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If President Trump Is Assassinated..

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If President Donald Trump is assassinated, then the Third Secret of Fatima comes into play. Basically, the Earth will die – transition from the 3rd to the 5th Dimension. Life doesn’t die, but form does.

A Nuclear war will start which will so damage the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, that high energy rays from the sun and cosmos, measured at millions of miles per second, will enter the Earth and cause giant upheavals upon its surface, huge tsunamis and great winds. The sun will turn black because the Earth’s atmosphere will no longer be able to slow the radiations into the visible spectrum.

The Captain of a flying saucer from Ganymede:
“..Moreover, the atmospheric layers will be changed. Upon their composition depends the stability of the planet. They will then cease to produce light and affect the luminosity of the Sun. They will no longer be able to filter the solar emanations and the Sun will turn black and you will experience indescribable sensations…”

The finality of a nuclear war cannot be overemphasised. The Ascension is a gradual release compared with Nuclear War which is a sudden and violent release, which damages the soul as you will read below.


Archangel Michael
msg 35 : November 13th 2009
“The Space/time in which you live and that was falsified and curved straightens itself out, now, at full speed. The three envelopes of falsification called ionosphere, magnetosphere and heliosphere became, totally, permeable to the cosmic radiations, to the radiations of the Light and to our dimensions.”

msg 28 : February 17th 2010
“Liked well Children of the Light, wherever you are on this Earth, present at this meeting which signs the installation, within your magnetosphere, of the whole of the Archangelic Conclave to which are attached five Archangels external to the evolution of your Solar system. Together, we will connect, through the intermediary of the Metatronic Keys, the worlds of the Light with your world..”

Sri Aurobindo
msg 51 : December 12th 2009
“Question: today, what becomes of the souls who quit their body?
They are placed in a situation of stasis, waiting, if you prefer, the emergence of the new Dimension. Certain souls, nevertheless, decide to return once again within this Dimension. The largest contingent, however, is put on standby. Remember that we have, literally, dissolved the intermediate planes, what you call astral plane, the fringes of interference, where the souls were found after their death. This is illustrated by the collapse of what you call your magnetosphere. These souls wait.

msg 29 : November 21st 2010
“The liberation of the Earth is on course. The completed release of the crystalline core permits the Earth to live now, in total freedom, what it has to live. The progressive disappearance of the envelopes of isolation called heliosphere, magnetosphere and ionosphere, on course, will permit at the end, under the joint action of a certain number of elements, this Earth to be transmuted and to establish itself within a new Dimension called the 5th Dimension, permitting the Earth to find its initial sacredness.”


O.M. Aivanhov
msg 37 : January 30th 2012
“Remember what we have said: the Conscience is Vibration because the Unlimited Conscience is a Vibratory state. The personality is a vibratory state much more dense. As our Oriental friends say (as they call it), the “tamasic” moods, it is heavy, it weighs down, it makes dense, it prevents the Vibration. The superposition (or the approach) of the Body of Beingness, the disappearance of the isolating envelopes (magnetosphere, heliosphere, ionosphere) results in an intensification of the Light, of the Vibrations. All that, you know it. And, of course, you have the beings who do not Vibrate because there is too great a distance between the 2 scales of Vibration, because of personality, because of a particular life, or of particular barriers, or of particular handrails (safeguards). But, the Presence, the Passage, it is beyond the Vibration…”


Archangel Uriel
Nov. 16 2012
“The one that spoke said his name is Uriel.

Uriel said they are here to protect and save and to maintain and bring peace. Because it is not permitted to do war.

He had fair hair and had a sword in his right hand. You couldnt see the blade just the light. Like in star wars. It shone like sunlight.

He was speaking from the clouds. The sky was like open..and he stood there, in the gap or opening. With the sword raised. His legs were spread apart as if over the world as if his feet were resting on the planet. With wide spread legs and his raised arm holding the sword.

he told me much more. The other angels were in the background. Lots of them but blurred. He said many were confusing people making them think that war would bring about the promised land he said, pretending to speak using Gods word. (He used the words promised land). He said this is a lie, war is not the way and not permitted.

He repeated that war is not permitted.

he repeated it three times.

he said tell them my name is Uriel

He was not smiling. He looked very severe. He had a very intense and severe expression. His face did not alter expression while he spoke. And never smiled once.

The sky opened in the dream, like wrapping up as if made of paper or cloth rolling back, and in the gap his figure formed.

Then he raised his left arm and said to me
and he pointed to the sun

and the sun became black

and he said
“look again”

and I could see the moon

and the moon became red

he said

“tell them”

I dont know what it means

Some sign I think

I know its in the bible it rings a bell. But I dont know what he meant

and after showing me this

he repeated again

tell them my name is Uriel”

image Archangel Uriel

Uriel, angel of the Presence and archangel of the Reversal



A Venusian visitor to Buck Nelson, U.S. (1955)
“This world must give up atomics weapons and warfare. The next war, if fought, will be on American soil. America will be destroyed, then civilization all over the world will be destroyed. we are here to see which way this world will use Atomic power, for peace or for war. We have stood by and seen other planets, one other, destroy itself. Is this world next? We wonder, and watch and wait!”

A Dallas Schoolboy (Sept. 10th 2001)
“…the boy approached his teacher on the afternoon of Sept. 10 and casually told her:

‘Tomorrow, World War III will begin. It will begin in the United States, and the United States will lose.’”

The Third Secret of Fatima
“What awaits us???

Everywhere there will be “Peace Talks”, but punishment will come…



This war will destroy everything, darkness will fall over us for 72 hours (3 days) and the one third of humanity that survives this obscurity and sacrifice will commence to live in a New Era, they will be good people.

In a very cold night, 10 minutes before midnight, a Great Quake will shake the earth for 8 hours. This will be the third signal that God is who governs the earth. The righteous and those who propagate the faith and the message of the Lady of Fatima is one “SHOULD NOT FEAR, DO NOT BE AFRAID.”


More could be said and quoted, but this is enough. Remember: prophecy is based on probability, and our thoughts, words and actions. Perhaps we can change, but our inertia (“tamas”) is very great at the moment. A great wall of water (ie. emotion or e-motion) needs to be turned back, but do we collectively have the will – powered by conserved and raised sexual energy – to do it? Sexual energy, or vital force, called “holy spirit” (by Jesus) augments the will, and spilling it in sexual activity weakens the will. An inverse relationship.



O.M. Aivanhov
msg 86 : March 12th 2011
“The 3rd Dimension of the Earth will be like a skeleton, in a way, not supporting any life.”

Archangel Raphael (1998)
“14.  Conventional weapons will be used first in WWIII, then chemical, biological and nuclear.

15. The Northern Hemisphere of the Earth will be mostly destroyed by nuclear fires and radiation.  Most of the Southern Hemisphere will not be destroyed by nuclear weapons, but all of the cities, towns, and villages will be leveled and burned to the ground through conventional war.

16. Anyone caught within 50 miles of a hydrogen bomb detonation will suffer damage to their soul, even to the point of the total destruction of it, which would release their spirit in energy form back to God, and they would cease to exist as individual spirits.  This is because the explosion of a hydrogen bomb causes a chain reaction explosion of all hydrogen atoms within range, which includes the hydrogen atoms that souls are partially composed of.  Even though souls exist within the fourth dimension, the strength, power and velocity of the detonation will bridge the gap between third and fourth dimensions.  The spirit without its soul cannot exist as an individual entity.  If this separation were to occur, the spiritual energy that composed the spirit would return to God.  A spirit cannot exist in a spiritual being without a soul; there is no such thing as a spiritual being without shape and form.  Think of the spirit as a spark of pure God energy and the soul as a type of physical body similar to the physical bodies on Earth, but with a higher vibration.  I’m sure this has cleared up any misunderstanding concerning this matter.  Many of you have been taught that the soul is indestructible.  This is incorrect.  A hydrogen bomb is the one thing on Earth that can totally destroy the soul.

17. Human extraterrestrials, who have been monitoring the Earth for millions of years, will prevent the entire destruction of the planet and help save a small portion of humanity, but will not otherwise interfere with WWIII because of Universal Non-Interference Laws.

18. Some people, very few, perhaps in the hundreds of thousands, will survive WWIII and its aftermath in elaborate bomb shelters, remote mountainous areas and in a few areas of the Southern Hemisphere of the planet.

19. After WWIII begins there will be 11 years of radiation contamination in the Northern Hemisphere and lawlessness, starvation, and cannibalism throughout the world, and finally very few people will survive.

20. WWIII will not be the end of the human race on Earth, nor the destruction of Planet Earth, but it will be the end of this present day civilization, with every city, town and village in the world completely burnt to the ground.

21. The extremely difficult and deadly times of WWIII will come to the Earth starting when the Pope no longer lives in Rome.


ATON – Archangel Michael (February 19th 2009)
“You have further contaminated the substance in the fissures of the Earth by nuclear testing and it shall spew forth and shower the lands with radioactive downpour. Your nuclear waste dumps shall open up and spew the ultimate poison upon the lands. Americans feel safe? The entire world now runs on nuclear power in great measure—what does France do with her nuclear waste? Better check it out, my children.”

Archangel Michael is the Solar Logos of this solar system. To us He is as God, as he has said in the phoenix journals and in autresdimensions. The current holy trinity is Archangel Michael, Jesus and Mary. The unholy trinity, according to Jesus, is the false prophet, the antichrist and the dragon, Satan.


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    • Cara

      I’ve been to the abyss in a dream-vision a very very long time ago, and it took me a long long while of ‘willing’ to begin to rise up. And the rise-up was oh, oh so slow…. a lot of effort for little movement. I had been running and suddenly found myself in empty space… the ground wasn’t there any more. So what do people do in that situation…Suspended over an abyss with gravity, “tamas” working to pull you down?

    • raburgeson

      If it happens war will be fought against the deep state, shadow government, and the military industrial complex. The people are not going to give trials or take prisoners.

      • Bob DD

        I disagree that war will be fought against DS, SG, and MIC? By whom? Certainly not the American people, they are ignorant, lulled to sleep by TV, sports, dancing with the fools, idiotic programs. Don’t believe it? Go out into the public arena and inquire if they know of those just mentioned and what they are allegedly doing against We the People? The people are asleep.

    • Slimey

      Where were your stories about obama being assassinated?? I don’t recall ONE STORY by any of you guyz about the Nerogro being assassinated.

      But the white-in-shining armor OK to write stories like that. You guyz are FOOL of sh*t! :twisted:

      • Cara

        Check out the video-

        ‘Obama admits aliens control America’
        1m 17secs long

        It’s a very short interview of Barack Obama..

      • 72FX

        Should be banned for language and racial slurs.

        • Slimey

          NO, it’s OK to report about assassinations. But to be fair it should be talked about on ALL races and not only the white guy.

          No need to ban the writer.

          Anyway she called only the sun being black and not a Negro. :lol:

    • Andy

      channellings? that’s IT???? :eek:

      may as well quote from some fairy-tale like the bible

      • Cara

        What you’ve just said is a cop-out, Andy. You’re refusing to face what’s in front of you…. in front of us all. Just remember the inverse relationship between sexual activity and the will… Waste the vital force in sexual activity and the will goes down. You can see that in the reported sexual perversions, excessive sexual activity in Washington DC. The will is weak, but there’s a strong ego of self-importance: what Jesus calls “the strongholds”. People have to take back, individually, their power and their God-given freewill. Please see Jesus “resumed” messages; we’re on the verge of ‘a Great Shaking’ in the latest one.

        Do we turn back the great wall of water (of emotion, e-motion) which is pushing us towards disaster, or do we not?

        • Andy

          jesus doesn’t exist, he’s a fictional character from a man-made fantasy fairy-tale known as the bible – no gods nor god exists either

          humanity can only reap as it has sown and continues to sow = FEAR

          the only “great wall of water” we can turn around is our own

          There is no god, the bible is a fiction and jesus never lived

          the universe was not created, but has always existed

          the first law of thermodynamics:
          “no matter nor energy can be created nor destroyed, only its form can be altered” – this is immutable, universal LAW, proven 100% accurate, 100% of the time, for 100% of the observable universe, both micro & macro & without exception

          no matter nor energy can be created – seeing the universe is made of matter & energy, it quite simply cannot have been created, it has always existed, only its form has altered

          only its form can be altered – the Big Bang cannot have been the point of creation, only a point of “alteration of form” in accordance with UNIVERSAL LAW and there is ZERO evidence to the contrary

          the universe was not created, but has always existed – there can be no creator, for that which was not created

          the bible is a man-made FICTION

          - all powerful god can create an entire infinite universe, but can’t manage to pen a single sentence of his own book?
          - can send his only living son to die for all humanity, yet he can’t manage to pen a single sentence of his own book either?
          - all scriptures were written by ignorant men who didn’t know what gravity, electricity, bacterium & viruses are
          - all scriptures were written in the languages of men
          - all scriptures were written using tools invented by men (pen, paper, ink, etc)
          – the bible was AUTHORED by the pagan roman emperor Constantine at the council of Nicaea in the yr 325ad
          - the bible is replete with thousands of contradictions and factually incorrect info
          - the FACT that neither god nor jesus penned a single sentence of their own book is the very strongest of evidence that neither ever wanted such a book written,,,, ,,,, but then, fairy-tale characters can’t write their own fairy-tale now can they

          jesus never lived

          - not ONE historian living at the same time and in the same city wrote a single thing about jesus
          - not ONE of the thousands who purportedly witnessed or experienced the “miracles” wrote a single thing about jesus
          - the romans kept incredibly detailed records, yet no mention of jesus
          - of the 12 apostles apparently only half bothered to write anything about jesus
          - we have no evidence which verifies that Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John actually wrote the books attributed to them
          - the most prolific contributor to the NT (Paul/Saul of Tarsus) never even met the myth
          - we have no primary evidence for jesus (things he made, letters/notes he wrote etc)
          - the ONLY evidence outside of the biblical fairy-tale are a few single sentence anecdotal (read HEARSAY) mentions written by historians born 2+ generations later (Pliny The Younger, Tacitus, Josephus etc) and hearsay is not evidence by any standard

          ALL AVAILABLE EVIDENCE demonstrates that the bible is the word and work of man and nobody else

          NO EVIDENCE substantiates the claim that any god had anything to do with it

          time to grow out of your fantasy fairy-tales, let go your imaginary friends and mature into an adult who does that which is right, for no reason other than it is right

          • Cara

            The only thing we can do, Andy, is not let our emotions run away with us. Everything that is born dies at its term. This birth-death scenario concerns not only human, animal and plant bodies, but also planets, solar systems, dimensions and the universe as a whole. Even souls on the mental plane die eventually when their usefulness to the Life, consciousness and conscience, is exhausted. Form is a training ground for our minds. When we reach “universal consciousness” – the realization that the “I” which is me (as personality) is the same “I” which lives in others and in other forms of life, we will have reached a turning point in our lives – respect. It has been said, in a Treatise of Cosmic Fire, p. 343, “The Universe is an aggregate of states of consciousness.” All we can do is to accept what comes, as quietly as we can, and look for the next stage.

            As I have suggested before, please go back and read the second latest message from Jesus’ Resumed messages, ‘Rainbows vs Righteousness’. He distinguishes ‘rainbows’ from ‘righteousness’ and the ‘creation’ from the ‘Creator’. We actually are creators in training, and we have to come to terms with the activities of our own minds. We have to train, and train again, our own minds. If people don’t want to do that, if they haven’t got the will to become an ‘Apollo’ – driver of the chariot of the sun in the story of Phaeton, then we will be Phaeton, and run amuck to our own soul death.

            • Andy

              there are no messages from jesus, because he never lived – we only have the words of ignorant men

            • Andy

              we also have universal natural LAW which tells us the universe was not created, it has always existed, only its’ form has altered

              like you who were born of your parents before you, so the current universe was born of something before it, and just as humans are born of humans, dogs of dogs, so universes are born of universes

            • Cara

              That’s surface thinking, Andy. There are layers of our being, that have always been there, and we just come to realize them bit by bit. I realized one step back in the 1990′s when I became aware of the realization: “I am in you and you are in me”. Life itself is the essence, and there is not one thing that is separate from anything else. The Universe is not dead, not entirely mechanical, but a living being: A whole being, and to come realize that, is to stop being an ego or a separated being. The ego has to be suppressed, countered relentlessly and consistently, if we are to remain in that realization. That is discipleship and Wholiness or holiness. It’s not thinking high or thinking low, because that creates the division. There is no high and no low in the Living World, just communication. And if people want the communication, they have to go deeper into themselves, until they find the evenness all around them.

              If you want to go solely on observation, and not reach identification, then just don’t press it on others, because each in their own way must find the Wholeness or the holiness all around them. That’s Respect. It’s also called Love, which is not a sexual or possessive love by the way. It’s giving each other freedom to think things out for themselves and to do as one thinks.

              There are mistakes, of course, but the Way, Truth and Life is clear.

            • Truthseeker


              explain how the umbilical cord evolved?

              explain how the Endocrine gland system evolved?

              The human body and mind is a perfect masterful design.

              Who was the designer?

              Explain how physical laws can exist on their own?

              Who set the laws in place?

              and by the way cara worships demons, not the Creator God

            • Cara

              That was a cut, Truthseeker… God is within you, as within each one, if you look outside for your guidance too much, even psychically, people miss the point – i.e. the One within each one. I’m not demon driven by a long shot.

              We’re getting away from the point of this story, this post. If President Trump is assassinated a nuclear war will start. From what I’ve seen on video of President Trump, he talks while others around him live in their ivory towers of EGO. Their “strongholds”, as Jesus terms it, which by the way, block communication, block interaction and negate the even-handedness that is necessary for any relationship to even begin let alone survive and thrive. You, or a country such as the United States, doesn’t try to down somebody else, or another nation, if they want to associate with them. If the United States wants to control other nation-states, that’s stealing their sovereignty, their free will, and their learning process.

              A One World Government – New World Order – is theft, pure and simple.

            • Truthseeker

              Cara i am a follower of Jesus Christ and student of the WORD.

              I have nothing to do with so called Christianity.

              You are listening to demons. I did not say you are a demon.

              I listen to very few men and no women, I seek understanding, wisdom and knowledge from above through the WORD.

              One or more demons have been appearing as Jesus for two thousand years and they lie.

              Christ appeared to and personally taught the 13 male Apostles — that is it.

              He does not work through women.

              World war 3 is coming soon, it is the 4th Seal and will involve 25% of the earth.

              Assyria is the rod in God’s hand by which He will punish His Chosen people and Assyria is Germany, for the third time the nations of the House of Israel will go to war with Germany and Germany will completely and totally defeat America.

              Russia is Amalek: Gog and Magog, they will not attack America.

              what is coming next is a trade war which will lead to food rationing and then famine and disease will follow.

              God the Father is “only” in those He calls and in whom He places His Spirit.

            • plsnogod

              I listen to very few men and no women, I seek understanding, wisdom and knowledge from above through the WORD.

              You are an asshole,of the most biggoted kind.

              ”I listen to no women” Ha really? You are a religious nutcase of the most higher order.I really hope you are writing from inside an institution of some kind.Otherwise we are truly doomed. If there was a hell, i would see you there you complete moron.

            • Truthseeker


              so you are a female. No! I take no advice from a women,

              Have you ever read what King David had to say about this subject?

              27 Behold, this have I found, saith the preacher, counting one by one, to find out the account:

              28 Which yet my soul seeketh, but I find not: one man among a thousand have I found; but a woman among all those have I not found.

              His Son Solomon was ruined because he listened to women.

            • plsnogod

              NO you complete FREAK. I am not a woman,but unlike you i see women as equals.

              You should be a muslim warlord in a damp medieval fortress way away from normal people. Weirdo!

            • Truthseeker

              sorry plsngod, you fooled me as you talk and think like a silly women

            • plsnogod

              I am going to email your institution,and have them block your access to the computer room.

    • Cara

      The WORD of God. It is not a verbal word as we know it, but a vibration with numerous permutations, stepping down to become the Creation. Atoms are vibration. Everything that we can see, feel and touch is vibration. Our thoughts are vibration, thus we influence the Creation. Emotion is vibration. We act upon and influence the subtler planes, just as we do the physical plane.

      To bring the WORD into our language, it’s LOVE. It’s “do unto others as you would be done by” and it’s the 10 Commandments.

      What happens if we do not follow the WORD of Love? We bring disharmony into the balance of the Creation. We create pain and disease. The obverse of the WORD Love is Karma.. That’s how the Creation re-balances itself and humans learn of their miscreations. We have to correct what we have made incorrect. There is NO Vicarious Atonement; each one must live the vibrations which they have given out. That’s simply the Law of Cause and Effect which we know so well, or do we, on the physical plane.

      So what happens when people eat meat – the flesh of killed living creatures, have sex for pleasure, and practice the deadly sins, like pride, lust, greed, wrath, etc. We lose our connection to the Godhead, to our Source. People have to become wholly, or holy, to redeem themselves. To reconnect in consciousness to All-That-Is. Jesus didn’t die to save us, He showed us THE WAY.. of Righteousness, how to re-balance ourselves by becoming holy. Every message of Jesus, of Mary and of the Archangel Michael, has holiness – wholeness – at its base.

      We can ignore this, deny it, try to hide from it, but IT still works, because vibration is the Word of God – of the livingness which pervades the universe.

      • Truthseeker

        cara your doctrines are of Satan — Not God.

        Cara we do not “become Holy” we are made Holy only by the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

        Mary is dead and in her grave waiting for the first resurrection — that is a demon you are listening too.

      • Cara

        Some information on eating meat, taking vaccines..

        Every vaccine is acid forming
        Meat is acid forming
        The body’s metabolism is acid forming

        If we do not have enough alkali forming vegetables and fruits, nuts seeds, beans, pulses etc., the blood turns acidic. The acid reduces the blood plasma’s ability to suspend cells – red and white cells – in it. So they sludge, and clump together. As the blood passes through tiny capillaries, where even red cells need to go one after the other, clumped cells can block capillary beds, leading to lack of oxygen in discrete areas of the body, called “mini-strokes”. If the blockages occur around the cranial nerves there can be signs of facial paralysis, even in young children (Dr Andrew Moulden). Cancer, itself is due to lack of oxygen (Dr Otto Warburg).. So we can see the relationship between what we eat, vaccinations which we give to ourselves and to our children, and problems that arise within the body – all based upon lack of oxygen.
        There are four other parts to this legacy of his work.

        Dr Otto Warburg

        • Truthseeker

          cara vaccinations are poisons, I have known that for 50 years
          I am close to 80 and I take “0″ drugs
          I do not eat pork or shell fish, nothing God has labeled as unclean.

          The House of Israel were keepers of cattle
          Abraham fed Jesus Christ a calf before Sodom was destroyed –you are following demons, not Almighty GOD.

          Jesus Christ ate clean meats as did the apostles — I will follow them and not one that listens to demons.

          Satan deceived Eve as women are much easier to deceive, Adam was not deceived.

          You have been turned over to the demonic world and they are going to destroy you.

          • Cara

            The best thing to do Truthseeker, is to give people back their own free will. If a little information helps then that’s good, but I’m not here to tell anyone else what to do or what to think. People have to decide for themselves what to think and what to do. Others’ decisions about their own lives are IN THEIR HANDS, not in mine.

            • Truthseeker

              cara we have the duty and the ability and the right to choose — you can choose to obey or to not obey Elohiym — that is it.

              You have made your choice and will receive what you have earned for doing so.

              your demons are liars, thieves and murderers, they are all lawless.




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