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Very Serious Problems with the WDBJ Shooting Story

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by Scott Creighton

As a young man growing up in Lynchburg, I visited Smith Mountain Lake several times. It’s a beautiful location that brings back a lot of memories for me and I wish it hadn’t been used in such a manner as it was yesterday morning.

While some supposedly alternative websites are busy pushing any race-baiting angle they can come up with regarding this event, I’m going to take a slightly different tack, the one alternative sites USED to take before they all became to frightened to speak out. I’m going to evaluate it as an investigative journalist should, on it’s merits, and make a determination as to whether or not it’s a real tragedy or something else.

The story about WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward being shot on live television while doing a promotional spot for Smith Mountain Lake in Moneta, Virginia at 6:43 am is riddled with serious flaws and being covered in such a way as to remind me of all those phony “ISIS™” beheading videos that were anything but videos of someone being beheaded.

We’ll take them one at a time:

The “horrific” and “graphic” images that weren’t

If you remember back when they were still running those fake “ISIS™” videos of the staged beheadings that never seemed to happen on camera, you might recall a campaign emerged from the MSM telling people if they watched the actual videos that had been put out there, “ISIS™” would “win”

There was a major effort put out telling folks not to view the actual videos but instead just to take everyone’s word for it that they were “horrific” and “graphic” and they should hate “ISIS™” and support Obama’s re-engagement of Iraq and bombing of Syria and just leave it at that.

Well, there was a reason for that if you remember. It was because the videos were poorly made at first and not only did they not show people getting their heads cut off, they seemed to show some guy pretending to cut another guy’s neck with a plastic knife.

Of course they didn’t want you too see that because seeing those videos for what they were, or, more accurately, for what they weren’t, would harm the propaganda value of the project. It’s really just that simple.

Seems we have the same thing developing around this story as well.

Here is the actual New York Daily News cover that elicited such a response over it’s “graphic” image.

Embedded image permalink

Do you see anything “graphic” in that image? Seems to me he missed. I mean, after all, if you watch the full video that the man took himself, you can see her run away after he fired a number of shots at her at point blank range. She never seems to react to being hit by a hail of bullets at all. And in the case of this image, she clearly is doing the same thing right before she turns and runs down that deck.

So, you have to ask yourself, why the big deal about not showing the full video of the attack. Why is it being pulled everywhere it’s uploaded? Why are the MSM talking heads acting as if this is the most shocking thing they ever saw? It’s ridiculous. And speaking of ridiculous: posted this dire warning before showing the video of the shooter POV video. Of course, there is no graphic content in the actual video itself.

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Graphic images have been shown on the MSM before. Real graphic images.

In this case, the Telegraph slightly blurred out an image of Mike Brown’s body lying dead in the street with a trail of blood coming from him. Is that more horrific than an image of a shooter missing a woman at point blank range?

In this case, CNN published then rebroadcast the iconic image of that burning monk in Vietnam. How many nightmares would that cause Dan Abrams?

And that’s too say nothing of what the Times UK published after 9/11:

That’s a horrific image. That will give you nightmares.

So you have to ask yourself why the big deal being made out of showing the images of this event when they were neither “horrific” nor “graphic”… and the answer is pretty obvious when you look at it realistically.

How did the shooter know where to find these two at 6:43 am?

Something that very few people seem to be asking is, to me, the most obvious: how did Vester Lee Flanagan know where they were going to be for the promo shoot?

Seems like another obvious question, doesn’t it? Smith Mountain Lake is an incredibly isolated area and it’s massive. Finding these three people in the remote location would be like finding a needle in a haystack and that’s assuming that somehow or another Vester was able to figure out they were doing a morning shoot there in the first place.

It’s about an hour from Roanoke and if you know anything about these kinds of promotional shoots, you know it takes about an hour to set one up which means if he had followed one of them from Roanoke, he would have had to have been staking out their cars somewhere around 3 or 4 am. Who does that?

I’m not ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille

This is probably one of the most damning aspects of this investigation of mine so I want you to follow along with me.

What I intend to show here is the fact that Mr. Flanagan was a bit early on his cue and hit his mark before he was supposed to, so he simply stepped back, waited, and then made his entrance again. This might actually be one of the main reasons they don’t want you watching that video.

And remember, he gets there ahead of time so he can set up his props as well. He’s got some kind of body camera on and his gun of course, but he also had to walk to the shoot location, supposedly without being seen by the three people involved in the promo. Ask yourself how that was possible, then go watch his video here.

It’s not “graphic”

Here are eight stills from that video in sequence.


What we have here is someone entering a scene, hitting his mark early, stepping as if he made an entrance onstage too soon and jumped back in the wings hoping no one would notice. Then, he waits, and resumes his entrance. The others take no notice of him, but that’s ridiculous. Of course they would notice him. How could they not notice him. He’s a large man with a gun pointed at them 4 feet away.

According to his “manifesto”, Flanagan was enraged at this woman. He was a “powder keg” just waiting to go off at her.

In it he wrote: ‘My anger has been building steadily…I’ve been a human powder keg for a while…just waiting to go BOOM!!!!’  Daily Mail

So why is it that he was so concerned about making sure the shooting aspect of the scene was on live TV? I thought he wanted to go “boom!!!”

Wouldn’t it be enough for him to shoot them and have the audience hear it? After all, he was recording it himself. He knew the video would be out there soon enough. So why wait? Why risk his big move? That camera man could have noticed him at any point and dropped his camera and grabbed the gun. After all, he was practically resting it on the guy’s shoulder. So why wait when all that could achieve would be to put his big plan at risk? If he and the cameraman start rolling around for the gun, the supposed target, the reporter, could get away. So why wait?

What was more important? Going “boom!!!”, exacting his revenge on her for something she had nothing to do with… or getting it on live TV? Apparently you have your answer.

He waited because the “shock and awe” aspect of the shooting was all about being live on TV. That’s how it worked. How it was scripted to work. Like the second plane hitting the South Tower 15 minutes after one hit the North Tower. Cameras were all there filming the burning building for live TV broadcasts and here comes another plane to slam into the other tower. Shock and awe.

That’s why he waited and that’s why they paid no attention to him.

When I was in high school back in ’84, I was an actor. We did a production of Anastasia in the round and I played Prince Bounine. The stage was set up with the audience seated on it and they were less than 10 feet from the action. This was before the musical version came out. As the play opened, there was a meeting taking place between myself and several other actors one of whom showed up late. Real late. Like 4 minutes or so. Those of us on stage had to improvise, cover for his absence and get the important information out that his character was supposed to introduce during the “meeting”

When he finally rushed on stage looking panicked, he immediately started in on his first lines, taking us way back to the first lines in the script. Others sat there staring at him not knowing what to do. Since I was “in charge” of the meeting, being Prince Bounine, I told him to “be silent” in my best Yule Brenner impersonation (I wasn’t a particularly good actor as a kid), told him to be silent and sit down. Since he chose to be late to our meeting, he could just sit there until we needed him. Which, to his credit, he did until we rounded back to a point in the script where he could figure out where we were and continue on with the play as normal.

I tell you this because I’ve been there. Live performances are so much more challenging than recorded ones and that’s because you never know what is going to happen. Someone comes in late… someone comes in early. You have to be able to adapt and adjust on the fly and while doing so, make it look organic to the scene.

That’s what didn’t happen yesterday morning in Smith Mountain Lake.  And that is obvious when you watch that video he made… you know, the one someone edited.

The getaway, the rental car, the crash, the obligatory “manifesto” and the “I’m so crazy” video

If someone were to make sure everyone knew he was a shooter in this case, why would he try to get away? What’s the point?

In this case, the shooter not only left the scene, he drove more than 3 hours away, “hundreds of miles”, in morning traffic, on his way to DC from the look of it. Why would he do that?

Flanagan left his car at the airport and continued his escape in a Chevrolet Sonic that he rented earlier this month. Police tracked the vehicle as it traveled along Interstate 81 for hundreds of miles

We have been told that law enforcement figured out what car the shooter was in (somehow) and tracked him for “hundreds of miles” on interstate 81. Did they track him to the Fed Ex where he supposedly faxed his “manifesto”? They would have had to, right? He did that two hours after the shooting. Why didn’t they stop him then?

Then we are told there was a chase and a “crash” after which, the shooter took his own life with a handgun in a rental car. Below is a picture of that ‘crash’ and the rental car. Does that look like a ‘crash’ to you? There aren’t even tracks or skid marks in the soft grass behind the car, which apparently hit absolutely nothing. Seems to me he pulled off the road in complete control and someone… got out.. possibly disappearing in the woods? Remember the “crash” at the Navy annex building in Tenn? The “crash” into the gate that left no marks on the vehicle? How about Miriam Carey “crashing” into the gate at the White House? Remember those?

Vester Lee Flanagan led police on a chase before he crashed the Chevy Sonic he rented from an airport

Why did he choose to rent a car at the airport? Did he just get back from somewhere? And for that matter, what has this guy been doing for the past two years since being canned by the TV station? He’s doing something, cus he’s got a nice car. You know that from the “I’m so crazy” narrative building video he was featured in back in July when he had a “road rage” incident on the streets of Roanoke.

In the video you see his nice car, a Ford Mustang. Why did he rent one? Did he sell his Mustang prior to this? Did he get the extra insurance on the rental?

And while we are on the subject, why would he take his own life right next to that patch of woods right there? I thought he was seeking vengeance for all the white on black murders as of late. Well, didn’t the cops perpetrate most of that? Has he never heard of Freddie Grey, Mike Brown, Walter Scott and Miriam Carey? Why go “boom!!!” on the white woman who had nothing to do with any kind of harm toward black people and then, when being confronted by those that did, you opt to take your own life rather than attempt to harm them?

I’m not suggesting someone do that, I’m just curious what the logic is there? Where’s the f’in “boom!!!”? That’s going out with a whimper but you see, many of the American Gladio shooters did the exact same thing. In fact, many wrote their “manifestos” as well. Seems like a pattern to me. How about you?

Reporters told to delete video of “crash” scene?

Jan10 sent me an interesting link which you guys should be made aware of. She herself is having a hard time accepting my conclusions on this matter, but this story stands out so much she thought I needed to see it.

“The suspect vehicle refused to stop and sped away from the trooper. Minutes later, the suspect vehicle ran off the road and crashed. The troopers approached the vehicle and found the male driver suffering from a gunshot wound. He is being transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of life-threatening injuries,” the report says. Flanagan later died, the BBC reported.

The BBC reporters, Strasser and McKelvey, were reporting from the scene of the crash when they were told by police to delete their video footage. PRI

As I have shown, there was no “crash”. The car seems to have simply pulled over and stopped. That aside, the reporters can’t quite figure out why it is if the cops view the video as evidence, why do they want it erased? Because that is what they did with it. Why erase footage they would need later for the investigation? Makes you think doesn’t it.^tfw

Whatever happened to the security camera footage from Sandy Hook? How about all the cameras from that theater in Aurora? How about the eighty-something cameras that surrounded the Pentagon that would have captured Flight 77 hitting the building? Whatever happened to them or that video of Timothy McVeigh’s accomplice getting out of the Ryder truck?

We starting to see a pattern?

Thanks Jan10.

Motive, motive, motive and then motive. So where’s the motive?

The faxed “manifesto” is not a motive. It is not a confession. It’s a drop gun. It’s crack sprinkled on yet another black man’s face when he was lying dying on a street corner somewhere (thank you Dave Chappelle)

This is called presumption of guilt and it’s used in lieu of an actual investigation. It is not a motive.

Many of the American Gladio operations lack motive. Holmes had none and God knows Adam Lanza didn’t. Those Boston Bomber brothers? What was their motive?

In this case, the “manifesto” faxed supposedly while the suspect was being tracked up I-81 for “hundreds of miles” contained what appears to be incriminating statements and what PASSES as a motive, but on further examination, it really doesn’t.

Being angry about what happened in South Carolina at that church is not a motive. If it were, he would be seeking out Dylan Roof, not this reporter who had nothing to do with it.

Claiming she made racist statements doesn’t amount to motive either especially when he shoots the cameraman who made no racist statements then leaves the head of the local Chamber of Commerce alive at the scene.

You can say he was a mad racist all you want, but her being left alive undermines your conclusion. In fact, from the video, you can see he never even targets her unless that happened during the edited out portion.

These two aspects of the story are included in the “manifesto” in order to be able to provide a pretext for the media to convict the guy in the court of public opinion without real evidence. They are indicators, not evidence. And though race-baiting interests like those who play the divide and conquer game with us everyday, would have you believe this is the motive, it isn’t. It doesn’t rise to that occasion.


Were this to end up being an example of a news organization manufacturing a story in order to promote a nation-wide agenda, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that happened. You have to remember, fascism doesn’t happen just from the upper reaches of society. When it comes to a nation, it always has support from the bottom rungs of society as well. People looking to carve out a niche for themselves in the new order of things.

We see this everyday in Syria. We see it everyday with “ISIS™” or the attacks on real populist candidates. We saw it during the lead-up to the humanitarian bombing in Libya and we saw it decades ago when they were setting us up for the same treatment of Yugoslavia.

We saw it when CNN reporters pretended to be under a scud missile attack back in ’91.

We saw it during the run-up to the Iraq invasion and occupation.

We see it every year when they do some official story promoting spots on the anniversaries of 9/11 or the shooting of JFK.

News as activism is nothing new. It’s been a part of the “journalism” profession for a very long time. We have to acknowledge that and remember it when viewing something like this.

As Obama and so many other politicians leap to the stage to demand gun control measures as a result of this event, we have to remember it wasn’t that long ago that our beloved leader said on live TV that the biggest regret he has had thus far during his tenure wasn’t the 4 State Department members killed in Benghazi or all those drone strikes killing folks overseas.. no, it was that he has yet to be able to do away with the second amendment in light of all these American Gladio operations.

I deliberately waited on writing something about this event because I wanted to cover it as best I could, absent any misinformation that was generated in the early stages of it. As I have written before, I don’t like to jump on stories like these before doing a good deal of research into them. They are difficult stories with difficult conclusions.

Regardless of the history of so many manufactured news events, this one, like all the other American Gladio operations, has to be evaluated on it’s own merits and I think I have done a respectable job in that regard.

Based on how it’s being handled by the media, on how the event unfolded, how the shock and awe aspect of it plays perfectly into the current gun-grabbing agenda of the current administration, the inclusion of the divide and conquer racial elements of it and how the police seem to want to destroy evidence rather than collect it, I have to come to the conclusion that something is terribly wrong with the official narrative of this event.

It simply doesn’t make sense the way it’s being framed. But it does make sense in another way. In fact, that makes perfect sense.

How did he know to be there? Why did he wait for the cameraman to change his focus? Why didn’t they react when he’s 4 feet away from them with a gun pointed at them? How did he miss at point blank range? How was she still able to run after 6 shots at point blank range? Why leave the other white lady alive? Why is the MSM refusing to show that video? How did they find him in that rental car? Why destroy the video footage shot at that scene? Where is the “crash” they talked about? How did he have the time to edit that video and upload it to Facebook, post Tweets announcing his video and guilt and fax his “manifesto” while being tracked by law enforcement for “hundreds of miles”?

Way too many serious questions about this event leads me to conclude it was a staged event. Just one more in a long line of them making the general public ready to relinquish just one more of their constitutional rights.

That’s my conclusion and that’s how I reached it.

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    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      Guy was a nutcase stalker angry man, plus all 3 knew each other. Its not like in the movies where blood splatter everywhere.
      You can see liquor store robberies on youtube and see how robber guy was shot in the stomach by clerk and robber guy ran away, he lifted up his shirt to his accomplice and then they both ran off, then news report says he died later at the hospital. Look it up…..until then…

      Eat More GMO :mad:

      • The Clucker

        Eat More GMO :mad:

        • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

          :eek: Its been 5000 years since last time I saw you! Hello. :cool:

          • The Clucker

            I know MooCow. 5000 years is a long time. A while back I posted a story about cows being abducted by aliens and being found with their guts taken out. I feared the worst. I even photo-shopped your picture onto a milk carton for the story but BIN did not post it. :mad:

            Eat more GMO. :mad:

            • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

              Thank you! :lol:
              They have only wounded me but I can still freely waddle along the sluggish path of…… im going to take a nap. remmeber to…..
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              My friend. :cool:

            • The Clucker

              Happy napping fella. :cool:

            • real_journo

              Cows ARE aliens! They sit in fields together plotting the downfall of us all and made us drink their fluids and eat their meat. :lol:

            • King of Shambhala

              Trump closes down Obama.

              Spread the good news. It’s in two weeks’ time now ONLY!

              Who’s Laughing Now? Up-Coming Washington Trump Event. Payback For 2011 Taunting Obama At White House Dinner (Video)

            • Equalizer

              Cluck-you and Bowl MoveCow are the same stupid idiot shill.
              WDBJ Shooting is clearly a “False flag”
              Molon Labe turd!

            • Equalizer

              Let’s make this crystal clear… You have three actors all wearing black to hide the non-existent Hollywood exploding blood bladder bags. The smallest caliber 22 stinger hollow point will pop a hole in any human body like a balloon and blood matter will fly! The fat liberal chick in the white robe that the interviewer is talking to would be splattered in bloody flesh just like a Salvador Dali painting. Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty all this false flag BS. The current cabal/administration is looking to create racial division wars (fact) their goal is to set one race against each other while they hide in their bunkers and laughed like psychotic idiots, at you. Wake up, do your homework and stop race baiting, you are only fueling the fire of ignorance.

            • The Clucker

              Actually, Equalizer, the cow and I are NOT the same person but you’re too much of a retard to realize that. I agree with you that this shooting IS a bunch of fake BS though. Nonetheless that doesn’t change the fact that I think you’re a worthless piece of sh*t. Please go drown yourself in a lake.

            • King of Shambhala

              Trump unleashes on Hillary. This is great. When he does this it usually erupts into something Uge EVERY TIME!!

              Donald Trump Calls Anthony Weiner ‘Sleazebag’ and ‘Perv’ at Event (Video) Sarah Palin Slams Jorge Ramos vs Trump

        • mike

          This string of comments by the cow and the chicken makes me feel dirty … like I found a secret love diary in the barn. :shock: TROLL ALERT :shock: DISRUPTION

          • The Clucker

            You’re the shill around here, numbnuts.

      • Syrin

        But the guy reacts. She didn’t react.

      • Mark Brander

        Revelation 21; 8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

        • privatess

          take a long jump Brander

        • Miggy

          Mark you speak truth.

          John 3:16

    • TruthMatters

      Excellent … great conclusions. The only other observation not mentioned, was that the hand on the gun appears to be a white guys hand … not a black mans hand. – There are so many inaccuracies in their presentation of this event, that it’s glaring that it’s a put-up job … intended to bolster support for BO’s anti-2nd amendment swan song. It’s probably also to divert attention from Hillary and her overwhelmingly dishonest denial of illegal activity with classified emails.

      • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

        BABOON. it shows the actual shooter on the full film when the camera fell. the chubby angry gay black man points the gun directly at the cameraman as it looks up at the shooter. You can find that on the other news site.
        Eat More GMO :mad:

        • Cooter Slaphappy

          Go cash your check and move on.
          You need much more training from your handlers as you come off as a Complete buffoon.

          • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

            I don’t drink liquor. :razz: you and them can watch youtube robber but you can….
            Eat More GMO :mad:

        • saturnx311

          Well…you can see all the footage of tha camera as it slowly falls to the deck. At no point do we see the shooter in this footage. Did the cameraman get back up and turn on his camera? Where does that pose by the black guy come from?
          Stop living in fear and face the truth when it’s put in front of you; don’t turn your back.
          Explain why the guy has a white hand– and a different shirt on– from the frame grab. Show why this is consistent.
          Eat more organic– it’s better for you.

          • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

            :lol: Good, about time someone starts figuring it out, I see you are aware unlike the others that ate it. :lol:

        • Jay

          Actually, dumbass, the live camera filming, at 6:46 does not show the man’s face. When they posted the picture of Flannagan, supposedly when the camera was dropped, the time stamp showed 6:00 a full 46 minutes before the fake shooting. Also, if you pay attention, you will see when he walks up to them that the lady performing the interview turns and looks right at him. This was more fake than a three dollar bill.

      • jamieobomber

        He is a light-skinned black man so it does appear to be his

        • TruthMatters

          May be … but look at the shirt color. The guy holding the gun (the shooter) is wearing a blue shirt. In the other angle (from the ground), you see the shooter wearing a darker shirt, and holding a different gun (not the Glock). There are a lot of very visible inconsistencies in this video … all indicating false flag.

          • Troll Hunter

            The full body pic is too blurry to tell that. And blue shirt to darker shirt, really? Blue is a dark color and light can change many things in a pic, could be ,ore or lss light that effects that.

      • fuzzymuff

        You do realise that she gives a nod of her head to indicate for him to fire the blanks.

    • GOLOC

      Last week the Governor was at the exact spot where the shooting took
      place, Well check the Weather, Cause His Security secured the Scene, and
      that’s when they Filmed the False Flag, that’s why no one was Around at a Major fishing and tourist spot.
      What about the Blacked out part of the Other Gun, where he’s standing over the camera Man, no that’s not a Glock in his hand as in the Video,
      but here’s the Question to all, even if you have smoking Gun evidence, showing and Proving it’s a False Flag, it don’t matter, Who’s going to Arrest the Gov and the Media for TREASON ? That’s right No one.

    • Scorpallain

      So why no major comments from the Pontiff and chief about this? This was racially motivated. I guess our President thinks its ok for blacks to kill unarmed white people and call it a isn’t a war when one side is unarmed…that was the act of a coward.

    • Betsy

      To the writer of the article thank you. I’m so tired of people making like all this ridiculous stuff is real when kindergartners could do better productions.

    • 131313

      RE: his cat feces smeared, cat urine soaked, apartment…


      “In people with weakened immune systems, especially those with AIDS, symptoms of toxoplasmosis are often brain-related and severe. These symptoms can include:

      Disturbances in mental functions, especially disorientation, difficulty concentrating, or behavioral change”

      “This research may explain how these parasites, remarkably, manipulate rodents’ behaviour for their own advantage. Infected mice and rats lose their innate fear of cats, increasing the chances of being caught and eaten, which enables the parasite to return to its main host to complete its life cycle.”

      • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

        …… :eek: How would you know something like that?? :cool:

        Weat More GMO :mad:

      • Gorganzola


    • Lone Ranger

      The media is now like “the boy who cried wolf”.
      Even if this was not faked… growing numbers are on to the incessant lies and misinformation they tell the public to further the agenda of their owners.
      Unfortunately there are many who are ignorant or brainwashed.

    • GOLOC

      A Good video frame by frame with even a clock, show different times in the Making of the Fake Shooting.

    • Logicgirl

      OMG thank you! I’ve been waiting for someone to say this! I picked up on everything you pointed out. It just seemed fake to me. Yes, they are the ONLY one’s up and out there for this interview…and nobody even looks when a guy walks up to them? That’s insane. He stands there forever with the gun pointed right at them! Yes, yes yes, he actually backs up and waits a while. The gun is pointed right at her as he fires…and somehow it missed her?
      Then all these people talking now that they knew them. The reporters father talking….crying…but I saw no tears! It’s reminding me of Sandy Hook. Two things will come out of this. A spotlight on gun control because of mentally ill people. Not to mention yet another focus on racism. Thanks for posting this….I have been waiting to see if anyone besides me noticed all this stuff.

    • Daughter of the Church

      Scott Creighton, you are a brilliant writer. This piece is thoughtful, methodical and conclusive. More so! the speed of its publication might prevent many from locking-up into an other false flag. Thank you.

      If I may add a suggestion to this obvious staged event which you unmask, it is to research who were the crisis actors.
      Two of those crisis actors, the young woman conducting the interview, and the older woman being interviewed were seen by millions. They therefore will have to be highly compensated for their disappearance from public eyes. On the other way the two less visible actors, the TV cameraman, and the mad-man will have more ease to continue a normal life, because both the TV live-show and the video made by a Go-Pro do not show the faces of the TV cameraman, and of the shooter.
      The actor playing the TV cameraman will have no trouble getting a new role on a different set, and so will it be for the “mad-man”, since both have never shown their face to millions while acting. It will not be the case for both the young and the older woman.
      The world of crisis actors is growing, but yet it is not big enough to have its own union. It is still a small world where many know themselves, because although there are extras, the actors are few and the set circuit of false flag events is not as compartmented as one might think. The past, present and all important future of each crisis actor is known among this small community. It would be bad p.r. for the propagandists if star crisis actors, such as the two ladies of the “Flanagan Shooting” were now mistreated. The lives of crisis actors matter. This is the weakness of the propagandists, to leave such a trail of witnesses.
      I know this for having conversed at two separate occasions with persons contracting for various military. One often played the role of a village chief in a mock Afghan Village located in the Nevada high desert for the training of US Marines. The role alternated from either playing the perfidious enemy to the collaborator. This man actor had a family.
      The other was not an actor per say, he was more of the casting type, at that time he befriended motorcycle gangs. Our conversation showed that he knew a lot about motorcycle gangs, such as their behaviors, the gang hierarchies, the do and don’t. Naturally after the Waco motorcycle massacre -an obvious ambush, it made tilt… This man specialist in motorcycle gang behaviors also had a family.

      • Dodgeball

        I’m curious about the lady that was being interviewed. If she was NOT shot either, does that mean that the hospital that she was taken to is also in on the scam? They would have to report something, would they not? I think hospitals are required to do that. Or was she never taken to a hospital at all, but driven to a new location and released there to go into hiding?

        What I can’t understand is how these people could disappear from public view SO completely, that no one will recognize them later? I have heard reports that the young girl who was the interviewer had a boyfriend and that he tweeted a lamenting report about her that was 12 minutes too soon. He will have to disappear as well, I guess (if that is made public). Oh course, that info will blow the cover off of everything I suppose.

    • Look up...Wake up

      Great work!
      But you have not done your homework on 9/11!

      THERE WERE NO PLANES USED ON 9/11… AT ALL. It was just as fake as this shooting!

      Here’s proof:

    • Solar)Geometry

      This shooting was fake as hell and I notice Infowars is selling the entire msm story, including the predictable 23 page manifesto about wanting a race war faxed to a news organization.

      Busted, Infowars.

      • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

        :lol: David Duke vs Alex Jones :lol: Alex ended up the exposed fool :lol: and Alex continues to say that he is against tyranny and has respect for everyone and such but he bullied David Duke on air and now it will probably haunt him and his handlers from here on.

        Eat More GMO :mad:

    • unidentified

      the shooter might very well have been a deranged sociopath, we need to wait to find out more about his social media comments and bizarre behaviors at the office and around his family and neighbors. it is possible that the murder was a staged media event for ‘social conditioning and propaganda purposes for any kind of insane reasons, theres never talk about his family and his death at the hospital and what drove him over the edge except not fitting in like his associates did at the news station

      • Equalizer

        “False flag propaganda”
        An “armed” society is a “civil” society – Proven over and over statistically, factually, reality. Don’t buy into this BS.

    • Anonymous

      Boyfriend Tweets within ‘hours’ of Parker’s death. Not a normal reaction to a shocking and devastating death of a loved one.

      Parker’s father is already vowing for stricter gun control. Amazing how fast the agenda rolls out.

      • unidentified

        the “first response” to this year’s handgun killings is always “let’s make owning handguns illegal in this country because we can’t tell who’s rational and not crazy enough to actually use a handgun” and kill an innocent bystander
        this is all about “gun control” and social media

    • endtime

      a target can take multiple hits and live. It depends on the shot placement. Could it be a false flag? Perhaps, but you can discount the incident based on the reporter running away even after being shot at this point.

      • Troll Hunter

        Thank you, dont know why people dont understand that. For them its all has to be like the movies with the slow mo throw back after being shot and blood has to fly everywhere. Silly silly.

    • Nancy636

      I hate to say it but you are right, I never watch the shooters video till now. When you are filming do you not notice someone walking up during a interview? How log did he stand there with a gun, no one there glanced in his direction? It is the medias fault that when something happens, this time a gun incident on camera, so many question it.

    • Nancy636

      Where are the white riots? Maybe they should and show them how ridiculous it is.

      • Betsy

        See this is the simpleness they are hoping for, you can clearly see it’s all fake but still ask where are the white people to riot? WOW!

    • JohnSmith2016

      What a heartless, baseless pile of absolute made up nonsense. These were actual people who were killed, not actors. If you’re from Lynchburg then you’ve seen her on tv before.

      You, sire, are a fool, and a heartless one at that.

      • Equalizer

        Jondoe 33rd degree freemason…Ever heard of sandy hook? Do your homework idiot.

      • Mot

        Equalizer is right. You sir are an idiot !

        • JohnSmith2016

          Evidence of these claims? I see none in this article. Commenting on pictures is not evidence. Making claims is not evidence.

          I have friends who have actually worked with people at this tv station. You do not.

          People don’t run around pretending to die on tv. It simply doesn’t happen. Unless you have some sort of proof to share? Oh, I didn’t think so.

          Stop turning these young people’s murders into an excuse to make 37 cents in click revenue sharing. That’s just pathetic,

          • Maklovi

            John, you sir have no evidence.

            Im tired of people shooting down these VERY apparent facts because they just “know someone” related to the family : friends or someone related to the actual family.
            And then i hear “these were real people on the news” REALLY? You think they’d be stupid enough to just come up with fake people?

            ANYBODY can say they know the people were shot…
            hell, I KNOW the people that were shot. They were good people, and they totally did not fake it because I just “KNOW”

            Now. You have no evidence, we have no evidence, but we do have a whole lot of SKEPTICS, which have very serious facts here based on the ACTUAL recording.

            Show me a picture of you shaking the hand of one of these people, or their friends, give me their Facebook links, because i mean, you do KNOW them right? Because we’ve all got the video right here.

    • Doccus

      Very serious problems?!?!?!? Er..DOH!
      I could have told y’all that without having read a word. B.H.O and the U.N. don’t have their anti-gun legislation in place YET, so each “incident” will be twice as bad as the previous one. The DHS has access to more than enough disturbed people that can be made to commit atrocious gun crimes, and until they have their weapon ban in place these “incidents” will continue. Remember that both Hitler and Stalin emphasised the necessity of de-arming the populace before being able to fully oppress the populace. So.. yay! Let’s declaw the citizens. Gotta have “peace” , at any price, right? And these are just the actions of simple deranged nutcases, right? And remember, children, People don’t kill people, guns do!

    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      Watch and more “liquor store robberies ” or “carry conceal shoots robber” on youtube or those snuff sites watch what happens when they get shot by those tiny guns like that. Its not like the Holywood movie where blood splatters everywhere lol
      Analyze it on detail, if you want to be more entertained by scientific terms go watch mythbusters on bullet projectiles from small pea size caliber to cannon size explosion calibers.

      Eat More GMO

    • Pink Slime


      Saw nothing graphic in the videos. Only things that make you THINK they might be graphic (suggested headlines) and remember the French Cartoon shootings? The guy had an AK47 up at his head and NO BLOOD SPLATTER BRAIN compression BLOWOUT on being shot at point blank?

      Same thing here.

      Is this another attempt by the sodomite communist Negro in office illegally and his white liberal handlers in YET another attempt to disarm Americans for the invasion currently occurring on our soil?

    • Anonymous

      Sadly, 99.9% of the sheeple will never do an analysis of this event.

      “And there will be signs and wonders, that will deceive, if possible, even the elect”.

    • Truth Seeker

      Some of the videos have already been removed but is it just me or does the hand holding the gun look white. I thought it was suppose to be a black man doing the shooting.

    • JohnSmith2016

      What a pathetic, sick and baseless write up. These two victims are real people. If you live in Lynchburg you’ve seen her on tv. They have friends and family in the communities there.

      You have NOTHING of news value. No facts. Just a bunch of baseless commentary on a subject you clearly know nothing about.

      Imagine the hurt you cause already grieving families when you spin nonsense like this. Irresponsible.

      Wake up. Bad stuff happens. There doesn’t need to be a conspiracy behind everything because this is real life.

      You are the evil one, not the nameless faceless “they” that you suggest stages these events. Evil.

      • Daughter of the Church

        JohnSmith2016, you are scandalized by the write ups and comments. Your reaction is perfectly human, it is sheared by the masses, but only by a few who see further than what is wanted us to believe.

        You bring-up “facts”. Well what facts do you have besides the few seconds shown? Did you see blood, cadavers, yellow tapes “crime scene area”? Don’t you also bypass some of the many incoherence which are exposed in the article? Are you not in a state level of denial which has past the scoff, and has gone to vociferation? Be honest to yourself JohnSmith2016.

        Now, I bring you a historical fact regarding television as a weapon for either information or disinformation. It occur during the famous “Kitchen Debate” between Vice-President Nixon and General Secretary Khrouchtchev. At that time the USSR had launched the Sputnick, and it had the hydrogen bomb, simply put they “had guns”. Nixon said: “you have rockets, but we have color television”.
        To day this color television is being wrongfully used to take away the guns from the American people.

        An other more sinister historical fact: there has been 17 genocides for about a century. In each case, the population had had its guns taken away before.
        I hope that you get it!

      • Daughter of the Church

        Now dear JohnSmith2016, if I got your attention, please pay attention to an other fact concerning television.

        A week ago, this last Friday, a drama occur in Europe. A madman, armed with a German-made assault rifle, six loaded clips of 7.62 caliber, a pistol and a knife attempted to cause a massacre in a train. The train had over 500 passengers, but fortunately also in this train there were six brave men who subdued the madman. A scuffle; a few shots; knife lacerations, several wounded, among them one gravely, but in the end, the raghead got bound. This made a national story in France the following week-end. It was a huge story on national television. Then four of the heroes, three young American on leave, among them was a US Marine, and the fourth one being a 62 years old British businessman got rewarded with a medal by the French President Francois Holland: the remaining two heroes to receive the same honor in a private ceremony.
        Naturally the ceremony for the Legion of Honor was televised. It was also televised live on CNN with an impeccable translation. All seemed fair: the television channels were broadcasting the view of the “boys” and the Brit in company of the US Ambassador (a very attractive lady), with the Prime Minister of Belgium also among the many officials. The French television told that President Obama also intended to meet with the heroes, and how could we doubt that this act of bravery against terrorism would be blotted-out by the big media on the other side of the Atlantic? It has been. How? The ceremony occur at around 9 am in Paris, the CNN broadcast occur at around 3 am in New York, while America was asleep. The follow-up of the story of a massacre avoided was diluted into insignificant 30 second spots in the USA.

        JohnSmith2016 is that convincing enough that “color television” is a tool for the usage to show what is wished to be believed?

      • countrygirl

        Did you actually watch the video? If so, please respond based on the concerns presented based on what was in the video. There are many.

      • IronicMetaphors

        At :18 she glances at the “shooter” but then continues back to her “interview” as the camera isn’t even pointed at them.. Great share.. Unreal.. FF for sure.

    • Anonymous

      I was wondering how long it would take for others to realize like I did that the so called alternative media tip of the spear and his number one writer constantly push the racial division agenda. I used to have a multiple year membership there and finally got so sick and tired of hearing and reading “race-race-race-race-race-race” in EVERY single broadcast that I not only stopped my membership there, I also stopped listening to that tainted broadcast and reading anything that comes from that outfit. I also want to apologize to all who tried to point out years ago how they were sophisticated controlled opposition. I was wrong in defending them and you guys were right.

    • Xatos

      This was real. Notice the camera guy’s shot RIGHT before it switched back to the anchor in the station, you can see not only a little blood, but a few more spots hit the ground RIGHT before it switches to the woman in the station.

    • Anonymous

      It is NOT unusual for people not to see events happening around them while they are concentrating on something else. When it happens on purpose, it’s called stage management.

    • WindRazor

      :idea: All that and the “hands” of whomever is pointing that would be gun at the reporter during the interview appears to be of a person who is “white”; Or am I just imagining that detail?! The man that is the alleged shooter was definitely much darker in complexion than the hands seen, unless there were some sort of gloves covering the hands in question. Some would claim that this alleged shooter was fired almost a decade ago, so why did he ‘snap’ now, and how could he have known when and where to be there AND yet still manage to not be clearly filmed by the news crew’s camera?! …Too convenient on many levels. Another “False Flag” in an attempt to incite more conflict and aggressions between people. The actual events may never be fully known in truth. We are only aware of what the MSM tells the public,

    • Equalizer

      Cluck-u and DYSFunctional bowl MoveCow are the same stupid idiot shill.
      WDBJ Shooting is clearly a “False flag”‘

    • Farmer

      Agree with all your conclusions. One would hope that the Feral government would be able to produce much better scams than this. I remember fondly the movie “Wag The Dog” and how those war scenes were put together. Maybe I should send a bootleg copy to the WH or DHS or whichever amateur club was behind this “live event”.

    • scott

      Not to disagree with you but the Caribbean islands they are putting these crisis actors and two bit never gonna make-it newsies, that take their payoff to make a show and go away… has to be getting crowded. Think of the retired actors there. Osammy been Later, the cast of Sandy Hoax, Cowboy Juan and crew of Boston Non-bombing, Timmie McVeigh, the original guy on the street telling us the towers failed from fire, SEAL team 6, the team of NC, and on and on. oh let’s not forget the bloodless head shot cop at Chuck Hebdo, Paris France. If I get nothing else from this article I’m somewhat jealous of the coining of the term “ISIS™” … I’m sure I was thinking about that.

    • unidentified

      I might be ‘over-reacting’ here but am I the only one that thought the interview with the girl’s father and fiance’ were almost like bad-acting? something weird about their emotional states, almost intending to deliver a msg more than anything else

      • GOLOC

        I watched aka Mr Parker interview last night, On CNN and this is Nothing More than A Gun Grab, It was like you were Looking at Robby Parker of Sandy Hook and He was Trying to Keep From Laughing, you Could see this is a Psyop, SIC, Twisted Evil, That’s All He Talked about was Going After the Guns,
        BUT, THE CLIPS of the Shooter Reporter that I saw Before that interview was So Shocking I recorded it on the DVR, and if I had a Way to Put it up here I would, His Hand is BLACK and it Shows it Clearly in the Early Clips of Him as a Reporter, There is NO WAY in Hell that the One Holding the Glock is His Hand, Cause his Hand IS BLACK.
        PS, I also Believe That the rape trial going on is a Psyop as well being conduct against Kennedy of the State Dept, She has a tie in it some where, the Kid Guy on Trial for Rape I saw Him in a Photo with Her.

    • Logicgirl

      Another thing I noticed is in the “gunman’s video” you can see the shooter has a blue jacket on. You can see the loose sleeve. The cameraman’s view of the shooter, the shooter is dressed in all black. He appears to have no loose sleeves. In fact it looks like a tight fitting turtleneck shirt.

    • U-No-Me

      I am certainly to your interpretation. Makes as much, if not more, sense than the other explanations put forth. Regardless, the problem is not a gun as much as it is the glamorization of guns by the anti-gun advocates. They are so blind, they do not even have a hint of the harm they promote.

      • Equalizer

        Please don’t forget the psychotropic drugs Which have been proven to cause it’s suicidal tendencies. Come on…You’ve got to recognize and acknowledge the 1,000 pound elephant in the room. “Pharmaceutical psychotropic drugs” It doesn’t matter if it is a knife, baseball bat, automobile or Firearm. The Disabled brain controls the actions, end of story.

    • U-No-Me

      I am certainly open to your interpretation. Makes as much, if not more, sense than the other explanations put forth. Regardless, the problem is not a gun as much as it is the glamorization of guns by the anti-gun advocates. They are so blind, they do not even have a hint of the harm they promote.

    • BBALL


    • gray fox 114

      I think you’re way off base on this! No matter what you try to make of it, this was a preplanned murder! And the horrific scenes, graphic if you will, was the lady finally realizing there was a man with a gun and he was going to kill her. Her expression says it all! Nothing sinister or conspiratorial about this, just two people getting killed and another getting shot! The suspect wanted to make a statement and get his moment in te sun, which he did! And running after getting shot several times? Nothing unusual about that, he was using a pistol and bod shots…..the only thing I find unusual is the color of his hands in the one still where he is aiming: Looks white to me! As for all the rest of your comments: Doing a newscast, focused on the matter at hand and no situational awareness….why should there be? A shot on tourism is not generally something to incite someone to murder! I personally think you’re TRYING to make something where nothing exists!

    • Anonymous

      This never REALLY happened folks. If you fall for this then, you fell for the Sandy Hook incident. To the poster of this series of videos and comments, I came to the same conclusion as you…hours after the so-called slayings. The sh..t they are pulling is sick at best. Don’t fall for this sad attempt of reality.

    • CaptainAmerica

      Sad. Another rightly aggrieved father wants to increase gun control and give meaning to the senseless death of his daughter. It’s Brady all over again.
      Please sir, don’t fight to take away law abiding citizens 2nd amendment rights to assuage your understandable grief. It will, in the end do her a dishonor.
      The problem in America isn’t the gun , but rather t is the evil that has been allowed to grow in America since the ’60′s. The sense of grievance and entitlement that certain individuals feel as a result of misguided ideas has brought this evil upon us. The shooter is ultimately responsible for this heinous act. But the Race Industry has set up black youth to hate and seek offense over every small slight they may experience. Human life has become secondary to their personal feelings. It is a recipe for disaster.

    • FindtheTruth

      The dude’s hand is white and clad in a plaid shirt. How many black dudes wear plaid? Also, the two women are engaged in conversation, so I can understand them not noticing. How people standing by wouldn’t notice or say anything is odd.

      Whatever. It’s just more bs dished out to confuse people. They totally love confusion. Scum.

    • klee

      This article is amazing! you did an excellant job.
      From the moment I saw this story hit the airwaves that morning, I instantly knew it was BS…this is just ridiculous and just insulting to anyone with sense of reality and intelligence. I ran to my computer and just started my own search…cause WOW, how in your face obvious. Anyway I have some questions:
      I would love to see a time line:
      1. When did the sh
      ooter arrive
      2.Time of shooting
      3.Time of fax
      How long did this faxing process take
      4. time of twitter/fb post
      5. time of car rental
      How long did this faxing process take

    • kenb

      They will use it fake or not (and it is fake) to disarm the people…

      • unidentified

        they’re already making it harder to legally buy guns and ammunition , even without a criminal record or mental health evaluations

    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      In America, EVERYTHING is conspiracy and its DENY DENY DENY even if real DENY DENY DENY :twisted:

      Eat More GMO :mad:

    • candyjane

      Yes! And we have to remember who exactly they are really referring to when talking about “crazy people”. I’m sure this also applies to the “extremists”, aka evangelical Christians, preppers, those who actually distrust the government, alternative media and their listeners/readers, parents who homeschool, anti vaxxers, etc. WE are the “crazy extremists” who are the true targets of this gun control agenda. The so-called crazy people who, for example, carried out the theater shootings were temporarily mentally checked out- because of them and the truly sick MK Ultra programming! Btw, for those of you who might try to label that as a “paranoid conspiracy theory”, you can look up MK Ultra and see that it is a very real program admitted to being used by the government- put away your self-righteous indignation and scoffing at everything you deem to be a “conspiracy theory” for 10 minutes and actually do some research! And while you’re at it, research WHO popularized the label “Conspiracy Theory” along with the negative connotation associated with it- for the very reason of inciting your very predictable reaction and subsequent dismissal of said “theory”. Yup, the same folks who don’t want you actually asking questions about the “official statement”.
      There is way too much legitimate evidence of utterly false “official statements” once the events are actually scrutinized (vs simply taking the story paraded across your TV screen) for anyone to remain ignorant of this propaganda. At this point, it has to just be willful ignorance because the idea of what it would mean if you actually did have to come to grips with the ugly truth that your world as you know it- is a big fat lie. ***The first thing you must do is to STOP looking at the world and the events therein through the Fleshy Lens and start looking through the Spiritual Lens. 2-Know your enemy and never underestimate him. 3- In order for that to make sense, you need to peek behind the curtain of your beloved “trusted” leaders and their hushed up extracurricular activities ie Secret Society affiliations such as Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, Bilderberg, Freemasonic ties (33rd degree and above). Agenda 21, Georgia Guidestones… Here you will find your answer to “But WHY would they do that???”
      The Fleshly Veil is being lifted and this is why those of you who still scoff at those who do have the audacity to question these stories-and expose them for what they are because we Can’t Help but notice the holes in & the STENCH of them… Are becoming the minority. All you need to do is ask God to reveal the truth by giving you Eyes To See and Ears To Hear. ***Disclaimer***By doing so, know and be prepared for the fact that you’ll never be able to see the world the same way again. But, wouldn’t you rather live in reality instead of the false one they have fabricated anyway??? :!:

    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      I am The MooCow HATE ME!!! and please eat my meat because you know you love it…. injected with antibiotics and all the wonderful growth byproducts that makes you to force you to….
      EAT MORE GMO :twisted:

      • AllRoadsLead2NWO

        Don’t forget whore moans

    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow


      Still…. you should read it. :razz:

    • David Montaigne

      Some valid points, definitely worth considering as another false flag

    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      Security Camera in the ceiling! :lol:

      Eat More GMO :mad:

    • albertan

      Yet another BS concocted Story to demonize guns and get some more racial hatred going.

    • David Mushbraine

      Smell my armpit, losers.

    • Dustman27

      It would not be hard to know where she was since they were co-workers. Reporters take stories and in some news rooms they have a list of reporters stories and locations, they announce these at team meetings. Molly take the cat story tomorrow morning at the zoo. That kind of thing. Second they were in an interview, he was not seen because they were fully immersed in what they were doing. There is no way he missed at point blank range. When you get shot you dont immediately just collapse and die unless its right in the head, she ran because there is a delay between getting shot and losing the blood that leads to death.

      This guy was a complete nut case plain and simple. He was proud of his actions and wanted them to be seen. He probably views himself as some kind of martyr. The graphic part is that she died on camera, and for the news people this strikes way to close to home. Most media types are infatuated with themselves, and a shooting like this is so close to home its bound to take up all their attention for a bit.

    • AllRoadsLead2NWO

      Hey at least the author used the correct word that all americans are afraid to say now- PROBLEMS.

    • Anonymous

      Why would he be filming himself? That does not make sense…

    • Ideas Time

      Did they think no one would notice the hands of the actor/shooter were white?

      What about the tweet by actor boyfriend 10 minutes before the event? Or how about the youtube new account just opened up after actor/shooter is fake dead?

      If the red head guy was the boyfriend, not buying it. She is to good for him looks wise and of course no emotion from the actors. And for God’s sake if you had your girlfriend just killed would you go and tweet it?

      NO Way! This is just another HOAX!!!! brought to you by gun grabbers and to distract you while Kerry signs gun control treaty with UN.

    • voiceofreason

      For those of you who think this is not real…….you are a moron. I don’t mean that as an insult…’s an aspiration because the same people who don’t believe this is real, also believe Sandy Hook is not real and I can assure you that it is. I have a personal friend who lost a child there and their loss is very real. Watch a few convenience store robbery videos and you will rethink your ignorant position.

    • Astral Silence

      Yes, OF COURSE there must be something up with this shooting, of course it couldn’t just be a severely mentally ill person, and of course there is no such thing as just messed up, terrible people…it ALWAYS has to be something more, and it always has to be some kind of conspiracy garbage. I’m Schizophrenic and even I am not as paranoid about every single thing that happens being something more than it really is, like the majority of the people on this site. I guess murders just never occurred in history until our Illuminati masters started controlling our minds…I guess those times were pre- Clinton, Bush Jr, Osama, and Obama being the Antichrists as well.

    • ljfa

      I agree with you . . . another scripted DHS/DOJ/WH/PTB fraud to go after the guns and foment a race war AGAIN. You know you’ve hit the mark when the PTB paid trolls show up to dismiss your points. The American people are numb to these MSM spectacles. They just don’t have the shock and awe value they did way back at the 9/11 murders by the PTB. And the MSM still holds up the Sandy Hook show/fraud as real even though it has been so debunked as was the Boston DHS psy-op-deception resulting in the murder of their two patsy’s.

    • JJLXL

      The women were engrossed in conversation, not paying attention. The probably just thought it was a curious onlooker. Reporters are used to people clambering for fame on camera, and tend to ignore them unless they get too intrusive. The cameraman had his back to him, and didn’t know he was there. The screen goes black because he very likely shoved the phone in his pocket. He purposely waited for the camera to turn to make sure it happened on live TV.

      These are the actions of a sadistic f***. That’s all it is.

    • Cynical Catholic Jew

      Here in Nashville, our local radio station stated the gunman was a white man wearing black. He fled the scene of the crime. Police were looking for the shooter. They thought it was a love triangle shooting because the cameraman and the reporter had just become engaged to be married. In the video, you can clearly see, the hand holding the gun is the hand of a white man. NOT a light skinned black man and certainly not the hand of a dark black man. The story changed throughout the day. The white man became black and the fiance, became someone else other than the cameraman.

      Until only recently, my in laws had a very large custom made house right on the lake of Smith Mountain lake. It is indeed out in the middle of no where. I have been there a couple of times to visit. There is a church (which my in laws were on the board of treasury) and a convenience store with gas pumps. Unless it has grown since my last visit, that was about all there was out there with the exception of the horse stables and country club. If someone doesn’t know the community exists, they would never know it is there. That is why my in laws moved there. It is a very safe community and everyone knows everyone else. Nothing about this story makes any sense to me at all.

    • Room With a View

      I would like to point out the body language of the woman in white. The way that she moves her hands and does a slight little jerk back……..that is not the reaction of someone who is getting shot at at point blank range. Even if there is all the evidence presented for and against false flag, testimonies of people who ‘knew’ the ‘victims’, that reaction spells out plainly that it was set up, no ifs ands or buts. Her body language looks more like she is going to get splashed with a bit of cold water.
      And while I am on the subject….Crisis ACTORS????? for heaven’s sake…..if it was a real crisis, no one would be acting. Start being logical, recognise the hidden smiles of the bereaved loved ones as duping delight. Either wake up or go back to sleep. Either way the USA is screwed. Get out while you still can. This is FAKE FAKE FAKE.

    • Da Fish

      The photo showing the shooter’s hand pointing the gun at the news reporter looks like the hand of a white guy!!


      Has anyone thought about the 3RD CAMERA???? Are we going to get those images? That would solve a ton of these questions….

    • ThereisaGod

      How come you missed THIS!

      At 40 seconds we see the shooter fire multiple times at Alison Parker from point blank range. She simply looks shocked then RUNS AWAY. No hands to wounds. Nothing. The guy was firing blanks. He could not have missed from this range.

      Hollow-point bullets, my ass! Those crisis actors and their pathetic script.

      Make no mistake though. Flanagan is dead. The ‘Security Services’ nearly always execute the idiot patsy. The patsy gets silenced at the very minimum.

      Parker & Woods. Who knows. Perhaps a large lump sum and new careers in sunny Bolivia.

    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      Officer was shot in Texas another news report – False Flag!! False Flag!!

      Eat More GMO :mad:

    • xxxx88

      very good

    • College Prof

      Terrific analysis, thank you. When I got up enough nerve to watch that oh-so-graphic footage of the shooting, I thought I was dreaming, because not only does it look fake, it doesn’t even look like a GOOD fake. Glad to know that I’m on the right track!


      Without overanalyzing how insultingly poor the official story is, the overarching point is correct: THE NEWS IS MIND CONTROL:


    • NewsPaperBoy

      Again….How did he know that there was an interview at that moment at that location if he did not work there anymore????????? :?: :?: :?:

    • DwnRange

      This is total hogwash and the poster is FOS.

      1. Shooter rented a car the day before, leaving his at the airport.

      2. Shooter was at the station early that morning and followed the victims to the tourist shot location, (odometer readings on the rental bear this out as well as witnesses that noted his early departure that morning).

      3. Lights on the camera “blinded” the reporter and the interviewee prohibiting them from see the approach of the shooter.

      4. Shooter pointed the gun at the reporter, whispered “b^%$h” for his recording, then lowered the Glock 19 and backed up until the cameraman finished his pan of the area back to the participants and his primary target.

      5. The shooter was a light skinned black man, but I suspect the photo above has been lightened/altered by the poster, as both the color of the shirt and the hand is lighter in shade than that shown on “HIS” video.

      6. When the camera hit the deck, the lights on it went “off” making the shooter darker along with his shirt and pants, which accounts for the difference in lighting and obscures the white lines of the shirt that due to the alteration of the photo above makes both the white stripes and the hand appear lighter.

      The Sandy Hook incident may have problems, but this article here is completely false and only morons that have not bothered to examine the facts could believe this tripe.

      • DK

        That is of course, your narrative, the one I am waiting for is the coroners report.

    • Bastiat

      Great article. The question I have is: How do you get everyone involved to participate, and what do you do with he participants after it’s over?At a minimum, the shooter and the news lady would have to be in on it. What about the emergency personnel who retrieved the shooter’s body form the car or nearby the car? The the interviewee and her husband, what about them? If you were to manufacture this event, how would you do it?

    • Don - 1

      America is under an insidious INTERNAL attack.

      At least 50,000+ people were involved in the recent Roanoke, VA fake killings.

      A few were active in the fraud event but most were complicit in their media reporting nation and worldwide.

      USA is a living nightmare of unimaginable proportions.

    • VJChristine

      Vesper Flanagan is a large black man with dark chubby hands;

      the shooter in the video has – boney white hands.

      Conclusion? They are not the same person.

      For more information on VOODOO media in American visit:




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