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How the #Canadian #FREEDOM #TRUCKERS CONVOY of #Canada is #REDPILL-ing even more in USA. And #FreedomConvoy coming soon to #USA. (expounding on the former: #LOVE (thru actual #deeds) NOT #VirtueSignaling #FakeWoke empty rhetoric #PsychologicalProjection slogans... article)

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How the #Canadian #FREEDOM #TRUCKERS CONVOY of #Canada is #REDPILL-ing even more in USA. And #FreedomConvoy coming soon to #USA. (expounding on the former: #LOVE (thru actual #deeds) vs FAKE HATE CLAIMS and NOT #VirtueSignaling #FakeWoke empty rhetoric #PsychologicalProjection slogans… article (c) Oct 17 2021 that will also be included below in its entirety)

[Mon. Feb. 6th 2023 update - Mike and I interview Chris with #AdoptATrucker with latest updates of the continuing Canadian Truckers Convoy struggles:
and my Canadian friends, my TERROR STRIKES book is NOT just about USA Terrorism, but too international in scope with chapters on Toronto, London, Madrid, Tokyo, and other locales just not in dedicated/specific named for them chapters (]

[NOTE: This is an expansion of a priorly published (c 2021) Before It's News (in African American News section) article... Original location/publication: /african-american-news/2021/10/love-thru-actual-deeds-not-virtuesignaling-fakewoke-empty-rhetoric-psychologicalprojection-slogans-2467099.html]

[NOTE: FEB 12 2023 UPDATE: BEFORE IT'S NEWS NOW HAS THIS IN THE ARCHIVES, SO SADLY THE DOZENS OF IMAGES ORIGINALLY INCLUDED HERE-IN ARE NOW STRIPPED  (they do that to save Server space after 1 years time after publication of article/blog (embed videos will remain)) and therefore some of the additional CONTEXT those images provided missing.]

[Book from Joseph M. Lenard TERROR STRIKES: COMING SOON TO A CITY NEAR YOU! / / (US Residents use promocode B4INUS via checkout for discount) book NOT just about foreign Terrorists but too how Christianity and Western Culture in general is under assault by not just GIJIAS (Global Islamists Jihadists Army Soldiers) but THE CANADA/US LEFT also]


#Canada #TruckerConvoy (soon coming from #LA to #DC in #USA too) update…    WHY? Cuz same manure CRY FALSE CLAIMS TO PEDDLE FAKE HATE applies… And, rest assured, #USTruckers doing so will be called #Racist, #Insurrectionists, etc…. while they are the ones FIGHTING #FASCISM (illegal lockdowns and DICTATORIAL MANDATES) here in North America

They are losing the Debate over the #TruckerConvey and #AmbassadorBridgeBlockade so they CRY RACISM and engage in #PsychologicalProjection and call the #FREEDOMTRUCKERS #FASCISTS….. HILARIOUS….

#AmbassadorBridge #AmbassadorBridgeBlockade #TruckersForFreedom #Truckers #TruckersConvoy #Truckersforfreedomconvoy2022 #TruckFudeau, all he has, as with all #NWO #Leftists, #Communists, #FASCISTS, is #LIES a& #SPIN & #FakeHate claims! more: 

Funny, when WHITE LIBERALS were BURNING DOWN BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS (under the #BlackLyiingMarxists moniker and actual FASCISTS* destroying property pretending to be #ANTIFAscist) and PEOPLE DIED, all the other WHITE #FASCICRATS* WERE SILENT. But disrupt their LILLY-WHITE NEIGHBORHOODS in Windsor or Ottawa or Detroit suburbs are effected (as well as threats to shutdown lilly-white areas of LA before, during, and after, the Superbowl) - THEN THEY DISPLAY OUTRAGE! Who are the real RACISTS? It sure is NOT THE TRUCKERS!

* NO, not hyperbole – irrefutable #FACTS in:

.[This article is cross-referenced in: /war-and-conflict/2022/02/so-what-is-europe-waiting-for-this-is-your-backyard-not-ours-do-something-2474471.html]


more at: (see Feb 12 2022 time-frame)

and we will continue to RED PILL people, AS LONG AS we stick with sound/solid FREEDOM BASED arguments and things EASILY BACKED UP BY/WITH #FACTS ALL CAN EASILY FIND via the likes of DuckDuckGo.

.[This article is cross-referenced in: /war-and-conflict/2022/02/so-what-is-europe-waiting-for-this-is-your-backyard-not-ours-do-something-2474471.html]


I have joined the American Hartford IRA Gold group, you should too, 
and I even am now an official spokesperson – why?
Massive inflation, unsteady Crypto/Stock Markets, Gold your IRA:


#LOVE (thru actual #deeds) NOT #VirtueSignaling #FakeWoke empty rhetoric #PsychologicalProjection slogans…. discussion….

[NOTE, remember that B4IN moves all Articles to ARCHIVE after 1 year (and images get stripped, but the embed videos section at the bottom will remain), to see this post complete with originally included images - see: (even a whole lot more related images there than even in this article) or 

plus this is kinda a part 2, sequel, to: 
Is it #RACIST for a #White Man to carry a sign referring to “COLORED PEOPLE” at a “#NAACP” (the Natl Assoc for the Adv of  “COLORED PEOPLE,” their name) Event (made for him by a #Black #Woman) when trying to help prevent BLACK BABY GENOCIDE?!?!?

from 2019

MON OCT 25 2021 addition: We can make valid points about HATE on/from Left while showing our LOVE and GRACE - a demonstration: if you want to see my tweets on the RUSH set shooting subject (for the CONTEXT on how that relates to this Article, see the bottom of the Article - and note these are not all, just ones that show cuz I included #AlecBaldwin tag):  and related to GOP CANNOT BECOME filled with HATE like FASCICRATS: /republican/2021/12/what-is-the-future-of-the-republican-party-gop-what-it-cannot-be-is-to-copy-the-hate-of-the-dumbocrats-fascicrats-2444973.html]


My response (Hand made ” #LOVE ” sign image) to the #FASCICRATS down the Street with their phony/fake #VirtueSignaling ” #Neighbors against #HATE ” signs (all #PROJECTION cuz there are NO MORE FULL OF #HATE #ENVY and #INTOLERANCE than the Left (of actual #Diversity OF THOUGHT rather than their divisivness and separation by Skin-tone (FASCICRATS in direct contradiction to MLKs CONTENT OF CHARACTER dream/goals, antithesis of FASCICRATS peddling CRT in Schools, the Dems DIVIDE AND CONQUER strategy of HATE)!

[image above: LOVE thru deeds, not empty slogans! Editors note: I have no idea why the image keeps getting twisted onto it's side here on B4IN, I have no such issue with other images on the site or in this article. [Thu Oct 21 update, even though I covered the printouts in heavy/clear Postal tape to try and protect it vs the elements and hoped it would last, sadly either Rain or Sun damage has taken its toll on the Red ink portions and had to pull the sign from the lawn - BUT, I did put up, and remains, a copy in the front window of the House (unfortunately alot less visible than the sign was but the point will stay up at my Home) though it is upsetting as I'd hoped it would last on the lawn at least until Halloween for people to see.]]




I happened to ask my Sister today (Mon 10/18/21) if she’s seen these STRAWMAN SIGNS?
She responded that not only has she seen them, she saw a write-up in some local Paper about it. She is going to try and find a copy of where she saw it (upon my request) to give to me – cuz I WANT TO RESPOND with the following Letter to the Editor of whatever RAG published it [note/update: to be fair, I've never heard/seen this Paper before, so may NOT be fair to call them that but we are so used to the usual lefty-loon slant bias around here in Wayne County, including most of the bias that is displayed in even DetNews and FREEP that are "supposed" pure News Publications and then there is the HILARIOUS rag METRO TIMES that I originally guessed was where it was discussed]…

I bet when you ran your attempt to be cute and clever story on these “Neighbors Against HATE” signs there couldn’t possibly be any push-back, well you were wrong…

1) how about… “LOVE” thru actual deeds NOT Virtue-Signaling Fake-Woke empty-rhetoric (literal STRAWMAN) Psychological-Projection slogans?

My response (Hand made “LOVE” sign) saying: 
When was the last time YOU gave a Hundry Stranger a Meal?
When have YOU helped Veterans, in need?
When have YOU given to Homeless Shelters (plural) Charity?
When did YOU last give TO ANY CHARITY AT ALL?!?!?

2) but what I suppose this really is about?

I am a Christian, and me and every Christian I know HAS NO HATE IN THEIR HEARTS toward anyone, not overtly nor covertly - PERIOD! The LEFT must always twist, distort, SPIN, make STRAWMAN implications of our positions!

Is this yet another, unfounded, CRY RACISM ploy? (Who founded the KKK? Who were the Confederate States run by? Who passed those “Jim Crow” HATE Laws? Sadly History is NOT TAUGHT, only SPIN now-a-days! Need we mention the Smollette and countless other HOAXES? WHO is peddling SEGRAGATION YET AGAIN TODAY (Black only Dorms, Graduations, etc) on College Campus’ and elsewhere?). And need we really have to bring up the division and “suspicion” and HATE (not LOVE) being peddled by The Left through CRITICAL RACE THEORY (contrary to MLKjr Dream: Individualism, and CONTENT OF CHARACTER) being peddled in Schools (and spare us the LIES that it is not, you can change the “TERM” (what you call it) all you like, we know it is still being pushed upon even Grade Schoolers)?

*or is this about* [update, turns out it is] yet another LGBTQPxyz dodge (even excusing Pedophilies, sexualization of Children, peddling Porn in Grade Schools, and even ignoring STATUTORY RAPE Laws, engaging in attempts to cover-up BIOLOGICAL BOYS attacking GIRLS IN GIRLS RESTROOMS, etc…(So WHERE is their companion NEIGHBORS AGAINST SEXUAL PREDATORS or NEIGHBORS AGAINST CRIMINALS signs?))!

[had to add line from when originally wrote this] Key in your Report, was an inebriated buffoon (INDIVIDUAL) involved (not their entire Block with pitch-forks mob) but hey LET’S PROJECT THIS ONTO EVERYONE smear yet again.

Either way/ploy - Why? They cannot have a real discussion, SO CALL YOUR NEIGHBORS HATERS (propaganda, deflection, STRAWMAN)) instead – SCREAM RACIST OR HOMOPHOBE and run away pretending they’ve Won the argument they know they cannot Win if held HONESTLY (actually have any discussion at all)!

Words vs Deeds, and What “Religion” (and let me be clear it is NOT the entire Religion or Peoples of that “Faith,” but some EXTREMISTS within, but none-the-less who) is STILL STONING THOSE IN LGBTQ PEOPLE TO DEATH? OR THROWING THEM FROM BUILDINGS?!?! Where the real HATE is, they don’t bother to speak of/about. Just ask Dr. Zuhdi Jasser! If it has to be implicitly stated which, whom, where, then you clearly are CLUELESS living under one of the Rocks they would pelt you with.

Or ask Dave Chappelle about WHERE REAL HATE resides? His THE CLOSER special spends 15m on Daphne, Trans, HIS FRIEND, who committed Suicide likely due to LGBTQ ON LGBTQ HATE (and teaches EMPATHY). But they continue the HE IS TRANSPHOBIC cries and trying to get that Netflix Special pulled from the air.

AND/plus add to the long list of folks you could have talked to to add BALANCE – Transgender: BLAIR WHITE and her prominent role in the WALK AWAY FROM PARTY OF LIES, FAKE NEWS, DIVISION, HATE, the FASCICRATS Party. As well as purposeful participation in Tom MacDonald’s SNOWFLAKES video and key placement of Blair flipping the bird when Tom is talking about Pathetical Corruptness PRONOUNS nonsense.

As Paul Harvey used to say: NOW YOU HAVE THE REST OF THE STORY!

But, hey, wait, this doesn’t have traction – next deflection: LOOK ANOTHER STATUE TO TEAR DOWN and distort HISTORY completely out-of-context of not just our own Nation but that contrasted with/against the rest of the World.

I’m willing to bet your Neighborhood is like my Neighbor. All the BLACK LIVES MATTER signs (except MINE, that says: BLACK LIVES MATTER, BLUE LIVES MATTER, NOT EITHER/OR (which was out all last year, all this year, and will be out still next year, cuz I actually believe in my causes and not vacuous virtue signaling hypocrite/deceiver like them), but all theirs) ARE GONE! That was so last year. They LOST that argument. They were EXPOSED AS HYPOCRITES AND DECEIVERS AND FRAUDS. They did not have any clue about who Racist Margaret Sanger was. About how/why she Founded Planned Parenthood and why they are located where they are. They were exposed as FRAUDS as to not caring at all about the continued/continuing BLACK BABY GENOCIDE (see: and they only cared about Black Lives that were POLITICALLY CONVENIENT with the  Fascicrats’ (coupled with/to) DEFUND THE POLICE rhetoric/slogan (which they’ve lost that aspect of the Debate also as a Survey Shows that 4 out of ever 5 Black person wants same OR MORE Police protection). They lost that debate, so all those Signs are now GONE – AND ONTO THE NEXT DISTRACTION, DEFLECTION, AND DODGE, the latest EMPTY RHETORIC SLOGAN! 

(find included/attached image of the Sign I made from scratch, not some pre-fabricated, pre-purchased, propaganda, strawman, virtue-signaling, signs)

NOTE/UPDATE (Wed Oct 20): My Sister did find the Newspaper….
“Downriver – Sunday Times” Vol. 29 – No. 42 – Sunday Oct 17 2021 Edition.
So I have sent “MOST” of the above to them (at [email protected] (the only electronic contact info I could find)), had to EDIT IT DOWN A BIT knowing full well they won’t publish the whole section above and likely suspect, but to be FAIR something the Press usually is not, let me say I do not know this Paper, these People, NEVER HEARD NOR SEEN ONE OF THEIR PAPERS BEFORE NOW, so I do NOT know if they are “reliable” and “trusthworthy” enough at the Editor(s) of the Paper level to have the “INTEGRITY?” to Publish even the shortened version I sent them, or try to EDIT IT DOWN MORE in order to SPIN IT and REMOVE IMPORTANT CONTEXT and NUANCE that was/is in the CAREFULLY CRAFTED WORD CHOICES, “,’s” (other punctuation), and/or even parentheticals, and lastly CAPITAL EMPHASIS OF KEYWORDS, or not?!?!? If they are indeed yet another Left wing propaganda outlet pretending to have JOURNALISM in it, they’ll indeed distort my words (through selective editting) and likely more-so will just ignore it entirely and never let their Readers see it for any BALANCED REPORTING. But we shall see! We can HOPE! Again, never heard/seen it before, and she only shared the front section, so impossible to get a “feel” for it/them.

[Image above, FAIR USE snapshot (scan), cannot provide whole Story under Copyright Laws. I did provide link to this Article at end of my email to them, if they want to provide a link to their whole story (or even this whole Edition) I will HAPPILY edit this Article again and provide it here. They should be eager/anxious to take me up on the offer cuz they probably need the FREE ADVERTISEMENT cuz everyone I've mentioned this Publication to, now that I've seen it, has never seen nor heard of it either.]

——————————- END MON OCT 18 2021 UPDATE ——————————–

THEY ” talk about #HATE ” ( #hypocrites / #deceivers )
With their empty rhetoric ” NEIGHBORS VS HATE ” signs.
and, NO, calling them #FASCISTS is NOT #HYPERBOLE
see the irrefutable #FACTS in:

* to go with the other signs on my lawn for….

1) Protect Religious Freedom
2) Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, NOT EITHER/OR
3) 9/11 Never Forget
[see related:]

also posted online via 12cdrc forum…
#LOVE (thru actual #deeds NOT #VirtueSignaling #FakeWoke empty rhetoric #PsychologicalProjection slogans…. discussion….

If an L disagrees with a G, which one is HOMOPHOBIC? According to modern VICTIMhood, one must be! But then what if…. If a Black Man and a Asian Woman disagree, who is at fault the Sexist or the Racist?

Seriously, these are the automatic ASSUMPTIONS and PRE-ORDAINED CONCLUSIONS that must be jumped to immediately without any real clue as to the CONTENT OF CHARACTER of any involved or examination of any FACTS if any of said “Victim Class” is involved in any situation, there JUST HAS TO BE either some Racism, Sexism, or PHOBIC, root cause of some kind. Hold on, let’s get out “this week’s” victimology precident/heiracrchy chart. One thing is clear, if a STRAIGHT WHITE MALE is involved in anything, it is clearly HIS FAULT (just cause, you know, just cause, and FRONT PAGE NEWS or top of  the hour lead on MSNBCiles channel) and look out if he’s a CHRISTIAN rather than an ATHEIST! And OMG, what if the SWM happens to “identify” as a Conservative Republican * gasp * final nail in the coffin of the MUST BE GUILTY of something/anything until proven innocent (and even then, that “correction” will be buried in the back of the Newspaper)!

The Straight White Male FARCE…
Hear/see THE ENTIRE TRUMP SPEECH (that the Left LIES ABOUT) for yourself (and the disengenuous Press badgering and trying to twist his words, asking over and over to muddy his statement for their own self-engrandizement and sound-bites for their news channel (implying FALSEHOODs in the form they phrased/made their questions) and ultimately only showed the “very fine people” snippet COMPLETELY OUT-OF-CONTEXT (to LIE about, purposefully, willfully, and IMO malice of forethought, distort his intent to peddle their False Narratives)…
And Democrat Politicians still, to this day, REPEAT WHAT THEY KNOW TO BE A LIE!
On the Charlottesville, and other topics and other things you heard Trump say they’ve twisted…



Mon Dec 13 2021 update….


whining about #ChristianWalker (hoodie) while he appropriately points out that EVERYONE FEELS THE PAIN OF THE #BIDENflation (especially at the #GAS pump)), after APPLAUDED #AOC for $16k #TaxTheRich (farce) Dress & proclaiming to be just avg Folks & care about Poor.

How many people could that Dress’ price-tag Fed?

How many NY folks (peeps she Reps) missed out on $50k/yr Jobs because of her attacks on #Amazon and them then passing on a Warehouse in NY.

While @AOC lines her pockets on backs of Poor.



[image above: Candace Owens on #BLEXIT movement she created....
see related:

Candace, IMO, is the most DANGEROUS (#BLACK or otherwise) #WOMAN on Planet cuz she threatens (w/ #FACTS, #REALITY, #LOGIC, #REASON, etc.. destroying constant #Democrat #RaceBaiting, HATE, FEAR! of) the #DemocratPlantation (her terms, not mine)..

#CandaceOwens Full

#BlackTwitter #BlackTwitterMovement #BLEXIT #BlackHistory #BlacksForTrump #FromIdaBWellsToCandaceOwens

Best #CandaceOwens MIC DROP moments:]


[image above: Martin Luther King Jr...
see related:]


[image above: Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, NOT EITHER/OR...
see related: and/or]



[image above: 13th, 14th, 15th, Amendments...aka: The Republican Amendments...

#19thAmendment fought & passed only by persistence of #GOP like #13A, #14A, #15A

like #GOP over-turned #SLAVERY (while #Democrats insisted #Blacks weren't #HUMAN) we will #Abortion* (#Dems make same false-narrative today that baby (fetus, "clump of cells," in womb isn't Human - when has a Human ever given Birth or carried anything but a Human? I'd like to see where Democrats can prove a Female Human could potentially be carrying a Chimp? a Dolphin? a WHAT EXACTLY? that it then magically turns HUMAN when physcially Birthed?!?!?)(via #14A) And, of course, do we need discuss RACIST Margaret Sanger who is the Founder of Planned Parenthood (if you do not know her and PP History (TRY DUCKDUCKGO searching their History)).

#FromIdaBWellsToCandaceO Long before ROSA PARKS that the Left holds up as a GREAT HERO, was IDA who stood up against #RACISM and #RACIST Laws! #IdaBWells refused to leave her First Class Train seat when demanded to do so by RACIST DEMOCRAT WHITES (look it up, compared to Rosa on the Bus)! But IDA does not fit the current NARRATIVES, she was a real Hero, and of course the disqualifier for the Liberal Media was that she was a staunch Republican, who put her Life on the line DAILY (unlike Rosa)!


HISTORIC WOMEN are Candace and Ida B Wells before her and many more in-between... And let us not forget it was THE #GOP that fought to free the Slaves, pass the 13,14,15 Amendments, as well as the 19th....

The 100th Anniversary of #19thAmendment (was in 2020, and we Republicans celebrated it)...

#Wayne12CDRC #Michigan held our Annual #Constitution Dinner (Mar 2020) this time honoring #19A!

#LucretiaHughes (twitter: @cre35, Atlanta Radio Show Host) speech at ConstDinner:



2020 ConDin EventBrite: (

2020 ConDin images: (

2020 ConDin Keynote: (

2020 CD Flyer online: (

Related... W12 2021 #ConstitutionDinner (this time on #1A (specifically on #FreedomOfReligion)...

Eventbrite listing:

Even more details:

Pastor #RichardDeitering (and WAAM Radio Ann Arbor MI Radio Show Host) Keynote speech:

More in (W12 #Newsletter due out Dec 6 2021, includes pictures from Event)




[image above: RACE CARD DECLINED! Do you have another form of argument?...
Hey #DUMBocrats, you know what really is a relic of the #JimCrow era (NOT the new #VoterID and #VoterIntegrity #LAWS being passed, which offer MORE EARLY VOTING DAYS than Biden's home-state of Delaware and same #VoterID restrictions that COLORADO (Denver, majority White) has that the MLB All-Star game was pulled from majority Black Atlanta for (hurting Black Business owners/operators in Atlanta GA (it was all about #VitrueSignaling and appeasing liar Stacey Abrams)))?? The entire #Democrats Party - the ones who passed all those #JimCrowLaws (started a #CivilWar to defend #Slavery, etc)! & spare us the BIG SWITCH myth manure predictable, devoid of reality, response!


Here's just one item for review:

Zo's right, you are laughable.

Here, summed up perfectly, briefly, #FACTS not #Feelings:

More, in-depth:

still more:

Further, the Inconvenient TRUTH (#FACTS) about the #Democrat Party:

Deep Roots of Democrat RACISM: /v3/republican/2018/2444921.html ]



[image above: story tease reporting how the FACTS ARE that "Four in Five Black Americans Want Same or More Cop Presence in Neighborhood" - despite lies by #BlackLyingMarxists organization propaganda and #DefundThePolice movement lies - see related:]


#MeghanMcCain’s new book: “BAD REPUBLICAN” is a major flop selling only a couple hundred books in months. She is a NATIONALLY KNOWN FIGURE, where-as I am not… I’m an ACTUAL #AUTHOR, w/ a REAL #BOOK.
(“Terror Strikes: Coming soon to a City near you!” not just #Terrorism, but PRO #AMERICA, #PROLIFE, PRO #FAMILY, PRO #MAGA, fare)!

Hers, of course, was not about a book that would actually interest anyone to buy and they do not really care if it sells (they gave her big up-front bucks she won’t have to pay back as reward for her manure peddling), and is just all about MONEY LAUNDERING (from a Left wing Publisher) to a #RINO for hit piece material Liberal #ENEMEdia can spew!

I, however, have to actually SELL BOOKS!
All the #RINO class like Meghan know they can get big $’s (from Lefty loon Publishers, willing to pay big bucks for the attack material, NOT to sell books and make a profit but really just DARK MONEY AND BACK-HANDED CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS TO TRY TO BOLSTER #FASCICRATS by attacking Conservatives) they write manure attacking AMERICA LOVING PATRIOTS for the same purpose to hurt REAL CONSTITUTIONALIST CONSERVATIVES.  






Olympus has Fallen – Toper (and featuring @D.Cure)


Larry Elder school’s many woke leftists….
Larry with FACTS, FACTS, and more Flood of FACTS, vs FAKE NARRATIVES and DELUSIONAL PERCEPTIONS (cuz peoples’ emotions are manipulated) that crumble like a Sand Castle when the Tide comes in….


What is the modern being RED PILLed (Welcome to reality)
Even ELON MUSK used the Matrix RED PILL meme and it angered one of the Matric (usual/typical Hollywood Leftist) co-founders/creators (so M4 will have Left wing messaging (including “switch” do you not get that LGBTQ reference he is trying to subconciously indoctrinate you with?) in it as Hollywood leftists push-back against the phenom they accidentally started

Neo is offerred the choice between the Blue Pill (in our modern World – Leftist propaganda) and continuing to live in an synthesized, fictional, computer generated world; in our modern world the world of #ENEMEdia #propaganda to tug at your emotions; or taking the Red Pill; and dealing in sound reasoning and logic and seeking FACTS not FICTION; and joining the real world and escape from the Matrix (the Left Pathetical Corruption (PC) twisting of language to get you to not pay attention between what they promise and what they continually deliver).



The Left is always redefining terms to twist the language to fool people
must see: 

related (Left twists language items)....
They twist everything from the Bible to Children's Stories
(including twisting of ROBIN HOOD story, he took from SHERIFF (The Govt Worker) who worked for THE KING who took confiscatory Taxes from the Peasants (who had little to nothing) and delivered it to THE KING (who had his Castle, like with in Socialism, the RULERS HAVE EVERYTING, Peasnats NOTHING) if not for ROBIN HOOD and crew intercepting Sheriff convoys full of items taken from the Peasants and returning it to them (the Poor))... 

OK, where was I before that rabbit-hole side-track? Oh....
related (Left twists language items).... (aka: 

related (must hear) item (audio):
twisting of language: WAAM "Moment Of Clarity" (Sat's 2p) Show:  (AUDIO 45m):

and the Left's latest PC MANURE....
Are you a #MOTHER or a #BIRTHINGPERSON????
must see: ]


Are you HIDING in the BLUE PILL World, going along with the CANCEL CULTURE DEFLECTION, just to follow the #ENEMEdia propaganda ideal of humanity (pretending to care, but never, ever, actually helping and/or solve anything)?





Candace Owens and the inconvenient truths the Left refuses to talk about.
You hear the phony balony “ROOT CAUSES” rhetoric on ignoring Illegal Immigrants crossing the Border
but when it comes to examining REAL ROOT CAUSES of anything and everything else, THEY ARE ABSENT!


Tatum “If we’re ever going to change anything, we have to operate on TRUTH not your Feelings”


Open Your Eyes – start channeling whatever will remains, discern what is fiction and what is true…


PROPAGANDA they spreading


This is a WAR


Tyrus mocks Psaki’s latest excuses for failure after failure since Biden elected


The Left hypocrisy on Diversity Quotas and Affirmative Action


Where is the Money going? Who is actually being helped?


Students react to Critical Race Theory



Back when the demoKKKrats ran rampant, many couregous Blacks fought back.




A bit of an aside, but…
We can play these #PSEUDOSCIENCE games too…


ENEMEdia today is more interested in trying to SHAPE WHAT IS GOING ON rather than REPORT WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON!


[NOTE: NOVEMBER 2022 UPDATE: I've now been writing at, in addition to continuing writing at BeforeItsNews, TheLibertyBeacon awhile, so I hope you'll check out my pieces there (see: where you'll find a few #TheLibertyBeacon exclusive pieces as well as some that may look a bit familiar, if you've followed me on B4IN awhile, as some at TLB are "updated/expounded" upon pieces originally published either on B4IN or even revised/updated former REDSTATE pieces of mine. Also, recently a friend put up a Wiki page for me - if you're curious you can see that at:]

“If I’m guilty of what someone who looks like me did 200 years ago. You’re guilty of what people who look like you are doing TODAY.” …. No, that can’t be right, we cannot possibly apply the SAME STANDARDS!!!!

Important REACTIONS to Tom MacDonald’s WHITEBOY:




‘could b #mean.. #angry.. just like you’*

Could RT #HATE u spewed & show what #awful person u r

INSTEAD, offer #ALECBALDWIN too #ThoughtsAndPrayers his part in #tragedy must also b #UNBEARABLE (Find #Grace / #Love)

* [3 Days Grace, JUST LIKE YOU video]



Long form….


hey @AlecBaldwin (twitter)

‘I could be #mean .. #angry .. just like you’
{Three Days Grace (appropriately applicable here name) JUST LIKE YOU video}

I could ReTweet all the #HATE you spewed on Twitter & show what an #awful person you are… INSTEAD, I offer YOU, #ALECBALDWIN , too, #ThoughtsAndPrayers as his part in this #tragedy must also be #UNBEARABLE!

I #HOPE and #PRAY that out of this you finally find #GRACE , AND #LOVE , AND #PEACE , you so desperately need! AND find #sympahetic and #caring and #concerned thoughts toward your prediciment and YOUR #SOUL – something you would NEVER, EVER, AFFORD US!

AND let us leave for a future discussion THEIR HYPOCRISY about constantly crying about GUNS AND THE 2ND AMENDMENT but endless Movies they make with GUNS! And restraint, let them hang themselves, on pointing out, to another day, how #MOMSDEMANDACTION turn a PROP GUN TRAGEDY into immediate calls to DESTROY YOUR (none of us had anything to do with this) 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS!



Are WE demonstrating ONLY HATE in response TO HATE? How does that Help?
Important points about the #AlecBaldwin killing coworker on RUSH movie set shooting…


One Tweet I sent (, and I’m not going to link them or even go back and look them up to ensure I directly quote them correctly but share the gist….

One tweet, I attached the tune (if you are not familiar w/ it, I hope you’ll look it up and view via YouTube or whereever) JUST LIKE YOU by THREE DAYS GRACE (about NOT being  as MEAN and ANGRY as a Leftist) to make the point “I could be #mean.. #angry.. Just Like You” and I go on to say I could RT all your pathetic Tweets to demonstrate WHAT A HORRIBLE POS PERSON YOU ARE… BUT, I am NOT LIKE YOU and I offer my #ThoughtsAndPrayers to you too in this #tragedy….. I both DING HIM and yet SHOW HIM GRACE (our #values and #principles, remembering that OTHERS MAY BE WATCHING and if we on the RIGHT act as badly as those on the LEFT, we will never reach those that might be reachable to get them to #WALKAWAY from the Left.

Another Tweet I start with: Q: WILL ALEC BE AVAILABLE TO PLAY HIMSELF ON #SNL IN A SKIT REGARDING THIS INCIDENT??? TOO SOON, YES!!! BUT….  (I again start with a POT SHOT, with a point of setting up then again going on to Show/demonstrate the difference between a #HATE filled person like him and those of us on the RIGHT that care about his SOUL and offer again #GRACE by sending him #THOUGHTSANDPRAYERS and then closing with A COURTESY HE WOULD NEVER SHOW OTHERS)!

And, yes, I did RT a few of #AlecBaldwin’s NASTY TWEETS to reinforce the points…. And Tweets of/from others pointing out the irony of this ANTI-GUN NUT killing more people than 99.999% of all LEGAL GUN OWNERS…. Etc… BUT ALWAYS BRINGING IT BACK TO #GRACE and #KINDNESS and again MAKING THE POINT THAT THAT IS OUR VALUES AND NEVER ANYTHING THE LEFT SHOWS (never #Grace, #Empathy, #concern, #INNOCENTUNTILPROVENGUILTY and #RULEOFLAW like we stand for and a FULL INVESTIGATION is needed to OBTAIN ALL THE #FACTS)!

see too only semi-related, but very important, item:


if you want to see my tweets on the subject (these are not all, just ones that show cuz I included #AlecBaldwin tag):  




THANK YOU SO MUCH IF YOU’VE MADE IT TO THE END, SOME PEOPLE WILL NOT READ THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH. PERHAPS YOU KNOW SOME THAT PREFER VLOGS?!?! So, here a few Jan 2022 ones that I hope you’ll watch and SHARE with those you know will NOT bother to read blogs. I am trying to do a few more vlogs now, so do not be surprised if you see a low view count (on one platform, cuz others may be seeing them on OTHER VIDEO (like Vimeo, Rumble, Brighteon) PLATFORMS instead….



[COMING SOON: New book from Joseph M. Lenard TERROR STRIKES: / /
and how Christianity is under assault by not just GIJIAS (Global Islamists Jihadists Army Soldiers) but THE US LEFT also]


They are losing the Debate over the #TruckerConvey and #AmbassadorBridgeBlockade so they CRY RACISM and engage in #PsychologicalProjection and call the #FREEDOMTRUCKERS #FASCISTS..... HILARIOUS....

#AmbassadorBridge #AmbassadorBridgeBlockade #TruckersForFreedom #Truckers #TruckersConvoy #Truckersforfreedomconvoy2022 #TruckFudeau, all he has, as with all #NWO #Leftists, #Communists, #FASCISTS, is #LIES a& #SPIN & #FakeHate claims! more: 

more at: (see Feb 12 2022 time-frame)











[COMING SOON: New book from Joseph M. Lenard TERROR STRIKES: / /
and how Christianity is under assault by not just GIJIAS (Global Islamists Jihadists Army Soldiers) but THE US LEFT also]


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My follow-up book “How to Write a Book and Get It Published” (in which I share my journey (of writing my #1 “Political Thriller” Bestseller “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You” (and the hints, tips, tricks, techniques, I learned in the process)) to aid you in your journey from concept, to written form, to published, to marketing, of your own book) – is available now via Amazon:








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    • JLenardDetroit

      They are losing the Debate over the #TruckerConvey and #AmbassadorBridgeBlockade so they CRY RACISM and engage in #PsychologicalProjection and call the #FREEDOMTRUCKERS #FASCISTS..... HILARIOUS....

      #AmbassadorBridge #AmbassadorBridgeBlockade #TruckersForFreedom #Truckers #TruckersConvoy #Truckersforfreedomconvoy2022 #TruckFudeau, all he has, as with all #NWO #Leftists, #Communists, #FASCISTS, is #LIES a& #SPIN & #FakeHate claims! more: 

      more at: (see Feb 12 2022 time-frame)


    • JLenardDetroit

      TERROR STRIKES book … coming April 15th 2022 …

      Joseph M. Lenard (a/k/a: JLenardDetroit)
      Born 1962. Lifelong resident Wyandotte Michigan.
      Former information technology professional.
      Political issues blogger/vlogger.


    • JLenardDetroit

      SEP 25 2022
      Could POINT & PURPOSE of #Nixon’s “opening #China” (sadly #FASCICRATS & #RINOs taken TOO FAR to enrich themselves & harm #USA, not #Nixons intent) FINALLY paying dividends it did intend? No-one knows whats happening in #China right now, but #Chinese people have RUN ON THEIR #BANKS, finally having learned what REAL #SOCIETY & some #PROSPERITY is like & #CCP is scrambling & #XI nowhere to be seen.
      Pray for #Revolution in #China, as well as #Russia & #Iran (where protests are now rampant).

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