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Tribulation and the birth of a new cycle - Talk on 'Cycles', given by the Archangel Michael in 2009

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This is a message given by the Archangel Michael through Dr Jean Luc Ayoun, in France, in French, in 2009, twelve years ago. Basically we are at the end of one cycle (duality, self/not-self) and at the beginning of another (Unity, ‘I AM’ in all things). We have a choice to make now, or very very soon … it’s already being pressaged (see link below): Do we want to stay in the duality or do we want to make the leap of faith to the Unity conscience? Archangel Michael explains it well, and what our possibilities are.

April 10, 2009

I am Michael, Prince and Regent of the Celestial Militia. Receive, all here present who are human souls in peregrination (travel), protection, love and Light. I come in front of you this day to express a certain number of things related to planetary physiology, the physiology of this solar system and the physiology of the human soul. As you know it, in all the universes and in all existing dimensions, the major omnipresent evolutionary principle, because related to the nature even of the emission of the central sun, is the concept of cycle within a dimension as also a cycle on the level of what you call the multidimensional worlds. This concept of cycle applies to any form of life, whatever it is. The concept of cycle corresponds to the basic principle of the physiology, thus in a way episodical but especially cyclic, which is to pass by a precise point again.

This precise point, this return to the starting point of the cycle, is the allegory and the symbol of the return to the Unity, preliminary to any transformation of a form of life into the another form of life, or a form of a dimension into another dimension. This principle of the cycle is there to recall that any form of life comes from the Unity – comes from the Unity and turns over to the Unity. This physiological principle does not suffer any exception from the densest dimensions up to those which are even inconceivable to your spirit for the moment. You know it, and I announced it to you in my first arrival in this year: you are at the dawn of a new cycle, you have thus arrived at the end of a cycle. This end of cycle relates to the human body as well as the planetary body and the whole of the bodies and the suns of your galaxy, and the whole of the galaxies of this area of the universe.

Who says completion of cycle, says return of the snake which bites the tail to a precise return which you must recall even by his existence, his presence and his crossing.
The notion is one of the Unity of any Creation, even within the densest worlds where prevails division, separation and exclusion. This principle which prevails for any form of life is today an element and an event which concerns you as human souls, as well as your planet, the solar system and the whole of the solar systems in their round around a central point from where all comes and to where all will return one day. This is the concept even of the principle cyclic. Who says completion of a cycle, says starting of a new cycle. This starting of a new cycle can be done within the same dimension, in a lower dimension or a higher dimension. Who says finish of cycle says also transformation of forms of life within the same dimension as in the infra-dimensional worlds that you do not know, and transformation in the multiple worlds of dimensions to which as yet you have only temporary access.

The important thing about this moment it is that it must be located as a point of impulse of a new evolutionary loop but also as at a point of resolution of the same evolutionary loop. Who says resolution, after impulse of the starting point, means that you return in a precise point, and in this precise point a certain number of choices are possible as to the future of the physiological system considered. This evolution being able to be done within the same dimension, higher dimensions or lower dimensions, also by keeping same expressed form of life or by changing expressed form of life, and while changing or not changing dimension.

You have arrived at this ultimate moment. This moment reproduces only every 52,000 years. It corresponds, in this solar system, and more particularly on this planet but also for other planets, with an extremely precise evolutionary cycle. You impelled and initialized this cycle, for the majority among you, having accompanied this creation project in dissociated third dimension (I will explain to you a little later what this third dissociated dimension is). Nevertheless for the majority among you, you today are the recipient of the completion of a cycle which you initialized in this dimension and this dissociation. Who says completion of a cycle, says resolution.

The resolution implies necessarily a process of conscientisation, a process of training related to the lived experience. This concept of return to the same cyclic point, will also make it possible to release, for the whole of creation, the assets related to the exploration of this dimension. I called the world where you live a world of the third dissociated dimension. There exists in various universes worlds of the third not dissociated dimension. What does one call world of the third dissociated dimension? It is about a world where the experience of the incarnation, descent in the matter, is accompanied by a loss of the conscious connection with your Unity and your Divinity. That is a choice which you made as a soul, but impelled by what you call Lipika karmic, or a Lord of Karma, which deals with the destiny of a complete evolutionary cycle. There exist unified dimensions at the level of the third in which the cut with the memory of the Unity, with the junction of the Unity, was not carried out. These people there, these forms of life there, these physiologies there, try out a body of the third dimension while being aware of their Divinity, which was not your case where you incarnate yourselves for eons. More precisely for more than 52,000 years.

Today you arrive at the space of resolution. What is this space of resolution? It is the moment when the whole of the memories related to the lived experiments in an individual and collective way, find their space of resolution. What is the nature of a space of resolution of memories? It is a space where the conscientisation of what was lived by the ones, the others and the whole of humanity in incarnation and the solar systems in incarnation, will be revealed in the conscience. By an abuse of language, certain writings compared that to the end of a world but certainly not to the end of the life. Quite to the contrary. As you will realize soon, whatever your choice of destiny and whatever your choice of the way you go during this period that I called deconstruction, you will rebuild a new identity, a new programming. Whatever your choices, you will have to make with your identity something again. Nevertheless, there exists in all the space, at the time of the phases of resolution, the forces which are opposed to this space of resolution for the very simple reason that the space of resolution completes the cycle and thus finishes a form of demonstration.

Your form of dissociated three-dimensional demonstration allowed the creation of a certain number of forces that were evolving/moving on their own account inside you and also inside the whole of your planetary system. You can call that égrégore or égrégore mental or, if you prefer it, mental conscience. The mental conscience is the prerogative of the dissociated third dimension. This mental conscience exists only with the center, even of this incarnation in this dissociated world. The center is thus a creation specific to your own creation. And this one pertinently knew since its creation that it belonged to a cycle not having access to eternity. Thus each one among you, each physiological system present at the surface of this planet and the physiology even of this planet is mourning the loss of what you call the mental one. This one was made necessary by the principle, even of your dissociation in incarnation. Nevertheless the process operating in this cycle is dependent on your mental, and does not have any more reason to exist as from the moment when you finish a cycle.

Nevertheless, and you understand it, resistances can be inside, and even if you accept the end of this cycle, in the conscience of this cycle that knows it is the end. The mental one must be transformed into a new force which was authenticated, tested for more than 60 of your terrestrial years, corresponding to 2 generations, in order to prepare what comes now towards you. Very logically, being still in a three-dimensional dissociation, you are obliged to serve yourself that which is condemned to disappear. This can be the cause of a certain number of tensions but also of resistances, even of contradictions inside you.

I have explained to you for a long time the vibration of the pressure of the ultra-violet which goes down towards you, relayed by myself and especially by the vibration from the Father on the level of the Central Sun from the galaxies, on the level of Alcyone. Before now, the Light had only to make the mental vibration. The mental one was a tool which was entrusted to you but which nevertheless will never make it possible to reach a multidimensional world. It enables you to carry the Divine in you, even in the center of this dimension, but in no case will it allow you to reach the multidimensional world. This balances in one certain measure the lesson which was given to you by various models, in particular the Eastern but also the Western, concerning the evolution of this operating process.

You are at a time which is a space of resolution. The space of resolution is registered, as I already said, at the level of the planetary cycles, and even as you traverse it in the cycle of you as a human soul incarnated in a body. You should well understand that what you adhered to does not have more existence than your thoughts. The world that you created is resulting from a thought. You took part in a thought dissociated in order to make the experiment of dissociation. The experiment of dissociation with your Unity foremost was simply intended to strengthen in you your connection with this Unity. Indeed, the deprivation, during a long time for you in this dimension corresponding to a complete cycle in this dimension, will permit you, once this one will have disappeared, if such is your choice, to understand your connection with the Unity without understanding it with the mental one, but the mental one was indeed the tool which enabled you to strengthen your bond of Divinity with its power, by its absence, even that was made possible.

Nevertheless there exists a combat between the old forces and the new forces. This exists at each space of resolution of cycle, which is not the case at the time of the impulse of a new cycle where there cannot be tension but simply adhesion of the whole of people taking part in the creation of a new cycle. Thus it was here, more than 50,000 years ago at the time of the initialization of this dissociated third dimension. Whatever your choices, and whatever your vibratory possibilities in the extremely short time that remains for you to live in this dimension, you will be able to create, by the impulse of a new cycle whose first steps are felt inside some among you, an impulse unified towards a novel mode of demonstration and life. The cycle of impulse corresponds to one moment of extreme joy contrary to the period at the end of a cycle where, nevertheless, it will belong to you to make mourning of what must be made.

Many lessons are insistent near you, for many years already, in a strong way, on what was called by them to release what was taken. To release a catch means that before this period you held onto something that was taken. To release what was taken is a conscious, mental and voluntary act. Nevertheless it will be asked of you soon, to pass to a later stage and a stage quite higher than the releasing of the taken. This stage has as a name: abandonment and it rises directly from the passage of the human government to a divine government. You must give your Spirit, your conscience, your will, your soul and the totality of the creation that you are to the divine will. This can be done only by one deed of assignment. This is your only way of leaving the action/reaction to penetrate again the domain of the Unity, where the action/reaction, i.e. the duality, cannot have course and where only the laws of Unity appear which absolutely have nothing to see in what you have experimented with until now.

This stage is at the same time a great hope, a great joy but, at the same time in consciousness, a great suffering. This great suffering coincides, at the moment when it becomes extreme and unbearable, with the most extreme of the joys. There cannot be any distance between the suffering and the joy. They are the two slopes of the same reality. This reality must be solved in a Unity which I would call the ecstasy cycle or interior joy. This corresponds to one exact moment of your life in this end of cycle. This one will be announced to you at the favorable moment preceding by a little time the moment of the end of this dimension. Your degree of preparation must be centered from now on on the acceptance of the pressure of the ultra-violet which is, I point out to you, a vibratory quality of particular conscience, relayed by the Central Sun, the Will of the Father and the emission of the Father, as you name it.

Nevertheless be conscious that to release the taken is not enough, that the abandonment is the total abandonment to this Light, its desires, its will. Because the Light is Intelligence, the Light is Conscience, the light is Truth, the Light is Unity. And you must follow what the Light says to you. And you should not follow any more what the men say to you, what logic says to you, what the mental one says to you. There will soon not be any other alternative, and to say, as was said by your greater initiate: “that Your will is done and not mine”. And, there, as from this moment when you accept and live this sentence – when you dare to cross the step, you realize that your whole life, in spite of the little time that will remain to live in this dimension, will proceed under the auspices of what is multidimensional, as for your access to these multidimensional realities, as for the unfolding even of your life which will be done according to the laws of synchronicity, fluidity, Unity and especially of interior joy.

But, nevertheless, this choice must be formal. It does not act under more than one mental choice, as do your circumstances, as do the ideals which you marry, but it does act well with the reality of the total abandonment to the will of the Father, or the Light if you prefer. One thus needs during this period, and the pressure of the vibration of the ultra-violet is there to help you, to go towards this choice if that is what you feel inside your heart. This in order to enable you to reach the ultimate preliminary stage so that you call to ascension, or so that you call forth rebirth. It does not matter the choices. Once again, one like the other will require a form of abandonment but more than ever, the access to the multidimensionality of your being requires the abandonment of your will to a will external to yours which is the will of the Light, which is well beyond the will of your soul, but which is joined in finality to the will of your Spirit as for its [the soul's] creation and to its own finality. This is extremely important.

In order to release with cycle abandonment, there exist still some small mountains to be climbed. These mountains are only illusions built by your mental one adapted to this dissociated third-dimensional dimension. Nevertheless, the passage to the unification can only be done provided you agree to unify yourself with the Source first. This passes by total acceptance and is a precondition in order to carry out your Unity. At this time you will not be able to have any more to do with the spirit – the contingencies which I would call material, mental, emotional, affective, social and all that composes your life in this dimension. You will be in one moment of doubt where last resistances will attack you in all parts.

Nevertheless, if you made confidence, completely, with the vibration that I relay to you, if you made confidence completely with the dimension of the Father, with the dimension of the Unity, the dimension of the Light, it will arrive with you as nothing because the Light preserves you, the Light will shelter you and the Light enables you to go where you must go independently of the obstacles which are able to be drawn up. This is extremely important. It is the same for your physiology as a dissociated human soul. It was in the same way for the physiology of the planet which tested dissociation at the same time as you (through his external coat that you press in this dimension, therefore exteriorized, that you traversed). The dissociation is between its external coat and its true interior dimension which, like you, hides in the center of this sphere that you call the Earth.

In the middle of the Earth the conscience of the Divinity of the Earth is. This one, in this moment and already since a certain number of years, answers the impulse initialized initially by your Central Sun which was Sirius and then maintained by Alcyone in order to enable you to answer. And the Earth answers it also at this distance existing between its outside and its interior being. It is revealing its interior outside. That appears by what I called the ‘volcanoes in eruption’ and the elementary modifications which are arriving in great steps and which knock now on the door of your different continents. You entered important demonstrations many times, and with each recovery, it was required of you to be held informed but not to take part in that. You have enough to do with what occurs inside your beings and what will occur more and more because the question, believe it well, will appear within your conscience, even if the choice of the Light is, for some among you, anchored and stabilized perfectly.

The stage is not any more to release it taken but the total abandonment to the will of the Light because the Light is conscious and conscience, it knows what it wants, it knows what it must do to make you find the way of the Unity and to permit you to complete this three-dimensional dissociated cycle under the merriest possible conditions. You will find, for those among you who wish it and who will have the force to give up the totality of your personality and your dimension, you will find the Unity by keeping the conscience of all that you were but also the EC of what you will be. You will arrive, at a given moment, the point called by some “item zero”. At this item zero, you will be aware of your past but also you will be aware of your future because at this item zero no more time ago. There is just the abandonment to the will of the Light.

The abandonment to the will of the Light is accompanied by a resolution of memories. You know from where you come but you know also what you will borrow. This is not a dream, this is the truth. The truth occurs only in these exact moments of changes of cycles and in particular with regard to your dissociated three-dimensional aspect. It is the same for all the other planets in this solar system, which for the majority already (as you see it in an external way) gave up this dissociated three-dimensionality (for some of them a very long time ago) but nevertheless were obliged to accompany, while cutting this externality, while living inside these planets at the level of the planetary conscience, like physiologies of the fifth dimension which they shelter while living inside these planets. Nevertheless the problem is different.

It is that today, the whole of this solar system is promised with a rise, as you define it. This is a total change of operating process of the consciences concerned. That concerns, in a synchronous way, the sun, the other planets, the satellites, the human conscience and also the vegetable, animal and mineral conscience. This abandonment is not an intellectual act. It is enough to let you penetrate by the pressure of the vibration of the ultra-violet so that this one works in you and prepares you for this ultimate choice of the abandonment or not the abandonment. For that you must be sprinkled, literally, permanently, with this energy of the ultra-violet.

This one, I point out to you, generally chooses to penetrate by the top of your head and must arrive in a short time and run at the latest, by that I would mean, at the end of your year but, I would say, at best, before the end of your June, you must have stabilized these energies in the middle of your being. Because it is this energy, this conscience there which will activate in you this ultimate stage of the abandonment to the will of the Light, if that is your choice. Nevertheless the more you will stabilize, the more you will literally sprinkle your heart with the pressure of the energy of the ultra-violet, and the more it will be for you something which will be done in instantaneity. and not in a time which would be likely to make you suffer in a useless way. This is now. This is not in ten years. This is not in a year but this, and that now belongs to my preparation which I bring to you in order to allow myself to assemble your system, in order to enable you to constitute, in a final way, your twelve bits of DNA corresponding to the twelve stars which your solar system in its new dimension will comprise, at least for those who will accompany it. This is extremely important but I had said to you that I will return there after your Paschal weekend.

I invite you, during the period of the full moon which you live since yesterday and under the influence of which you will be for 3 to 4 days still, I urge to you to direct the pressure of the vibration that you receive, in a conscious way to the middle of your chest, even if that must occupy you a relatively long time. You profit, during this period, from a major surge of conscience which will make work (because it is well of a work that it acts) much easier. This period will be repeated, obviously at convenient periods and, in particular, at the full moon of bull (i.e. in May) but also at the period which was called Ascension and Pentecost (May 31st) which remain for you to live until the period of your summer solstice. This is capital. Benefit from these periods when you feel the pressure of the radiation which penetrates you, to lead in conscience this vibration into your heart because, for the moment, whatever your advance on the way of the return to the Unity and of the passage by this end of cycle, you are very few who are able to live the abandonment with the will of the Father because this supposes and implies, in an objective way, the loss of all your reference marks whatever they are.

As long as you will not have agreed to live this stage which corresponds, in symbolic manner to a death, such as you live it when you leave the incarnation, if you do not accept that, you will not pass the narrow door. This must be carried out, I said it to you, at the latest before the beginning of the Autumn. This is what you have to do in a priority way. Be satisfied to hold yourselves also informed on what occurs on this planet. I lengthily explained to you the luminous phenomena. I also explained to you the phenomena related to the elementary demonstrations. I said to you and repeated that those were going to develop to reach their acme, their maximum potential, at the beginning of your summer. This is now. This is not the next year. This is my role. This is important before living what you will have to live now, I think, the next year and what is called the reversal. However, you will not be able to make the reversal of your physiologies without living the total abandonment with the will of the Unity, with the will of the ultra-violet that I relay to you.

Liked well human souls in incarnation here, this what I had to transmit to you today. Try, initially, to conceptualize (even if you cannot substantiate it), what this word means: abandonment, to give up. That is what this implies on the level of your conscience, on the level of your lives, the level of your desires, on the level of your will even, towards the Light. This is capital. It is a reflection and one lived which I engage you to live, in the second time. Compared to this process, and this one only, if you have interrogations, I want to try well to answer it.


Question: does that mean that it is advisable to stop any activity, any project?
This cannot be dictated by your mental because that could be an error. The mental one will once mislead you on two, in a general way. On the other hand, if this decision comes from your conscience, without analysis of your mental tool, as for your situations, as for what you made of your lives, it will be necessary to follow the impulse. The impulse will come from the heart. If you feel that is necessary, it will have to be done, whatever the price to be paid because, at this time there, some among you will be obliged to make choices which will engage them according to their spiritual opening, either with a return in this dissociated three-dimensional cycle in another space/time, or definitively to connect the Light. The question is not any more a question of choice. The choice, a number among you here present, already posed it. The question now is to give up oneself to the will of what comes, which is not completely the same thing.

Now, the principal abandonment is indeed the abandonment to the reality of your life. It is nothing if I qualified that as the equivalent of a death. When you pass on other side and you give up this body (by a physiological process that you called until now death) you give up all that made your identity ici-bas in this reality in which you live, but nevertheless that is not the end. In the same way it will be advisable for you to give up all the transitory characters, all the parts which you play in all the aspects of your life, but that could not be a decision taken by your intellect, it must only result from the pressure of your heart. Nevertheless, at the time when you will feel that the hour of the abandonment is there, do not forget that your mental knows that it will die. It will send injunctions to you because it is obvious that this tool will seek to prevent you, with its manner, from reaching the Unity. This is a logic related to the maintenance and the cohesion of any form of life, whatever the dimensional state to which this form of life belongs. This is logical. This is standard and does not have to throw you into a panic in addition to being measured.

Remember that the phase of the abandonment corresponds to a mechanism of death with all your attachments and all your beliefs, without exception. You must pass from ‘knowing’ to ‘being’. There is not another possibility. To pass to the being requires to be what one is. To be what one is corresponds to very safe so that you created and expressed in this dimension whatever the bonds, the attachments and the pleasures which you created. This is the ultimate stage. The best analogy than I can find is that where you face the transition called death, except that, there, there is no death in the literal sense and physical. There is a transsubstantiation, which is not completely the same thing.

Question: is the radiation of the energy of the ultra-violet also done during the night?
Yes. This one is done at various times of your days and your nights which will be developing as for the level of the time slots and the pulse repetition frequency relayed by the various coteries of Light.

Question: you had said that this radiation impacts first the highest point of the body…

Question: what is it during the night?
In the same way. It is exactly the same thing which occurs.

Question: would that thus return by the crown?
When that is possible and just, that returns by the crown.

Question: as the astral one is in phase of dissolution, what in its intermediate stages existed first, after the departure from this plane by death?
It has created, at the borders of your galaxy a dimensional hopper of reserve. This dimensional hopper of reserve was created here since seven years. It is there that are put (I was going to employ the word to store), in a transitory way, the souls which left your dimensional plane and which wait for the end of the cycle, to make their choice.

Question: during this phase of waiting are there processes of rebuilding?
The processes of rebuilding are permanent. It is not a more privileged moment. All your life, and especially in this end of cycle, are moments of deconstruction and rebuilding. But that was always the case.

Question: who is in charge of these phases of rebuilding?
I do not see the interest to answer this question. In the same way that you have multiple places of care on the surface of this planet, there exists on the level of the not incarnated worlds, always three-dimensional and not dissociated, multiple structures for reception, care and transformations.

Question: what will become of the people, the souls who do not wish these transformations?
That is their role, that is their function, that is their freedom. These souls there have to start again a 52,000 years cycle, being three-dimensional dissociated, until the time that they find their Unity again. That was their oath of the soul at the time of their first descent into this dissociated dimension. The oath of the soul is of going until the end, until the moment of the end of this cycle (of this one or others) where these souls there will be able to find their Unity. They have all their time within the meaning of time such as you live it.

Question: how is explained division between the third dimensions dissociated and unified?
It already seems me to have answered in the explanations that I gave you, namely that the difference between the third dissociated dimension and the third unified dimension is simply a problem of perception, design and real connection to your Unity present or goes away, in one case and the other.

We do not have any more questionings. We thank you.
Human souls in incarnation, I bring to you, once again, all my protection, all my love and before leaving you with your dimension, I would wish to make you profit from a surge of this pressure of the radiation of the ultra-violet and, if possible, leading it well in lower part of your head, to direct it, towards the directional plane, on the level of your heart. That is it for now. Receive my grace, my blessings and my Love.

… Overflowing of energy…

I leave you now. I again speak to you in one week of your time when we will start to approach the mystery of twelve stars and thus of your twelve bits of DNA because that belonged to your heritage and the choices which you must, finally, know and recognize. Be blessed. You are loved by the Light.



Msg no. 59, April 10th, 2009 (in French)

Total Surrender, given to Roxanne, October 27th, 2021
      a strength, not a weakness

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