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The Deep State Cabal Depopulation Gang Stalking Sex Slavery Ring

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The Deep State Cabal Depopulation Gang Stalking Sex Slavery Ring decide who they are going to take away by their looks and put them on their books, and set them up by stealing from them by spy cam equipment and by gang stalking and stealing their mail and pets as they are very bad persons and a danger to society, and criminals are not allowed in society yet they keep getting away with this human smuggling by lying they are doing a save life mission job which they did not get, they stole it, and lie they have a save life mission job position with authority and lie they save lives by taking people away, and they lie to everyone and say their going on a safe secret mission when its to human sex torturing, to a dog cage in drain pipes for human sex trafficking in hotels, and they shoot them up against their wills, and dress them in slut clothes so Johns don’t know and they have many selling them and trafficking them by sending peeping tom spy cam exploatation shots of them naked to cell phones, and they lie its them texting and they lie they agreed to sex when they never did and never would and its rape set up this way by many men by these traffickers tapping away lies on messenger and in texts, aims and emails, and they lie they are doing a save life mission while they are killing off societys, and they frame the nice people to be a not needed case file and then say a person got control of the mother and childrens money by the CPS DCFS case file, and they lie they can open a case file if a person bought a house or if they text and email working instead of calling out, and if they have intercourse in love when they are legally divorced and the Deep State Cabal tells any tall tale to set up a not needed CPS DCFS etc case file to get the people for human smuggling, and they tell people the people named on lists cannot have money as usual because they are going on a save secret mission when they are trying to take them to a sex torturing death and they assign their earned money and gifts to other people and say CPS DCFS etc assigns this to you, this person is being taken away on a safe secret mission to live in another place and its to make them all broke to evict them from a rental, to foreclose on their property, to make them broke so they cannot repair their cars or have money for gas to make income, and to ruin their livelihood by their wicked dehumannization done top secret to them and they lie to people and say the people know they are being taken for time they need to serve when they did not break any law at all and have no time to serve and they never hear of this lie being told about them, so they cannot stand up for themselves and fight back as their money that is stolen from them by spy cam equipment hacking and cell phone bugging is given to people all over town and to the entire state, and those people are told here is pay to cover the people named on lists, and they gang stalk them and block communication from the targeted individuals, as they steal their ups fed ex packages mail with money in it, and the humans sex trafficker lying women in hacker rooms who sell people with spy footage to rape them steal paypal cash app venmo  from the people by hacking to make them broke to capture them to gang rape and sex torture them, and to kill them in their snuff films, and to sex torture and murder their children in kiddy porn movies they make in their houses that they lie are their save life mission investigator houses, so no one ever catches them as they lie they investigate the crimes they are commiting, and tell people they cannot interfere, and they are child molesters, pedophiles, sex addict rapists addicted to sex torturing and murdering people in cold blood with the human sex trafficker hacker women in nurse outifits who take people away by pretending they are doing charity work to help people out, and they show up with clip boards with many case workers, and say they are forcing shots into every family member and taking custody away from the parent by Court papers, and they get Court papers by hiring their own Judges they pay donation money to which is really stolen stop sex slavery stop human sex traffick paypal cash app venmo and money they stole from mail as they rob money from many P O Boxes of the persons named on lists all across America, and open mail addressed to other peoples names and addresses, and steal their money from the mail and take it to an atm nearby and deposit it and say they put the money in the accounts of the person they say got control of the mother and childrens by the CPS DCFS etc case file when they did not get control as there was no reason to, and they keep stealing from families when case files where opened based on lies and cases closed, and even when the children are adults they keep robbing their money and their nice mothers money who was framed slandered and set up to CPS DCFS to be a not needed case file, and they lie they can open a CPS DCFS etc case file based on cooking and cleaning and household duties and target busy hard working single moms who do a million things at once, and would lie that because the mom works so fast and emails so quick that means she has problems when the moms get more done than these liars ever could, and they tie their hands on purpose and make ambitious productive mothers stuck which is cruel enough to tie the hands of a free spirited multi tasker who achieves so much, and they do it on purpose and sit around coordinating robberys, and steal their online business money sent to their paypal cash app venmo, money people paid for thier business work they rob it, and they bug phones and steal their work calls, hack and steal work emails, and lie on messenger the people are lazy bums while the deep state cabal sits there living on their incomes they robbed from the nice families, and they buy houses with their stolen victims money, and sit there living on the peoples money, wear their clothing gifts they robbed,shoes exchange sizes at stores, and eat food on their money they robbed by double atm cards that lie the person is disabled, when they are not at all and they frame people to look disabled by stealing from them so they are broke and to make them wrinkled by by robbery and a microchip they put in their coffee or tea pot to do electronic harrasment to them to wrinkle them up and they put glue in lotion and do this also to make the nice people look like a hardened criminal when they are nice innocent people targeted individuals who are robbed, and they do framing in many ways, and one is by stealing what is theirs, and microchip gang stalking electronic harassment, and another way is by editing peeping tom and lying the moms are sex addicts who are infected who they need to force clitoral removal on to save their life when its to kill the whole family by gang rape sex torturing and FGM clitoral cutting which is a crime as they are the criminals not the targeted individuals who have been abused by their gang stalking thievery lying crimes, and they stalk facebooks etc. and tell people on their sites you cannot communicate with the people named on these lists because they named them a very bad person, and they lost full custody of their family, and it was done by framing and robbery, slandering, set ups and them gang stalking and by them stealing their bank information out of the mail box and big jobs sent for the people as they know by spy cam equipment who is getting alot of money sent to their banks, such as inheritance money they have not heard of, such as money for a job with a job being sent, so they steal the jobs from the mail box and steal the peoples money from banks, and lie its their money for a job they got then plot to set the nice people up to CPS DCFS etc, and to a fake Department of Health and Welfare back buildings office and to a fake CPS hearing in a garage and lie they are doing a save life mission to save life on earth by jobs stolen from mail, and many doing this say their mission is to cut off clitorises to stop orgasms, to change the human race says God and Jesus Christ as the dangerous criminals who mass murder call all over the United States of America to authoritys and people everywhere and say these people named on long lists to get cannot have money as usual and that these people got control of their money by a CPS DCFS etc case file, and they take the whole families earnings adult children who were in a case file as kids also, and they tell people they leak in money and cover them secretly by taking all their postal mail and money P O Box mail and money, ups fed ex money paypal cash app venmo, they put it in bank accounts and say they got control of the mother and children’s money by the CPS DCFS etc case files even if it was closed over 10 years ago and the kids have been adults for ages and have their own children, they keep taking their money and tell everyone all over the entire State  I got control of these lazy bum womens money and of the money sent for their kids by the case file we did on purpose to run them out of their house, and leak in pay to others all around them and say they cover for safety, and they are told not to let the people named have enough money to eat or live says CIA Northern California who lies the people named are pieces of crap, and who lies they need a shot in the rear end and in all their kids of all ages babies included sons too, to take them away so dam fast to help them out because they got such problems when CIA Northern California is the problem, they framed the people, had their jobs mail money stolen from their mail box and their cars broken into and possessions stolen by paid thieves, and they had have their work P O Box Business P O Boxes robbed, and they pay hackers the robbed victims money to hackers to steal their paypal cash app venmo and lease and buy cars with thier money they stole for gang stalkers to stalk them, and they buy gyno chairs with the stolen money to cut off clitoruses, and they buy slut clothes at Nordstroms to human sex traffick them with money they stole from them and sit plotting to shoot people up with speed balls meth heroin who never used a needle in their life who are stone cold sober for ages decades even, people who do not drink or use at all they plot to shoot up with meth and heroin and that is murder alone as for a sober person to drink or use is to die, and they set up deaths by shots, and kill babies and kids of all ages by forcing shots, and CIA Northern California is calling around the USA to California North Carolina and lying I got control of the mother and childrens money by a long ago set up planned out to run them out of their house because it was dumb to buy it, when it was not dumb at all, and they are lying they have control of peoples money they do not have control of, and they are saying 80 people voted to do this to them and planned the framing out, and the 80 people steal their paypal cash app venmo ups fed exes bank deposits and safe house papers sent for targeted individuals to save their lives so they are not murdered by the deep state cabal of gang stalking pedo rapists that the murderer FGM clitoral cutter peeping tom criminal CIA Northern California is running with the main man Secret Service main man L A County with his sister in law a CPS Case worker who frames people in her garage with CPS DCFS Department of Health and Welfare service fake case fakes and the law office woman kiddy porn slut clothes Nordstrom shopper, the mortgage broker who frames people to get them hand cuffed by fraud charges to capture them as sex slaves as its a sex torture operation mass murdering the population by CIA Northern California calling all over California and North Carolina saying ” I got dam control of the stinken dam money funds paypal cash app venmo business P O Box money of the mother and girls grown ups way over 18 I still say I do by the CPS secret hearing in a garage and by the DCFS set up all planned 14 years ago, and I say I can command anything I dam want as my mission I say is helping them out and I take their money and say I manage it and pay people to cover top secret with it, and say that is to teach them a real needed ol lesson for being the way they are as I hate them so dam stinken much by how they look and act and I can do whatever I want to anyone in the USA by my title that is to save life on earth by my commander job I assigned to myself in 2005 and before then as I say I am doing the save life mission internationally by assigning others jobs to myself and shred the jobs in mail and make up whatever I want” and they are calling all over and saying ” I am so dam stinken worried about them, I need to get them taken for hotel therapy and we need to force medication by our nurse assistants to CPS DCFS case workers Department of Health and Welfare I pay to cover them, as they take their mail money ups fed ex P O Box money in Los Angeles County and home address money and from the business P O Box in North Carolina and I say I am running the family money of the moms and kids no matter what ages they are, as grown up adults also, I say I manage it and pay it to people to cover top secret, and tell them its hush hush ever so top secret do not say one word and you are helping out by taking what is theirs as its so we can force help on them as they got a huge giant clito problem from too much sex and cumming so much and the mom is getting hand cuffed  for stealing, when the mom did not steal and never would as the mom is an honest person and its all framing done and a big lying game by CIA Northern California as its to shoot moms and kids of all ages up with speed balls meth heroin shots against their wills by  the packs of rapists hacker gals in nurse costumes with clip boards, to gang rape them in hotels and to kill them, and the moms are not sex addicts at all and the grown up daughters are mothers they frame also who are only having sex with the dad, and the mom they framed has had no sex for over a decade, as its wicked sex slavery murdering the satan occult is running, and the authoritys are lied to by them and may be told this is CIA incorporated Northern California I am the save life on earth Los Angeles County commander in charge of an important save life mission which is take dumb retard idiots out of their element to run them out of house and home take their pets yes then we set them up to a garage CPS secret hearing then to a regular Child Protective office by all calling and lying planning it all out to get them taken away so dam stinken fast because they got fat clitorises I see in my spy cams and they have sexy bodies I hate that I see in spy cams on my screens five hours away from Los Angeles County up North where I pretend to do the save life mission job as commander by stolen mail jobs I took and assigned to myself, and say I am commander who can over rule anybody on earth, and this person is mass murdering the population by doing I D Theft and making it very dangerous for every person on the list in the United States of America as they are calling all over to authority and lying they cover people named for safety top secret, and they are lying they got control of their money when they did not.



This person is doing electronic harassment invisible toturing to targeted individuals clitoruses by gang stalkers they pay stolen robbed money to to gang stalk on cell phones they sent down South to Los Angeles County, California sitting parked in cars got with robbed stolen money, and they are saying continue pressing the hurt clito key on the long black cells I sent down South to you guys, to make their huge stinken clitos swell up so dam bad I pay you guys alot of money to stinken do that by hand written checks I send since 07 09 to your addresses at home dam it, that is what it is for it is pay for you potty spy cam City Hall computer hacker girls to make their clitos all hurt so dam bad til they bleed is my command by 89 of your pressing the dam stinken hurt clito key on your dam cells I bought and sent down South to do that to them to make the clitos hurt on 5,000 on the long lists to get to cut them off for having a cumming time in thier dam stinken bed on thier backs and side too that I saw in my spy cams I see them cum and it makes me so dam stinken mad they do that even once as that means they got a sex addict problem I say, and its by the way you do it not by how much sex you have I do not care what Sex Addicts Anonymous 12 step program says, and that is a sex addict has alot of sex partners is addicted to porn, and in sex addicts couples sex is allowed, one person, and I do not care I say if a mom cums it means they are a sex addict sex alcoholic sex phen for cumming even one dam stinken time and I do not care if the grown kids who are moms are only with the dad, and I do not care if a person named on lists has not had any sex for over 10 years, I say if a person cums it means they are a sex addict, and they are ones to do in by the men and nurse assistant hackers case workers medical observation men doing them in in the house by eating them all out so dam stinken bad says CIA Northern California to make them all stinken dam cum babies included sons penises too as its to teach the dam stinken cumming moms a real needed lesson to punish them for being that way ever once in thier life as if they cum it means they got bad dna and need to be stinken dam offed and we do them in at the houses apartments shoot them up eat them out F their livings lights out at the first place we take them to hotels motel 7 cabins lodges in North Carolina Ranches Bed and Breakfasts there, and we do them all in so dam stinken bad to make the moms we get hand cuffed to chairs by secret service main main L A reading them fake charges and framing we did to do this to all of them to every stinken dam one and its to make the moms see their kids of all ages cumming then they are washed off in another room we made reservations for, and then stooped to death on hotel floors by men who come up elevators and we say that 100 men go to consul the poor heartbroken moms who lost custody who got served with charges and that they can F them to reduce charges as a secret service plea bargain and their girls too and then the moms are forced to see their kids cumming.


Where are they?

In many Bed and Breakfasts and Farm Houses in North Carolina, parked on streets, walking around brain washing by lying to neighborhoods, underground in rooms they build

Rental Work Apartments in Los Angeles County, and surrounding areas in California, and in houses on Whipple St. and on Windy Mountain they are slandering to North Carolina to get people whos paypal cash app venmo business money they rob from the targeted individuals in estate homes in Ventura County by the L A County border that they bought with stolen money sent to the targeted individuals, money they steal is sent because people were run out of their house and home and its sent to protect them because of gang stalking they did and framing they did to set up a not needed case file, and they tell people the persons can’t have enough money to take them away and the stolen victims money is sent so they are not taken away, they are to be well known so they are not missing, and not taken.

Their in rooms built under many Drug stores in California, and in rooms built under Slides and Swingsets at Parks. and there are children they took in the rooms under the Park Playgrounds for kiddy porn child molesting vagina eat out films the girls do who say they are park monitors covering for safety on security cameras, and they are pedophiles on meth and heroin,kidnapping kids from Parks for their kiddy porn flicks and they are raping 5 year olds and girls 10 and over etc and mothers on their work apartment floors, many apartments they do human trafficking in many 20 mile square areas and say they are the Udder Girls which stands for Vagina Udders They Suck On in methed out pedo packs, with 9 moms in the group they do mom daughter porn with. 

Their under markets, shopping malls, and parked all over many towns and cities, in gang stalker new cars in nurse costumes stalking to kidnap, and lie they are such nice kids with their moms covering case files for some mere safety as the quaint so sweet darlings from the burbs, traveling 45 minutes to their territorys they are covering as court secretest monitors, and they are parked and running around dropping off stolen property and money of the people they are after to murder and saying ” take the gifts and pay away hey hey ! we cover so rotten individuals who lost full custody of their family by a much needed cps secret court hearing top secret and then by a real CPS DCFS etc case file by our obervations on their love making its not, to us the couples have hot dirty sex because the moms are cumming and we saw in our spy cams and the moms loose custody for that for one cum even as we set them up by lying and taking mail and make stuff up to open a not needed case file to eat them all out and to cut off their genitals”




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