ouija Board jobs to CIA Northern California, and this is why sex slavery is never stopping as too many swindlers and con artists full of greed and phoniness are secretly stealing letters and money that is sent for Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor and as stated previously the occult in home investigator family got many in on robbing inheritance funds that are Nancy Gail Fox and 20% childrens money, and by the reading that means, they stole a childs inheritance money, Nancy Gail Fox,and they steal Nancy Gail Foxs childrens money also. Readings say it was sent for many years to banks where accounts were and says 20% is Nancy Gail Foxs childrens money and its laundering, embezzling, and downright robbery says God and Jesus says this Nancy Gail Fox work book mission was all very well planned out in her last life as the infamous Ouija Board geru a sorceress she is known as also in the very old Testament the ancient bible of our past times in many past lives, and she planned it out so well by channel writing our words in 1947 and again in 1958 ,that said clearly stated the Nancy Fox save life mission stop the occult antichrist work book shall be mailed to Nancy Fox Ranchito Ave Sherman Oaks CA when she is around 7, with her money, to be sent to the savings account of Nancy Fox, and they stole it all, and lied to a court in Utah by 20 awful so called Mormons that she was born a retarded citizen, and they said something such as we are all taking over this inheritance save life mission Son of God family money as long distant cousins, aunts, uncles, related by marriage only not blood relatives it probably did not say, and they took her inheritated money, that was supposed to go directly in her savings account says God and said they would use the money to save life by taking women and their children underground who are sexy ones to remove genitals, and say its our save life on earth job and save life on earth money, as the in home investigator occult family said they would get the money sent to them on the 1st of the month, and they could say they are the Nancy Gail Fox Son of God Family mission money when they are not at all.

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