US for Palin
Ron Devito is a LAN infrastructure engineer/project manager for Con Edison of New York. He manages CAT-5e and fiber optic cable installation projects; designs and builds LAN rooms; and works with battery backups (UPS), automatic transfer switches, and environmental monitoring equipment. He owns and operates North Star Promotions, which sells a complete line of Palin Power products he designed and test-marketed in Rochester, NY at Governor Palin’s book signing event. He also owns and operates The North Star Group Amazon store selling Going Rogue, and numerous products that Governor Palin has referenced or is known to use, as well as products related to her. Mr. Devito is an instrument-rated private pilot and uses Microsoft’s FSX and X-Plane 9.0 to stay proficient. He is also a recreational saltwater fisherman. Mr. Devito is married without children and lives in Staten Island, NY. He has an MBA from University of Phoenix, and a Bachelor in Journalism from St. John’s University. Mr. Devito analyzes Governor Palin’s accomplishments from the perspectives of an MBA and through the lens of Reagan Conservatism. He writes the “Keeping Up with Governor Palin” column for the Team Sarah Conservative Voice newsletter and is a columnist in the US for Palin section of the Cypress Times Online. Mr. Devito is an author on Modern Conservative and SarahNET.
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