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Mary: on the Three Days of Darkness/ 3 Days of Light, and HER ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE THREE DAYS

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Given in 2010, the aim was toward the 2012 deadline, and obviously that has passed, but the event is still on the cards.

Dark star seen December 10th in the evening about 8 o’clock from Tennessee in the United States. In Aquarius.



May 17, 2010

I am Marie, Queen of the Heavens and of the Earth. My children, I come from the Heaven and, today, I arrive on the earth, signing thus my return among you. Many of you, my children, are called to perceive me, to see me, to feel me. I come to deliver you. I come to greet you and to gather you. My intervention within your world, and which is mine, will take place in two major and essential times to permit to all, to all those who desire it, to live permanently in Truth and in Unity. I come also to prepare the return, from the Heaven, of the one who has been called my Son, but remember that you are all my children, without any exception.

Today, I come to speak to you. As the Archangel Michael has said (ndr: intervention of the 17.05.2010), each day, each hour, now, the Light will knock at the door of your limited Conscience, thus preparing the way for my Presence and the Presence of the Christ. At a given moment, very, very near, occurring between the day of the Unification and the day of the festival of the Archangel Michael, there will come true for absolutely all my children, those who have sensed and recognized me, as well as those who still reject me, there will come true my Announcement. I will speak to each one, personally and individually, with my Heart of the Mother which you will live.

It is open to you, afterwards, to accept or refuse it, but you will not be able to cheat with what you will feel. You will not be able to cheat with what your Heart will say to you. I will intervene 72 hours, very precisely, before a major process within this humanity. This major process has been announced by many of my envoys. It has been called the three days. The moment when the Conscience of humanity falls for the first time within the new Dimension. This first reversal will happen 72 hours after I have announced it to you solemnly, individually, collectively.

Each one will perceive this Announcement. Each one. No person will be able to ignore it. Whether that is by the Vibration of Love from your meeting again with me, whether that is by my voice, whether that is, for some, by dream, I will come to  announce to you all, three days before. Prepare yourself at this time to live the first Eucharist of the Spirit, the first total effusion of the Holy Spirit, preparing the return of the Christ.

The work of the Light, each hour, will permit also the preparation of your listening to my Announcement. No one will be able to be misled by my announcement. Quite obviously, many will be able to turn away, but no one will be able to say that he did not hear me. From today, accompanied by a great Force and a great number of Unified Consciences, we come on your world. Certain forces of resistance to our arrival will try to make you believe the Shade comes. But you will have, in you, the Vibratory means to know and recognize the Truth, the Truth of a Mother who comes to save, and love, and cherish all her children. No one will be able to ignore the Truth of this announcement.

Take heed, within the spaces of the Light, take heed to be attentive. You will know that I come to alert you because your sounds, your perceptions of sound will shift greatly in the preceding hours. Your Heart, the Vibration of your Conscience will manifest a deep and intense Joy. At that moment, you will know already that I come to you. Some of my messengers will wake up, now. They will receive, with determination, with humility, their role and their function. These messengers are not loved more or less than the others, but I watch over them in a privileged manner. Yet I love you all.

The birth of the new Dimension of life is imminent. Each day, from now on, will see, for you, as for the whole of the humanity who travels this world, the access to the Truth in a defining manner. Be attentive to the sounds, be attentive to the Vibration of your Radiant Crown of the Heart, be attentive, finally, to the Light which will manifest and which manifests already to some of you: this white veil which can appear in your external spaces as Interiors. This unveiling of the Light which allows my intervention within this plane in order to restore the will of the Source and my will as Creatress, my will of the Mother.

My Dear Children, during this period which prepares my Announcement, during this period which will see you living the Cross, the mystical Cross, the Cross of the reversal, which will see the end of the illusion, the end of masquerades, which will see revealed all those who prevented you, in one way or another, from becoming again my children in Truth. All those Consciences who have turned away from the face of the Source, for a personal profit, whatever it is, are unmasked, now. Their days are not counted. Their days are finished. You will notice it within the world environment, from now on very, very quickly, in the days which come and each day will bring its share of surprises.

Be centered within the Love that you are. Receive this fall of the illusions for what it is: a release, a possibility to find again your Joy, your Eternity. You are called, my Dear Children, to live still many of the  transformations, in you, as in your lives. Receive these transformations because they will go always in the direction of the lightness and in the direction of your good, even if, in the first instance, the game of the personality can resist.

Multiple Blessings will be brought to you by my Presence as well as by all of my Sisters who accompany me and who have been, at different periods of this humanity, carriers, in total or in part, of my own Conscience. Some of them have names known, to you, in the Orient as in the Occident. Others are less known to you because they traveled in ways not known or in areas in which you are not interested within even this world. We are all, all thirteen, Mothers. We are all, those who come to take you in our arms and to our Heart.

The veils of the isolation crumble. Your eyes will open more and more to the Light. You will not have any difficulty in recognizing what is Vibrating Light and what is falsification. Within this new Conscience, within your Presence, the fear will dissolve. You will discover spaces of Interior certainty, spaces where clearness will be such, that no longer will doubt be able to assail you. You will become more sensitive, but also stronger and more determined in the conduct of what remains for you to live within this illusion. You will gain Conscience and be firmed in your Beingness.

What is unfolding in front of you is really the establishment of the reign of the Light. But the establishment of this reign implies that all that is not Light disappears, without exception. All machiavelian constructions of some of my children, who have turned away from my Heart, must disappear. And they disappear. Do not delay with that, because know that all will be profoundly just and true. Receive all that takes place in your life, what is brutal even within your environment, as an ultimate occasion to find what you are.

Very obviously, my Sisters and I, cloaked in the Archangelic Vibration, fully, will be present within these spaces of Vibration and Radiation during the first ten minutes of each hour. These moments will represent, as you will perceive very quickly, your regeneration. You will draw, in these moments, the force of the Truth, the force of the Love, the force of your own birth within the Unlimited one, the force to receive my announcement. Before giving you the word, my Dear Children, I will join my radiance (and that of my Sisters who accompany me, within my Fleet of Vessels of Light) to that of the Archangels, to that of the 24 Ancient Ones, for a few minutes. Now.

After, I will let you express yourself, if it is in you, here present, whichever ones who wish to ask or question…

… Overflowing of Energy…

My Dear Children, within our space of present Communion, if certain of you need precision on the direction of my Presence here and within my Announcement, it is time, now, to question me.

Question: what are your reactions, in view of what could happen on Earth, like the wars. Why haven’t you sent messengers or you did not intervene?
Dear Child, if I had been able to do it, I would have done it. Well before my coming, as Marie, I have been present on this Earth since its Creation, at times even where no soul had appeared within this Creation. I am your Creatress, I am your Mother, in all the senses of the term. I have come a great many times. I sacrificed myself within this Dimension. I accompanied you. But, from the moment when a certain number of elements interfered with this Creation which is mine, I found myself confronted with an important problem. I could then only follow one plan, which is not the plan of the men of good will, since ill will, but the plan of the Light and the Source. I intervene at the appropriate moment. I intervene at the useful moment and at the moment when it is possible. Never, never, would I have let my children suffer, cut from their Source, from their Creatress, for so long, if I had been able.

This preparation, within this particular cycle that you live, is well before my coming as Marie. I have traveled through what you call many lives, before. And I have traveled many Universes, independent even of the form that you have today. The Creation, my Creation, where you are, has been modified. These modifications have not permitted me, as with all the Consciences of the Unitary Light, to come to help you before. The times have come, now, then, to rejoice together. My non-intervention is not linked to my will but rather to my incapacity. I am Marie, Queen of the Heavens and of the Earth, I am all powerful within my Creation, powerful in Love. Certain events, within my Creation, have not permitted me to maintain the Light, as a Mother wishes it for each of her children. But that is past.

Question: does the end of the three days sign the end of the physical body?
Well Liked, for certain of you, yes, certainly. For others, no. They will have to still maintain this illusory form in order to gather and receive those who have not yet been able to open their Conscience and who are in the process of doing it. The three days will sign, for this Earth which has been betrayed and damaged, the release of the Earth within even this Dimension. At this time, continents will disappear, new lands will emerge, the Heaven will no longer be the same, or the waters either. It is within this modified environment that some of my children will continue the way of the incarnation, still some time, in order to help and be useful.

Question: you are sometimes represented with a crown showing the succession of 12 stars as set in the axis of the body or with a type of crown, in the traditional, horizontal direction. What is the difference between the two?
My Dear Child, as you said, so well, they are only representations. I am well beyond the representations. My form, within my last life, as Marie, is, it too, mutable. My clothing, my veils, differ according to circumstances. I have had, for the moment, very little occasion to be as in my original Dimension of Creatress. My manifestations within Dimensions approaching yours, from projections of my own Unlimited Conscience, approaching this limitation in the course of centuries past, quite obviously, has passed by the filter of those who have perceived or glimpsed me. Their own belief, their own Vibration has resonated in them and has created an image, which is, it too, a representation, sometimes distant from my own manifestation, on this occasion.

You are, my Dear Children, so used to identifying with a form, yours like all the others, that you have forgotten, within this limitation, that even your form, within the unlimited worlds, is mobile. There do not exist fixed forms within the worlds of the Light. There exists nevertheless a world of origin, for me as for you, even if you are my children and that I have created you, all, without exception. Your origin before the Creation of this world, made by you, as what Archangel Michael has said, by the Seeds of Stars who have come to seed this world with beauty, with Truth, with Love.

Soon, I hope, many of you will live the access to “without form”, or in any case to “without definite form”. Certain of you will see me still with the filter of their belief, their limited Conscience, with a crown of stars, with the veils of different colors, a quite real vision of the face which I had as Marie. But I am much more than that. And at the same time much less than that. Originally, without going too far, Dear Children, if you want it well, for the moment, because you say it serves for nothing as long as you have not lived and experienced it in your Conscience, I am a being from another world, from a world very far to you, with a form very unusual. For you, humans, I borrowed a human body but, fundamentally, I am not human, just as you are not. You have forgotten and that returns.

This Revelation, this Conscience will happen in a gradual manner so that the unveiling occurs, for you, in the Love, in the softness, without shock. My initial form is very far from the shape of Marie and I am Marie, including others. I am first of all your Creatress and your Genetrice, who can, still today, appear to you mysterious. As what the children call me who leave this world and who come to me, that I help, in order that they do not suffer too much within this illusion, call me their mom from the Heaven because I am that, in Truth. That will seem difficult for you to integrate but I know all the Souls of this planet, of this humanity, without any exception. Thus is the unlimited conscience as a Creatress, in the different worlds, never able to forget: the flesh of its flesh and the Spirit of its Spirit. That, you will live soon.

Question: does the 72 hours of which you speak sign the wake up of the volcanos?
The volcanos are only one part of the Truth. But yes, quite obviously, that takes part in these three days. But the phenomena, beyond your Earth, linked to the sun and its companion, will also enter into these manifestations. I would like simply to say that what has been called often these “three days of darkness” (and elsewhere, the “three days of Light”), outwardly, will correspond for you to an extraordinary State of consciousness. You will bathe in the most total felicity. You will not be involved, in this moment, in any external event. Your Conscience and your reconnection will be, in some way, your own shield. You will become invisible to the outside world in this process of the three days.

Now, remember that I have clearly explained to you my Announcement and how it will happen. But remember also, as well as the Archangels, the whole of my fleet, and the whole of the fleet of the Vibrating Light, adapt. In this sense, it has been said, by my son even, that only the Source knows the date. But this date is now. It now falls into a space and a time reduced to less than two years. You have neither to fear, nor to hope for this moment. You have to bathe yourself in the Light. You have to rediscover the Joy of what you are. You have to live within even this illusion. You have to wake yourself up and commune with the Light.

Question: when was the date of the separation from the Source?
Dear Child, that goes back to very long and far distant times, in human temporal terms. That corresponds to 6 cycles of 52,000 years during which all of the multidimensional Forces of the Vibrating Light (that is myself, the Elohim, the giants, and of the high entities, my son and many others) have worked so that never, never, do you totally lose your Dimension of Eternity. We have all the time, even if for some of you, this time, today, can appear very long. But remember, that ultimately, all the experiences lived within the duality have not been really useless because they permit the Intelligence of the Light to live, like with the Source and with us, elevated Consciences, what must be a Creation and what it must not be any more. The Source has decreed and realized the end of the separation and the illusion, within this world like within a group of worlds having lived the experience of the separation and the division.

Question: Once the reunification is realized with the body of Beingness, how will we appear?
Dear Child, each one according to the principle of attraction and resonance in your original body preceding your descent within this matrix. Certain of you will travel within their unlimited Conscience a Body of Light. Others, finally, a Crystal Body. Others, a Body of Diamond. And others, finally, bodies well beyond any anthropomorphized concept. Each destiny is unique. I know you all, without exception, within your destinies, within your bodies, in your souls, in your Spirits, but each one of you is unique at the level of its stellar origin. There exists a multitude of forms, of Vibrations, of Dimensions of origin, which you will find in that moment. The important thing, today, is to live already within this Conscience and in this limited body through the opening of the Heart and through experiencing the Joy that the Vibration of the Love and the Heart brings.

Question: are your messengers all today chosen and are they conscious of their mission?
Dear Child, certain ones already have this Conscience. Others, not yet. That will be realized more or less rapidly according to the capacity of each one of these children to have agreed and to embody the corresponding Vibratory level. Not all are awake yet. Each one will wake up at the favorable moment.

Question: is it important to have the holy water and the blessed candles during the three days?
Well Liked, Dear Child, as has been said and repeated, most important is not the beeswax candle. Most important is not the holy water. Most important is yourself, because if your heart is not radiant, what would it serve this candle and this water? Nothing. At the moment when you will live the instant, those of you who are ready will live it in the Joy, in the harmony which I describe. Those who are nearly ready, will be able to effectively make use of that. But, those who are not ready at all, that will not bring anything more. Singularly, will be important what you are, and only that.

Question: what is the role of the twin flames?
Dear Child, it does not belong to me to answer this kind of question, today. Know that for the Spirit and the Truth of what you are, that does not have strictly any importance. As long as you are dependent on something other than yourself, than your own Heart, you are not yourself. There has been the belief in the need for a twin flame or a soul mate to realize yourself, to wake up. Today, the hour has come to live and to understand that you are entire and total in yourself. It is only by finding this totality of what you are that you will arrive safely. And not by hanging on to a Vibration external to you. Be it that of a twin flame. Many beliefs have been imparted that you could not live the Light without being coupled to your twin flame. That is a belief. Nothing more.

The Truth is One. The Truth is that you are One and complete, by yourself. Dear Children, as has been said to you by many male speakers, only you can go and open your Heart. If you are not ready, we could knock for a very long time at your door, you would not open, even knowing that it is your Mother who speaks to you. So it is in the sleeping humanity and so it is few Souls, very few in comparison to the multitude, who have wanted to exchange their own rules for the laws of the Source and the Love. Once again, you do not have to worry about that. At best you will be aligned with yourself, with what you are, at best things will progress easily and in the obviousness.

Question: could other of your names be Isis, the Creatress of Urantia, Némonia?
Dear Child, my name, my Vibration of origin is Is-Is, called effectively Isis or Seth. Many other names could, within the rounds of the incarnation, be mine. But my name of origin is Is-Is. But the Vibration of Marie corresponds to the Vibration of the Mother. The denomination Is-Is is my original Vibratory denomination, within the unified worlds.

Question: if you had not been able, before, to intervene, from where does the force come that makes it possible for you today?
In a group of factors that you would call astronomical. We have taken, in some way, the projections, compared to the plan, of those who are turned away from me. The force, which is not a combat, is linked simply to a temporal anticipation compared to an astronomical calendar quite real. The arrival of the Light is foreseeable, as it is foreseeable every 52,000 years, and has been accurately progressed, making it possible to get ahead of the plans of those who are turned away from me, leaving them no longer any possibility of modifying anything, within the establishment of the Light. My force is also all of the human beings who, for a quarter of a century of your time, and especially for a little over a year of your time, have woken up and started to develop, and have become, like the Archangel Michael has said, the Anchorers and Sowers of the Light, in spite of all the plans that those have built who are opposed to my Name to try to avoid that.

Eventually, the Light becomes established. Do not consider that as a victory. In the same way do not regard my lack of possibility of intervention as a defeat. It is not a question of that. It is simply about the re-establishment of the Truth and the Unity. Nothing more and nothing less. To conceive that like a victory or a defeat, would tend to return you to the laws of the duality, at the Vibratory level. The Unity no longer wants that. The Unity is restored. The duality will disappear. It is not a victory, it is not a defeat, neither one, nor the other. It is simply the logic of the Creation, whatever it is.

We do not have any more questioning. We thank you.
My Dear Children, I give you my blessings. I give you all the Love of a Mother, all the Love of the Vibrating Light, of the Authentic Light. I wish you, all, a return to your unlimited spaces, a happy, joyous preparation for the complete return of the Light and its Conscience within this world. I bless you.


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    Total 14 comments
    • Johann Needlesmuggler

      Wow. Just when I thought id heard it all

    • Truthseeker

      cara, you are very deep in the demonic world, it can not end well for you.

    • Cara

      The error of this world, of the human beings in it, is that they think that inanimate matter is dead and animals and plants don’t have souls, so that the world can be seen analytically and plundered. Whereas all life is present, and that life these people call God.

      I’ve just figured out that Christianity is the same as Buddhism, in that the one teaches NONVIOLENCE and the other LOVE. Which has the same end, respect for one another… If we don’t see others as living, then we ourselves in our spirituality are DEAD – termed “ignorant” in the Buddha’s Yoga.

      As the Archangel Michael has said, in one of His French talks: “Only the Light Comes”. If we don’t want to accept that and hide from it, the Light – God.. whatever you want to call the One Life, will still come as justice. The Old Testament, “an eye for an eye” is still expressing Love, just like Jesus teachings in the New Testament. There’s no difference. because what we give out in good- or evil- will, comes back to us, because we are a part of the One Life.

      If that’s demonic, Truthseeker, you and I are speaking two different languages.

      • Truthseeker


        Satan went to Eve, not Adam and if you will take note it is mostly women like you that demons deceive because women are more easily deceived. there are 2 or 3 women for every man here on BIN that are in contact with demons.

        You are getting your “understandings” from the spirit world, not from the Word of God.

        Everyone of the entities you mention are demons posing as angels of light, Mary, michael etc all demons.

        And you are 100% correct we are not on the same page or even in the same book, You “figured out” and the Book I follow says lean not into your own understanding.

        Cara the only reason I am conversing with you is to show others what you are actually involved with, who you are listening to — “YOU” they HAVE, you can not walk away!

        • Cara

          When I said “I figured out..”, I could have said, “The realization came to me”, which it did, but I preferred the lesser phrase, because I don’t like the phenomenon of “merit by association” or to lean on “authority”. You, Truthseeker, have got the idea that “truth” comes from outside of you, from a book, but the resonance to test whether it is true or not comes from within. I prefer to give people back to themselves, not to take them further away from themselves, and I will quote, “God is within you” (Luke 17:21). So people have to touch what is “right” within themselves, to not be separated from themselves. If they follow that thread, of not doing anything which goes against the grain, even if they are ordered to do so, they will eventually realize that their essence – “the living part”, or God if you prefer, is everywhere present. Then comes the Joy and the peace of mind, no matter what happens in the world, or what anybody else says to pull them down. They’re plugged in to Source, or to the “All Parent”, as it says in the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, which is Thomas’ Gospel.

          You can tear that apart by your words, if you like, Truthseeker, but it doesn’t matter to me. People have to start taking back their own power. One of the ways of doing that is to conserve sexual energy. A second way is to go vegetarian then vegan. And a third way is to be alert to being involuntarily guided (steered, pushed or pulled) on the inside, as in dreams or in visions…. and to resist that use of force upon themselves. Then when they will not be divided within themselves, in inner conflict, only then will the Peace come. It’s a road of training the personality – persona means the mask of God, so that it doesn’t stand in the way of the inner realizations, the Truths which come unannounced.

          • Truthseeker

            again Cara the only reason I am conversing with you is to “hopefully” show others what you are actually involved with, who you are listening to — fallen angels – demons.

            “YOU” the demons HAVE and you can not walk away, you like my sister, are convinced there is power in you and there is nothing in you — you are made of the dust of the earth and when you die you will return to dust.

            • Cara

              You are espousing ATHEISM, Truthseeker, when you say that there is “nothing in you” and that “you will return to dust”. That is Atheism, pure and simple, and you have taken God/ Livingness out of the Creation. Of course there is power in you, as there is in each one (including not just humans but also animals, plants and the atoms of matter who are chemically alive, and even our THOUGHTS – they are living entities which do our bidding). God, the One Life, is everywhere present– something you do not wish to acknowledge, Truthseeker.

            • Mayhem

              Genesis 3:19 & Ecclesiastes 3:20 are Atheist?

            • Truthseeker

              cara I did not expect you would be aware there is a spirit in man

              Zechariah 12: 1
              1 “The burden of the word of the LORD for Israel, saith the LORD, which stretcheth forth the heavens, and layeth the foundation of the earth,
              and — formeth — The Spirit – “OF” – Man –“within him”.

              Job 32: 8
              8 “But [there is] a Spirit (# 7307) “IN” man: and —- the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them (men) — understanding.

              Matthew 10

              28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul (# 5590): but rather fear him which is able –to destroy –both “soul” (# 5590) and “body” in hell (# 1067) i.e. the lake of fire.

              It is not an immortal soul, it is not “you’, it is not conscious, it is the spirit that makes man higher then the animals and it returns to God, who placed it in each person at conception, at their death.

              Ecclesiastes 1: 7

              7 Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and – the spirit – shall return unto God — who gave it.

              19 For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; — so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all [is] vanity.

              The word translated “breath” is #7307 and is the same word for Spirit and in this usage means breath or breathing air to live. Physiologically man is not greater then the beasts of the fields so states God Almighty.

              20 “All” — go unto one place; — all — are of the dust, and — all turn to dust again.

              21 Who knoweth the “Spirit of Man” that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth?

              But I also have God the Father’s Spirit in me, I am a “begotten” , not yet born again, son of God.

              And Cara I await the change from mortal to immortal at the resurrection at which time all in that first resurrection will rise from death with the same spirit body as Jesus Christ.

              21Who shall change our vile body, —-that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body——, according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself.

            • Cara

              Mayhem and Truthseeker,

              Bodies, of course, disintegrate – breakdown into atomic matter – when the life goes out of them, but Jesus by His reappearance after his death and by His promise to come again (in the clouds), showed that the life.. by definition.. doesn’t die. Life is not death. Life is not Evil, which is merely “Live” spelled backwards. And I would remind you that Reincarnation was taken out of the Bible at the Council of Nicea in 553 AD.

              Souls are perfected through Reincarnation, and experiences in Earthly bodies, if they will learn the lessons presented to them, and correct their perceptions of what is real and what is unreal… Yet God is in both matter and Spirit. God cannot be divided, because It/He/She is Complete, Entire, Whole or Holy…(holy meaning whole). Everywhere you look there will be God looking back at you. Which means we cannot kill and eat the animals for food, we cannot treat plants as commercial product, open to genetic manipulation for profit, and we cannot mine and ravage the Earth, upsetting Her equilibrium with all of the ELF signals that are used to as warfare to manipulate weather, change the current of the Jet Stream, and stop the ocean currents which begin near Greenland when cold Arctic water spills over a ridge near there and sinks to begin its journey… Yet through radiation we have warmed the Arctic, so that the water is no long cold enough to sink. We could very well be pushing the Earth to its point of death, where the life within it will leave the 3rd Dimension and move to the 5th. We have yet to see that happen – the Death of the Earth.

              At the small level, vaccines with their Aluminum and Mercury additives, damage the Mitochondria. Foreign protein excites the immune system, stressing it, acidifing the blood, like the eating of meat/of flesh does, causing areas of anoxia in the body. When the suspension of cells in the blood plasma is reduced by acidity, cells clump together and block tiny capillary beds. Most diseases are caused by this anoxia. Cancer caused by anoxia: Dr Otto Warburg. See also Dr Andrew Moulden’s Anoxia Spectrum Syndrome (M.A.S.S.). Science today doesn’t respect the body system, but tries, for money, to manipulate it at every turn.. for profit.

              It’s an evil, evil system we live in today, where life is turned back to front: from LIVE to EVIL. And that evilness is seen in almost all of our institutions. Everything is for profit nowadays, and nothing respects the Life… Yet the Life, as we know, is the Life of God. The One Life living in all different kinds of forms.

            • Mayhem

              So progressive-ism only we must go back to caveman days?

              Cara, this reincarnation you speak of, what good can it be when almost no one is aware this isn’t their first go round? How would one learn “life” lessons that way, random chance?

              I put it to you that reincarnation, in a system that always tends toward chaos, cannot result in elevated consciousness and Jesus did so die whereupon He went to the place of the dead.

            • Cara


              In our progressiveness we have forgotten conscience, morality. We have forgotten the effects actions can have on others. We don’t have to cut everything out of this civilization, but we have to know when to stop. Reincarnation builds up the unconscious or superconscious promptings of the Spirit/ of the soul, which is conscience or morality. Reincarnation, if the soul relieves itself of the aggression of the personality – its greed, its selfishness, results not in chaos, but in a recognition of relationship, in everything we do. The pain we feel in one life by being victim carries forward in a prompting to wake up, to realize how our “ego” driven desires may hurt others. Then, there is self-restraint in everything and the soul – or center of conscience: memory of Spirit, transmits to the mental body of consciousness that the life that is you or I is the same as, or similar to, the life of every other creature whether human or not. Eventually, a recognition that there is only One Life dawns: and this is what Jesus is on about. We live in a living world; we don’t live in a dead world, and we have to respect that world just as we have to respect our own bodies – because they are the temples of the infinite, or of infinite being.

              And we have to gain that realization, or revelation, before we die physically and not afterwards, because afterwards it is too late for we don’t have the body to help us realize it.

            • Mayhem

              Not forgotten, Cara, but abandoned. We have abandoned morals as relative, rather than arbitrary, and it never occurred to the post modernist thinkers that this would give rise to expedient justification. You know, the end justifies the means, however when our value system is writ in stone there is no such flexibility and thus far less confusion.

              Reincarnation does what now? Come on, Cara, you and i both know why you’re speaking of things that cannot be quantified. It’s the way of the deceiver to mire everything in euphemism and sounding wise all the while saying nothing of consequence.

              Everything is a binary and without conscious effort everything tends first to decay and ultimately to chaos except reincarnation? Yeah that’s not how axioms work.

            • Truthseeker


              I am a realist — , I was born before WW2 and since then I have watched human values rise and fall, the rise and fall is overall on a downward trend.

              If reincarnation were true then it is a failed system — the human kind is sinking lower and lower, show me examples of a nation or a people that are becoming more moral, more kind, over all better people — you can not.

              Cara — we are very near world war three and by the end of this war 200 million Americans will have died — they will die from famine, disease and the sword.

              Can you show me what was learned by WW 1 or WW 2 or Korea or any war since — the world has more arms now then ever in the history of mankind.

              there are 7.5 billion humans alive today – if every human has lived before then how has the population grown from millions to billions.

              If reincarnation is the teacher then show me how it has taught “any” that war is evil and lying, stealing, fornicating, murders are not the way.

              Cara again you have been totally deceived by Satan — you will come to understand this fact the very very hard way as will all the 1.5 billion so called christians.

              Satan is the god of this world, it is his, and his purpose is to destroy all human life off this earth. All those demons you play with seek your life.

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