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Contactee Encounters Reptilian And Gray Aliens

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A Sumerian Representation of a reptilian being 
Presented here are authorized excerpts from a new book detailing a contactees encounters with reptilian beings authorized by the book’s author, Ken Bakeman
The Verges: A Chronicle of Alien Encounters, Book 1 is a true account of the author’s  experiences with ‘alien’ beings. Book 1 covers the years between 1955 and 1972, and describes entering into service for the ‘Gray’ type alien as a very young child and then assigned a Reptilian handler by the age of 9. The 28 accounts included in this volume are followed by discussions which reflect on the experiences and offer the author’s perspective on their significance after more than four decades of involvement.



Encountering My Reptilian Handler in the Summer of 1962
By Ken Bakeman 

This account concerns my initial contact experiences with a Reptilian being in the summer of 1962, when I was an eight-year-old kid. You can read some more details about this individual here where I have described his various abilities, physical features and attributes based on my observations over a span of more than thirty years. This includes a phobia of water which I suspect, from a psychological standpoint, was aquaphobia. I think it’s safe to say that this individual was not an amphibian, or if he was he had some serious issues to deal with in his life.  I’m laughing a little as I write this but the truth is that this lizardman was terrified of bodies of water like lakes (Kootenay Lake for example) and being near the water’s edge on Puget Sound in Washington state. This brings to mind the topic of trying to classify a very wide range of entities/beings which at least superficially based on their displayed form seem to belong to what I, for the purpose of simplicity, have called ‘Reptilian’. Until and unless there is well established evidence of genomic and, even better yet, phylogenic typology my preference is to use more generic terms even though this results in a rather unsatisfactory designation of these cryptoids. The question also remains: is it even possible to genetically analyze transdimensional and/or multidimensional beings? At this stage I think the answer, for a variety of reasons is annoyingly both ‘yes’ and ‘no’, depending on which phase of expression they are captured in for analytical purposes.

Ken Bakeman, May 2012
Credit: Ken Bakeman

A few years previous to this 1962 contact experience with the Reptilian, which took place in the prosaic setting of the dining room of my parents’ house, I had already been evaluated for suitability by four pale skinned, Archon-like beings who wore long, white robes. I reservedly reference the term ‘Archon’ here but think it might be applicable in context because at the time of this experience my child’s mind innocently interpreted these beings as God, even though they were, in my opinion, ugly and I had an impossible time trying to figure out which one of the four was in charge. This confusion was due in large part by the voices of the four beings speaking together all at once and giving me what I thought at the time were confusing answers to my simple, straight-forward questions. The reason I mention this meeting with the ‘Archons’ is related to some of my other experiences later in childhood in which I was clearly tested not only to determine how well I interacted both passively and actively with very strange looking beings but also to closely monitored life-threatening circumstances. These interactions and evaluations seem to have been in large measure both orchestrated and executed by the Grays who, based on my observations over the decades, operate in a ridgedly hierarchical military style organization — a quasi-symbiotic counterpart to the Reptilian equivalent — which oversees the terrestrial human soul-farming project. 

Gray alien allegedly held at U.S. base

Apparently by the age of eight I had passed enough tests to qualify for the next stage, which was to be assigned a handler and my first introduction to this being is reported as follows.

Note: The light blue, italicized text in this account represents the portion of my experience when my physical body was sound asleep and my consciousness was out of body.


Body of reptilian allegedly held by U.S. government 



The image I saw reflected in the mirror showed an eight-year-old boy, me, dressed in ridiculous looking pajamas. I was covered with locomotives! My mother had bought me a new pair of pajamas and despite my request for something simple she chose a design with train locomotives and steam whistles. Now it was time to go to bed and I had to try to blot out the virtual cacophony of a train station from my thoughts before falling asleep. Climbing under the covers, I couldn’t help but wonder what Mom had in mind when she chose such ‘industrial strength’ pajamas. Maybe she imagined that the trains would take me on interesting far away dreams. Regardless of the loud pajamas, sleep arrived in its usual, stealthy way and in only a few minutes I was off in another world.

I looked down on the boy whose body I occupied when he was awake, satisfied that he had dropped into a deep sleep. It was easy to slip out of his physical form when his brain entered the dream-state. My friends, who had also left their corporeal selves behind, arrived to meet with me and we floated some thirty feet above the house, joined in this nocturnal get-together. In our current state, we assumed the architecture of energy spheres, each one radiating a unique aura of light depending on our disposition. I shone a creamy-yellow hue marbled with silver, but my friends displayed a range of other colors.

Credit Ken Bakeman drawing in The Verges: A Chronicle of Alien Encounters, Book 1

From the dimensional vantage point that we were now ‘perched’ on, I could see right through the roof and walls of the house in which my body was sleeping. It was as though they were both completely transparent and intimately detailed with physical characteristics at the same time. I saw that my sister had left her physical body, like me, but she had configured in a non-physical simulation of her anatomical self and was playing with a ‘spirit’ friend on the floor of her bedroom. My parents had drifted out of their physical bodies too. Two foggy forms hovered a few feet above their sleeping selves, each tethered by a curly cord connected near their navels. I could tell that the majority of their soul material had drifted far, far away. Who could say what realm they were currently in?

My friends had come to me for a reason. In essence, they asked, one more time, “Are you sure that you want to go ahead with this?” They were referring to a fateful meeting soon to take place, the seeds of which had been planted well before I incarnated into this particular time/space sequence. Layer upon layer of my soul experience on Earth had accrued to the point where the swirling vortices of pride, judgment and fear had converged into this lifetime.   Like the locomotives on the boy’s pajamas, these forces were difficult to deny. In famous last words, I told my friends, “I want to go ahead with the meeting. I think that I can handle it”.

Just as I expressed this conviction with the Others as witness, a black shuttle craft landed in the back yard. We gazed down and saw a being exit the small vehicle. This anthropoid form, draped in a black cape, walked towards the house. With no time to loose, I bid a hasty goodbye to my friends and relocated to the boy’s bedroom. Eager to greet the visitor, I reached out to open the bedroom door but my hand passed right through the doorknob. Darn!  I forgot to reconfigure with my physical form. I jumped up and made a perfunctory landing into the boy’s body

Waking up abruptly from a deep sleep, I felt really thirsty. For some reason I could only think about going to the kitchen and getting a glass of milk from the refrigerator. What time was it, anyway? Aiming my sleepy eyes at the illuminated clock, I saw that it was a little after three in the morning. Rousing myself out of bed, I pulled on my knitted, rubber-soled slippers and a robe. Cautious not to make too much noise (not wanting to wake Mom and Dad) I ventured out into the living room on the way to the kitchen. In the darkness, my eyes hit upon a figure standing motionless in the dining room. I froze and stared at the intruder, trying to determine who or what it was. In a deep baritone, his thoughts entered my mind, saying, “Come closer to me”.

Adrenaline pumped through my veins, pushing me to the extreme limits of terror. A part of me wanted to flee, but my body was stuck. It wasn’t responding to the frantic commands of my mind, which were screaming, “Run for it!” The voice of the dark figure insinuated itself into my mind again, saying in a patronizing tone, “Either you will come to me or I will pull you to me. Take your choice.” My choice was to resist! Why would anybody voluntarily walk up to such a monstrous individual? In an upright position, my body began to inch forward. Looking down at my feet, I watched in amazement as the rubber soles of my slippers slid along the carpeting. The knitted covering was being pushed up painfully against my toes. The being seemed to be controlling me by the sheer power of his mind. Infuriated, I tried to resist, but my slippers were embarrassingly starting to slide off my feet. With a combination of awe and curiosity, I acceded to his command. After pulling my slippers back on, I carefully approached this powerful being. Something deep within my psyche told me that I had met a being who was vastly more powerful than me.

Up close, I was confronted by the frightening appearance of this creature. In the dim lighting coming from the night-light on the stove in the kitchen, I could see that this creature was about six feet tall. He wore no clothing. Instead, his body was sheathed with a dark green hide, textured with a pattern of oval, bead-like scaling. Looking up at his face, I was drawn to his bright yellow-gold eyes. Cat-like, vertical pupils had adjusted to the darkness and now opened, were taking in the view of their quarry, me. His fingers and toes were slightly webbed and had pointy, claw-like nails. I could just make out a two-foot-long tail extending from the base of his spine. With no hair on his head or any other part of his body that I could tell, his muscular, anthropomorphic form approximated a man-sized, two-legged lizard. This impression was further accentuated by his minimal nose, just two small openings on either side of a slight ridge, that reminded me of my pet turtle’s nose. He also seemed to lack ears. A wide, lipless mouth stretched across his face, only slightly above his jaw line. I sure hoped he didn’t have big teeth.

We stared at each other for a few moments, then I demanded in a barely controlled, shaky whisper to know what he wanted from me. My confrontational tone seemed to elicit an almost jocular response. With arms crossed, he looked down at me and, more seriously now, pronounced, “I seek a partner, someone I can train to assist me in my work.” This unexpected statement was intriguing. After briefly assimilating what I had just heard, I couldn’t help but ask the obvious follow-up question. I whispered, “Um, what kind of work do you do?” The lizardman’s response was blunt. He said, “I kill people”.

This comeback hit me like a boulder. My brain raced to deal with the flood of material rushing through its circuitry. After we clarified that he didn’t intend to kill me, just other people, I formulated a strategy intended to extricate me from this mess. Assuming a self-righteous manner, I stood as tall as possible in front of the formidable being and told him, “It’s against my religion to kill people.” Continuing this line of reasoning, I explained, “Yeah, it’s in the Bible somewhere. I think it’s one of the Ten Commandments. It’s the ‘Thou shall not kill’ one.” Feigning sympathy, the lizardman said, “I’m so sorry that you will have to break one of the commandments of your religion.” Things weren’t turning out the way I wanted them to and I started to get a sinking feeling. After inhaling a big breath of air, I looked the beastly creature in his yellow eyes and scornfully told him, “I would rather kill myself than kill other people.”

Representations of reptilians in The Verges: A Chronicle of Alien Encounters, Book 1
 Credit Ken Bakeman 

Immediately I regretted saying this. But the lizardman was quick to take me up on the offer. In false pity, he lamented, “Oh, it’s too bad then, you’ll just have to die. How do you propose to kill yourself?” My legs felt weak. This wasn’t how my strategy was supposed to play itself out. Pride, the nemesis of many a hero, had emboldened me to the point of no return. Unwilling to back down, I told the being that since I didn’t have a gun, I would probably have to stab myself. The lizardman’s eyes widened at hearing this statement, seeming to glow more brightly than before. Leading me along, he asked where a knife might be found, since in his opinion it would be better to get this over with quickly. “In the kitchen”, I whispered.

Walking into the kitchen, I opened the knife drawer and perused the selection of mortal weapons. My mind was buzzing with an almost electric force of clashing ideas. Somehow I had been railroaded into committing suicide. It wasn’t fair! I was too young to die, especially at my own hands and just because some repulsive lizardman had tricked me. Choosing a knife I knew to be particularly sharp, I returned to the dining room, but with a new plan.

Standing in front of the visitor, I held the knife in front of my chest as though ready to plunge it into my heart. In the darkness of the early morning hours, I had made a fateful decision. Suddenly, I shifted the direction of the knife point and rammed it mercilessly towards the lizard-man’s belly. The beast’s hand shot out and intercepted my thrust in mid-motion. He squeezed my wrist painfully and the weapon dropped harmlessly into his other hand. My heart pounded furiously. I believed that it was now my turn to be stabbed. In the silence of the moment, the lizardman seemed as tense as me. Regaining his composure, he spoke to me telepathically, “You are now ready to be my partner.”

Concluding that my life had just been spared, I felt at the mercy of this strange being. In a more affable tone, he instructed me to lie down on the dining table. He wanted to make a few simple tests on my body, including taking a blood sample. The lizardman pulled out a hypodermic syringe from a medical kit he had brought in with him (hidden under the dining table) and held it up for my viewing. I was almost more afraid of being poked with this small needle than being stabbed to death with the kitchen knife. After some convincing, I reluctantly agreed to climb onto the table and submit to the tests. Grimacing as the needle entered my arm, I asked what the blood test was for. The being said, “it is mainly to check for clotting ability.” Little did I know at the time how significant that statement was.

Now the tests were over and the lizardman gathered his black cape and medical bag from off the top of the table. He handed me four small pills, telling me that I should swallow them immediately. He explained that they would help me to calm down and fall asleep more easily.  I was suspicious. But, after all that had just transpired, I figured I needed all the assistance I could get in this department and swallowed the pills. In a single motion, the visitor, my new partner, swished on his cape. Before leaving, he said, “In a few minutes you will remember almost nothing of what has occurred this night. But you will know that a big change has taken place in your life. I will visit you again, soon.” With this last pronouncement he departed from the house.

I stood alone in the dining room, shaking uncontrollably. In a daze, I went into the kitchen to get some milk. I was barely able to control my hands as I attempted to pour the milk into a glass. Most of it spilled out onto the counter. This didn’t really matter since I felt sick to my stomach and wasn’t thirsty anyway. Climbing back into bed, I noticed the time. It had taken me nearly an hour just to make it to the kitchen and back. Feeling exhausted, I fell asleep almost instantly. All the locomotives and steam whistles in the world couldn’t possibly have kept me awake.

Thankful that it was a weekend, I slept in late the next day. After breakfast, I went out to the backyard to enjoy the start of a beautiful summer day. A large brown spot on the lawn quickly caught my attention. It was perfectly round, about eight feet in diameter. Alarms went off in my mind. There was something important, really important, about the sudden appearance of this circular patch of dead grass. I got down on my hands and knees and inspected almost every square inch of the brown spot. This led to the discovery of four round indentations, about six inches across, spaced equidistantly around the perimeter. These impressions sunk into the soil about a half-inch. Without comprehending the totality of the find, I somehow knew that this brown spot was left by a ‘rocket ship’ which had landed in the back yard during the night.

Mom was cleaning up the breakfast dishes in the kitchen. I ran into the house and insisted that she come outside to see the strange circle of dead grass outside. With a mother’s patience, she followed me to the area of my concern and looked at it with complete indifference. “Oh, the grass must have died”, she said. “Yeah”, I replied excitedly, “That’s where the rocket ship landed last night!” Upon hearing this she shook her head and informed me that there were no such things as space ships, flying saucers or visitors from other planets. In her opinion these were just make-believe, the sort of fantasies found in comic books and movies. She walked back into the kitchen to finish her chores.

Following her into the house, I was nearly crying because of this snub of my important discovery. Trying to make her understand, I pleaded, “Mom, you’ve got to call the newspaper, or something. What if a flying saucer really did land in our back yard last night?” My mother turned to me, looking almost angry. In a very direct, no-nonsense manner, she told me, “Kenny, there are no such things as flying saucers.” I knew that this was the end of the conversation. When Mom got irritated it wasn’t a good idea to press your luck.


Passing through the kitchen on the way out to play I opened the bread drawer and after checking to make sure that nobody was looking grabbed a handful of crackers. Theoretically, I wasn’t supposed to eat snacks between meals but it was late in the afternoon and my stomach was growling. Also, the well stocked, conveniently located cracker supply implicitly permitted me to break the rules once and awhile, just as long as Mom wasn’t around to notice. Getting ready to go outside, I stuffed as many crackers into my mouth as possible, trying to hide the evidence. Suddenly the kitchen radio blared out in a deep voice, calling my name. It said, “Ken. Listen to me.” A shock wave of terror reverberated throughout my body. The radio wasn’t even turned on, but it had just spoken to me!

Almost choking on the half-chewed crackers, I stared at the now silent radio. Cautiously, I walked over to it and made sure that the knob was in the ‘off’ position. The telephone was right next to the radio. Maybe someone was playing a joke on me by speaking through the telephone. After picking up the receiver I heard only the familiar buzzing of a dial tone. Ready to attribute the talking radio to either a freak occurrence or an overactive imagination, I started to head for the door again. The radio blurted out another deep voiced message, saying, “We will meet tonight. At eight o’clock ride your bicycle to the lower church parking lot. Come alone. You will know where I am.” After this announcement the radio fell silent.

I was stunned. My mind struggled to attribute the talking radio to known, explainable elements of my life’s experience, but none were to be found. Except for one. It was a little more than a week after I had discovered the mysterious brown spot in the backyard lawn. Shadowy recollections of a nighttime meeting with a reptile-like being lurking in the corners of my consciousness. Didn’t this being tell me that he would visit me again, soon? Attempting to push these troubling thoughts out of my mind, I went outside and hopped onto my bicycle.  Some friends were playing in the street and I joined them in the normal, carefree activities of a child. In the bright sunshine of a summer afternoon I could temporarily forget about another, stranger dimension of my life.

That evening, dinner was served punctually at six o’clock, like always. Mom had made the rule clear: if you didn’t show up in time for dinner that was your tough luck. You went hungry. Even though I sat with my family and ate the food that was served me, my mind was elsewhere. The talking radio haunted my thoughts. I was savvy enough to keep the nighttime confrontation with the lizardman and his use of the radio as a means of speaking to me a secret. Mom’s reaction to the brown spot in the lawn was enough to steer me away from making any further indiscretions along this line. After watching TV for a while, I saw that it was approaching eight o’clock. I told Dad, who was sitting in his recliner chair and busy laughing at a silly comedy, that I was going outside to ride my bicycle for a while. It was seven fifty-five and I had an appointment to keep.

Dusk is not the usual time for children to go outside to the woods alone. However, a deeply embedded force compelled me to proceed with meeting the lizardman again. All the social conditioning and indoctrinated rules of circumspect behavior I had received during my childhood were completely overridden by one factor, curiosity. It took only a few short minutes to ride my bicycle to the lower parking lot of the neighboring church. This was a graveled area used for overflow parking. Undeveloped, wooded acreage bordered this lot, providing a wonderful playground for the local kids, including myself. In my mind, I had already pictured the exact spot where the meeting would take place. My friends and I had played there just that afternoon, swinging from a long rope attached to a big maple tree. Coasting up to the edge of the gravel, I stopped and peered through the pathway which opened into our play area. In the subdued light filtering through the maple leaves, the visitor stood, some thirty feet away, looking back at me. He wore his black cape and was standing next to a pitch black, bullet shaped structure about eight feet tall — his shuttle craft. Telepathically he reached out to my mind, saying, “Please, come closer”.

Even though I thought that I had braced myself for this meeting, my gut instinct was to pull away from his gaze and run for my life. But it was too late. The lizardman had attached invisible cords of psychic energy to my body, gently pulling me into the woods. I resisted the pull, which felt like straining against elastic bands attached to my waist. After a few moments of this I realized that we were playing a game. I really did want to approach him and only fear was preventing me from allowing the contact. Still sitting on my bicycle, I gave in to the pull and rode down to him. Now standing next to this grisly creature, I was struck by the contrast in what I saw and what I felt. His monstrous appearance clearly was the cause of my terror, but the gentle, almost affectionate aura coming from his personality belied a completely different being inside the alien morphology. I liked him.

The lizardman asked me if I would be interested in seeing the inside of his vehicle. He volunteered to answer my questions and show me some things that might be of interest. Less fearful now, I agreed to follow him and we entered his craft. From the outside the structure appeared to be only about four or five feet in diameter and about eight feet tall, curving to a point at the top. The hull was standing on four short legs and a small red light festooned the peak. After crawling through the small doorway the cabin took on larger proportions, now appearing to be at least ten feet in diameter. The dim interior lighting came mostly from an illuminated control desk. Two stools were attached to the floor in front of this desk and I sat down on one, looking with interest at one of the two flat panels on the slightly inclined counter top. About eighteen by fourteen inches in size, this display showed what looked like hundreds of stars spread out on a midnight blue background.

My attention was sucked into the virtual abyss of this image. Looking up to the lizardman, I asked what the panel was used for. The gist of what he explained was that it was like a road map, except that it was responsive to one’s thoughts. What I was looking at was currently ‘on pause’, but when active it could not only scroll in three dimensions, it was also capable of reading temporally and through several additional dimensional folds. Mental instructions from the operator interacted with the intelligence of the map, a living, organic brain integrated into the system, resulting in flawless navigation.

Almost all of what I had just been told went way beyond my understanding. Patiently, my host continued with an analogy more suited to a child’s level of comprehension. He told me, “During the day you can see and feel your Sun, right? The light from this sun goes on and on.  It never completely stops. Many, many other suns are also shining their light, sending out their rays in a never-ending path. All these suns are joined together by their waves, just like all the oceans on Earth are connected together by currents of water. Try to imagine that you, on this planet, are being affected by all of the suns, all at the same time, and just like the fish in the ocean which are surrounded by water, you and I are surrounded by light. Where the major currents from different suns come together, creases in space are formed. Something like rivers of light, these are the routes that we travel by. The display in front of you is our map”.

This explanation was just as incomprehensible to me as the previous one. In my mind, rivers, fish, oceans and suns swirled together in a concatenation of imagery. The lizardman seemed to perceive my confusion. He told me not to worry. One day I would understand everything he had just spoken of. Getting up off the stool, I stood next to this puzzling being. Somehow the reality of what I was currently experiencing lacked definition, the tangible solidity of my ordinary world. Meekly, I asked if I could touch him. The being responded in assent, a quiet, sympathetic affirmation of my need for confirming what was happening to me. I reached out my hand towards his unclothed torso. He stood still as I contacted his beaded skin. Tracing my fingers down his front, I felt the texture of his hide. Not only did my eyes inform me of his reality, my hands told their story. He was real.

Stepping back a little, I needed to know something more, something that even every child wants to know from one another. “What is your name?”, I asked verbally. All of the communication I received from this being up to this point, other than the radio message, had been telepathic. This was as though words were spoken directly into my thoughts. Once again, the deep voice of the lizardman entered my mind. The sounds I heard were, “I am Renjeck”.

Now that the formalities were over with, my host, Renjeck, was eager to show me something.  He held out a small black rod with rounded ends. It was about the size of a fat fountain pen. Asked what I thought it might be, I volunteered, “A pen”, thinking that it was something to write with. “No, it is much more than that. It is like a ‘jack-knife’, it can do many things. “Look”, he said. To my amazement the ‘pen’ was now dangling about six inches beneath his hand without any visible attachment. As he moved his clawed fingers up and down, the device followed along. “Levitation, you see, is within my power”, he told me. He continued, saying, “This is my thought translator and sender, security surveillance system, physio-locomotion controller, anesthetizer, and um, defense weapon”. The lethal applicability of the last feature wasn’t lost on me.

As though the previous demonstration weren’t sufficient, Renjeck announced that he was going to show me another one of his talents. He said, “Please try not to be afraid, I am going to leave and then come right back. Ok?” The levitating pen act had already pushed my sense of a safe reality to the limits, but I agreed to watch and stay put until he came back. Before my eyes, Renjeck’s body was reduced to a glowing red orb, about the size of a grapefruit. This sphere then slowly floated right through the wall of the structure I was in. My hands jerked up to grip my head, as though it was going to fly off in the violence of disbelief it was experiencing. What I had just seen was impossible. Didn’t I just touch the body of this creature only moments before, verifying that he was solid and real? Seconds before I flipped out in a hysterical fit, the red ball of light re-entered the cabin and metamorphosed back into the body of the lizardman. He was undaunted by his little escapade, but I was badly shaken.

The door to Renjeck’s craft was still open and my eyes looked longingly at it in hopes of going home. The last demonstration of the lizardman’s magic had devastated my perception of reality. I could also see that it was getting dark outside. At least an hour had elapsed since I had left the house. My host stood near me, emitting an attitude of studied obeisance. He probably understood that my mind had been stretched to its limits. Renjeck told me that it was time for me to leave now. He stated that he was pleased with how I had interacted with him. In his opinion I was brave. All that I knew was that I was very tired and ready to return to my familiar home.

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    • Anonymous

      The psycho-reptiles are around you everywhere! They are in any money making venture.
      They are now celebrating a festivity. No it is NOT CHRISTMAS! They hate CHRISTMAS!

    • Quantum Kev

      I had an experience with a reptilian when I was about 8 years old too! I also was a Knight of the Round Table, a SWAT team member, a Jedi, and professional NFL commentator.

      You know, I am able to be open-minded about a lot of stuff – but really??? I mean, c’mon – really? I am betting the chances are far greater that this person, as well as many who seemingly have “experiences” with “reptilians” are suffering from some kind of delusional disorders than than there are really these ‘reptilian’ people walking amongst us.

      Now, I will be the first to say that I don’t know everything. But I take the stand Jesse Ventura took on the recent episode of his “Conspiracy Theory” program : show me a real, indisputable reptilian person, with NO excuses as to why you can’t, or why they “won’t allow themselves to be seen” by anyone but you or your like, and I will gladly believe you.

      Until then, I am calling SHENANIGANS :razz:

      • Anonymous

        Exactly Quantum Kev :!: :!: Wheres the beef :!: :!: :!:

    • Mayhem

      Who know? I sure don’t.

      “BIN Exclusive”??? That might impress the gullible or plain stupid but to me it screams…

      “No one else would have me. Wah wee wah wee wah wee”

      Peace on you brother.

      • Mayhem

        ….. and if 8 foot tall aliens with vastly superior intellect and strength who view us as nothing more than grasshoppers (remember they are lizards) do turn up.

        I’m going to show them how much Kung Fu I can still remember if they even look at me sideways.

        I spit on Lizard people. :razz:

    • anonymoustache

      If you are going to write sci-fi or fantasy,
      just say so.

      Don’t try and claim that it’s real.

    • Anonymous

      This is in response to Quantam Key.

      In the parable of the tares and the wheat, Jesus explained this parable to his disciples like this:

      The field is the world; the good seed are the
      children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the
      wicked one; Matt 13: 38

    • Anonymous

      darpa experiments humans and animals Nazi science !

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