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Trump Is President - Q Is Back On Truth Social!! We Are The News #DURHAM

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Woah, is it insane out there right now or what? My word what are the normies thinking? Heads up they’re not! ;) Is the NWO about to be exposed to the world? Let’s try to unpack what’s going on.

Introduction and podcast to follow.

So President Trump let us know he is our President Saturday night at CPAC in his outstanding SOTU. Q is back on Truth Social and he likes @Kash, beer, flannel, cowboy boots and jeans just like Juan O Savin. Weird. Ukraine is a Wag The Dog AND a peace mission to destroy the deep state. All you need to do is look at the many fake CGI videos on line and never forget the fake plane where all the “refugees” escaped from Aphganastein. 1000′s of underground tunnels are being revealed in Ukraine and Zelensky said he was ready to negotiate with Putin on CNN.

ALSO READ: 8+ Places To Avoid Like The Plague When SHTF- Biggest Threat to You In A SHTF Scenario Is, Unfortunately, Other People.


⚠️Beware of war propaganda – “Trust the media”

Israel’s Channel 13 News reports on the war in Ukraine, showing the video above

📍Just one slight problem: The footage is from Star Wars movie!




Canadian parliament upholds the emergency act, which is martial law in Canada, proving our government has gone rogue and then just like that Trudea revokes the emergency act and he takes a stand for freedom, but not in Canada, no he stands with Ukraine and puts sanctions on Russia! Pelosi weighs in on Ukraine – Treats us to a geography lesson while she appears higher than her eyebrows.


Let’s pause and enjoy this work of art. WOW this is framable and exactly what they are trying to distract you from. #TheSexiestManAlive

#Punisher #Pain #Durham #TheSexiestManAlive

Where the hell is COVID? Like OMG WHAT HAPPENED to all that hysteria? This proves without a doubt the media does not give a shit about your health, they never did, just the newest political point their masters and 4 am talking points from their masters. You repeat the lie often enough it becomes the truth and then the normies parrot the exact same phrase as the news with zero independent thought of their own, they need to be told what to think, what to be outraged by and what to say. Notice the normies crickets… they took out their COVID chip and inserted their Ukraine chip, like nothing ever happened – (Stockholm Syndrome – check out my last blog on it!) ASIF they have any right to be outraged by anything at this point, they can not even stand up for themselves and I highly doubt many can point out Ukraine on a map. So you stand with Ukraine do you? The most corrupt country on the planet and the last strangle hold of the deep state, but I’m sure as a normie, you’re up to speed on all that.

It appears Canada will be lifting all imaginary mandates, restrictions and testing by March 14th



UK government today revoked “Covid vaccination” as a condition of deployment across all health and social care.


The science didn’t change, the narrative did.

The four heads on MountRushmore depict the four American presidents most influential in the expansion of the United States — George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Oh wait what is this? There is a fifth President’s bust – is that, gasp Trump? and I suspect JFK Bust will go beside Washington to finish Mount Rushmore off with 6 busts of the most influential Presidents.

Did you catch President Trump’s brief pre-interview with Rightside Broadcasting? They addressed and welcomed him as Mr. President and he responded to it. He also gifted us with a confirmation that he is our President Saturday night at CPAC. OMG. We love you so much President Trump and we are praying for you. So confident, consistent and full of love, and unity. Trump says he wants to do the right thing for the country, this never would have happened with his administration. He mentions Biden is a disaster and he’s very excited about Truth Social.

Trump ended at 8:39 pm Q post 2039 is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and look who signed it 😳😳😳😳😳😳


I did a blog and decode on President Trump’s last SOTU at CPAC in June 2021 which was a historical 1.5 hours long, I can tell you this, they were very similar with a consistent message – no CRT, power back to the people and parents, no more censorship, our voices will be heard on Truth Social. AND CHINA HAS TO PAY retributions for bringing us the Chinese virus COVID. BOOM #Gesara


Kennedy Trump Connections – Trump June 5/21 CPAC Speech and Decode #ICYMI


LIVE – Donald J. Trump at CPAC Florida – 02/26/2022



I couldn’t even watch the entire Biden’s SOTU – this sums it up pretty well.

The real Nancy Pelosi has been executed.

This is pure gold – the cringe worthiness of this though.



Biden Thinks Americans Are Too “COVID Depressed” to Realize How Great He’s Doing (Video)


We Trusted Donald Trump – You didn’t – Now What?


🔥MOST important video of 2022🔥


TRUMP Proven RIGHT on UKRAINE, RUSSIA and CHINA in Flashback NATO Footage

Flashback to when Donald Trump was in office and issues with Ukraine, Russia and China appeared.


🔹 Why didn’t Putin invade Ukraine when Trump was in office?

🔹 Review of Trump’s statements on Ukraine and Nato.

🔹 N.Y. Post reports that Trump said he prevented


The Real President! #WatchTheWater

John F. Kelly is the only person that has a glass of water and the only person who takes a big gulp of water. Who is this John Kelly with the initials JFK? Hiding in plane sight? We’ll find out.




Q is back on Truth Social – R U Kidding me? OMG

As the entire world clambers to get on Trump’s Truth Social – total geniuses limited availability and access creates more of a want and need to be part of something so huge, Q has returned and miraculously has an account on the worlds most coveted Social Media platform just as they predicted their return with a 3 year delta on Feb 9 (= 29 = 911 = Taking back our numbers). @q uses the Q post We Are The News Now. Q as their banner placed upside down as in up is down AND Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes posts the question: Who is Q? Weird. #WeAreTheNews


There are 5 Q posts with Up Is Down – there are no coincidences.

As John Durham indictments become public with the release of Truth Social, I would strongly suggest, this is an indication as to which direction the information world free of censorship is clearly headed in addition to all the Q proofs, connections and predictions. Of course YOU are your creator so you get to figure out what version of the movie you play in, this is how it all works. Happy with your role? Or unhappy? The choice is YOURS and YOU are in full control of what YOU create.


Everything You Need to Know About Truth Social Straight from its CEO

Devin Nunes (CEO) of Truth Social retruths Daniel Bostic stating there are NO bots on Truth Social. This confirms our beliefs of why it’s taking so long to access everyone. No wonder some of the “BiG iNsIdErS” are silent on this matter.


They just lost their bot audience and influence – back to the real battlefield.

Read the part where he called for people to be executed.

He knew what he was doing when he posted that.

It’s floating dangerously close with a call to violence on a brand new platform which Big Tech is desperate to remove with any excuse they can.


Of course TS didn’t let it fly. And Peters knew that they wouldn’t.


So now people like him are starting the drumbeat narrative that TS censors in an effort to prevent people from joining the platform en masse.


They’re desperate. And they will fail.


Leftist Media Argues ‘Freedom Is A Key Component Of White Supremacy”

Truth Social Has Arrived – What’s Next?

Devin interviewed by Dinesh.

Truth Social = 146

Take The Red Pill = 146

Light In The Dark = 146

The Chosen One = 146


Q – Uses We ARE THE NEWS NOW. Q – upside down as their banner on truth social! #UpIsDown Q joins one day prior to President Trump. 19 = President Trump


Devin Nunes asks who is Q? U R Q – Q is U.

Fox played this snippet of Ottawa Highlighting the American flag with Q and We Are Q – #WWG1WGA

Life According to Marz, Story at 6 Uses Q Post 2832 -WE ARE THE NEWS NOW. Q ;)

There Will Be No Mercy For Those Who Harm Children


So the plot thickens folks. It appears Q likes flannel, cowboy boots and jeans, wears his watch on the left hand and enjoys beer. So does Juan O Savin. Weird. dic/8661

Thoughts on Truth Social and Q by Praying Medic


Kashin Out With Kash Patel

When Q first posted on 4chan in October of 2017, he did not sign his posts or use a tripcode. He was, for all anyone knew, just another anonymous person. He did not identify himself as Q until after 60 messages had been posted. After posting more than 100 messages, he added a tripcode to further identify himself and secure his messages. As fakers and phonies took to Twitter and Facebook claiming to be Q, it became necessary to let followers know that he was not posting on those platforms. (Thus, the often repeated phrase: “No outside comms”.) After 8chan was taken down, Q returned on 8kun, but his identity had to be reverified. He warned anons a tripcode verification was coming and then posted simultaneously with President Trump. It has always been Q’s interactions with President Trump that provided proof that he was working closely with him. It seems logical that the nature of Q’s mission would change as we drew closer to the day of reckoning for the deep state. I assume the deep state will fight public disclosure of their crimes. And I assume Trump’s people have a plan to make that disclosure more widespread. Since Q is the route they chose for the disclosure of corruption, it would logically follow that Q would have to switch to a more public stance when Durham’s indictments are unsealed. The timing of Durham’s indictments, the launch of a censor-proof social media platform, and the public appearance of a Q-like account on it seems to have as its goal, a more robust intelligence operation that the public can’t ignore.

If the @q account posting on Truth Social is a member of the original Q team, Trump and his people will confirm it, (and I would argue, they are already doing so.) I don’t know if we will see confirmation from Q on the 8kun board, but I suspect we might, given Q’s propensity for following protocol.

If we do not receive confirmation on the board, Trump, Scavino, Nunes, Patel and others in Trump’s orbit may verify @q on Truth Social in their own way.



Who else wears jeans, cowboy boots, flannel and his watch on his left wrist? Look at those thumbs. You know what they say about big thumbs? Big shoes. Note the red ring Juan wears to troll the Freemasons red death rings just like his mother Jackie did and Carolyn wore her ring Ruby Cute at a Trump rally. I believe the watch Juan is wearing as @q is similar to the watch on the back of GEORGE magazine JFK Jr’s farewell edition if I’m not mistaken. It’s not exact and I can’t make out the time on Juan’s watch.

Juan O Savin JFK Jr Reveal In Vegas

Introduction, blog and podcast link in description.

Look who else wears flannel!

Lark is JFK Jr. Secret Service Name

Well well well. The show must go on, get out your popcorn folks we got a confirmation from @q! BOOM Chaka Laka.

Looking more and more like nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing. Q.

John Durham aka JFK Jr. – The Punisher Is Back with Indictments #ICYMI


The WORLD is being LIED to ONCE AGAIN – The Truth about UKRAINE Revealed – VIDEO

Watch Angela Merkel humiliation ritual of shaking all over the place, jonesing from not receiving her adrenochrome, she was rumoured to be one of the worst adrenochrome junkies there was. Just kidding, they all are/were.

X22Report – MidTerm Marker – Ukraine War

What’s going on in Ohio? #OhioGate OH HIGH OH GATE #Adrenochrome #ChildTrafficking

Ukraine and Russia to meet for peace talks ‘without preconditions,’ Zelensky says

It’s a Stockholm Syndrome State Of Mind – We’ve All Been There

The survival mechanisms that keep people subscribed to and defending the narrative in a climate of psychological warfare. Blog and podcast check it out!






So did Putin sneaks in peace making Biden look like an idiot – ♟Putin’s Checkmate


❗️BREAKING NEWS: Russian troops celebrating with Ukrainian locals who are welcoming the Russian army as peacekeepers!


Putin says he will ‘denazify’ Ukraine. Here’s the history behind that claim.

This is a light fluffy lefty viewpoint. Look up #OperationPaperclip



Vs People who immediately call something a Conspiracy.

Clinton CIA News Network is being scattered into 1000 pieces.

Start with Operation PAPERCLIP also known Operation OVERCAST. It says 1600 odd but further research says 12000 odd.


The Smuggling of 12000 Nazi’s into the America’s (USA, Argentina & Chile)

Chile = Research Chile and Antarctica.

See Corona Variants = Antarctic Island’s. Antarctica after WW2 holds big secrets.


See Otto Skorzeny [Deathbed Confessions]- Adolf Hitler’s Bodyguard and Assassin who smuggled George Bush Snr to America.


George Bush Snr was really George H Scherff Jr and he was German Navy.


The Scherff family are high up the Skull n Bones 322 Cult.


He was smuggled with others and he brought the NAZI Mind Control Program with him known as MK ULTRA.


Now go and see [D5] December 5 2017 George Bush Snr funeral and the envelopes. He gave them all up.




Crimes Against Humanity Execution List – #ICYMI


March 10/22 = 4 year delta from Q – 936

To the military Putin said “you swore an Oath to your people, not the junta. Lay down your arms and go home”.


Junta: “a military or political group that rules a country after taking power by force”


Don’t buy into the media’s BS, understand what’s really happening.


rt news – VIDEO

⚡️Putin’s made a direct appeal to the military forces of Ukraine in his early Thursday speech.


The Russian President had a message to the armed forces of Ukraine as he announced a ‘special military operation’ in Donbass – tells them:


▪️ Your fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers did not fight defending our common homeland for “today’s neo-Nazis to seize power”


▪️ You took an oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people – “not to the anti-people junta that robs it and mocks your country”


▪️ Putin urged Ukraine’s forces to immediately lay down your arms and go home

▪️ The Russian president assured all servicemen of the Ukrainian army who make this decision will be able to leave the combat zone without hindrance

▪️ All responsibility for the bloodshed will be “on the conscience of the ruling regime of Ukraine”

⚠️As predicted Ukrainian border units are NOT resisting the Russian army and are surrendering en masse.

❗️ Reports indicate large numbers of Ukrainian troops are actually switching sides, laying down their weapons and joining the Russians.


Russia holds drills with nuclear subs, land-based missiles



WW3 is not happening.

Putin is not invading Ukraine.

Putin is taking out deep state black op bio labs with precision strikes, who have been trying to create killer diseases right on Russia’s border.

Ukraine is a stronghold for money laundering and the Biden crime family will be exposed with information coming out.

This couldn’t happen under Trump as its bad optics and the media love nothing more than to try to get Trump and Putin to fight.

Zelensky (a Ukrainian Trump who was elected) is in on this too, but will do the optics dance.

Putin will come out with a peace deal soon.

Those of us who do pay attention to what happens on our planet know that Putin is an enemy of the Globalists and is well aware of the Deep State presence in Ukraine.

This all goes back to when the Neo Nazis took more control after the Maidan Square massacre about 8-9 years ago, where the deep state used snipers on roofs to wreak havoc.


Obama was responsible for these murders – Maidan Massacre


China will kick off with Taiwan next like Trump told us.

Like I have been saying all along Trump , Putin and Xi are covertly working together to take out the deep state cabal.

You are watching a show.

The MSM will hype this all up and make people believe that WW3 is imminent, which is complete fake news.

The end result will be the exposing of the CIA’s role in “the virus” as an attack on USA and China via Fauci leaked emails.

This will expose the CIA’s funding of the CCP, Big Pharma and to the normies, that yes there is such a thing as the cabal.

Xi is like a Trump, and is not an ally of the CCP.

Xi was told not to bring Trump to the forbidden city when Trump visted but Xi did it anyway, which was such a huge deal as no one is allowed in the forbidden city , especially not someone from the West.

The Chinese people will soon be free.

This song and dance and show had to happen this way because your sheeple family and friends were too cowardly to wake up by themselves and refused to research or even question things even after the entire planet of healthy people were locked inside their homes because the media rebranded the flu and they were forced to get experimental Big Pharma vaccines to live life, for the first time in history.

Our planet can never be allowed get this ignorant again.

It is shameful , especially by the Western men whose chosen ignorance will be studied for eons.

God bless the Truth Bombers all around the world fighting for humanity.

Our victory is inevitable.



‘Massive’ Cyberwar Attack Underway = 10 Days of Darkness?


There are warnings that our own internet here in North America, may be down for 10 days this would effectively prevent all of the online protest organizing that has been happening.

So, would not put it past our Gov to flip the switch on our NET if the Ukraine’s goes down. It would be a convenient situation to blame it on the attacks in the Ukraine As a precaution, you may want to pay any online bills that need paying today and fireworks go up in to the night sky of Donbass, Ukraine as locals take to the streets celebrating President Putin’s decision to recognize the new independent republics.




🔴Ukraine, keep in mind that Joe and Hunter Biden have assets located next to Eastern Europe’s second longest tunnel system through which drugs, weapons, children, people and adrenochrome are trafficked.


Odessa (Ukraine) -> Belarus -> Lithuania -> Latvia -> Estonia -> Finland -> Sweden

Now do you know why Biden Joe has land there? 32,000 miles of D.U.M.B.S.

Now you understand why the Russian bear wants to conquer Europe.

Russia Threatens Finland And Sweden With Consequences if They Seek To Join NATO

Biden picks Dr. Rachel Levine to be assistant health secretary – first “openly” transgender.


People comment and ask why I report on the trannies so much, UM, if you can not figure out your gender, you shouldn’t be anywhere near a gun, there I said it before, I’m saying it again. You need to ask yourself why are there so many trannies deceiving the world among the Royal Families, Military, Nato, Government, Hollywood, Super Models, Pro Sports and Journalists? It’s almost like there is an evil agenda to deceive us and they might not worship our God and creator. #Correct #Baphomet


CGI Hillary Loses It!


VIDEO: CNN Accidentally Learns Importance of Second Amendment in Live Interview on Ukraine


Kamala Harris mocked for child-like explanation of Russia-Ukraine war


Also said Voters got what they voted for!


Biden administration lacking action on Russia-Ukraine crisis – Sends Kamala In A Mask. #ThisIsWhatStrongLeadershipLooksLike

Biden sends Kamala Harris to Ukraine to look after business. She has never been to her own border what the hell is she doing in Ukraine? Clown Show.

  • Biden conspired with Talibans to give Afghanistan away.

  • Biden conspired with Putin to give Ukraine away.

  • Biden is conspiring with CCP to give TAIWAN away.

  • Biden conspired with Drug Cartel bosses to give America away.

‘We did it, Joe!’: Kamala Harris calls president-elect Biden to celebrate election victory


In a shiny track suit, in a field in the middle of nowhere, secret service or FBI agents mysteriously walking around and this dark vehicle creeps by while we listen to Camel Toe Harris say “We did it, we did it Joe. You’re going to be the next president of the United States” as she lets out her famous hyena cackle because she knows its a joke and she forgot to add POTUS of the corporation part.


More cringeworthy Kamala Harris

X22Report – Russia / Putin Great Overview

Afghanistan, Ukraine, Border, Pandemic everything is to make Biden look bad.


News week – prepare for a state sponsored cyber attack. Solar flash? EBS – lights out for darkness – communication blackout. Solar flare, bomb, cyber attack, they are building that narrative. Everything has been planned and set up.

Some of us know the truth. Eastern Ukraine is Nazi and run by Obama/Biden. L & D are dual Russian and Ukrainian citizens who voted for independent Nation status and has not been recognized. They, like Crimea, want not part of the Ukrainian Nazis; they are multigenerational Russians. Russia is not attacking it’s citizens in those regions. East Ukraine is attacking those Provinces. Russia does not start wars. Illegitimate puppet governments run by the WEF globalist elite use propaganda media to spread lies that start wars. People better do research before swallowing lies hook, line, and sinker. The UN knows about the honest elections for independence in 2014. They are complicit. NATO is a tool, as are the installed puppet governments. PLEASE, wake up patriots around the world.


Blood-Thirsty Fake News Media is Devastated after Russian Ambassador Says Putin Will Not Invade Ukraine (VIDEO)


April and May 4 year Deltas from 2018.

Jesse Watters: This feels like a war has begun

Why is Biden caring about Ukraine’s border when he won’t even look at his own? Watch Jesse cover Biden, Putin and a lesson on war.


Remember what I’ve been telling you for going on 3 years now: The Ukrainian gov’t since the early 1990′s has been one massive money laundering machine not only for corrupt political elites in the United States, but from a dozen other Western countries. It’s a WEF one-stop-shop for slush fund money laundering. Or at least, it was.

Nancy Pelosi Weighs In On Ukraine – Treats Us To Geography Lessons – Appears Higher Than Her Eyebrows



What happens if this was planned long ago?

What happens if Trump is working with other leaders? What if you wanted to drain the swamp and destroy the [DS] system WW?

Why would Putin pick this moment?

Why did NATO decide not to respond?

Why is Biden not using Military forces ?

What if you wanted to bring down the [CB] system?

Who is really in control, think Devolution.


Never interfere with an enemy while they are in the process of destroying themselves.

Excellent video


Canadian Government has gone completely rogue and voted in the emergency act which is martial law in Canada with a huge over reach of powers over the citizens protesting for freedom. OUTRAGEOUS. Then Trudeau revokes it.

Voting Along Party Lines, Canada’s House of Commons Passes Liberal Government’s Emergencies Act Motion

Voting along party lines, a majority of MPs in the House of Commons voted on Feb. 21 to approve the extraordinary and temporary measures in the Emergencies Act invoked by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


The governing Liberals and the NDP voted to pass the motion for confirmation of the declaration of emergency, while the Conservatives and Bloc Québécois voted against it.

🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 Canadian Parliament UPHOLDS The Emergencies Act!

#TruckersForFreedom2022 #FreedomConvoy2022 #SmallFringeMinority


The motion passed with 185 MPs voting for it & 151 voting against it. Let’s review Q post 185 and 151.


Q Post 185 and 151


Civil liberties groups take Trudeau government to court over Emergencies Act

The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) have announced separate legal challenges against the Trudeau government for invoking the Emergencies Act to crush trucker protests across Canada. Both organizations declared their legal action on Thursday.

The CCF said their legal challenge would be through an urgent application for judicial review at the Federal Court of Canada. Constitutional lawyers Sujit Choudhry and Janani Shanmuganathan will represent the organization.


“Prime Minister Trudeau has set a dangerous precedent by invoking the never used before federal Emergencies Act to address the current situation,” said CCF legal director Christine Van Geyn in a press release. “The high threshold for declaring a public order emergency in the Emergencies Act has not been met.”

Constitutional Rights Group to Sue Ottawa Over ‘Abuse of Government Power’ in Invoking Emergencies Act



Where are all the outraged lefty losers regarding our RCMP trampling a disabled Elder? They’re all over social media with their posts of outrage regarding the reservation schools run by the Canadian government and churches and the murder of thousands of native children and babies but not when our government tramples a disabled granny for protesting for her freedom and her grandchildren peacefully.

Like Father, Like Son: How the Trudeaus Manufacture Crises to Justify “Emergency Measures”

The Emergencies Act, recently invoked by Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, was previously invoked by his father during the October Crisis of 1970. However, that event’s true history reveals important yet unsettling parallels and lessons to Trudeau’s efforts to end the Freedom Convoy and related blockades.


INTERVIEW: Candice Sero Aboriginal Protester Trampled by RCMP Horse Unit in Ottawa | Alexa Lavoie

Canadian Girl on Police Code Of Conduct


Canadian journalist: I was assaulted by Ottawa police


🚧🚨Counter-protest measures in Barcelona.🚨🚧

Paint, motor oil, grease, or tar-filled balloons They are unable to use any weapons or batons as a result of this. An opponent can be defeated in a variety of ways. 💪

Canadian PM Trudeau Takes Stand For Freedom, But Not In Canada

Rand Paul denounces Trudeau’s ‘dangerous’ Emergencies Act, warns of similar US laws

Paul has tried and failed to get similar legislation struck down in the US


The ‘Integrity Initiative’ – A Military Intelligence Operation, Disguised As Charity, To Create The ‘Russian Threat’

JFK Jr account shared this article from Rand Paul Institute – who shared an Anonymous Video confirming they are all connected, IMO.


Rand Paul with a blue check mark follows me on GTTR. #weird


Klaus Scwhab’s Plans – This looks like comedy.


Who abused the children on Epstein Island? Who are the clients?


Christopher James brings it home to the amazing truckers explaining to the world the simple solution now moving forward.


The entire world needs to see this and understand what is before us to correct peacefully and powerfully with accountability for the Genocide occurring in our countries all based on COVID19 SARS-CoV-2 is a proven global lie.


Outrage as Canadian single mom on minimum wage has bank account frozen for donating $50 to Freedom Convoy: Trudeau is blasted for draconian law that ‘would never have been imposed on BLM’


‘The Five’ advise Justin Trudeau on how to end trucker protests


Trudeau – Is This Your Liberal Hero? Russell Brand

Justin Trudeau has invoked emergency powers to deal with the Canadian freedom convoy – are these the actions of a liberal leader who believes in democracy? #Trudeau#Truckers#Canada


Trampling The Truckers – The Great Reset Becomes The Great Awakening

Pissed-Off Veterans Across Canada Are Ready To Start Treating Cops Like They’re a Criminal Gang


When the police beat a wounded veteran in front of the War Memorial, they made an enemy of everyone who served in the military. The police in Canada are following orders that are manifestly unlawful.


The Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act

The cops in Ottawa are not cops, they are criminals, we have a rule of law here in Canada.


When the police beat a wounded veteran in front of the War Memorial, they made an enemy of everyone who served in the military. The police in Canada are following orders that are manifestly unlawful.

The Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act

Section 13. Despite section 15 of the Criminal Code, it is not a justification, excuse or defence with respect to an offence under any of sections 4 to 7 that the offence was committed in obedience to or in conformity with the law in force at the time and in the place of its commission.


So under Canadian law, the cops that have participated in the atrocities that have been taking place in this country, have no defense for their actions. Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes in Canada comes with a mandatory life sentence, although I’m sure that when this is over, and order is restored, Canadians will vote to bring back Capital Punishment.


A few more messages from the VP, JFK Jr.










Thanks for joining me. Hope you are enjoying the show, please share the love.

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