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By Jeffery Pritchett
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New Patriot Underground & Kerry Cassidy on Turn the Page with Janine

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PU joins Kerry Cassidy for a RT discussion on Turn The Page w/ Janine

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    • Anonymous

      No one will rush in and save our country from the invaders. No One. Get off your dead asses and get to work. It’s way past time to man up and actively take care of business. Do I need to spell it out or do you get my gist?

      • DangerWillRoberson

        anon read this:

        calling your county sheriff set up a breakfast to get to know your sheriff pose the idea as this michigan sheriff about the complete collapse of boarder security by design and so we need a plan to defend our county from illegal invaders looking to cause harm to us and our families! key term federal government collapse, illegal aliens, looking to do harm to us and property!

        if your sheriff is working for the child traffickers and some are then set up your own community watch militias! :idea:

    • DangerWillRoberson

      kerry is a confessed white witch she lies! :idea:

    • HawkBowler

      Patriot: ’107 says that everything has been gamed out on super computers.’

      Kerry: ‘The AI super computer says invasion/civil war is the only way to take back control from the cabal, and by that I mean aliens. Heaven? Hello, that means outer space.’

      Do they understand what they’re talking about? If the super computer from the alliance mothership is predicting the future, that would mean that the white hats knew we were headed towards civil war. The Qtard community just found out recently that they will need to arm up and be ready to fight, but how long did the white hats know this information?

      Can’t have it both ways now… U either believe in white hat complete control scripted movie or U don’t.

    • HawkBowler

      Patriot: ‘If Q is a psyop that’s a pill nobody wants to swallow.’

      Kerry: ‘It’s not a psyop. Trump and Juan (aka JFKjr) are at the head of the white hats.’

      Janine: ‘People in the chat saying that Nino says that 107 is not JFKjr.’

      Kerry: ‘Nino signed an NDA with the white hats, that means he has to deny who 107 is at all costs.’

      Kerry will not stop this obsession. Nino has told his audience all along that 107 was not JFKjr. He’s told Kerry several times as well but she wont listen.

      Q is a psyop as Patriot fears. It’s now time to make a choice, pick a lane as Nino Rodriguez says. Problem for him is that he chose the Flynn firewall brigade. And yeah, he’s under some sort of NDA. He has daily communications with the Flynn brothers and he has 107 on speed dial.

      How do we know that Q is a psyop?

      Mike Gill gave some great evidence in his last video. Everyone remembers Guy Brummell, aka Agent Margaritaville (currently in jail for being a pedo).
      In December 2020 he already has a Trump Kennedy 2020 flag and he’s talking about Flynn as the new leader to take back the country. The promotion of JFKjr being alive is a psyop, part of the larger Q psyop. And yes, 107 did a lot to promote the idea that he was JFKjr, starting with his book Kid By The Side Of The Road.

      • Jimmy

        Sorry Kerry,… But 107 hiding his identity w/ a disguise everyone knows who he is, where he is, the tours he attends, when he is driving around known places & near Mar A Lago, & who he is talking to, is “not a disguise” at all,… Well, “Hello Kerry”,… “Anybody there,… ???”,… “Hello, Hello, Hello”,… I don’t know in what planet you were born, but in this planet that is called “simple common sense”. If really “JFK Jr”, they would have taken him out by now Kerry, because the entire world now knows what he (disguised) looks like & where he is & goes – Duh. In what fucked-up “delusional reality” do you live in,… ???

    • HawkBowler

      Kerry: ‘Juan is a high level military officer. Juan is above Michael Flynn.’

      That’s the white hats, by the way, according to Kerry: Trump, 107 and Flynn.

      Are Flynn and 107 connected to a military court? Do they have a secret army ready to mass arrest the deep state any day now?

      It is a big statement from Kerry to say that 107 is above Michael Flynn, a general, former head of the DNI. How could that be? Maybe she’s right.

      Also, curiously enough, Kerry believes in the multiple Trump scenario that Ben Fulford keeps reporting. Black hat white hat Trumps. The good one in Cheyenne mountain.

    • trumster 79

      JFK JR IS alive same as carokline They have 3 Children Remember trumps Press Secretary. Blond That was Kennedy Dauhter She has a Littke Girl There were 900 In The Witness Program. There All Coming out Thats The truth.
      Q is Made of many agencys.
      There are Generals and admirals and teams. over 800 Army of Virginia. This whole plan was Started when Lincoln was In. Then kennedy was trying to get it done.
      Do your reseasrch instead of Saying Everyone is wrong. You Will Find Out Your The OneWho is wrong. Its All coming Together, This is a Worldwide military Intelligence Operation They Cant say all We do know 20% of Whats going on Learn The Codes Comms. Gesture Bread Crumbs Read Qpost Law and War manuel Executive Orders and Presidential Powere act. It All Falls in Together.Not Just The politions Its many all over The World.
      Vatican and Palace were raided ans everything Seized, Dc IUs Dead. QWe are The Restored Republic not The Bankrupt Corporation inc in DC. You Folks need to Research Whats all Been going down.
      Remember This is a Worldwide Sting Operation. A Scripted movie. They all Have There Roles to Play. Some work both side for This. Plan been started when Lincoln Dont Be weapons No Wars. Use Your God Given Brain and Research. Lots of Misinformation Y use your Derserment This is the Biggest Bibical Sting Operation ever done in History. You will be surprise to who all is behind the masks. Gill is something else. Thats only a part of it. Q is not pshop Q is more then one person Highest Level of Clearence There is Q Q+ Q++ Wait till you know who they are.There is more to the story.

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      No one on either side of polyticks is going to save us. They are all out for themselves. I should raise Vlad the Impaler with the Necronomicon and invite all the liars and selfish pigs to a last supper. Vlad the Impaler for the next USA President not old whiney psychotic fanatical pusstoots. Put that in your unprofessionalism and smoke it.

    • XXXXX

      Gods’ snake story ;
      The children of Israel , after they had been delivered from Egyptian slavery, were greatly complaining to Moses about the hard burden of wandering in the wilderness. So, God sent “Fiery Serpents ” among them to bite them, causing painful deaths. The people repented to Moses and pleaded that he pray to God to take away the Fiery Serpents. God had Moses make a brass serpent and fasten it to a pole. He planted the Image in the midst of the camp , so that when they got bit by the Fiery Serpent, they could gaze upon the brass serpent Moses had made, and they would not die. Which indicates God let the snakes keep biting the people. – The Bible story ends there. – It doesn’t tell how long god left the Serpents among his whining People.
      How Gods’ snake story might end.
      God decided to give grace to his people that had been ensnared, bewitched and enslaved unawares, for over 400 yrs. He sent a deliver to enlighten them on the whiles of their demonic slavery, and make a way of escape. The people again whined and complained about the harshness and duration of their journey. So , God had another “Brass Serpent” assembled , ( Truther, Anons, white hats ) , for the people to gaze on so they wouldn’t go too crazy and want to just die. They gazed day and night at their brass serpent , (internet ), looking for salvation. BUT – They kept getting bit somehow, wondering when it will all end ??? When do we enter…

    • trumster 79

      Mike gill does not know That trump is working With This Worldwide military Sting Operation. Vatican was The Biggest Money Laundering and Chiks Trafficing operation They Were Raided and Everything Seized.
      650 Planeloads of Gold,Relice Books Manuscripts taken Fort Knox and Place where they belonged and treasury.
      Old treasury was cleaned out and Irs was also merged with Treasury, But agaibn its the biggest Ever in History, I head Gill months back Where a guy was talking with him said he didnt want anything more to do with him.
      i heard there no 2024 Election. Dc is Dead There corporation. We are Republic not Yet Republic. Have no fear Things have to be exactly Like Planned. God Said No Fear. It was suppose to be over but there was disruptions.
      I Take what Gill says With a Grain of Salt
      he was going to Run for Govnor Heard he was not Qualified because he did not Register to vote. he has a lot of Lawsuits need to try and research that, God is in Control. They cant say all. Q Team is of the Highest of Clearence. Of all The Thousands of people That are working With trump There are Less Then 10 That know the whole Plan. no wars will come they said. Trump is cIC Military and a War President
      When the raided mar a logo thety were looking for the codes and the Presidential act Papers. Many Distractions going on for a reason. Q is not Psyop. learn to read the codes and comms gestures of all speeches. Qpost and time stamps . This is a Scripted movie There all Playing There parts. To many people throwing out lies.

    • trumster 79

      This plan had startedwhen Lincoln was in all i will say Great things will come Its a Bibical Time to Be alive God bless you All

    • Jimmy

      “Patriot Underground” is an Anti-American traitor trash who “shits & piss” on the 1st Amendment, as if it was some fucking joke,…

      • Jimmy

        I told “Patriot Underground” this was a “PsyOp” from the get-go, long time ago, & he banned be from posting,… So there,… people have been telling him & KC how diluted, deluded, & delusioned they have been believing all of this crap,… for now to admit,… they drank the cool-aid,…

    • Jimmy

      Kerry,… What the fuck are you talking about,… ??? There is no “Genetic Engineering”,… These people could not “Genetic Engineer” cow-dung in a petri-dish,… All they can do is “Genetic Hacking”,… If the vaccine was, as you claim, “Genetic Engineering” from ETs, it shows you it’s garbage,… They can’t even make a successful killer vaccine, because it’s nothing more than “man’s attempt at playing God”,… & they can’t even do that,… because they are obviously “fallen trash”,…

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