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Timeshift: Did Reality Reset After 911?

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Many thousands of people feel something happened to the timeline after 911. They sense the world embarked upon a path it was not meant to travel. Did the global shock wave of the terrorist attacks affect the mass consciousness? Did it cause a discernable rift in the timeline and set the world spinning onto a dangerous new path?


Reality may have been pushed into another timeline affecting the future and changing some of the recent past. Ongoing research and anecdotal evidence seems to support the possibility that reality did reset. And no matter how mad it seems, humanity may have been thrust into a different reality with no possibility of ever finding the way back home

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“Reality is not always probable, or likely.” – Jorge Luis Borges

A poster on the Above Top Secret (ATS) forum raised an issue that has been bothering many people. Some who are uneasy about what’s happened do not speak up for fear of being labeled kooks, or even thought to be mentally ill. But many people are experiencing the same reality shift and when discussing it among friends or family members discover that others also remember distinct details of a subtlely different past.

The poster, “tpg65,” posted this about timeslips and timeshifts:

With all the recent threads regarding timeslips or timeline changes and literally hundreds of ATS members reporting anomalies with time, I think it is about time that the subject be given some serious study.

Here are some of the most common anomalies reported by ATS members.

1) Celebrities who were once dead but are now alive.

2) Changes in recent historical events.

3) Changes in movies, books, etc.

4) Changes in the location of or sudden appearance of buildings, roads, etc.

5) Changes in location of landmasses.

A fork in the road?

Think back on certain events where the details are indelibly embedded in the mind. Compare notes with others. Some will recall (often with astonishment) the exact same details while others have no recollection of such an event.

How can this be?

Research into the holistic mind of cognitive consciousness is revealing that the mind is not merely inter-dimensional and inter-spatial, but also multi-universal. The mind is contained in a biochemical computer, but operates at the quantum level. [See: The quantum brain, parallel worlds and time shifts]

Physics experiments have shown that the quanta, the underlying foundation of existence and reality, affects the mind. That is remarkable, but even more astounding is the mind affects the quanta and affects the information the quanta carries.

In effect, the universe downloads into aware minds and the mind uploads into reality, affecting the very nature of the multiverse in significant but unknown ways.

The mind is also anchored to this universe. But when an incident occurs where that anchor is unseated, that mind may slip into another reality, another multiverse, before the anchor is seated again. Some may recall parts of the old reality, like vestiges of a previous imprint, while others have no recollection of what was at all.

That is a multiverse jump. It’s not a timeshift or a timeslip; it’s a universe shift traveling along quantum entanglement.

Recent experiments have shown that quantum entanglement might even jump across the so-called “time barrier.” [See: Quantum entanglement might cross 'time barrier']

The Princeton connection

Remarkable experiments were conducted by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) lab from 1979 until 2007. The work stirred up huge controversy in the field of human consciousness.

Using a random number generator, the scientists tracked what they identified as a “group consciousness.” The data, harvested by Random Event Generators (REG) and charted on graphs, had a tendency to spike just before an incident occurred that had worldwide impact on the psyches of the global population.

PEAR strived to achieve what the researchers called “a state of resonance” and they claimed the data presented “a consistent empirical indication in the presence of groups of people engaged in shared cognitive or emotional activity” [Field REG II: Consciousness field effects: Replications and explorations, Journal of Scientific Exploration]

Multi-dimensional hyperbolic interface of quanta-consciousness

Robert G. Jahn, was the acting program director, and one of the greatest proponents of the research was Roger D. Nelson in his role as the Operations Coordinator. Nelson’s remarkable white paper, Correlations of Continuous Random Data With Major World Events, can be viewed here.

One conceptual hypothesis for the group-related anomalies indicated by FieldREG is that the emotional/intellectual dynamics of the interacting participants somehow generate a coherent ‘consciousness field,’ to which the REG responds via an anomalous decrease in the entropy of its nominally random output.

Illustration of retrocausality – PEAR research group

The results of the ongoing research led many who supported the project to believe that mass consciousness anticipates a major world event and that such an event can therefore be predicted.

FieldREG data showed spikes with varying intensity for major events (some listed here) that include such worldwide incidents as the death of Princess Diana and the terrorist attacks in the USA on September 11, 2001.

The assumption that mass consciousness is anticipating the events is based on correlation of the data and not on empirical evidence. As such, critics emerged that raised many questions about the validity of the project and the methodology of the data gathering process.

There’s no doubt, however that spikes occur during events that might be considered “divergence points.” These events are causing a rift in the time-space anchor of consciousness that can be measured by the Princeton research.

Instead of the spikes being cause by unconscious anticipation of an event slipping backwards through the timestream, however, the phenomenon may also be caused by consciousness shifting into another reality, or another new timestream, initiated by the shockwaves of the event that causes a divergence from the probable future to a less likely future and also resets what was the recent past.

Evidence of a ‘reset button’ being pushed

As raised for discussion on the ATS forum, if a multiverse shift occurs and a new timestream emerges, many will have the ability to remember certain events in the past that no longer exist. That is because the human mind is partly outside the construct perceived as reality and partly outside of the main timestream.

Again, the most common anomalies reported are:

1) Celebrities who were once dead but are now alive.

2) Changes in recent historical events.

3) Changes in movies, books, etc.

4) Changes in the location of or sudden appearance of buildings, roads, etc.

5) Changes in location of landmasses.

Some who experience this phenomenon believe they are no longer in the same universe. They can point to major incidents that occurred that others also distinctly recall that no longer exist.

The most glaring examples of anomalies occur with disruptions or disappearances of recent historical events, especially famous people who were dead, but are now alive.

2000 presidential election may have warped timeline

911 terror attacks may have created temporal waves resetting reality

Personal research since 2006 has revealed that two events may have shifted what was into a new reality: the Presidential election of 2000 may have warped the timeline, followed nine months later by the worldwide shock at the events that became known simply as 911.

Following the dead-not dead celebrity thread, the phenomenon seems to affect only some who died no earlier than 1995 and carried forward to 2005, a span of about 10 years. It’s as if a ripple in reality affected events across five years into the past and five years into the future.

Shift in the multiverse

A multiverse shift is something that’s almost impossible for mainstream science to prove or disprove. Since the phenomenon affects the consciousness at possibly the quantum level, science has neither the technology or methodology needed to quantify objective evidence.

That something very odd occurred, however, is not in contention as many thousands, perhaps millions, can point to certain celebrity deaths and agree on the details of the death and the immediate aftermath and reporting.

The dead don’t die

The following is an extremely abbreviated synopsis of some of the better cases that many recall with some measure of detail. Why some recall these deaths more vividly than others is an unknown. Some people will recall some of the deaths while having no recollection of others. A few people recall deaths that the majority do not.

One passing many seem to recall was the well-publicized death of South African Nelson Mandela, who is, mysteriously, now alive. Mandela originally died during that 10 year window.

A few celebrity deaths that many seem to recall in detail:

Kirk Douglas

Many recall Kirk Douglas dying in the late 1990s, reading his obituary, hearing news stories and seeing video reports. A significant number can recall (and even still see it in their minds-eye) a specific report from Los Angelescarried over the networksby a reporter that tried to interview Michael Douglas about the death of his father. The location was the Forest Lawn Cemetary in Hollywood Hills. Many remember watching Michael Douglas openly weeping after the funeral.

As of this writing, Hollywood icon Kirk Douglas is still aliveor, perhaps more accurately, he’s alive again.

Kurt Vonnegut

Famous author Kurt Vonnegut died in 1997. That death is remembered by quite a number of his fans. But suddenly after 911 Kurt Vonnegut wasn’t dead. The author had a popular website kept in his memory. After his “resurrection” any reference to his death on the website completely vanished.

Vonnegut died again on April 11, 2007, about 10 years after his “original” death.

Richard Chamberlain

An accomplished stage and screen actor best known for his roles in The Thorn Birds and Shogun, Chamberlain was the heartthrob of many American women early in his career when he played the young, idealistic Doctor Kildare on the TV series of the same name.

Chamberlain’s death in the late 1990s from AIDs shocked many of his fans who never knew the actor was gay. The news coverage on his death contained many tributes and leaned heavily on clips from The Thorn Birds.

Since news reports, archives, clippings and video about these resurrected celebrities always vanish, it’s not surprising that those who discovered the charismatic actor had suddenly returned from the grave were stunned. Some had videotapes of the news reports. When they went to retrieve the tapes that contained the reports about Chamberlain’s death, the tapes had either disappeared or contained different programming.

Helen Thomas

Notoriously controversial reporter and a member of the White House Press Corps, Helen Thomas died of heart failure during the final years of the Clinton Administration. Some can recall that President Clinton himself eulogized her and many ex-presidents spoke about her death. She was dead and buried for years until 2004 when she suddenly appeared again sitting in on a White House press briefing.

All the years she had been dead were somehow “filled in” and it was as if she were never gone. For some in politics, they probably fervently wished she never returned.

As of this writing, Helen Thomas is still (again) very much alive.

There are dozens more. You may be able to add to the list yourself. It’s more than just a “faulty memory” when you ask someone else who remembers a death and supplies you with the exact same details from their memory that you recall without any prompting on your part.

Another Earth, another timeline

Time is more a perception than a reality, and so is existence. Cognitive awareness shapes our environment as much as we shape the things around us.

Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku strongly argues in favor of the multiverse

If bubble universes are being infinitely created, as some like world-renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku believe, then divergences are more the norm than an aberration. What was can change and causality can travel both ways.

An alien New York City on a different multiverse Earth [Emi]

Recent experiments have suggested that an effect can precede the cause, at least at the sub-atomic level. Yet, the sub-atomic level is the very foundation of existence and the binary reality of the universeparticles and wavesare both two sides to the same thing: the quanta.

Disturbing cases have surfaced throughout history of people and places out of time. Visitors to our here that shouldn’t be here [See: Terrified Woman From Another Universe Wakes Up Here], or terrified Earthlings finding themselves on another version of Earth. [See: Multiverse Mayhem: Screaming Girls Sucked Into Alternate Universe and Strange Man From Alternate Reality Arrives In Tokyo]

That time, space and the very nature of existence can beand most likely ismutable begins to become undeniable when the evidence is carefully sifted and analyzed.

How many Earth’s are there? Perhaps an uncountable numberEarths where the dinosaurs never died and went on to build starshipsEarths where 911 never happenedor simply an Earth where a woman chose to wear her red dress instead of her blue one.

Alternate world newspaper you’ll never see

No way back

Is it possible to return to the Earth that existed before 2000-2001 and follow the original timeline? Would the dead that are now alive choose to be dead again? What if you died in 1998, but are now alive thanks to the multiverse divergence?

If you don’t think that’s remotely possible, consider this unnerving observation by a frightened poster on ATS:

“I think I am Dead” [Edited]

What I am here for tonight are answers, suggestions, or input that you can offer about something that has kinda changed my life. On 2/28/11 I picked my girlfriend up to go to her best friend’s wedding.

After several hours of fun we decided to leave. My friend offered us a ride home, which I declined, saying ‘I would be fine.’

The next morning I wake up with my GF by my side but my heart is pounding and I am stricken with sorrow. I had a dream that we crashed on the country road leaving the reception and my GF was killed. I could only see her with a chunk of wood plunged into her chest and blood everywhere. I laid there for what was only a few seconds when she awoke and grabbed me and said ‘I thought you where dead.’ She said she saw me smashed halfway through the windshield of my car looking at her but she knew I was dead.

After holding her for nearly an hour I had convinced her that it was just a dream. Then I noticed that some things had changed. Her hair was slightly longer, (by at least 2 inches) and the room looked light blue instead of the off white as it had always been. I brushed it off as me just being hung over.

Since then I have this recurring dream of the two of us leaving the wedding reception and crashing into the woods on the winding country road. I see a tree branch that has broken through the windshield and impaled her chest.

Things are different than they used to be. The tree in my front yard is bigger than I remember, not by much, just different. Outside smells different. Everything tastes different. My billfold is black instead of brown. But the thing that has me really scared is I have the feeling that we do not belong here.

I am afraid that my dream is real.” [Posted June 2011]

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    • BlueKey

      That is really odd. I do recall Richard Chamberlaine dying in the 90′s of AIDS. Reading his internet bio, it says he came out in 2003. But I knew he was gay way before that. After googling him, seeing pictures of him old and white haired spooked me so much just now. I’d never seen a photo of him looking old. In fact, I was so sure that the search would come up that he had in fact died. He is still alive tho.

      There is a vague remembrance of Kirk Douglas dying too, but not 100 percent sure on that memory. Could be that he is just old and had been through an illness, but survived it, and I assumed in the back of my mind he died. They did announce a while back that he was on his death bed right? That I do remember pretty clear.

      After 9/11 I knew the world changed the day of. A few days before, I was at my kitchen sink, washing dishes, looking out the window, when I was come over with a feeling I thought, “Wow, something hugely wrong is going to happen soon.” I of course thought it was going to happen to me personally, but shrugged it off.

      It was about three days later that I was at the very same kitchen sink, washing morning dishes, had the TV on the kitchen table, listening to the news, when the tower got hit and it came live on TV.

      That same day, a few hours later, still in shock, I did feel that something had shifted. It was beyond just feeling afraid and not wanting to let my little kid go to school… it was like the colors had shifted a fraction, and I thought it was shock, but it never went back, even though I waited.

      Just yesterday, I had the same feeling. Driving through my small town, the colors are off. Green isn’t as green as I expect it to be. Things seem a little less dense than I remember them. The grass seems a fraction less dimensional to me. Flatter.

      I also felt while driving, that it seemed like more of a ghost town than the previous years, and this was during a festival, where I saw more people in the streets than usual. Something just seems off about the energy levels in the air, and in matter.

      What say you?

    • NewPotatoCaboose

      I remember Joe Mantegna dying from a heart attack. Now he is still acting. I thought I was losing my mind. Just like BlueKey noted, colors are off a little to me. I notice it mostly in blues and reds. Also I recognize stronger vibrations or feelings to places; some good, some negative. It is as if my body is telling me I don’t belong at a certain place.

    • Anonymous

      Something very weird was going on the day of 9-11-2001. And on that day I did something very stupid. I went looking for it in the Bible. And the craziest thing happened. I was attacked by a supernatural force. Without giving details it was the strangest experience. But what it did was make me examine the prophecy of Daniel 11 closely. And after 10 years of studying the issues raised I came to the following conclusions. The Apocalypse described by Daniel started on 9-11.

      If you look at the prophesies of Daniel what he predicts is this. Just before the 7 year agreement of Daniel 9-27 several events occur.

      Daniel 11-2. A country that looked Greek to Daniel is attacked by several middle eastern nations/kings.

      11-3 A powerful king stands up and counterattacks the middle eastern kings.

      Jump to Daniel 8

      The country attacked in 11-2 counter attacks and conquers 2 nations/kings in the middle east. Then it conquers “Persia”. That would be today’s Iran.

      The Daniel 8 and 11-4 states the nation that looked Greek is fractured 4 ways.

      Then the 7 year agreement is signed in 11-6 and the 7 year Apocalypse starts.

      One last detail. There are those who would say that this already happened. Problem is that Bible prophesies can have multiple fulfillments. Also 11-6 says it happens in the end of years. The problem with events of 2200 years ago is that they didn’t happen in the end of years. Something to think about.

    • Scytherius

      That does explain the TeaBags. It’s like the evil Universe from Star Trek, except we get TeaBaggers.

    • Jack Heart

      Bells theorem on the non locality of matter is more on the non locality of Reality. Einstein was always considered a chimp by the Copenhagen School because he could never except the fact that if there is no observer to see the moon the moon does not exist. Quantum Entanglement changes everything about whatever philosophers (with the exception of Nietzsche) thought reality was.

      There are tears in the fabric of Human perception (and yes the Bush’s and company did put them there). In the slit experiment subatomic particles up to the size of buckyball molecules exhibit the characteristics of both waves and particles when according to mans science they should just behave like particles. When equipment delicate enough to observe them is added to the experiment they will only behave like particles. As if they know they are being watched and are conforming to the observers expectations. Bell’s theorem synthesized from John Stewart Bells 1964 paper titled On the Einstein Podolsky Rosen paradox proved the non locality of sub atomic particles, what is now called Quantum entanglement. Electrons can be emitted in pairs with their spins dependent and opposite from each other. If one is negative the other will adjust to positive. When the electrons are separated the adjustment continues even in experiments where the electrons were separated by over a hundred kilometers. As soon as these particles are examined with instrumentation the adjustment ceases and the electrons go back to random spins. Many modern technology’s are beginning to rely on Quantum entanglement. State of the art technologies like Quantum computing, Quantum cryptography, and Quantum teleportation. Scientists have already succeeded in teleporting complex sets of information using the precepts of Quantum entanglement.

    • MG

      You’re all pretty observant. But how it happened you’re missing the big missing link. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project was actively presuing open congressional hearings into black ops, and alien technology leading to release of Free energy systems. T

      he powers that be used that same techonolgy to both change the time line and destroy all computer data relating to where the money goes.

      On 9-10 Runsfeld admits more then 2 trillion dollars missing, on 9-11 all the computer data relating to the transfer of funds to these hidden agencies in the Pentagon, building 7 and the world trade center were destroyed.

      The time line was changed, because they used alien technology to cover their own asses.

    • Gojiroiscoming

      I figured the world just fundamentally changed on 9/11, but privately always had the feeling that everything that was supposed to have happened, did not in fact happen.

      At least my life completely changed, the road I was headed down fundamentally changed, relationships with people were altered, even I felt somewhat untethered and disconnected to the world around me. I figured this was just age, a common reaction to a collective traumatic experience coupled with normal identity issues that everyone experiences, but reading this article, it makes me wonder if indeed we did slip into another time stream.

      I’ve always been kind of sensitive to events that were about to happen, or able to see glimpses about the shape of things to come. I’ve had dreams that have ended up occurring more than a decade later as well as a connection with some friends where dreams were shared, multiple times, and instances of knowing friends were injured or in trouble with no communication between us.

      I have a feeling there is some connection between consciousness and reality and how it interplays with the multiverse. I believe time travel is possible, but only by entering other instances of the multiverse while time remains fixed in each derivation of universes.

    • Anonymous

      The Matrix (not the movie but the cosmic grid) is a machine that was installed by highly advanced critters (probably lizards). It constantly generates illusory realities. Multiverses, parallel time lines, time travel, it’s all possible in an illusory reality. Think of it as a super holodeck. But the main purpose is to keep us imprisoned and enslaved. Fortunately, the Matrix will collapse by the end of this year (it is already starting to collapse, hence the intersection of different time lines). This is why time travelers and viewers cannot go beyond 2012.

    • Don Juan

      I firmly believe that there an infinite number of alternate realities (none of these are actually real, any more than the timeline we are in is real). It is possible to remember something that happens in a different timeline, because there is a version of you in that timeline, but for lots of people to remember the same events is quite unusual. A lot of people think that if you die in one reality, you can still be alive in an alternate reality, so maybe a huge disaster happened killing millions of people, but this happened in another timeline, so all these people are alive only in this timeline, but remember events from the timeline in which they died.

    • Anonymous

      Weird things have happened for me, but I am neither sure I am dead or alive. Everyone’s references to who is dead and who is alive seems to match all my recollections too. And some of the comments here cause or pause me to think.

      The five things that are mentioned in the article:

      1) Celebrities who were once dead but are now alive.

      2) Changes in recent historical events.

      3) Changes in movies, books, etc.

      4) Changes in the location of or sudden appearance of buildings, roads, etc.

      5) Changes in location of landmasses.

      I have not noticed in any change in, nor have I seen any celebrity come back to life. If they have, then it is a fiction. And those in hollywood live double lives, and live longer than us. I have seen evidence on youtube that some celebrities have been living for many more years than the rest of us. Pictures from the 1800s etc. Maybe they do live, and steer our society. Maybe it is why all the suffering exists. They use up resources and energy not meant for them. Like Vampires. Maybe this is the distortion in reality. We all feel things should be a “certain way”, but they interfere with that by being here. They disturb natural harmony. Maybe that is why there is so much suffering. They don’t want to be left behind, they use plasma and blood to stay alive all these centuries. The understanding of vampires may be coming to light finally. Maybe we’re all supposed to be harmonic energy, live colors. But they interfere with that. And what I mean by live colors, perfection. They keep us drugged down (and I mean in the sense they pull us down). In a sense, maybe we’re all supposed to be ascended. All animals and life would be perfect. I have seen weird stuff. I too have wondered if I am dead or something. But as of late, I have been figuring out that we are all supposed to be perfect (I could be wrong). These beings or whoever they are, just care about sex and fame (stimulants). 9/11 was certainly made to scare us. Another thought I had, was that they’re Aliens, who did 9/11. And they have an agenda. And that agenda is to steer us, distract us, with 9/11 false flags. While they do whatever it is they’re doing. Building spaceships maybe, to get off planet earth? Based on life (before the hippie age), and the 1950′s and beyond, we’ve had a different world than what was, or what is. Or what we wanted it to be. It is THEIR world. They keep us divided, because they do not want a united family. A united humanity, is a threat to them. So, they police us and do everything else. Everything is “9/11″. Buildings, movies, timeline events. It’s all 911 or 9/11. Notice everytime humanity gets a little strong, they do an event? The economy was getting better in the 1990s. What happened next? 9/11. We were looking forward to “going a little higher” in 2000. But did that happen? No. Instead, we got something that brought us down instead. Their agenda. Everytime we would have made a technological leap, they do something. We almost made that leap in wwII. And before 9/11. They have to instill fear, keep us from being united. So, I have proposed two scenerios. you decide which ones true. Walking dead people, or Aliens. And no, it’s not Reptilians (although I don’t know). Everytime our health gets better, they interfere (have you noticed?). Either with a new false flag or something. I’ve written enough here, feel free to send me a reply.

      • Don

        I agree with both scenarios. It might be some other more surreptitious.
        But from far, your comment has human common sense and is true.

    • IRHologram

      Cliff and Hy of Webbots fame ( syntax sorted from the internet to “predict” that many people would experience anomalies regarding time and that many would be considered “crazy” because of their experiences.

    • mac dee

      yes i agree that total collective consciousness affects everything. time realty and space. remember one year after 911, the number 911 came out on the lottery on that anniversary.
      Doesn’t that sound like collective consciousness at work?

    • Anonymous

      My belief has always been that the Elite have the power to manipulate time through advanced knowledge of events they witness through time travel. It seems they can only get reliable information about 10 years into the future…anything further branches into alternate futures. With this information, these people then return to their present and are able to profit from the information they possess. The Freemasons have long claimed such knowledge and it was advanced knowledge of the outcome of the Batlle of Waterloo that allowed the Rothschilds to take control of the British economy. http//

    • Anonymous

      if you think time can be reset after a few buildings being blown up..

      maybe its just a readjustment after hiroshima and nagasaki? – actually, considering the impact that had.. we may need a few more 911′s to get things right..

      all those in favor of washington being vaporised for the good of humanity.. say “aye!”

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely, check out Bill Donahue bdona4556 on youtubej, photons have intelligence.

    • MG

      Steve Greer accounces in Washington DC to the internatinoal press that 100′s billion dollars are missing due to black ops and funding for alien technology and free energy, with over 400 NSA, FBI, CIA and top miltary brass going on record to prove his case and saying they will go on record in front of Congress.

      Summer 01 Steven sends GW Bush a letter demanding opening of all books reguardin top intelligance agencies funding and threatens a full congressional investigation.

      9-10 Donald Rumsfeld announces over 2 trillion dollars missing.
      9-11 Pentagon computers destroyed containing all money tranfers.
      9-11 Building #7 taken down – containing records of on going investigations of illegal money tranfers.
      9-11 World trade center taken down – containing money tranfer records for black ops and free energy.

      One one note,
      I remember clearly him dying before 9-11. Now he’s alive and well.

      They used Alien Technology to change the time line and cover up their funding of the black op and free energy. It had nothing to do with the NWO or Zionists. It’s all about the starships up in the sky, you don’t see them because your not supposed too.

      Also this is my second post, the first one was “mysteriously” deleted.

    • wlfrm1

      The first post wasn’t deleted MG, twas but a burp in the time/space continuum……twas but a jest. All I know, is all I know, and it is what it is.

      More so, Before it’s news is leaning towards check out line tabloidism…..saddly.

      Time and relative dimensions in space, the matrix, call it all what you will…….I don’t see any government messing with ripples….if anything it scares them. Men are just men, so anyone entity that thinks, I said, thinks, they are above all, don’t impress me. Mankind, for the most part, when faced with the inevitible, will surely curl up, wet themselves, and cry like sissies.

    • nom de plume

      Reality most certainly has not changed, but most people are under the increasing tyranny of demonic spiritualism! If you leave the US and live in a 3rd World country for a while (I have) you will quickly realize that we are under electronic mind control in this country as well. After being away from that for a while, I actually started to feel alive again. I felt peace, happiness and joy that I hadn’t experienced in years living in the US. I actually looked forward to getting up in the morning and it was amazing to be back in a culture where strangers were friendly and greeted me when I was out and about.

      Truth is reality and it matters not if 99% of the population believes a lie, that doesn’t change reality one bit. The human mind doesn’t create reality, but the collective world views of a country can destroy civilization if the majority insist on it. The developments since 9-11 are totally unnecessary but the rejection of God has caused evil to prosper.

      “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains [will do so] until He is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming. The coming of the [lawless one] is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”
      2 Thess 2:7-12

    • Masonicon

      Does Man-Made Global Warming connection with 911 and War on Terror is have to do with this?

    • MG

      On 3-01 Adam Ant was on Howard stern show. On 6-01 I saw a report of him dying. The cover story on yahoo showed him walking in a long black leather coat. I didn’t think nothing of it till the other day I saw he was alive and well. Either way, I believe they used Alien Technology to change events. They didn’t have a lot of time to get the whole thing together so they used a time warp on the 11 – twin towers and it fell to the ground in dust. Didn’t anyone wonder why the towers turned to dust? How did the car engines melt? Time warp. It ripples time and changes some things. Don’t have to believe me, look in the mirror, it never lies. Anon, while global warming is man made, it’s a symptom of something bigger. Look up…

    • bella

      Yep! Billy Graham died and then lives again. You named some I didn’t know about. I do remember Kirk Douglas dying and here he is alive and kicking. There are many, many other anomalies. The good news is that we retook the timeline and now we are on the non catastrophic timeline. Good work, people! Keep up the most excellent work you are doing for the light.

    • Betsy

      Very interesting article. Personally I believe the 911 events were planned based on their understanding of physics decades prior to usher in a cascade of events. Quite possibly the events were to delay a major change (which could possibly be cosmic) but they failed they sped it up. Yes they disrupted the timeline but to their disadvantage so the harder they push their agenda the quicker it falls apart. Something tells me this event whatever it may be that have such fear in them represents their end. Oh yeah, there were people I can recall being announced as deceased which included Richard Chamberlain and Don Knotts. Don is gone he passed a couple of years ago but I could’ve sworn I heard he had died in the 90s.

    • bella

      Wow, you’re right! I remember Don Knotts dying in the 90s. I remember Mandela died in prison, too. Then he is alive and well. I spoke with several others several years ago. We all remembered people dying, being buried and now they are live. It would be interesting to know what else changed, you know, the little things. :)

    • Anonymous

      “I remember Mandela died in prison, too. ”

      no he didnt.

      “We all remembered people dying, being buried and now they are live. ”

      i cant think of any.- you need to up your meds.

    • bella

      anon, you are the worst dis info agent I have ever encountered. Are you self employed, or does the government actually use you? Waste of tax payers money. :) )

    • Urban Prepping

      I distinctly recall Richard Chamberlain dying. I watched the mini-series The Thorn Birds with my grandmother when I was young and loved the time I spent with her doing so. When he died, I was shocked and saddened that someone who had helped build a nice memory in my youth was gone. When I read in this article that he was alive, I thought the author was a bit “off” and the subject of the article too far-fetched. Richard Chamberlain was dead…and then I did a Google search. He’s alive and well, living in Hawaii. WHAT?! I even remember his funeral and the fans who were so sad he was gone. This is hard to wrap my head around.

      My closest friend and I have spoken at length before about how things just don’t feel right. He says that he strongly feels he doesn’t belong here, that he wants to “go home”. This is a recurring theme that I have heard over and over again on different boards – something is wrong, something is off in our world and more and more people are feeling it all the time. Some call it a spiritual awakening, but I am beginning to wonder if it is an awakening to the knowledge that our very existence has been altered and we are living lives we were never meant to live – we are a civilization both figuratively AND literally “out of time”.

    • bella

      You really don’t understand space and time,do you. Instead of educating yourself and discovering how jumping time lines is possible, you would rather rant and rave against those who do know and understand. You take our experiences and condemn them without giving a thought to how ignorant you make yourself out to be. Silent stupidity keeps people from knowing you are stupid. People who listen learn. I’ve seen you on most of these posts, reams of ignorance.

    • building 5

      I think it’s connected to the spiritual realm., Something’s happening.

    • bella

      Sorry, my last post is directed to anonymous. eostre

    • NewPotatoCaboose

      @ Urban Prepping That’s how I feel. I want to “Go Home”. I cannot explain the feeling other than I feel as if I don’t belong “Here”. I also have thought to myself “I am going to miss this place” somehow relative to looking at the sky and nature. They are not thoughts, but feelings. Good to be alive!!

    • Anonymous

      This is so odd, because I did honestly believe that Kirk Douglas and Richard Chamberlain both died in the 90′s and only last year I got a helluva surprise when I realised that Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine was still alive, because I would have sworn that he died in 1994, aged 24. I remember the band splitting up afterwards. I’ve looked on Wikipedia and apparently they were still releasing albums in subsequent years.

      I am totally buying into the time-shift thing, although I think it would be rash to pin it on any specific event. More than likely, the cause is only known by scientists and high-ranking military. Perhaps someone invented a time-machine and went back to the early 90′s, did something there which caused a ripple effect, altering the outcome of subsequent events, yet leaving memories of the previous linear timeline in our psyches!

    • Jojo

      Kurt Vonnegut’s brother died in 1997, and Kurt died 10 years later. I did this fact checking in 5 minutes using google. This article is full of bunk.

    • IRHologram

      I don’t think these “time shifts” have ANYTHING to do with 9/l1. Google the work of Dr. Judy Wood, who proves pretty concisely that 9/11 was caused by an energy weapon using the “Hutchinson Effect.” But there’s definately something going on with the living dead phenom. A personal reference for me was Jerry Lee Lewis. I read about his passing in the paper back 10 years or so ago in a car crash. And then…there he was playing Madison Square Gardens a couple of years ago.

    • Isis

      The only thing I might add here to give a clearer celestial perception … is that when the satanic celestials and their kindred reptilians secretly became allies with the diabolical reptilians which had already long since invaded and gain control of the celestial world here in this heliosphere/solar system …

      And after they became allies with the diabolical reptilians …. the satanic then used their own ancient celestial knowledge to invade and conquer star colonies of the original timeline ascension and also invade star colonies associated the original constellation alignment ….

      Now when the evil ones did thisl and invaded Earth’s moon … they also changed polarities linking Earth with the moon, which offset the timeline ascension which was already in place …

      When they did this the original timeline ascension and the original star colonies holding in place this original timeline ascension, were cut off from the Earth … and the satanic timeline was put in place …

      But now for this generation … all things must return to their true positions …

      So it’s very possible that the timeline shift was affected during the 911 event … and when the true timeline is truly instated …. the evil timeline would indeed be lost for ever … but this would just be a start to the whole process of changing back over to the way things were suppose to be …

    • Anonymous

      1997 was also the year Kurt Vonnegut’s last novel, Timequake, came out. The plot of which imagines what would happen if a quake in time forced us to relive, in every detail, an entire decade of our lives. It was also, sadly, not very good.

    • Rico Millan

      Yes I believe this one has happened: retrocasual signaling? Alrighty then.

    • Anonymous

      Kindly inform me why my comments were deleted?

    • AmericanHero

      @ Anonymous maybe you broke BIN rules my friend.

    • Anonymous

      Please inform me what would be ‘BIN’ rules, so I don’t have my comments trashed. There was nothing vulgar, just recount of my own accident and experience prior to 911, and my reflection on the cover story.

    • Cataranthus

      Perhaps we slipped sideways into a parallel dimension?

    • Anonymous

      This sounds pretty nuts but something that has been haunting me for years that I can’t explain is that I remember the southern border of Venezuela with Brazil as straight across and not having a lump of Brazil on the right that cuts up into the Venezuela. I was born in 1990 and I remember playing globes and maps all the time while growing up but around 2000 or 2001 I stopped recognizing that border as it looked on the map and it bothered me alot because I had been so familiar with geography and was even a state finalist in geography in middle school.

    • Anonymous

      so many idiots.. so little time..

    • Anonymous

      On the previous thread with celebrities, i had an experience just this weekend. in canada, there is famous NHL hockey player who i swear came out as a gay in the late 90′s, but on the weekend i saw a commercial with him and his wife and family, when i googled it there where many other searches for that subject so it leads me to believe other people have that same recollection, but the google search answers were unanimous that he wasn’t gay.

    • JayTee

      No matter where I am or what I am doing, everyday, twice a day, I need to know what time it is and it always reads 9:11. Anyone else have this happen to them?

    • Hiddenwindowsol

      Something did happen the question is just when and what. Pieces of history, and I’m a history buff, seem altered they have for years. Like for example I remember reading Custer’s remark’s about the battle of Little Big Horn in his memoir that was published in 1909. The one that always struck me as odd, even though he was the losing party in the battle he wasn’t killed, was his praise of the tactics used by Sitting Bull and Chief Gall. But now I can find no trace of this memoir anywhere.

      I remember the great stock market crash of ’29 as occurring on a Thursday ( the 24th) but it seems to have spread over a Monday(the 28th) and a Tuesday(the 29th).

      Cassius Gaius wasn’t part of the original plot to kill Caesar.

      It’s these fragments of history that seem to make no sense. More modern stuff I do remember( late 90′s)
      I remember Kirk Douglas’s funeral
      I remember that the Large Hadron Collider was turned on on 9/10/2001
      I remember Books and Movies that were never produced or written or are stuck in development hell right now.
      I literally have 8 1/2 notebooks filled with these memories I’m not going to sit here and type them all up but If someone is interested I will scan them

      • Anonymous

        I’m interested!

    • DriggyDriggs

      I remember Jack Palance dying in the 90s. everyone was shocked because he seemed healthy and was doing one-handed push-ups at the Oscars. them he was alive again in the early 2000s, now he’s dead again. Another weird thing, on the TV show Sliders, there was an episode about a dying world that needed to be evacuated to another earth, but in the version I remember, the professor was dying of some disease and decided to sacrifice himself since he was drying anyway and stayed behind on the dying world. I watched that episode again earlier this year and that plot line was no longer there. instead of him already dying his brain went haywire because of a slide gone wrong and then he got shot.

    • saltwn

      Donald Sutherlan

    • Guntherian

      hehehee, when dream and reality blend, a lesson, to teach huuunams that ANYTHING is possible, trust ONLY in the Word, the Bible does not change, but everything else will, the souls that inhabit this world are to be taught a lesson, they will feel and see, where nothing is constant, and reality is in flux, the very materia itself will become hostile, and those who break the Laws and Ordinances of the Most High will be punished severly, to learn, YOU LOT WILL COME RIGHT, OF YOUR OWN FREE WILL< LIKE IT OR NOT.

      Why do think you are in a body, that is covered by a sensory organ??? so that your once free spirit, which fell into rebellion, can feel pain, can be taken prisoner, and can be punished for unacceptable behavior. and ye shall be corrected, sure 96% of you are to die terribly between the teeth of the coming punishment, but its only because ye reject Fathers Authority, im rather amazed you retards have started finding out this midgard realm, is not unlike a tv game. but, sorry for you, the Maker of the Game came in to show us how Nice He Is, and well, they killed His Human Body, and reject His ORDERS. well, His servants are here now, and some of us are not nice, we are messengers of destruction, and long to see you suffer and die, again, and again, and again, we love the Game of correction, soon this place will nice and fun, just like Sheol.

    • Kolya48

      I live in South Africa. Mandela NEVER died in prison.At least we were never told that. I grew up here. He was released from prison in 1990. I watched it live on local TV. If it was the REAL Madiba, we will never know.!!?? But he definitely passed on in 2013 and had his Memorial Service in December 2013. I also watched the fall of the Twin Towers live in real time on 9/11/2001. BTW, how come is such an old article up here for viewing today in 2015?

    • Kolya48

      There were 90+ world Heads of State at Mandela’s Memorial service! Any catastrophe there on that day, natural or man made WOULD certainly have changed history. :!:

    • Spartacus Skull Bones

      It happened to me, when I was a kid, with Ernest borgnine , and later with mickey rooney. And recently, but this time much after 9/11 , Dani Trejo (i just found that he’s alive!!! ) . The peple that controls the time shift device is still playing with it. No problem to me, if you don’t mess with my life. I accept a job abroad, because I’m smart, I shoud be helping these guys to not do slips :) . O please, give me the numbers of the lottery, I promise I will use 90% for charity :) .

    • Anonymous

      The pictures in your article aren’t loading … They are only big white boxes …

    • 2QIK4U

      NO :eek: :lol: :eek:

    • DK

      I am reading this article in 2017 and would post one observation of an event in history confirming PEAR which they ignored, on June 5th 1944 almost the entire population of S/E England lined the roads during the embarkation of the D Day landing troops, they had not done this since Dunkirk, all phones and papers were censored and no public announcements had ever been made, in fact considerable disinformation had been offered for months prior along with constant troop drills and movements.




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