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Martial Law Weakness – A Citizens Defense

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PATRIOTS PREPARE! REVEALED – Specific Moment to Act As One!


Most IMPORTANT Story You Will Ever Read In Your Life!

100% Guarantee! Simple!  NON-VIOLENT!

No Tactical Experience OR Pre-Planning Needed!

Original Story and Tactic Creation by Rob – The 21st Century Paul Revere! Share but please link and give credit to this original story for all the work that went into it.


BREAKING IMMEDIATE RELEASE!  READ ABOUT WHO General Martin Dempsey is!  He is the #1 Top Military General who is ORDERING ALL THE MILITARY TO ATTACK, HARM AND KILL the US Citizens, ON OUR OWN SOIL; like JADE HELM!  If you every asked why the military is attacking our very own nation, read this breaking story!  General Dempsey answers to NO ONE but the President, AND HAS BEEN APPOINTED BY THE PRESIDENT TO RUN THE MILITARY!  UNDERSTAND NOW?  THIS ANSWERS ALL YOUR QUESTIONS – WHY and WHO!  Make this Viral!



Story Continued:

This story explains to you exactly how to physically STOP Martial Law and The Police State once it starts.  If every single city does this, each city will 100% physically break away from Federal and State Government Control.  This is truly the only “Real World” life saving plan, and will 100% Honestly save you, your family and children lives, and our Nation all at the exact same time!  It is SIMPLE!

NO LOCAL POLICE AGGRESSERS = NO Illegal/Unjust U.S. GOVERNMENT LAW(s) AND/OR ENFORCERS OVER YOU!  Right?!  UNFORTUNATELY, YOUR Local Police will be your #1 Enemy you Face who’s One and Only Job is keep you under the current Illegal Fed Laws; WITH THEIR WEAPONS POINTED AT YOUWhy does the Government have a need to Force your Local Police to point weapons at our Heads for so called “Freedom(s)” sake?  How more clear is this a Forced and Controlled “Freedom”; not True “Freedom” we all expect?  


Once Martial Law Is Known/Declared, You need to gather whoever loves Freedom around you at that time, and work to stop your local police from getting into, and gathering at their police department.  If not, stop them in their homes or in Route, but stop them BEFORE they can gather into one powerful police gang; who will be using their weapons AGAINST YOU TO FORCE CONTROL OVER YOU.  By stopping even one of them before they gather into their criminal gang, your community will get stronger and they will be weaker.  If you stop 2 cops from making it to their gang, they get even weaker.  For each police officer you stop from making it to their gang means they get weaker; until they have no more personnel to surpress its community.  Then your Community regains power back to the people.

But if your local police ARE already gathered as a group, read below how to “Contain” them!  Remember, IT IS NEVER EVER TOO LATE AND NEVER EVER GIVE UP!  If you love your children, what parent will not give their very life for their childrens protection and freedom?  That is what we are facing folks!  Prepare in the name of Freedom!


BUT, if your Local Police are already Gathered, here are some Very Simple steps YOU can take to Corner and Control THEM; vs THEM Controlling you.  Remember, For Citizens Freedom and Victory, YOU HAVE TO CONTROL THEM!  If you can “Contain” them inside their very own Buildings, they can do NO harm to you!  READ THE BELOW COMMENTS FOR MORE LIFE SAVING REAL WORLD TACTICS WHAT TO DO IN YOUR VERY OWN CITY!  Little Small town USA like yours is the Real Ground Zero for Freedom! 


-Stop ALL police vehicles from leaving their parking lots (no movement anywhere) (Abandening vehicles close to each other so they can not drive around/thru them to “Spread” their criminal actions against anyone.  But remember to remove the keys so they can not move them easily);

-Block their police vehicles from refueling at gas stations (no gas no control) (Abanden 10+ cars all around the hose/nossels; no access to refuel  (Remember take the keys);

-Disable their vehicles so they can not be driven to harm anyone (flat tires,etc…);

-Stop their electric power to their station so they have no Lights/Computers/Heat/Air;

-Remove Outside Communication Wires/Antennas (no way to talk/plan harm against us);

-Stop food from going into Resupplying them (starve them into submission);

-Stop/Cut Off their Water Supply from entering their Location (no water=no life for long);

-Stop everyone from entering/leaving Location so they GET NO SLEEP/Fresh Personnel (they can not last long w/o sleep);

-Drive/Abandon Vehicles DIRECTLY AGAINST their bldg doorways (Sideways) so they can NOT enter/leave their Location(s).  Imagine if Abanded vehicles are sideways and right against their Garage Doors, or Buliding Walk-in Doors; right against its doors.  They can NOT easily run in/out of normal enterance doorways as 1 gang fast gang. (Again remember to take the keys so they can not move them easily);

-Abandon Vehicles down Roads/Major Highways so they have no Easy, Fast & Free Road Travelling to Spread their Criminal Actions to harm others.  The OBJECTIVE is to create confusion; and make them take time to move/repair whatever they are faced with.  This will Slow them down, and take time and personnel to repair before they can go any further.  This time means less time doing harm to others, and stretch their resources thin; weakening them;

-Locate Police Officers Private Homes/Family Members (this may be very beneficial, if they really plan on doing any Harm/Resistence against the Free Will of its Citizen Community.  (I am not saying do harm to them, but what will they do if they see their spouse or children with the citizens they are planning on harming?  Think they’ll drop their weapons and aggression?  NOTE – Since THEY ARE willing to harm/control MY wife and children, to me, they make this ethical, so why not their family?);

-Surround their Command Location from a distance, watch, and Wait them Out.  Follow them and take note of the locations they go; which will reveal to you where they keep required supplies to be used against you. (If 2 depart on a mission, it will be easier for the citizens to stop them vs. 6 at one time; so “Contain” them when they are alone, in small groups, and away from their gang).  Imagine then if the citizens can gain control/disrupt them so they can not easily run over its citizens

-Misc.  Monitor, Watch and Plan to whatever Situation you are faced with.  Modify and think outside the box to slow, stall, and stop them; until they submit to the will of the People.  It may not be easy, but Prepare however you need to protect yourselves, and your lives.  Remember, if ANY POLICE resist ANY communities Freedom in any way, they need to be considered a Traitor to our Nation, and treated as such.  By them knowingly “Protecting” our criminal Government and Illegal Orders, they proven they support the Overthrow of our Constitutional Rights to Live Free.

-Misc – STOPPING FEMA CAMPS or ANY GOV BLDG, BASE, LOCATION?  Do the SAME TACTICS!  STOP/CHOKE ALL PERSONNEL/VEHICLES/RESUPPLIES FROM ENTERING/LEAVING IT IN YOUR AREA, and their FREE MOVEMENT DOWN ALL STREETS they need to DO THEIR CRIMES!  This will stop all needed replacement parts, food, water, personnel, supplies, gas, that is doing harm to those in FEMA camps, or military installations!  Also, do these personnel really think that after a hard day of “Containing” its fellow citizens they are ordered to do (at all costs), that at the end of day do they think they’ll be going home to a peaceful good nights sleep, with their very own family at night?  Once they leave, they can NEVER go back, and their families will be in harms way like the rest of us.  That is how brainwashed these police and miltary are to not comprehend this fact!  If the Police and military really think about this, is their families lives more important then harming its citizens; who are also under the exact same illegal Laws as them and their families?  Do they really think their outcome will be any different then the rest of the community they are trying to surpress.  Their children WILL BE harmed just like everyone else they are trying to do harm to?  Whatever laws they are ordered to protect, are the exact same laws they and their families will also be living under. 

-READ THE BELOW COMMENTS FOR MORE LIFE SAVING TIPS AND TACTICS AS They Came Up, and people had Questions!  Remember, I am NOT saying to do harm to anyone, because this is against posting guidelines!

FOR VICTORY IN YOUR AND ANY CITY, why would you Allow them Free & Easy Movement over you without putting up any defenses to stop them?  Why allow them to go anywhere, and do anything they want because they are only resupplying themselves to continue to “Contain and harm” you and your community?  Imagine how hard it will be for them if they have to struggle to “Contain” every block?  So stop them at their Staging Area/Department, and make them struggle and work for every inch of our nation!  Sooner or Later, they will see it is a endless fight and submit to the Will of the People, as in the Constitution!

Once Police’s Power over your community is ended, citizens go in, gather, and control whatever weapons they were going to use against its citizens for your communities protection; and use them for your own Citizens Law Enforcement!  Your community now is Free, and you will have 1000s or 10,000s of Free Citizens, so you will have your own powerful “Citizens Freedom Zone!”  Once your city is free, expand and help your neighboring town(s) and keep expanding our Freedom!  Then you will have 1000s-10,000s of Free Citizens; ALL Fighting for Freedom; and not under the Corrupt Government!  Imagine the power if you have 10,000+ free citizens in your New Freedom Community; willing to defend themselves in the name of “Freedom!”  This will give us Huge “Pockets” of Freedom instead of one huge Prison Nation!

Pass this on to EVERYONE YOU KNOW SO EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT TO DO WHEN THE TIME COMES!  If every city does this, Gov CAN NOT CONTROL YOUR CITY AND LAWS ARE THEN PLACED INTO ITS CITIZENS HANDS!  NOTE-These WW2 Tactics WILL work against ANY government location (bldg, base, property, etc) whereever you live.  The key is to STOP all Personnel from entering the gov location that is planning/doing harm to you; so they have NO physically bodies to stop the Citizens! Do not ever let them freely walk in/out!  THIS IS THE VERY FRONT LINES For OUR FREEDOM LOVERS!

Stopping your LOCAL POLICE IS YOUR #1 ENEMY AND YOUR DUTY WHEN DISASTER STARTS!  The one and only Police Duty/Job is to keep and Protect Gov. Powers Over You!  Local Police are your #1 ENEMY that WILL harm you with their weapons when the time comes.  It WILL NOT be from THE MILITARY OR anyone else; as they will be too busy protecting all the most vital US locations such as Military Bases, Communications, Aircraft, Gov Officials/Bldgs, Landmarks, Major Cities, Banks, Nukes, Food, Water, Boarders, Ships, Tanks, Personnel, etc, so your ONLY #1 Enemy is All Local Police In Each City/Town. 

Local Police WILL NOT be getting any Military Backup like your were “Brainwashed” into thinking, like at Ferguson, MO.  With the entire country going down, how can they physically give backup Everywhere; or to your smalltown, and protect all their most value bases?  They Can’t now Can They?  Please save your lives and those of your children and your community First!  No Pre-Planning Needed.  Just “Stop” and “Contain” them once it Starts, and start your own Citizens Laws with your own Citizens Law Enforcements!  Very Simple!


These same FEMA and MILITARY plans can also stop the Gov in its Tracks!  Basically Again, Choke, Contain and Stop all Vehicle/Pesonnel movements going in and out, so they do not have a easy free open run to do their crimes against us Free Citizens!  Sooner or later, they will not have Control of anything, so Stopping their movements and food/water/gasoline/vehicles/personnel, they will not be able to stop “We The People”!



Story Reveals how any PROTESTING gatherers CAN NOT BE STOPPED against the police, so IT IS A MUST READ (Basically Never Allow Police to Surround you (expand as they try to surround you), and Never all be in one large Group (Be in 4+ smaller not all can get stopped at once)!



Story:  17 March 2015, the “Freedom Of Information Act” was LEGALLY REMOVED from the President and the White House no longer allowing any Citizen to Question/Submit in Freedom Requests?  Doing so, does this physically kick out all US Citizens “Freedom” to Question OR Inquire, and is this the US Legal Law Date that “Presidental” Powers were physically Transferred to “Dictatorship” Powers?  To Me, Removing “Citizens Rights” To Know or Inquire and without the Citizens Consent, Removed all our rights and Nullified our “We The People” 1776 Constitutional Rights as a Nation, to that of Sole “Dictator”; just like “Caligula” or “Ceazer” as Self Appointed Roman Ruler over its unwilling people.  Read and make up your own decision:



Please share these stories but please link TO THIS STORY so the Original Patriot Writter/Creater gets full credit for their One of a Kind approach to Defeat Martial Law/The Police State!  Rob – The 21st Century Paul Revere! 






Please say a silent thank you, Blessing, Prayer, or kind word for me, and the original writter/creater of these tactics of the linked stories!  Bless all you and your families! 

If citizens follow this plan in each city, the Gov WILL GET BOOTED FROM ITS POWER!  Truly Simple and Right To The Point!  Think and you will see their is not one thing that can go wrong with this plan!  As someone said, this was the only story they ever read in their life that would actually work against the corrupt Government!  So Thank You For Seeing My Originality Created Story!

YOUR WELCOME FROM A TRUE PATRIOT, WHO SPENT COUNTLESS RESEARCHING TIME AND DEEP THOUGHT IN THIS FOOLPROOF ACTION PLAN FOR PATRIOTS AROUND THE WORLD!  No one can say I’m not doing all I can for our nation, and want to share my Police State/Martial Law Tactics for all my unknown Freedom Lover Friends and Families!  Bless all of you and your families!

(Proven WW2 EU Freedom Fighter Tactics)

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    Total 31 comments
    • Paul Revere

      :arrow: Here is my reply to someone who said that the Army will only be coming in, so this won’t work.

      Great Question but No! Answer me this – how can the Army be everywhere at once?

      In the real reality, the Army will be fully busy by protecting their bases, planes, vehicles, refueling stations, nukes, weapon storage facilities, ships, food, water tanks, etc; basically anything that they require to stay in control of the little areas they have and needed for resupplies.

      And don’t forget, they will also be sent to protect Government Officials, Buildings, Banks, Pentagon, WH, DC, communications, etc; THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY! So little town USA of yours is not a strategic interest to go after. Like they really are going to go in and “Contain” a city of 5,000+ over the weapons and supplies they need, or the President…

      This is nothing but a Government planted BRAINWASHING job you all need to get over! See how your government trained your brain into think Unrealistically, and not in reality? (You can thank Ferguson, MO for planting this military force viewing lie into your heads because people think this will happen everywhere; at the exact same time!) Now you see how the Media Brainwashing News works?)

      But THINK guys! How can the Army realistically come into every city and back up the local police? Impossible so they brainwashed you into “Thinking” they are going be there. If you forget, they are at their lowest personnel #s since before WW2, so how are say 150,000 troops going to contain 300+ million people; and still fully contain all their most valuable assets (weapons, bases, planes, vehicles, Gov officials, etc.)?

      So think about this and you will see, this is the citizens “Golden Key” to regain our nation back to the people. This WILL WORK so break your mind free from the Brainwashing inplanted!

      Thanks for the question and hope that explained why this is not possible.

      But what a awesome brainwashing false imprint to make people “Think” what they want you to think Right. But it is nothing but a LIE I AM EXPOSING TO YOU ALL! Also, why would anyone just roll over and die without a fight? Any man will fight for their family, and if you don’t, your life would be meaningless. Just think if all us good citizens would take one bad guy with us when we leave this world. Very fast would we have a country with no government criminals so our children can have a slightly better life with Freedom. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      • ExposeTheTruth

        Yo Mooseman, 

        Good to see your still around. Dont mind me if I call you Marty, because I like to party.

        I hear you brother, although its not our military I’m worried about, but the enemy allied forces, including DHS.

        DHS is owned and operated by Russians aka  KGB.

        Remember Barry needed more time before he could open the back door.

        Well the back door is wide open, actually both front and back doors are.

        Since the enemy is within. It’s extremely realistic for our tyrannical government to have already sold us to China.

        As a matter of fact China must secure its hard assets on the ground in America,  which was sold by our government  to China illegally to cover the $80 trillion in bad debt. 

        China owns 75% of the mineral rich land out west, including the Long Beach Port. 

        Whats the One World Order all about, Albert Pike wrote the book on the 3 World Wars.. 

        Its going to be biblical. Invasion of America imminent from Mexico / US Border.

        Eyewitness accounts confirming Chinese Military Base In Monterrey Mexico.

        The allied enemy forces will consist of Chinese/Mexican/ Russian troops just to name a few.

        • Paul Revere

          ExposeTheTruth. Thanks for the line. Just trying to expose as many thoughts as I can to wake people up.

          I agree on what you’re saying because I see the same thing you’re talking about. But I’m sure we can use most, if not all the same tactics against anyone invading our land(s) and cities. Place as many vehicles on the highways to slow them down; monitor their staging areas (like above) and hit and run, one event at a time as often as possible. Anything to slow any enemy down how wants to harm us… To me, I’d gladly hand them all the DC, corporate and rich thugs without a thought….

          The citizens frontlines are where ever our enemy is within eyesight. We’ll lose land mass and our nations lines will be re-drawn, but just trying to rally the citizens to give them basic logical info that can be used. We’ll all be on our own but hopefully we all can have large pockets of Freedom citizen zones, not government by any of our criminal governmental powers, so we can atleast try and defend ourselves using reason and logic. Only the top 1% speaks for all of us, but us 99%, they do not speak for us and our hearts who can hopefully change our nations direction. None of us citizens want to harm anyone and only want to live in peace…

          Bless you and your family as the time draws nearer. Stay safe and thanks for the info.

        • Anonymous

          Dear EXPOSE THE TRUTH. It is not the KGB that we are up against, the head of the homeland security is definitely russian, but he is russian khazar and they hate the russians as much as they hate us. NO, this is an operation for global domination that has been going on for centurys and they always fail.


          Obama is a khazar Zionist on his mothers side of the family. THE HEADLINES WHEN HE WAS ELECTED IN 2009, SAID “OUR FIRST JEWISH PRESIDENT”…. His dual citizen Israeli grandfather raised him from 11 years old onward. Why do you think his administration has 32 dual Israeli citizens, with one muslim and I bet he is even a khazar. Wake up and quit buying the propoganda. Russians are PEOPLE just like we are but they learned. IN 1917 THE KHAZAR BANKERS FINANCED THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION AND AS A RESULT OF THAT HAPPENING, THESE KHAZARS KILLED 63 MILLION CHRISTIAN RUSSIANS. Same with the Ukrainians in the 50′s….. they starved millions of them to death.


          • FreemanM

            You are so on the money I fear for your future my friend.

        • Ex LA Lady

          You are exactly Right-On!!

      • Anonymous

        Mooseman, something you forgot…… even a bigger problem the military has…… the soldiers themselves are our children, spouses, brothers, fathers, etc. SO WHO IS GOING TO SHOOT US???? I bet they turn on their masters instead, at least enough of them IF THEY SEE WE WILL BACK THEM and I say with “318 MILLION GUNS OUT HERE, THAT WE CAN EASILY BACK THEM UP AND HAVE THEM LEAD US AGAINST SUCH DRAMATIC VIOLATIONS OF OUR CIVIL AND OTHER RIGHTS, THAT ARE GOD GIVEN.

        The other point I wish to make is the powers that be are the biggest cowards on the face of the planet. We saw that a whle back when they were doing things to their own people in their own country. They could not genocide their palestinians as they planned because they began resisting and fighting back. That made the attackers back off big time. I noticed that early on. So their cowardess is our advantage. BRING IT ON SUCKERS…..

      • Julie Bucker

        Because the people will let them, and it is that simple.

      • Anonymous

        For starters, that 300 million count you gave is far less than that, you have to consider all those who are old & feeble, all those who are children under a certain age, as well as the physically disabled, be it from mental retardation, those who may be blind, many of those soldiers who lost limbs, & are unable to fight or defend themselves, etc…


    • srsly1

      Didn’t you post this exact same article just a couple weeks ago?

      Oh ya, here it is…/police-state/2015/03/stopping-martial-law-cold-912.html

    • Watt B Wong

      Remember too, if they use trains to transport free citizens to FEMA camps, WW2, freedom fighterz removed train rails so it stopped transporting them to their death camps. This save 10,000s of thousands of people from the gas chambers and is another WW2 tactic they did for their victory.

    • Network TV Movie

      :arrow: :arrow: THE HIGHEST #1 RANKING U.S. MILITARY COMMANDER INSIDE THE PENTAGON IS YOUR U.S. CITIZENS AND NATIONS #1 ENEMY; who is allowing and ordering the military below him these illegal orders! Do not be fooled but doesn’t this ALL start at the single most #1 military Dishonorable Criminal Wearing the Uniform to Give HIS Orders this down to all his troops and to the entire Military? You see, he needs to be removed as the #1 top commander, who is the very highest ranking military in uniform WHO HAS PROVEN TIME AND TIME AGAIN ON ORDERING ALL THESE ILLEGAL ORDErS for the last YEARS?! WAKE UP PEOPLE and THINK WHO REALLY IS ORDERING ALL THESE ILLEGAL MILITARY PERSONNEL, and now you know WHY! He and his other Pentagon criminal Generals and Admirals are all literally Sleeping with the Enemy in bed with 0bama and are the “KEY” to your Government control over you! Not ONE ACTION by the military can happen WITHOUT HIS DIRECT ORDER! Start spreading the truth on who really is ordering these Treasenus actions against our nation!

    • James Edwards

      The ‘assumption’ that every POLICE STATION and it’s cadre will actually OBEY a governmental order to begin MARTIAL LAW is a false assumption. MOST police, and their leaders, are Conservative, Patriotic Americans for the most part. Sure, there are those who will perhaps OBEY such an order – but, within even those ranks there will be dissension and active resistance by officers who will NOT join such a repressive move by Washington, and in fact will LEAVE the ranks and join up with local resistance movements.

      To further dissuade people of this notion, take a close look at this PRESIDENT. He is LAZY, INCOMPETENT, FOOLISH – a millionaire who can soon live comfortably on the spoils of 8 years of theft and concealment. He has done what he was SUPPOSED TO DO. He has disrupted AMERICA, corrupted officials, made the USA weaker, and more VULNERABLE. In fact, it will take ANOTHER EIGHT YEARS to right all the wrongs he has committed! This LOON and his kind do not have the BALLS, or the backing to promote MARTIAL LAW – now, or in 2016!

      • Network TV Movie

        Nice idea but I do not agree with you that your assumption they will help is also incorrect. 95+% of all local cops today, in each city ARE openly supporting all the kaos that they are ordered to do. For example. look at most of them today. When they are on their own, out in the streets, they still stop and harrass, harm and intimidate as many citizens as they can using their power and their badge. This proves they are not with the citizens and have no plans to do so. I’m sure each of them will get back what they are due from all their helpless victims they took advantage of during this movement. Also, to me, whenever one blindly is following the program today to put food on their table at the cost of fellow citizens rights is again, proof they will shoot me, my wife or children in the backs or heads to protect the corrupt government. 99% of these criminal cops have not proven they will support its people, but follow all orders blindly.

      • MediaMike

        In other words, he was Bush II. When will AMERICA learn there is no difference?

      • Anonymous

        A couple of points to point out here:

        Hopefully, any of those LEO’s who disagree with Martial Law, would do the RIGHT THING & fight against those who are for it, by taking them out right then, & there, because as soon as they turn their back to leave = a bullet is coming their way, to take them out…

        Now the POLICE will be used, until they are no longer needed, same goes for the low-level grunt soldiers, a well known method of the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations, many people will be used as window dressing, until they are no longer needed…

        And finally, whenever the POLICE, Government workers at all levels finally REALIZE, that they WILL NOT BE COLLECTING THEIR PENSIONS = hopefully this is the straw that breaks the camels’ back, which makes them see the light, & choose the right side to fight upon, because THE PATRIOTIC AMERICAN CITIZENS, KNOW WHO THE REAL ACTUAL ENEMIES ARE, & WHOEVER ARE NOT DOWN WITH THEM = THEN POINT BLANK, PLAIN & SIMPLE = YOU ARE THE ENEMY, no one is NEUTRAL, no one is sitting this one out, by sitting on the fence…


    • EruditeOne

      The speed with which the steam roller is moving to usurp our remaining freedoms is amazing. One can only pray that We The People remember that our Constitution specifically makes using United States Military as a Police Force within the country is illegal and prohibited. One can also pray that everyone who honors the 2nd Amendment will use their firearms to refuse all military/police takeover attempts. We still have a POTUS who is a fraud and was never eligible to become POTUS. Anyone who thinks B.H.O. will ever leave office at end of 2016 is delusional. We will most assuredly see Martial Law or an attempt at Martial Law within the USA before the end of 2016. I pray there will be enough We The People ready and willing to destroy the rail lines that run to the 100+ FEMA camps to make them worthless. We must be prepared to refuse Military or Police terrorists who approach our residences without written warrants that are legally signed in courts.

      • Arlene Johnson

        Hello, You need to learn a couple of things. If a man named Gill Broussard is accurate, a giant planet that we know as Planet X (X representing Roman Numeral ten) perigees (comes closest to) with Earth on March 25-6, 2016, there will be no 2016 election. Furthermore, according to Chaplain Lindsey Williams (see ) the economy will be crashed by the elite this coming September-October (2015).

        Rabbi Jonathon Cahn puts it another way. He refers to it as the Shemitah. Google his YouTubes. Very persuasive. Indeed this is likely why Martial Law will be declared.

        And in terms of FEMA camps, according to evangelist Anita Fuentes, there are 6,000 of them. Prior to hearing her say this, I knew that there were 1,000 of these camps. Now, I have also read that the government has bought 30,000 guillotines. So if Anita Fuentes is correct, that means that there will be 5 guillotines in every FEMA camp in the United States.

        I am also very concerned that UN troops will be placed in the United States because I have read that. I can´t remember the source of that reading, however. But knowing that the Korean War was a UN war, don´t doubt that UN troops will be used in the USA.

        All I can say as the American by birth I am, I am glad that I left the US when I did as I saw the handwriting on the wall when I learned in January 2002 that Bush wanted to establish road blocks, and I lived on a peninsula. By that time, I already knew that 600 FEMA camps had been established around our country.


        Arlene Johnson
        To access my e-zine, click on the icon that says Magazine.
        Better do it fast as it may go down again. It´s up right now
        to the best of my knowledge.

    • mikethehiker

      thanks for sharing this information!

    • Network TV Movie

      :arrow: Jade Helm – So this means that the public needs to be fully prepared? What are their ground rules, and how will they impact your cities? Will they act and be as responsible like the police and all the 1000s of innocent citizens they straight out execute on our streets right now. Can you imagine them having this type of power when they start to walk around with AKs to “practice” and use citizens as their targets? Anyone else see it coming?

      - What will happen if the citizens protest or tries to hold up signs to them? Will they get weapons pointed to their heads, arrested, and thrown in jail or a FEMA camp?
      - What if you as a citizen have a carry conceal and the police/military come across you? will they point their weapons at your head, force you to be arrested, and ?
      - What if a citizen is driving by and the military/police point their weapons at them and order them out of their car by force?
      - What if they come to your home with their weapons drawn and kick down doors in a real world tactic? What will you do as their neighbor?
      - What will they do if you stop and watch them in our free nation? Since they are using public property, doesn’t that give each of us the right to watch and/or film them? Like in FL, they forcibly kicked everyone away by the point of their guns and arrest if they don’t stay back? Isn’t that a crime they will be allowed to do?
      - What if you are walking and they drive and come after you with their military grade weapons pointed to your heads and force you by gun point to go with them?
      - What will we do once they gather and they “practice” at our schools, and use our children as their pawns and victims, and again point weapons at them and contain them? What if they do not let any parent come to their rescue….
      - What will we do once they overtake a town and start to place military/police on all the major intersections in each town, and act as checkpoints; all within a free nation. Seems its citizens can no longer travel freely without going threw check points. Or tanks, or eyeED proof vehicles, on our very own street corners. Who can the people go to? No one right?

      Too, they are baiting everyone because I see it that once someone holds up a sign, and like today, the government, military, and police will consider that an act of aggression and point their weapons at their heads, beat them up, arrest them, and wipe them off the face of the earth (aka FEMA camps)?

      To me, they are holding up a unlite flame threwer and baiting its citizens to confront them, so the people supply the spark to start off mayhem. Then the gov will say see, their are criminals against our nation everywhere and they are who we are after…

      People need to start to make plans and start to ask each city with the limits are on their aggression. If you don’t do it now and go threw each possible scenerio, it will be too late once they go live. Patriots must start now in each city. Remember, once the local police join their forces, it is a smart thing to know who they are, and where they live so its citizens can confront their wives and children to come to the citizens side. Also, if the police or military start anything up, knowing where they live and where their loved ones live if important because its citizens can use them for their safety. Do they really think they will be going to a peaceful home after these police/military do harm to its community? I think if they take up arms against its neighbors, it will not be safe for them ever to return home or ever see their loved ones again. They will be forced to stay 24/7 for life with their criminal gangs. But think and start to ask questions to each state, county, town, etc… Am I right or what?

      • Watt B Wong

        Jade Helm is the start of the Federalization of the New Police nation. The military and police will NOT be in military uniform while performing acts of aggression against our nation, so no one will see them. They will also be in civilian vehicles performing their criminal actions. Also, The Pope will just happen to be in the U.S. at the end of the exercise dates. What a most perfect time for the gov to bump him off, blame ISIS for this act, and then have the gov go after all the Patriots and round them up. That would also be the perfect time to just happen to invite NATO into our nation to control our out of control nation and place everyones countries boots on the ground. Read more on this story that I found:


        • The Clucker

          Clark Kent turns into Superman but he can’t do it without a phone booth.

    • Robin Brentwood

      You have an interesting view point here. Police will be more worried about their own families in a crisis such as this. They will surely become a miniscule force once the SHTF. They know this! It is DHS that will be enforcing their will in such a time under our own government emperor. Our military will also become divided quickly and states will join resources to overcome and defend. There will have to be a unsurmountable disaster in order for the U.S. To be taken over. Whether it is EMP, a few nukes, UN, etc., they will have to neutralize the U.S. in order for them to begin their assault,,,,,, that is what they are currently trying to do as we speak. What do they know that we dont??? That is what we need to figure out and plan for!!! Just my humble opinion. :roll:

    • Ideas Time

      You all assume from a false notion. Do you, anyone really think that are kids are going to take sides with the Cabal against us? The answer is no! They are are kids. Who do you think they will side with? You are finished and we have enough.

      • LoverOfFreedom

        Ideas Time – Can you physically prove your comment that any US Gov official will not follow orders? No? So why then are 99% of them following their illegal orders now? Because they sold their morals and values of our nation for nothing but money. They are dishonorable scumbags for “going along with the criminal actions” for what? Money? Seems they forget their oath and are lowlife cowards to stand up to criminal actions. How can that change, since they already have been hooked into being a criminal today? So does that mean they will all be “heros” to switch sides? So us US citizens are suppose to forget the criminal actions they have done to allow this to happen in the future? Sorta like nazi SS Officers only did their jobs, yet if they all would have refused and walked out when this all started, it wouldn’t have gotten so bad. So when they switch sides, free citizens need to open a court of law, and try them for the crimes commited while in uniform, and their refusal to even attempt to stop the illegal actions.

        So feel free to blindly run to the police with open arms. We all need a guiena pig to watch you get rounded up, and sent to a FEMA camp. They are all traiters today, and they will be traiters to our nation and their oath for eternity. Crimes just don’t go away once they get caught, and they switch sides to save their hearts, soul and wanting to go to heaven. Anyone today in uiform are an active member of the overthrow of our nation, and deserve to be 6 feet under.

        • evopilot

          “lowlife cowards”, I agree with you but they are hardly cowards? I understand your direction with this statement but any police enforcer will fight to the death if necessary, they are trained (brainwashed) to do it. Bullying only works for as long as the money keeps flowing. They will also be rounded-up in the end and shot with the rest of those traitors who chose money over life.

    • Bacchus

      When Hurricane Katrina hit, most of the cops went home to look after their families. Then out came the looters. When or if martial law gets declared, there will be so much deliberate confusion that the people won’t know who the enemy is or which side the cops and military are on. When an angry and hungry mob descends on your home, will you welcome the cops or shoot them?

      • LoverOfFreedom

        But thats when the citizens start up their own community policing with weapons. The pig swine in blue all need to go bye bye for all the crimes they have done, and are doing today to support the overthrow of our Nation. If they were deep hearted patriots of the US flag and all we stand for, they would have fought against all the illegal orders they are carrying out. Each paycheck they get is nothing but a BRIBE, to carry out illegal laws over its people. that will never chenage. They had a choice to say no sir, I will not follow that order, but they value money over that of freedom of our nation and allegence to the US Flag. They are traiters of the deepest heart and soul, who sold their soul to the devil for nothing but money. They all need to be tried for their crimes, even after they come over to the patriot side. Their crimes while in uniform made our situation, and never will be forgotten. Each of you rot in hell who is a US Gov employee or contracter who valued money and power over the US Flag and all our Freedoms. That will never eer change in the history books, and we will never forget you deadbeat traiters to america.

    • Eggzactly

      Got It! ;o)

    • anonymous

      :evil: :evil: :eek: Here are some other points to know that everyone can do. WW2 Holland and France freedom fighters removed railroad tracks along all major routes to try to save citizens going to the camps and resupplies being shipped to do harm. It took them days to repair removed rails so it did help their cause to stop dozens of trains per day over each section, so it backed up the entire train system. They also kept larage objects like abandoned vehicles or trees, etc. on major freeways and routes (streets) to slow and stop their agression so they could not just travel freely anywhere and everywhere they wanted alone. They saw they are moving tanks or vehicles to different locations and their train/truck couldn’t be delivered to resupply them… This is how they won their freedom so never forget….

      French and Dutch people who lived near train tracks during WW2 documented and noted the daily times it past them. They counted the # of trailors, and any heavy equipment or personnel at each. After a few days, they could see any “pattern” of their times going past them, and what they were transporting. Most the heavy equipment such tanks and trucks, were mainly moved at night to hide them from full view. Like many passing train times were at 2am each morning moving heavy equipment, and they seen the same thing at the same time all the time. Thats when they knew when to best remove the rail(s) for stopping the most valuable train… They also passed their info on to other freedom fighters down the line and shared their info, as they all worked together for freedom. Remember too, refueling locations, food, water and staging areas were also major areas that were monitored to slow them down. They looked at all the most vital staging areas needed because w/o gas, they couldn’t drive; or no food or water the personnel can’t last long… Littler places were still good, but focused on its overall impact. God weren’t the WW2 freedom guys smart? But we all can learn from the past…. Good luck to you all…

      The WW2 freedom fighters citizens who live near airports or water harbors, also were monitored to stop as much from coming into their country at its very source. Large transport Ships were sunk in harbours to block them from the docking, and aircraft were damaged from flying. Those worked out great for them but the single most important and easier way they stopped them is stop them when they are leaving and entering the bases. This way removing key personnel from flying (like a piolet or air traffic controller) while they are outside the base leaves them few people knowing how to fly them or steer them. So even maintenance personnel to make repairs, if they can’t come in out, leaves no one knowing how to repair them. So these unknown WW2 hero’s stopped as many people they could one at a time outside the bases, when they were alone. So people who lived near those places monitored the personnel and supplies going into/out of the bases. Just like fuel. Each need a continuous supply in all the time to keep them flying or sailing… They followed where the tanks were supplying them and destroyed them so no gas no flying or sailing to harm others. Millions of unsung Patrioits of WW2 were unknowns, so everyone played a part on their end. They never knew if it helped, but down the chain, it did all add up to disrupt their resupplies and lines…

      Whenever you see a UN Blue Helmet, they need to be removed from US soil. Since they were NOT INVITED BY ITS NATIONS OWNERS (We The People), when they come, let them see what our soil looks like. The UN Blue Helmets are a private business corporation PAID ARMY for their private owners holders interest; who all by the way, is the same Criminals inside the US Gov today. They are just criminally shifting hands that “We The People” are not suppose to know. Look, as the UN is a private for profit corporation business, that is made up of private investors in 31 nations to make it seem it is legit Gov agency, yet its a FOR PROFIT Business. This is nothing but a Violent overthrow of our nation, from its rightful owners hands, without our consent! Where is the World Court in this criminal action? Oh thats right, it is funded by the US Gov, and this US Gov is not speaking for We The People.

      Be willing to give your very life for your nation, your loved ones and for your childrens and childrens childrens freedom. Make your life meaningful in a Good way when it is time to leave it. If not, you will have to spend eternity knowing you did not do all you could for your loved ones! By taking out one or more evil ones with you, will rid our soil, so you will be one of those millions of unknown freedom lovers who gave their very lives, like they did in WW2, as the Nazis invaded the neighboring countries. They did not give up and won, so each of you are needed in our Nations foundation that you were born into. It is not free, as we are all seeing, so it is time for this generation to secure its freedom for those who come behind us. Time to seperate the men from the boys, as each small action on each of your parts, can and will be vital, and will impact your enemy more then you think! Bless you, your loved ones and our once free peaceful nation… See, freedom is not free and blood was needed to give us what we experienced that the powerful, Elite US Gov wants to steal from us.

    • The Clucker


      “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”.

      Yeah you criminal Officers, just talk the talk, and let the criminals destroy our nation. And the military Generals, Admirals and Officers say “We The People, its NOT OUR FAULT! It’s the media, politicians, and the people for not rising up. Why aren’t the MEDIA doing anything?”.

      But wasn’t it the US military Generals, Admirals and Officers JOB TO PROTECT OUR NATION AND CONSTITUTION when they swore an Oath to give their lives and liberty for our nations benefit? Or did they forget it was their duty? And now they all want to cry to cover up their evil sin against our nation, oath and against God. They think we are all to dumb to not know it was their Dishonorable Cowardly failure that are the only ones that can stop it. If we only had one real 1776 General and Admiral to go down in history for doing the right thing and bump off the right enemy within.

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