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NASA Evidence: Alien Spaceships Patrol The Planets

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US and Russian Martian space probes have mysteriously vanished over the past four decades. One probe was allegedly destroyed by a gigantic cylindrical UFO miles long. Probes and manned vehicles have been stalked, trackedsometimes harassedby alien ships. Some investigators now advance the theory that the solar system isn’t ours, it’s owned and patrolled by a master intelligence that views humanity as lowly, but interesting (maybe amusing), animals. Are the planets theirs? Do the ETs own and defend them? Some investigators believe the answer is yes.

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Evidence of past civilizations litter the lunar and Martian landscapes. Earth probes capture glimpses of bases. Mars’ salmon-colored sands sweep across half-buried saucers and gleaming, inhabited alien structuress. Disc-shaped craft orbitmonitoring, tracking, patrolling…

‘Notched’ UFOs spotted orbiting Earth and Mars

The now-retired US space shuttle flew several missions where astronauts were followed by odd UFOs shaped like classic flying saucers sporting a distinctive notch at the rear of the craft similar to a pie with a slice removed.

Alien craft photographed by STS-75 astronauts [NASA]

Space shuttle photo of a notched UFO in Earth orbit [NASA]

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have also managed to snap photos of these ominous interlopers–photos that NASA has not always been able to suppress, or to explain away.

Yet, according to some investigators, these alien craft may be patrol craft keeping an eye on military installations, space missions and humanity’s slow progression forward into the solar system.

Mission accomplished: Alien craft leaves shuttle vicinity [NASA]

                                                            [Images courtesy of NASA]

The aliens may not be happy that humans are trespassing on their property. Stirring evidence has been put forward by ex-NASA employees like Ken Johnston [See NASA Whistleblower: Alien Moon Cities Exist] and others that alien cities exist on the Moon.

Colorized image shows notch (arrow) and energy rim [NASA]

Some evidence also exists the artifactsthat certainly seem to be spread across the surface of Marsare not all ancient.

Computer modeling reveals dynamics of notched UFOs

Wrecks of abandoned ships have been photographed and bases that seem to be operational too.

Wreck of alien notched disc craft half-buried on Mars (colorized enhancement) [NASA]

A second alien notched UFO found abandoned on Mars [NASA]

Russian space probe: Attacked by alien cylinder near Phobos? [Roscosmos]

Plus, there’s evidence of the miles-long cylinder ships that not only seem to patrol Mars, but are also in or near the rings of Saturn and are sometimes even spotted in Earth skies or near Earth orbit.

Evidence of extraterrestrial mining operations

Since the 1800s, strange goings-on have been spotted on some of Earth’s celestial neighbors: domes and lights have been spotted traveling across the Moon; mysterious flashes have been spotted emerging from the clouds over Venus; and anomalous features have appeared and then disappeared on the Martian plains.

The solar system seems to be crawling with extraterrestrials.

Spirit Rover photo of alien base in the distance [NASA]

Later into the 20th Century, as spacecraft began traveling to the Moon and Mars, more unsettling anomalies surfaced.

The Martian alien base base enlarged. [NASA]

Martian object claimed to be alien vessel or machine [NASA]

Now, more than half a century into the Space Age, reams of data, images and bizarre readings are archived.

The combined harvest of information paints an unmistakable picture of a vast alien presence that may well extend many light years across the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way galaxythe region that Earth is located in among the stars.

Author George Leonard wrote a remarkable book in 1977 the book Somebody Else Is on the Moon became an instant Ufology classic. Bursting with official NASA photos that clearly provided visual evidence that strange machines Leonard dubbed X-drones roamed the lunar surface scouring craters and digging into the Moon’s crust mining for rare elements.

From book: X-drones (arrows) mine the Moon [NASA]

Another photo of Leonards X-drones [NASA]

Leonard’s drawing of gigantic screw embedded in lunar rift

Clearest photo ever of a lunar alien crater base

A lunar alien base constructed within the crater Delisle that’s a crisp, clear image was released by NASA [image AS15-2076 (M) above, NASA link here] taken by the Apollo 16 crew.

It appears on this NASA images page as Figure 199. Two craters, Delisle and Diophantus are in the photo. Delisle is the crater appearing at the top right of the photo.

Enlargement of Delisle crater reveals anomalies [NASA]

Enlarging the NASA photo of Delisle reveals very anomalous, artificial structures near the base of the crater at the bottom of the image. Further enlargement does not degrade the image very much and permits analysis of the higher resolution image and the artifacts that are present.

Two huge structures (circled) are in the crater. The one on the left is shaped like an upside down question mark. It is not an aberration of the image, lighting or processing. It is three-dimensional, not natural and miles long. The structure above the question mark structure is a walled base. The architecture is easy to see.

As to the purpose of these giant alien structures? Only the aliens know for sure.

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    • Anonymous

      I don’t see anything about harassment going on here.

    • g-man

      harrassment would be the russian probes destruction.

      here are some real cylinders parked on crater edges near mare moscovienese on the far side of the lunar surface..

    • Pix

      Amazing the oddities that can be imagined from long range and fuzzy images. It’s called matrixing by the way. It’s a bit arrogant to make claims that such construes as evidence of alien space ships. No self respecting scientist would make such arrogant claims on such inconclusive imagery, even though some of them are interesting.

    • Anonymous

      The disks with the pie piece missing are similar to the Dropa stones found in China.

    • Infinite Ammo

      Torture the information enough and it will say whatever you want it to say. This isn’t reporting news, this is just more tabloid trash!

    • Lee

      If and a BIG IF, they are true , its good to know they crash or wear out their crafts, that tells us that they aren’t perfect and have weakness’ ? I wouldn’t mind an “outside” view on WTF is wrong with this pile of rubble we are on !

    • Anonymous

      Amazing Photoshop work and not just jumping to conclusions to support a paranoid supposition but leaping across a chasm to get there. Show us clear, unpixilated images and perhaps there might be credability to the stories. I love how many so called researchers stare for hours a pictures of Mars and then create a fiction to explain the blotches they see. The human mind is wired to make so called sense of what it perceives, at least sense to that mind at that time. Taking into account sub-conscious content, and wish fulfillment, entire volumes can be written explaining essentially what is nothing more than dark blobs on a white background. Read more about how the mind creates meaning and create less in the way of story about stuff that could be anything…

    • truthzilla

      There’s aliens in space??? Say it ain’t so! Thanks Nasa for releasing your great information… 50 YEARS LATER!!!!!!!! If you still don’t believe in extraterrestrial entities you’re either stupid or willfully ignorant. The disclosure was slow, and no doubt deliberate, so as not to arouse the simple minded tv brainwashed, ner do wells. I don’t think the real introduction is going to go well for the human races. Picture, the Spanish Conquistadors… Or the US army and Indians… Or the Japanese and the Chinese in the 40′s. Maybe that is why so many of us are being soft & hard killed enmasse; “they’re” doing us a favor… Thanks PTB… Ya douchebags!


      A book was handed to me in the mid 1970′s something similar to the Leonard one above. With the greatest lack of foresight I leant it to someone and have not been able to find it since.
      It was called “The Men In The Moon” and the author was ex Nasa cum US statesman…and was using a pseudonym anyway.

      He had photos of engravement on rocks – written in RUNES. Recognisable runes too.

      Before anyone does any more scoffing – there are things to remember about runes. One of which being: they are the basic fore runners of our modern alphabets.

      It was with absolute wonderment that I learned of something called “sky runes” or if one googles it do it under “RUNIC SKIES”

      Each and every one of the 24 runes is a join-the-dot drawing of its own particular constellation!

      Begs the question of which came first? The runes being brought to Earth? Or the Earth people using the constellations to create the runes?

      Based on seeing those relief engravings on polished rock in those photos, my guess is that someone brought the runes to Earth – to be used as language. Without a written language WE ARE NOTHING – mere nobodies.

      One needs to ask – why would anyone in the 1970′s “photo shop” this detail? After all – in the 1970′s the mainstream understanding of runes is the same as reading palms or tarot.

      There is more here than meets the eye Horatio.

    • Infinite Ammo

      Some of you guys need to relax, I only commented to stir the pot as the writer has done with his “new title, same stuff article” and to try to get a reaction from the writer as he has done with you, it’s very amusing to say the least. It appears both the writer and I have succeeded.

    • Anonymous


    • WhenInjusticeTakesHold

      As I recall, early pictures were taken with film cameras and no one I knew of had heard of pixels. Photo shop did not exist at that time, either.

      As for “self-respecting scientists”, it is often their arrogance and closed minds that get in the way of increasing knowledge. History well supports this, as the greatest minds have often scoffed at what now is common knowledge, such as fruits such as lemons preventing scurvy, or the importance of sun exposure in meeting Vitamin D-3 requirements, or the fact that marijuana was once one of the leading medication on Earth, and that inquiring minds know that 50 percent of the medicine sold by the leading pharmaceutical companies was Cannabis based, or that the Earth was round, or that the Earth was not the center of the solar system, or the really stupid idea that petroleum is a fossil fuel.

      Self-respecting scientist??? I scoff at such a notion, especially if one refers to scientists as accurate, objective, non-subjective driven people.

    • Anonymous

      I was gonna say the disks look alot like the dropa stones. Surprised at times to think there are many who “think” that if NASA found a skull or primitive structures on mars or the far side of the moon, that they would actually say they did. Let alone have a press conference about it. Ha! never gonna happen.

    • DaveB

      I see nothing in any of these photos that would suggest anything other than wild imagining and wishful thinking.

    • Anonymous

      Bad aliens on the moon?
      This finally explains what happened to the wheels!

    • muscltory

      Great Article, thank you. Hostile Et’s- Zeta Reticulans, Yukonadians, and the Ferget Melangus. Thanks to the PAOWEB dot com we have met meny friendly Et’s-29 different groups so far, The Sirians, Pleaidians, Eta Draconians, Aeroians, Alpha Centurians, Arcturians, Altairians, Alpha Ariens, Annunaki, Aldebaranians, Beta Cancerians, Beltanicians, Bellatricians, Eta Herculeans, Epsilon Eridanians, Pegasians, Nu Cetians, Tai Cetians, Herudians, Zeltan Dunikians, Xexonitilians, Minatakans, Sigma Draconians, Rigelians, Ophiuchians [Sabikians], Formalhutians and the Proycionians.
      I met some Herudians last night [they are Human, most of these groups are] and they are so sweet to be around. The Annunaki were the ones to build the military bases on our artificial Moon by the Earth, they used to control the Hostile Et’s, but have since joined the Galactic Federation of Light. We have been told ther are 200,000 groups of Star Nations in the Federation, way too many to list here, lol.
      If you would like to meet people from other planets, start asking!! Good Luck!

    • muscltory

      Oh I forgot, it is the Zeta Reticulans that have a military base inside one of the Martian Moons. The Agarthans live inside the Earth, but they are locals, not Et’s. They moved inside the Earth when Lemuria sank into the sea. Destroyed by the Atlantians. Their continent also sank, so they moved to Africa and started the Land of Khem, which we call Egypt.

    • Mellissa

      I have over the last few years been sing photo manipulation programs and it is so easy to create images like this. I am not saying %100 that they are all fake but I just have trouble believe anything I see in our modern world of digital imaging.

      I am not closed to the ideas tho, it seems quite arrogant to assume we are the only sentient life out there. Since we are 1 of more then a billion different types of life that exist on earth alone. From vegetation to bugs, bacterium and the animal kingdom there is life for every conceivable habitat on earth. So why not the whole galaxy or Universe? Even deep space itself could harbor a type of life, I think this because of the salmonella experiment at the space station showed it was 400x’s more powerful in zero gravity. For some reason I can imagine types like manta rays in space itself like it is an ocean, I know seems silly. You never know tho, not the shape of the life form but the possibility.

    • Anonymous

      I like this web-site for alternative news as long as they stay in the realms of reality. It is to often almost obsessed with outer space aliens. I don’t have any proof they don’t exists and the authors of this site cannot prove ET’s exist so why not give it a rest. Lets focus on things we can prove and the power to change, keep the same or loose forever. I’m talking about the recently shot down SOPA & PIPA and now the new H.R.1981 bill. The actual amount of porn on or available on the internet has effectively been reduced by parental controls on our firewalls and the law enforcement taking a pro-active stance shutting down many porn sites. Save our Constitutional rights and sign yet another petition against H.R.1981. The Government is try to use our beloved children to get us to surrender our Constitutional Rights. Put aside our basic party favorites and stop the Government and Big Business from taking our Constitutional Rights.

      At the bottom you will see a place to sign and send the petition to your local reps and congressmen without having to pay or contribute..

    • Anonymous

      It is all very well telling us to contact all these aliens but do you have a telephone number or maybe just an email address or other simple way? These beings are supposedly very advanced by our standards so they must have these things…. Please post here.
      (thought not)..

    • Lliam

      Some see JESUS in the toast, and some find crafts in the moon.


    • Infinite Ammo

      Sometimes I look up at the clouds and see puffy animals flying through the sky. A mouse could turn into a rabbit, a rabbit in to a skeleton with ears, a skeleton with ears turns into a bat wearing Foster Grants or were they just a cheap pair of 7-11 glasses, I forget.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve seen some pretty compelling evidence, in regards to intelligently controlled UFO’s, here on Earth and in LEO.

      Given the evidence that exists, I am inclined to believe the “zoo hypothesis” is one likely explanation.

      However, these images, in particular are open to interpretations, hardly compelling, with some of which having been thoroughly debunked previously.

    • Anonymous

      I have no doubt ET activity exists all around us!

    • kigginit

      Then let’s hope to hell they stop us from having a nuclear war.

    • Anonymous

      They actually do want to help us prevent nuclear war. In Douglas Mac Authors last speech to congress he said the last world war would involve planetary beings. IMAGINE that… guess he was stupid to say that?? Not! The stupidity is the arrogance and unbelief that we are the ONLY ones in this vast universe. To answer your question of HOW? They communicate telepathically. So they know your thoughts. They have warned the cabal ruling elites that they are pushing the limits with their star wars and nukes in space. We are a threat to others because we are such a war mongering planet.. Guess what?? we will lose this war BIG TIME. Pull the blinders off your eyes that were put there by the system. STOP the wars!!!

    • Don't be hating!

      Old crap fear mongering pics..Everyone knows they are everywhere around our solar system. They can’t mess with us because it is our time to wake up!

    • HDThoreau

      In regards to the Moon, I’m familiar with it in passing, in regards to Neil Armstrong.

      As I’ve been told, Neil never talked about his mission, except with a few family members, and then only vaguely. He went up there with your basic type A personality, and his demeanor didn’t differ very much with family members. To be honest, most of his relatives are type A personalities as well as I realized earlier than this revelation. Anyway, when he came back, he was not just quiet, but silent. Although over time and age he relaxed a bit.

      What I know about this is that Neil Armstrong was told in no uncertain terms, that they needed to leave. He didn’t get a bad feeling, or thought he heard a ghost whisper in the distance. It was like a pissed off bull staring at you.

      There were beings in a craft already there and they told them telepathically to “GTFO” and don’t come back. That’s the short version. Apparently, they know how stupid we are. It looks like NASA listened to them. The Moon might as well have been an island of lava after the initial landing. Anyhow, that’s what I know of it.

      Also, I am aware of the probes destroyed attempting to follow Phobos, the hollow asteroid with an impossible orbit. Those pictures were pretty compelling and disturbing as well.

    • Anonymous

      The so called notched saucer is not. You fail to mention that the Tether it is photographed next to is only a few centemeters wide, making the so called UFO only a few centementers wide. It’s actually a grain of dust floating in front of the camera lense known as a lense artifact. Not gonna buy into a blured photo of wild imagination that is no different than looking at an ink blob and seeing something. SHOW ME A REAL AND CLEAR PHOTO for crying out loud!

    • Mellissa

      @ anon above I recall seeing that particular pic set also as a product of light and the actual lense also combined with the multi paned windows of the ISS itself. I just cant remember where I saw it to post a source, it was on TV and in article form. They did an experiment that ended with the exact same finished product.

      That is not to say that all of the ISS pics are just dust and floaters but a lot are.

    • Anonymous

      You can’t fool me. That’s not a “notched UFO”. It’s a giant Pacman! It’s coming to gobble up the world. We need NASA to start a new plan to go up there and fight it. Let’s call the new plan, “Plan Mario Brothers”

    • Anonymous


    • L

      The notched one looks like the Millenium Falcon. Have those aliens been copying our movie spaceships? George Lucas should sue for copyright infringement.

    • Anonymous

      As long as the Ferungi aren’t coming I’m OK with it.
      But on a serious note, if you weren’t born on Earth you’re alien. Plain and simple.
      So in that regard everything in the Bible, good and bad is alien.

    • Lliam

      Good and bad are choices.

      Question What is darkness?

      Answer..The absence of light.
      Can you create darkness?
      Only if you remove or shut out light.

      Close your eyes…What did you do?
      You choose to close off your vision, to stop seeing.
      Does that mean that while your eyes are closed, everything stops, or continues while they are closed?

      Well… of course they continue, with or without your viewing.
      You just don’t see it, because of choice.

      What is GOOD?
      What is BAD?

      To the murderer, killing is good.
      To many others, it is bad.
      Yet it only stirs up concern when we are personally involved, otherwise its a dull sense or point.

      We choose to ignore it…
      Like GOD, and The Understandings and Teachings of The Bible.

      Murder is BAD?
      Thou shall not KILL?

      The Sociological laws and understandings, are all from The Bible, which many refute, BUT still subscribe too.

      BY CHOICE.




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