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By Joseph Zrnchik for 5th Estate Media Email: [email protected] (Reporter)
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Proof the US Intentionally Hit Syrian Military Targets

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Proof the US Intentionally Hit Syrian Military Targets



The hypocrisy of Samatha Power is on full display in her speech at the UN.  She claims it was by accident that the US hit the Syrian military that is currently locked in a death struggle with ISIS.  Yet, this is what happens when a nation illegally occupies another sovereign nation. It should be noted that the US was never invited by Syria and its occupation is a gross violation of international law. The fact is that the very same terrorist forces from across the Middle East the US had supported and supplied as a favor to Saudi Arabia are the exact same forces it now wages war against.  The problem is that the US is not really waging war against ISIS, but is using it in hopes of forcing regime change in Syria. These are the very same forces both the US and Saudi Arabia used to destroy Libya. After the murder of Qaddafi, the CIA raided Libyian arms depots and sent the weapons with ISIS to Syria. 


Samantha Power wants the world to believe that this attack by Syria was an accident, but yet the US refused to coordinate this attack with Russia, a nation that has been invited by Syria to provide it military support against irregular foreign terrorist fighters.  This attack was made because the US wanted to show support for ISIS in light of the fact that US Special Forces were forced to abandon their operations center after being threatened by elements of opposition forces comprised of foreign fighters funded and armed by Saudi Arabia.  What a way to gain credibility with the jihadist elements that had forced US Special Forces to flee.  This clearly shows that the US still wants to conduct regime change more than it wants to defeat ISIS.


Power then goes on to add insult to injury by calling Russia’s protest to the UN Security Council of the slaughter of 60 Syrian military personnel, with another 100 gravely injured, a “stunt” she deemed replete with “moralism” and “grandstanding” and being what she termed “uniquely hypocritical and cynical”.


She then went on to attempt to identify the Saudi proxy war in Syria as a civil war.  The fact is that Syrians make up only a small number of opposition fighters in Syria and wanted no part of their nation being used as a proxy battlefield between the major world powers.  Yet, the entire world knows this is a proxy war against a sovereign government with Russia and Iran on one side and the US and Saudi Arabia on the other.   This fiasco shows the US is willing for this war to continue until the death of the very last Syrian as it allows takfiri proxies to wage a scorched earth policy that included false flag chemical attacks by US-supported forces which were to be used as a pretext for US intervention and the beheading of thousands of Syrians at the hand of Saudi jihadists.  It was the US public that forced Obama to back down from his “red line”, but Obama has since lied to the American people about US involvement and now has US Special Forces operating within Syria.


Samantha Power’s hypocrisy is again on full display when she speaks about Assad’s existential battle with radical jihadists on one side and civilization on the other.  How is it the US so blindly turns its eyes to the takfiri jihadism it helped unleash as it engaged in a pretend war against the very forces it helped birth?  The US media now uses a single photo of an injured child to pull on the heartstrings of gullible idiots while bemoaning the fact that civilians have been killed in the Syrian war.  It seems Power conveniently forgets that the US caused the death of 500,000 Iraqi children as it embargoed even antibiotics during Saddam’s reign.  This was a genocidal act which Madeleine Albright deemed “worth it” in the US campaign for regime change in Iraq prior to the US laying that country to waste as it bombed Iraqi civilian infrastructure to ruins.  This bombing of civilian infrastructure was a repeat of what it did in Serbia, Afghanistan, and Libya.  To portray the bombing of infrastructure as something unique to Assad’s regime is to gaslight Americans into believing that its government is any more moral than Assad’s government.  At least Assad has exculpatory reasoning behind his bombing as he is locked in an existential struggle with sectarian radicals who have beheaded Shiites, not to mention Christian women and children by the hundreds.  Prior to this jihadist apocalypse, Assad protected Sunnis, Christians and any other sect or religion in Syria. 


The US then spent $500 million to raise an army of five fighters to oppose the very foreign jihadists it gave rise to and now have been unable to defeat in a five-year US bombing campaign.  The US failed so spectacularly that it now can only rely on jihadists in its regime change venture.  If all the US could provide within a two-year period is five fighters at a cost of $500 million, this is going to be a very long and expensive war for Syrians and the US.  If it is moderate forces the US seeks to defeat ISIS, America should take notice of the fact that Russia did more to defeat ISIS in five months than the US did in five years.  And, this is not a typo.  The US actually spent $500 million to raise an army of five fighters in Syria.  That is a cost of $100 million per soldier.  However, this fiasco now does not even figure in the additional cost to the US in trying to defeat ISIS after ISIS walked off with an enough arms, ammunition and equipment to field a division-strength military after slaughtering the so-called moderate anti-Assad forces or having them be absorbed into al Nusra and ISIS.  Just so you know I am not kidding, here is General Austin briefing Congress regarding efforts that have made the US a global laughingstock.   

Power then whines about Assad’s military intentionally attacking civilian targets as she talks about double-tap attacks in which after the initial attack a second attack is conducted to hit responding military forces.  Power wants to portray the responding forces as civilian, when in fact it is other jihadists coming to aid and support their fellow jihadists.  While Power complains about these types of attacks, she conveniently leaves out the Collateral Murder Video that got Manning 30 years in jail.  In that video, as a civilian responder and his 6 year-old child were providing aid to unarmed news reporters the US just slaughtered, a helicopter pilot justified his attack on the child by stating the man “should not have brought his child to a battle”.  This was an attack on unarmed civilians and then on responders that included a small child, I fail to see how that type of slaughter can be called a battle.  But, Power will grandstand without one iota of shame, as shame is completely beyond those whose worldview is like hers, namely those of the neocon variety.


Power then complains of Syrian civilians being besieged.  But, the fact is that the Syrian military has besieged jihadist fighters and forced the evacuation of fighters that have helped secure the non-Sunni populace from ISIS and al Nusra sectarian mass executions involving hundreds at a time. It also seems she forgets to mention a war crime the media conveniently kept from the America people committed by the US government.  During Operation Iraqi Freedom the US surrounded Fallujah and then allowed women and small children to leave.  It then used the city as a free-fire killing field to slaughter any Iraqi military-aged male from 16 to 60 years-old.  But, why should she bring up old news when the US media and government have new propaganda wars to wage?  In fact, it is almost as if the media is now a government agency seeing how it executes propaganda and disinformation campaigns directed against the American people.


Power is married to Cass Sunstein, a neocon who promotes the 50-year besiegement of Palestinians as the US Congress just okayed another $38 billion for Israel with which to “mow the grass” for the 100,000 new settlements of Jews on Palestinian land.  “Mowing the grass” is a euphemism used by Netanyahu for describing the slaughter of tens of thousands of unarmed Palestinians whose houses were destroyed and land was stolen.  Sunstein supports sieges against civilians when it is Israel withholding water, medicine and food from Palestinians, and Power supports sieiges when it is the US causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, but you will never hear a peep from Samantha Power when it is the US and Israel commiting the crimes.  This is why the world hates the US.  Its arrogance, ignorance maliciousness, contempt and hypocrisy simple know no bounds.  


Samantha Power then claims Assad used chemical weapons against its own people when even the UN determined the previous chemical attacks were made by jihadists as a false flag operation designed to get the US to initiate a bombing campaign against Syria.  These jihadists killed hundreds of Syrians, even their own allies and civilians by using a crude makeshift improvised chemical weapon delivery system that could only fly a mile of so.  It was later proven that these munitions could have only been fired within ISIS-controlled territory to hit where they landed.  This attack took place at the exact same time Assad invited in UN inspectors to Syria to prove he was not using chemical weapons.  Why would Assad invite the UN in to prove he was not using chemical weapons and then use chemical weapons a few miles from where the inspectors were? Yet this evidence and logic is lost on Power.


I also would like to know where Power was when Rumsfeld was selling chemical weapons to Saddam so he could wage an illegal war and kill 600,000 Iranians.  Where was Power when the CIA was covering for Saddam’s attacks on Shiite civilians in Iraq by blaming Iran during the Iran-Iraq War?  While we are talking about barrel bombs, let’s also talk about US-supplied cluster bombs being used by Saudi Arabia to kill Yemeni civilians.  Let’s also talk about white phosphorous bombs and other munitions used by Israel to kill unarmed Palestinians. Why not also discuss the birth defects on thousands of Iraqi children caused by nuclear waste used in the hundreds of tons of depleted uranium rounds that now poison Iraq.  In fact, let’s discuss why we attacked Iraq at all considering it was Saudi Arabia who hosted and funded the 9/11 perpetrators. 


Then Power brings up torture by the Syrian regime.  We (the US) used torture even when our nation and the lives of millions of our people were never at risk as are the lives of people who will be slaughtered in Syria if ISIS wins.  The US used torture as a mere convenience.  Not only did we use torture as a convenience, we also used it just to get false intelligence to justify our war crimes and crimes against humanity.  We then established a global torture network where we renditioned even innocents while hiding their identity and location from the UN and Red Cross.  We have also tolerated Israeli torture for over 30 years.  Let’s not forget the Iraqi general we suffocated in a sleeping bag, or the Iraqi officer’s legs we kicked into mush as he was strung up that would have required amputation except for the fact that the guy was lucky enough to have died from blood clots.  What about the guy we hung naked by his arms as they were handcuffed in back of him in 30 degree weather until he died?  Does all this not qualify as torture by the US?  Let’s not forget the JSOC raid in which everyone from a 3 year-old to a 70 year-old was killed while the soldiers cut the bullets out of the dead bodies to hide their crimes.  What about contractor rampages where entire families of unarmed civilians were killed and Iraqis were slaughtered in videos of contractors on vehicular killing sprees where other drivers were just slaughtered one after another while driving down the road as the murderers played country music in the background.  I would ask if Power thinks we Americans are stupid, but I not only know what her truthful response would be, I also know what the truth of that matter is.  We Americans are stupid for believing our government and the criminals who control it.


Samantha Power She then goes on to call Assad’s prisons “torture chambers”.  Yet, she is suddenly conspicuously quiet when it comes to Guantanamo Bay and the innocent victims held there since 2002 without trial while being tortured. Power then complains that Russia did not express outrage for Syria’s brutal treatment of barbaric mass murderers who are operating as an illegal foreign military forces subject to immediate execution.  When one is without a military and can not detain but instead executes captured soldiers, it has thereby surrendered all protections under the Geneva Convention.  Yet, not only did the US never express outrage when sectarian beheadings were done against children by ISIS, Power likewise never expressed any outrage when war crimes and crimes against humanity were undertaken by the very US government she represents. 


Power then complains that Russia never called for investigations against Syria for previous killings of jihadists who were carrying out terror attacks against civilains.  Yet, what investigations has the US called for against the jihadist invaders it helped unleash?  And, why would Russia ask for an investigation when the US tried to not only prevent experts from proving it was the jihadists who used chemical weapons, but then refusing to provide the results of the investigation of the downing of Flight MH19 after it was proven to have been shot down by the Ukrainian government?  One should ask why the US voted to exercise its authority to keep the final results of the Flight MH17 under raps, or why it never released any of its satellite imagery after trying to start WWIII.


Samantha Power then complains that Russia never sought to have any emergency meetings, without seeing that it has already done so and now for its efforts she still mocks Russia’s efforts at attempting to avert WWIII. The fact is that she and her husband both support US global hegemony and the US policy of a nuclear first strike even against non-nuclear nations.  She supported US torture, and she and her husband both support Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity.  Almost all of the attendant evils in the Middle East are the result of illegal US wars of aggression, regime change, war crimes, crimes against humanity and the US’s pathological reasoning for supporting the most disgusting regime on the planet in exchange for maintaining the petrol-dollar status that funds US hegemony.


After te slaughter of Syrian forces, Russia needs to begin exercising its prerogatives and establish a no-fly zone within Syria.  This strike on Syrian forces shows the US should not be operating in Syria.  Russia then needs to seek the cooperation of China in securing Syria as the US has no intention of stopping this war of attrition that will lead to either the withdrawl of Sunni foreign jihadist, the annihilation of every person of any other religion or sect in Syria or WWIII itself.  China needs to understand that it is China who will lose if Russia is defeated.  China will be the lone man standing against the criminal psychopaths ruling the US. If WWIII is to be averted, there needs to be a Chinese military presence. The US has behaved as a spoiled child and it is clear it has no intention of growing up.  One thing Americans need to understand is that the US is willing to inflict decades of death and misery on others to get its way.  such is the behavior of people like Bush, Clinton and Obama. What is the US fighting for, to ensure that ISIS can have a country?  Is there any other option other than allowing ISIS victory?  There are no rebel forces that have not sworn alligience to ISIS and ISIS is so perverse that even al Qaeda has renounced its brutality.  There is only one option for peace and that is for China to use its manpower in an operation that is manpower intensive in order to defeat the Anglo-Zionist plan of world domination.


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