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By Terrence Aym (Reporter)
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Claim: NASA Hiding Approaching Doomsday Space Event

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Super solar flare [Photo courtesy of NASA]

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NASA and the European Space Agency have been warning the world for two years about the approaching catastrophes that may unfold during 2012. Few  listened.

Calling it a “once in a lifetime super solar storm event,” NASA warns that killer solar flares can slam the Earth knocking out the Northern Hemisphere’s technological infrastructure and kicking everything back to the level of the late 1800s.

Russia too has voiced concern. And now the eminent astrophysicist, Alexey Demetriev ["PLANETOPHYSICAL STATE OF
"] claims what is happening is worse—much worse—than what NASA and the ESA have admitted:

Our entire solar system is entering an immense, deadly, interstellar energy cloud.

The unknown, alien Photon Belt

World defenseless against unknown, alien cloud

Terrified scientists at NASA discovered on July 14, 2010 that our system is passing through an interstellar energy cloud. This highly energized, electrified cloud of gas is disturbing and disrupting the sun. In conjunction with Earth’s weakening and moving magnetic shield, the world is becoming defenseless against massive solar flares and intense radiation.

NASA, the ESA and the National Academy of Science have isued an unprecedented solar storm warning for 2012. But what NASA and the federal government are hiding, according to Demetriev, is that the sun—and everything in our solar system—has plunged into an alien, unknown photon cloud…a belt of danger that could precipitate gigantic solar explosions, magnetic anomalies, careening cometary masses and destabilize the orbits of some asteroids.

Entire solar system at risk

Dr. Demetriev has revealed that both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes report that the entire solar system is at risk. Worse, Merav Opher, a NASA Heliophysics Guest Investigator from George Mason University says this interstellar energy cloud is unstable and turbulent.

The Russian scientist further claims this cloud of energy is exciting the atmospheres of our planets and especially our sun. As this interstellar energy cloud continues to excite/charge the sun, it causes the sun to become more active, resulting in greater output from the sun. [Source: Coup Media Group]

Deadly supermassive flares affect weather

The bottom line is bigger and more frequent solar storms and coronal mass ejections (CME’s) resulting in the Carrington Effect, named after 19th Century scientist Richard Carrington . The Carrington effect predicts the generation of supermassive flares that affect the Earth in ways that are very unpleasant.

This interstellar cloud of electrical energy is also absorbed by the Earth, and scientist have found that it results in more earthquakes, all while dramatically affecting the weather.

Super solar flare destroying the ISS space station

Global catastrophe

Demetriev warns to prepare for the worst. “Global catastrophe! Not in tens of years from now, but in ones of years.”

What to expect? The strong possibility of the loss of high technology, increasing superstorms, an encroaching Ice Age, more frequent and massive earthquakes and volcanic activity, tsunamis and Earth exposed to deadly radioactive baths.

In short, the 2012 fearmongers may not have been far from the truth after all. If Alexey Demetriev is correct, the events occuring in 2012 will be just short of Doomsady…

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    • Anonymous

      NASA didn’t just find this out in 2010. The Russians discovered this in 1988, translated into English in 1999. It has been widely distributed, but NASA (never a straight answer) would like you to think they found this. David Wilcock wrote a whole chapter about this in his trilogy, Convergence. The first book “The Shift of the Ages” gives credit where credit is due. NASA only wishes they could have announced it sooner, but their hands seem to be tied by their control masters.
      Peace out!

    • Anonymous

      Translated into English in 1989, sorry bout that.

    • Pix

      Lolz, well it was nice knowing yaz. Hilarious.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      “NASA and the European Space Agency have been warning the world for two years about the approaching catastrophes that may unfold during late 2011 through 2012″

      No they haven’t. NASA never warns anyone about anything.

      This story smacks of disinformation. Oh this plasma cloud causes earthquakes and volcanoes, how convenient.

      I prefer to keep an eye on that so called comet Elenin, it is coming in hard and fast. One thing NASA did say about this comet: They couldn’t guarantee it wouldn’t hit Earth. Makes you think!!

    • Anonymous

      thanx to the first poster who commented on this, good info, this is no time to be afraid! im personally exited by whats coming, END OF THE 4th SUN PARTY!!

    • Anonymous

      do not be afraid this is what you guys would like though. we humans are much smarter and more resilient than you think. IF and a big if all this does unfold we will find a way to survive. stop being such pessimists. just because you are unhappy with your life doesn’t mean you have to take joy in it ending anytime soon.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      This is how I see it:

      The end of high technology represents a shift towards a more genuine way of living. For materialistic people this would probably be seen as “the end of the world,” and their survival would require a radical shift not only in daily activity, but more importantly, in world-view.

      Building bunkers and stockpiling food and supplies is materialistic and therefore misses the point of an event which would make materialism irrelevant; shelter alone does not ensure survival, and supplies are finite. The interdependence of humans and nature must be recognized in order for humans to perform basic survival functions. For those who face the event already recognizing this interdependence, the experience would still be difficult, but it would likely be much less traumatic.

      This recognition of interdependence was a given in every culture I am aware of that predicted a doomsday, and they give the same advice for surviving the doomsday: recognize the interdependence/unity of all things. The Hopi say to build a shelter in your heart, the Maya say to become a steward of the planet and the Bible says to follow the commandments and love every man like your brother. The common theme is obvious to those who already embrace the ideal, but it’s about as clear as mud to those still using a materialistic world-view.

      This shift in mentality is going to happen, of that I am more certain every day; how we will get to that state of being is still a mystery to me. At the very least it is abundantly clear that materialism is already on a sharp decline, while the number of doomsday predictions is sharply rising. Assuming that this trend continues, I think it’s pretty likely that there will be a culminating event, either natural or “man-made,” which will prompt this big shift.

    • Fillipper

      Joy to the world, all the boys and girls. Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, Joy to you and me. Hang on its going to be a bumpy ride>>

    • El Oregonian

      “It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine”.

      … Hey, if we don’t get through this and we don’t see each other again, I just wanted you to know. I love you guys… P.S. It’ll be O.K. Pass it on…

    • Mellissa

      Yet another heap thrown into the big pot of ” The end is Neigh!”

    • Anonymous

      This story is a cover to the REAL issue facing us: the dwarf star twin to our Sun Planet X, aka Nibiru/Elenin/Wormwood/ Nemesis, etc!

    • Anonymous

      What we are entering is a highly magnetized and pressurized, 6,000 degree plasma cloud.
      It’s not a “photon” belt, which is impossible because of the nature of photons. Anyone that took 7th grade science should know this. It’s a new ager term used to sink their hooks into the scientifically challenged. ….. You know …. morons.

      Is it dangerous? possibly
      is it affecting the solar system? yes
      The entire solar system has been warming up since contacting the plasma cloud.
      will it affect the sun? yes
      If for no other reason the increased pressure will inhibit the emissions of the solar wind, which has already been measured. The effect of this has been the unusually quiet solar cycle 24 we are now experiencing. The problem with that is as the pressure build and the outflow from the sun is restricted. This causes a corresponding build up of energy and pressure in the sun. At some point the suns output will have built up enough counter pressure to break free and we will see a solar super flare and coronal mass ejection of catastrophic proportions. This could be very dangerous to the inhabitants of the third rock from the sun.
      Until it happens we don’t know just how bad it will be.
      Living in an underground home or under metal roofs may be a good move.
      Is it the end of the world? NOT
      It Will change the world as we know it though. We will also lose a significant portion of the population. Mostly because they refuse to prepare.
      I mean after all, even Noah built an Ark rather than just depend on the good will of his god…..

    • Snowball

      or, it may be just a lot of “hot air”
      no pun intended.

    • Anonymous

      I am sure that when a large rock is about to hit the earth the news will be on the front page of every newspaper in all languages.
      we can’t do anything about this of course, but I intend to watch it land if possible.

    • McClarinJ

      Photon cloud? Isn’t that a bit like saying a cat herd? What, pray tell, keeps these light waves in a cloud formation?

    • HfjNUlYZ


    • 14u2trust

      The sky is falling,The sky is falling! Go crawl in your hole and eat the crap you try to feed us, Chicken Little. I believe NASA and our country. Anyone that tries to stress our nation and to create ciaos would more likely be corrupt and involved in terrorism. Does any one know what terrorism really means? Do not be fooled by false profits that try to divide us. Have faith, unite with your community and help each other. That is the America I live in! Thank GOD

    • mert38

      great suggestions – every week when I go shopping I pick up several “extras” and right now we have enough to last a good year! I keep rotating some items and replaceing them. we have a couple battery operated radios/one you have to crank (come in handy for tornados/ hurricanes!! Both my grown children are also doing this! Bought a stove that I can use for cooking or heat – just keep adding items I feel we will need.

    • haiku

      Start smoking crack…you’ll only have a drug habit for a year at most!!

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Hmm what dicounts a series of events why does it have to be just this cloud or just the comet or just the magnetic field? Why not all 3? Hell there could be 5-6 events for all we know certainly it looks that way. Never discount that multiple events could happen all at once or because they are affected by another event or speeded up by an event.
      Each action has a reaction(or cause and affect) that’s been the one true and constant factor since the the beginning of time.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      So, let’s just go on living and have fun.
      Thus far every scary thing just didn’t happen.
      If this is going to happen there is nothing we can do, so why worry.

      Don’t worry, be happy…..

    • Anonymous

      No reason for NASA to hide anything. We have far too many global amateur / proffessional Astronomer’s with us than you may even imagine. Please note how amongst the large index of ‘Doomsday’ forecasters, a large number of whom so promise to forward more intricate details in either their BOOK or their DVD, which we can BUY. Noticed also how the said Carrington Report has been referred to. One Solar + CME Flare of 1859. We were then told by – Scientific experts – ‘The 1859 incident happens about every 300 years. Suddenly someone has decided to halve such, WHY ????

      Remember when NASA crashed one large vessel into a Comet ??? And now let’s add more sweat to the argument, perhaps that comet crash was a test run for what someone has planned for the 2012 pantomime ??? Love the consistent way in which physicist
      Dr. Michio Kaku, explains in clear detail what happened 64 million years back…..Must have met Dr. Who somewhere down the line.

    • HDThoreau

      The Russians weren’t the first to know about it either.

      And as people spoke about the temple, how it was erected with beautiful stones and offerings, Jesus told them.
      “This that you see, there will come days when no stone shall remain upon another without it being torn down.”

      And they asked him and said “Educator, when will these [events] occur? And what are the signs when these things will happen?”

      Then he told them. “Look at what you are seeking, for many will come in my name, saying that I am the Christ. And the Age is approaching. Do not follow them.

      “And when you hear [of] wars and turmoil, do not succumb. They are bound to happen first. Except you have not reached the end.

      For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, And there will be great earthquakes in one place after another, and famines and dying, and there will be submission and interrogations, and you shall see great signs from heaven and the winters will be long.” ..

      “When you see Jerusalem surrounded by power, know then that its desolation is near.”

      “These are the Days of Destiny, so as everything that has been written be fulfilled.”

      “Heaven and earth will pass away and my words will not pass away… For it(destruction) will drench everyone like a downpour, all those who inhabit the face of the earth.”

    • Anonymous

      i think places like stop and shop and rich guys with stock in food and water pay these idiots to post these. they want us to live in fear, “buy extra, food, water supplies” why? if the world does end, which it won’t, do want to be the only fools left on an uninhabitable planet? do you want to stretch out the misery and pain a few more days or weeks? its stupid to think about the end, and stupid to buy all these extras. in my opinion these people have something wrong with them and need to be examined.

    • RainMan

      I agree 50%

    • RainMan

      It may not be the END, but if we do go pear shaped and 50% get washed away or fried, food and water would be just lovely burried in backyard, be nice to your neighbour.

    • RainMan

      I’ve already buried my wife’s friggin cat.

    • Comet Elenin

      Laughing my ass off! =D

    • Max

      “interstellar energy cloud”

      Has anyone ever heard of such a thing as a “Intersteller Energy Cloud”? I have never ever read about this phenomena before and find it very difficult to beleive what the graphic artist is trying to display in the picture. We are being asked to beleive something we can’t see, touch or smell. Whats being written sounds for all intents purposes “pretty serious” but with the effects of Global Warming becoming more evident and severe every day and HARRP being used to create and effect weather and create earthquakes, I have to wonder what is the real story behind this article.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Well who gives a monkey’s anyway. If we are goin’ we’re goin’ n nothing we can do about it. Time to kiss our asses goodbye.

    • miremax

      in this age of great enlightenment (internet) we’re being :told that the end of days is upon us on a daily basis whereas in the days of very old….’was a once in a century… millenia…. event’….what’s the rush ?

      By the way…it will happen …nothing is forever…just don’t be surprised !

    • miremax

      ps. I do believe that the current situation is untenable…and something must give….we’re pillaging planetary resources purely for greed….and empires built on greed have an extinguishing career…must applaud this end as it can’t come soon enough.

      The other….complex issues that will undoubtedly wreck our dependance on that what we take for granted in our everyday life…evidenced by so many disasters as current as Joplin…. will physically and emotionally cripple us.Sadly we are not privy to the goings on until it is too late….

    • HfjNUlYZ

      uh oh

    • HfjNUlYZ

      the solution to your ‘predicament’, even if this were to be true (which i doubt):
      >>>Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? As it is written, “For your sake we are being killed all the day long; we are regarded as sheep to be slaughtered.” No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.
      Romans 8:35-39

    • Anonymous

      To be honest, this is fear mongering and notice the pattern, they create the fear through various false flags, then pump and pump and pump daily until no one pays any attention and then they move onto the next fear mongering SO YOU WON’T PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT DEPOPULATION AND EUGENICS PROGRAMS AND PEDOPHILIA PROGRAMS THEY HAVE GOING RIGHT NOW.

      They are saying they will cut social security by 35% to kill off the old people, so there is more for the “USELESS FEEDER, PARASITE CLASS TO SCAM FROM US”.

      Remember they have been massively going into to space now for over a year on TOPSECRET MILITARY WEAPONS TESTING using their new laser technology that leaves no visual, audio or residual behind for us to see or hear. So, how many of these fear mongering events have they created??? JAPAN??? VOLCANOS IN ICELAND AND JAPAN? HOW MANY??? THESE ROTHSCHILD/KHAZAR/ZIONIST BANKERS NEED TO BE KICKED OUT OF THIS COUNTRY AND PUT ON AN ISLAND IN THE ARCTIC OCEAN AND ELECTRONICALLY IMPRISONED USING THOSE SPACE WEAPONS. Now that is a great idea.

      Iceland did it and they are doing great now in their economy. Whats that tell ya… get rid of the fed and all their paid lackeys in congress.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      I’m going to ponder this article over a McFlurry on 42nd st.

    • RainMan

      Moving to Iceland.

    • Anonymous

      the last picture is from modern warfare 2!!
      and the picture is not from a super flare it is from an EMP missile!!

    • HfjNUlYZ

      These chapters speak volumes , Jerimayah chapter 25, and chapter 30, Isiahyah ch 24, and last chapters about rendered heavens and rainbows, Matthew chapter 24, Luke chapter 21 last few verses,
      Daniel chapter 2, Daniel chapter 12 , Psalms chapter 2, and Psalms chapter 46.

      Banking Babel among ther titles, is fake babylon, it is as a marshmellow that has endured much basic stepping and squeezing like a marshmellon partially weak and partially strong, however it cannot endure twisting intensity volume after volume no more than a marshmellow can, a marsh mellow can be flattend yet its there in same measure, it can be squeezed or screamed at yets its there in same measure , however as written it cannot endure the makers of even souls twisting fires from above and beanth the planet surth/earth which is mostly sulphur mix thru its body. This twisting fire from above and beaneath is written in Isiayah plain of speech a pulling and parables are pushing.
      Also it is mentioned in others books of the YHWH the most vehement/volumous and infinte ones word.

      (((((Oh and Yahn/John chapter 17 and verse 26 is very keen as well on various volume issure, beyond symbolgy, theolgy, mythology, marshmellogy ,)))))

      Pray for yer souls and others, the fullness of the end as written thru and thru truly is always nigh as the Father of souls knoweth it like no other as even the 12th is his as stated by even his always been son.


    • JacksReport

      And the world will end on May 21 too…HRMPH! Sorry dork but there is no such thing as a photon belt to start with and your whole article is a bunch of jibberish.

      Go be stupid elsewhere please.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Well ,drop kick me Jesus,thru the goal posts of life,I’ve had my head between my legs for about 2 years now,kissing my butt
      good-bye has become a real smelly affair.P.S.,please pass the grey poop on it.We have planet x up our ass,Object 23187,2000Pn9
      Tyche,Herculobus,Elenin,Blue ,Red Kachina,Wormwood,Photon this,
      earthquake that.Really ,the feeling is “What am I supposed to do?Noone knows where on earth,the devestation will be ,or exactly when.Most do not want to know.A poll was taken a few years ago.People were asked ,given a choice,if they would want to know when they would die.94% said no.Case closed.God taught us to not live in fear,however,the bible states,that fearing god,is the
      beginning of wisdom.All these warnings would drive most borderline schizos,over the edge.”Love,and do what you will”
      I believe that best describes,the summation of all rules and laws to be sufficient,!!!To Life!!!

    • Joseph Zrnchik for 5th Estate Media Email: [email protected]

      We have a catastrophe in Washington D.C.

      Google: “Day of Rage in D.C.”

    • HfjNUlYZ

      True. I think this article has an ink of disinformation. This is just a cover for I think of Comet Elenin. Some say Bin Laden raid,war on terror, global warming and more false flag is just a cover for the Comet Elenin. More false flag to make a marshal law. If comet elenin cause crisis in September/November, the government need more power to control the mass.

    • Cosmic Charlie

      Planet X best info: JOHN MOORE GREEN BERET/ LUCAS SITE AT RABBITHOLE2.COM. These folks are straight shooters. No BS.
      Educate yourself and then decide.
      Hare Krishna,

    • RT

      Why are stories like this STILL dominating “Most Popular News”?

      This site will only start to serve a serious purpose when posts like this one begin to dominate “Most Popular News”:


    • Decode the World

      Popular news is dependent entirely upon traffic. You report, you decide. Whatever you guys click on, if it gets the most clicks, it goes up to the top.

    • RT

      That does not speak well for this site. I’m fairly new here, and very much appreciate the cutting-edge news on economics. Is this actually a site dominated by those who distract themselves with fairy tales, or is this a site for mature adults who understand that the root cause of all our current problems is the Federal Reserve and the resulting Corporatocracy that we have allowed to take control of our country/world due to distracting ourselves with fantasies like this article?

    • RT

      Mr. Kitze,

      I want to apologize for my strong language, seeing that you are the creator of this impressive site. I also see that the bulk of your own posts do indeed relate around economics, and that you are correct and honorable to let the chips fall where they may with regards to which stories become “Most Popular.”

      I for one do not have your drive nor talents to create a site like this, though I do know it takes a lot of work. A commendable job.

      Why is it though that your site tends to attract such a large percentage of superficial extremists who put more stock in comforting fantasies and finger-pointing rather than focusing more on *hard* evidence and the harsh realities of economics? Is it because your site is so free, and therefore the chafe mixes more with the wheat than other more-regulated sites?

    • Wazabooz

      Time for a sanity check… FYI this “highly energized, electrified cloud of gas” is also called ‘plasma’ AKA the 4th state of matter, which happens to make up 97% of the universe. Including our sun. Hardly something to get panicked about.

    • Anonymous

      No reason to panic about being inside the sun….
      No reason to panik about being inside a plasma lighting system either, aka: florescent light, neon light, tokamak reactor, plasma cutter or any other plasma discharge which even the mildest of which can strip the electrons from all matter in the plasma field.

      Nope nothing to worry about……

    • Anonymous

      I have been telling friends for over two years that this effect would change the world and prepare. The cycle we are coming into will only allow those who can escape solar radiation to survive. A deep cave or underground bunker is the best survival method and some 23,500 years ago this same event likely took place with only cave dewellers surviving?

    • Decode the World

      Sorry, I just noticed it this AM. We’re getting about 5000 stories a day now, so it’s a little hard to keep up with everything on the site — that’s why we rely on our audience to help us moderate and sort out what they think is true.

      Why do we have so many of the articles we do? Good question. I guess it’s what people are interested in. Many people have experienced things in their lives that they just can’t explain with the usual scientific methods and they are curious. People with extreme views also like our site because there’s no other place on the internet where you can share your news and opinions as freely. You might not agree with all the stories, but that’s freedom!

      We generally fall into the camp of libertarians on these sorts of things, who believe that anyone has the right to believe whatever they want and speak their mind about it. Management of the site obviously doesn’t agree with all of the differing points of view, but we feel that is what makes the site so rich. There’s something for everyone.

      Be sure to let me know (contact [at] when we do something right and especially when we fall short. We’re continuously improving the site and are happy to report that there’s really no other place on the web like Before It’s News.

    • 14u2trust

      As seen on PBS w/: A comet that will come between are satellite and earth in March 13,(Friday) 2029. If not a direct impact with Earth and just a shot across the bow, this comet will then return 7 years later. It is projected to land in the pacific ocean creating a void 300 Yards wide and deep on the oceans surface. Between 40 to 50 tsunami’s up to 100′ high will effect property on the west coast of the America’s & east coast of Asia up to 1/4 mile inland in low land area’s. I appose creating ciaos as my earlier post suggests. However, we have 18 years to change the trajectory or figure a way to cause less damage. The purpose of my comment is to prepare other for what is real instead of believing corrupted creators doom & gloom with chicken little syndrome.

    • Anonymous

      Well people should pay close attention. There are things that are happening, And there is a warning for the world. It dosn’t matter if you believe me or not; But read this:


      7 years ago I had an encounter with the father. I was preparing myself for church. I was in my praise and worship time with the song ALL HAIL THE KING: My praise and worship started at 6am.
      While there Jesus showed up. He was crying ,which also made me cry. He cried with such compassion,I spoke I said Lord you have to do what you YOU have to do. At that moment I was trying to hold him up,my knees start to buckle under me.Because of the weight of him. I held him and said to him, You gave us instructions of how to live (we) chose not to follower the guide line the(BIBLE) I went on to say to him we went our own way. He cried out ELI,ELI,as to say do it have to be now? When he gain his composer of himself,he said TELL THE PEOPLE TO BE PREPARED,TO BUY SILVER,GOLD and PRECIOUS jewels.STOCK UP ON FOOD,WATER,BE PREPARDED! he went on to say it WOULD BE LIKE THE DAY OF NOAH,YOU WILL BE DISMISSED,,TELL THEM TO BE PREPARED!
      When I came out of it the time was 9am. May 15 2005
      Delila Dimery 06-23-2011
      May 22,2010
      A year ago count down started. In my dream the father was on a platform. This place was clean. as he stood there . In front of him was a large screen. He took his finger to the screen and began to put stars into alignment. He turn to be and said:COME!COME SEE,I stood there beside him,watching each star by him carefully put in place. The last star he took from the north,and PLACE it in the EAST. As if he had a writing pen, there he placed a period there. Then he turned to ME, FACE ME TO HIM WITH HIS HANDS GRIPPING MY SHOULDERS FIRMILY AND SAID DON’T YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! AT THAT MOMENT WE BOTH TURN TOWARD THE SCREEN AND LOOKED AT THE STARS AS THEY CONTINUE TO LINE UP.
      Delila Dimery 06-23-2011

      FEBRUARY 2011
      Six months ago, I dreamed the EAST CORNER of the heavens were unzipped. it was open about a third of the way. One angle flew in from there I could see a CITY shining through, waiting for the last ANGEL TO ENTER BEFORE THE CORNER WAS ZIPPED , THE LAST ANGEL FLEW TO THE ENTRANCE,BUT THIS ONE TURN AROUND TO TAKE ONE LAST LOOK AS IF HE WAS MAKING SURE EVERYTHING WAS LINE UP ,HE FLUDDERED AND WENT IN,AND THE HEAVEN ZIPPED UP.
      Delila Dimery 06-23-2011
      MATTHEWS 24:1-20


      ,but the beginning of SORROW PRAY that

    • Anonymous

      This sounds like The Poison Belt, by Arthur Conan Doyle, 1913… That doesn’t make it actually happening, impossible, but highly improbably, and almost certainly straight-up dis-information….

    • Anonymous
    • popeman

      I’m a contractor. I am amazed at how many of my clients are buying guns & ammo. Storing food, water, propane and survival gear. One is a sheriff’s deputy swat team member.

      Remember the boy scouts motto!

    • Dr. Zachary Smith

      Oh mo we’re doomed come along Will

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