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Tribulation - 'China’s Nightmarish New Bio Weapon Targets Race and Ethnicity', researched by Laowhy, posted October 8th 2021

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This is the second posting of this, because the first, posted by Freedom Bunker, did not receive many views… It’s too important to let pass… Before the end-of-time and the beginning of eternity (limitless conscience). the frequencies which have held us to the third dissociated dimension, have to be transmuted/purified, before the Earth can ascend in frequency to the fifth dimension where mind is king. Mind being the creator of our reality, our expression. Therefore, certain things have to happen before a sense of unity can exist in our minds… hence in our environments. And this apparently is one of them.. Follow the links as you will, and weigh up to your own satisfaction what is being presented.

given by laowhy86

October 8th 2021

China’s War Ambitions: race and ethnicity targeting bioweapons.. Hear me out. I am the first person to dispel myths, over reporting or just sensationalism in general. I just don’t like it. Lots of people get China wrong, both positively and negatively. and I have to say, “I’ve avoided covering this discovery because of just how crazy it actually sounds”. But here’s the deal.. I lived in China for 10 years and I’m very very careful about what I cover, because I need to fully understand a topic before speaking on it.. But recently, I’ve stumbled across something, and when I read about it and fact checked it, and came to fully understand it.. it turned out to be one of the most disturbing and sinister ambitions I’ve ever seen from the Chinese Government … And now that I do understand it, I think that there is an incredibly important lesson to learn from it. We need to talk about something, and that something is called “precision medicine“.

image 'precision medicine'

Precision medicine looks at the genetics, you know, the DNA, the environment, the lifestyle of a person in order to select a better treatment that could work best for them. It’s simple to understand the basics.. All you need to know is that understanding the genome or the human DNA structure can target certain diseases like Alzheimer’s or Cancer – amazing stuff really. The U.S.A. launched a precision medicine initiative, and it pumped an initial investment of 215 million dollars into it. I want you to remember that figure for later. An amazing example of ‘precision medicine’ is the University of Wisconsin scientists who made an exogenous naked DNA and injected it into the veins for easy access into muscle cells for gene therapy. Does that not sound amazing? We might be looking at a future with less and less disease, longer life spans, more time with loved ones, with less pain and less suffering,

Until you understand the Chinese Government and the People’s Liberation Army, the army of China’s ambitions truly are, in fact let me quote a colonel of the China’s People’s Liberation Army, Guo Ji Wei, Director of Medical Affairs, with the exact same quote I just told you, but this time I’ll finish this sentence. “University of Wisconsin scientists have made an exogenous, naked DNA and injected it into veins for easy access into muscle cells for gene therapy. By combining this knowledge and particle-gun technology, we could create a microbullet out of one micrometer (1-μm) of Tungsten or gold ion, on whose surface plasmid DNA or naked DNA could be precipitated, and deliver the bullet via a gunpowder explosion, electron transmission, or high pressure gas, to penetrate the body’s surface. We could then release DNA molecules to integrate with the host’s cells through blood circulation and cause disease or injury by controlling genes.

Do you ever wonder why the Chinese Government was so eager to get genetic information from a large sample of global gene data from pregnancy tests and DNA tests and other things. If you didn’t know, China has access to an incredible amount of people’s DNA, maybe even yours. A Chinese company, BGI [Beijing Genomics Institute] sold international pregnancy tests. So far, more than 8 million women have taken BGI’s prenatal tests globally. Not only that, but multiple Chinese companies have contracts to access U.S. genetic data. I’m not kidding.. John Hopkins, Mount Sinai.. These institutions receive U.S. genetic data .. Some of these companies even have U.S. holdings to process data. And why could China want to access all of this data? Well the answers are a lot more nefarious than I had originally thought. You see, the Chinese military owns that company, you know, that one [BGI] that made the pregnancy test, and it might be connected to something that we once only thought was in science fiction nightmares.

China comes up with something called a ‘five year plan’ for everything.. It’s a communist thing. They come up with these goals and targets that they must hit, and when they don’t, they move the goal post and say they did. A great example would be Xi Jinping, the leader of China’s ‘Poverty Alleviation’ campaign. It was declared in a five-year plan that China would completely eradicate poverty .. Fast forward five years and of course there was still poverty in China, but they had to say that they finished it off. So now the standard of poverty has been changed to only 400 some dollars per year. That’s pretty poor if you ask me! … Anyway, the five-year plan in question today is the one put forward about ‘precision medicine’ .. If you look at the outline, it really looks fine and dandy until you get to the last and final feature. It says, “National security focus includes special limitations on foreign access (Article 7): Foreign organizations, individuals and their institutions, established or actually controlled, shall not collect or preserve human genetic resources in China within the territory of our country, and may not provide human genetic resources of our country abroad.

So basically, China has an access to a plethora of foreign genome data, and it restricts the outside world from its own. A bit suspect, but hey, that’s just how China does everything, right? Then you look at the investment thrown at the technology. … Do you remember when I told you to remember that 215 million dollar figure from earlier? That’s what the U.S. invested in the technology for disease prevention and treatment .. Do you know how much the Chinese Government invested?  9.2 billion dollars. The U.S. invested 2 percent of what China did! And it might not be for what the CCP wants you to think it’s for.

image investment in precision medicine

Enter, ‘civil-military fusion’, or dual use biology. It was adopted in 2016, alongside that ‘precision medicine’ thing I just told you about. So as not to make any mistakes, let me just quote the Chinese military and scientists directly: “The weaponization of biological bodies will become a reality in the future. Biotechnology will make biological weaponization a reality. New non-traditional forms of confrontation such as biological attack, biological destruction and ecological control will become possible. Bio technological weapons can cause destruction that is both more powerful and more civilized than that caused by conventional killing methods, like gunpowder or nuclear weapons. The increased pace of development of modern biotechnology tells us that the day on which we will begin to make full military use of its advantages is not too far off. We believe that command of military biotechnology is a reasonable scientific presumption, not a scientific illusion.” Emphasis was placed on the potential offensive applications of biotechnology, including ethnic genetic attacks. In other words, attacks that target specific races or ethnic groups of people.

Through gene manipulation, we can attack or injure one or more key human physiological functions (the ability to learn, memorize, keep one’s balance, or perform fine motor activities). When attacking an enemy with biotechnological military weapons, we could cause physiological dysfunction by producing an ultramicro damaging effect to a gene’s or a protein’s structure and functioning. Precision injury and ultramicro damage are two vulnerating methods based on genomics and proteomics. Unlike weapons that use ammunition whose damaging effects can only be ascertained after shooting, we can test in a laboratory the degree of damage biotechnological weapons produce. We can control the degree of  injuries and damage produced and even provide an antidote or a cure (a vaccine, a counter-vulnerating agent, or a piece of bioinformation). Providing such an anodyne to our enemies would represent real “mercy”‘.

You see, China has agreed to non-proliferation of bioweapons, and it stated that it abandoned all bioweapons research that it previously pursued. It also consistently denied any interest or pursuit of biological in formal statements, declarations and disclosures by its state leaders and media. However, I want you to pay very close attention to this.. It also states: “China should not hesitate – if it should have to defend itself – to use as many means of warfare as possible, including weapons that are not ‘permitted’ by international law and the rules of war, such as chemical and biological weapons.” Do you understand the absolute hypocrisy of these statements? .. This is something that the Chinese Government does in business trade agreements and world institutions. They say one thing and they do another. And you, behind the language barrier, do not understand why they’re doing so.

Whether it’s lab born, or natural, the pandemic has been a fantastic proof of concept for the Chinese Government to show how devastating a negative biological impact can be, and has successfully tested how it can be used for domestic propaganda. In other words, look at the rest of the world, at economic and social squalor, bickering over vaccines and turning the pandemic into a partisan issue. Think Republican versus Democrat, while we, China,  have controlled the narrative and blocked enough information about the true devastation of the virus here at home, that the Chinese populace sees us, the CCP, as not only the victors but also the saviours. There is a fantastic podcast I just listened to, from my buddy Jordan Harbinger – he’s a good friend of mine, he puts on an excellent show. But he just interviewed a guy named Rob Reid, on episode 510. The episode is called, ‘Why the Future is a Good Kind of Scary’. They talk about while the fact that Covid19 has been devastating on a global scale, it is comparatively benign when we consider how bad it could have been with a deadlier more transmissible virus, and a decimated infrastructure without access to basic necessities. He talks about why ‘gain of function‘ research is so dangerous, and he talks about how the death toll inflicted by the society’s mass murderers is limited only by the weapons that they have available. It’s absolutely fascinating stuff and I highly highly recommend you check it out. It’s completely free.. link is down in the description and the pinned comment … Definitely definitely give it a listen. And don’t forget to subscribe. No matter where you get your podcast, make sure you subscribe to the show. Highly recommend it.

But riddle me this:  How are we not paying attention. to the fact that high-ranking people in the Chinese military are publishing books and papers, and possibly coinciding with bio-military research that quite literally is a biological weapon, that targets the human genome to specifically attack certain ethnicities and races? And they are using American and international data to do so. All.. while blocking the world from from access to their own data. There is a serious imbalance in how China is treated. And no… I am not calling for war – war is devastation.. Bad information led to the Iraq War. Immoral torture techniques used by the U.S. Government on terrorists, misled American leaders to think that there was a connection between Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, in it led to literal devastation, and it was unnecessary at that. Colin Powell led us Americans to believe, based on his intel, that there was going to be biological weapons of mass destruction against Americans, and we went to war. And countless people died. Billions of dollars were lost and over 200,000 people have died at the hands of both sides since the U.S. invaded Iraq. That disaster was from weak and bad information … And guess what? Here we are with actual documents from the Chinese military which outline research about how to racially target people’s genetics of certain ethnicities to torture, disable and murder them. And somehow that’s okay.

We have a country’s government with more than four million people’s blood on their hands, because its face, reputation and pride, was more important than being transparent and stopping the spread of a deadly pandemic. Its lies did this to the world. And to rub salt in the wound, it blames the U.S.A. and other countries for the origin,  and threatens military conflict. We, and the rest of the world, usually say we should treat China with compassion and understanding. Meanwhile China says, ‘Kill all foreigners with bioweapons’. However, we don’t need to respond with hate, ‘No’. Inclusion and understanding is one of the best attributes of American culture. It’s  not perfect but I believe that America is a nice country, with people for the most part who are very welcoming. I think, China is the same .. I spent 10 years there. It’s one of my favorite places in the entire world. It’s a beautiful country with friendly people, but the Chinese Government is hell-bent on changing that. And in a culture of face, like China .. you know reputation .. the Chinese Government needs to stop getting a free-pass on everything … They need to lose face diplomatically. China should not be allowed to participate in global institutions when it constantly and consistently breaks the rules.- points the blame, and gets a pass after making serious threats at the free world.

Military incursions, bioweapons, censorship government, sponsored xenophobia, genocide and weaponized nationalism, all while laughing at the polarization that the pandemic has caused:. The vaccine versus no vaccine protests, the partisan issues, the division. This diversion is a diversion away from what the Chinese Government is actually doing right now. How do you not see it yet, and if nothing is done now ___ THEN WHAT?



China’s Nightmarish New Bio Weapon Targets Race and Ethnicity

“gain of function”
“Gain-of-function (GOF) research involves experimentation that aims or is expected to (and/or, perhaps, actually does) increase the transmissibility and/or virulence of pathogens.”

The Rockefeller Foundation’s ‘Lockstep 2010′
“Create a very contagious but super low mortality rate virus to create– to fit the needed plan. And they have SARS / HIV – the hybrid research strain. So you see it is not  a purely viral thing. It’s a hybrid research strain created at Fort Detrick class-4 lab, from 2008 to 2013 as part of a research period to find out why corona virus spread like wildfire in bats, but have an extremely hard time infecting humans. Hence the four HIV inserts, also known as the missing key to infect the humans– this ‘ACE2 receptor’, in brackets [angiotensin converting enzyme 2].. Create a weaponized version of the virus with a much higher mortality rate as a back up plan, ready to be released in phase-three. But only if needed. And they have, in brackets, SARS, HIV, MERS – Middle Eastern respiratory um disease or something – a weaponizd tri-brid strain created at Fort Detrick class-4 lab in 2015.”

In 2005, the then defence minister’s speech to his generals’sPlanToConquer.htm
“Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves.
|| There has been rapid development of modern biological technology, and new bio weapons have been invented one after another. Of course we have not been idle; in the past years we have seized the opportunity to master weapons of this kind. We are capable of achieving our purpose of ‘cleaning up’ America all of a sudden.”

Divine forbearance is over
“I AM has waited hoping you would turn back individually and collectively, from the destruction of the Truth, Natural Law, Ten Commandments and what the Apostles, Prophets & Evangelists, wrote in My Book. But you have gone farther than the pagans of the Ancient World, in your pursuit of lust, perversion, greed, murder, war, abortion, your own egos, wills, lies and machinations. For All The Poisons you have injected yourselves with, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, will All Now Hatch Out! And Be Seen By All! With The 4th Variant, which will be released by the evil one’s minions!
|| A howl will go up to My Throne, but it will be too late. You will drop like flies, both left and right down dead in the streets. Read Psalm 91. A stench will go up to My Throne, but it will be turned back and forced into the earth itself, that will open up to swallow all the evil ones, who have taken the Mark of The Beast and rejected their Creator, those who would not Repent.”

1st variant – a hybrid SARS and HIV
2nd variant – the Delta variant coming from the mRNA Vaccine
3rd variant – a tri-brid SARS, HIV and MERS
4th variant – which Jesus speaks about

3:75.. Very great plague will come with the great shell,
Relief near, and the remedies very far.

A.A. Allen
“And even as I had seen the Statue struggling to regain her poise and balance, and finally falling to die on her face, I now saw millions of people falling in the streets, on the sidewalks, struggling. I heard their screams for mercy and help. I heard their horrible coughing as though their lungs had been seared with fire.”

Sarah Hoffman
“I knew that the diseases, and there were several different kinds, but at first primarily these two, came from small containers that had been brought into the United States. These containers were like quart jars and I was impressed that the people carrying them would just drop them on the ground in large crowds of people and the people would become infected without realizing it.”

Mary’s Messages



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    • Hsaive

      You made an error by claiming Covid-19 was a devastating disease. It was no more than a Flu season at best. In fact all the deaths of 2020 can be explained by FLU, pneumonia and other annual LRI diseases.

      This has been proven by looking back at statistics of all-cause mortality over previous years. This fact severely cripples your hypothesis and obstructs the truth that the Covid-19 vaccines are the real bioweapon possibly inspired or even controlled by the Chinese. Take note that China is not using and mRNA vaccine on it’s own people because they have determined to be the surviving race, culture and future of planet earth. By eliminating the competitive races in Western nations they also destroy their export market. This seems like an economic mistake for China until you realize the GREAT RESET will change all economic paradigms to communism where only the state (China) profits by the labor of others.

      • Cara

        China hasn’t started its run yet, but the United States has with its Covid19, the Covid Vaxx bringing on the Delta Variant, and waiting in the wings is the tri-brid strain developed at Fort Detrick, as per the Rockefeller Foundation’s lockstep 2010… As far back as 2005 China revealed its intention to use the bioweapons… but it hasn’t started yet.

    • Central Scrutinizer

      “This is the second posting of this, because the first, posted by Freedom Bunker, did not receive many views”…

      Well, maybe because the first post, just like this second one, ……. is total BUNK?!?! Perhaps?

      Kick in Cake, “Perhaps, perhaps….. Perhaps”!!!! :mrgreen:

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