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DEAD CHILD TRAFFICKERS Are Girls and Women Wearing A Mask of Kindness and A Nurse Outfit Disguise To Kidnap People

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The Prophetic medium readings say these Pedophile girls say they are not going to stop doing this to them as the whole point is to off them YES because they are named Serpents with bad DNA, that is what they are trained to know and do this since early 09 when they were in 9th grade and some were older and some were in 7th grade, the little sisters they started eating out in their homes, and think nothing of this, they were taught to do in out out with their hands, and to go round n round on clitoruses. They think nothing of molesting and painfully sex torturing babys and kids and their moms, they say its to cause pain, and to act nice at first to fool them as they trained to be child molester sado masacist serial killers when they were children and teenagers. They say they are pretending to cover people who are in or were in any type of Goverment Agency Case File including Welfare or Food Stamp case file persons, and say they are trained to sit parked and to text lies on cells about the nicest individuals, and think nothing of killing a baby everyday and night, they get shot up with meth beforehand, and that makes them mean and they kill people in a meth euphoria and do not know why they would stop this. They are conservative types who look nice from suburb areas so no one suspects them as murderers, or child molesters, or kidnappers as they take them by force, they surround people, tie them off with yarn or sting, and shoot them up with meth heroin Ajax speed balls, and say its their mixture they have in many syringes in their mere quaint socks and bras, and say ” a training bra away on a tiny youth takes the pain away as I get my mere rocks off so fast sucking on all their tiny boob alas til they die, and so what thats what we are all paid to do far away from our small towns and suburb areas and say that’s the whole name or our game, it’s to kill off the very bad persons, born with bad tainted DNA, and we are so trained to know who is one with the passion held within, a mom who orgasms seen in our spy watch cams is named a very bad person, and so are all the Moms kids, and babys we kill each day at 9 am in a naked pack, we have been doin that to the premies, new ones, infants and babys of all ages in our local work apartment buildings restrained YES, to hear them all yelp, and turn blue, they die in our arms, the arms of a God woman a God mamala we yell at the time online as they think they are God, killing bad people off, and judge them by the way they look and act, and keep the premies and infants, and babys of many ages and young ums in our chicken hen coupes YES” says a pedo child molester serial killer girl who works for the satan devil, who does satans work. They are killing off the good ones, and they are the Satan girls and women who were told that killing these types off is saving life on earth as a real brain washed cult, who say they refuse to stop doing this, bunches of them are parked in many new autos lying they are covering and really are gang stalking targeted individuals to murder them and all their babys and kids, and fool everyone by lying they are taking people for help, and really terrorize nice people in their residences by knocking on doors, barging in, surround the people. tying them off, shooting them up with drugs against their wills, sex torturing them, raping them, molesting their babys and kids in front of them with dog muzzles they put on them. The girls and women and men terrorizing people say ” no one suspects them as they say they are County Workers, Case Workers, and Nurse Assistants with County Orders to go in and help people”

Some they fool think they just go in and give them a kiss on the head, and say ” come on sweetie pie come with us you little so coot babala, come on Mom, lets go to the nearby Hotel for a little ol looky here now a meetin with the CPS Secret Court gal Rena and her relatives who are DCFS case workers, we gotta take you all for some mere quaint help ya know we got some really bad reports from some anonymous people who called in, so we are just a doin our sweet mere so quaint job, we are from Westlake! we are from the outskirts of this area, and we are traveling all over to help people out, so here is a treat, and a snack too, some goodys we got in our tall medical observation unit vans parked out front, and some prizes you may win too, so come on kids, la babala, and Mom” they lie to people and tell them thats what they say and do. What they really do is say ” Come on you old hag wasted crack whore lady, we are shootin up your baby, your kid right dam in front of you a right dam now, we are shooting them up after we tie them off and they may be instantly dead YES that is right mam, as we got reports and papers on our clip boards to take you away County Orders! so we are tying you off, take your pants down a right dam now” they all suck on the moms vagina and on her babys and kids vaginas and penises right in front of the mom, and the CPS Secret Case worker woman says she gives head to the older kids and youths, and her medical observation male relatives rape them, They throw alcohol on them, and take them out, and put them in Tall Vans and in many types of cars and suvs, suburbans, Cadalliacs etc. etc. and they bring them to a Hotel nearby and lie ” the mom is a wasted crack whore ol hag a very bad ma ma la” and say ” the very bad mom is loosing full custody of her entire family by our reports on clip boards, see the wasted old crack whore mom you guys, let us in the hotel room we booked we gotta help the poor kids a right dam now, we are the so quaint demure sweet nice Nurse gals, with Case Workers, and these are County Orders so hurry it up pretty please with mounds of sweet precious sugar on top or else  we will report you for not cooperatin, move aside Mam Sirs a right dam now!” The Moms they shoot up with drugs against their will did no  drugs at all and never used a needle in their life, many do not drink at all, and do no drugs that they do this wickedness to, as they frame them to look like wasted ol hags and they are nice wonderful moms. The very bad ones are obviously these pedo girl serial killers in Nurse outfits and the Case Worker women, the Moms are hand cuffed to a fold in half chair in the hotel rooms in L A County and in Motels in Middle America and the South where their friends are terrorizing and murdering familys. They sex torture the familys in the Hotel Motel rooms, and in their Local Work Apartment Buildings, and in their rooms under Pod Malls, parking lots where Drug Stores, and Markets are, and they have sex torture rooms under many apartment buildings where they are Gang Stalking targeted individuals. mothers they frame, and exploit in folders. they run around with fraud reports slandering nice wonderful good moms all over town, and tell people ” they gotta go in and help the family out”

Pedophiles In Disguise

A group of 4 pedos are in Parks in Burse Scrub Dresses with a name tag, stethoscope and they wear Ñurse pants and tops and lab coats dyed with tan dye, a light tech used for kiddy porn wardrobe. They wear white or black Keds, white nurse shoes, and use Binaca for their breath to cover up Alcohol they drink. They say their in Bryman Nursing School and don’t wear make up and say ” Hi, how ya doin ? How ya been doin? Let’s sit on the bench and chat, whatcha been doin? ? ” ” I haven’t seen ya here before, what’s your name? We are watching to see how kids are doin on the play yard, it’s our work assignment” ” I’m mere Jenna, La Lisa, Kate” the young innocent looking women say with older women who say ” I’m Cindy, Sally Ann” etc. There are groups of 4 pedos at Malls also who dress the same and may have a shopping bag, and find people they may know or have seen and yell ” how ya been ? let’s have a chat, meet me for lunch” etc. and 10 pedos are in packs with teenage child pedos ages 10 to 16 with older pedo women dressed in lab coats, dyed a light tan tech, its kiddy porn wardrobe, they wear in the Call Sheet Scenes in the medical observation apparatus rooms where they molest babys and kids and their mothers in gyno chairs, babys kids in child pelvic exam stands, on changing pads, and have camera marks on the floor a clown sticker the 10 year olds etc sit on im the movie scenes, a wardrobe rack with  costumes tagged with their name, Scene number name. The women and kid and teen pedo molesters in packs of 10 on streets say ” hey everyone, we must inform you of very bad Mom’s, see the shots in folders of the Mom’s doin it while their kids were outside a playin, we need to get their babys tiny tots wee ones munchkins children youths taken away to help them in our medical apparatus rooms, and in nearby hotels, motels, we need to have a family group meetin with us County Workers and our mere nurse gals, so help us out, tell all these Moms are bad so we can get the family” etc. they want to molest them. They are out getting victims for the movie cast, Call Sheet Scenes. They are good Moms and these pedo women teens kids are very dangerous very bad persons slandering good mothers with ill intention with a motive and should be suspected as child molester serial killers who are addicted to being shot up with meth in the bottom of their foot, to drinking Peppermint Schnapps to molesting every age persons private area til their dead they chew up vagina penis skin and are addicted to the victims blood in their mouths and are addicted to getting shot up with heroin afterwards in the back of their necks and have a big orgy after the Movie Scenes are finished and do this in the apartment buildings they bought and in houses and in vehicles. 10 vehicles pull up at a residence and terrorize the people inside then in vehicles hotels motels in medical apparatus rooms underground by the hacker computer technician lab work stations where many hack texts and emails who are not pedos but friends and daughters of the pedo molesters. Half are pedos half don’t know what they are doing in the private medical research lab work gyno chair etc rooms behind steel doors with locks and thats the Kiddy Porn Movie Room where they do the Call Sheet Scenes and they have pipes to the rooms that go to Parks Local Work apartment buildings they bought where they terrorize sex torture people of every age strapped down with plastic shipping straps dog muzzles bungy cords that are also in their trunks where 6 sit parked older women teens small young women pedos look like a family im a Van a Cadillac SUV suburban etc. So no one suspects them, they think a family is sitting in their rental vacation car under a tree in the shade on a residential street and some may look like 6 nurses on their lunch break parked in medical uniforms. Amen to find them. To search them for alcohol underwear bungy cords, boxes of razors. To do urine drug tests on them, to check their mouths for pedo fluid DNA on victims they killed says God and Jesus. They say ” ya can’t touch me we work for the City County State, we’re in charge here, we’re investigatin Mothers, we are out scouting to see who needs our assistance and give the homeless in parks a wee mere quaint crackerla, to be helpful. We are doin a Save Life Mission, we got authority to bark orders, we are top secretesr agents for the in home investigator medical observation apparatus medic men with us in tall white vans and in other shades someday we do this work since we were in 7th grade since early 09 when some business gals some with us now took us from our School office on a class pass and we are experts well trained to see who has a sex trouble by spy cam viewing we see what Mom’s are cumming who looks sexy in a spy cam the in home investigators service men placed on many ceilings over beds and in shower heads etc to see which ma ma las are sex a la and which ones do it standin in the shower and on their back in the stinken dam daylight, the sun of God we say” and God hates them for looking.

medium4jesusgod Medium For God DBA


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