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Prepare Now For Mega-Comet Of Doom

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The cometdesignated as C/2012 S1is a careening ball of rocky ice miles wide plummeting towards an already angry sun. No technology on Earth can stop it and the havoc it can bring to the solar system may strech the limits of Mankind’s imagination. Although passing far from Earth, it promises to be the most spectacular comet in human history. Astronomers are bubbling about it being 15 times brighter than the Moon. The dazzling visitor to the solar system will be so bright it will be easily seen above the skies of Manhattan at night and visible to the naked eye in daylight. But the comet’s electrical properties may be even more spectacular, especially when it approaches our temperamental sun

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Is Doomsday arriving 12 months late?

Much has been written about the Mayan prophecies, their calendar, and the ending of cycles. Most is speculation. The Mayans themselves are split on whether the so-called “prophesy” has any meaning at all. The consensus of opinion is the day the calendar ends, on December 21, 2012, will be a non-event. Even the date is in contention as the Western calendar has been changed and modified over the centuries, the most famous example the switch from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar hundreds of years in the past.

Although most researchers believe the date is accurate, some say the Mayan date has already passed, others that it actually occurs sometime next year. A few claim that the Mayan “end of days” calculation is all wrong and the actual date falls a year later during December 2013.

Curiously, December 2013 is the month when C/2012 S1 crosses the orbit of Earth and the electrical interaction with the sun will be peaking.

Is Doomsday actually arriving 12 months later than many researchers predicted?

Comet-c2012-s1-ISON trajectory map

Myths and facts about comets

Comets have galvanized Mankind for thousands of years. Civilizations have risen and fallen with their appearance. The ancients feared comets and most cultures believed them to be celestial omens of death, war, and destruction.

Human sacrificies were made to comets. Of all the events that occur in the heavens, only total solar eclipses may have gripped the hearts of people with more fear.

As science emerged the Aristotlean believe that comets were merely disturbances in the atmosphere gave way to Isaac Newton’s theory that comets were actually travelers in the arid environs of space. That idea was proved correct by Edmond Halley. The proof lay in a comet that returned to the solar system according to calculations predicting its return. Later, the comet was named after Halley in his honor.

Halley’s comet gave proof that many comets were periodic, they orbited the sun like the planets do, and would return to the inner solar system on a regular, predictable basis.

Mark Twain was born, and died, under Halley’s Comet

Despite the science behind comets, the glowing specters with the ghostly tails still make many people nervous. Comets, ghostly harbingers of doom and change, appear in literature throughout the ages. Even famous American author and humorist Mark Twain wrote and spoke about these fascinating visitors from deep space. Of course Twain had a special interest in comets, he was born when the pale finger of Halley’s comet hung in the sky, and when it returned to dominate the heaven’s in the skies of the Northern Hemisphere in April 1910, Twain died.

Most astronomers agree that the greatest historical comet was the Great Comet of 1680.

Dutch settlers in New York were terrified of it. J.W. Werner writes of the comet: “On the 9th of December 1680, there appeared an extraordinary comet, which caused very great consternation throughout the province, with forebodings of dreadful happenings and divine punishments. It is described, in a letter dated January 1st, 1681, as having ‘appeared in the Southwest on the ninth of December last, about two o’clock in the afternoon, fair sunshine weather, a little above the sun, which takes its course more northerly,and was seen the Sunday night, right after about twilight, with a very fiery tail or streamer in the west, to the great astonishment of all spectators, and is now seen every night with clear weather. Undoubtedly, God threatens us with dreadful punishments if we do not repent.” The letter then suggested the propriety of proclaiming a day of humiliation and prayer.’”

The comet arriving December 2013 is expected to far surpass the Great Comet of 1860 by several orders of magnitude and size. It could dominate the sky with a tail stretching from one horizon to the other.

Thunderbolts and the electric sun

Most astrophysicists and professional astronomers still adhere to the “dirty ice ball” concept of comets. During the past several decades though proponents of a new theory have been gaining some traction for their idea. Basically, the theory claims that the solar system generates an intricate web of electrical fields and the sun is the major dynamo powering the system.

While some scientists and researchers are beginning to accept the evidence for an electric universe, one of the leading advocates is the science investigators behind the popular website

As Mel Acheson points out: “The discovery that the “gas and dust”—another oft-repeated and oft-falsified idea—that make up cosmic bodies are actually plasma provides straightforward explanations for these “totally unexpected” structures. Electric currents in plasma tend to form filaments (Birkeland currents). The filaments tend to braid together into cables or tubes of filaments that can transmit electrical power over large distances. Smaller-scale currents can be induced inside the larger-scale filaments, leading to hierarchies of coupled circuits that can provide power to bodies from galaxies to Martian dust devils.

“Fluctuations in the various properties of Birkeland currents (density, temperature, ionization, and so on) can cause instabilities, for example, pinch and sausage or ball effects. Radiation from these instabilities is powered by the circuit and can exceed the energy available locally, surprising astronomers with ‘far more material than expected’ being thrown off the star

An electrical universe is an intriguing concept and has significant supporting evidence. While it doesn’t explain all the interactions of a planetary system and stars, it does explain a lot.

As Acheson admits, “Although the Electric Universe model is conceptually more accurate at explaining and predicting observations, it is not as well suited to mathematical elaboration as conventional theories. Electrical parameters and such things as double layers often require in situ measurements to quantify them. The Electric Universe theorist must be comfortable with open questions and with the humility of ‘I don’t know.’”

A test of the theory that the sun is electric and interacts with planets having magnetic fields and transitory comets is proposed with the “safire Project.” [Video] The project’s goal and methodology are described in a report by B. Talbott on”Outside of the Earth, the sun is the most heavily studied body in the solar system. Yet almost all of the sun’s features present major quandaries for solar physicists. But now, an expert on ‘Design of Experiment’ methodologies, Monty Childs, is heading up a project to demonstrate how an electrified plasma environment can produce the enigmatic features of the sun in the laboratory. Monty and his research group are confident that the technology is now available to rigorously test the electric sun hypothesis.”

Meanwhile, as the experiment progresses, C/2012 S1 is speeding toward the sun.

An X-class solar flare erupts [Courtesy NASA]

A plasma kill shot?

Some researchers are predicting a solar kill shot that will fry Earth and wipe out most life. That view is probably extreme. What’s more likely is the approaching comet will interact electrically with the sunnow approaching its peak explosive cycleand exacerbate the violent coronal mass ejections into incredible never-before-seen levels. Unimaginably massive X-flares may erupt from the corona and those that impact Earth may cause more destruction than previously thought.

Earth’s protective bubble has weakened. New measurements of the Earth’s protective magnetic shield have revealed it’s more fragile than once believed and worse, it’s leaking. [See: Scientists: Earth’s Protective Shield Failing]

A solar killshot erupting in late 2013

The bottom line: the magnetosphere may not be robust enough to withstand a one or more direct hits from a violent solar blast precipitated by the arrival of the most spectacular comet in history.

What to expect? Prepare for the possible collapse of the nation’s electrical grid. That event would trigger chaos. Think of the region recently hit by hurricane Sandy and the ongoing aftermath. Multiply that across the country and consider that power may not be returned for months. All that would happen before the onset of winter.

As The Daily Telegraph writes, “National power grids could overheat and air travel severely disrupted while electronic items, navigation devices and major satellites could stop working after the sun reaches its maximum power…”

Thousands of superstorms could erupt across Earth

The violence unleashed by the arrival of the comet could create mammoth superstorms. Those storms would be like a giant’s fist slamming the Northern Hemispher. Normal hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis would pale by comparison.

We know it is coming but we don’t know how bad it is going to be,” Dr Richard Fisher, the director of NASA’s Heliophysics division, said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph. “It will disrupt communication devices such as satellites and car navigation, air travel, the banking system, our computers, everything that is electronic. It will cause major problems for the world.“

The electrical grid now powers virtually everything including the Internet. And the World Wide Web is now an integral part of the major foundations of the world: utilities, water processing plants, geo-navigation, banking, commerce, distribution networks, nuclear plants, the daily business of government, list is almost endless.

After the solar blast most communication will fail; power will fail. Cities will be left without light; water and food will run out. Civil unrest will arise as society collapses in a matter of days. The US federal and state governments will be hard-pressed to restore order amongst 300 million people as mass starvation set in and sources of drinkable water evaporate.

Restoration of the infrastructure could take years, even a decade or more. During the interim more than a billion people could die worldwide—more if warfare breaks out between countries desperate for precious resources.

This time around the sun’s fury aggravaed by the grandest celestial visitor ever could bring a technological Armageddon: the near total collapse of 21st Century technology leading to the total failure of the financial, transportation and government infrastructures.

Most Western economies, already under duress, will plummet into a super-depression.

Unfortunately, civilization’s painted itself into a technological corner. If this disaster arrives the end of 2013 there’s not a damn thing anyone can do to prevent it.

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    • Praise Jebus

      more fun stories

      • Louis

        This article’s explanation of the Electric Universe Theory is completely wrong. This is sad because the Electric Universe Theory is the only universe theory endorsed and corroborated by Holy Scripture, whereas Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity which proposes a gravity-based universe enjoys no Biblical endorsement whatsoever.

    • bustedbowl

      I had a dream of two suns and an alien like planet, this is no comet..this is a dwarf star dragging planets with it. The comet story is a cover for the real truth.

      good luck evryone

    • Daniel Samson

      Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Drought, Fires, Floods, Meteorites,War, Total Destruction Coming!! Past Civilizations, Other Dimensions. Know what’s coming, UNDERSTAND WHY IT’S TIME!! “Final Revelation Its Time!”

    • Jean

      Humanity must prepare!! Read Great Waves of Change by Marshall Vian Summers. Those interested in the author’s book “Mysteries of the Multiverse” would DEFINITELY be interested in Life in the Universe by Marshall Vian Summers — The book provides a completely new look at the universes and what humanity will need to survive in the greater community of intelligent live. Be prepared for a paradigm shift!

    • Anonymous

      FEAR PORN!

      • watertiger


      • AliensofAtlantis

        Listen here debbie not downer,I’m trying to get my fear on.Last thing I need is some non irrational person trying to not rain on my parade.Party Un pooper!

    • trouble8696

      What did the ancient culture ( even today’s culture ) say about THEMSELVES , read about them, because …that is the Best way to find OUT the real deal… only very… RARELY …will you read the TRUTH when you read the words of ancient writers or predictors describing events in their own time or Predict the Future of coming generation …U will be amazed to find …Collection of fabrications, tall tales well-told, and outright LIES…say for example, when the Roman emperor Augustus discovered that there was hardly any History about ROME… So Augustus found Vergil, an educated Roman and a writer, and asked him to remedy the situation….this was around the time about CHRIST birth (pbuh)…there were very few words written about the past…& almost nothing b4 300 BC …and the truth was that the ancestors of the Romans were rude tribesmen from Latium who emerged from the mists of obscurity to found a small community of huts on the Palatine Hill sometime between 1000 and 750 B. C…& same appears to be with the Mayan…Most of the History & Predictions of Mayan’s are Fabricated or engineered or outright LIES …Planted to condition the Modern man ( that’s …we the Sheeple of today )…RESULT…every year, every Coming month is to us the sheeple …END OF THE WORLD…This in return has given BIRTH to a massive industry , called …Prepared For The Apocalypse Cult… :lol: …While the real truth is covertly disguised…

      Is Doomsday actually arriving 12 months later than many researchers predicted?< < < not arriving after 12 months…For People of , BOSNIA, AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ & LIBYA…the doomsday already arrived and HAPPENED…yeah…

      • AliensofAtlantis

        That end part you wrote …..that’s what I call perspective,nice…We are all here the one percent.We all have a damn computer and internet connection.Most in the world don’t have good drinking water or a secure place to live….get some perspective people and grow some balls.If you really think you are going to die then get off here and go live like a hero and do something before you go.

    • NCF

      AN ADD FOR YOUR BOOK :razz:

    • Fake-it

      Those claims of doom are greatly exaggerated.
      Actually, the only thing that will happen in winter 2013/14 is actually nothing much.
      However once we go through the comet’s tail, which is loaded with debris, that’s where we’ll find out what will happen next and I don’t think it will be good.
      That’s when the sheeple will find out why all those preparations.
      FEMA & DHS are getting ready while the sheeple is snoring!

      Trolls, feel free to deny… with proofs.

      • pattiesimmons

        I am in agreement wih you! I do not believe 2012 or 2013 or even 2020 is gong to be the end of days I do however believe something is going to happen, whether natual or manmade to alter life.

    • jsunshine

      Stay Calm!!!

    • Str8Talker

      I’ve been waiting for a back-peddling Mayan Calendar story like this to drag it out another year. And I am one of those who not only believe Earth is undergoing observerable changes but has seen & reported so!

      But folks don’t need this garbage.

    • lezlow

      it will probably melt ,before it gets close to sun,son

    • Baloninyi

      The craters on the Moon and Mars and other moons are the result of large – scale superbolts of lightning between planets and large passing bodies with opposite charge and enormous potential(or voltage build-up). To protect yourself,just build a Faraday Cage around your house to protect computers, appliances, people and house.Much of this is described in Velikovsky’s book titled “Worlds in Collision”.

    • Anonymous

      would it not be a good idea to sent a very large nuclear bomb (as big as possible) to blow it to lots of little pieces long before it got anywhere near earth? If not why not….

      • ElOregonian

        Malfunction during lift-off?

        • Anonymous

          that would suck..

    • Christoff522

      So its already pretty obvious that all the stuff we heard over the past few years about 2012 is bull. Just like Y2K! Why would anybody be stupid enough to again fall for the old “Oh we got the date wrong its actually a year later” trick pulled by people like Harold Camping. This is just like the superstition about Halley’s Comet from the days of the Bayeux Tapestry. Its utter nonsense. Comets do not signify the end of the world, nor would they have any effect on a sun that is hundreds of times the size of the earth.

      Its all like that Planet X bull that has been disproven by the passage of time. Its as insane as this anthropogenic climate change baloney (yes, baloney).

    • Gorja

      Doom! Doom and more doom!!! The fact is space is so vast, even our solar system is so vast that nothing will happen. Just another idiot trying to scare you. :grin:

      • Anonymous

        Thats a funny statement. So because the universe is vast we wont be prome to attacks or natural disasters? Well, the threath is very real and allways has been. Its just a matter of time :)

    • Anonymous

      Now that the Mayan 2012 scare is coming to an end, they need something to distract and scam us for later. But maybe it’s true. Make a nice night light show.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Oh thats a good one. You just pushed doomsday out so the preppers have another year of extreme paranoia. I love that. Cha ching survival sellers.

    • GenZan

      And how is this one any different than last years comet, or the year before that and on and on…?

    • he who is sent

      One must be prepared at all times. No man knows the hour. However God does tell us how to read the signs. The time is near.

    • watertiger

      Blue Kachina the Hopi talk about following that will be the Red Kachina that will be a very bad thing….

    • CAP

      This site is so interesting but they should really rename it: mostly-fictional sensationalism daily.

    • trouble8696


    • whitehorse1179

      I have had many dreams of these things happening since I was a child. The huge comet was definately in one of the dreams as well as horrid cataclysmic events takeing over many dreams. Last december, I had a dream of a triangle shape of three glowing red objects very visible in the south eastern sky heading towards our planet. The sun was in the north while the southern sky was nearly black. The entire world was in panick and people were told to stay in their houses. I’m not the only one who had this same exact dream and I’m not sure exactly what this particular dream was exactly about.

    • whataboutyou

      Personally, I respect the ancient civilizations, I try to understand them. Conspiracy theorists are often like the most destructive force in all areas. Whatever they touch, they change it into illuminati, NWO, satan, demon, armageddon, religion, doomsday, they love to change everything into insanity. They are doing incredible amout of damage to all people who are trying to show our history mysteries, to people who are working on soultions for our problems, or even people who are dealing with the issue of life in the universe.

      • watertiger

        You are an idiot! the term ” conspiracy theorist ” is a pejorative term , why dont you just say racist???? People that THINK critically ARE NOT THE PROBLEM the problem are idiots like YOU who think in a collective , like a bunch of dumbed down sheeple that you are. GTFOH!! Go back to you fake science , and mud stream media , the alternative ,media is not for you!! idiot~!

    • Old Warrior

      Yep, good story, had a good chuckle…. these religious types are in for a shock, that’ll finish them off. Only time worth anything is NOW.! :lol:

    • hostile177

      eh…another Elinin. *POOF*

    • Anonymous

      Storms are not electrically but temperature- powered. The friction of particles in a storm build up an electrical charge in the clouds. Every lightning bolt that strucks the ground are discharges, so the electrical power will not go out of control.
      Comets are members of the solar system because the gravity of the sun is causing their orbits.

      And I don’t care about doomsday scenarios. If it’s true that it will be a very bright comet, I’m looking foward to dec 2013 to witness this beautiful natural phenomena. I’m not scared but happy with this news.

    • mmkkpro

      Being a prepper is not about doomsday,its about being prepared for any type of disaster,just like the recent hurricane,my grandparents lived through the great depression and they always stored food,medical supplies,everything you need you need anyway its just having extra on hand,id rather depend on myself than just assume somebody is coming to the rescue,it is like everytime ya go to the store buy one extra of what ever,so im going out and work on my 900 hp trans am take a ride around town,survival favors those that prepare

    • osz2

      Oh, another dime-a-dozen fear monger report.
      Take a core of facts, surround it with lies, superstitions, and leading innuendos, throw in a bunch of pictures showing a death comet about to hit a large city, about to hit the earth, (never mind that the two mile wide comet will come no closer than about 37 million miles from earth) a Mayan calendar and pyramid, and presto change-o, you have an article that could be used as a template to play on superstitions and fears to sell books.
      OH WAIT, the author is trying to sell books!

      Leading the reader right off, the author starts with the murky lie that…
      “The Mayans themselves are split on whether the so-called “prophesy” has any meaning at all”
      No they’re not! Mayans NEVER had a prophesy. (that’s your first lie) and Mayans are not “split,” this is the second lie. The end-of-the-world Armageddon lie was a result of Christian missionary fear-mongers placing their armageddon myths upon the Mayans, (and the rest of the world). The Mayans said no such thing. Their long count calendar ends this year and then it simply resets at zero and starts again. But ignorance persists in small minds…

      “…when a calendar comes to the end of a cycle, it just rolls over into the next cycle. In our Western society, every year 31 December is followed, not by the End of the World, but by 1 January. So in the Mayan calendar will be followed by – or good-ol’ 22 December 2012, with only a few shopping days left to Christmas.”
      – Excerpt from Dr Karl’s “Great Moments in Science“.

      At best, and personally I am very excited to see this, the comet, at the end of November 2013, will pass 1.24-1.8 million miles away from the sun, and will be a spectacular sight. Why? Because the close approach will melt enormous amounts of the comet’s ice, releasing dust and gas and forming what should be a magnificent tail. If it survives, it will pass earth, but not near enough to cause any worry. Viewers in the Northern Hemisphere will get the best view as the comet blooms in the weeks approaching Christmas 2013. The comet could grow as bright as the full moon!

      “…it could be extremely bright (negative magnitudes maybe) and naked-eye visible for observers in the Northern Hemisphere for at least a couple of months or it could fizzle out – it could well disrupt and dissipate weeks or months before reaching the sun (remember Comet Elenin last year).”
      Karl Battams of the Sungrazer Comet Project

      But superstitious minds will fear, as they did with the Great Comet of 1680, which, according to contemporary accounts, caused the people of New York’s Manhattan Island to be “overcome with terror at a sight in the heavens such as has seldom greeted human eyes…. In the province of New York a day of fasting and humiliation was appointed, in order that the wrath of God might be assuaged.”

      Some consciousnesses never evolve.

    • Libra

      Never trust sheep.


      Just when i was getting my “told you all!” post ready for Dec 22nd, wouldnt you know it…….now its NEXT year! lol

      You must live a very sad life if the only thing to get excited about and look forward to is the end of the world.

      There is NO proof what so ever, so please please please shut up about it…..and go get laid.

    • Mellissa

      Why can some people not just think of a future and work for a better one with out naming the day they are in is the end of days and blah blah blah. Seriously writing about the comet is informative, heaping all the speculation in a disastrous bent is just leading minds (that want to be lead like sheep) into a frenzy of fear. A mind full of fear is a mind that wont think for itself other then the fight or flight response we lack control in.

      Keeping people strung along with only fear as their guide will lead to a disaster all on its own.

    • lindarosemary

      It would be ironic if those still living mainly off what they grow, and have littel to no technology were to be the ones who survived and not those who depend on tech.

    • Patriot

      Why does it always have to be bad news?
      Maybe the comet will tame some of the harshness of the sun, instead, to help ease the effects of the lessening atmospheric protection over the earth.
      – I wonder,…could it help revitalize that protective field?

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