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By Decode the World (Staff)
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Why are There so Many Fake Stories on Before It's News?

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This is a common question we get at Before It’s News, with my reply below:


On 08/15/2014 09:00 AM, John (last name removed for privacy) wrote:

You OBVIOUSLY do not check the reliability of truth in what you post. You have MANY true posts ie. The Common Sense Show, however, MANY are ridiculously fabricated and stretch the truth and twist the facts. You are damaging the truth movement by not verifying your posts. I’ve heard Alex Jones question the reliability of your website and I notice Steve Quayle is careful and critical of what you post as well. There is no way GOD is leading you in this, you are being deceived… 


John, thanks for taking the time to email us.

Our web site is operated differently than what most people consider to be a regular news site.  This is a news hosting website and the stories that make it to the front page do so based on popularity.  Anyone is welcome to post a story.  The door is wide open here at Before It’s News and there’s no other place on the internet I know of where anyone can come in off the street, post a story and get it in front of a huge audience.  This concept of a truly free web site doesn’t really exist many places anymore.

We don’t screen ANYTHING on the site, except for Terms of Service violations and when people complain.

It’s You Tube for news.  That’s all it is.

Yes, some stories might stretch the truth and some might not even be true.  You can say the same thing for mainstream news outlets, can’t you?  It’s up to you and our audience to select the good stories.

The purpose of our site is to get people to THINK and figure out for themselves what is true.  We know that’s out of fashion….

You also need to keep in mind that if a site had only the hardest hitting stories, that contain leaked information, how long do you think that site would be able to operate?  Because we don’t control who posts, we get stories from insiders who know what’s really happening as well as some stories that might be from various security agencies as a form of pysops.  For example, we got a call 4 hours before the big announcement that Bin Laden was killed.  The caller (now deceased) also said that Bin Laden had really been dead for ten years and this was why they weren’t showing the body, etc.  You’ll have to read the comments and decide for your self what’s real.  Often times, the comments are better than the stories.

We thank you for visiting and sharing your comments


The Editor


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    • Anonymous

      Your answer may make a bit of sense until you look at some of these posters that never post anything but lies. The King of Shambala and Nesara come to mind. People like those pathetic liars really make the site look bad because they never contribute anything but lies. If the posters names were on the title of the article, many experienced readers would never click on it because they would know it’s just another lie. That’s all that is needed.

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        Concerning King of Shambhala his articles are ramblings of someone rather disturbed. Only 5 topics are covered: Obama – the anti-chrst, Obama’s sexual orientation, Obama’s wife sexual orientation, anything Obama does, and anything else concerning Obama (I literally mean anything) that he might twist to fit into his warped thinking.

        • finaltestament

          B4IN hosts a global lying network headed by pamela geller ziocons that have exploited the shallow man, They post nothing but lies, they are a propaganda factory, a fake news for israel conveyor belt. They scour the globe for negative stories forming only a very tiny percentage, but then they present them as main news, whilst always exhagerating or spinning it to their ziocon agenda, normally against Muslims. If they cannot find anything, they invent a story and achieve the same evil agenda. fake negative planted stories.
          It makes you think that B4IN is an israeli project, funded by rich ziocons

      • Dustdevil

        Chris, I’m in agreement with Anonymous on this. I clearly see the intent of the site, and unlike some others (like ATS, that is more of a Q&A Blog site), this site actually starts a comment stream with a news post. There are quite a few ‘cutting edge news breaks’ that are refreshing to actually get a drop on what IS going on, versus getting spoon-fed MSM news.

        At the same time, the site has some terrible habitual posters of ‘fiction’ or ‘misleading truths’ that are difficult, if not impossible to call news. It’s one thing to discuss bigfoot, moon landings, etc. (items still either not resolved in everyone’s mind or still in dispute over previously declared mainstream facts); it is another, however, for someone to post a story on Presidential assassinations, active foreign invasions or other ‘there is absolutely no proof’ stories that seem to keep hitting the site, most often by a half-dozen writers that constantly post such ‘fantasy’. Anonymous offered up KoS and Nesara, and the two I can immediately think of are David Chase Taylor for Swiss Asylum and Veterans Today. (sad, considering I am retired Marine Corps, to have a group with ‘veterans’ in it and them to be posting such articles).

        It is the owner’s decision, ultimately, whether they choose to leave these to continue posting – and in most-liklihood, they would do nothing but make a new account and continue to post anyhow. Many of us try to comment and counter-post them when possible, so that new visitors to the site understand how some writers have drawn ‘consistent contempt’ from readers, but then again, it seems ‘angry commenters’ draw more fire as ‘trolls’ than bad article writers get as ‘fantasy writers’.

        In the end, it always leads to bickering, and a ‘following burn-off’. No one wants to read the perpetual ‘troll log’, but at the same time, most don’t care to read ‘fantasy news’ for long, either. The ultimate question eventually arises, ‘is it Breitbart, or is it the National Enquirer’?

        • Decode the World

          Good points and well thought out. What about a way to allow you to hide the contributors you don’t like to see. If you decide they post junk, just click a button and never see them again. We could probably hide their comments, too!

        • King of Shambhala This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
        • carsonking

          Yeah a hide button would be fantastic.

        • Kona

          Yep, I vote for a hide button too.

        • King of Shambhala This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
        • Dustdevil

          Chris, the ‘hide’ for writer-specific targets would be great. Then again, a less-’blinding’ idea might be to simply add a “REJECT CONTRIBUTOR” counter (beside the article poster’s photo at the top of the article), to add to ‘RECOMMEND CONTRIBUTOR’ and ‘RECOMMEND STORY’ that you already have.

          If you see someone has a ‘RECOMMEND CONTRIBUTOR’ count of 20, and a ‘REJECT CONTRIBUTOR’ count of 200, then you get the idea, that consistent readers already find this person’s posts rather ‘unworthy’. Maybe an ‘auto-hide’ system-wide for them, past a certain count cut-off?

          Just an idea, maybe to play-with. Hard to rely on ‘page-hit-counts’ for articles, when many like myself may open a lot of good ‘teaser line’ titles, only to close half of them as soon as you see the author is someone you can’t count on beyond fantasy, anyhow. Anything to reduce ‘troll-baiting’, I’m definitely for. (troll baiting is just as bad as trolling)

        • PlanetTory

          Nodding my head Dustdevil,
          I find that you often eloquently present my point of view…No need for me to type…
          Making me lazy!

        • King of Shambhala

          The comments zoom onto me out-of-the-gates here = 4 references to me in the two first threads.

          It’s suspicious because the main complaint about me is that I’m saying Obama’s the Antichrist, I’m the Messiah and I’m Jesus: that’s the ten ton-gorilla in the room.

          Nobody will even talk about that here and why?

          • Daniel Jackson

            First of all you are not Jesus, and that’s for sure, and we all know this so enough said.

        • tracehdridefree

          Instead of a hide button…what would work better….if you get let’s say 20 thumb downs from different people…your story gets put into a “Quarantine” or…”dumped due to Negative Ratings” People can choose if they want to enter that link and read bad review stories.,

        • the dave

          Your statements are also your opinions – but they are not necessarily factual. You decided in your own mind what you believe and what you don’t and then you used that as a guideline for what you claim is ACTUALLY true or false. But clearly it is your OPINION and not based on evidence.

          You have no grievance here – you are just demanding people don’t believe what you don’t believe and believe the same things as you , as well.

          Veterans today is an excellent site, IMO. NESARA is a great thing coming to our planet, IMO.

          So you see, you can’t demand everyone agree with you or else everyone is wrong. In fact, I believe you are quite wrong in most of what you said, so it’s certainly no basis to insist everyone toe that line.

      • Ted

        BIN is a great place to kill a rainey day. There may be stories on BIN two weeks weeks before they show up on the main stream media, but often times the stories are nothing more than “entertainment reading”. KOS is absolutely delusional, he thinks he’s Jesus, yet he claims to be a buddhist; there are other similar frequent contributors as well, but HEY! I’m laughing my ass off! Mission accomplished! :oops:

        • King of Shambhala This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
        • Dallas63

          Ted, you are so right about strait intertainment. I think some of these article’s could be be turned into a lifetime series.Just sayin.

        • valhalla

          right on Ted, Claims he’s Christ one minute, then a 10 billion level tantrum Buddhist monk, next minute he’s pissed and calling commenters fu#$ing asses or some other negative rant. Just does not seem to jive , almost seems like b.s, almost,,,,. reposting old stories or some catchy title with a video by someone else and NO story or news article to accompany it drives me nuts. It is not journalism . it’s plagiarism.Remember Jesus wannabe ,,,,, love and forgive everyone (okay maybe not Obama)

        • Guntherian

          this site is a good indicator of the “collective mind” of humanity, its 99% poop, and 1% gold, one has to filter through the river, to get to the paticulates of gold, almost the same ratio as a drop of water in a wave, and i watch the country of isaiah 18 intently, the assyria of today, they are known by their highly overinflated opinion of themselves, they produce the worlds entertainment, the also love to partake in filth, making other people watch them mate, called, “movies” and “porn” and, the fact that the whole usa establishment is the 2nd beast out of the earth., ie, the popes army, bringing papal control to the world thru nato. yawn, yes the marines and us army., be the army of the devil, its hilarious for me, seeing the ayrabs going ” they are of the devil” and like, OOOOPS TURNS OUT TO BE TRUE INNIT? hahaha, thanks chris for the mega site, its rad, i like to troll the indian in the machine cause i hate hippys a lot, and i also troll tradcatknight cause , catholics. and, excuse mah bad english, its me other first language,

      • Sean

        Anonymous, i agree.

        Also how does the Most Recent Stories have 1000′s of Views and makes it into both Recent and Top Stories, while recent stories never seem to move, since i recieved an e-mail from one of the staff when i complained about my stories being deleted after being moderated, i was told they get 1000′s a day..where are the 1000′s in most recent stories?

        Also a Story about a Dragon had 500,000 views and never made it to Top Story.

        “Anyone is welcome to post a story” is an Outright Lie by Chris, I have posted 5 stories well within BIN guildlines all 5 Deleted and never posted Online and 2 of the Contributors did articles inline of mine, which were Original.

        Also if you search online you will find others who have had their Articles deleted and used by the House Staff, even someone complaining to Chris about Live Free or Die and Chris Deleted his Account.

        This site is trying to led people in one direction while avoiding real news.

        • Decode the World

          We’re not trying to do anything but run a news hosting site.

          We had 3360 stories in the past 24 hours. I’d call that thousands. I’d need to look at your stories and see why, send any links you might still have to contact at beforeitsnews dot com.

          And you are welcome to post stories, we get new contributors every day. We don’t accept stories that are outright promotional.

          If the editors decide that a story is a complete hoax, they might ask the contributor to change the headline or take it off the front page. That’s happened in the past. We’re not here to invite hoaxes, and if a contributor is intentionally posting junk all the time and on purpose, an editor will probably nuke their account.

          Even the pros get hoaxed.

        • NewIDTest

          If the editors decide that a story is a complete hoax, they might ask the contributor to change the headline or take it off the front page. That’s happened in the past. We’re not here to invite hoaxes

          Bull. You are about clicks any way possible. The bigger the lie the better. It’s all over the list of stories. Every day, mister. You wouldn’t know the truth if it were a train and it hit you in your rear.

        • turtle

          Cntrolled by Zionists. Protocol 12: Control of the Press


          The pretext for stopping any publication will be the alleged plea that it is agitating the public mind without occasion or justification. NOTE THAT AMONG THOSE MAKING ATTACKS UPON US WILL ALSO BE ORGANS ESTABLISHED BY US, BUT THEY WILL ATTACK EXCLUSIVELY POINTS THAT WE HAVE PRE-DETERMINED TO ALTER.
          Literature and journalism are two of the most important educative forces, and therefore our government will become proprietor of the majority of the journals. This, however, must in no wise be suspected by the public. For which reason all journals published by us will be of the most opposite, in appearance, tendencies and opinions, thereby creating confidence in us and bringing over to us quite unsuspicious opponents, who will thus fall into our trap and be rendered harmless.
          In the front rank will stand organs of an official character. They will always stand guard over our interests, and therefore their influence will be comparatively insignificant.
          In the second rank will be the semi-official organs, whose part it will be to attack the tepid and indifferent.
          In the third rank we shall set up our own, to all appearance, off position, which, in at least one of its organs, will present what looks like the very antipodes to us. Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards.
          All our newspapers will be of all possible complexions – aristocratic, republican, revolutionary, even anarchical – for so long, of course, as the constitution exists …. Like the Indian idol “Vishnu” they will have a hundred hands, and every one of them will have a finger on any one of the public opinions as required.

          When a pulse quickens these hands will lead opinion in the direction of our aims. Those fools who will think they are repeating the opinion of a newspaper of their own camp will be repeating our opinion or any opinion that seems desirable for us.

          By discussing and controverting, but always superficially, without touching the essence of the matter, our organs will carry on a sham fight fusillade with the official newspapers solely for the purpose of giving occasion for us to express ourselves more fully than could well be done from the outset in official announcements, whenever, of course, that is to our advantage.
          Methods of organization like these, imperceptible to the public eye but absolutely sure, are the best calculated to succeed in bringing the attention and the confidence of the public to the side of our government.

          Thanks to such methods we shall be in a position as from time to time may be required, to excite or to tranquilize the public mind on political questions, to persuade or to confuse, printing now truth, now lies, facts or their contradictions, according as they may be well or ill received, always very cautiously feeling our ground before stepping upon it ….


          We shall not even need to refute them except very superficially.
          Trial shots like these, fired by us in the third rank of our press, in case of need, will be energetically refuted by us in our semi-official organs.

        • circuitprotector

          sean, if you want your stories posted got to bin’s facebook page and post them there. I too have sent in great stories to bin but they were never posted.

      • NewIDTest

        It’s all about suckering people to click, ad revenue. That’s it. Sensational lies work best. The big liars who are featured are paid to post things to sucker clicks out of you. You are just click robots to Beforeitsnews. I guess there are companies out there who think they can make money from morons.

        • WeBeDoomed

          *thumbs up*

      • Doccus

        I agree, but what really takes the cake is that the worst of the lot operate under not just one, but a half dozen pseudonyms.
        I have to say that I did not know it was a free access news site where anyone can post. I think , upon reflection, I agree with the answer, and there’s one big advantage of so many wacko stories being posted. If something important , say a real whistleblower, posts something it’s very likely to makle it through ther govt hawks because they’ll simply miss it through all the clutter. I think we are indeed obligated to learn discretion in order to identify the legit stories.

        • Big dog.../small fish...

          And sensationalism doesn’t help: take this headline for example – Michael Obama Has A “Woody” (Video) Obama Can’t Come Out Of Closet Or Get Chopped Off

          Really how can anyone take this seriously??

        • King of Shambhala

          Those who oppose me are predicted by Jesus.

          Don’t follow them.

          I’m Jesus and the Messiah.

        • Ted

          Not to far down on the list of comments KOS states, ” I don’t think I’m Jesus or the Messiah, that’s what Christians say to me, and I don’t give a darn about Christianity”. How does that square with his comment immediately below, “Those who oppose me are predicted by Jesus.

          Don’t follow them.

          I’m Jesus and the Messiah.”? When the Bull lifts his tail, you know what’s coming, KOS’s tail is UP! :roll:

        • King of Shambhala

          All those who oppose me, such as Ted, are the false christs announced by Jesus.

          I fit the description of the Jesus/Messiah beause I don’t say I’m Jesus but am revealed like a thief by deceit coming at night.

          The news hits like lightning falling to earth; zapping!

        • Anonymous

          King of Shambhala responses to his critics is proof of his delusional mental state. Posting comments that he is our messiah is truly bizarre.

          “I’m Jesus and the Messiah.”-King of Shambhala

          The bible teaches of false prophets, which is clearly what King of Shambhala is.

      • WCET.FM

        I agree with Anonymous also, Like Glenn Canady who posts nothing but BS also just to get hits to his website.

        • The Blizzard

          I don’t bother clicking on his articles since he obviously doesn’t have enough confidence in them to allow comments. If an author doesn’t allow comments I don’t waste time reading their article.

    • GC-Project

      You are right, some stories on here are untrue but the GOOD news is that BeforeItsNews does NOT censor and I can confirm this as a contributor. While Alex Jones may bash them, the sad truth is that Alex Jones does not allow his fans to post stories and put out their own viewpoints. He’s a gatekeeper and I have proven this. Search google for “Open Letter to the Alternative Media Veterans Today” and learn what he lies about and censors. BIN does not do this and that’s why I fully support them even though some stories are not real. Most are real and many times you’ll find stories here that won’t appear anywhere else.

      • Anonymous

        I believe you on Alex jones and sadly enough I have come to realize that Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened is also a gatekeeper. It would seem that these fakes don’t mind sacrificing names like Bush or Obozo but they always ridicule or ignore any evidence of media fakery and deception. That would give the whole game away and it is not allowed.

      • MartialisXIII

        “You are right, some stories on here are untrue but the GOOD news is that BeforeItsNews does NOT censor and I can confirm this as a contributor.” Then why do you censor all of your stories, by not allowing anyone to comment?

        “While Alex Jones may bash them, the sad truth is that Alex Jones does not allow his fans to post stories and put out their own viewpoints.” So your really not all that different from Alex apparently.

        Oh, the irony!

        • Kona

          That was funny.

        • Decleated

          You are spot on concerning Canady. At least with Jones stories you can make a comment. I have asked Canady on here several times why he disables comments and he doesn’t even have the politeness or professionalism to respond. Yet he does not seem to have a problem responding to the stories by other contributors. C’mon Canady – be a stand up guy and allow people to be heard on whether you or posting BS or not.

        • Saber

          Canady is afraid of proving to the world, all by himself, that his prose is complete nonsense. He is apparently nothing more than an unemployed wannabe writer who thinks that since he can post on BIN.. that makes hime a “published writer”. I have no interest in anything he writes, and I’m actually glad that he starts every article with an invite to “like” his Facebook page.
          Just another $orry a$$ $hill trying to $ell a poorly written non$en$icle E-Book.

        • Bobwire

          I was going to rip Glenn a new one too for not allowing comments,but you people hit the nail on the head.I dont read his BS stories

        • StraightDopes

          MartialisXIII said:

          >Oh, this irony!

          LOL :lol: ABSOLUTELY!

          that Canaday even had the nerve to say that truly says something about his personality. there’s something that i’ve learned is axiomatic in life, and i’ve often repeated it on this site:

          those who try to make you feel guilty, are the ones who have the most to feel guilty about. and they’re usually accusing you of the very thing that they are guilty of.

          Canady is obviously no exception to this rule, and he disables comments because, should others be able to challenge the veracity of his “articles,” he’d be completely shot to pieces – and he knows this.

          Canady, you really do have some nerve.

      • WeBeDoomed

        Glenn, there is only one thing worse than someone that posts fake stories on B4IN and that is someone who posts fake stories and disables comments – sound familiar :?: :mad:

        People like your good self lament the stifling of free speech and the censoring of the truth, whilst at the same you operate the ultimate form of censorship by disabling comments – get over yourself and let people comment :!: :idea:

        If you can’t take the criticism then you’re in the wrong line of work

      • larry4765

        Glenn Canady does not allow anyone to remark to his post of hate to Israel. This guy always says go to my facebook and hit like and then he tries to sell his e book. It people like him making false claims against a culture that is so bad.

        • tonybinca

          I agree that Mr. Canady should allow comments, or at least not criticize those who do. Regarding “post of hate to Israel,” the state of Israel has never abided by the conditions of the Balfour Declaration, so they do not deserve to be recognized as a nation. Besides, Great Britain had no right to give the “jews” Palestine to begin with. Israel has no constitution, no borders, have started every war in the ME and claimed “self defense,” and are engaged in genocide against the true semites in Palestine, whom they have stolen from and murdered for over 60 years now. What’s not to hate?

      • MSG Chicken

        AJ allows comments. It is HIS website and he can own the content. But allowing comments readers can out his stories or not.

        But you do not allow comments on your blogs. I do not even care to read them so you are wasting your time if you are trying to connect with people. You are only writing for yourself as befitting of your selfishness and cowardliness, yet you try to nail other people about the right to their own website content, but they do ALLOW commentary, the next best thing.

        You should grow up. You look pretty old already.

        • LorieK

          It may look like Jones allows comments but try posting something they don’t like, or something that exposes their crap and you’ll never see it make it through. Try it. You’ll see for yourself.

        • MSG Chicken


          I did. He does not delete my “negro” (black not a race) comments, nor have I ever had a comment deleted there. Not like the hypocrite sites of WND or Naturalnews who let some real derogatory and profane comments. But they don’t like it when you call their dear leader “negro”.

        • inyour4head

          MSG Chicken,

          Just type in the words or William Bill Cooper and see if it makes it through the InfoWars filter. Alex Jones is a jesuit coadjutor that works for Rome. :idea:

      • THOTH

        I’m not saying anything about Alex jones, one way or the other, but for Glenn to be criticizing him for not allowing people to ” put out their own view points” seems pretty hypocritical :roll:

      • Saber

        I would love a Reject Contributor button. All of these so called Journalists that post sensationalistic lies just so they get a click on the article. I’ve learned one thing. If you click on a story, the first thing to do is jump to the comments and see if theAuthor disabled the comments. If they have… move on. The story is garbage and the writer is afraid of the rejection he will have to endure.
        Another way to know it’s a worthless story is if every story starts out with “Like me on Facebook”
        Then Chris decides to say we have “thousands of contributors”. I’m calling BS. Take a count on any given day and its the same 10 or 15 contributors… over and over… posting what is usually complete and total drivel.

        • Behead Despots & Tyrants

          Agree about always seeing the same cast of 15-20 characters/contributors every time I visit BIN. Many are the “usual suspects” of “fear porn” with “sensationalized headlines” that largely fall short of what the contributor impLIES in the headline.

          I’m a bit new here. I see 2 things.
          #1 Purported “Truths” that fall short and/or do not pan out have the negative effect of making me discount the reports and never accepting them at face value; taking things with a grain of salt; and making me engage my BS filters pretty much full blast.
          #2 Actually, lots of things I read here are already known if you’ve kept up with ‘news’ events while engaging your BS filters AND seeing the real Truth behind that ‘news’; i.e., “reading between the lines.”

          Sometimes, I find new (for me) cutting-edge ‘news’ on BIN. That’s the value of articles/reports.

          Oddly enough for me, I find the most value in the comments. Check the links, assimilate worthy comments into your personal belief system, cross-check info against stuff you already know. Many BIN commenters comprise a body of knowledge that the US needs 9-15 million residents (3-5%) to know.
          AJ/InfoWars DOES indeed censor comments. An exasperated American colleague living in Kiev quit trying to post there. His comments were deleted initially in less than 20 after he posted them. Thereafter, his comments were deleted before they got to the board.

          An earlier commenter in this thread said AJ works for Rome. I for sure know this. AJ tells half-truths. Thus, he is half lies. AJ’s lies are “Lies of Omission”, or things/Truth he will never tell. Eric Phelps, presumed crypto jew jewel merchant of haifa and/or tel aviv, and of “Vatican Assassin” infamy, says AJ works for the CIA.

          AJ knows LOTS of stuff for his age. That’s not too surprising for today, considering AJ’s age. But, he knew (Past Tense) and incredible amount of factual knowledge when he was in his 20s. That’s not natural unless he was groomed/spoon fed. Also, his new facilities, studios, and paid crew of ‘news’ finders and reporters = MUCH more cash than a mere $250,000 money bomb. Those expansion start-up expenses were more in the $2 million range. Waaaay toooo many upgrades when you add in AJ’s new home. There is a behind-the-scenes bankroller. And whoever s/he/they are, the ‘people/listeners’ ain’t it.

          WND is a zionist operation. izraHell is OFF LIMITS. Without remorse or qualms joe farah would send a million Americans to die for izraHell. I had about 20 comments deleted for showing the connections to zionist monsters that set up and use the ‘nation of Israel’ as a gauze-thin mask to hide behind to run global terrorism. farah tolerates no such Truth.

          AJ and farah both refuse to expose monsters who’ve diligently earned blame for the sorry conditions of economic enslavement and, thus, de facto physical slavery everywhere on Earth. Both ‘journalistic crusaders’ know the names of the monsters. They’ll never tell.
          I second the popular vote for a “Block” button to click on.

          And I agree with commenters who are calling out (and have been consistently calling out) Canady for one-way proclamations with responses pre-emptively blocked. I’m sure several commenters here could “tear Canady a new one!”

      • NewIDTest

        some stories on here are untrue

        Like about everything you post, Bozo. Sorry nobody will give you a real job, Canady, but any wonder?

      • LorieK

        Jones is a tool, that’s been proven years ago.

      • LorieK

        Glenn, just a tip. Don’t start every single article you publish with a pitch for yourself and your site. That takes away from the story and makes you look like a self promoter. Disabling comments doesn’t help either. Just report the stuff dammit and let people discuss it. Be a journalist!
        Also, if people are too stupid to understand how open publishing works, oh well. And Jones was outed years ago, you are not the only one to figure it out. There’s plenty out there about that, here;s just a smidge,

      • an argie

        I cannot agree more. Internet is the last place where one can have freedom of speech.
        If this is being censored too, we’re nothing more than any government on this planet. :!:

    • GC-Project

      You are so right about NESARA. Anytime you see that word, it’s a government psyop that was used to steal money from patriots. The ones puttying that are scammers that work for Gov. It’s a joke and I’m glad many people are waking up to it! They created NESARA to take people away from the real knowledge about Leo Wanta who writes for VeteransToday

      • 0 Sum

        Hi Glenn Canady,

        Your own truth articles on Lady Gaga and UFO’s seem to be censored completely in terms of allowing users to comment.

        All your articles are blocked from commenting.

        It makes you look bad Sir.

        Care to comment?

        • Big dog.../small fish...

          Re: Canady’s articles on UFOs. Now there’s an interesting topic which could be sensibly discussed he should indeed open comments.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, I agree with the others Glenn,
          Your “no comment policy” makes you look bad and even your buddy Stew Webb says that it is the Hallmark of a government stooge so I wonder why you do it. You post interesting stuff so I hope that you will enable comments.

        • iamamerican

          I agree, Glen obviously doesn’t want a dissenting opinion, he seems to believe in freedom of speech but only for a few.

        • WeBeDoomed

          It seems Mr Canady does not care to comment :roll: :razz:

        • WeBeDoomed

          …but doesn’t mind down voting my comments :lol:

        • King of Shambhala This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
      • TIME

        Dear Glenn,

        I feel that what you post is Great work.

        Many times items you post I could augment with direct intel that would aid your post.
        But sadly my friend the fogs about boiled at this point in TIME. Now its just a waiting game for the show to get fully underway, and as I am sure you’re aware that the TIME line is following a path with little to no resistance from the American people, let alone the worlds populations.
        As V’s General friend noted, there is really not much more than a few months left before the very thin candy shell will fall off the old rotten apple that’s within.

        Non the less Glenn, you seem to have gotten the picture quite clearly and that’s very evident by your post.

        Again Thank you, Peace My Brother

      • Anonymous

        i cant stand it when you disable comments on your stories we should boycot your stories. what are you scared of

        • gigglyguts

          Apparently Glenn has nothing more to say.
          Interesting. :cool:

      • bozzchem

        What a hypocrite you are Glenn!!!

        You post with comments disabled.

        Do you not realize how doing so relegates your posts to the bottom of the barrel??

        I subscribed to Project Nsearch and STOPPED because of this.

        Anyone who posts without allowing for discourse tells quite a bit about that person.

      • The Real Deal

        @Glenn – Love how you totally dodged the question as to why you disable comments. I don’t read your tripe anymore because you have proven to be a hypocrite, and i never trust a hypocrite. You post comments on other people’s articles while disabling them for yours. Why is that? How about answering a direct question for once. You call AJ a gatekeeper saying he won’t allow dissenting opinions, well my man, at least he allows you you to comment. Something your fragile little ego can’t handle.

        You know what cracks me up the most about you though? You spam your articles with “How to make money by spreading the truth”, but you have the lowest amount of viewers on your articles. Gee, i wonder if it’s because you disable comments? Ya think? If you allowed people to comment, they’ll visit your stories more just to see if someone replied to their comment if not for your stories alone.

        Maybe you’re not so qualified to teach others about marketing.

    • Angel31

      Anytime I see a really good article here, it never get’s to the top of the heap! It’s always buried under stories by Lynn, and a few others like her. I’m starting to think she has 10 plus accounts to get herself pushed up! I say this because when I read the comments …8 5 percent are in her favor. I highly doubt that the other 95 percent are voting up the thread. I don’t mind some of her articles but I would never suggest or thumbs up a thread of her either.
      And as for Shambala I don’t even bother to read his stuff but if I happen to see him in comments which is almost every thread. I just down vote……no need to read it. Anything he says is just offensive. It’s a little petty, I know but it’s brings me a little joy each and every day. Well I hope B.I.N. can find a better system but even if you don’t I’ll still stick around I’m sure….. :wink:

      • Болеслава

        Whats so offensive about KOS? He exposes Obama. Granted he does it in his own idiosyncratic way but so what? Are you an Obama sucker?? How pathetic if you are. That man is not even human.

        • Big dog.../small fish...

          There’s a difference between not liking Obama or his policies and treating him nonsensically as THE ANTI-CHRIST.

        • King of Shambhala

          Treating Obama as the Antichrist is not devoid of sense. It’s sensible. Open your eyes people, one in eight people say Obama’s the Antichrist.

        • Болеслава

          doggonit your answer shows you take that manchurian candidate seriously. that attitute is why america is in deep shut. Obama is a control freak he uses his demeanour his voice and his carefully chosen yet nonsense words to hypnotize his audience. have you heard the term wake up yet?

        • carsonking

          Just ignore him until we get a hide button, you can’t complain when you visit his every post and comment, yeah it took a time for the penny to drop for me but why waste time on the pleb? Your giving him a bigger voice, if everyone ignored him, he’d have to find some other place to be despised. And yeah, its king of the coconuts I’m on about.

        • Болеслава

          In the beginning posters had a go at KOS because they loved the excellent banter he provided and he was way out there. But these ‘attacks’ have worn thin and KOS is the one starting to make sense for you see if you attack KOS for no other reason than he is attacking Obama well you show you support OBAMA. Whose the fool then???

        • carsonking

          Great logic!

        • Damien


          Why would you need a hide button for Obama’s no.1 fan bathroom stall boy?

        • carsonking

          What’s a ’1 fan bathroom stool boy’?
          Or a ‘bathroom stool boy’?
          Your insults are rubbish, ‘gutter crawler’, now that’s an insult, ‘bathroom stool boy’??????
          He didn’t like my pic I put up for you esp though, did he, ha ha ha?
          So try again ya numpty.

      • Decode the World

        There are definitely some places we’ll need to improve on, but if you don’t like a particular contributor, you can just ignore them. One thing we might consider is to allow each reader who is logged in to create their own front page. That would consist of what we have today, minus the contributors you don’t want to hear from. What about that?

        • ecclesiatical

          Like writing the name of the contributor next to his title.(Glenn cannady),who always disable the comments while commenting on others,it is easy to ignore but once you clicked not knowing who the contributor is you clicked.
          Or you can oblige the contributor to reply to some of the sensible comments.

      • Kona

        OK, that was funny about “being petty” and down voting. LOL! That guy bugs me too. To dang funny…

      • MSG Chicken

        Actually it is you who is being petty by down voting. Do you think it matters to anyone but yourself?

        I consider down votes hilarious. Especially at a bunch of them. I was just laffing a few weaks ago at DP’s blog it was so funny.

    • iamamerican

      What you should be asking is why are there so many fake stories on MSM.

      • Decode the World

        Correct. It’s up to you to decide what’s true or not. Look at who is saying things. What do they have to gain by saying something? What did they leave out of their story? Question everything and you might get some answers.

      • King of Shambhala

        Now is the right time to question these things because Obama’s reached a precarious point of holding onto his power and his hold on it is thinning down.

        Just these days the blacks are turning on him massively.

        I just checked half an hour ago and the tide’s turned on Obama in Missouri because they’re saying the young black who was killed has a criminal record and even here in france the radios are saying the cop had traces of having been beaten on him.

        The world knows Obama’s got to stand up against the black outrage and calm them down.

        He’s a community organizer. He’s never argued with a crowd.

        He only knows how to incite crowds. He doesn’t even have any basic skills to know how to calm people down.

        Despite the whiners and people on Obama agendas in the comments here, we’re going to examine Obama’s criminal record now. This is the last stand at the Alamo for the Obots who are waiting for a Cavalry that’ll not ever show up EVER. This is it, it’s WOUNDED KNEE. The Obots are the Last of the Mohicans. Toast.

        • Big dog.../small fish...

          What on earth is it 2U?? You do NOT even live in the States! That’s what ***** me off|!

      • King of Shambhala

        Chris’s article will serve to teach these freaks something about the 1st Amendement and freedom of speech.

        Apparently some of Hitler’s people survived WWII.

        It’s clear that the Obots still believe in Stalinism and forcing people to shut up in the press and media

    • Anonymous

      As soon as I figured that all of the stories here were fiction FEEEEEER POOOOOORN©, this has turned into an enjoyable site. Neeeeefeeeeeeeliummmmmms from Lheaz, Comet Ison is a Spaceship from Ducklos, and the world is always coming to an end. Martial law in every town, a million coffins stored in all the FEMA camps, and Obama is married to a guy. We have lizard aliens underground, and cloudships above. I LOVE THIS PLACE!

      • King of Shambhala

        mitch51, you’re a clown.

        The lottery in Obama’s hometown drew the Mark of the Beast 666 on the day after Obama’s election.

        BIN, relates real, concrete miracles like that and they kick off the Apocalypse.

        • carsonking

          Kos, have you tried auto asphyxiation, apparently it’s good with a speed ball?

        • Болеслава

          gutter crawlers like carsonking should be banned for life. his avatar could not be further from his persona and hence more incongruous – do you know Putin is a christian, clown?????

        • carsonking

          Oooh, ark at her!
          Do you honestly believe I have putins pic up as a representation of my persona, I change my pic more times than a teenage girl ffs, keep your pants on? Secondly, why would I care what denomination Putin is pretending to be, why, it’s not as if I have an alternative imaginary friend to introduce him to? Any way, you agree with koc, I mean kos, so!!!!!!!
          Liked the gutter insult, going to have plagiarise that one.

        • Andoron

          Scambhala, only people who do not diligently study scripture would be duped into believing Obama is the antichrist, a antichrist yes, he is hardly the world leader

        • Болеслава

          Andoron said “an antichrist yes.” study Obama, his hypnotic manner, voice and cultural memes to help recognize the even bigger antichrist when he arrives, of which Obama I believe is a trial balloon. According to Pike’s letter which has stunning accuracy to date this will be after WWIII. Look for a smooth talking good looking hypnotic character that promises and hynotizes you to believe he will deliver peace and prosperity, and maybe he will….for a short time.

        • carsonking

          Xvieo, I hope your on a better wage than KOW, your insane thinking Barry is anything more than a puppet but you do write in a more comprehensible manner?
          Why do you assume ‘the anti Christ’ would have to come from the good ol us of a, in the big picture, your country is a toddler. I like the prince William angle with the Turnin shaw thing, it’s far more romantic and far more believable, he’s from blue blood, every one likes him and his mum was Diana. I don’t believe in all the mumbo Christian jumbo but if I had to, I’d go with William, the antichrist would have charisma, Barry don’t fit in to that pigeon hole. It would make a better book as well.

        • King of Shambhala

          Andoron, Obama’s the world leader for you.

          He’s got 75% of the world nukes.

          That’s the world leader to YOU.

          (and still no identity documents to prove who he is. So he’s a foreign spy and traitor.).

        • King of Shambhala

          There can’t be a bigger Antichrist than Obama.

          He’s already gutted the economy which was his goal from the start.

          A new real Antichrist wouldn’t have anything to ruin because Obama’s already done that, been there.

      • Peace Angel




    • Lone Ranger

      Fakes are sometimes put out there simply to confuse and distract us from the few realities and truths that are occasionally revealed… False flag comes to mind… fraud is deception…

      I think many of these lunatics actually believe what they are reporting… unwitting previous victims of the lies and deceptions themselves…

      However… don’t ever forget… fact is often stranger than fiction. The more fantastic the story… the less we are likely to believe it… so things we label as “unbelievable” could be truth disguised as fantasy…

      Question everything but don’t discredit anything you do not know or understand… Connecting the dots either reveals an image we would never see otherwise, or it goes nowhere…

      Seeing through deception takes effort… not just your opinion.

    • Huh?

      Excellent example of crap! Well done!

      • Anonymous

        here here

        • Mayhem


    • Decode the World

      Sorry had to delete that comment…..cursing. Here it is without the curse words:


      • Anonymous

        is your pic real or photo shop .cursing? i like cursing i never met a man who didnt curse . its fun and healthy i vote yes for cursing i think all communication should be cursing then no one would think it was bad and we can live our lives without tyrants complaining about cursing
        and get on with the killing of blond haired men.. well they save you for last but still divide and conquer yeaaa

        • Decode the World

          You’re very welcome to curse on other sites, some of them might even welcome it. However, here we have people who use Before It’s News for homeschooling their children among many different people who don’t appreciate foul language, so we have to keep things PG-13 or tamer.

          • James - Divine Love Spirituality

            I’m glad you explained that Chris as I too had wished some cursing was permitted so one could express ones feelings more, however now from what you’ve said about the kids reading it I understand where you’re coming from.

            My only lament with the site is that there is not one long page of recent stories, all that come through perhaps on a 12 hour or daily basis so I can scroll and quickly scan through them, as I hate feeling like I’ve missed something I might have liked to read. However if it’s true that you get 1000′s of stories a day, well that page might be a bit too long.

            And other than that, I too used to get annoyed with all the rubbish, but over time I’ve come to appreciate the freedom of everyone having their say, and I’ve become better at discerning what I like, and I’m learning a lot about human nature, my own included, from many of the comments.

            Thank you for providing the site and for having the creativity and wherewithal of putting it into action.

          • MSG Chicken

            Nice try Chris.

            But if that is true you are doing a very poor job of it. I have seen F-words numerous times on this site with no “masking” of the word.

            And I have NEVER seen you mention children come here to learn. This is new to me. I also see you took my comment off because I mentioned the word *h*t.

            I believe that has been allowed a couple of times before? Did you change your TOPA?

            • Decode the World

              We recently purged the site of about 200K stories and now have a filtering system of 1600 words. That’s new in the last two months and the site is quite clean now. We have a team of people that goes through comments, too. Sometimes they can be a little too strict, even by the standards I just mentioned.

              It’s true, I don’t talk about how everyone uses the site. There are about six million people a month and it’s quite a diverse crowd. We receive letter from students who use our site as a resource. Fortunately, they have parents and teachers who care about them and want them to learn to think for themselves.

            • NewIDTest


              Hilarious you even use that word!

            • Louis

              BIN is without doubt a unique and valuable resource definitely worth visiting on a regular basis. The variety of what it offers is astounding.

              However, I do take offense at posts which make outrageous accusations, such as calling the pope the Antichrist, or calling the Catholic Church the “great harlot of Babylon.” Such claims, which are neither supported by Holy Scripture or by commons sense, amount to nothing more than anti-Catholic bigotry.

              BIN’s terms of service prohibit deliberate hate-mongering. There are only a few contributors who consistently slander the Catholic Church with lies. If they can’t make a valid argument by backing their accusations with facts, then they should be asked to post elsewhere.

            • lostpuppy

              Really? So you do not believe that catholic priests were having undesirable relations with children?
              Or that the “church” has moved suspected pedophiles around the churches to keep them hidden?
              Who exactly is in control of the Catholic Church? The pope…

              Bible says man should not lay with man, yet a priest and a boy is ok?

              One could say, they are not the religion they claim to be. The morals and values of such an institution would not last if everyone understood what goes on behind the scenes.

              As for this post, I would agree with a new button, when LLyn..came on here she was pushing her book souls deceiver…I commented on the fact her stories were to push the book and were not in line with her faith based life, I then noticed, she removed the book from her stories, only to find out the she is directly linked to the England equivalent of the NSA ….and posted it, several times….but as long a people are not looking at facts, they draw very strange conclusions.

              I vote for a button to remove unwanted ” authors ” from my web space while signed in….

            • Big dog.../small fish...

              Humm, see I’m a nominal Catholic and to me, you’re putting US ALL in the same basket. We, the common catholics are shocked by what happened and where our mass $$$ went. Where you ask? In the coffers of the Vatican.

            • Mayhem

              You’re not alone, Louis, there are quite a few posts similar to yours but I’m picking on you because you’re catholic. So you don’t support censorship except this one particular group. That’s what you’re saying, Louis. Does that sound right to you?

            • Болеслава

              The pope is the prophet of the antichrist. That means he is so evil he gets to announce the antichrist just by his persona. You’re a troll.You trolls pop up like bobbin heads whenever needed.

            • Mayhem

              Rubbish! Chickman. If you want to do your part then click the spam button when the cuss words offend you.

              I’ve trolled hereabouts for 3yrs or so and I see our hosts being very even handed, approachable, responsive, considerate and quick to act when indiscretions are brought to their attention.

              Don’t tell me. I’m a troll and Chris is paying me. I’ve been called worse and by nicer people but they were wrong too.

          • NewIDTest

            Got a jaw dropping idea. Scariest headline ever, good for thousands of clicks. “Terror of terrors! Children 60 IQ conspiracy! Brains melting! Parents using Beforeitsnews for home schooling!”. Most terrifying headline in the history of the world.

      • Josey Wales

        “Don’t Condemn Free Press Learn How To Use It, B4INS Is Here To Empower You” For all You “na sayers”, how do we know your not here to help destroy the very foundation America was founded on, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Speech? It seems rather than learn how to use this beforeitsnews, you would rather make yourself feel important by pointing out the obvious? Why don’t you try to learn how to use the freedoms you have, while you still have them, and take advantage of free press and free speech, and promote free press, rather than condemn it? It sounds as though some of you are confused as to how to use free press to empower yourself. Well, welcome to B4INS, WE WILL ASSIST YOU IN EXPRESSING YOURSELF, NEWS THAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU, AND FACTS MAINSTREAM MEDIA CHOOSES TO IGNORE. Please sign up for your own profile and seek administrative assistance if needed. Free Speech should not be condemned.

      • dr Meno

        so agreed. I have been censored here. They let a video on of a man’s head getting chopped off, and I posted a story about driven theaters and how girls may lose their virginity in the back seat and it gets pulled.

      • Robin Brentwood

        Wow!!! Sounds like his dad did not hug him enough when he was growing up!!!!! Just my two cents anyway!

    • hansom

      Because there are so many fake people.

    • ItsDanielLu

      Might I suggest something similar to in that to submit news, you are required to a, have contributed status on your profile… this is from having 3 approved articles. And b, having 10 approvals by existing contributors.

      Its still accessible to all, but do you really want mark Allen “example” posting how 9ft tall Koreans are invading the UK to watch the premiere of the next iron man movie? Oh…. who also come from another universe…… and predict…. you get the story!

    • desertspeaks

      You too, seem to publish fake stories or stories you cannot and or did not substantiate!..
      For instance, Rumor: Glenn Beck; NSA Used to Blackmail Chief Justice Roberts, Physical Silver is Really $50 per Ounce .. then mutant zombie bilkers? goldman sachs to create 640,000 jobs, ukrainian flu,

    • anon2


      it would be easier for the reader to navigate if every contributor was assigned a unique icon included in the heading.

      • fly soup

        Anon2 great idea .it drives me nuts to pick a headline wait for all the Fn.adds to load just to go back.I wish I could remove the adds .

        • Big dog.../small fish...

          Indeed there are too many ads.

        • Saber

          Since we’re having a bit$% fest… how about when you’re watching a video… and another video ad turns itself on and you can’t shut it off? Or even FIND it for that matter.

    • carol waltman

      that is what I was wondering. It is like the Star or National enquirer. I see a grain of truth but that is about all. I like true news.

    • Болеслава

      posters that post nothing but adds should be banned for life as these clutter up the new posts section and make it difficult to read.

      Posters such as Lyn Lhyaz and Lisa Haven that post bold faced lies even to the extent of saying ebola is spreading all over the usa when there is not even one case reported anywhere, to attract clicks couched in a bed of some truth related to the same topic should be given a warning. 3 strikes and you’re out. Failure to do so reduces this site to the lowest common level possible. Posters that abuse other posters simply for disagreeing with them shoud be banned for a certain time upon received complaint

    • Usefuleater

      What about a three strikes and you’re out rule? If you post three false news stories to B.I.N. I feel the reporter should be considered a spammer and banned from the site.

    • MSG Chicken

      I like that. LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE. But make sure they know all the “stuff” first.

      That Dave Hodges guy still controls the comments. That is simply a NO-NO in my book. Vladimir Putin stuff. Took the edge of his stories off by about 90%. I don’t know about you but when something is 90% off I wouldn’t buy it.

      And that Canady guy does not even allow comments but likes to post comments on other people’s stories. He seems to be a shill only about himself and some kind of book he wants sold. I can see why he does not want comments to milk as much as he can for himself. Afraid someone might derail his millionaire’s dream. What a SELFISH guy! Thinks only about himself.

      I do not even go to his stories anymore. NONE!

      And World Net Daily and Natural News also are hypocrite sites. The owner of one likes to constantly tell people what a good guy he is but not about his hypocrisy that I point out in equal doses and the other guy likes to tell people he is of high intelligence with precocious stories of his genius. Even though his theory of “universal dignity” is rather childish. Maybe he still being precocious.

      • CrowPie


        As much as you and I have disagreed with one another and even sullied ourselves by slinging insults …I have to agree with part of this comment.

        First, I wasn’t aware that Dave Hodges controls the comments. That explains the behavior of my account/comments here at BIN. ( Far too many Pickadillos to list.) But I have been informed that it was because the man in charge held a grudge… I know.

        And Canady …..well you did a fine job explaining that one.

        We may never agree again, but we at least agree on these two points.

        • Decode the World

          Actually, other than turning off comments, the contributor has no control over the comments. They can click on the spam button just like you. It goes to a team of people who review the comments.

        • CrowPie

          Then maybe I should list the pickadillos I have encountered……

          constantly having to refresh the page
          the inability to vote up ‘certain’ comments
          the inability to down vote ‘certain comments
          constantly bumped off the page
          comments placed out of order (in the wrong place or at the bottom of the page)
          once comment is placed at the bottom of the page, all comments made afterward come ahead
          Many, many more…..

        • Big dog.../small fish...


          I agree with you on comments not being put at the right place. You REPLY to a comment and first thing you know it’s placed as an input. The order in which the comments are sequenced are often mixed up so it’s difficult to have a full view of what was said after what.

        • CrowPie

          @ Doggoneit

          Hi! Thanks for the input on this subject. And your description is dead on. :smile:

    • MissingRonnieR

      This site is about hits. It is the internet version of write a note, chew it to pulp and throw it against a wall. It is however a brilliant way to make a buck.

    • Wetpaint

      I think nothing should be banned or blocked. This way we can all decide what we want to believe. If you don’t allow comments then you’re obviously hiding something. If we want the site to be honest and transparent then maybe the one thing that needs to be blocked is any and all religion!!!!!

    • Freewilloffering

      If we are going to open the hide subject let’s talk about comments too.
      There are obot trolls like doggoneit and webedoomed that NEVER talk about stories and just post disinfo jibberish…WHAT ABOUT A HIDE BUTTON SO WE CAN SKIP TROLL SPAM IN COMMENTS?

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        In reply to your comments: If you bothered to read some of the comments I put in articles other that KoS’s I put in good and oftentimes sensible comments. But you know what?? Since my comments to other writers are logical, rational and realistic (emphasis on the last adjective), my comment are virulently attacked. Let’s face it: here one must ABSOLUTELY go with what’s being said a), b) have some reference to the bloody bible and c) must show that you are PERFECTLY INDOCTRINATED!

        There I’ve said it!

      • King of Shambhala

        Yes, there are hecklers in the comments who don’t for an instant answer the topic.

        They’re mentally distabled people who post insanity from the start.

        When dealing with this it’s a matter of dealing with people who don’t even want to talk about anything except for their own distress and mental issues and this is a problem we all face in posting.

        Carrying the more intellectually diminished individuals who are a burden on the rest of us and being required to face the ugly garbage they spew 24 7.

        • Big dog.../small fish...

          Read the comment you just wrote… How can we be polite to you when you always spew out the same insulting garbage a) and b) you threaten your commentators with ETERNAL DAMNATION if they don’t go along with what you write??

        • King of Shambhala

          The Bible says it: “Ignore the false christs” (…. who spend their empty lives complaining on Internet on other peoples’ articles that I’m not Jesus and the Messiah and that Obama’s not the Antichrist.

          These are liars and frauds.)

          Jesus warned us against the false christs in the end times and everything they say is garbage and they have no truth because Jesus warned us about them in the Bible.

        • Bobwire

          KOS why does a buddist keep quoting the bible?The bible was just old storeis that was picked/choosen and modified so a select few could control the masses.but i do like laughing my ass off at your ramblings

        • fly soup

          You don’t need obots to discrete what you say .you do it just fine the end of your fairy tales it should say this message will selfdestruct.

        • King of Shambhala

          I quote the Bible because Jesus said everybody opposing the Second Coming will be false christs.

          I’m Jesus and the Messiah.

          You’re all false christs.

      • WeBeDoomed

        Dear Freewilly

        I have explained this before but just once more here it is for you… I make it my mission to mock and ridicule the shameless liars and outright nut jobs that pollute this site with their excuses for news articles that are badly written and lack any sort of balance.

        When an article is clearly written in coherent English and offers a balanced view and is of genuine interest to me then I will comment accordingly, heck I have even been known on occasion to compliment some of the reporters on here for their news articles.

        Clear enough for you :?:

        WeBeDoomed :wink:

        • Big dog.../small fish...

          :wink: :wink: :wink:

    • Dr. Bob Uda, Ph.D., CM, CHSP, ILO

      I really do not think that people who post on BIN intentionally write “fake” stories. I believe what they do is write forecasts, theories, prognostications, predictions, deductive reasoning, estimations, hunches, prophecies, scientific guesses, empirical analyses, statistical reasoning, polling, inductive reasoning, guesses, WAGs, SWAGs, opinion statements, guesstimates, brainstorming, theoretical analyses, and hearsay. I do not believe posters purposefully post lies. They post what they believe to be the truth even though they may be incorrect, wrong, misguided, or ignorant. I think that they are sincere in what they write even though they may be totally out in left field.

      The reader must exercise his/her critical thinking skills, logical thinking, and objective analysis using the scientific method, problem solving method, and the decision making process. The reader must do research on the claims, assertions, statements, promotions, and declarations. Then, the reader must come to a personal conclusion as to the veracity of the postings. Many times I ignore or cast aside the posting because it is immediately obvious to be biased, wrong, contradictory, false, inaccurate, prejudiced, illogical, and just feels wrong when I apply the “gut feel” test or the Gutfeld Test (Named after Greg Gutfeld, the genius of Fox News Channel’s “Red Eye.”).

      If a reader is unwilling or unable to conduct these analyses of BIN postings, then they should go somewhere else to obtain information. However, I will tell you this. No matter where you go for information, you will have problems of inaccuracy, prejudice, bias, hidden agendas, self-promotion, demagoguery, disinformation, misinformation, and distortions.

      You must just find the best information you can that you can believe. If you do not believe it, toss it. If it turns you off, burn it. If you think you should obtain only factual, honest information here at BIN, you are kidding yourself. If you want real facts, go read all of the liberal lame-stream media news. Listen to CNN and MSNBC. Read the stuff put out by I am being sarcastic and facetious, of course, about all of these left-wing sources.

      If you cannot figure out what is good information and what is garbage, how do you know that you get nothing but “fake” information in BIN postings? You really do not know. Hence, develop your critical thinking and reasoning skills and glean the good information from every posting that you read. Even if you agree with a posting, it does not mean that the information therein is accurate and truthful. You shall be forever confused. Good luck!

      • MSG Chicken

        Thanks for that pedantic advice but most of us are way past that stage. We just read now and let our comments RIP!

      • King of Shambhala

        Good post Bob Uda and good backup article that you made too.

        Now that the kid gloves have come off it looks like the Obots have hacked BIN and block the pages from displaying.

        The last gasp has come for Obama and the people who make videos saying Obama’s the Antichrist like Gabe Zolna have rallied to join up at BIN which is why the Obots have gone crazy and bezerked out.

        Before It’s News Sets GZ’s Video’s On Fire! MVI 3141

      • Decode the World

        Thanks for sharing, Bob. For many people who have been sleeping, BIN is an acquired taste and until they get used to thinking for themselves again, it’s going to feel unsettling because it challenges their entire worldview. We believe that in a time in the near future, most people will be shocked with what’s revealed. Before It’s News readers will just say “I told you so”. :lol:

      • muckracker1

        Manh of the BIN writers are out of the box thinkers, social forecasters whose abiliy to connect the dots sounds off the wall to those who don’t have that ability. The truth is always sttanger than fiction, especially to those whose minds cant stretch far enough to get out of the box. Some folk are fixated on a particular part of space, others can’t even find that space. To each his own asylum; and, rember, everybody’s got a bit of whacckkko inside; some refuse to acknowledge :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: it

    • Josey Wales

      “Don’t Condemn Free Press Learn How To Use It, B4INS Is Here To Empower You” For all You “na sayers”, how do we know your not here to help destroy the very foundation America was founded on, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Speech? It seems rather than learn how to use this beforeitsnews, you would rather make yourself feel important by pointing out the obvious? Why don’t you try to learn how to use the freedoms you have, while you still have them, and take advantage of free press and free speech, and promote free press, rather than condemn it? It sounds as though some of you are confused as to how to use free press to empower yourself. Well, welcome to B4INS, WE WILL ASSIST YOU IN EXPRESSING YOURSELF, NEWS THAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU, AND FACTS MAINSTREAM MEDIA CHOOSES TO IGNORE. Please sign up for your own profile and seek administrative assistance if needed. Free Speech should not be condemned.

      • King of Shambhala

        Josey the cranky Leftists are always the cry-babies.

        They don’t use freedom of speech.

        They lie when they speak.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, i come here frequently to find some really weird stuff written up. But guess what? I enjoy reading all posts regardless if it is fake or not. I get a huge laugh when someone writes some dumb stuff. I think most people know when a post is bogus.

    • Mike Lynch

      Too many stories cry wolf so that the legitimate stories have an increased chance of being ignored or discounted. A number of contributors should show some self control and not make things up just for attention or to feed their neuroses.

    • mtnheathr

      I would like to pose a suggestion. I would love it if there was a way to unrecommend a story, like a negative button. This would make it to where we could down vote a story that is complete rubbish like most of the things posted by Glenn Canady and Castle Jenni. I don’t agree with King of Shambala and some of what Lynn and Lisa put out but at least they don’t disable comments. They will actually get on and debate issues with commenters, not like these others who have disabled the comments section. I HATE it when people disable the comments. They know they have put crap out there and don’t want the feedback.

      Just think about the unrecommend button. It would be awesome!

      • Dustdevil

        Good comment, mtnheathr, I fully agree and said somewhat the same thing, in a reply to Chris further up this comment column. It does seem like a lot of ‘strange articles’ get high up the list, while some good ones that raise serious questions seem to get major bumps down without explanation (I really haven’t figured out that ‘recommend story’ counter function yet, as it seems a story can have a ’11′ count, then I read it, go back and look again, and it now has a ’2′ count. Are they falling off in real-time, versus the last 60-minutes of time passage? If so, who is hot-voting certain articles while other, better articles, are getting ignored?)

        I like the more-volatile voting idea, both for UP or DOWN on Story, and UP or DOWN on Contributor. Definitely would make the articles more-reflect ‘good commenters and articles’, and help kill off ‘page-hit-counter-cowboys’ who will take a bad hit for traffic, just as quickly as they will take a good hit; since it’s all about turning a page point for money with them, anyhow.

    • Sarkoloff

      CK: Well thank you for clearing that up.. for months now,I’ve been reading these news stories and wondering the exact same thing. Now I know. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve read a story here and thought to myself, “Wow, these reporters are actual journalists?… Hired to do such sloppy, opinionated, and unprofessional reporting?” Now that I am aware, I can fully appreciate what you’re doing by enabling such a website to exist – it’s commendable. I only wish I’d known this all along, and my suggestion, (for what it’s worth), would be to put a similar “disclaimer”, (similar to your reply to ‘John’, here), on the home page of the site, with some kind of “ATTENTION” drawing aspect to it, so that we, the public, are not left wondering if this is some sort of “Weekly World News”-meets-”Huffington Post”-gone-’mad’ type of a news-source. Thanks for listening and for making this all possible. Kudos! – JsC

      • Decode the World

        Very good suggestion….

        (In best Sgt. Friday voice) “The story you are about to read may be true, the names may have been changed to protect the reporter.”

    • Greg Ericson

      Who tells more truth?…….BIN or MSM?

      • ecclesiatical

        Hard to say,if you asked who tells more lies then that would be actually harder.

      • King of Shambhala

        Greg, taken that the Antichrist is called the “Great Deceiver”, you can’t expect much truth from a guy with no name.

        What is Obama’s real name?

        I think I’ve got my new article’s title.

        • Big dog.../small fish...

          There you go again PUSHING THAT ANTI-CHRIST BULL-CRAP. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Greg Ericson or ecclesiatical’s COMMENTS!!

        • King of Shambhala

          Jesus warned us against the false christs in the end times and everything they say is garbage and they have no truth because Jesus warned us about them in the Bible.

          I’m Jesus and the Messiah.

          “Ignore the false christs” (…. who spend their empty lives complaining on Internet on other peoples’ articles that I’m not Jesus and the Messiah and that Obama’s not the Antichrist.

          These are liars and frauds.)

    • UberNuts

      The outrageous posts and ludicrous articles posted here on BIN is what keeps us all coming back, time and time again.
      Sometimes, there REALLY is an article that breaks well before it’s mainstream news.
      I enjoy the mash-up of good reporting and absurdity.
      It keeps me somwhere in the middle – where the truth often lays.
      So hurrah for BIN … it’s kooky and stretches the truth and gives a voice to reporters with zero credibility who expect credulity – but it’s fun – and often thought-provoking.

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        Love your: ” … it’s kooky and stretches the truth and gives a voice to reporters with zero credibility who expect credulity – but it’s fun…”

    • Tom Dennen, the paranoid historian

      All this reminds me of the little old lady who called the cops on some nude bathers in a river near her house. The cops dutifully asked the bathers to move downstream, which they did.
      An hour later, 911 recorded another call from the old gal: “If if climb up to my attic and stand on a step ladder, I can still see those nudists from the dormer window!”
      ‘Course, they may not have been true naturists, but water god worshipers doing strrange things with frankenfish…

    • Lateralus

      I just joined and this is probably the most sensationalist, made up, phony, disinformation, “God” obsessed, lying site I’ve ever seen in my entire life on the internet.

      There are literally ZERO news standards her. It reminds me of the pulp magazines of the 1980s. I actually joined the site just to say it, I don’t plan on reading anything because 95% of the stuff I’ve read here is complete garbage with NO evidence.

      And a guy that has multiple postings here doesn’t even allow comments and goes on about stuff her can’t even prove.

      • I Hate Huffn\\\'Puffn\\\'

        Seek and you can find. It’s said of the old lady who asked the Lord
        to help her wind the lotto . . . after many disappointed years the Lord
        asked her to help me here, “please buy a ticket”.

      • Dustdevil

        And therein is the great challenge. You cannot get mad at the thumpers, preachers and acolytes; no more than you can get mad at a scorpion for stinging you. It’s what they do, and you know it going into it.

        You just have to be able to sanely, civilly, and most importantly, intelligently counter their lies, twists, turns and deception with facts that THEY bring to their own table. After all, the greatest benefit for growth in atheist roll-counts comes from conflicting lessions from preachers who claim ‘they preach one word’, and yet don’t.

        Religion is not required to read or comment on BIN, no more than a political party standpoint is. Don’t get angry about it, and don’t disappear because of it – simply counter it with fact.

        That’s one of the great things about actually reading and commenting here, you can actually speak your mind (as long as you do so with ‘clean’ words), and you are NOT censured for it.

        Or, maybe it just takes an ‘out-of-the-box’ mindset, with an inner determination to say what you know or feel to be the truth, to keep on reading. Just remember, intelligence is taking the knowledge (toolset) and learning how to interpret and apply it (wisdom). Knowledge is like a good toolbox, any monkey can be given one, but only a human mechanic is WISE enough to use them properly.

        Knowledge and Wisdom go hand in hand, just like that. At least you get a better ‘knowledge buffet’ here, than you do on CNN, FOX, or MSNBC; where each one’s agenda is one-channel paid-for, over-and-over again.

    • 7up

      I have submitted four news stories (all legit) and none of them made it to the site. There is some kind of screening because my stories aren’t getting posted.

      • Usefuleater

        They don’t make it to the site because the top spots are all held by “Jaw-Dropping” articles from Lyn Leahz and Susan Duclos. There is no room at the top for the truth.

        • Big dog.../small fish...

          And by King of something or rather and his ramblings about Obama being the anti-christ!

        • King of Shambhala

          Obama’s the Antichrist.

          False christs are distracting from this.

          They’re nolifes who don’t have anything else to do than this, heckling others’ articles and even the comments for years on end as if they had no other life.

          These are nolifes.

      • Decode the World

        If a story includes even one “major” curse word, it’ll get bounced. If your account hasn’t been moderated through yet, please send an email with the links to your stories to contact at beforeitsnews dot com

    • 0773H

      Great Article, There is no site or place where all truths are spread all the time. Our gov. and the elite pay individuals for control of and to spread false information. Some say some people on this site spread fear, which is like candy to the beings controlling the non human beings in charge of the Illuminati and this planet. We are each responsible to research and check facts on what we read and then compare what we find to other information, to find the truth within the information. There is no other way. The truth of this planet is so unbelievable that when you find some of it and try to tell others, no one will believe you, even when the evidence is overwhelming. This is part of a programming, perpetrated on the human population for centuries and this denial of the truth you present, should be expected. I am retired and watch a video on Americas false flags, in a documentary called ((Terror Storm,)) which supplied evidence that our world is not what it seems. I started worrying about my seven children and their families. So I looked at researching for truth as attending a college and spent 10 hours a day ,six days a week for three years researching everything I could imagine from experts in every field to connecting the puzzle together. Now that I have an understanding of this planet, I am treated like a long haired hippy on the side of the road holding a sign which states the end is near. So I know how hard it is to separate the truth from the fiction and even harder to get someone to listen. I suggest start with what cannot be denied, like the history of false flags to demonstrate the reality of our world. Then any information after that, check the littlest details and compare them with what you have already found as truth. The pieces of this enormous puzzle do fit together and produce a picture which no one wants to see.

    • Saber

      Lets not forget Gorilla Media Network. That particular radio host disables comments and tries to get you to call in to his horrible internet radio program. Then if you call to disagree… you will NEVER get on air to lambaste him for his lies.

    • Joseph Zrnchik for 5th Estate Media Email: [email protected]

      I have had the same beef, but after a while you tend to know what is true and who are trustworthy writers, reporters, pundits and editorialists.

      Some people just want to make points or point out what should be obvious.

      Americans are living in a police state with a nation that is creating choas all over the world and causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans while it crushes dissent in the US.

      This can serve as an organizing tool that also helps to point out the illegitimacy of our rules.

      If people quit clicking on stupid posts, people will quit writing stupid stuff.

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        @McLuhan above:

        As a Canadian I view what is happening in the States more or less as something they are bringing about to themselves. Short fuses, ignorance, bigotry, paranoia, lots of undiagnosed mental issues, limitless access to weapons of all sorts and an almost barbaric taste for killing for just any reason they can get away with!
        Americans should start by taking care of their own problems instead of meddling of those of others.
        If they want to get back their, what was once a great place on the world stage, they’ll have to start from scratch and shape up!
        I don’t care if I’m voted down for this quite frankly.

    • putupjob

      The value of BIN is that true breaking news appears here first.
      Some of these stories are sourced that then go mainstream.
      If you want a heads up on emerging trends, this is one of the better sites.

      There is plenty of nonsense and kookery and the discerning reader should discount the nonsense for what it is.

      The only way that initial releases can possibly emerge is through unfiltered, uncensored materials.
      Most news sites receive streams of reports of the kinds seen here and those site administrators filter the stories for consumption.
      This is an editor free site and you have to evaluate the stories on a case by case basis.

    • Acuman

      I regard Beforeitsnews as a site for citizen journalism. If you agree, then citizens can also act as quality control, and articles could be rated according to their veracity instead of the crazy way the are currently listed on the home page. (I still use the classic display because I can’t stand all the dithering and jumping around :-)
      Just my opinion …

    • The Skeptic


      If what you say is the true intent of BIN you would do 2 things:

      1. Not allow authors/contributors to disable comments. Then their lies can’t hide and readers can point out their falsifications.

      2. Allow readers to down vote both articles & authors/contributors and not just recommend them. Then their profiles will reflect their true value to the community and not just what shills have clicked on.

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        I shall add to your comment:

        @To Chris as well,

        3. That contributors/journalists/reporters/writers NOT BE ALLOWED (UNDERLINED, BOLD, & ITALICS) to comment on other contributors/journalists/reporters/writers’ stories to spew their speil while taking up their comment section. These contributors/journalists/reporters/writers HAVE THEIR OWN ARTICLES.

        4. That contributors/journalists/reporters/writers do not promote either their previous or upcoming articles within a reply. They should only say: Please refer to one of my past articles on the subject or An article concerning this will be coming up shortly.

        5. That any deviance from these rules could be REPORTED to management to keep the contributors/journalists/reporters/writers in check.

        Thank You

        • Decode the World

          The more rules we make, the tighter the restrictions on people’s freedoms at the site. I understand your sentiment, but some times the comments made by contributors can be extremely valuable to all the readers by pointing out an error or additional fact that everyone can benefit from. Of course, this can be abused by contributors who want to promote their stories.

        • Big dog.../small fish...

          I think you misunderstood me.

          Let’s say A’s story is running whatever the subject may be; then another writer B should not comment on A’s story even if the story runs along the same lines as B always presents and even less push his own agenda onto A’s story’s comments and literally hijack A’s comments section. This is not too restricting. Only takes a memo to all writers warning them to respect each other’s articles and their readers’ comments.

    • ichabodcrane

      What about all the stories that are true that no one talks about!

    • Anonymous

      Mr. CK I applaud you and your forum you provide…
      To offer another answer to the xtian question is that there are too many deist with agendas and holy tofu’s with their agendas…

      I love this site and scrutinize everything with knowledge and wisdom, truth is truth regardless of belief or agenda.

      I am remiss so many abuse the privilege of posting here and like the question to initiate your response comes from an individual that cannot scrutinize due to agenda and belief.

      Thank you again for you and your associates for providing an open forum and please suggest to the agenda minded walk on by…

      Wish you a good day with all love and peace…

    • dr Meno

      This another theory I have about the news on BIN and other Alternative media outlets. Here is an article I post here before,


      BUT now why do you get so many views? I don’t think it is a popularity contest.

      • Decode the World

        There’s a lot of fake news on CNN, too. I turned off the TV in our house about five years ago.

        As for what’s popular, that’s entirely up to our audience. This site is simply a mirror. We rely on the good nature of the contributors to share information reliably. Yes, some people will abuse that, but overall, we’ve been responsible to help people to see what’s true. Here’s an example of a story you definitely won’t see in MSM:


        • Dustdevil

          Excellent point, Chris. I dropped satellite TV in 2011, because I got so sick of the obvious spin from all venues, that it plainly hurt the head (not to mention, insulted my intelligence) to think that the MSM held that low of an opinion of me, that they would keep trying to sell trash like that as ‘News-fact’.

          From Chris Wallace to Bill O’Reilly and Wolf Blitzer, I see one overwhelming trend – not a one of them is out in the field working as a reporter, not a one of them reports actual news from a true ‘journalist’, and every single one of them makes a lot more than I ever did, even in a professional field (before retirement), for simply wearing their makeup well, and reading the lines without stuttering.

          Those destroying the world are rich, and are the same rich interests who finance the news that otherwise would have to pay its own way with commercials, which would only sell based on viewership ratings. This means, 10-to-1, conservative views should predominate our nation, not be a minority in it. That they are not (compare Fox ratings to CNN ratings, then compare average poll voting ratios), means that news moved to cable-satellite so that they could take the ‘consumer-paid-advertising’ component away from the mega-rich paid news propaganda function. It really is that simple.

          BIN offers a much better view of ‘small time reporting’, ‘amateur reporting’ and more. Yes, we have to take all stories with a SERIOUS grain of salt, but then again, since when did you watch MSM without doing the same?

          BIN makes the attempt, and that’s a lot more than can be said about MSM.

          Do we get hot, angry, mouthy in comments on occasion? Yes. But ‘regulars’ also know who writes fiery articles worthy of hard comment, and those who are consistently wrong and worth down-voting or total over-looking. That you listen is a great sign, itself.


    • Anonymous

      Personally I’m glad to see even some of the crazies posting fake stories. At least it isn’t censored. Virtually every other web site has so much censorship that you can never say what you really mean. And if you’re not smart enough to be able to discern the fake and propaganda then this probably isn’t the site for you.

      • Decode the World

        You got it! We never force people to look at our site, you’re free to come and go as you please. Keep in mind, if we had only stories submitted by leakers and everything was Uber-credible, a site like that would get shut down. It wouldn’t be allowed to exist because it would disrupt society. People come here and they have to scratch and dig a bit, but they will find the truth if they open their mind and sort out some of the junk. Junk has always existed, just go to one of the mainstream sites to see what I’m talking about. That stuff is 100% propaganda used to condition people to fake things.

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        Agree! Newer ones!

    • LD

      Create YOUR version of reality on Before It’s News to-DAY !

      Okay, here goes… GMO is ACTUALLY OMG spelled backward the reason for this were people to ACTUALLY KNOW the origin of this fatality food they would refuse to eat it. Like, OMG! NO WAY! And of course people being superficial it wouldn’t matter anyway, because Americans will eat just about anything you put in front of them. GMO is engineered to grow on biosolids AKA HUMAN POOP! OMG! NOW you understand!

      Okay, rate me. How am I doing!

    • twohawk

      Wow, a lot of comments in such a short time span. I think BIN should get an earful.
      I’ve been visiting and looking for articles with some real ‘meat’ in them, and it’s rare
      I am successful at this site. This site has the POTENTIAL to be news breaking and
      informative, if only BIN would actually use some of those thousands of stories that
      are claimed to be submitted. Man up and tough it out as your readership and
      submissions take a hit for a period of time until your audience comes to trust you are
      fair and there is actually a lot of ‘meaty’ news to be found here.

      Submissions may not look as sensational or be as eloquently written as the usual
      authors found here, but really, I am tired of the same old-and I mean OLD- sham
      stories and over-used authors here. Suck it up for a while, give new authors and news a
      fair shake and you will have groundbreaking news and countless authors of interesting
      stuff galore!!! and it will get better!

    • Cassiopeia11

      Thank you, Chris, for the clarification. I had at times wondered about why some stories appear on your website which are not true and thereby damage your reputation. But now I understand how your website works and I will in future bear this in mind when I am doubtful as to the validity of some of the posts.

    • TonysTake

      Shooting the messenger? It seems to me this is the only thing small minded people can do. Nobody twists an arm and forces people to come here and read the articles. To those who don’t like the format and only gripe, start your own site.

    • woolfeeeee

      It all boils down to advertising revenue- just like fake BS to generate money- as usual GREED rules. Anyone that knowingly posts a false article is a complete POS that hurts the truth movement and discredits alternative media.

    • twohawk

      Sooooooooo- if someone suggests you ‘man up’, CHRIS or whomever, that comment
      gets no post?? Hmm??? I may be jumping the gun on this, but your note after
      writing a comment DOES say give it a FEW minutes. FEW? I thought it was a very very
      logical and not- without- common sense comment. I’m about done . I just delete the link from
      my favorites, and keep searching for the real stuff which is getting harder and harder to find.

    • rev

      Thank you, Chris, for addressing this issue.
      I have been reading BIN for years now, and I have seen every sort of story imaginable here. Sometimes I see a story on another news site, and I can say, “I saw that story on BIN two weeks ago!” It really is, in many cases, “before it’s news”.

      Sometimes I laugh my ass off at a story’s absurdity. And, after all, whom can anyone just believe? The truth is that we truly know nothing we have not experienced for ourselves. How do we know whom to trust to tell us the truth?

      BIN is information, pure and simple — not necessarily truth, and certainly not all lies. But that is what I love about this site. Anyone can speak here. And the fact that such a variety of stories is posted probably goes a long way to protect BIN from the censorship troubles that so many of the harder hitting news sites face.

      John was wondering why you do not verify the information on the stories before publishing them. He has fallen into a trap with most people, who think that an editor of a publication has some sort of god-like power to discern the truth, or endless hours to look up every detail, and that once a story is published, it means it is verified, certified, authorized truth. Or should be.

      It is the same trap for those who follow exclusively mainstream news, like CNN and NYT, believing that everything they say must be gospel. Of course we know that this is impossible. People just take it for granted because it comes from a guy in a tie at a desk with a logo on it.

      BIN is as far as you can get from this sort of presentation. But there is a price to pay, and that price is readers must turn to their own minds to discern the truth, instead of simply relying on an editor or a sponsor. We should allow no one else to do our thinking for us, not even a trusted editor.

      BIN is brain exercise. It is a place where we can go to get the soup, and be able to pull out the the tasty bits that to us ring true, hold it up to other bits that ring true, and derive from it something we can momentarily call “fact” — that is until something else comes along to prove it wrong.

      It is really a very good way to do news and commentary.

    • King of Shambhala

      Why are all my comments voted down like crazy?

      It’s suspicious.

      They want to block my voice and block my freedom of speech which is to say I’m Jesus and the Messiah and Obama’s the Antichrist.

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        Mais tu con! Arrête de dire tout le temps les mêmes crisses de conneries. Didn’t you notice that all your negative votes were because you spew all the same text ALL THE TIME???

        • Big dog.../small fish...

          Je voulais dire: Mais ce que tu ES con!

        • King of Shambhala

          There are false christs who want to distract from the truth saying Obama’s the Antichrist.

          Beware of them.

          They lead straight to hell.

      • eatmorevegetables

        They vote you down because they don’t like you and your lotto-Obama-antichrist blabber… but I like you, at least sometimes, you’re like a Don Quixote, except he moved on to more adventures.

        • Big dog.../small fish...

          Thumbs up on this! He should move on. Since he’s a FRENCHY I don’t know he could go and waste his precious time on some noteworthy cause like the endangered turtles of Bora-Bora…

      • WeBeDoomed

        vos commentaires sont rejetés parce qu’ils sont fous, mon ami fou

      • Dustdevil

        Look, KoS, I’m going to be fair to you (and you say that you value that). With that, I’ll give you the point that Obama is painted in a very serious light as being the AntiChrist of Biblical writings (anti, latin for against; and Christ, figurehead of the returned Hebrew God for right and light in the world). That said, Obama has done many things which conflict against right and light, therefore to say he is against it is logically correct.

        As for you being him, I say ‘walk on water while you are back, and prove it’. Otherwise, you are not. That you are not, while saying you are, makes you (logically) a liar, a fraud, a deluded psychopath, or some combination of the above. I can’t address it beyond that point, because there is not enough clinical evidence to go further into your medical condition here. Post us a link to your water-to-wine trick or your feeding 5,000 or more from a couple of baskets that you bring on stage, and I will humbly recant my accusation. (any decent rock concert venue will suffice – but only what you can personally carry in, in one trip).

        This, KoS, is why you get so many down-votes. It is not Chris being mean to you, or some unknown editor flagging you to death, it is me and MANY others who see you for the ‘special person’ that you are, and between your racial slurs and your constant claims of divinity, well, we’re all just tired of it.

        It was cute when used sparsely, but just like curry on food – too much is too much.

        • King of Shambhala

          Dustdevil is a specimen of false christ as in the Bible.

          Anyone opposing me is a false christ announced by Jesus.

          Obama’s the Antichrist and I’m the Messiah/Jesus.

        • Big dog.../small fish...

          … As for you being him, I say ‘walk on water while you are back, and prove it’. Otherwise, you are not. …

          Well put!

      • Physhstx

        “Why are all my comments voted down like crazy?
        It’s suspicious.
        They want to block my voice and block my freedom of speech which is to say I’m Jesus and the Messiah and Obama’s the Antichrist.”

        Not suspicious at all, it’s how many people who agree or don’t agree with your comments, that is all.

        And as far as I have seen, nobody is trying to block your freedom of speech. In fact quite the opposite, KoS.

        Do you not think that if “They want to block my voice and block my freedom of speech”, you would have been removed from this site a very long time ago.

    • GarthVader

      Several years back, I thought BIN was better. Seemed like there were more NEWS stories, actual news, alternative, fringe or otherwise. Now it seems like the website has been overrun by religious fanatics and zealots intent on justifying all manner of contrivances and biblical “fact” — a complete oxymoron. I for one, would have a far higher regard for BIN if all the religious fanatics would start a separate website solely for all things biblical. The name of this website after all, is “Before It’s News”, not “Revelations Potluck Jamboree”. I grow weary of having to sift through all the “Christian” fantasy in search of real stories. Before the trolls weigh in, understand… I embrace Jesus, but in my neck of the woods, Jesus and the church/bible per se, have nothing to do with one another. The legacy of Jesus appears to have been hijacked and appropriated by the church for its own divisive, evil intentions and like so many, absent critical thinking, folks go over the cliff like lemmings. Fine… leap if you must… but please… stop posting religious prattle masquerading as news. It cheapens and diminishes the more thoughtful posts. Here’s a clue… if your profile makes any reference to “god” or the bible, go post on a religious website. Short of that, I agree with DustDevil. Give users the option to hide the posts of those intent on subjecting readers to their “faith”-based fairy-tales. History… actual history, for those actually willing to READ, tells a very different story of our origins versus what was written by MEN in the bible.

    • Godzilla

      Discussing alien bases are not fake stories. Discussing a war between france and germany that is happening today is a fake story. Something that can easily be proven wrong is fake. Something that is far fetched but unprovable is NOT fake.

      No one should be banned except those that knowingly post fake stories and those that continously disable their comments. Now there will be some times that disabling comments is a good idea, but it should be sporadic.

      • Dustdevil

        Amen and Hallelujah on that ‘France vs Germany fake thingy’, can I get a KoS on that?! (ROFL)

        Seriously, I do agree that there are MANY stories that would NEVER make it to mainstream that are VERY interesting and are easily ‘at home’ on BIN, like strange astronomical events, rumored UFO bases, faked moon landings and more. To be truthful, I watched the landing in 1969, and believed devoutly for decades that it, of course, happened. HOWEVER, after a great 2-hour documentary done on ‘how it was faked’ (can’t recall the documentary name, but it had the original camera engineer describe how many of the things that happened COULDN’T have happened, due to equipment limitations). Well, it all set me to questioning if it did actually happen. I can say now, that I am not sure at all, if we did actually land on the moon with humans (yes, maybe with landers, but unmanned, just as we did Mars). There is no easy or simple way to validate a manned landing when all are contract-sworn not to admit it, and of those who did go up, you have more than one astronaut that now has come forward and say conflicting statements about what really happened (one claims aliens were already there, another claims we did not land), and both only admitted these things in the end-years of their life, when they had little to lose.

        At the same time, BIN has ran at least 3-stories this week on ‘The Louisville Purge’, one of which, as of this posting, is still up. Sad, considering the kid that started this urban rumor has already been picked up by the cops, and his actual statement was ‘I didn’t know it was going to cause all this’, referring to the implementation of ‘activation’ of police watches to prevent such a thing from occurring.
        Now, you have other major cities getting worried too.

        These are the stories that not only are clearly wrong, easily verifiable as fakes and frauds, still running, can’t wipe them, and are actually rather-irresponsible for continuing on, because they COULD give enough ‘unstable people’ an idea to initiate such absolute horrors as to try to launch such a night, that it is akin to screaming ‘FIRE’ in a packed theater. Not only are these stories bad-form, and troubling, but in fact, from a defined ‘free speech’ standpoint, they are NOT protected under the 1st Amendment (per the U.S. Supreme Court) and could easily leave the writers liable, if it can be proven they knew better and still posted such fantasy to known counter-points when they did it.

        These are the things that I would like to see better-edited or removed, or at least to be able to down-vote them so that they may pop-up, but just as quickly be eliminated from the header line-up.

        • The Real Deal

          “A funny thing happened on the way to the moon”.

    • eatmorevegetables

      I get the purpose and can tolerate the content, but I don’t particularly like the evolution of the advertisements… the auto-playing flash modules were/are annoying, but this year it seems like there has been an increase in pop-ups too. A click in a “blank” area generates an ad pop? Whoever made that decision should be flogged.

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        In agreement.

        • InquisitiveMind

          get adblock plus for your browswer for ad free BIN

        • Big dog.../small fish...

          Thanks for the tip. Just downloaded it.

    • Lance Ciepiela

      “Hosting the News” site that keeps things very interesting – any article gets posted almost immediately and can be edited as well after posting. “The News” is not censored here so a contributor can go where others dare not tread. There is a broad range of topics covered and virtually any topic fits into the extensive selection of topics and subject matter available.
      One of my 9/11 Truth articles covered an area considered taboo by the federal government & MSM – #howtheydid911.
      The article got “nuked” on this site and I just assumed it was “too hot to handle”. Several weeks later I was pleasantly surprised when my article came back. I went in and edited the article (“9/11 – The NEOCON Master Plan”) to clarify and expand on several points and my article is quickly gaining in popularity without any negative comments or any rebuttal to the truth within.

    • Awake

      It’s all about ego with these posts. I know lots of folks say it’s about page views and revenue, but ultimately it’s all about ego. Look at the “rockstars” of BIN and tell me these folks aren’t impressed with themselves, especially the ones that believe visitors aren’t worthy of commenting on what they “write”. It is interesting to try and figure out who is playing around and who is certifiable.

    • I Hate Huffn\\\'Puffn\\\'

      Strikes me that FALSE stories are presented by one side of an issue
      or the other to “Tell the lie often enought that it becomes TRUTH!”
      Myself as a once proud LIFE LONG DEMOCRAT, Elected member of
      my union “E Board” and organizer that has become unENROLLED
      because both main stream ‘parties’ do NOT represent ‘we the people’.
      I do get upset with posters who make valid arguements then discredit
      the by calling Dumocraps or Repuklikins which is juvenile! In the final
      analysis we the people are AMERICANS which is the only thing that
      can save my America! I loved the dawn of the “Tparty” as I saw this
      as ‘our’ last hope. Unfortunatly active democrats didn’t affiliate and it
      apears to be owned and operated by republicans.

    • Big dog.../small fish...
    • rev

      As long as you censor even one person, be it for foul language, or for dissing your religion, no matter what, you cannot claim to support freedom of speech at all. All you are supporting is your own personal version of freedom, limited by your own personal tastes and beliefs. This is not freedom, it is only a different kind of tyranny. Parents should supervise their own children, instead of counting on someone else to do it. If they don’t want their kids to see “curse” words, then let them take the time to censor the work themselves. Don’t expect everyone to believe as you do. It’s never going to happen. If you don’t like something, have the courage to delete it yourself. Expecting someone else to police what comes in through your internet is just plain lazy, and very very dangerous. Do it yourself. Think for yourself. Mind your own children. And ignore what you don’t want to see, hear or think. Don’t restrict other people. If you value your freedom, the price is allowing others their freedom as well.

      • Decode the World

        Hi rev, while I share your sentiment, we do need to be practical here. We do need to impose some limits, otherwise you’d have bad things like child pornography and whatnot on the site and we could never do that. We’ve tried to strike a balance between free expression and damaging the site. You are also correct when you point out that parents need to take more responsibility. We try to keep the site as a clean and well lit place where people can exchange news, ideas and information.

        • rev

          Thank you for taking the time to reply, Chris, and accept my sincere gratitude for your work here.
          I understand what you are saying. And I do agree. With a caveat or two.
          You mentioned child pornography. That is pretty extreme, and I personally find it nothing short of evil. Regular, adult, consensual pornography is different, and I believe it falls under the right of free speech and expression.
          But pornography here would be against the spirit of this forum, therefore it is right to delete it. Child pornography should be alerted to the authorities in all cases.
          Nonetheless, I don’t think that if you let people curse here, BIN will become a chid porn site. But, as the editor, it is your prerogative to use your judgement.
          Some sites delete whole messages because they contain certain words, like s**t or f**k.
          I was inspired to write because some of the contributors to this particular story are in favor of banning people for lesser things than this. The problem is that people are regularly banned from forums just because of their ideology. I would hate to see that happen here.
          Most curse words are benign compared to some very hateful things I have read on this site that contain no such words. Some of the religious writers actually deliver real curses that they say came from God Himself, telling people they are going to Hell if they don’t embrace certain church doctrine. That is true cursing. Let them. They have the right, and I have the right to reject what they say.
          I have read replies that are so violent and hateful, as to make the foulest language seem like nursery rhymes. However, I am an adult, and if I don’t like it, I lump it. In with the trash. It is my decision, as it is everyone’s, as well it should be.
          The point I am making is if you love freedom of speech and press, then you have a difficult job running a site that is free. And to that difficult job, so far you have risen with common sense and decency, and so far I have had no issues of this nature with BIN.
          But I worry a bit after having read this story and its accompanying commentary; I would hate to miss what may otherwise have been a brilliant, insightful or informative comment, because it was deleted just because the writer talks like a biker, or a longshoreman, or a soldier, or a cop. Such language is a part of our world, and some people can’t get their point across without it.
          There are worse things to worry about, like censorship and loss of freedom of expression.

      • Mayhem

        If you can’t exercise your right to free speech without swearing you could try reading some books and learning new words. It’s ridiculous to claim that an offensive language filter is akin to censorship.

    • Purple Mike

      The beauty of this site is the fun of discerning fact from fiction…after a while it gets pretty easy to figure out all the different agendas operating as well as the variety of ‘story-tellers’ out there – which is entertaining as all hell…especially the public comments. One thing I have noticed, however, is that when any major news event occurs, you hear it about it here first.

    • whocares

      Alex Jones is no more then a fraud.

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        And according to BIN – a REPTILIAN…

    • Thorin Oakenshield

      I gave up on “B4 it’s news” last year….I only read it for laughs.. :grin:

    • Alan8

      Chris, I’d like to add my voice to those asking you to exercise some editorial judgement on posters that consistently post false stories. You’re open to a diversity of ideas, which is good, but you don’t balance truth with lies.

      Lying articles will continue to damage your site’s credibility.

    • R R Hood

      Stories where ever they came from. Some could make even our enemies wonder, “Who the Hell are we?” Some can even be used to create Diversions. What ever. Officials- thank you all for letting me, also, have an account with this wonderful, interesting, and entertaining “Before It’s News” Site. I love this Site, but not in Public Places holding up any Signs like, “The End Is Coming” or “Welcome To The Apocalypse” yet, Sincerely, Johnny.

    • Dallas63

      It will rattle you to the core….??…I rest my case.

    • #WakeUpPeople1776

      Chris, I agree with your standpoint. There must be a news / articles site that exists where the moderation of content is a minimum. There needs to be an outlet that protects people’s 1st Amendment right to free speech. We each need to be responsible for determining what we believe and not. I do not need “Big Brother” deciding what I can see. Based on the support evidence the author presents in their article I will make my own decision about what i believe. People do make crazy and wild claims on this site and I’m certainly capable of distinguishing between those and credible articles. Those crazy articles however, are sometimes entertaining to read even if they are implausible. :wink:

      The thing I’ve noticed that I’d say could use work would be curbing “authors” who basically lay claim to a BIN article category and repost tons of articles they did not write and don’t usually fit the topic category they’ve posted them under. It seems that they are trying to make the category their own personal website and it pushes down articles written by BIN contributors that are specific to that category. That’s the only thing I think could use some moderation.

      Thanks for providing the world a format to post articles without censorship!

    • Confessions of a Closet Republican

      Let’s face it… Before It’s News is the National Enquirer of the Internet.

    • Болеслава

      The excuse that you have kids on here using this site for homeschooling is a bit thin. Wouldn’t it be better in that case to screen out all the lies and bull. Surely that is just as important as blocking ‘swear’ words which they probably use themselves anyway. I doubt impressionable elementary school kids are interested in this site. the above advice would also give credibility, attracting the truth movement, whatever that is, and real whistleblower info to this as you say uniquely accessible website, thus increasing readership exponentially and the truth movement likewise. The fact that it doesn’t, with the exception of Jim Stone (who is only 90% truth, albeit uniquely so) is suspicious in itself Thats why I think this is a phoney NSA site and if not, at least manipulated by them without your knowledge, and run for profit as a main motive as is the “star” posts. A post with 90% truth is disinfo. Truth is oftern frowned upon on this website and nonsense often worshipped. Maybe a good section of the general public are demon posessed, including many BIN readers…or maybe there is something else at work.
      Still haven’t heard an explanation as to why the view count on good stories goes backwards and then freezes after an initial surge, or why Lynn Lyeaz and Lisa Simpleton – never noticed a backward movement on their viewcount- stories have 10,001 views barely before anyone even knows they’re up.

      Apart from that thanks for the good reads, but I’m still waiting for my check in the mail for my contributions, not one cent for 90,000 or so clicks – unless you are NSA …. Pine Gap… Naval Intelligence .. Operation Mockingbird. DARPA. Psyops Inc. All that money on security must be going somewhere and this site could be a lot better given the effort put into it. Just sayin’. I know all about front personalities. Silence is not always golden, sometimes it’s suspicious, even if its just egoes involved.

      • Болеслава

        The following comment by Huh? does not refer to above post. Check the time. :wink:

    • Upaces

      Individuals copy and paste articles on “Before It’s News” without researching themselves to find out if it is true or not.

      It is NOT the responsibility for the site administrators to do all of the researrch on every article on every account that the people have who upload the article.

    • carsonking

      Just give us a hide button so I can hide, kow, Lynn and Lisa. Wake up America and talk crap and lie will stay, I like Susan’s, I ESP like when she interacts with herself.
      Other than that leave it alone, for a start I have only just got used to this new layout and secondly, by the amount of comments on this one article shows that, you can’t beat a good argument. Oh lavender rose would get hidden for all the pictures she puts up under her stories which takes an age to get through. Oh, also canady, no comments, I hate it when I click on him by mistake and give him a view.
      This is one of the the last vestiges of free speech on the net, to change it would it would then fall in to the Facebook/Instagram and such b0llocks category and we would only have our own walls to shout at. Free speech is free speech, no mater if you agree with it or not. I leave daily, only to find other sites are a lot worse and come back. Most stories are bs but some obviously are not, when you find a good one it’s nice to be a detective and go on a journey, even if it is only to come back and say ‘bs’. Let it be, the state of the internet on a whole has made this site one of the best, imagine that, how mental is that? But it’s true unfortunately, after this, there really isn’t anything, it will be back to commenting on sky news only to have it not appear. Good gauge though, sky, if you want to know if your angle is true, post it on sky and if your comment appears, it’s bs. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

      • carsonking

        How did I get all up here, what’s up with he time line again?

    • Anuci

      Hi Chris,
      I think the answer to many of the issues given by readers bellow is really quite simple. Once a story has received a certain amount of negative votes then it is removed. Once a contributor has had a certain number of stories removed then they can no longer post. And the same goes for the comments section. Gil Carlson comes to mind as someone who has no purpose on BIN except to promote his own website and scam readers for money. Spammers should have their accounts cancelled once they have been reported a certain number of times. Simple.

      • Live Free or Die

        Hey Anuci! One HUGE problem with that is that SOME BIN READERS have 10, 15 or MORE accounts with us! Do you REALLY WANT one person to be able to have that kind of POWER? They already are able to VOTE THEIR COMMENTS UP and OTHERS COMMENTS DOWN 10 to 15 times…

        • Decode the World

          This is the problem with voting, just like in our political system. There are more registered voters than eligible voters residing in some counties now. Because of this kind of potential for abuse, we decided not to allow the readers to censor the news, too. We try not to censor it and our readers shouldn’t be able to censor as well. We’re investigating the “hide” button, where a reader could decide they don’t want to see any stories or comments by a particular contributor. It might require a downloadable application, we’ll keep everyone posted.

    • am123

      “You’ll have to read the comments and decide for your self what’s real. Often times, the comments are better than the stories.”

      I agree. And while BIN prides itself on the freedom it allows in posting stories (a freedom I very much appreciate), the most glaring antithesis to that hallmark of freedom is the ability of contributors to disable comments. And hypocrisy abounds when contributors who disable comments have the nerve to post comments in other articles.

      Truth is able to withstand any and all assaults against it. If you are not willing or able to defend what you write, you shouldn’t post it.

      I vote for disabling the disable comments option.

      • Decode the World

        Noted. However, there were quite a few abusive comments that were appearing, including threats of bodily harm, for some contributors. That’s why we enabled that option. We don’t encourage our contributors to use that.

        • am123

          Well, have you considered something like the following for IDs that post abusive/profane comments: when someone continually crosses the line, let them to continue posting their comments, but filter them out so they themselves are the only ones who can see them. That way, the rest of us are spared from their abusive comments and they can continue posting their comments until their darkened little hearts are content and they would be none the wiser.

    • WeBeDoomed

      Chris, since this also seems to be an open forum session I was wondering if you could explain why a couple of articles I have written under the “Letters to the Editor” category have never been published? The subject material was a complaint regarding the reporters on B4IN who disable comments

      • Decode the World

        Your account might not be moderated through to appear on the front page or site yet. Go ahead and post another story and send the URL to contact at beforeitsnews dot com

        • WeBeDoomed

          Thanks. Will do

        • James Smith

          I’d like to see you put my article up there? Smiles…. it’s not going to happen though… is it…. /alternative/2014/08/america-is-under-attack-and-the-american-people-know-it-too-3015792.html …. you know…. I know…. don’t you chris? And so do a lot of other very important watching quietly people…. gathering prima facie evidence? What do you think of; if sorry punkass war criminal subud soros and his collaborating 545 were arrested, what would you then do?

    • Bossmanrocks

      IMO the National Enquirer has more credibility than this site.

      • Decode the World

        Thanks for the complement. We think the National Enquirer has more credibility than the Washington Post or the New York Times. The Enquirer broke the story about John Edwards affair, the others ignored it.

    • Jack

      This afternoon (8/17) all ebola news was stricken from the sell out google top story news feed and BIN as well. What gives?

    • AndreyE

      Because it’s colored yellow

    • Anonymous

      Excellent answer to a salient question. BiN is here to give us knowledge and information but above all to QUESTION everything. In amongst the 666 Chicago Lottery nonsense, Fulford’s wet dream about mass arrests and some dubious UFO ‘footage’ I have acquired all sorts of sound knowledge from this site, and made connections that otherwise might remain hidden. Plus, reading out some of the headlines reinforces my reputation amongst my peers that I am completely off the rails. They never know what to expect next from me.

    • Pix

      Quite right. BiN is based on the freedom of speech. Nothing wrong with that, if people want other people to know how mad they are by posting mad articles, that’s up to them. And it servers a good purpose in that because there are very obvious mad articles, people start to wonder if the less mad articles are true or not, it’s a good lesson in being more discernable. Spot the spin is a fun game when you get into.


    • Robin Brentwood

      Good response Chris!!! Kudos! I do agree most articles are pure bunk for sure. I may have even thrown one or two doozies out there myself all in good fun! Call it an experiment to see how many clicks I could get… LOL! After pulling the junk I noticed that the better the title’s wow factor then click mania would quickly ensue from readers. I think the only reason I keep coming back for though is that once in a while you sometimes actually find a semi-decent story. And, The comment section is clearly the best reading for me!!!! So in my humble opinion, keep a semi open mind and beware of the BS!!!!!

    • kman6745


      I for one want to thank you for BIN, excellent idea, excellent site!! Being the “utube of news
      (which is exactly what you guys are) I know there’s going to be a mixture of articles from all
      types which is precisely why I love coming here. Do any of you whiners complain about the
      posters on Utube? Probably not because you know there’s some crap mixed in with the good
      Channels. You give your members/readers an incredible opportunity to read, post and comment
      on a medium that’s still RESPECTS FREEDOM OF SPEECH (rare these days) so please don’t change anything and don’t listen to these whiners who complain about what somebody posts,
      its because of butt holes like them that our freedoms are in jeopardy. They don’t like what someone else has to say and instead of ignoring it they do everything they can to shut that person down which just happens to be CENSORSHIP. We’ve got enough of that in the current
      political environment where the haters come out in droves and flourish.

      I enjoy everything about it even the “pathetic liars” and the BS. So ignore the haters that can’t understand FOS and the opportunity that you give us to publish whatever we want. Thanks so much for what you do, You guys RULE!

      Oh and to the haters, go ahead vote me down. I couldn’t care less about ratings

    • HumanBeing

      There are people here who do nothing but massively downvote others and give multiple upvotes to themselves. Everybody recognizes him/her/them by their constant “white male god” rants, and knows it’s one person with many accounts.

      B4IN staff cannot be ignorant of this. There is no excuse for allowing it.

      At least ban the person and its many sock accounts, and reverse the voting.

      (Anyone who isn’t familiar with this: it’s the Prophecy section.)

    • Hondo297S

      Everyone, you are all right. There’s a lot of false stories posted here. The intelligent person can sort out them quickly. I would use breaking news stories posted here along with, Alex Jones, Steve Quail. Then look to see if they filter down to Beck, Limbaugh, Bill Bennett and yes the mainstream. Look at what’s here as raw data. And most importantly be prepared. :cool:

    • AnotherFella

      Don’t even take Alex Jones aka MR. Plastic Face seriously >_> Just let him alone with his load of crap :twisted:

    • Dauh

      If Lisa Haven and her cohort Lyn would go away, maybe the site would be more reputable.

    • cnorman18

      Thanks for clarifying. This isn’t a news site; it’s a bus-station bathroom wall, and anyone who takes ANY of the crap you allow to be posted here is an idiot. Phfft.

    • Pertti Exx

      You are even better than YouTube which executes censorship in the videos. Keep the good work going.

      • VirusGuard

        if you want censorship then yes Youtube does it all the time and so does AboveTopSecret who will become just one big meeting place for trolls but i don’t think BIN is like that at all.

        Very few posts get deleted or people banned from what i can see but some posts do seem to contain lead weights here unless they are about a prophacy or religion.

        Some posters here are so bad that they don’t even allow comments to the posts and yet these rise to the top and i just exit the page without reading it when i see this.

    • marlio

      THAT’S because Bin Laden died in Pakistan in 2001 of Kidney disease. HIs death was just a ruse to hopefully raise obamas plummeting ratings, which are now even lower.

    • Pink Slime

      “Often times, the comments are better than the stories.”

      I should say! Maybe the real stories behind BIN is the comments. But those stories do give the commenters ideas, so…..

    • anonymous

      Stay on your religous bible thumpers websites. The only ones talking religion are the self proclaim prophets, and they are acting as Satan; hiding under the Bibles verses. Anyone that can’t talk logically in a position and have to rely upon God ths God that is a worthless Satan lover, with no brain to put human actions to fix the issue. God didn’t give you or anyone his power to speak for him, and Satan himself uses bible verses to trick you into thinking they are God loving, while they are really Satan using Bible verses for those clueless to know research who is for good and bad. The religion issue is once one bible thumper reads a bible verse, the 100% believe they love God, but they really are Satan, who tricked you to follow his lies. Explain how you can tell who is for God or Satan, when Satan also uses bible verses to trick you into thinking he is God. Aka the wolf in sheeps clothing, and most of you bible thumpers are unknowingly following Satan, not God, because you jump immediately once you see a bible verse that it has to be a fellow God loving person. You are the cause of this world being evil, not the rest of us who know this trick… Since when didn’t Satan NOT know each word in the bible?

      • my2pesos

        2 Timothy 2:15…Rightly dividing the word of truth.

        Literature ~ I True Alert

        • The Steady Drip

          BIN may not monitor posts but of hate filled squirreliness rises to a certain level the FBI and other security agencies will be watching. If you want to report someone you may think is dangerous –
          [email protected]

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Being raised in the country, far from town, we country people kept our eyes open & reported to each other. We saw gov activity & vehicles of sorts, but the locals delt with it . If a strange gov car pulled up in front of your house, fathers would grab their rifle & walk out with a smile, rifle over shoulder. Usually they quickly decided {being smart city boys & all } that they had made a mistake & had the wrong address. Then as they left another pick up would follow them til they were far, far, & far away. Country boys just enjoy!! A good ole country nighttime ride ! Let’s not just WATCH. Let’s get the whole town out to confront them !!!!

    • James Keene

      Why so many fake stories?
      1. Law of supply and demand. Maybe there is a critical shortage of true stories.
      2. It is easy to manufacture fake stories. First, put hundreds of names of people and things into a hat and randomly draw two. Second, make story linking the two items. E.g., “CERN”, “demons” makes a story about demons in CERN tunnels. Or “Hitler”, “rockets” leads to headline “Hitler now living on the moon.”
      3. Most fake stories involve prophesies, predictions. Maybe all those can be put in a “Prophesy/Predictions” category which most readers will skip since the stories are always wrong. E.g., “World ends on Sept 1, 2015″.

    • Ken

      CK. Many of us think that LavenderRose is really Steve Quayle in Drag. Are you going to put up with even that???!!!

    • Airdisaster

      75% of the people here are promoting there religion. That’s not news for me. To surrender to ignorance and call it God has always been premature, and it remains premature today.

    • King of Shambhala

      I’m The One. Obama’s the Antichrist. My job is to reveal him.

      • equal eyes

        Dear KoS, I would like to know something else about you apart from your mission.
        May I start with this; What is your favorite color?

        • King of Shambhala

          Give up searching the end has come now.
          Ignore all the false christs searching for the Antichrist and Messiah elsewhere. It’s all right here in this message.
          I’m a 45-year religious of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, the highest form of culture in the world. The Christian Apocalypse is outside my field. But I am alone to reveal that Obama’s the Antichrist by relying upon the 666 omen found in Obama’s hometown’s Lottery, the day after Obama’s election.

          Why am I nevertheless involved in the Christian Apocalypse? Because it’s linked to my own Buddhist Apocalypse prophecy Kalachakra and here is that reason: – so as also to explain away criticism from the forces who support Obama – here is the reason… I use the Christian word “Antichrist” because the Buddhist Apocalypse prophecy “Kalachakra” predicts the announced evil Demon-King Krinmati will be of partly Christian faith. The Buddhist Kalachakra will thus combat that partly Christian demon: Obama the Antichrist. Obama indeed, has a varied creed of all and many faiths which are all mixed together. The Kalachakra prophecy doesn’t predict the coming of the Messiah nor Jesus but the coming of the King of Shambhala, me.

        • Big dog.../small fish...


          The end isn’t near NOT tomorrow, next week, next month, in 6 months or next year. And you’re NOT the messiah (notice I didn’t put a capital this time).

    • VirusGuard


      It does seem that the same few posters all hit the front page no matter what they post even if all the comments to the post point out that it’s twited facts and propaganda.

      I have stopped posting new topics because it does not look like we have a level playing field here and it becomes a waste of my time and it was not always like this

      Anything about a prophacy or religion (God’s coming, Raptures) makes the grade so the site in that respect is not realy what you would call a new site.

      Good on you for starting this post

    • Anonymous

      WITH CRAP..



    • ConfuciousSay

      I researched the owner of the site at one point and the owner is some what irrelevant. The most obvious question to ask yourself is “who benefits”. There’s advertisers and redirects to youtube. The video makers get “hits” with advertising and make money. I will say this site is a useful tool to keep people confused because it’s full of lies and half truths.

      People who don’t know the truth wont act on anything and that’s what rich people need us to do. They need us to be confused and do nothing because confusion is even worse than fear. When a person is confused, they freeze because they have to logically draw conclusions before acting.

      In a state of confusion a person does nothing and then nothing changes.

    • Str8Talker

      Hey Chris… I understand folks frustrations and yours. I’ve seen stories beat the media by 6 months by being posted (whole or in parts) on BIN. Sometimes, you start with a headline and watch the story progress as more details are discovered, cross-linked to other news sites…etc. And its proven very effective with LOTS of filtering required tho.

      Trust your readers to “Judge” content through “Peer Review” by categorizing BIN submissions as: 1. News w/ Link(s) 2. Story 3. Headline Only (No Story) 4. Opinion

      This will provide more accurate reviews for what folks see under each category. Just add a new category called “Miscellaneous” for Stories, Headlines & Opinion articles. The rest get categorized under “NEWS” with all the current “Topic” sections provided.

      This allows folks to edit out Trolls, Promote actual NEWS stories, identify people’s comments / opinion articles and not get TRICKED into supporting Troll Journalism. Heck, a story could start off in the Opinion category, then the Headline Category, then rise to Story level until enough reliable / researchable resources are associated with it to move it into the NEWS category.

      Trust your readers to drive & push BIN to promote the best stories possible… Thx!

    • Truth UnCONPromeyezed

      Thank you for your platform. It allows the small guy a forum……


      I have read (in the comments) adding a reject button or censoring/removing “news” stories if they get too many down votes. Isn’t that what the government wants to do on social media? News by popularity. If enough people decide that a fiction is true or a truth is fiction, then just rewrite the fiction to be the new truth (or make truth fiction). I do not agree with censoring anyone. I DO like the idea of a “hide story” or “hide contributor” option. I believe that I should have the choice on what I want to read and believe, not a committee. The comments about some wanting to control what all see and read sounds just like big brother.
      How about y’all read what you want to and let me read what I want to. It’s almost like freedom of choice. :eek:

    • Cassandra

      The issue is not that there are so many fake stories on BIT, but that there are so many of the same stories and only by the same contributors. Day after day I can come to this site and literally just see the same stories told over and over again by the same contributors.

      I recently contributed a short piece and it has not been published. What does that say to the reader? This is not a site for anybody and everybody – this site is not inclusive. It is only for certain contributors and certain topics.

      The repetition of stories and certain writers is boring. Open your doors to others – thanks

    • kali

      If, as you say, people post, you host, and never screen anything, or moderate posts, why are you currently holding the post of “Editor”? What do you edit?

    • Jim D

      “The purpose of our site is to get people to THINK and figure out for themselves what is true. We know that’s out of fashion….”

      I applaud this mission, and you’re right it does seem to be out of fashion, but heaven help us if we ever forget how to “THINK and figure it our for ourselves”.

      Keep up the good work!

    • Well, yeah that\\\'s me

      I get it, it’s The Onion for people who don’t know it”s supposed to be funny.

    • jknbt

      this is an entertainment website for people who like to blog…if you get anything more out of it than that, good for you!

      this is also a place that is an opportunity for paranoid people to peddle their paranoia. Think of it as a form of therapy for them. They feel better after they have warned everybody, sometimes for fun and profit. It is cathartic.

      sometimes, rarely, there is newsworthy information available here before more legitimate outlets in the mainstream media pick up the stories.

      The level of paranoia on this website can be comical. In the case of the doomsday prophecies about Jade Helm, it stopped being funny and became sort of pathetic.

    • Daniel Jackson

      This is true, I have noticed this allot over time, I like Lisa Haven’s articles, I myself prefer something substantial and useful in terms of information. Useful political views that people can use, useful prepper views, you know credible things, realistic things, and now I see a bunch of Planet X stuff on here. I have heard every year for the past 20 years that its coming this year, it is always coming now. I am an amateur astronomer, believe me some of us have big telescopes in our back yard, we could see something really big coming this way a long ways out. We can photograph those things if they are out there, but their not. So that is not going to fly. Its nonsense. I will tell the too.

    • Syl

      Some of the stories you spread are from scam-artists who collect money donations on false pretenses, like Kevin Anneth who invented 3 different names of false international courts of justice, with false court cases, false convictions, false accusations and calls for donations that are in fact fraudulous.

      By spreading these stories you are direct accomplices to fraud, and you also contribute to the dumbing down of humanity with disinformation. Shame on you.

      But, come to think of it, I would guess that this whole website is probably owned and operated by the fraudsters themselves, like Kevin Hannet, professionnal fraudster who seems to do nothing better with his life than taking money from naïve people and spreading hate and lies.

      I would not be surprised if “beforeitsnews” and Kevin Anneth were in fact a pedophiles and rapists organisation, using the donations and profits from publicity to invest in torture equipement. This story would have a lot more credibility than the ones you share. If I write an article about it, will you put it online on this website, since you say you do not screen anything? Let the audience judge by themselves, right?

    • charlie2dogs

      because you have a bunch of idiots who are out to do utube videos to make money, some of these idiots i dont even read their crap any more

    • thefutureisgrim

      What a load of BS for an answer to his question. You knowingly allow posters to post lies because the MSM does it. So you prefer to lower your standards to the lowest of low rather than aspire to rise above the tabloid trash, pseudo-journalism? When I read “You also need to keep in mind that if a site had only the hardest hitting stories, that contain leaked information, how long do you think that site would be able to operate?” I almost choked on my coffee. What kind of mental process did it take to come up with that? If we write well, no one will read our stuff so we have to appeal to the brain dead and write trash. I have news for you, your site is on life support, and it doesn’t have long to live.

    • am123

      It appears to get preferential treatment, your articles have to be “jaw dropping”, or “bone chilling”, or you have to attribute anything and everything to nephilim. :lol:

    • Болеслава

      You’re living with the boy who claimed to run editors pick or did he retire?

    • foon1e

      Not to mention the old favourite: “You’re never going to believe this but…” – To which i always think “You’re right! I never will believe it!” – so I never click on the article in question. Seems to only apply to a small percentage of rather rabid Story posters here thankfully. :lol:

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