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Celeste Solum - "The BEAST is Here!" - 7/13/20, with transcript

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With thanks to Jeffery Pritchett for his posting of the same video, but under a different channel on a different website. It really shakes me up, in that I had a dream the night before, in which I was confronted by having to have a vaccine, and I ran away…. up, up this high hill like a mountain, and the path was steep and getting steeper, and I was tired. Yet the atmosphere was still grey and dark, no matter how high I climbed. The second part of the dream was me sitting in a car, as a man, like official, walked towards me, and I tried to close the door, but it wouldn’t close until about the fourth or fifth try. I didn’t get any vaccine in the dream, and woke up. This video by a former FEMA employee tells the story and how difficult it will be to avoid.

Hi. This is Celeste, and this is a breaking news report on July 13th 2020, and I just need you to know that the beast is here. Um, I know we’ve all been anticipating it, waiting and wondering, when is the beast going to animate and be around. And it is here now. And basically it has come to life through fallen angel technology and witchcraft. It- It came to be through a common language just like at the time of the Tower of Babel.. I sometimes get my Hebrew and English mixed up.. I apologize.. and the language that they use is Python.. Yes, like the snake.. and now they have perfected that – the Python.

And they have snake maker coding, and you’re going to see that masks are in the coding as well as insidious plots, ‘Augur’, ‘Auspice’ and even more. And every word is weaponised, and in its dual use for plausible deniability. So you’re going to tell people this is- These are the facts and they’re going to say, ‘Well I just see the good part of this.’ And, so there is going to be confusion which, of course, that is a signature of Satan. And there are guidances and glue, and that is the geomancer platform in the ‘Spell book’ which we’ve talked about before. But it is no wonder that people are under this obedience spell and kind of in a trance-like state.

And so this system is going to be required, and you are going to be faced with it imminently: testing, vaccinations and the sensory tracing – the 24/7 tracing that we’ve talked about before. And I just want you to know that as of last week, I have found that no matter what you do, if you get tested (either the saliva, the prick or the blood), they are injecting you with the ‘hydrogel quantum dot’.. And so you are getting dosed at the time of testing. It is just the way that it is. Of course, you will get maybe a second or a booster during your vaccination, or multiple vaccinations, that it remains to be seen how many vaccinations we’re going to be having.

And, oh, let me back up for a sec.. The testing: you are going to have to be tested about every 30 days, and so you’re going to constantly be getting this ‘hydrogel quantum dot’ injected into your body. And then of course the sensory- sensory tracing is the ‘array’.. And we talked about that in the Scriptures. ‘Array’ is used in Genesis and Revelation in its ‘God’s Array’, but in the middle it is a war- An array always means like a weapon and tool of war. So you can see that throughout the Scriptures. And basically the bottom line: When you do the testing, the vaccination, or let’s say it’s just a sensory (you agree to a sensor being placed inside your body so that that public health knows your health condition), it is injecting the DnA of Satan.

Um, it’s probably the ‘fallen angels’, but basically their father is the ‘father of lies’ – um, Satan. So that is what is getting injected into your body, and that- What that does is, it turns you from a human to something unrecognisable by the Lord Jesus Christ. And so, I mean this is even for testing (much less the vaccinations) and in the sensory. So you need to really be thinking seriously how you are going to stand. We are supposed to stand; we are supposed to have opposed this type of a system, and it’s more than that: Our Eternal destiny is at work here. I wanted to- um, I did do an article and it’s at ‘Shepherd’s Heart dot life‘, so that.. And it has tons of links for you guys, so that you can just follow it and copy, and- and share it with your friends and your family.

So we see the Beast in Scripture, and so I give you an overview of the beast. And, of course, there is a beast that comes out of the sea, and then there is a beast that comes out of the earth..  And I’m wondering if this first beast is from the angelic kind that came out of the sea of the sky, because in the beginning, the firmament was. The Lord God separated the water. So there was the waters above which became Heaven, and the waters below.. And then the Earth would be earth and even the abyss.. And this is a techno beast..

And I first discovred, or clued in, that this was going to be happening when I tripped onto the ‘Philo code’ which was a new classification of life, because they knew that new species were going to be emerging.. and it left room for aliens, ETs, demons, the spiritual realm, synthetic life-forms, hybrid life-forms. And so this code was- this new code was pretty expansive. It replaced the ‘Linnaeus system’ that had been in place since Greek times. And I guess the first time that I really put two and two together was the exercise ‘Clay Decks’. It was a pandemic exercise and they were- that was code for these new life forms that we are seeing right now, and they are nano ‘syn-’ synthetic, bio or what I call ‘syn-bios’. So we already have been pretty permeated and saturated by these.

The only way that I believe personally, that we can survive in the Eternal realm is with the blood of Jesus.. Um, this was first proposed in 1975 at the first Asilomar Conference. Now, just refreshing your memory, there’s- there were three Asilomar conferences: there was the 1975 one that- that said that they wanted to genetically modify all biological life on Earth .. And what is the purpose of that? .. So they could patent- patent it. They can’t patent God’s Creation, but they can patent ‘it’ (any life-form that has been genetically altered), and that’s what we’re seeing.. And so pretty soon, Satan will own many many people because of this particular situation.

The second Asilomar [in 2010] was the Geo-engineering component, and the third component was released in 2018, and it was a framework for the B-system and artificial intelligence. Now this- You need to understand that the corona virus is not a virus like you know it. This is a nano- a nano particle .. synthetic. A biologically synthetic particle that has its hollow. And inside, it can contain its payload.. can contain like a virus, a fungus, about bacteria, parasites, chemicals, drugs, explosives, demons, spirits and even fallen angels, or Giant DnA. Any of those could be in the payload, and they have a mission. And that mission can be a precision strike against you personally and your body, or it can be against, like, large numbers of people, like if they just wanted to get a particular ethnic race or people that were non-compliant let’s say, to vaccines or something like that. They have the capability to do that.

And then, this allows plausible deniability, because there’s a lot of confusion. Is it a virus? Isn’t it a virus? There- we’re saturated with these nanoparticles and it is .. I can’t tell you, I’m getting thousands and thousands of peer review articles talking about this technology, and they all confirm one another that this is what is happening. And it is why the people did not respond- that when they got corona virus, they went to the hospital, they were in intensive care, um, and their lungs were filling up, the doctors assumed they had pneumonia. They didn’t have- I believe now, that they did not have pneumonia. What they had was a combination of things.. The nanoparticles swarmed in the lungs, clogging the lungs, causing some hemorrhagic action, um, and they just, you know, it .. When they swarm, they are multiplying in your body. They’re like- really like aphids in a way, and it’s then the person just dies.

These can also shape-shift at the command of the person that’s giving the orders for the particular mission. So, one week it could be MERs, another week it could be SARS, and another week it could be HIV, And that is one reason that there is no vaccine known to man that is going to stop it. Because really- it’s not really a virus and it’s not really a bacteria. It is a nanoparticle with a payload inside.. and whatever it is told to deliver. And it- it can get its orders, and because of like 3D printing it has that capability inside of it. It can, if it’s told, you know, do a fungus today, do a bacteria tomorrow, do a chemical – explode the body – um, spontaneous combustion. Any of these things are possible.

I believe that this technology has been around for a awhile. I first experienced it, myself, in 2002 and I almost died from it. And now it is so much more sophisticated than it was back then.. and that’s why we’re going to see coronavirus vaccine’ constructs, these are- They really will not address the issue that you think that you have, but they are there as a behaviour modification mechanism only. So you need to understand that. And this has been going on since, well, in 2000 basically.

So Python, the Python language – think of Tower of Babel. Now it’s ‘snake make’, and in the article it talks about- In this coding, it’s got ‘plots’, ‘transformation’, there’s commands and there are scripts, and then there’s two different parts of this pro[gram]-, of this. One is ‘Augur’, and this is really important that you read this article .. I’m not going to go into it too much, but ‘Augur’ is an official diviner of Ancient Rome. And why is that important? ..because of the prophecy in Daniel, um, and it’s so interesting how this makes so much sense now, because it was a stone not cut by human hands and a mountain filling the whole world. And then they talk about the mountain in Revelation 8, in the article. So you can read that. there’s also.. We’ll get to it in just a second .. I don’t want to lose my..

How I watch the pathogen is on a website called ‘nextstrain dot org’, nextstrain dot org – that’s one word, you know with the dot – and you can see that different pathogens were released in different parts of the world, like what hit China was different than what hit the United States, which is different from what hit Europe, which is different from what hit Iran, and so forth. And then they really go into the Augur thing, and they go into the ‘Clades’, which ‘Clades’ are the new classification of life that’s different. So, like, instead of having blue birds, um robins and hummingbirds (they’re all part of the bird family), like, humans are now in with birds, dinosaurs and arthropods. It makes absolutely no sense.

And they have specific signature mutations and those mutations can be caused, or can be- come about through God and His Laws of Nature. For instance, um , right now we’ve got- we’re at high cosmic rays.. the highest it’s been in 400 years, and that’s due to the Lord’s cycles that we’re going through and also His Judgment. But there are also weaponised designer pathogens that man decides to monkey with and engineer. So, we’ve got that going on, so the two kind of feed into each other. Then I go into masks are a part of this coding.. and kind of interesting about that. Um, Dr Fauci just said that ‘mask wearing does not really prevent infectious diseases, but it is a gesture of showing respect’. And so, masks are not about preventing infection but they’re about bowing- you bowing to god of social justice and respect. Now you think about that the next time someone starts trying to force you to wear a mask. And there’s a lot of other reasons not to wear the masks.

Furthermore, there are 3D masks that are being prepared for you, um that are going to yoke your- They’re going to make a 3D image of you, just like an image in, uh, Daniel’s image – the image of the Beast and, um, it’s going to link it up with your currency and your health care. And I go into that, and I provide you links. And then I go into ‘nextstrain’ and why it’s important and its design. It’s a little bit technical, and you can skip over the parts you don’t want to go into detail. But it really is important to understand, because as Scripture says, it’s line upon line, precept upon precept, and you need to get these- this understanding down now, because it’s every week, every day, every hour, every minute.. It is building. This is real-time artificial intelligence. The B-system is in animation and for you to understand and not get way behind in your understanding.

And why do you need to understand? Because you need to make some wise decisions, and they’re not going to be easy ones. They’re going to be decisions about family: Where are you going to live? How are you going to live? These types of things. And then I go into the witchcraft that we first- I first covered it with the Australian wildfires.. the United States deployed jets over [Australia], that had some autonomous and very unique witchcraft/ geomancer type technology. This is witchcraft they were using. And so right now over America in December [2019], 7 million drones were deployed over the United States .. We’ve got the satellites, we’ve got jets, and they’re using this geomancer technology which is witchcraft, and they are casting ‘spells’ over the whole Earth. So the whole Earth has become this snare or web of- of ‘SPELLS’, directed at, especially if you were a person of faith.

And so, I guess I- I kind of end my article, and I want to read this part so don’t mess it up …. “Are you going to lay down and sacrifice your life and blood on the alter of the virtual Beast, who seeks to devour and destroy you?? And So I’m pleading with you, really pleading with you, to lay down your life for the Good Shepherd Jesus who loves you and values you and cares about you. He shed His blood for you, so what more could He do to prove His love for you.” …. And so that’s the breaking news, and we will keep on top of it as- as the situation arises.



Celeste Solum – “The BEAST is Here!” – 7/13/20, with transcript

Jeffery Pritchett’s post

and the video

Celeste Solum’s article

This really is all about our spiritual life

Jesus- After the Second Coming, only two places to go

Mary – take care of your spiritual life



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    • nill

      the old witch is back. in july

      • Cara

        I wouldn’t kick her too much, nill, for telling the truth about what she knows. She’s not lying. There’s another one coming out about the Nibiru, so we’ve got that to face up to too.

        • nill

          i used to listen to steve quayle and all his minions, hagmann, adams, v, w, hodges…
          now i just listen to hawk. like listening to hawk. more realistic and he puts me to sleep

    • Central Scrutinizer

      This one gets a pass.

      The broad in the video is the textbook definition of a slow 3rd grade teacher.

      And we all know it’s not nice to make fun of the Short Bus kids, right Karen? :mrgreen:

      • westgate

        Read her Bio, then eat your words.

        • Cara

          Yes, she is a very very informed lady.. Thank you westgate. We’re into some serious business here both on the vaccine deception side (kontrol by others) and on the Nibiru side, which is going to upset everything. And as Celeste Solum says or infers in her video, our souls are at stake.. Our conscience is at stake.

          • Central Scrutinizer

            Care to offer a date (based on the slow 3rd Grade Teacher…… Perhaps she has more moxy than ‘The Good Dr. Sam-I-Am’, Please pass me a plate of Green Eggs&Ham)????? You’ve been shown to be totally, utterly, and completely wrong in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and now 2020?!?!?!

            How you still post this dreck is beyond unbelievable. You, Karen, have Zero Credibility. But it’s still fun to poke fun at you, like poking a caged rat with a stick.

            I’ll wait, under your skin, like the blowfly larvae, for your next DATE OF INFAMY!!!!!!!!!!!! <—— Insert dramatic music here.


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