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Stop Depopulation Orgasm Torture FGM Dead Child Traffick Deaths

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The Deep State cabal bank robbers and human sex torture dead child traffick FGM ring have fake job titles and authority the Prophetic reading says, that many running this Depopulation who mass murder many nice good Citizens of the USA pretend they were assigned job titles by lying that someone has Son of God authority, who does not have that, the readings say they steal Son of God authority papers from mail, and pretend they have authority to assign others job titles, and say the people named are their lists are covered by them, and cannot have their money in banks or mail and that no authoritys can interfere by them lying they are doing a Secret Service investigation by someone who says the job title was assigned to them by someone who says they have Son of God authority to make up and assign any job title, and that person does not have any Son of God authority, they steal those papers in the mail and pretend they have that authority, and they say they can assign a person a job title such as a Judge, and they may not be Judges at all, and one pretends hes a secret service investigator Los Angeles County with Son of God authority and its all by stolen mail, and they say they do in home investigations on anyone they want by the main man secret service man in conjunction with CIA Northern California who both lie they have Son of God authority, and buy properties with stolen money and lie they are Son of God Corporation funds, and may put that on house titles, Son of God Corporation, and these two have done this I D Theft for many years, and in 2005 they stole the Son of God Family Save Life On Earth Mission mail, and the Stop Sex Slavery Internationally jobs in the mail and lie they are in charge of the Son of God Save Life On Earth Mission from Los Angeles County by stolen mail they ripped off in 2005 July, and those are the jobs sent to stop them from running depopulation top secret CIA Northern Californias exchange of a worthless person, that means they rob people and lie they are worthless and capture them as sex slaves, and the CIA Northern California person who lies they have Son of God Authority and a Save Life On Earth Mission From Los Angeles County lives over five hours away from Los Angeles County and had their counterpart steal the Save Life On Earth Mission from Los Angeles County in July 2005 they stole many fed exes and UPS’s and lied those were their big huge Son of God jobs, and the CIA Northern California and counterpart in L A County who stole the jobs and authority papers from mail take people by top secret CIA Northern Californias worthless person depopulation who they hate, they pick out mothers they hate who look sexy and who have orgasms in love making and large clitorises they hate that they see in the main man secret service mans in home investigation spy cams, and readings say they lie they need to investigate a mother if they hate the way they look and act, and if they have sexy bodies they see in spy cams installed in many family homes and apartments, and they say they have one thousand names on their list to get all the time, and they put them down as floozy whores when they are not at all, many are divorced moms who have not had sex since the dad, and many have only one live out boyfriend, and are legally divorced, and many are unwed moms only with the dad, and they put them down to do them in, frame them so dam bad and set them up to loose custody of their family if they do not like the way they look and act, and they say if their name goes down on their long list to take them away then they do them in right away so dam bad, they make fraud files and frame them by the law office lady L A County counterpart to CIA Northern California for many years, and by framing them by mortgage brokers who they say are secret service banking investigators by them lying they can assign a title like this when its all bogus, as the secret service man is a title given by the one lying they have Son of God authority to make up job titles and to assign those made up job titles to others such as the secret service in home investigator, the secret service banking investigator, and Judges in Courts, where they do secret hearings that they say are private in home investigator secret service main man and cia Northern Californias hearings done privately based on their findings on moms, and its all framing done to the moms, and they say they hold private hearings with Judges who may not be Judges, they say they assign them that title for the Save Life On Earth From Los Angeles County Mission Job Authority, and that is not their job or authority, and they set nice moms up by doing spy cam peeping tom on them making love , getting dressed, showering spy cams installed by lying they are doing an in home investigator secret service investigation when its not a secret service investigation at all, and there is nothing to investigate, as they are nice moms and law abiding citizens, many who own homes and have great careers and professions who provide well for their family, and they frame them to look like a floozy when they are not that personality at all, and they edit spy cam peeping tom, then lie to the in home investigators sister in law, CPS Ventura County Case worker in her home garage, and frame the moms in a garage with edited peeping tom and fraud framing the law office lady counterpart did with many others they pay stolen money to and lie they have a save life on earth job position, and then take the garage peeping tom framing to real Courts with their Judges who may be fakes, and say take custody from this list of moms based on our findings by our secret service in home investigation in conjunction with the law office ladys reports, and the mortgage broker secret service investigator and its all framing done to nice harmless moms to take their kids for child traffick etc, and to take the moms for human sex traffick etc. as they do brutal sex torturing to them til their dead then cut off clitorises and say thats their secret save life on earth mission, that their mission is to rid the whole world of moms who cum, and who have orgasms in row or just one, and they are offing that breed of people say many in this cult, and all their kids with the same DNA, and that they do orgasm forcing to the whole family til they bleed to death and cut off the whole familys genitals and say they will reincarnate to not cum in their next life, and CIA Northern California says they hate them so stinken dam much that they want them all gone, they cannot stand a mom who tries clothes on in the day to look their best, it makes them sick that moms waste time like this, that they should be frantic and run around like a chicken with their head cut off, career ladies who make great incomes they hate them being dressed up and texting and emailing, and they hate the way their body looks in spy cams, they hate big round huge nipples, huge breasts, and medium sized with large nipples, and they hate dark furry pubic hair, and thick coarse brown pubic hair, and some have light colored pubic hair with huge breasts and they hate them built with a rear end that sticks out, and CIA Northern California and the law office lady counterpart stare at them with hatred with many others who hate these body types and orgasms in love making, they stare at them in peeping tom spy cam shots loathing hating them so much that they all want to set them up to take their childrens custody away and many want to take the moms to cut their clitoris off so they cannot have an orgasm because they hate them so much, and many do this to do illegal FGM, and do not know they are brutally sex tortured by orgasm forcing til they bleed to death then their clitoris is cut off and they are left for dead, and they do orgasm forcing to every age family member birth to adult ages, daughters and sons til they bleed to death by them forcing 999 orgasms on them, by Watch Dog men raping them when they take them, who may have fake Watch Dog titles assigned by fake Son of God Authority, and they are gang raped, beaten, all shot up with drugs by papers they get at Courts by Judges who may not be real Judges, and they get papers to force shots in the family members, and they are taken away raped to death, and about ten or more of these kidnapers cars pull up and vans, and they tell people no one can interfere with them because they are doing a secret service investigation in conjunction with CIA Northern California who lie they have Son of God authority to do whatever they want, by stolen papers that say they can break a law to save a life, and make up job titles, and they tell post offices, banks, and many they got control of the thousand people named on lists and have many on their depopulation orgasm forcing FGM murder lists and call it their ” list to get” and they have bins in Post Offices in the USA that say Top Secret CIA Northern California in conjunction with the Secret Service Main Man Los Angeles County in conjunction with CPS DCFS Department of Health and Welfare Services, Worthless Persons Mail Bin, and the Department of Health and Welfare case workers are probably fakes also, they probably assigned them those job titles and readings say they are very large women in a back bungalow building, that is behind a real Government building, and they do the orgasm forcing and are child molesters, and its filmed as they make kiddy porn and snuff films, and they take many people from what they call their Department of Health and Welfare Back Bungalow Way Stations, and they hand cuff the people named on lists with fraud charges, or and shoot them up with drugs, then take them to the back bungalow and lie they are helping an old hag wasted crack whore woman a bad mom who lost full custody of her family, a bum women to get her on Welfare in their back bungalows, and take them underground to do orgasm forcing, sex torturing, and take many from medical appointments, they sit in parking lots waiting, and send fraud reports all over town and lie they got a bum woman, a wasted old hag crack whore woman, a case file they are covering that they put on their Watch List that they have to take away, as they take the people many ways says God.

There the phony con artists who mass murder by brutal sex torturing long drawn out most gruesome cold blooded deaths by so many fake important sounding titles thus include the following, in addition to the top phony con artist scam artist liars names who act so important and lie they have such clout by an utmost evermore important job position that they do not have in any way, in fact they all take some part of fully in mass murdering by gruesome brutal sex torturing that is so painful it is impossible for a normal human being of mine God and thou great to so grand Jesus as many are fooled by a con artist lying ring on messenger also, who fall for the nonsense they send out about nice individuals and that is why such awful sinful to gossiping lines are a real hated sin, and thus and therefore that is why it is a cruel sin to lie and slander anybody at all in any way or to repeat lines told to repeat online in sentences typed or to copy paste the lines sentences that are lies, and long sentencs as well says I God as it sets up a very painful human of mine to be blugerned and killed in the coldest darkest sweet soft so innocent new born blood as well as they are the very hated devil of ours, and yours when you know what they have done to so many already and that their are one thousand names, exactly in each State where they are lying on line about the very nice most innocent young people and their great wonderful parents and therefore I demand it to stop, to stop the hated lies about kids and moms and some dads on line and grandmas they lie about so awfully to and that is why I named lying a hated sin long ago in the oldest Bible and in new ones it states Lying of any kind or type is a real hated Sin by me I thou great God and Jesus, and we command all to stop it right now on messenger and in aims texts emails and by calling out and repeating lies time after time the devils say that line, time after time, and those are pedophiles real hated child molestor as an hated canablists who actually chew up newborns skin in private areas on nine shots of hated meth as all get so very amped up and speeded out of their minds in a hateful rage also on meth to do that to an infant a minute old one hour old often and a day old too, its been lately they are also older babies of many ages and they are on month old often now too, in addition to many newborns infants, and I say stop the conning in large hated now shopping malls where so many have been really exploiting so many young infants private areas as well and every age persons genitals, and mothers having a wonderful in vain its not that, a beautiful in bliss orgasm from my design the grand clitorus with many nerve endings created in the beginning of this great time I hope it is that again as I God designed great clitoruses in private areas for women to have them, the new age name is a great beutiful orgasm, and the devils word is a hot nasty cumming time from a cunt hot pussy and yell puta away slice that thing right off when they see a lovely needed long one as that relives stress from a moms body or and from any woman of mine, as I God granted that great blissful gift of an orgasm the new age description thats so well planned out and intended and I demand as a real God Command to stop looking at everyones private areas in shopping malls by many hated 9 year old lying brat sinful trouble makers and their awful peeping tom liar moms showing the shots all over town in stores to store clerks also for many years by orgasm haters who cannot relate as I granted that beautiful blissful gift to my Angelic ones who flutter down from the sky of mine from my heavenly light by very larger than average wings with a tremendous wing span as great Angels of love and light who become and became an Angelic soul when they do reincarnate and the hated devil of the antichrist family named long ago by the Mark of the hated Beast predicated by many upside down sixs as in 666 and that has become an upside down six as he the hated antichrist about 6 ft 8 towering over his cult does much in a devils number 9, says I God and hes killing off my great and good and best Angelic ones the loving moms who are better than average by many gawking sick kids and moms exploiting their beautiful ones in large hated very much now, shopping malls, as how can anyone working in a large mall or a store owner ever allow such wicked peeping tom to be viewed and seen of so many nice round clitorues of mine God is beyond me and us in heavens lovely nice realm and thereby I really Demand it to all be so stopped this instant as they are setting up the most dark cold blooded gruesome sex torturing deaths by that hated very tall devils trick whos lied to a huge cult of clitoral orgasm hater type inhumans to think that a great wonderful needed and planned out orgasm in such wise great free spirited bliss of a great nice time in love is a mom with wicked satanic dna, when its not, and they have fooled to many into thinking a mom laying on her back in the sunlight of mine God and thou Jesus Christs as he did help me create this rotten its become awful lying sinful peeping tom hated world, as so many are in this hated brain washed fooled stupid wicked mean liar cult of peeping toms gawking at so many private areas on my Angelic ones of mine Gods and thou Jesus Christs who does mind if a mom has many long orgasms in a real row on her side is still fine and on her back its better for some that way, and it does not matter if a nice mom gets on top or any way standing up even as its intended to do this love making act any style at all to enjoy a beautiful wonderful time and in the grand daylight of ours is not bad at all as its very enjoyable for the main in love to view his ladies beautiful body in wonderment of a mans grand eye Amen to know this as they are killing off our grand Angelic nice ones by lying they are bad for laying on their backs at high noon in the broad day light having many in a row and how can a wonderful love making time an adult couple who consent to this be seen as bad? as they are the very bad ones in so much hated sin for viewing one nice private area of ours that we did create to have pubic hair as a Biblical body like our great Saint and Lord Godly Roman Statues have in the past days of our worlds dangerous life, as its intended to have a large round clitorus by God choosing who our Godesses of love and Angelic large winged Saint angels are born unto, and we decide somewhat how they will all look , what sort of heavenly body make up such as some beauty and looks, and a nice thin shape in adult time years also and our greatest body shapes the devils all hate and name them serpents, with hot nasty cumming time dna, and yell a slam dunk satan mom one to set up and frame to DCFS and by the CPS Secret Court framing hearing to cut that dam thing off so they cannot do that, and to lie about them steal from them to outright frame them to take their childrens custody away to get them all taken away so dam fast is what devils yell who do dead child traffick and they are the sinners for framing nice loving mothers and for taking away their happiest children who are all in glee and so loved by their real blood moms, and I demand it to stop as the hacking pedos do oral sex to them for many hours to make their children orgasm after orgasm til they all literally bleed to death from their sacred most innocent private areas, then pack many on dry ice for hated murdering dead child traffick Amen.


The devils cult with fake job Titles and fake authority are probably the following says I God and Jesus Christ as a phony job title liar ring are mass murdering our grand and great so good and best ones in the entire population by all pretending they have a Job Title certificate, a degree in law even as fake Judges may be in many Family Law Courts, and fake Doctors fake Peditricians and so on,

CIA Northern California, fake Son of God Commander Save Life On Earth Authority

Secret Service In Home Investigator :Los Angeles County

DCFS case workers may not be that, and they may lie they are M S Therapists, and Top Secret agents, and CIA Northern California and secret service Los Angeles assistants with authority

CPS and all types of Child Protective Service offices may have these devils pretending to be an important case worker

They lie they are Food and Drug Adminstration workers, and put microbolic computer chips in food and drinks in markets with FDA Aprons on and lie they work for the FDA by the phonys who lie they have Son of God authority lying they can say someone has any job title they want, and they put microwave energy pellets that cause painful Havana Syndrome from carts in markets wearing maroon bibbed apron that say FDA or did for years, and they put them in houses in food drinks water facets tea pots, water hoses if a person drinks from the hose watering the yard or a child may as they often do and in my most precious babys formula sold at so many stores, and toy stores also, and they do this to cooks, they demand to put alot in the targeted individuals food they order and in drinks by a waitress by  fake phony demand that reads I am CIA Northern California with Son of God Commander Authority to do what I we want to anybody we name to take away so dam fast by you being commanded to put this pill and so on in this named persons food beverages coffee tea etc candy bars they often do and ice cream and popsicles at Park Ice Cream stands and vans and so on for a kid to get a microwave pellet inside their young nice precious body to electricute their rectum to burn it 180 degrees to kill many instantly, and that is what they have done to so many who died already and many others are pleading out on the internet stop doing electronic gang stalking to the targeted individuals as they are being literlly burned alive silently as a real hollocaust all over the Country by these phonys doiig this wicked evil in Southern California in the San Fernando Valley stores markets and to cooks fast food places by fake bogus instructions that read I say again the bull s on this is I We CIA Northern California with Son of God Commander Save Life on Earth from Los Angeles County authority and Secret Service Los Angeles County in conjunction with DCFS CPS Department of Health and Welfare back bungalow top secret agents and top secret agent assistants and so on hereby demand you put this pill chemical microwave energy pellet in the following named persons meal, as we are trapping them to take them away so fast as they are the on watch list Los Angeles and they did something very bad in their past or quite recently that we can disclose as we 199 top secret agents work in such private doing in depth crime tip investigations by our Save life on earth authority, thereby you must do as we say or else signed CIA Northern California from over five long hours away from L A County who outright stole the Save Life On Earth Mission Son of God Communicator from Los Angeles County job and authority papers in 2005 and for many years devils send that person stolen mail, and they pretend they got a huge large job and pretend they are a save life commander and probably are not a real CIA agent either. and probably the hated rapist tall dark Watch Dogs are not real County Watch Dogs either says I God, as they all bark orders at so many towns and cities acting like they got a important job position and authority when they have none and five thousand lie they are top secret agents who can do whatever they dam want to anyone, and the 199 do the physical sex torturing deaths, murder they commit, and that is the small young women under 20 are many who are under five feet tall, some look as teens and some may be under 18 even and some are around 34 says I God from West Hills High School, and that one pedo is older and fatter and not wiser as they all are addicted to meth and heroin shots and to literally chewing on vaginas on my precious best most innocent ones nice kids of every age, they do oral sex torture to make them have orgasm after orgasm for the devils upside down six devil number nine hours each and everyday the packs of very young looking women and nine of their hated mothers put the pills in food and so on by lying to many cooks and so on and they say it makes their head spin then they get them force a long needle nose shot in them take them all away so stinken dam fast to eat their whole V J inside out upside down and hang some upside down and the packs of them eat them all out but naked on many shots of meth and they do this to them in storm drains and on hard wood floors in their work apartments, each day and night they scream standing there kicking them but naked lay down lay down lay down you stinken dam brat born to a cumming time mom we hate and due to that we are going to do you all in and make you all cum so dam bad for nine hours or til you bleed to death as we chew up and spit out vagina tender skin and suck blood out and slice off huge swollen clitos by razor blades and carry boxes of razors in our brand spankin new white tan black and so on cars we get at many car lots by lying we are doing a Son of God save life mission and that are evermore so top secret working for CIA Northern California and get cars by lying they are Son of God Corperation funds, and they are also around 32 years old blond as a child and somewhat now maybe depending on hair dye blue eyes, under five feet tall a twin sister they have who is not around this bunch thank goodness and that baby serial killer travels about one hour about 69 miles east from their suberb home town area right by the Ventura L A County line border as they all do some from the L A County side, and their moms and some hated realtors do this to so many people of every age, and there are fifty eight of fifty nine from the L A County side who were taken and shot up and turned into hated man eating child molestors at ages 12, 13, 14, 15 probably some were then in 09 June, and 16 and many were 17 and 18 then in June 09 taken from about Schools Middle Schools 9th graders the end of June in hated 09, and 12 th graders many were also and some were in 11th grade then about ten of them doing the vagina eat out murder films, and one is 22 who was 11 probably then and that girl was taken from Newbury Park, California, and some are from Oak Park school district Ventura County side in their own City school System, and that is about nine of them doing this, and the point is they are from both sides of the L A County Ventura County Border from many school districts, five probably, Amen to stop these fake phonys who lie they are working to cover citizens for the safety of the USA, on security cameras at many Parks, shopping malls, Toys R Us Parking lots in lab coats they arrive with clip boards, nurse outfits the phony law office gal gets with a very fake job position title also who tells the packs of vagina eating drugged out pedos to continue pressing the clito ouch key to burn clitos on the ones who got microwave energy pellets in to make them hurt and swell off to get them taken away and they are running to markets in liar methed out packs saying ” a huh a huh hey there grand Sir we are the Ron Levine Main Man Giant Secret Service In Home Investigators mere nice assistants a huh a huh a huh, and we are covering some very gravely disabled persons some very bad mommys hot ma mas who lead a lazy porn life by our investigations done all very way top secret we know this and we are also CIA Northern California assistants, and that person and the Main man secret Service tallest giant our other boss have Son of God Commander Save Life On  Earth from Los Angeles County job autority and we assist CPS Ventura County case worker gal who runs the CPS Secret Court privately held hearings, along with DCFS Los Angeles and we have eight bankers who work for us under banks in rooms who shall send you some great amounts of pay one million plus even for slipping this little tiny mere pill chemical microwave energy pellet in these persons food etc who are named on lists for us to take away and we thereby say do this now please as we work for the Watch Dogs for the City County State, and we say we are a White House top secret stop sex slavery in America and abroad staff, and we say we are the Stop Traffick at CPS DCFS Welfare Services Job etc” these are all jobs they stole from mail says I God. Amen to pass this along to stop them from hurting anyone else as these devils are still barking orders all over many towns in the San Fernando Valley California in Studio City markets, and sit lurch under elevators in rooms and make make them all fall to their man eating devils pit,

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