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Oh Boy, may set off potential firestorm, not my intent... however, regarding NVIDIA (NVDA) Record set today...

% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents.

FIRST, let me state the following couple things…

1) This is GREAT for NVIDIA and really all of us (helping drive more hopefully great coming/future Tech, good for 401k’s those who have NVIDIA in their portfolio, etc…; so we certainly want them do well for variety of reasons). Was a Fan of what Gates with Microsoft first started, but feel they’ve gone off the deep-end in many regards (especially theft of NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR, and yes a Jury found such, but sadly didn’t make a proper award to Netscape for the acknowledgment and they had to go Bankrupt (I’d love to see some bring NETSCAPE back especially now all the Browsers SOLD OUT to google and now use Chromium as their base code giving google VETO ability over all the Internet, like some resurrected the DeLorean Motor Company (DMC logo) and producing hand-built vehicles again under that name)) and therefore HAPPY someone supplanted their Stature a bit. Same with Wozniac and Jobs with Apple. But as usual I’ve side-tracked bit down other rabbit-holes already and need get back on-track…. Software Secrets, potential Corporate espionage, narratives to try and harm competition through means other than direct Product competition (Alinsky, so to speak, your competition), and potential theft, like the NETSCAPE Case of past, not at all issue here….

2) I am a former IT guy, so I try pay close attention to all the Tech companies!

3) Want to preface following remarks/article to be in CONTEXT of that: I am a CHRISTIAN, write mostly for, do a Show for, published books addressing, yes still while open to/for all but again mostly for, fellow Christians.

And again – expounded on the title: Oh Boy, know I am about to set off firestorm, not my intent (but know some hysterics are likely to come)… however, regarding NVIDIA Record set today… Know what others MAY do regarding the “POTENTIAL” contention to follow, wishing to nip it a bit in the bud (yes, admittedly, my own speculations about potential speculations of others – if you follow that)… Proceeding with Tin-Foil hat wear, or not, your choice…

BUT… ASIDE ALL THAT…. (have I set up enough DISCLAIMER yet?!?!, and hopefully IMPLIED APOLOGY in advance for the frenzy and “upset” for what is about to come)….


BEYOND THAT, as I know IF “I” do not raise the issue someone else will and potentially not as in a COOL AND CALM manner (not getting hysterical and making wild potentially baseless accusations, just pointing something out) as I am about to (they likely to play up the (very nasty, vile, exploitation (I can imagine (almost literally envision in my minds-eye) the CLICK-BAIT headlines now from Alex Jones types (more down-thread)), etc…) CONSPIRACY “potential” aspects)…   And, indeed, with me and many others, the following will be A CONCERN and viewed within the lens of our Christian perspectives.

I do NOT want to cast aspersions, make allegations, contend any ill-intent, BUT at same time feel compelled to state…

With NVIDIA (Technology Co. (NASDAQ: NVDA)) now setting Record on Stock Exchange they of course will be all over the News… I do NOT wish to cause PANIC or create HYSTERIA but the symbol in the NVIDIA logo is often used by #Pedophiles (at least THAT IS THE ALLEGATIONS sometimes made where same or similar symbol used elsewhere and many “supposed” images were tossed about as part of previous “supposed” #Pedophile ring conspiracies discussions that prior accusations, allegations, speculations, raged across the internet prior (and, of course, to be FAIR here, wild allegations on symbology has been made for decades and also, of course, it can be just “coincidental” that many “squiggly line” in a bit of a “swirl” fashion symbols dating back to early times often claimed to reference Galaxies (or Eye of Horace) can exist)), with merit or baseless up to you to ponder (DuckDuckGo results on “some alleged” Pedophile imagery (NVIDIA logo online), that yet others across internet conspiracy boards “allege” are knock-off, similar, spin-offs (real potential connections intent? or just some stirring wild baseless narratives? again, entirely left to you to ponder)). See too (DuckDuckGo results for) “Companies accused of using Pedophile Symbology.” as this is nothing new, and not likely to go away by both concerned about protecting Children and sadly too (must be said) those potentially just making wild allegations to attack a company falsely which (again) I am not making any such allegation, just that the point that SIMILAR (someone or another alleges “resembles” etc.) style logos have launched such “speculations” in past, so expecting same MAY happen again here/now, and this about looking at past, present, potential future, such type discussions. YOU PONDER, COME TO YOUR OWN CONSLUSIONS, of any such speculations. And potentially, hopefully, THIS NIP IN BUD , headed it off, before it does start splashing across Conspiracy platforms (it’s not ORIGINAL/NEW now, that it is out there, but you now know not to be surprised if CLICK-BAIT headlines on such come your way).

NOW, AGAIN, LET US NOT GO HYSTERICAL, let us have CALM DISCUSSION…. I HAVE NO IDEA the how, why, and the who (potentially committee of folks) that design/image became a part of their overall logo (there can and will ALWAYS be potential for similarities and indeed, of course, suits get filed over such “similarities” at times if infringing on a Trademark or not). So, AGAIN, let me be clear: I do NOT want to cast aspersions, make allegations, contend any ill-intent… Just pointing out a “CONCERN” before others potentially JUMP ALL OVER THIS and indeed TRY to imply Conspiracy and make contentions THAT MAY NOT BE CASE! Heck, I remember many past times of WILD RUMORS running amuck about all kinds of company logos, band names and logos/symbology, etc…. These things will always happen, getting any definitive conclusion on such “inferences” is a whole other thing (as, obviously, any DENIALS would be met with those making the “allegations” with “of course they would deny such” but how does one prove a negative?).

LET US HAVE RATIONAL DISCUSSION, not one on hysterics, panic, hyperbole, potential conspiracy nuttiness where may not be reality, etc…. Even though I know invoking anything to do with Pedophilia, Grooming, etc… is likely to strike EMOTIONAL NERVES (as yes A BIG ISSUE for me and have a “Protecting Children / School Reforms” chapter in my original, CTP2 out now, ChristiTutionalist TM Politics book).

REMEMBER: Speculation went rampant about a particular Pizza Place dubbed #PizzaGate controversy; one of several Lawsuit contentions surrounding Alex Jones; many in the deeper parts of the Dark-Web still to this day say while that Business may indeed not be involved that the SYMBOLS questions and others similar use there-of potentially still at issue (more than one thing can be true at same time, part of a story correct while another part not). This came to mind, because of that controversy. From time to time posts on social-media regarding #PizzaGate occasionally pop-up across my Timelines (some convinced there is still more being hidden BY CONSPIRACY of those engaging in the activity, and they may be potentially eager to broach that again (legit sources, or not, again “matter of opinion” and I leave it all to you to ponder such sources legitimacy)). Again, YOU ALL CHOOSE to believe nothing, some, all, on these things, being “mentioned” here-in, entirely up to you – and whether you then want to venture further down any of the rabbit-holes yourself or not. This a VERY BRIEF (despite the growing word-count of this piece, BRIEF in sense of) OVERVIEW of what all may additionally be available for review across the Web.

Over and over and over, this (Pedophilia, Human Trafficking of Adults and Children), topics have been and will keep coming up in the News – one way or another. In case some to this  point miss the point. MAYBE if this current Admin would STOP harassing Parents trying to STOP the peddling of PORN onto their Children at Schools at School Board Meetings they could maybe actually do more CRIMINAL INQUIRIES into potential Human-Trafficking (actual CRIMES).


In the USA the Indoctrination factories (and other supposed FREE SOCIETY systems) are peddling Radicalism, Raunch/peRversion (tRans, pedophilia), Racism (cRt), and anti-ameRicanism – the new “R’s” – to our Entitled/lazy, participation tRophy overblown self-esteem buffoons, know nothing brats; meanwhile China is teaching their Children the traditional/core “R’s” of Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, histoRy, scRience (see what I did there, cuz our kids are so dumb they wouldn’t know the R doesn’t belong there), biRology (not fake gendeRism), honoR, Respect, woRk-ethic, etc…

above from my:

For the record: As I’ve said there will always be some similarities of design of some logos and FOR ME frankly I am not thinking/believing any attempt to create a logo with any wink/nod symbology here. Just with everything in NEWS of late of Child exploitation, Trafficking, etc., this is likely to cross some folks minds; and topic does flash across some of the more wild social-media outlets that has whole groups dedicated to potential Conspiracy discussions and seems cannot avoid some trying to create a new “potential” Conspiracy every few weeks (some may be real (there are RICO Laws for a reason), most fake).

A BRIEF ASIDE about the B4IN “category” selection… And, indeed, with me and many others, the following will be A CONCERN and viewed within the lens of our Christian perspectives (and, B4IN started as, remaining a CHRISTIAN site, though yes expanded way beyond just such with the various categories creations including this “Science and Technology” one, though if there were a “Stock Market” one I would have been posting this there (Stock Market record is what put them into the News) instead (some might argue, not without merit, and sorry didn’t really think about this until later and now adding this post publication update as NVIDIA is a Tech Co. this is Tech. Co. related, since I am asking IF someone is indeed going to bring forth a “Conspiracy Theory” about this that “Conspiracy Theories” should be the better category, though I am NOT alleging a “Conspiracy” but speculation about expecting a Conspiracy Theory coming/developing, follow or too convoluted logic? LOL))…. And for those here do not know: I am Host of ChristiTutionalist TM Politics podcast (this likely to come up there, and while I am on other Shows as my being host of a Christian Show they will ask me to comment on) as well as Author of two related books based upon my Show (as well as Author of 3 other books non-related to the Show (holder of more than 3 dozen copyrights) including my first internationally published book: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You!“)

RELATED… Yes, really is… Many things are related, as saying goes: things do not exist in a Vacuum…. So, yes, another rabbit-hole, very related (given potential implications made in this piece), and needed IMO clarification… BAD ACTOR LYING POLITICIANS want you to think one issue or another is somehow completely separate and solely apart from ALL THE OTHER ones but they are NOT and often LYING POLITICIANS (really only about their POWER/CONTROL over all) the ISSUE isn’t even THE ISSUE (they LIE about intentions) just a means to other ends.

I mentioned ALEX JONES types; obvious why mentioning him with his current and on-going legal and financial issues in the News too; so let me be clear on the CONSPIRACY THEORIES issue… There is a BIG DIFFERENCE in things that are actual and real CONSPIRACY FACT (you know, why we have RICO Laws) and wild, outlandish, pure fiction, often hyperbolic for entertainment value rather than FACT delivery and NEWS Reporting purposes, etc… The #DeepState and BAD ACTOR POWER HUNGRY CORRUPT POLITICIANS LOVE the outlandish ones (and why there is indeed such a thing as paid controlled-opposition that puts out such) SO-AS they then can use as DEFLECTION claiming everything and any allegations levied against them as “CONSPIRACY THEORY” (like the very real HUNTER LAPTOP that was used in evidence in the HUNTER GUN CHARGE Trial).

For further on CONSPIRACY concepts, please see my RED-PILL STRATEGY piece addressing that overall issue and questions on/about such there/at: (and, yes, issue of #Pedophila and #PizzaGate (fact? fiction? and issue of “matters not what you may know to be true, but what, and if, you can convince others of said facts/truth/reality”) addressed there-in) and

[And, yes, I have a piece on the whole ELON dust-up with one of the co-creators of THE MATRIX movies series and how he (at least the one creator) NOT FOND of how the RedPill/BluePill has become a thing - and his PUSH-BACK going full WOKE with Matrix-4 context as a Trans-allegory Is the Enemy of my Enemy my Friend? NO, but can be useful... And how it relates to MATRIX: RESURRECTIONS.... and only semi-related piece: Are you one choosing to Live in the ALTERNATIVE (Matrix like) delusion (probably not You, but someone you know?), or REALITY (been Red Pilled)?!?! What this have to do with.... ]


Since this was a MASSIVE SPECULATION, about whether others will make a Conspiratorial speculation or outright allegation – OBVIOUS time and place to mention upcoming CTP Show “Speculations and What Ifs” coming June 29th (episode will NOT cover any of this speculation)….

CTP S2E54 SHOW NOTES ( listen (Sat Jun 29 2024 and thereafter) at: )… 
ChristiTutionalist Politics (S2E54) “Speculations and What Ifs”
First, pardon the Ahs and Ums as I “hunt” across my Notes page at some sections of this Show and wasn’t paying attention to not do the Ahs and Ums segways thing (Raw, UnCut, Show drop)… What do Richard Dawson, Steve Harvey, Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Caitlin Clark, Sting, Donald Trump Jr., all have to do with ‘Speculations and What Ifs?’ Well, obviously; this is called a promo/tease; tune in to find out! :) LOL And remember (will make sense once hear Show) as song by Sting goes: “Free, Free, set them Free!”
See Buzzsprout podcasts Transcript of Episode for related addl info
Transcript Bonus: The TLB corresponding/correlating “Speculations and What Ifs” piece. 

Episode related pieces (lots of links this Show)…
- corresponding TLB Article this coming Sat June 29 drop TBD  
- Video Only Jun 2024 CTP Show:   
- /christian-news/2024/06/did-jesus-ever-contradict-himself-of-course-not-humankind-in-frailty-can-and-sometimes-and-does-get-things-wrong-2622143.html  
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- /education/2024/06/life-living-learning-from-mistakes-to-move-forward-2464067.html  
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- /the-law/2024/06/for-the-left-gun-laws-they-passed-when-they-want-them-to-2459247.html  
- /u-s-politics/2024/06/usa-past-present-what-is-its-future-2613616.html  
- /religion/2024/05/life-walk-downriver-detroit-june-22nd-2024-udmi-rtl-2573883.html  
- Joseph’s Musical Heritage:  
- [Car Show every Monday 5pET-8pET]  

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(CTP S1E54 Audio: 51m 30s, Sat Jun 29 2024)

SNEAK-PEEK: The next several TLB pieces (planned going forward from May 11th) and correlating/corresponding Shows already outlined, ready to go, in some cases actually already pre-recorded. Why mention such? Well, it means I can add this COMING SOON (and/or recently dropped) addition/section to the Show Notes…
May 11 – S1E47: Continued Left-wing Violence  
May 18 – S1E48: Let Left Keep Pushing, Generational Shift Occurring  
May 25 – S1E49: Mother’s Day retrospective  (Ex Post Facto piece, just as last year’s Memorial Day and 4th-Of-July pieces were)  
June 1 – S1E50: Slaves To State  
June 8 – S1E51: Is Prayer Alone Enough?   
June 15 – S1E52: Rising Tides Lift All Boats  
June 22 – S2E53: TLB-Talk relaunch  
June 29 – S2E54: Speculations and What Ifs  
July 6 – S2E55: In Then News  
July 13 – S2E56: Hard and Fast Economic Realities – Some Still Trying Ignore  
July 20 – S2E57: USA: Past, Present, What Is Its Future  
July 27 – S2E58: Self Sufficiency?  


OK, ALSO since we’re talking STOCK-MARKET here, how about an HONEST CONVERSATION on that overall…

Love these Biden SPINNERS claiming EVERYTHING IS SO GREAT with BiDUMB…. But people KNOW, and why his approval rating is SHIT…. SHIT, just like the numbers The Left spews as his “accomplishments” ALL based on REDEFINING TERMS, FUDGING HOW THE NUMBERS ARE CALCULATED (there is a reason why the phrase “Lies, Damn Lies, and [data fudged] Statistics” exists), etc.

RECORD WAGES? WAGES (like Stock Market, depends the HOW AND WHY it rises as fast (virtually every POTUS of my Lifetime gets to try CLAIM CREDIT for RECORD STOCK MARKET, topping NEW LEVEL never before seen) as it does/is – NATURAL or Artificial via Federal Govt propping up Businesses in certain preferred sectors creating a Bubble to eventually have to BURST), almost ALWAYS goes up (w/ occasional CORRECTIONS or DEFLATION times) and the how far, how fast, AND WHY (based on sound Economics, people actually providing actual PRODUCTIVITY value warranting a Company desire to retain them rather than let them SHOP AROUND for a new Job if they were not to get a Raise?!?!) based on MARKET FORCES or out-of-control Inflation driving up everything (including artificially inflating Wages, but often then still DO NOT KEEP UP WITH the general Inflation rate and loss of buying power).
Economics and Accounting

Biden – 8% increase, but ALL BUY now 15%+ more (LOSING BUYING POWER and why peoples’ bank accounts evaporating as eat into Savings or RUN UP CREDIT CARDS (also MUCH HIGHER INTEREST RATES to pay now))…. VS…..
Trump – 4% raise, 2% inflation rate (MOVED UP/FORWARD, MORE BUYING POWER) an overall GAIN in Benefits to Costs!
This is why Leftists do NOT want Civics, Economics, History, basic Math, taught in Schools – or the indoctrinated WOULD FIGURE OUT THE LEFTIST IDIOCY AND GAMES!!!

CTP S1E45 SHOW NOTES ( listen (Sat Apr 27 2024 and thereafter) at: )… 
ChristiTutionalist Politics (S1E45) “When Are You Going To Fight? + BiDUMBnomics part 3 (lies, damn lies, and statistics)”
In Segment 1 an older BeforeItsNews piece titled “Conservatives…. TEAParty Activists…. When/Where Are You Willing To Stand and Fight?” is examined and relevant updates added, but far more details than in this CTP Show vocalized on this topic is/are covered in the corresponding/correlating “When Are You Going To Fight” TLB piece (and as I spoke on with Bruce and Phil on WAAMradio Apr. 27th ART (Abolitionists RoundTable, Sat.’s 9aET) Show. In Segment 2 you’ll hear an update on issues relating to BiDUMBnomics (an “unofficial” part 3 to relate to the CTP BIDENomics parts 1 (CTP S1E7) and 2 (CTP S1E9) Show episodes) also referring within as “Fun with Numbers” (lies, damn lies, and statistics) numbers spinning and context misrepresentations.
See Buzzsprout podcasts Transcript of Episode for related addl info
Transcript Bonus: Transcript of CTP S1E9 “BIDENomics part 2″ Show episode



ALSO dropped by me today:
Will we stick together under Christ? or let Satan drive divisions between?

Did Jesus ever contradict himself?
Of course not, Humankind in frailty can sometimes and does get things wrong….


CTP S2E53 SHOW NOTES ( listen (Sat Jun 22 2024 and thereafter) at: )… 
ChristiTutionalist Politics (S2E53) “CTP Show Goals, Social-Media Online Life, and TLB-Talk Relaunch”

Reverse order – Segment 2: Social-Media Online and TLB-Talk Relaunch and can we make online life a better place vs all the negative nelly Trolls just looking to upset people. Yes, be informative, share information which can often be ‘less than positive’ but let us remember to share some pleasantries and common courtesy from time to time also. Segment 1: Show intro from S1EJunSpecial3: A break-out of Segment that will be included in a few other Shows to focus on point/purpose of the CTP Show and us together as Christians (despite sects/brands)… We are thousands of years removed from Christ’s time. Does anyone deny humankind is flawed, frail, capable of mistakes. Can anyone deny we are sometimes, IMO too often, divided even in our own views of “Christianity” (somehow we are all followers of Christ, but at times still divided than united in Christ) – it is undeniable there are variations, revisions, differences, in the various sects/denominations Bible version texts, otherwise how can there be so many different versions of supposed ONE BIBLE. Satan has entered Hubris in our Hearts, trying to taint our Souls, wanting us to focus on the divisions THAT MAN has introduced from, in, with our “supposed ONE and focused in Christ” FAITH (as none of us were there thousands of years ago) and these various rewritings of the original texts. The point and purpose of CTP is to try focus us on things we can all agree and come together under CHRIST – not let Devil steal our Joy and our Love of Christ and instead be at each others throats in these Satan and/or Human created “differences” in the last couple thousands of years that have entered in our discourse. Until we are all ONE together in Heaven and all and full truth revealed (direct from the source, not tainted by Human game of “Telephone”) we take it all on FAITH (none of us KNOW with 100% certainty and assurance, not me, not you; again unless you have a Time-machine to go back and hear it all first-hand; no-one, that’s why we all Pray (don’t we) for guidance and forgiveness if/when/where we get something wrong in Life at times). Let us be TOGETHER in Christ, not bickering as Satan wants us to be. And while we are to Judge (Biblically contextually) Final Judgement is for The Lord – Condemn not lest ye be Condemned. Has Jesus contradicted, of course not, had Jesus gotten something wrong, of course not, it is Humans via misinterpretations and mistranslations that have introduced any potential Scriptural contradictions and discrepancies or potential attempts to distort in our different sect/denomination texts (Bible copies) – as our Churches, our sects/denominations have Human Leadership and sometimes personal mistakes or outright quests for power/control here on Earth. Lastly, Timberlake sang “bringing Sexy back” we need “bring pleasantries back!”
See Buzzsprout podcasts Transcript of Episode for related addl info
Transcript Bonus: No transcript bonus this episode

OK, having made that planned Timberlake reference (planned before he got in the News recently) in upcoming Show Notes, in light of his Arrest for DUI…. Many of you know I am known as #JokesterJoe on #SavagedUnfiltered #podcast (as well as being my own Show solo-host) and that I cannot resist bad/lame puns…. So, yes, his situation SERIOUS and really NO LAUGHING matter… Cannot resist following #Joke….

Justin Timberlake announces to Record new LP from Jail
To be titled: “Bringing Public Intoxication Back!”

Apologies to Justin, I like him, not trying to PILE ON or disparage him by Joking about his current situation but indeed we MUST TRY KEEP OUR SENSE-OF-HUMOR (and, again, known as #JokesterJoe on #SavagedUnfiltered and across social-media (just one part of what makes me what I am, we are all complex and have many “parts” to our Personalities) kinda have a “Reputation” of indeed the BAD PUNS and never passing on opportunities to make them to also them IMPLY the SERIOUS UNDER-TONES making the Puns SHOULD DELIVER). I hope he now Sobered up recognizes his need to be ROLE MODEL and SET EXAMPLE declare he will OWN UP and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and say something like: “while under influence of Alcohol I did and said things that I shouldn’t have. I am Human, like all Humans, frail, with faults, can make mistakes! SO, I admit FULL GUILT to my Actions, will plea Guilty to DUI, apologize to Police, My Fans, ALL, for actions and words while under influence of Alcohol, will accept my Punishment for my illegal actions, and I seek all your forgiveness, understanding, and aid/help in becoming better and doing better going forward!”



Rick Walker (of Maverick News, Ontario Canada (one of my Canuckada friends)) joined me on my Show awhile back – see:

2023 in review…

[BRIEF NOTE: There has been, continues to be AN ISSUE with BeforeItsNews of late (in certain B4IN category sections, not all) in embedding Videos that I have filed a Support ticket regarding and still awaiting resolve. Normally, I am able to add several embedded Videos within every piece. For some reason I am limited to only including one as attempting more causes entire HTML code and parts of Articles TO VANISH. So, there will be additional links to Videos rather than my preferred direct embed of several. Related Videos that I had hoped to embed throughout are...

"(CTP S1E28) SneakPeek/BTS "Can One 'Generalize' About Women Voters?" (Audio Show drops 20231230)"
or Rumble:

"CTP BTS/SP (S1EDecSpecial (MidWeek 12/6/23 drop)) "Dating in these WOKE times" Politics dividing."

"CTP S1ENov2023Special BTS/SP "Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas""

"CTP S1E25 BTS/SP Video "Year in Review (part 1)" 20231209 Audio podcast drop"

"CTP BTS/SP Video (S1E26) Year in Review (part 2)"

These Videos are also available via Bitchute and Brighteon @JLenardDetroit channels.
To see my CTP Show "Soundbites" samples - see: 

Take these, and of course ANY of the ChristiTutionalist TM Politics episodes on the Road (or whatever/where-ever) with you via Buzzsprout or any of the 15+ other podcast platforms it is available. ]

















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