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U S Diplomat Openly Calls For Christian Nation States! Must See Video! The White Race Is Commanded Not To Live Among The Other PreAdamic Races!

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The Jewish Controlled US Government Controls Most Of The Churches In America As Well As Free Speech

The Jews are not Shemites and anitisemites is a made up word.  The Jews are Edomites according to their own writings.  The Jews intend to exterminate all Christians and Caucasian who are the Real Tribes of Jacob surnamed Israel through starvation, gene modification inoculation (Covid-19 Vaccines), PCR Tests, mongrelization and war so that they can set up their stinking Jew New World Odor!  The Tribes of Jacob (America, Britain, the Commonwealth and the Western European Christian Nations) are commanded not to live among the othe races (Jews, blacks, red, and yellow races) who are not of the Tribes of Jacob surnamed Israel.  We are not all of one race as the Judeo Christianity churches tell you.  The Holy Bible is a history book of the white race’s relationship with their creator, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.  

Most churches today have been infiltrated by the Illuminati with Judeo Christianity which is an oxymoron and not biblcial.  There is no such thing as Judeo Christianiaty and it is a fabrication of the Jews.  Paul told us not to believe in Jewish Fables in Titus 1:14.  Jesus told us that the Jews were the chidlren of the devil in John 8:44,47 who was a murderer and liar from the beginning.

You Tube Account taken down.  See website directly for videos / sermons.

U S diplomat openly calls for Christian nation states rails against Jews – Proof that the Jewish Controlled US Gov controls the Churches in America And Free Speech!

Foundations: Creation, Babel, Globalism, and Resisting the Borg

Liberation from the Totalitarians

Why They Hate Europeans. Calling 10,000 Gideons to Rise Up.

There is no separation of Church and State in America.  The Jews are not Shemites.  There is no such word as Semite and anti-semitic is a made up word just the word Jew is a made up word. They are Edomites according to their own writings.  

Report: State Dept. official says ‘Jewish ideas poison people’ and more on anti-Semitic blog

“Diversity is a code word for White Genocide” to Weaken The White Christian Israelite Nations

The White Europeans, Britain, the Commonwealth and Americans are the 13 tribes of Israel. Not the Jews. That is why Satan wants to genocide the white race. Satan’s children, the Jews, know who the white race is. This is why they flooded all the white nations with non-white people.  The Holy Scriptures tell us not to race mix and to remain a pure white race and not to corrupt our DNA with the COVID-19 PCR tests and COVID-19 vaccines or the Elon Musk’s Neuralink or quantum dot tattoos.

Jacob’s brother Esau race mixed with the Edomites and later became known as the Esauites-Edomites which is today modern Jewry.  Esau never forgave his brother Jacob for taking his inheritance for a bowl of lentil stew.   

In the 1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, it states “EDOM IS MODERN JEWRY.” The Jewish Ency. 1925 Ed., Vol. 5, Pg. 41.  The Jewish Almanac 1980 Pg.3 states Jews are not Israelites or Hebrews. The Pharisees, which are now the Ashkenazis, told Jesus the Messiah that they are of Abraham’s seed but were never in bondage, which can only mean one thing.  The Pharisees / Ashkenazis are descendants of Esau which mixed with other races and became known as the Edomites (John 8:33).

Satan believes that if he can kill off the population, then there will be no one of faith left to call upon Jesus the Messiah to return to earth as detailed in Hosea 5:15.

In Hosea 5:15, Jesus tells us:   ”I will go and return to my place, till they acknowledge their offence, and seek my face: in their affliction they will seek me early.”

In Matthew 24:22, describing world conditions prior to His second coming, Jesus said that “if that time of troubles were not cut short, no living thing could survive; but for the sake of God’s chosen it will be cut short” (Revised English Bible).

Christian Nations

There can be not Christianity without Christian Nation-States. The revival of Christian nation-states is required for the advancement of Truth.  That is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Great Commission.

Philosophy: There must be an internally consistent way to look at the world, one that withstands the lies and criticism of the evil one, at least to the Christian.

Theology:  There must be a clear understanding of the role of literatures, specifically the Hebrew and Greek writings.  This is the guide to human life and history.

Covenant: The Covenant for the Nations provide a very basic guide on the moral law for nations.   The Ten Commandments remain that moral law.  The Law may not bring holiness before God, but is will always provide a moral guide for nations, and it will always remain a tutor that brings men to Christ. 

Jesus Christ: There is no substitute for the public acclamation of Jesus Christ as the King and Lord of a nation.  It must be specific. Examples include the flags of Northern Europe, and the name of the country of El Salvador.  This isn’t about being good, it is about exalting Jesus Christ as Lord.  This is not a Judeo-Christian project — that is an oxymoron — Judeo is anti-Christ.   

HOW: Preach the Gospel, All of It!

The Church is the only means by which to make this happen.  The minds of Christians must be infected and inspired by this goal.  This is the complete opposite of waiting for the rapture or the anti-Christ.  Christ is more powerful than the Anti-Christ.

How to reach the church?  Same way we have always reached the Church and the world — open up our mouths and speak.  Satan’s greatest ploy is to convince the church that it can’t say anything because it is “racist, sexist, anti-semitic, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, divisive, and intolerant.”  These are Satan’s sins, these are the precepts of men and the traditions of the elders.  These false moralities must be smashed.  Christians should never try to prove they abide by Satan’s moral precepts (“I’m not racist!”), rather they should smash them — utterly reject their validity. Good theology does this with Satan’s false moralities.  But the church is full of cowards (people who are ‘cowed’) who are brow beaten and humiliated into silence.    It is a time for bravery again.

The Church must realize that there is no such thing as a “neutral” order in which we all may get along. This has been part of the deception; the Church looks for ways to get along over preaching the Truth.  Getting along is not possible — ask Jesus.  He was the guy who was murdered by his own people.  And if Jesus couldn’t get along with the Jews, why is it that the Christian thinks they can get along with the Jews, the Muslims, the atheists and the homosexuals? What makes you so special that you think you can do what Jesus could not do?

And if Jesus had zero concern for the needs of a double minority with a special needs child, why do you think you are morally superior to him? If Jesus Christ can call the Jesu the children of Satan, what makes you think you are following a higher moral path that Jesus Christ?

The Church has to reset its moral values to Biblical values— not the precepts and traditions of men.

  We already live in a religious cult where the priests and prophets are the professors in the universities and the evangelists are the public schools and mass media.  The church must recognize this otherwise it cannot set itself free.

There are lots of ways to speak: Blog. Podcast. Video. Books. Public Speaking. TV. Satellite.

The ideas are overwhelmingly powerful — this is nothing more or less that the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ — it is the Great Commission.

TACTICS: Going Viral

The Gospel of Jesus Christ cannot rely upon an organization, it must be viral.  Viral means infectious, uncontrolled and unorganized. People to people contact.  It must infect the Church and the Church will infect the world.

The Church must defend itself.   So far in history Satan has not been able to wipe out Christendom by massed armies.  But now it is even more effective by infecting the Church with the lies of the atheism, marxism, and evolution.  Good philosophy and theology and science and history are the anti-dote for these.  They key is not to convince the skeptic, it is to convince the sleeping church.

With the current state of Christian philosophy and theology,  revival or spiritual awakening is likely to collapse rather quickly because the Church does not have the vision or intellectual tools to take over entire nation-states.   But if we prepared the Church and educate it properly, a Great Awakening will have an effect that lasts through the centuries.

Christianity cannot exist without Christian Nation-States.  

Christians must not allow the anti-Christs to frame this mission in our own minds: The goal is not the preservation or advancement of a ‘religion’ (as they would put it), its the advancement  of the Truth and reality. They are all living in a global cult, a deception. They are in the Matrix and they don’t even know it.  Only Christians can set people free.  If we are to be  faithful to our King, Jesus Christ, this is the minimum of what we must do.  

Fritz Berggren, PhD.
26 May 2020

PS: Gardening is God’s method of trying to teach us that it’s about a whole an interdependent ecosystem. You can’t just throw seeds around — you have to tend the soil. That’s what building Christian Nation-States is.

Jews are Not God’s Chosen People. Judeo-Christian is Anti-Christ.

Posted on October 4, 2020 by admin

There is a fashion in Christian circles to attributes to “Jews” the status of being “God’s chosen people.”   This has not always been the case — it seems to have emerged fairly recently in the West, perhaps out of a false sense of guilt drummed up by those who lay the burden of Hitler’s persecution upon the Christian Church.  Europeans, and Christians, seem particularly susceptible to guilt manipulation.  

Admitting from the start that the identity of a Jew is not easy to determine, other than to say that if they consider themselves to be Jew and reject Jesus Christ, then I would not argue that.  And if Jesus Christ and the Bible calls them Jews, then that is a proper guide as well.

Certainly at one point it was reasonable to conclude that a Jew was a descendant of Judah (hence, Jew;  just as a Hebrew was a descendant of Eber). Note:  The word Jew was inserted into the Bible and therefore you must look at your concordance to determine the actual meaning of the word Jew when reading your bible. 

It is an incontestable fact that the word “Jew” did not come into existence until the year 1775. Prior to 1775 the word “Jew” did not exist in any language. The word “Jew” was introduced into English for the first time in the 18th century when Sheridan used it in his play “The Rivals”, II,i, “She shall have a skin like a mummy, and the beard of a Jew”. Prior to this use of the word “Jew” in the English language by Sheridan in 1775 the word “Jew” had not become a word in the English language.

When the word “Jew” was first introduced into the English language in the 18th century its one and only implication, inference and innuendo was “Judean.” However during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries a well-organized and well-financed international “pressure group” created a so-called “secondary meaning” for the word “Jew” among the English speaking peoples of the world. This so-called “secondary meaning” for the word “Jew” bears no relation whatsoever to the 18th century original connotation of the word “Jew.” It is a misrepresentation…

There is not a person in the whole English-speaking world today who regards a “Jew” as a “Judean” in the literal sense of the Word. That was the correct and only meaning of the word in the 18th century . . . (Facts Are Facts, by Benjamin H. Freedman, p. 15-21).

The meaning of the word “Jew” in our Bible is not the same as the colloquial idiom. I Greek word #2453 Ioudaios (ee-oo-dah’-yos); from #2448 (in the sens

n the Bible the word “Jew” means a resident of the land of Judaea regardless of their tribe, race or religion just as an Australian or Englishman may in fact be a Chinese, Negro or an Eskimo, or perhaps a member of the tribe of Judah (Judahite). According to the Greek Lexicon in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance:


e of #2455 as a country); Judaean, i.e. belonging to Jehudah ["Judah" in Hebrew language of Old Testament]: KJV Jew (-ess), of Judaea.

Greek word #2448 Iouda (ee-oo-dah’); of Hebrew origin [Hebrew word #3063 or perhaps #3194]; Judah (i.e. Jehudah or Juttah), a part of (or place in) Palestine: KJV Judah.

Greek word #2455 Ioudas (ee-oo-das’); of Hebrew origin [Hebrew #3063]; Judas (i.e. Jehudah), the name of ten Israelites; also of the posterity of one of them and its region: KJV Juda (-h, -s); Jude.

Per Ioudaios on wikipedia: 

In 2001, the third edition of the Bauer lexicon, one of the most highly respected dictionaries of Biblical Greek, supported translation of the term as “Judean”, writing:

Incalculable harm has been caused by simply glossing Ioudaios with ‘Jew,’ for many readers or auditors of Bible translations do not practice the historical judgment necessary to distinguish between circumstances and events of an ancient time and contemporary ethnic-religious-social realities, with the result that anti-Judaism in the modern sense of the term is needlessly fostered through biblical texts.

For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews [Strong’s #2453] or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one Spirit. (1 Cor. 12:13)

Strong’s Greek 2453: From Iouda; Judaean, i.e. Belonging to Jehudah.  It does not mean Jew and the word Jew was added to the Bibles in the 18th century to deceive everyone.

In order to address this notion of Jews as “God’s chosen people,” the only place to turn to is the Bible, since, presumably, those Christians  (and Jews) who make such arguments gather their inspiration from the Scriptures.

This should be a simple task, but has proven problematic since Christians (whom presumably cling to Christ for Salvation) apparently don’t think Christ is necessary for the Salvation of Jews.  After all, the central tenet of faith in Jesus Christ is that He alone is the propitiation for our sins, and that salvation comes only by Him..  

How are Jews exempt from this?  (I ask this not of the Jew, but of the Christian.)   Have Christians betrayed Christ by elevating a people, whose identity is based upon the rejection of Jesus Christ, to a status unmerited?  That seems to be the case and this article addresses this notion. 

Perhaps the most profound statement in the Greek scriptures are the words of John the Baptist when he confronts the Jews; he said to the Pharisees “who warned you to flee the wrath to come?  Do not say you have Abraham for your father, for God is able to raise up from these stone children for Abraham.”  He warned that there tree would be cut down and thrown into the fire.

What an introduction — immediate conflict the Jews!  He follows up by calling them a “brood of vipers.” This is a direct correlation with Genesis 3:15 when God spoke of the enmity between the see of the Serpent and Eve’s child.

It was common (when I was a child) for the preacher to equate the Pharisees with overy moralistic and hypocritical Christians.  But such is not the case. 

The Jews, by the time of John the Baptist, had long forsaken God — they honored Him with their lips, but their heart was far from them.  This wasn’t  a matter needing revival; Revival Himself visited the Jews for the express purpose of the saving them. Their response? They murdered Him, just like they murdered all the prophets that went before Jesus Christ (including John the Baptist).

To this day, the Jews remain, as part of their conscious identity, anti-Christ.  Therefore, it is stunning that Christians have agreed to a lie of their chosen status.  Some believe that all the Jews from all time would be saved.   This contradicts Jesus’ statement that it would have been better if Judas had never been born, and contradicts John’s warning to the Jews that hell awaited them (Matthew 3:7-11).  This notion seems  active in evangelical circles — but it is the leaven of the Pharisees.

Jesus Christ came to save the lost, but as a people group, the Jews rejected their King and Saviour.  The Jews killed the heir of the Kingdom; and so the vineyard was stripped from the Jews and given to a different nation (ethnic group). The recipients were the Europeans, who accepted God in the flesh.  The evidence is so plain and overwhelming yet  most of the Church, in their worldly desire to be “ecumenical, tolerant, and diverse,” has missed it:  All of the Holy Scriptures written since Christ’s resurrection were written in a European language: Greek.  This was not happenstance nor  “just convenient.” God Almighty  tore the vineyard away from the Jews and gave it to another ethnic group.  While, clearly, all nations were invited, it was overwhelming the Europeans who showed up at the wedding feast — Europe  became Christendom.   No other ethnic group in history can lay claim to being a Christian civilization, even if formerly.

Even the casual attendee at a Christmas service knows the story of how the Magi (whoever they were, they certainly were not Jews) came to worship the Christ child and the Jews (King Herod) sought to murder him.  One may be tempted to lay blame exclusively to Herod for this crime, but that cannot be the case because he sought council with the Jewish leaders to find out there He was.  When the Magi departed without revealing the Christ’s location, Herod was wroth and sent his (Jewish) soldiers to slaughter all the male children two years old and younger.  Not a word is written of any dissenting Jews; we only read of Rachel, weeping for her children.   

The Gospels distinctly  impress upon the reader that Jesus and the Jews were enemies, even though the Christ came to save them. They rejected Him at his birth (except for the few — the shepherds).  They slandered him and tried to destroy him in his life.  And in the end, they bribed Judas (this name is significant — he represents the Jews) to falsely accuse him.  And then they  coerced the Romans to do the dirty work — they considered themselves too righteous to do their own killing.  And when Pilate objected and washed his hands of guilt the Jews screamed “his blood be on us and our children!”

Christianity did not emerge out of Judaism — Christianity is a rejection of Judaism just as Judaism is a rejection of Jesus Christ and a rejection of the Prophets and the Books of Moses (regardless of what the Jews claim(ed).)

The Jewish leaders did not accept the Books of Moses — they did not believe in the Books of Moses then or now. (John 5:39-47). In fact, it will be Moses himself that accuses the Jews on the Judgement Day.

The Jews, even when watching Christ cast out devils told the community that he casts out devils by the power of the devil — they slandered the Holy Spirit.  It is in this context — blasphemy against the Holy Sprit — that Jesus  spoke to them (to the Jews) of that specific unforgivable sin.  Judaism inverts the Truth  — it attributes evil to God and good to itself.  Jesus was more direct than this writer is — Jesus calls them “false Jews, of the synagogue of Satan.” (Rev 2:9 and 3:9)

Obviously many Jews rejected Judaism and became Christian.  But this was not an easy conversion, so strong was the persecution and pull back into a more acceptable religiosity.  The book of Hebrews was written to believing former Jews warning them not to slide back into Judaism, for the rejection of Jesus Christ as God is the rejection of God Himself. Hebrews makes this clear:  all the angels of God worship Jesus Christ (Hebrews 1:6).  Of the Son (Jesus Christ) God says “Your Throne, O God, is forever and ever.” (Hebrews 1:8).  Jesus Christ is the Creator: “through Him He made the world.”

There is no room to sidestep the person and identity of Jesus Christ as God in the flesh, in whom all the fulness of the Godhead dwells bodily.   (Colossians 2:9)

The identify of Jesus Chist as God is non-optional — this is the foundational allegiance to our King, the Son of God, Emmanuel, God with us.  In the beginnng was the Word (Jesus Christ) and the Word was with God and the Word was God. (John 1:1-3).  

And this is what makes this anti-Christ deception so curious —  how can anti-Christs be God’s chosen? For a Christian, the idea is impossible.

Jesus Christ said that the Jew were not real Jews, but rather  were of the synagogue of Satan. (Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9).    Christ explicitly denounced the lying and deceptive nature of those “who say they are Jews.”

Let us put to rest the idea that the Jewish religion honored the Books of Moses.  When the Pharisees and Jewish legal experts challenged Jesus about the washing of the hands,  Jesus retorted: “why do you transgress the commandment of God for the sake of your tradition?” (Matthew 15:3). And then, of all the commandments, he goes right to the Fifth — to honor one’s father and mother.  Ancestral pride is a commandment of God — being ashamed of one’s ancestors is a sin.  Human “precepts” imposing White guilt   directly undermine the Commandment.

The Jews/Pharisees were offended, his disciples noted, and Jesus said they (the Jewish leaders) where blind,  and that they and their Jewish followers would “fall into a pit.”  Why are Christians more worried about offending the Jews that Jesus was?

The Jewish leaders — all of them — where terrible leaders.   Jesus felt compassion for the common people, who were like sheep without shepherds.  Jewish leadership betrayed their own people and betrayed the God of the ancestors.   Jesus Christ came to rescue the Children of Israel from the Jews, who has forsaken the Almighty.

Jesus Christ came to save the whole world from the Jews — the founders of the original Anti-Christ religion, they who are the seed of the Serpent, that  brood of vipers.  The invent traditions and precepts and elevate them over the word of God.   They murdered Jesus Christ. How then can they be God’s chosen?  This is another lie from them whose father is the devil and was a liar from the beginning. (John 8:44-45)

Now, if the Jews are not God’s chosen people, who are? John the Baptist told the Jews that God will raise of from these rocks children for Abraham.  And what does Jesus Christ rename his first disciple? He renames Simon as  Peter, the rock.    This was mocking the Jews — God is not constrained by the bloodline of Judah (if that’s what they were/are), he takes a rock and makes offspring for Abraham.  

Jesus Christ was killed by all the Jews — the Chief Priests (the leaders of the religion) and the scribes (their lawyers) and the Pharisees (those most devoted to the religion and creation of the Talmud — the traditions of men) and the people  who cried out “Crucify Him!”  The Pharisees conspired with the Herodians as to how they might destroy Him (Mark 3:6) from the very beginning.    They were out to kill Jesus Christ from the time of his birth — they hated the Son from the beginning.  

Luke records that John the Baptist warned the “crowds” of the wrath to come, and the fire that would consume them, and the fact that God would raise up from rocks (Peter) new children for Abraham.

Consider the words of God to the Serpent (the Snake, the Viper).  This was Jesus Christ, pre-Incarnation, who used to visit  Adam in the Garden of Eden.  After the Fall, He approached the guilty parties — Adam, Eve, and the Viper.  To the Serpent his said “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, and you shall bruise him on the heel.” (Genesis 3:15)

Fast forward to the Incarnation where God in the Flesh calls out the seed of the Serpent — “You brood of Vipers,” He says to the Jewish leaders.  It was the same God who was in the Garden that called the Jewish leaders the sons of of Satan — they are the devil’s seed.   Jesus called the Jews a brood of vipers — this is the confirmation of Genesis 3:15 and identifies the Jews as the seed of the serpent, the Devil.

It is not that Christ came to condemn the Jews — He sent his disciples out but to the “lost sheep of the house of Israel.”  It wasn’t until after His Resurrection that Jesus commanded the disciples to go to all the nations to preach the Gospel (and even adjured them to start in Jerusalem).

Salvation is there for the Jews  — if they reject their Judaism, utterly.  Jesus Christ said that salvation is “from the Jews,” but it must be confessed that Jesus Christ IS THAT SALVATION.  It did not reside in the Jews or the culture of the Jews or the history of a “Judeo” system — it resides in Jesus Christ.   Jews must repent and believe in Jesus Christ or they remain forever apart from God.  All who reject the Son reject the Father — to reject Jesus Christ is to reject God.

It is not true that Jesus is a Jew, since the Holy Scriptures teach that the blood line only comes down through the male.  No genealogy in the Bible is matrilineal.  And we know that Christ was born of a Virgin, conceived directly and without intermediary by the Holy Spirt — by God.  Jesus Christ is, literally, the Son of God. He carried no sin, which is inputted by the father. A virgin woman has yet to be corrupted — it is the males alone that passed down the bloodline.  This, too, the Jews inverts as they claim matrilineal descent.  

A daughter of Eve could bear the Messiah — back to Genesis 3:15 — because she is not the conveyer of the sin nature as a virgin — only the male is.  Jewish slander that Christ was the son of a whore is, again, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit who caused the Christ’s conception in the Virgin Mary.

The Jews pursued a slander the Holy Spirit, when they told the other Jews that Jesus was casting out demons by the demon Beelzebul.  Jesus said that sin (of speaking against the Holy Spirit) “shall not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come.” (Matthew 12:32).  How is it then, that “Christians” say the Jews are (present tense) God’s elect?   The idea that the Jews are God’s elect  is not a Christian idea — it is a Jewish idea — it is a leaven of the Pharisees.    Christians do Jews no favor by agreeing with their lies.   You can’t help someone by supporting their self-deception.  If you want to love the Jews and pray for them, please do.  But remember that Christ called them a “brood of vipers.” (Matthew 12:34) linking their ancestry to Satan himself.   They ought be warned  of the wrath to come, not encouraged in their evil (of rejecting the King of the Jews, the Son of God, Jesus Christ).

Jewish ideas poison people; Jesus warned his disciples about the teachings of the Jews: “beware the leaven of the Pharisees and Saducees.”  They added to the Word of God and elevated their traditions above the Word of God.  The disciples realized that they had to beware of Jewish teachings (Matthew 16:12).

It ought to seem ironic to Christian Jewophiles that Jesus chastised cities of Israel — that it would be better for Sodom on the judgement day that for them.   And it was God’s wrath that utterly destroyed Jerusalem by the hand of the Europeans in 70 A.D.   There is no third temple — Jesus Christ is the third temple that was raised up after three days — and we are his corporate body — the Church  — the believers in Jesus Christ.  

Any physical “third temple” can only be another synagogue of Satan. (Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9).

As Jesus neared the end of his life — he knew the Jews were about to murder him — he told his murders that they were not his followers and that he would find another blood line for his Kingdom.  Of the two sons (Matthew 21:28-32) he says, cryptically, that the first son (Japeth) initially refused the task of working in the vineyard, but later changed his mind afterward repented and did the work. But that the second son (Shem) initially answered the call, but later did not go.  Even the Jews agreed (judging themselves) that it was the first son that did the will of the father.

Immediately Christ explains his own parable by offering another parable which is not hidden at all.   God’s vineyard  was given to the growers but they felt that they owned the vineyard and so murdered the land owners servants.  Finally the landlord (God) sends his own son, whom they immediately murdered.   The Jews agreed that those false tenants were “wretches” who would be brought to a “wretched end.”

Explicitly Christ says “Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people (ethnos, nation, a different ethnic group — a different bloodline) producing the fruit of it. (Matthew 21:43)

“When the chief priest and the Pharisees heard His parables, the understood that He was speaking about them.”

Crystal clear, Jesus made it.  And the Jewish leaders understood and  sought to seize him immediately, but feared the people who considered him a prophet.

And then immediately Christ launches into a long parable about the wedding for the son of the king and how those initially invited refused to attend — they rejected the invitation send by the King’s slaves (prophets).  In fact, they seized His slaves, and beat some and killed others.   So the king was enraged and sent his army to destroy the murderers and burn their cities and declared that those who were invited were not worthy. Then He sent his servants to find others to come to the wedding, replacing the original invitees.

Three parables in a row telling the Jews that because they had rejected the King and His Son, they would be rejected themselves and replaced by a different bloodline. 

Of the Jewish religion Jesus says “woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you travel around on sea and land to make one proselyte and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves.” (Matthew 23:15)  These are the men who invented the Talmud and replace the Psalms and Prophets and Books of Moses with their own precepts and traditions.  

The Seven Woes of Matthew 23 are an overwhelming and public condemnation of Judaism.   Jesus repeats the charge of them being Satan’s children (“you brood of vipers!”):

“You testify against yourselves, that you are sons of those who murdered the prophets. Fill up, then the measure of guilt of your fathers. You serpents (referring to Genesis 3:1 and 15), you brood of vipers, how will you escape the sentence of hell?”  (Matthew 23:31-33)

The chief priest and elders of the people plotted to seize Jesus and kill Him.  (Matthew 26:3-4).  

Judas ( his name meaning of Judah, a Jew) is the traitor. This is significant in its own right.  He represents the entire Jewish people as traitors against their own King.  

The Jews  paid money to the Jew (Judas) for Christ’s betrayal and then refuse to accept the money back because it was tainted blood money.  It is hard to imagine a greater hypocrisy than paying for a murder but not  accepting money from the same man they hired — the self-righteousness and hypocrisy is mountainous.

When the European man (Pontius Pilate) washed his hands of any responsibility in the death of Jesus Christ, the chief priests and elders persuaded the Crowds to cry out: “they all said, Crucify Him!”  Pilate washed his hands in front of the people, saying “I am innocent of this Man’s blood” and the Jews replied “His blood shall be on us and our children!”

As the Jews mocked his death, it was a European that first testified that “Truly this was the Son of God!” (Matthew 27:54).  He was a Roman centurion, a European, a son of Japeth that repented and afterwards did the work in the land-owner’s vineyard.

Christ allowed Himself to be crucified and then He rose from the dead and commanded us to make disciples of “all the nations (ethnic groups).  

The Jews were rejected because they rejected God’s prophets, and his Law, and then the Righteous One — they were Christ’s betrayers and murderers (Acts 7:53). 

As a result, Paul (who never claims to be a Jew, only of the tribe of Benjamin and a “Hebrew of Hebrews”) turns his back on the Jews and preaches to the Gentiles and is specifically directed to Europe — he writes in a European language — evidence of who received the vineyard.

The Jews (the seed of the Serpent) kept on trying to kill the followers of the Messiah — no reading of Acts can hide this. Herod has James the brother of John put to death “because it pleased the Jews (Acts 12:3) and Peter acknowledge that God protected him from Herod and “all that the Jewish people were expecting (Acts 12:11).  Stephen is martyred, killed at the feet of Saul who a leader of the cult of Judaism who later is stunningly confronted by the Master and repents —  Saul truly repented and his name is changed to Paul.

As  the Christian Paul was traveling north, he was “forbidden by the Holy Spirit to speak the word in Asia.” It was not God’s purpose — he was to preach to the Europeans;  Lydia and her household were the first converts.   

Paul preaches to the Europeans (Greeks) in Athens but constantly the Jews attack him wherever he goes.  At Corinth he declares to them “Your blood be on your own heads! I am clean. From now on I will go to the Gentiles.”  Not that Jews can’t be saved, for the Jew Apollos, “powerfully refuted the Jews in public, demonstrating by the Scriptures that Jesus was the Christ.”

There is leaven from the Pharisees and Saducees —  the leaders of the original Anti-Christ movement — that has infected the Church.  It is the utterly false idea that Jews, just by being Jews, are God’s chosen people.  They are not. He took the vineyard away from them and gave it to the Europeans. And the Europeans, until the great Falling Away (beginning with the French atheism) were faithful tenders of the vineyard and faithful missionaries to “all the nations,” having converted many in Africa (the sons of Ham) and all of Latin America.   

The leaven is in two parts.  First, that Jews are God’s elect simply because they are Jews .  Second, the leaven of a “Judeo-Christian” ethic or religion or movement or culture.  Both are equally false and damning to the Christian.  

Jesus Christ identified clearly who the seed of the serpent is (the Jews) and He emphasized this in the Revelation.

“I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich) and the blasphemy by those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.” (Rev 2:9)

“I will cause those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but lie — I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and make them know that I have loved you.” (Revelation 3:9)

Does this sound like a message that the Jews are God’s chosen people?  Does Jesus seem concerned about “offending” the Jews?

“Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one denies the Father and the Son. Whoever denies the son does not have the Father; the one who confessed the Son has the Father also.” (1 John 2:22-23)

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; from now on you know Him, and have seen Him.” Philip said to Him, “Lord, show us the Father, and it is enough for us.”  Jesus said to him, “Have I been so long with you, and yet you have not come to know Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father; how can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?  Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me? (John 14:6-10)

Jesus Said “I and the Father are One.” (John 10:30)

Christians betray Jesus Christ by elevating the traditions of men and the precepts of the Jews above what Jesus Christ said.  They poison themselves, they deny the faith, and betray the lost by healing their would lightly.  (Jeremiah 6:14)  They preach a lie by saying the Jews are God’s elect and they are deceived by a Jewish lie that elevates a “Judeo-Christian” idea over a Christian idea.  Judeo is anti-Christ; Judeo-Christian means “anti-Christ Christian.”  This of course, is the intent of Satan’s children — to poison the well of salvation and deprecate the importance of the Christ.

There is nothing Judeo that is acceptable — it is the leaven that Christ warned us against.  Judeo is anti-Christ and was so before Christ appeared and will remain so forever. Jews can repent and become believers (like Appollos) but Christians can make no peace with anti-Christ ideas.  Christians have fallen into the trap of seeking peace with the enemies of the Cross, a false peace that the writer of Hebrews warns against.

It was Jesus Christ who said “I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” (Matthew 10:34) and “I have come to cast fire upon the earth; and how I wish it were already kindled!  (Luke 12:49).

Why are Christians more deferential to the Anti-Christs than to the Words of Jesus?

The flag of the Jewish state hosts a demon star on it — King David was never represented by a Star.  The Bible says the Jews trace their anti-christ star all the way back to the Exodus when then took it out of Egypt. (Acts 7:43)

The leaven has invaded the Church. They have sown the leaven for generations; the leaven is the idea of a “Judeo-Christian” unity and it is the false idea that Jews are God’s chosen.     If you love the Jews (as Paul did) you injure them by agreeing with their lies.  Their treason against the King of the Jews must be profoundly renounced.   No one  gets  into heaven by another gate — Jesus is the only way — no one comes to the Father except through Him.

There is a myth that the Jews and the state of Israel are somehow holy to God. And that the Jews are righteous and are persecuted by the Muslims.  Muslims and Jews and apostate Judea-Christians have more in common than what sets them apart — Jesus just isn’t necessary to them. This makes them  wholly Anti-Christ.  It will not surprise this writer in the least when the Jews make peace with the Muslims cheered on by apostate Judeo-Christians.  

Inversion is Satan’s practice. 

  • The Jews accused Jesus Christ of being possessed by Beelzebul. In fact, Jesus Christ was full of the Holy Spirit and he accused the Jews of being of their father, the devil.
  • Jesus Christ said slander agains the Holy Spirit (blasphemy )was unforgivable.
  • Jesus Christ warned the Jewish leaders of hell. It is said that the Talmud teaches that Jesus Christ is in hell boiling in a pot of human feces.
  • Jesus Christ said the Jews rejected the Books of Moses and elevated their own traditions above the Law of God.  
  • The Jews claim to be the children of Abraham, but Jesus said they are of their father the devil and that God would make new children from the very rocks (like Peter, the Rock).
  • The Bible (1 Cor 11:4) warns against the man covering his head when praying, but the Jews and Muslims share this tradition.

Those who mimic the Jews invent “precepts” that invert the Holy Scriptures.  Admonitions by the moral posers (the Pharisees) are quick to condemn people for “sins” that are not sins at all: “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, intolerant, divisive and . . . anti-semitic!”

These seem to be the holy grail of man-made precepts that have nothing to do with the Holy Scriptures or the Law of God. In fact, they are inversions of Truth as revealed in the Hebrew and Greek scriptures.   Jesus Christ was guilty of violating all of the precepts of the Pharisees and he is guilty of violating these “sins” that are not sins at all.  Jesus Christ is THE Patriarch, the King of every king. He appointed not a single female apostle.  He prioritized the lost children of Israel as the primary target for the Gospel — he preferred them over the Samaritan woman.   Jesus Christ  died for the world, but few are those who will be saved.  Jesus Christ is not universalist.  Homosexuality was never permitted — Christ emphasized that Sodom was destroyed for its wickedness.   

If John the Baptist was the first “anti-Semite,” Jesus wasn’t far behind. Christ came to set a fire and divide men, not united them under false precepts pushed by synagogues of Satan.

If I believed in a personal anti-Christ (for there are many anti-Christs in the world already) then I would expect the anti-Christ Jews to unite with the Anti-Christ Muslims and the anti-Christ Judeo-Christians to back a false savior who rejects the Word of God and His Commandments in favor of the precepts (racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, queer phobic, intolerant, divisive and anti-Semitic) that contradict the Word of God.

Jesus Christ is not going to in the clouds to save an anti-Christ people.  When a Jew repents they burn their stars of David and publicly proclaim Jesus Christ as the Way the Truth and the Life.  They declare that no man goes to the Father except through Jesus Christ.  When that happens (and not until that happens) the Jews remain anti-Christ, enemies of the Gospel, enemies of Christ, spreaders of falsehood, hypocrites, false jews, traitors, liars and children of Satan, the seed of the Serpent,  a brood of vipers.  

Does this offend those Pharisees? Does it offend the Jews? Jesus didn’t seem too concerned.. 

One day the Jew will be forced to bow at the feet of Christians (us rocks who were raised up as children to Abraham — we are these stones that cry out in Praise to the Messiah when the Jews would not) to let them know that He has loved us. (Revelation 3:9).  And yet there is a rumor that the Jews think all non-Jews are made to serve them.   What a twisted tale they have woven.

Jewish ideas make common cause against the Gospel of Jesus Christ  with other anti-Christs — the Muslim, the atheist and the “Judeo-Christian” who accepts the precepts of men over the Commandments of God.

Why are Christians hanging the so-called Star of David (the demon star) around their neck instead of the Cross of Jesus Christ?

Christ did not come to build unity among mankind. Christ did not seek  approval from the Jews.  Why, then, do Christians?  Beware of the Jewish leaven. 

Fritz Berggren, PhD
3 October 2020 

Theology 2: Adam, then Eve.

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This will cause riot in the minds of the brainwashed: God created Adam first in time and first in place.  

From the dust of the ground God breathed  life into Adam to make him a living soul.   It was not good for Adam to be alone.   The other creatures (the animals) were not his match — not his mate.   

Instead of creating Eve sui generis, like he created Adam, God put Adam to sleep, took a rib and then fashioned a helper for him.   God presented this gift to Adam.  Then Adam named Eve, just like Adam name all the animals.  Eve did not receive a name from God, but from her lord, Adam.

Adam is primary.  Eve’s place was to be his helper.  They are not equal.  This is a foundational story.  All the scriptures that follow this story must accept the premised truths of Genesis.  

But why stop here?  There’s more.

God created a garden — not a city — and put Adam in the garden to work — to cultivate and keep the garden.  In that garden God directly told Adam that he was not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

After this, God presented the helper to Adam, whom Adam named Eve.  There is no sense in the Bible that Adam spoke directly to Eve until after the Fall.

There was a creature in the Garden — the serpent, who was subtle and wise.  Subtilty is the ability to speak so close to something and yet not actually say it — people infer what they will.  So when the Serpent told Eve that she would not die, what was going on?

Here is the story: before the Flood mankind could talk to the animals — again, this is from a perfect world that decays, not an upwardly ‘evolving’ world:

“Now the serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said to the woman, “Indeed, has God said, ‘You shall not eat from [a]any tree of the garden’?” The woman said to the serpent, “From the fruit of the trees of the garden we may eat; but from the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of the garden, God has said, ‘You shall not eat from it or touch it, or you will die.’” The serpent said to the woman, “You surely will not die! For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” When the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was desirable to make one wise, she took from its fruit and ate; and she gave also to her husband with her, and he ate.”

Was the serpent taking Eve’s own words and twisting them? Did Adam say “you shall not touch it?” And is that what God told Adam?  I don’t see that God told Adam he could not touch it.  It was good advice, no doubt, but that’s where shaving the truth comes in. The Serpent seized on Eve’s own words and said “sure you shall not die” if you just touch it.   And the serpent told the truth when he said your eyes will be opened.  The serpent may have lead Eve to the water, but it was Eve that chose to drink.

The subtilty, the soft lies, the mis-direction, and the self-deception were all present at this moment.

The Serpent had his eye on Eve for a long time.   This wasn’t a surprise conversation.  The Serpent had been grooming Eve for some time — he had developed a relationship with her.  He didn’t pop out of the bush and surprise her.  She was groomed and coaxed to open up about things.  

In the spy business — the creation of traitors — it’s the same way — you groom a contact, they start to trust you, talk about things of no consequence and then get them to offer something of no apparent consequence.  If you have them convinced they have done this of their own volition, so much the better.  Eve was groomed, she was flattered, her vanity was fed, and she took the bait.

Eve’s self-deception was profound.  First, she assumed she could place herself in an intellectual position from which she could judge what God said was true or not.  She had received God’s command from Adam — God never told Eve directly (which is also fundamental on not only the position of Eve, but of mankind in general).  She seemed to have developed a relationship with a person (a creature with a personality) that Adam did not seem to have cultured.  Eve considered herself quite the independent woman. 

The woman was not independent.  Her mistake was to claim independence from her husband, to develop a relationship with someone who had a message that tickled her fancy; the Serpent’s message validated Eve as an independent being (like Satan sought to be) and flattered her  — she placed herself not only as judge over Adam, but even of God but thought little of it.

A couple of notes here.

First, Eve’s position was as a helper to Adam.

Second, Eve was to accept Adam’s direction.

Third, Eve seemed more susceptible to the Serpent than Adam, which says a lot about who ought to be leading, or have primacy.

When Salvation is preached, the Gospel undoes what Eve did.

First, one intellectually humbles oneself and accepts (by faith) that they are unable to know or approach the truth — a human is simply incapable of comprehending the entire universe and making his own determination of truth and right and wrong.  

This is undoing Eve’s intellectual pride — it is intellectually humbling to accept by faith the message of another without independent access to all knowledge. 

Who is God to prove anything to man?  Any individual is  not the first Adam and is not the Second Adam.   God did not change the nature of the arrangement to accommodate a rebellion in mankind, he leads us right back to where the mistake happened (Eve’s arrogance) and offers us a chance to undo it.  

This is why salvation can only come through the preaching of the Gospel, not some intellectual “proof” (although a culture that successfully frames the Truth — creates a Biblical narrative in society — makes evangelism so much easier).

Second, one accepts the words of the preacher — Adam was the preacher to Eve.  When the sinner accepts the preacher’s words, it is like  Eve repenting of her independence and accepting the word of the first Adam.  It is the Second Adam that the sinner accepts as Lord.  When a child of Eve accepts as Lord the Second Adam, he undoes Eve’s rejection of her lord, the first Adam.

All this ties together.

A woman is not primary. The male is.  All claims to the independence of a woman and modern “feminism” are allegiances to Eve’s accommodation with the Serpent.

But there’s more.

To whom did God call to account for this sin?  Was it the serpent first? For was the Serpent not the Deceiver? Was it Eve first, did she not take and eat the fruit and then give it to Adam?

No.  There is one lord on earth and God came to him, to Adam.  He called Adam to account first —  he was lord of the garden.  Second he went to Eve.  Finally he went to the Serpent. 

Why? Because Adam, the male, even in a fallen state, after he sinned, still held primacy.  That did not change with the Fall.

And yet there is more.

All biblical blood lines come down through the male — the fathers.  There is no female line of descendency.  This is true in Genesis and it is true in the Gospels stories of the life of Jesus Christ.   Legitimacy — the bloodline — is through the male only.

Yes, God had mercy of Eve. He covered her with a blood soaked animal skin (a blood sacrifice) to hide her nakedness, and promised that a Redeemer would come through her.  But that is for the very reason that that bloodline comes through male, not through the female.  The male bloodines from Adam on down are hopelessly corrupted — descendancy is only from the male.  

But from the woman God could produce a human Redeemer without the taint of sin coming down because the Father of the Redeemer was God Himself in the form of the Holy Spirit who caused the conception to happen in Eve.  Eve did not pass on sin to Jesus.  Sin or righteousness is through the male alone.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God — a pure bloodline that bypassed Adam’s corrupted bloodline.  Eve did not pass on to Jesus that corruption because descendancy is through the male only.

But there’s more.

Every nation and bloodline in the Bible descends from the male.  There is no nation (bloodline) named through females.    All the nations of the earth came through three men, Shem, Ham, and Japeth; their wives are not even named.

And when they do come from women (the daughters of Lot) they are evil nations — the Moabites and the Ammonites, whom God hated.

But there’s more.

Jesus Christ, Lord, appointed only males as heads of the Church.  The twelve Apostles were male. 

All the other Scripture that people point to must be set against this overwhelming backdrop — the intellectual ocean that frames the question of feminism. To pull some verse out of somewhere and claim it stands on it’s own is a subtle deception Satan knows well, since he has practiced it from the Garden with Eve all the way up to the Temptation of Jesus Christ and continues it today.

Jesus never appointed a woman to a position of leadership.  

Wake up Church.  This world has always been yours to loose and you’ve done really good job losing it.  The Church, like Eve, willingly surrendered control of the narrative to the Serpent.  Like Eve, the Church is flattered by the Serpent’s attention and elevates herself to a position to judge whether or not what the Word says is True.  It is that subtilty — that shaving of of the Truth — that killed Eve, and has killed the Church.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
Independence Day, 2019

Come on, Christians, Whose Side Are You On?

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(Big thanks to the Press who have promoted this site. I realize it isn’t your intention, but wow, thank you again!)

Lots of hate mail from the “diversity and tolerance” crowd. No surprise.  Hypocrite is a theological term.  You know who it applies to.

The hate mail included death threats from people who consider themselves morally superior and intellectually enlightened.    Liberal fragility is real.  Jewish fragility is real.   Makes White fragility look entirely made up.

I mean, who has the power? Ain’t folks like me.

What generates the hate?  Mostly it is indoctrination from their religious cult and its leaders.  They don’t like people who speak outside of the approved narrative.  Dissidents get attacked. Not many speak up; people are afraid of the Jews.

The Word of God is eternal; it will be here after heaven and earth pass away.  The story of Jesus and the Jews isn’t just some aberration for a moment two thousand years ago. The principles are eternal.  And, yes, people are afraid of the Jews.  But Jesus was not. And He wasn’t worried about offending them.

What offends Liberals and Jews?  Here’s just a few:

Some have advised that I avoid certain topics so as “not to offend” because, ostensibly, we can reach people with the Gospel if we don’t offend them.  Horse manure.   The Church has pursued that policy for a hundred years.

The Pharisees have not left the scene any more than Christians have.
And the new Pharisees are just as anti-Christ as the old Pharisees.

The Jews accused Jesus Christ of being full of Beelzebul, being possessed of a demon,  and casting out demons by the head demon. Jesus claimed He cast them out by the Spirit of God.  Did the Jews blaspheme the Holy Spirit?

The Jews said Jesus was conceived in fornication by a Samaritan. Wrong. Jesus Christ  was conceived by the Holy Spirit in a virgin woman.   Did they blaspheme the Holy Spirit?

Jesus said the Jews were sons of the Devil. Is that offensive? Is that anti-Semitic? Stop apologizing, Christian, for what Jesus Christ said.  Some Christians would rather deny the Word of God than stand with the Rock of Offense.

Wake up, Church. Choose a side and be done with it.  Either way. The hour is late.

Stay tuned.

Fritz Berggren
2 March 2021

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To My “Facebook Friends”

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To my Facebook friends — some of whom I know well, some of I don’t know at all: 

I have controversial opinions —  “provocative” in the words of Politico.   I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, but they are important enough to speak my mind.   

A “Facebook friend” is a corporate product that is marketed.  When FB deems it in their interest, they will make me go away.  Until that happens there is no  offense in “Facebook unfriending” me — it does not mean that we are no longer real friends any more than it means we were real friends before. 

We find ourselves on the opposite end of ideology/religion/politics/life.    But what kind of world do we live in if everyone agrees?   Either boring, or totalitarian. There are movies about this.  

I have written elsewhere (FB bans that particular site)  that this country ought kindly consider a peaceful divorce.  We are in a serious “domestic dispute” right now.   It is not working out — cities are burning.     

Perhaps someday I’ll find myself across the table from you at peace talks and we can find a new path, different paths.

Kindly and Respectfully,


Jewish Fragility

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Jewish Fragility refers to feelings of discomfort a Jewish person experiences when they witness discussions around race and theology.  This may trigger anger, fear, guilt,  and violence.  Some Jews may become insecure when other people groups claim privileges that Jew people enjoy.

If a Jewish person  becomes defensive, a non-Jew may feel obligated to comfort the Jew.  For example, some Christians comfort Jews by telling them they are “God’s children,” while some Europeans speak words establishing racial self-hatred.   These non-Jews seek to unburden themselves from socially constructed sin accusations (racism or anti-semitism).

Manifestations of Jewish fragility commonly include accusing others of what they do themselves. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Inventing a social sin that only applies to non-Jews (anti-semitism).
  • The privilege of their own racial homeland while accusing others of a social sin (racism)  for seeking the same privilege.
  • Establishing organizations promoting the interests of their own race while denying that privilege to others, specifically Whites.
  • Violence toward those who do not submit to religious, historical, and cultural narratives promoted by the Jews.

One manifestation of Jewish fragility was the reaction to Jesus Christ, who verbally chastised them for  hypocrisy. As a result, the Jews used their power and influence (Jewish privilege) to have him executed.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
28 February 2021

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Progressive/Liberal Fragility

Posted on February 28, 2021 by admin

Progressive fragility refers to feelings of discomfort a Progressive experiences when they witness discussions around race and theology.  This may trigger anger, fear, guilt, silence, and threats of violence.

Progressives may find it difficult to speak to unapologetic Whites. The Progressive person may become defensive, and the White person may feel obligated to comfort the Progressive  because we live in a Progressive-dominated environment.

The Beast is Afraid

Posted on February 28, 2021 by admin

Posted on February 26, 2021 by admin

Welcome new readers!
Thank you, Politico, truly, for spreading the word about

All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations.     — Jesus Christ Matthew 28:18-19

“I and the Father are One.” — Jesus Christ John 10:30

All nations whom You have made shall come and worship before You, O Lord,
And they shall glorify Your name.  Psalm 86:9

 . . at the name of Jesus every knee will bow . . . every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.  Phillippians 2:9-11

Goal: New Christian countries, wherever they may be, and calling the old Christian nations back to their God, Jesus Christ. (There is a reason these flags have a Cross on them.)

Jesus Christ is Lord of every nation.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
26 February 2021

PS: If you have not already surmised, my ideas are my own and not a reflection of any employer, company, agency, country, etc. 

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Lesson: Don’t Touch the Children

Posted on February 25, 2021 by admin

Ohio Public School Orders Teachers And Students To Lobby For LGBT Legislation

With such violence
    the great city of Babylon will be thrown down,
    never to be found again

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The New Pharisees

Posted on February 22, 2021 by admin

Wanna know who the haters are? It is the AdL and SPLC and BLM. It is most University Professors, most church leaders, the UN, and the Uni-Party. They all promote the hatred of Whites who refuse to be ashamed of their own existence.

Those self-righteous, holier-than-thou, finger pointing, hypocrites promote hatred. They are the New Pharisees.

Resist the New Pharisees.
Resist the Haters.
Never hang your head in shame.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
22 February 2021

Judeo Christianity Is An Oxymoron And Is antiChrist

The Satanists paid Chuck Smith $8 million to infiltrate the church with Jesus Rock Music according to John Todd ex Illuminati.  Over 90% of the Jesus Rock Music is controlled by the Illuminati.  All regular rock music is satanic and creates a portal for demon possession.

Hal Lindsay, Chuck Smith and Chuck Missler were all leaders in coercing believers into supporting a false religion (Babylonian Talmudic Judaism), and a state of Rothschild (Israel) that oppresses and murders most of its citizens (Palestinians).  Judeo-Christianity is an oxymoron as Christians believe in Messiah Jesus as the son of the living God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and the Jews are antiChrist.  Judaism is Communism and is anti God.  The Jews are Edomites and want to kill all Christians and the white race (the Tribes of Jacob surnamed Israel).  See my post here:

Ex Illuminati Turned Christian Exposes the Satanic Infiltration Of The Rock Music Industry And The Infiltration Of Churches In America With Rock Music And The Judeo Christianity Fable. Must See Videos Explaining The Plan To Take Down America!


“Bear not the yoke with unbelievers. For what participation hath justice with injustice? Or what fellowship hath light with darkness?   And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath the faithful with the unbeliever?”  (2 Corinthians 6:14-15)

Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. (1 John 2:22)

Messiah Jesus is the Logos and the son of God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.  

Links to prior heavily censored posts as BIN will not feature anything that goes against the Jewish Edomite party line and suppresses and deletes all my posts.  Censorship has dramatically increased!

Many of Pastor James P Wickstrom’s videos are being taken down on bitchute.  Please see his full library on “TheOven” site:—dr.-james-wickstrom?channelName=ARCODEAUS-RELOADED

Bombshell: The antiChrist Has Arrived! Find Out Who Is Going To Rule The World! Great Video and the Calculation of the Number of the Beasts 666 Per Revelation 13!


The Main antiChrist “The Big Dicktator” Is Here!  Antonio Guterres at the Luciferian UN is the main antiChrist that will be the one world Dicktator that will run the One World Government for the Jew NWO.  He is referred to as the Little Horn in Daniel 7 and the Beast That Comes Out Of the Sea In Rev.13.  Dope Francis is the Beast that comes out of the earth as he is the false prophet.

Note that Antonio Guterres is a Portuguese Jew, Kill Bill is a German Jew and Dope Francis is an Argentinian Jew.  These 3 “dicks” are all fallen angels and super evil and they want all non Jews dead.  Some Jews may be sacrificed just like in WW2 to achieve the Jewish objective of taking control of the entire world and making everyone else their slave who manage to survive their kill shots / Covid 19 vaccines/ Covid 19 tests / flu shots /  quantum dot tattoos / Neuralink which are all Marks of the Beast plus the food shortages and nuclear war.  The Jews are the Satanic Serpent seedline from Satan’s rape of Eve and are at war with God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and His Son, King Jesus, and His Holy Seed, the white race which are the Tribes of Jacob, and all Christians grafted in.  See Genesis 3:15 and John 8:44-47 and links below for more info.  Adolf Hitler and Joseph “Rabbi” Goebbels were the First Two Beasts of the Sea and the Earth respectively in WW2 and were both Jews.

The Truth About The Elites Who Are Trying To Enslave And Kill Us! Must See Videos!


“Some call it Marxism – I call it Judaism.” 

Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, in the American Bulletin of May 15, 1935

Communism is our supreme revenge against Christianity.” 

-“Jewish Chronicle” (newspaper), December 1918

Caucasians are Israelites According to Noah Webster of the Webster Encylopedia of Dictionaries (copyrigt 1958) Literary Press page 64

Caucasians are Israelites According to Noah Webster of the Webster Encylopedia of Dictionaries (© 1958)

If you were a Caucasian, you are also an Israelite according to Noah Webster, and the Holy Bible. 

Webster Encyclopedia of Dictionaries (Copyright 1958 by the Literary Press, page 64), says “Caucasian” pertains to the white race originating from the Caucasus Mountains near the Black Sea.

The Holy Bible states that the House of Israel would be scattered north of the river Euphrates (1 Kings 14:15).  This promise was fulfilled when, in 721 B.C., all ten tribes were taken captive and driven by the Assyrians into the Caucasus Mountains located between the Caspian and Black Seas (2 Kings 17:6; 18:9-11).  Hosea 2:6 says,  “I will hedge up the way with thorns, and make a wall that she shall not find her paths.”  In this way God was making it clear that the tribes were not to return to Palestine.  As Israel left the mountains and migrated into Europe, and finally to North America, they became known as CAUCASIANS.  

The Anti-White New World Order!! No Whites Allowed! Full Documentary To Wake Up The Caucasians That You Will Be Hunted Down And Sent To A FEMA Camp! The White Race Is On The Endangered Species List! Must See Video!


“Domestic Terrorism Bill” — Witch Hunt on Patriots. (This bill will be used to set up a witch-hunt for mainly white people in America, mostly white males. Half the country will be considered guilty. It will be used to destroy businesses, steal property, incarcerate those that oppose the state narrative, separate families, to censor speech at every turn, and even murder.)


Heavily Censored

It Is Time To Hear From The Jews Themselves! Jews Admit They Are NOT The Israelites Of The Bible! Must See Videos For The Truth!


The Not So Chosen People Explanation. 

Jews Admit They Are NOT Israelites link to article below:

The Most Unholiest Hoax In All Of History!  Caucasians & Christians Duped By The Serpent! Must See Videos Of Jewish Defector Turned Christian To Find Out Who’s Who!


The Tribes of Jacob-Israel Found! Tribe of Judah Identified Today and How All the Kings of the Rulers of the Earth Are Descended From The Tribe Judah as Prophesied. The Sceptre Shall Not Depart From Queen E Until Shiloh Comes! Find Out About The 144K Saints (Rev 7&14)! Messiah Jesus Was Not A Jew Dummy! Must See Video!


The Biggest Identity Theft In History!  Over 100 Proofs That The True Israelites Were White –Full 5 Part Series! – Must See Videos To Determine Who’s Who And What’s What & How The World Has Been Deceived By The Serpent!



Bombshell!! Even More Than 100 Proofs The Israelites Were White – Part 6 To 9! The Biggest Identity Theft In History! Must See Videos!


The Tribulation Timeline and Where We Are Today in Events on God’s Timetable – What Event Triggered the Beginning of the Tribulation Referred To As The Sign Of Jonah and When? We Are Currently Only Two Steps Away From the Great Tribulation.  Must See!


Bombshell! Over 100 Proofs That America And Britain Are End Times Babylon –Once America Is Obliterated Then Britain Will Be Destroyed Afterwards! FLEE From Babylon While You Can! Must See Videos!


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Find Out Who Is Cain Today And Whether You Are Following The Way Of Cain In The World Today Or The Way Of God Of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.  Find Out Who’s Who Today. Don’t Miss The Picture Of Obama Taken In A Chicago Bath House!  Must See Video! 


The Serpent Seed Doctrine, The Kenites, And The Seed Of Cain Filtered Through The Lens Of The Holy Scriptures. Must See Videos!!


The Not So Chosen People Of The Bible Explanation!  Must See To Know Who’s Who!  


Ex Illuminati Turned Christian Exposes the Satanic Infiltration Of The Rock Music Industry And The Infiltration Of Churches In America With Rock Music And The Judeo Christianity Fable. Must See Videos Explaining The Plan To Take Down America!


Very Heavily Censored

The Most Informative Interview Ever By A Washington Insider To Understand The Planned Agenda For The New World Order! Must Listen (Video)!


Alert!! Super Heavily Censored Post on Dr. Reiner Fuellmich & Brian Gerrish - Must See Post!!! Unable to Repost so watch while you can!!

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich | Brian Gerrish – U.K. Column News Interview And May 26/ 28 2021 News. Who Is Behind The Plannedemic And Why? Lucifer And The United Nations And The New World Order Rising Out Of The Ashes! Must See Videos!


The Prophecy Of Daniel, Bel & The Dragon In the Apocrypha And Who They Are Today. This Is A Prophecy For America Today! Must See Videos!


The Unraveling Of Revelation Revealing The Rapture, Armageddon, The Identity Of The antiChrist, The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, The Red Dawn Invasion Of America, The Tribes Going Into Captivity & The Greater Second Exodus!


Messiah Jesus Is At The Door! The Unraveling Of Revelation Covering The Rapture, Armageddon, The Identity Of The antiChrist, The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, The Red Dawn Invasion Of America, The Captivity, & The Second Exodus!


The End Times Prophecies Of The Bible Unveiled For All Caucasians & Christians!  Our Spiritual Battle Against The Forces Of Darkness!  The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, The antiChrist, The Prophets of Revelation 11, The Harpazo, And The Gathering Of The Remnant!


Is The World Today In A Spiritual Battle Against Forces Of Darkness? Will This Spiritual Battle Only Be Won With The Return of Jesus The Christ? The End Times Prophecies of The Bible Unveiled!


Woe To You Pastors Who Deceive The Flock And Push The Mark Of The Beast On Your Congregation! Jeremiah 23:1 Warning. Must See Video!


A True American Hero Who Fought To Preserve the White Christian Race & Was Murdered! No Surprise! Warning As To Who Is Destroying America. The Same People That Destroyed Germany Came To America To Do The Same! Must See Videos!


Pre-Mud Flood: Tartaria Tech Uncovered! The World We Lost! Must See Videos !!


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Prophecy Being Fulfilled With The Invasion Of America With The Illegal Aliens!  America Is Being Destroyed From Within From A Two Prong Attack !!  Must See Video!!


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The Real Story Behind The Swastika Before It Was Adopted By The Nazis. Learn The Truth Hidden From You About Your European Israelite Heritage. Must See Historical Informative Video On One Of The Symbols Of The Tribes Of Israel!


Ancient Mysteries Of Michigan! Must See Video To Understand What Has Been Hidden From You!


The Churchill Body Count … The Sinking Of The Lusitania.  The Real Winston Churchill Zionist Truth Of Rothschild And Israel.  Boshevism VS Zionism. Churchill Still Haunts Us Today!  Must See Videos!


Crispr Covid 19 ‘Vaccines Can Alter A Person’s Thinking, Alter Their Behavior, & Can Be Remotely Controlled! Dr. Charles Morgan On Psycho-Neurobiology And War – West Point Lecture. Must See Videos!


Dr Lorraine Day Calling It As It Is On The Destruction Of America And The Noahide Laws With Jana Israeli News Live – Must See Interview On Her New Book Now On Its Second Edition!  Bill Gates Is Jewish!


The Current World Is Run By A Satanic Mafia! Enemy Of Satan Vol.1 – Satanic Ritual Abuse, Pizzagate & Freemasons! Enemy Of Satan Vol.1.5 – Dark Satanic Secrets Revealed Documentary! Must See Videos!


The History Of The Communist Movement In The United States Which Is The Supreme Revenge On Caucasians And Christianity!  Must See Video! 


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Trudeau Implements Full Scale Communist Style Takeover Of Canada! Communist Canada Launches Nationwide Manhunt For Anti-Lockdown Protester Chris Sky!  Must See Videos!


Black Villanova Prof Admits Critical Race Theory Is A Marxist White Genocide Cult! Satan’s New World Order! Must See Videos!


Wars Wars And Rumours Of Wars All Lead Back To The Rothschilds. Dr. Stan Monteith Talks To Bill Cooper, Anthony Sutton & Ambassador Smith. All Communist Revolutions All Lead Back To The Jewish Banksters.  Must See Videos!


Pharmacist Reveals Vaxx Ingredients!  Urgent Info On The Use Of Midazolam in the Jab!  Magneto Woman Interviewed After Doctor Confirms Vax Injury. Vaccine Disaster Ahead!  Fauci’s Emails Released – Motive Is Genocide! Must See Videos!


Operation Crimson Mist & The Coming Genocide By Vaxxed Mind-Controlled Zombies. NY Mom Fights Back Against Teaching Critical Race Theory. The Great Reset Exposed. Covid Vaxx Shedding Hurting Unvaxxed – Dr. Lee Merritt! Must See Videos!


Follow The Good Shepherd! Must See Video On A True Shepherd in Glasgow!


Beware Of False Prophets, Who Come To You In Sheep’s Clothing But Inwardly Are Ravenous Wolves. Must See Videos !!


Illuminati Wife Tells All – The Kay Griggs Story (Full Interview)! Must See VIdeo!


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Pfizer Approves Jab For 12-15 Year Olds Despite A 99.98% Recovery Rate For The Covid.  UK Paramedic Speaks Out!  4 Ireland Nurse Whistleblowers Speak Out! UK Column News 6/2 5/31.  Vernon Coleman – The Jabs Must Stop Now! Must See Videos!


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The Mark Of The Beast System Is Here! End Times, Social Conditioning, Great Reset, Vaccine Agenda, Digital ID 2020 And The Involvement Of False Prophet Francis! Must See Videos!


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Donald Trump And 9/11: Case Closed! September 11 The New Pearl Harbor Documentary. Must See Videos By Johnny Gat!


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Donald Trump Time Traveler.  Is Donald Trump The Last President And Will America Fall As Per The Book Written In 1896 By Ingersol Lockwod?  Must See Videos By Demon Hunters!


Is Donald Trump A Time Traveler? Is Donald Trump The Last Elected President And Will America Fall As Per Book Written Over A 100 Years Ago? Must See Videos By Demon Hunters!


Rare Eye Opening Interviews With Dr. Stan Monteith And Bill Cooper, Anthony Sutton &. Ambassador Smith. All Communist Revolutions All Lead Back To The Banksters On Wall St. And The 4th Floor.  Awesome Brother Of Darkness Video! Must See Videos!


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Legends Speak Of Giants That Once Walked The Earth. Where Did The Evidence Go? Did The Smithsonian Institute Cover It Up? There Were 7 Races Here On Earth Prior To Adam And Eve & The Science Confirms The Bible. Must See Videos!


Thunder Over Zion: Illuminati Bloodlines and The Secret Plan For A Jooish Utopia And A New World Snake Messiah! Must See Video!!


Chanel Manufactured “Smart Guillotines” In China And They Have Been Shipped To Fema Camps Here!  Fema-CDC Plastic Coffins The Truth.  Get Ready For the Contrived Noahide Laws!  Must See Videos!


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How To Fake An Alien Invasion And Project Blue Beam! The United Nations Will Be The One To Announce The Fake Alien Invasion Threat And Request All Countries To Unite As Millions Will Be In Fear! Must Watch Videos To See What Is Being Planned For You!


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American Gone Wild!  10,000 Canadian Doctors Tell The World Pandemic Is A Fraud.  Here Is How The Covid Injection Can Cause Neurological Disorders.  The Vaccinated Are The Pathogen Spreaders – It Has Been Confirmed!  Must See Videos!


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Dr. Bill Deagle, A Highly Intelligent Whistleblower: “The Plague… I Don’t Know When It’ll Happen But It’s Coming” And He Called Fauci A Monster!! IQ 220 MegaGenius Deepstater Red Pills The World For 4 Hours Straight In Historical 2008 Video!


The Sinister Global Agenda Revealed By the President of Ghana And How The Second Lockdown Will Be Much Longer Than The First Lockdown!  Must See Video!


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Whistleblower And Former CIA Employee Discusses The Infamous Heart Attack Gun! Must See Video!


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Betelgeuse And The Cosmic War In Heaven Before The Evil Entities Were Thrown Down To Earth!  Who Are Our Spiritual Enemies Today?  Find Out The Truth!  Must See Video!


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You Think You Have Seen Everything?  Wait Until You See The Clones Of Hollyweird.  Music, Comedians, Actors And Much More!  The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!  Must See Video!


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Here Are Some Of The Things They Don’t Want You To Know About! The Unmasked Buried The Masked In The 1918 Spanish Flu!  Who Knew And Wrote About It?  Dr. Fauci!  Is History Repeating Itself?  Must See Videos What You Need To Know About Masks!


Amazing Interview On The Infiltration And Destruction Of Western Christian Societies With The Wisdom Circle!  Watch If You Can Handle The Truth!  Heavily Censored!  Watch While You Can!


History Of The Infiltration And Destruction Of Our Western Christian Societies With Harry Vox And The Wisdom Circle On Revolutionary Radio! Must See Video!


History Of The Infiltration And Destruction Of Our Societies With Harry And The Wisdom Circle! Must See Video!


The Trump “Prophecies” Based On 2 Books Written Over 100 Years Ago Namely “The Last President”!  Japanese Commercial Featuring Trump! Obama Goes Into The Shapeshifting To Robotoid Akhenaten Files!  Must See Videos!


Two Top Leading Experts Explain the Alien Human Abduction Agenda And Who Are The Ones Doing the Abducting! Must See Videos!!


Max Igan: Antarctica Hidden Secrets, History Of The Matrix, Current Events And More – Rice TV!  Must See Video!


Dr. Jane Ruby: Important Update Covid ‘Shedding’ Fecal Transfer And How It Can Happen In The Home.  The Magnetic Mark Of The Beast Explained. Your Magnetic Field Has Been Changed. You Are A Transmitter!  Must See Videos!


Wake Up Call-Pharmacist Speaks Out!  Covid – The Perfect Cover For Mass 5G Genocide!  Dr. Jane Ruby & The Eagle Discuss All The Anomalies Of The Vaers Data Base!   Must See Videos!


Fighting To Breathe: Children School Tyrants On Forced Mask Child Abuse. Where Are The Parents?  Here Are Some Of The Things They Don’t Want You To Know About – For Instance, Masks Are Killing You! Must See Videos!


Here Are Some Of The Things They Don’t Want You To Know About – For Instance, Masks Are Killing You! The Unmasked Buried The Masked In The 1918 Spanish Flu! Who Knew And Wrote About It? Dr. Fauci! Must See Videos!


Dr. Eric Karlstrom On Psychological Warfare And Domestic Terror Black Ops Beginning In The 60’s.  International Science Frauds Usher In The New World Order. The Global Gang Stalking Program (Mind Control).  Tavistock And The New Age.  Must See!


The Forehead Mark And The Number Of The Beast!  The Man Who Invented The RFID Chip Speaks Out! Fauci Owns Coronavirus Patent – His Income Is 100% Dependent On Keeping This Fake Pandemic Alive!! Show Me The Virus!  Must See Videos!


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Tip Toe To Tyranny… Now It Comes With Free French Fries! Must See Video By Dollar Vigilante!


Pap Test Linked To Cervical Cancer – Teachers, Parents Are Criminals For Masking And Testing Children. Must See Banned Video While You Can!


Fritz Springmeier – Undetectable Mind Control.  Illuminati Bloodlines: Satanism, Cannibalism, 1000 Points Of Light, Adrenochrome, Mothers Of Darkness.  General Michael Aquino – Satanism – Mk-Ultra.  Out Of The Shadows About Hollywood! Must See Videos!


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Psycovidosis! A Psychic Pandemic Of Mass Psychosis! Must See Video By TheCrowhouse!


The Jewish Plan To Conquer Caucasians & Christians & Rule The World Exposed! Horrifying Kabbalah Secrets Exposed! Caucasians And Christians Better Wake Up That Your So Called Allies Are Coming For You And It’s Not To Give You Lox And Bagels! Must See Videos!


Unleashing The Beast When You Take The Mark Of The Beast! – Exposing Mystery Babylon! WOW! This Thing Holds Your Body Together With Crosses To Represent Messiah Jesus & Will Be Replaced With Sixes To Represent Satan When You Take The Mark Of The Beast! Must See Videos!!


Biden’s Queer Army And The Invasion Of Aliens Into America To Make America Much Easier To Conquer And To Destroy To Take America Down!  Must See Videos!!


Satan In Hollywood Demonizing Christianity.  The Satanic Mafia That Controls The World Today And Soon The Stinking Satanic New World Odor!!  Must See Videos!!


The Writing Is On The Wall – We Were Warned! I Bought A Timeshare On Mars The Documentary! One Hive Mind Blinded By Science – The Final Countdown! Must See Videos By Shaking My Head!


England’s Royal Family Polluted And The Kings Of The Earth As Prophesied From The Tribe Of Judah! The Queen Will Remain In Power Until Shiloh Returns To Earth! Must See Video!


Buzz Aldrin Finally Confesses The Apollo Moon Landing Was A Hoax. More Proof That The Moon Landings Were A Big Freemasonic Hoax!! Must See Videos!!


Fraud & Crypto – What They Don’t Tell You | Pipeline Shut Down | June 2021 Crash.  Covid, Klaus, & Bringing Down The USD.  News: Bill & Melinda Split – Israel Technology Outted As A Backdoor By Australian Intelligence!  Must See Videos By Brendon O’Connell!


Bombshell! Eve Was Beguiled By The Serpent And Produced Cain And Introduced A Serpent Seedline Into The World!! The Serpent Doesn’t Want You To Know This Information!  Must See Videos ! !


Monopoly ~ Follow The Money! These Jewish Companies Made $7 Trillion USD From The Plannedemic While The Foolish Goyim Lost $7 Trillion USD! Must See Videos!


Unravelling Some Of Satan’s Hoaxes To Caucasians & Christians!  Must See Video As Many Have Been Duped!


The Envelope Affair Solved !! The Black Mirror Of Mike Pence! ! Must See Video By Tamara!


Source: Bitchute

Heavily Censored – See Bitchute Video



Hear Me Loud And Hear Me Clear – It’s A Big Hoax! If You’re Conscious – Just Say No & Do Not Consent! Vaccine Shedding. Must See Videos By Dr. Amanda Vollmer!


Why Are Fedex Body Bags Being Shipped Across America?  Whistleblower Reveals Extermination Plan For Rounding Up Caucasians & Christians!  Two Thirds Of All Caucasians Are Prophesied To Perish As Per Bible Prophecy! Must See Videos !


Proof That The Covid 19 Injection Is The Mark Of The Beast! The Word “Hand” In Hebrew Also Means “Arm”! They Have Learned How To Fuse Biological Life And Robotics. The Jabbed Will Become Human 2.0! Must See Videos!


Bill Gates’ Covid-19 Vaccine Are The “Final Solution”. Proof Of The Planned Genocide Of The White Race Which Was First Documented in January 1849. Book Written On The “Final Solution” To Exterminate All The Germans In 1941 And Operation Vegetarian! Must See!


It’s a Big Club And You Ain’t In It! Coronavirus Hoax – Banksters Crash Global Economy – Get Ready For The Contrived Noahide Laws That Are Not Biblical But From The Babylonian Talmud! It Is Time To Remove Your Children From Schools! Must See Videos!


Who Is Behind The Invasion Of The White Christian Nations? Must See Video!


The Truth About Covid-19, Viruses, Germs & Bacteria, The PCR Test And How To Increase Your Immunity! Must See Interviews With Dr. Lorraine Day And Lilillian Mcdermott!


Killer Gate’s Population Control Agenda Exposed!  The Truth Behind Bill Gates’ Fall From Grace!  Bill Gates & Jeffrey Epstein Connection!  “He’s A Registered Sex Offender” NBC Reporter Admits On Live TV! Must See Videos ! !


SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN Full Documentary By A C Hitchcock. 300 Truckloads Of Bullion Were Simply Driven Away From Fort Knox! Americans Are Being Plundered From Within!  Must See Video!


Interview On The Synagogue Of Satan: Andrew Hitchcock’s Explosive Book On Truth Hertz. Must See Interview! Book Banned By Jeff Bezos On Amazon!


It’s Time – Video!! Banned Everywhere – Please Watch – Last Hope Video!! The Reds In America. The Modern Surveillance State! Bill Gates Deleted Documentary Why He Switched From Microsoft To Vaccines!


Why The Vaccine Is A Lethal Murder Weapon! Covid ‘Vaccine Shedding’, Evidence Sars-Cov-2 Spike Protein Can ‘Alter Human Genes’ Permanently & Vaers Truth! CDN Woman Speaks Out – FDA Has Not Approved The So Called “Vaccines”! Must See Videos!


Will America Stand Or Be Destroyed By A Hoax?  Must See Presentation By Dr. Russell Blaycock On The Extreme Dangers Of Wearing A Mask And The Irreversible Damage It Causes!


Proof That The Covid Depop Shot Will Change Your DNA And Either Kill You, Give You A Serious Injury Or Turn You Into A Zombie Without A Spirit Or Soul! Must See Interview!


Donald Trump Is The Great Pretender! He Is Pretending To Be Your Savior But In Reality He Is AntiChrist. Find Out the Truth So That You Are Not Deceived! Awesome Videos!


WOW!! Rabbi Confirms To Pastor That Sacrificed Babies Are Put Into The Food At McDonalds And Matzo Balls!!  America Is Sinking Fast, Rottenchild’s State Of Is-ra-hell Must Step Up As New World Superpower Says Rabbi In January 2021. Must See Video To Understand The Agenda For Global Domination!


Rabbi confirms that the Jews infiltrated the Vatican in the 1800s.

Also Rabbi states, among many additional other jaw-dropping things, including the Zionist intention to kill off all of humanity other than Jews, that:

“we ARE god’s chosen people. Its just most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer.” – an open admission that Jews ARE NOT Israelites, because Israelites are the chosen people of the OTHER God – the Christian God – God the father.

The Real Star Wars Is Far More Astounding Than Any Science-Fiction Fantasy And It Is Absolute Reality!  Must See Videos To Understand What Is Going On Today!


Bombshell! Hell Is Empty! The Devil and His Children Are All Here on Earth Today in Human Form To Create Hell On Earth! – Find Out Who Is At War With God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob & His Holy Seed, The Tribes Of Jacob-Israel! Must See Video!


Bombshell! The History Of The Communist Movement In The United States!! You Will Be Surprised!! Must See Video!


The Khazarian Mafia: The Synagogue Of Satan Full Movie! Must See! Heavily Censored! The Devil Doesn’t Want You To Know His Lies! Watch While You Can ! !


Transpocalypse Now! Elite Gender Inversion – The Documentary! Joe And The Dragsters! Must See!


The Drugging Of America And The West To Destroy Western Christian Civilization And Usher In The New World Order! Must See Video !!


Dr. Carrie Madej Warns About Giving An “Experimental” DNA Changing Injection On Humanity Could Eliminate Humanity As We Know It! Covid Shots Shedding! Must See Interviews With Dr. Carrie Madej And Janet Ossebaard!


Luciferase: Bill Gates Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccine Exposed!! The Smoking Gun Of The Mark Of The Beast! Must See Videos Heavily Censored Everywhere! ! Watch While You Can! !


It’s Official: Covid-19(84) Has Been Militarized!!! Canada On The Brink Of Martial Law!!!! Must See!


The Internal Enemy Of America And The World The Creators Of Communism, Marxism And Zionism Have Global Control! Must See!



lHeavily Censored

We Don’t Bow Down To Tryanny Bone Chilling Speech!! This is A Must! Heavily Censored Videos!!


Heavily Censored

We Don’t Bow Down To Tryanny Bone Chilling Speech!! This is A Must! Heavily Censored Videos!!


COVID-19 is a Smokescreen for 5G Radiation Sickness. The Invisible War, Experimental Jabs With 5G Electronic Activation! Agents Of The Apocalypse And The Beast Of Revelation. Must See Amazing Videos By EndTimesWatchman!


Dr. Lorraine Day Shares How To Prevent The Coronavirus Covid-19! The Distracted And Delusional Christians Who Have Been Brainwashed By Their Sold Out Communist Pastors! The Ten Commandments And The Coming Noahide Laws! Must See Videos!


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The Pandemic Is Over! We Are In An Endemic! No One Needed To Die With This Miracle Cure That Is Being Suppressed! Must See Heavily Censored Videos! They Don’t Want You To Know!


Live News: Sidney Powel, Alleged Election Rigging, Rats In The Ranks, Israel, Iran & Other News. Must See Videos With Brendon O’Connell!


Wow!! The Pfizer Vaxx Has The Same Ingredient Used In Executions! Manulife Insurance Not Paying Out For Anyone Taking The Experimental Covid Depop Shot!Toronto’s Top Doctor Provides No Data To Justify Lockdown!Follow The Money!! Must See Videos!


Ancient Chinese Mummies, Pyramids and Samurai DNA! Must See Video By Robert Sepehr!


Ancient Chinese Mummies, Pyramids and Samurai DNA! Must See Video By Robert Sepehr!


Hear Me Loud And Hear Me Clear – It’s A Big Hoax! If You’re Conscious – Just Say No & Do Not Consent! Vaccine Shedding. Must See Videos By Dr. Amanda Vollmer!


Hear Me Loud And Hear Me Clear – It’s A Big Hoax! If You’re Conscious – Just Say No & Do Not Consent! Vaccine Shedding. Must See Videos By Dr. Amanda Vollmer!


Former FEMA Operative, Celeste Solum, On What’s In The Bill Gates Injection And What Does It Mean To Be Human! Must See Videos Before Anyone Takes The Jab!!


Celeste Solum & David Icke: Former FEMA Discusses Vaccine & Mass Depopulation! Is The Test Tagging You? Must See Video!


The Hidden Name of Our Creator YHWH in Your DNA! Sacred Geometry In Our DNA! Must See Videos!


Pentagon DOD Briefing Re: Chemical Lobotomy Virus For All “Religious Fanatics! Alan Watts: You Have To Hate The New Mandate! Eustace Mullins: Murder By Injection! Must See Videos!!




Fraud & Crypto – What They Don’t Tell You | Pipeline Shut Down | June 2021 Crash.  Covid, Klaus, & Bringing Down The USD.  News: Bill & Melinda Split – Israel Technology Outted As A Backdoor By Australian Intelligence!  Must See Videos By Brendon O’Connell!


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Fraud & Crypto – What They Don’t Tell You | Pipeline Shut Down | June 2021 Crash.  Covid, Klaus, & Bringing Down The USD.  News: Bill & Melinda Split – Israel Technology Outted As A Backdoor By Australian Intelligence!  Must See Videos By Brendon O’Connell!


Fraud & Crypto – What They Don’t Tell You | Pipeline Shut Down | June 2021 Crash.  Covid, Klaus, & Bringing Down The USD.  News: Bill & Melinda Split – Israel Technology Outted As A Backdoor By Australian Intelligence!  Must See Videos By Brendon O’Connell!


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Live News With Brendon O’Connell! Lucky For Us Israel Just Happened To Be Working On A Coronavirus Vaccine When The Big Corona Broke Out! Must See Videos!



The Moderna’s mRNA Covid 19 Injection Is An Operating System And Will Require Regular Ongoing Updates! Must See Video!


MASSIVE Pedophile Network EXPOSED: What Does Netflix’s “Cuties” Have To Do With It? Elite Human Trafficking Ring Exposed! Pedogate 2020 – Tom Hanx And Pope Francis! Must See Videos!


Redacted Official Documentary On The Planned Destruction Of America And The Creation Of A Better Satanic New World Order According To The Babylonian Talmud!  Must See Video!


Spiritual Warfare As Our Warfare Today Is Not Just Against Flesh And Blood But Rather Powers And Demons! Must See Videos!


Satan’s New World Order Documentary!! People Who Think They Came From Doo-Doo Are Going to End up Extinct Like the Dodo Bird!! Must See Videos To Understand How Most People Have Been Deceived By The Serpent!


Molech ~ It’s Priests & Temples Of Today ! Must See Videos !!


Spiritual Warfare And Exorcism [Matthew 16:18-19; Mark 16:15-18; Luke 10:19-20]. Excellent Videos! /christian-news/2021/01/spiritual-warfare-and-exorcism-matthew-1618-19-mark-1615-18-luke-1019-20-excellent-videos-2592897.html

The antiChrist Is Here To Stick It To Us With His Little Horn! The Angel Of Death Is Back Doing His Human Experiments! The Book Of Esther Is An End Times Prophecy For Today For The True Tribes Of Jacob! Find Out Who’s Who And What’s What!


Only Ten Commandments? The Commandments For Israelite Christians Today That We Are All Supposed To Abide By According To The God Of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.


Satanic Illuminati Cult Revealed. Confessions Of A Former Satanist! Must See Videos!


Pervywood ~ Part 6 ~ Royal Flush.  Connecting The Dots With Lady Di, JFK Jr, Justin Trudeau & Who’s His Daddy? False Prophet Francis And The Vatican!  Must See Video!


Time For Melting – The Present Brain Freeze – The Real Virus – The Stupid Virus That The US Government Created! The Amazing Car That They Don’t Want You To Know About! Must See Video!


Must-Watch: What’s Really In The Covid-19 Experimental ‘Vaccines – Former FEMA Employee Celeste Solum With David Icke!!


They Rule From The Shadows, The Whole World Is Deceived. CV1984 Is A Mass Mind Control Intelligence Psyops, This Is How They Operate! Must See Videos By EndTimesWatchman!


“Magicians” Prove a Spiritual World Exists – Demonic Activity Caught on Video. Excellent Educational And Entertaining Videos!


The Noahide Laws: A Tool Of The Vatican And The Satanic New World Order. The Force Behind The Noahide Decapitation Laws, This Deception Is Truly Monumental. Noahide Laws Adopted By The United Nations. Must See Videos!


Will Donald Trump Be The King Of The State Of Is-ra-hell? Update On The 3rd Temple – Peace Deal – Noahide Laws – One World Religion Controlled By False Prophet Francis! Must See Video By Shaking My Head!

Update On The 3rd Temple – Peace Deal – Noahide Laws – One World Religion Controlled By False Prophet Francis! Excellent Video By Shaking My Head!


The Sons Of LIght Vs The Sons Of Darkness! This is The Real War Going On Today! Must See Video!


The War Between The Sons Of LIght VS The Sons Of Darkness!  This is The Real War Going On Today!  Must See Video!


The Vaccine Trials – Documentary Film 2021 – Deleted By Youtube! Why Is No One Talking About The Placebos And Who Is Getting Them? Raising The Dead: Digital Resurrection Begins! Must See Videos!


Shadow World  ~  Inside The Global Arms Trade!  Must See Documentary Video!  Lots Of Surprises In This One!!


What Happened To The Passengers On The 9/11 And The Malaysian Flights? Rothschild Conveniently Gains Rights To A Semiconductor Patent!  Will These Passengers Be Arriving With The Fake ALIEn Arrival As Part Of Project Bluebeam And Satan’s False Resurrection?Must See!!


The New World Order! Redemption Through Sin! Must See Video Showing How The Secret Societies Are Being Used To Usher In The Stinking Jew New World Odor With Their Two Fake Snake Messiahs!


History Of Putin, KGB, Chabad, & The Mossad – Must Watch Video To Understand How Well Coordinated and Organized These Agencies Are!


Project Blue Beam: The Fake Alien Invasion To Usher In The Antichrist To Rule The Satanic New World Order – The Fake Holographic Asteroids Preparing For The Day Of 1000 Stars And Asteroids! – Must See Videos!


AI God – New Church With New Deity (AI) As It’s Head! Must See Video On “The Image Of The Beast” Revelation 13:15 ! 


Gym Declines Vaxxed Clients Due To Insurance Liability!  Life Insurance Not Paying Out For Anyone Taking The Experimental Covid 19 Lethal Injection That Has Not Yet Been Approved By The FDA!  Boris Confirms That They Are Injecting The Virus Into You!  Must See Videos!



Billy Graham may well be the greatest deception that has ever been successfully pulled off on the protestant denominations.  Billy “Frank” Graham  and his son Franklin are puppets of the Jesuits whose main mission is to destroy Protestantism.

Billy Graham:  Freemason & Satanic Illuminati NWO False Prophets Exposed!! Must See Videos To See How The Church Was Hijacked From Within!!



Billy Graham was a Jew and his real name was Billy Frank and was spreading a false Satanic gospel teaching that Jesus was a Jew and that the Jews are God’s Chosen people and the Judea-Christian message which is antiChrist.  The Jews are chosen by Lucifer who is their god. 

Billy Graham’s family when they originally came over to this nation were of the Frank family which is related to Jakob Frank. After coming over to this nation, they changed their name to Graham which is a
Scottish name. Two groups of people who are over represented in the power structure over the last 200 years are Scots and cabalistic satanic “jews.”  Obviously, not all Scotsmen nor jews are involved in
the NWO. Several other researchers independently discovered that Billy Graham’s heritage was the jewish Frank family.

Billy Graham was also a 33 degree freemason.

See link below for proof that Billy Graham was a Jew.

Secrets Of The Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed That You Won’t Find On The Mainstream Media!  Must See Video!


The Red Dawn Invasion Of America In Bible Prophecy And Specifying Which Countries Will Be Invading North America. The Two Prophets In Revelation 11 And American’s Next President Revealed. The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Identified! Video Interview.


The Red Dawn Invasion Of America Prophecy And Which Countries Will Be Invading North America? The Two Prophets In Revelation 11 And American’s Next President. The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse And Baphomet Revealed. Great Interview (Video)!


A Complete Analysis Of Revelation Chapter 11 And Where We Are In The Timeline Of End Times Events. Who Are The 6 Prophets In Revelation 11 And 3 Shepherds Who Will Be Annihilated In 1 Month? The Harpazo And Who’s Going & Who’s Staying.


The Angel Of Death Is Back! The Book of Esther Is An End Times Prophecy For Today For The True Israelites. The antiChrist Revealed! The Anunnaki And The Nephilim Are All Here. They Never Left! Find Out Who’s Who And What’s What!


The Truth About The Vaccine Pimps Gates, Fraudski And Collins. Are All The Nazis Back In Town To Set Up Their Fourth Reich? The Nazis Never Surrendered. Warning For All Caucasians & Christians As To What The Bible Foretells Will Be Coming To America To Take Them Down!

The Book of Esther prophecy unravelled and who’s who today.  Haman today (Donald Trump) and the plan to exterminate all Israelites (the white race).


And For Our Next Covid Backflip… Who Is Lucifer? Lucifer Is Not In The Original Hebrew Manuscripts! Must See Video By TheCrowhouse!


Eisenhower The Butcher!  The “Other Losses” Post WW2 Engineered Holocaust Of Germans By America’s Hitler Not Taught In Your Communist Indoctrination Centres!  Must See Videos !!


UNsustainable ~The UN’s Agenda For World Domination (2020) | Full Documentary Showing How They Plan On Destroying The White Christian Western Nations! Crime In America – We Are Being Lied To ! Must See Videos! !


CDC Chair of Advisory Committee on Immunizations States: “We’ll Just Get Rid Of All Whites in the United States”! The Jew Genocide Of The White Race! The White Supremacy Lie! I Am Here To Help Wake Up The White Race! Must See Banned Videos!!


Bombshell! Satan Has A Hybrid Race Of Children Here On Earth That Has Stolen The Identity Of The White Race!  Find Out How The White Race Lost Their Identity & How They Better Wake Up Soon Or Perish!  Must See Videos!


Zoom Call Leaked – President Joe Biden Declares “This Country Is Doomed” Along With The White European Race In America!! The Covid PCR Test Can Be Deadly! A Very Tragic Story From Taking The PCR Test! Must See Videos!



Is Adam Green Related To David Rothschild??  Must See Video!!


Urgent! Horrible Vaccine Reactions! What Is The Cost/Benefit For Your Life? Vax Deaths Skyrocket! – Countries Recall Vaccine As Vaccine Passports Are Unrolled! I Met An Mk Ultra Slave, Their End Game… Must See Videos!


Bill Gates Funded Chinese Genomics Firm Tied To CCP Collecting American’s DNA Using Covid Tests! DNA Tests Can Tell Whether You Are Possessed By Demons! Must See Videos!


One Of God of Abraham Isaac And Jacob’s Holy Days Is Passover, Not Easter!! Must See Videos!


The Mystery Of Genesis 3:15 Unravelled!! Find Out Who Was Screwing Who And Who Is Screwing Us Today! Must Watch Video!!


Harry Vox Talks To Lillian McDermott On The Spars Pandemic And Who Is Destroying America. Must See Heavily Censored Interview!



Bombshell!! Rothschild Created Communist Red China! Find Out What Happened To The Oil In Iraq That Was Supposed To Pay For The US – Iraq War. Must See Video!!


The Chinese ghost cities in China will be used for slave labor camps where the remnant of The Tribes of Jacob-Israel (the white race from the Christian nations) will be sent.

Yet I will leave a remnant, for some of you will escape the sword when you are scattered among the nations and throughout the lands. (Ezekiel 6:8 Berean Study Bible)

to disperse their offspring among the nations and scatter them throughout the lands.  (Psalm 106:27 Berean Study Bible)


America’s Right To Bear Arms Written Into The Constitution! Must See Video!!


The Dissolution Of Europe And America Through The Invasion Of Rapeugees And Making It A Melting Pot Race! Must See Videos To Understand How George Soros Is Funding The Refugees And The Jesuits To Weaken The White Christian Nation And To Incite Race Riots To Exterminate The White Race!


Major Jordan Wrote Down All The Explosive Deep State Secrets! He Was Instrumental As A Witness To The Communist Theft & Acts Of Treason Of America Transferring Their Arms And Technology To Russia During WWII And The US Communist Government Did Nothing! Best Whistleblower Video Ever!!


The Truth About The World’s Deadliest “Virus”! The Enemy Of Christianity And All Of Humankind! Must See Video!


How The Covid 19 Contract That People Sign When They Take The Covid 19 Experimental “injection” Is A Covenant With The Devil!  Must See Video!


Brutal Honesty “It’s Ripping Time!” Is This What We Are Fighting For? Truth Is Becoming A Revolutionary Act! Must See Heavily Censored Video! 


The Brainwashing of America and Exploding The Chosen People Myth And Why It Is So Important To Know Who’s Who Today!  Must See Video!


Chrstian Identity Archive With Impeccable Research On The Tribes Of Israel Including America Being The Tribe of Manasseh and Britain and the Commonwealth Being The Tribe of Ephraim.  Free to everyone to learn the truth.

The Mystery of True Israel

Bombshell!! The Vatican Now Has The Head Of Nimrod From The Tomb Of Gilgamesh Pickled In A Jar!  Are They Planning To Resurrect Nimrod?  Must See Videos With Anthony Patch!


Pharmakeia ~ Drugs, Black Magic & The End Times!  Virus Mutates Into ‘The Devil Variant’. How Effective Are The Vaccines, Again? Nutricide – Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, Minerals And Herbs!  Must See Videos!!


Bombshell! Israeli Author Groundbreaking Works On Zionism, Notably “The Invention Of The Jewish People“ And “The Invention Of The Land Of Israel”.  The Construction Of The Jewish People That Has Deceived The World!  Must See Videos!


Proof That The White Race Are The True Natives Of America!!  The Los Lunas Stone (Decalogue Stone), The Ark Of The Covenant And Cherokee Jubilee Stone Discovered In America!  Must See These Amazing Discoveries (Video)!


Caucasians are Israelites According to Noah Webster of the Webster Encylopedia of Dictionaries (© 1958)

If you were a Caucasian, you are also an Israelite according to Noah Webster, and the Holy Bible. 

Webster Encyclopedia of Dictionaries (Copyright 1958 by the Literary Press, page 64), says “Caucasian” pertains to the white race originating from the Caucasus Mountains near the Black Sea.

The Holy Bible states that the House of Israel would be scattered north of the river Euphrates (1 Kings 14:15).  This promise was fulfilled when, in 721 B.C., all ten tribes were taken captive and driven by the Assyrians into the Caucasus Mountains located between the Caspian and Black Seas (2 Kings 17:6; 18:9-11).  Hosea 2:6 says,  “I will hedge up the way with thorns, and make a wall that she shall not find her paths.”  In this way God was making it clear that the tribes were not to return to Palestine.  As Israel left the mountains and migrated into Europe, and finally to North America, they became known as CAUCASIANS.  

The Satanic Cult That Rules The World! The Unholy Trinity | The Jewish AntiMessiah (666)!  1666 Sabbatean-Frankist Illuminati History!  Must See Videos!


The Communist And Masonic Infiltration Of America And The Catholic Church! – Must See Video By Dr. James Wardner!!


British PM Boris Johnson Lets Slip That The CV19 Vaccines Are Actually A Virus!  The Force Behind The Noahide Decapitation Laws Coming Soon To A Neighbourhood Near You!  Must See Videos!!


“Lethal Injection” The Story Of Vaccination ~ It Is Far Deeper Than You Can Even Imagine!  Must See Video!


Azazel The Fallen Watcher In Movies! Darkest Secrets Revealed Of Luciferians!  Serial Killers And The History Of Ritual Murders!  Full Banned Video!  Must Watch!


They Live [1988 Movie]!  They Are Brainwashing You!  Turn Off Your Talmudvison!  Must See Video!


Bombshell! The Plan!  Lack Of Oxygen Causes Cancer! Is This Why They Want Us Wearing Masks?  Depopulation CV-1984 Vaccines Can Erase And Rewrite Memories, And Also Terminate It’s Host! Is Joe Biden Human? Must See Video!


One World Government: The Tavistock Institute Of Human Relations [Military-Psychological Backroom Staff!] That Controls And Brainwashes America And Europe! Must See Video!!


Dr. Eric Karlstrom On Psychological Warfare And Domestic Terror Black Ops Beginning In The 60’s.  International Science Frauds Usher In The New World Order. The Global Gang Stalking Program (Mind Control).  Tavistock And The New Age.  Must See!


We Need To Talk About The Synagogue Of Satan! Must See Documentary Video! The Church of Philadelphia and Smyrna The Two Favourite Churches Taught & Understood Revelation 2:9 & 3:9!!


The One About… Vackseenz – You Are Being Lied To!  Must See Video! 


lHeavily Censored

9/11 The Missing Links Documentary, The 9/11 Suspects And Amerithrax! Must See Videos!!


The Synagogue of Satan Who Say They Are Judeans And Are Not, But Do Lie (Revelation 3:9).  DNA Confirms The Truth!  Must See Video To See Who’s Who!!


X-Factor Winner Altiyan Child Reveals World’s Secret Religion! Global Population Reduction Through Vaccinations Is The Illuminati’s Goal! Every Lie Will Be Revealed! Must See Videos!


Vatican Secret Societies – Jesuits, Zionism And The New World Order Documentary! Must See Video!


Tip Toe To Tyranny… Now It Comes With Free French Fries! Must See Video By Dollar Vigilante!


Murder By Injection (Covid-19 Vaccines): The Illuminati’s Depopulation Reduction Program Documentary! CIA Mind Control Experiments On Americans! Must See Videos!


Heavily Censored

The Illuminati’s Depopulation Reduction Program Through Vaccines Documentary! The 100 Year Plan To Disarm The American People. CIA Mind Control Experiments On Americans. Trump, Jeffrey Epstein And Sex Slaves! Must See Videos!


Dr. Lorraine Day Speaks With The Wisdom Circle! “Covid-19 Does Not Exist!” Find Out Who Is Deliberately Trying To Destroy America And Why! Must See Videos!


Heavily Censored

Are The Convid Vaccines Shedding? This Is A Biological Weapon And People That Are Quackinated Are Little Biological Bombs! Warning For Pregnant Women! MSM Admits Covid-19 Vaccines Sterilizing Women. Must See Videos!!


Secrets Of The Illuminati, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group. Agenda 21 & 2030, Club Of Rome, Food Control, Sustainable Development, Depopulation. Out Of The Shadows, Operation Mockingbird & Paperclip, Mk-Ultra, LSD & Psyops!! Must See Videos!!


Harry Vox Talks To Lillian McDermott On The Spars Pandemic And Who Is Destroying America. Must See Heavily Censored Interview!


Harry Vox Talks To Lillian McDermott On The Spars Pandemic And Who Is Destroying America. Must See Heavily Censored Interview!


Harry Vox Talks To Lillian McDermott On The Spars Pandemic And Who Is Destroying America. Must See Heavily Censored Interview!


Harry Vox Talks To Lillian McDermott On The Spars Pandemic And Who Is Destroying America. Must See Heavily Censored Interview!


The Vaccine Cosa Nostra! Harry & Nick From Denmark Interview Plus Zoom Call With Lillian – Harry Gets it and Hopefully You Will Too After Watching These Enlightening Videos!


Red Alert! Cows Are Vaccinated With a Swab in the Nose – Dr. Lorraine Day Confirms That The COVID-19 PCR Test Is Vaccinating You Through Your Nose Like Cattle Or Goyim- Live Nanotechnology Found in the PCR Swabs Test! Must See Videos!


Red Alert! Cows Are Vaccinated With a Swab in the Nose – Dr. Lorraine Day Confirms That The COVID-19 PCR Test Is Vaccinating You Through Your Nose Like Cattle Or Goyim- Live Nanotechnology Found in the PCR Swabs Test! Must See Videos!


America’s Right To Bear Arms Written Into The Constitution! Must See Video!!


UK Agreement In 1940 Pledged The New World Order To The Jews In Exchange For Getting America Into WW2.  The Jews Are Now Your Slave Masters!!    NY Times Article Explains How America Was Bamboozled Into WW2 By The Communist FDR!  Must See Video!


UK Agreement In 1940 Pledged The New World Order To The Jews In Exchange For Getting America Into WW2. The Jews Are Now Your Slave Masters! NY Times Article Explains How America Was Bamboozled Into WW2 By The Jew Communist FDR! Must See Video!


A Big Unholy Hoax! The gWord Gentile Does Not Exist In the Hebrew Scriptures And Was Inserted Into The Bible To Deceive Everyone And To Teach A Universal Religion That All Races Are Equal Which Is Contrary To The Word Of God! Must See Video For The Truth!


Wow!! The Pfizer Vaxx Has The Same Ingredient Used In Executions! Manulife Insurance Not Paying Out For Anyone Taking The Experimental Covid Depop Shot!Toronto’s Top Doctor Provides No Data To Justify Lockdown!Follow The Money!! Must See Videos!


If Only Americans Knew!! Must See Videos To See What The Lying Main Stream Media On Your Talmudvision Won’t Tell You! Heavily Banned! Watch If You Can!


If Only Americans Knew!! Must See Videos To See What The Lying Main Stream Media On Your Talmudvision Won’t Tell You! Heavily Banned! Watch If You Can!



If Only Americans Knew!! Must See Videos To See What The Lying Main Stream Media On Your Talmudvision Won’t Tell You! Heavily Banned! Watch If You Can!


Communist Leader Dr. Bella Dodd Confesses To The Communist Infiltration Of The Churches In The USA!  Must Se Videos!


THE CONCEPTION COMET!  Revelation 12 Virgo Sign In Heaven In September 2017 Was Inseminated In November 2016!  Amazing Discovery! Must See Video!


If Only Americans Knew!! Must See Videos To See What The Lying Main Stream Media On Your Talmudvision Won’t Tell You! Heavily Banned! Watch If You Can!


Heavily Censored

Bill Gates: Jeffrey Epstein, The Spirit Cooker, and Population Control! Four Key Documents: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, The Report From Iron Mountain, The NASA War Document And The Brooking’ Report! Must See Videos!!


Satan Has Little Time! Lucira / Lucifer-Ase DNA Changing Vaccines You Wont Feel God Anymore! Songbird Programming, Nationwide Blackouts, Internet Shutdown, 5g & 6g Rollouts Exposed! The Simpsons Predictive Programming, Is Destruction To Come? Excellent Videos!


Heavily Censored

Monopoly – Follow The Money! The Most Concise Guide As To Owns And Controls Everything In The World! Qui Bono From The Plannedemic?  Must See Video!!


Barbara Thiering Unravels The Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls Using The Pesher Technique In the Gospels And Revelation. The Book Of Revelation Contains A Pesher and Holy Gematria Code That Has Now Been Unravelled!  Must See Video!


The Biggest Identity Theft In History!  Over 100 Proofs That The True Israelites Were White –Full 5 Part Series! – Must See Videos To Determine Who’s Who And What’s What & How The World Has Been Deceived By The Serpent!


Cathy O’Brien: Ex-Illuminati Mind Control Victim Tells Of Her Experience As A CIA MK-Ultra Whitehouse Pentagon Level Trauma-Based Mind Control Slave. Must See Heavily Banned Video!!


Is Moses Back On Earth? Why Does Barack Obama Look Like Akhenaten And Moses? Are Akhenaten And Moses The Same Entity? Find Out Who Barack Obama Is And His Role In The End Times! Must See Videos!


A Shot In The Dark!  Helping Each Other By Sharing This Important Information – Already Blocked In Some Countries!!  Must See Heavily Censored Video!


The MATRIX: Golems, Avatars, Clones, Simulation Theory, Base REALITY And The “Back Rooms”. Titanpointe, Project Paperclip, & Alien Abductions. NSA/CIA/FBI/Darpa Vs Americans. Must See Videos By Xtreme Reality Check!


The MATRIX: Golems, Avatars, Clones, Simulation Theory, Base REALITY And The “Back Rooms”. Titanpointe, Project Paperclip, & Alien Abductions. NSA/CIA/FBI/Darpa Vs Americans. Must See Videos By Xtreme Reality Check!


Tares Among The Wheat ~ Expose Documentary! End Times Prophecy For Us Today!  Must See Heavily Censored Video! !


Predictive Programming: Idiocracy 2006 Film!  The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America To Usher In The Stinking Satanic Fascist New World Odor! Must See Video!


The Truth About The Vaccine Pimps Gates, Fraudski And Collins. Are All The Nazis Back In Town To Set Up Their Fourth Reich? The Nazis Never Surrendered. Warning For All Caucasians & Christians As To What The Bible Foretells Will Be Coming To America To Take Them Down!


Two shocking headlines that sum up Covid: Billionaires MADE $3.9 trillion during the pandemic, while workers LOST $3.7 trillion


The Winners And Losers Of Covid 19! Two Shocking Headlines That Sum Up Covid: Billionaires MADE $3.9 Trillion During The Pandemic, While Workers LOST $3.7 Trillion! Must See!


All Of These Things Connect Like A Puzzle – 5G – Chemtrails – Vaccines – Masks – Morgellans. Television – (Tell Lie Vision) – Believing A Delusion – The Biggest Lie In Human History – 2021. Must See Videos!


Forbidden Knowledge: Planned Agenda For Three World Wars And The Detailed Plan For WW3. WW1 And WW2 Occurred As Planned! Lecturer Died Mysteriously After This Talk. Must See Video!


LBJ At The Signing Of The 1965 Immigration Act And How One Congressman Shaped American Immigration Policy To Destroy The Anglo Saxon Ethnicity Of America With The Invasion Of The Aliens To Weaken America!  Must See Videos!


The Holy Grail Of Ufology!  Hidden Under The Water UFO Underwater Base Found Off The Coast Of Malibu! Must See Video!


Revelation 2:9 Jewish People Are Not The Israelites Of The Bible Exposed By Texe Marrs

Revelation 2:9 Jewish People Are Not The Israelites Of The Bible Exposed By Christian Author!  Must See Video For The Truth!


Gun Grab, DHS Redo, Border Madness, New Viruses, Vaccines And Vax Pass, & Election Lawsuits. Great News Update With Humour!


The History Jews Do Not Want You To Know: Judaism Is Bolshevism, Communism, Zionism & Marxism As Detailed In Their Jewish Babylonian Talmud For World Domination And Enslavement Of Humanity! The Jews Want A World Of Their Own! Must See Videos!


‘US Backed Coup Plot’ Involving The Take Down Of The Belarusian President, Foiled By Moscow!!  Belarus  Is The Only Country In Europe Where People Never Stopped Living Normally As President Refused The IMF Bribe To Lockdown For Covid Scam! Must See Video !


We Never Knew, We Knew [Documentary 2021 Video] Must See What People Will Do For Money And Power!


How Blacks Are Being Played. A Time for Truth: “Color, Communism, & Common Sense”!  Former Communist Manning Johnson Confirms How All The Seminaries Have Been Infiltrated With Communists. Why The Blacks Are Not The Chosen People!  Must See Videos!


Bill Gates Pedophile Relationship That Needs Further Investigation! Must See Video!


Secret Societies’ Coast To Coast AM With Alan Watt! The Plan To Set-Up Russia, Soviet System And China And Take Down America Was Long Ago To Build Up Communism For The Fascist New World Order!  Must See Videos!


For Those Who Cannot Hear! (9 Days Left)! The End Of Humanity! The Satanic Genocide Of Seven Billion People!  Dancing Into Our Graves! The End Of Humanity – Our Satanic Future?  Must See Videos!!


Warning From The State Of Israel Who Is Largely Vaccinated Now!!  Prepare To Either Take The Mark Of The Beast Or Be Outcast!! Better To Be An Outcast And Not To Take The Mark Of The Beast! Must See Video!


The Looking Glass And The Simpsons! The Great Work And A Look Inside The Freemasons Predictive Programming. The Rule of the Serpents Is Judgment From the Most High! Must See Videos! !


Nobel Prize Winner Confirms Lack Of Oxygen Causes Cancer! Depopulation CV-1984 Vaccines Can Erase And Rewrite Memories, And Also Terminate It’s Host! Is Joe Biden Human! Must!


False Prophets In The Church Pushing The Covid 19 Vaccine. The White Race Is Being Discriminated Against And The White Race Hasn’t Figure Out Why Yet As They Have Lost Their Identity. Must See Video By Know More News With Adam Green And High Impact Flix!


The Winners And Losers Of Covid 19! Two Shocking Headlines That Sum Up Covid: Billionaires Banksters MADE $3.9 Trillion During The Pandemic, While Workers LOST $3.7 Trillion!


What In The World Is Going On And What Time Is It? Must See Video On Biblical Events And Possible Dates For The Rapture – God’s Roadmap To The End!


Vaccine Mass Sterilization Depopulation Agenda Revealed on Amazon ‘Utopia’ Show. Decode By Enter The Stars! Biden Falling, Fraudski Lying, Magufuli Dying, Bitcoin Mooning, Utopia Show– Dollar Vigilante. Must See!


Biden Falling, Fraudski Lying, Tanzania President Dying, Bitcoin Mooning, Utopia Show Sterilizing Depopulation Agenda– Dollar Vigilante. Must See! ‘Utopia’ Show Film Clip And Decode By Enter The Stars!


Sex Crimes And The Vatican 2006 BBC Panorama Documentary Banned From You Tube.  Watch Before It Is Deleted Again!  Everyone Needs To Watch This Documentary And Then Throw Up & Get Out Of The Church!


Martin Luther On The Jews And Their Lies!  Must See Video By A Christian Pastor & Author!!


This Is Mind Blowing! This Thing Holds Your Body Together Like Glue In The Shape Of Little Crosses And Holds Our DNA Together. Proof Of The Word Of God Made Flesh!! Must See Discovery !!


Race vs. Religion. What Does The Holy Scriptures Tell Us? Must See Video!


Bombshell! The Iron Curtain Over America! Military Intelligence Insider’s Real Story Of What Happened In History That Brought Communism To America At The Turn Of The 20th Century! You Will Be Surprised! This Is A Must Video For All Americans & Canadians!


The Modern Synagogue of Satan Unveiled (Documentary) Video! Must See To Understand The Facts Of Life Today! !


China Deception – Game Of Misdirection! Covid-19 Vaccine Truth. Truth, Lies, And Deceit! The Truth Of Biblical Israel; Not Church Lies! Must See Videos !!


MAGA, Save America & You; Here Is The Truth! This Lie Kills America Daily! Must See Videos


The Ancient Secrets Of Cymatics, Resonant Frequencies And Architecture. Must See Video by Michael Telliger!


Lil Nas X Can Shove His Satan Shoes Where The Sun Don’t Shine! Kanye West Is Also On The Highway To Hell For His Jesus Shoes! They Better Stock Up On Asbestos Underwear! Must See Videos Shaking My Head!


Spacebusters (Coronavirus & The DNA Changing Injection, MRNA, Nano-Tech, 5G Crime Report) “They Once Were The Living…” Must See!!  Fauci Exposed! Must See Videos!


Bioethics And The New Eugenics – The Corbett Report. Geert V. Bossche: Whistleblower Or Trojan Horse? IceAgeFarmer! The Vaccine Trials Banned Documentary. Gates’ Huge $579k+ Contributions To Politifact Factcheckers! Chris Sky VS 30 Cops! Must See Heavily Censored Videos!


Fighting For The Children! Once You Take The Covid-19 “Shot In The Arm”, There’s No Going Back!! Nurse Tells Of The Tragedy Happening To The Elderly. Licking The Boot After Taking The Jab! Must See Videos!!


I Pet Goat 3 Shows How The World ENDS! Awesome Decode Video With Enter The Stars, Nicholson 1968 And KJ!!


Lies Lies Lies! Proof That Covid 19 Test Kits Were Purchased And Received In 2017 And 2018 By Most World Governments – Must See Videos To Show How Covid Was All Planned!


What The HEK? Why It Is An Abomination For Christians & Caucasians To Take The Covid Vaccines With Murdered Babies In It? Why Is False Prophet Francis Pushing Catholics To Ingest Murdered Babies? Must See Videos!


The Real Reason For The Lockdown! Must See Videos!


Former Illuminati Turned Christian Tells Us Of The Pagan Origins Of America Holidays And How They Were Placed Over God Of Abraham Isaac and Jacob’s Calendar To Deceive Christians! Fascinating Video!


Anyone That Takes The Covid-19 Jab Will Be Turned From The Image Of God To The Image Of The Beast!  How People Will Be Forced To Worship The Beast or Die. Must See Interview With Dr. Carrie Madej And Jana!


Gates, Epstein, Adrenochrome, Monsanto And Online Buying! The Bill Gates Body Count Is Far Surpassing The Clintons And Climbing! ZOMBIE Ah Pock O’ Lips – Psychological Operations! Vernon Coleman We Are The Resistance! Vaccine Passport Pushback Mounting! Must See Videos!!


Christian Zionist Slaves! Zionist ‘Tikkun Olam’ Covid Propaganda On South Park! – Must See Videos By Know More News!


The Truth About The January 6th, 2021 Storming Of The Capitol | Must See Video With Know More News Live!  The Jacob vs Esau War Still Rages On!  Find Out Who’s Who !


It’s About To Get Crazy! MRNA Gene Therapy & The Shamdemic Vaxscheme Exposed! They Can Take My Jab & Shove It! The Prion Apocalypse! Must See Videos By Shaking My Head!


U S Diplomat Openly Calls For Christian Nation States! Must See!

Links Below In Process of Being Updated Under Construction  NNNl

Today’s The Day – Come Out Of Her My People! Must See Videos By Shaking My Head!


From Brave New World to Slave World Order – Mark of the Beast 666 Calculated! Trust Me, I’m a Doctor! Santa Is Basically the Devil – Excellent Videos by Shaking My Head


Dr. John Coleman – The Tavistock Institute: The World’s Lies And Propaganda Machine. Adorno, The Beatles And Tavistock. 21 Goals Of The Illuminati And The Committee Of 300! Must See!!


The Rise Of Satanic Super Soldiers | The Black Awakening. The Final Season Of The Antichrist | The Mirrors Temple | 50 Shades Of Grey Illuminati Programming. Edge Of The Abyss. Katy Perry | MK Ultra Cloned Puppets And Possession | Illuminati Blood Oath. Must See Videos!



This Is How You Take The Vaccine And Then Run! Vaccine & Tyranny News 5/7 Rundown: More Horrific Side Effects! “It’s All a Lie” – Michael Yeadon, Ex Pfizer Exec Raises Serious Concerns About Injections! Canadian Pastor Arrested on Busy Highway in Rain; Shop Owner Arrested!


David Rockefellers Leaked Speech 1991 Will Give You Chills! How One Man Took Down America And The World! Must See Videos!


Are People Being Plucked from The Surface of Earth?… The Strangest Disappearances!  What Is Taking Them?  Must See Video!


Banned On You Tube: Best & Taylor Intel Update (5/7/2021): Time’s Almost Up? — ‘These People are S… K… or SOL’ Bitchute Video As You Tube Video Deleted! Must Listen!


Vaccines & Tyranny News Rundown May 4: Adverse Events, Worldwide Police State & Politics News. Agitants? Porcupine Swabs Designed To Irritate & Disrupt Mucus Membrane To Weaken Immune Systems? Must See Videos!


Bill Gate’s Patent For Injected Programmable Drug Delivery System! Vaers Missing Millions Of Records & Deaths! Pfizer Foreknowledge Of Shedding? Australia Admits They Are Distributing Poison. Horrific Vaccine Injuries & Tyranny News 4/30/21! Must See Videos!


Monopoly – Follow The Money! It Is The Most Concise Guide As To Who Owns And Controls Everything In The World! Find Out Who Is Destroying The Middle Class To Strip Out Your Wealth And Transfer It To The Greedy Wealthy Banksters At The Top! Must See Video!


Heavily Censored

Vaccines & Tyranny News 4/30/21! Australia To Administer Poison Vaccine! Bill Gate’s Patent For Injected Programmable Drug Delivery System! Vaers Missing Records & Deaths! Pfizer Foreknowledge Of Shedding? Must See Videos With Tim Truth!


Vaccine & Tyranny News: Millions Missing 2nd Dose, Horrific Side Effects.  Vaers Bombshell: HHS Withholding 100s Of Thousands Of Reported Adverse Events.  Supreme Court Says You’re Owned If Injected With Patented Synthetics.  Billion GMO Mosquitos Released In Florida! Must See!/christian-news/2021/04/vaccine-tyranny-news-millions-missing-2nd-dose-horrific-side-effects-vaers-bombshell-hhs-withholding-100s-of-thousands-of-reported-adverse-events-supreme-court-says-youre-owned-if-injec-2597158.html

Are The Convid Vaccines Shedding? Spike Protein Confusion – Shedding, Blood And Fertility. Warning For Pregnant Women! World Doctors Dire Warning: Stay Away From Vaccinated People. MSM Admits Covid-19 Vaccines Sterilizing Women. Must See Videos!



The Hidden History of the Khazarian Empire That Rules The World Today!  Those Who Say They Are Judeans But Are Not But Rather Are The Synagogue Of Satan!  Amazing Videos!  Must See!


Are The Convid Quackzines Shedding? Spike Protein Confusion – Shedding, Blood And Fertility. World Doctors Dire Warning: Stay Away From Vaccinated People. MSM Admits Covid-19 Vaccines Sterilizing Women. Must See Videos!


Death By Vaccine And More Horrible Reactions Including Herpes From The Depop Shot! Trusting Bill Gates With Your Health Is Like Trusting Jeffrey Epstein With Your Daughter! Must See Videos!


Illuminati Infiltration Of Christianity (Satanic New Age Rising) – Must See Interview With Sheila Zilinsky and Fritz Springmeier!


World’s Most Endangered Species Documentary. Must See Video For The White Race Before We Become Extinct Like The Do-do Bird! We’re Here To Wake You Up!


The Jewish Talmud Exposed! The Jewish Banksters Are Wiping Out The Non Jewish Businesses Just Like They Did In WW2. Jews Are Not Supposed to Rescue A Non Jew So Do Not Trust A Jewish Doctor Or A Jewish Vaccine To Save You From The Covid! Must See Videos!


War With Iran, Class Action Against Intel! Was Covid Made In A Lab? Alex Jones Admits Israel Has Sold The USA Out To China! Israel Makes Billions From Covid & Cyber Pandemics! Caucasians & Christians Must Separate From The Beast System! Must See Videos By Brendon McConnell!


They Should Be Building The “Big Dick” Straight Down To He!! So That They Can All Jump In! Must See Videos!


Why CHURCHES, Employers & The Government Have Sold Us Out… CORONA VAX for SPARS in John Hopkins Scenario Sounds Like It’s HAPPENING NOW! The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers Is Happening NOW! Must See Video By Enter The Stars!


Canadians Dragged From Their Homes And Vaccinated – Hospitals Are Empty! Canadian Police Chased Away From Anti Mask Rally! Joe Biden, Doug Ford Talking Crazy! Must See Videos!


‘GET OUT!’ Pastor Kicks ‘GESTAPO’ Police out of Church on Easter Service THE BACK STORY! The UN And The Occult Agenda! DEMON TECH: Devil DNA, Lucifer Bloodlines & Hellish Hybrids. The Disney Deception! Must See Videos!


The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers! Prince Philip The T-Vyrus – Mystery Babylon Exposed. Mark Of The Beast Programming In Plain Sight. Birth Of A New Race “A Race Within A Race”! Arrival Of The False Messiah. Must See Video Shaking My Head!


The Test! The Confusion and Death Of the White Civilization! The Manifestation Of Light! Ancient Knowledge Explained! Must See Videos!


The Conspiracy To Take Down The Five Eyes And All Of The White Western Christian Nations! Must See Video!


The Mark Of The Beast | Alien A.I Transhumanist Agenda Exposed! Stop Watching P*RN! My BF Shapeshifted In Front Of Me! The New Age Exposed|! Must See Videos By Former New Ager Now Turned Christian!


Smoking Gun Document: Bill Gates Blueprint For Genocidal Coronahoax Vaccine! Must See Video!


Bombshell! Israel Makes Billions From 911 & Covid…What A Surprise!! Qui Bono? Must See Videos By Brendon O’Connell!


Myths Of The Truth Movement – Clint On Brutal Honesty Radio! Wagging The Dog Documentary: The Story Behind The Story Of Covid19. Must See Videos!


Dr. Carrie Madej – Truth Is, Corona Bologna Agenda Always Was And Is A Planned Sinister Event 31/3/20211! Must See Videos!


Ghislaine Maxwell Throw Sex Slaves To The Gators. Nike Sues Satan Shoes And Kanye Launches Jesus Shoes.  Satan Shoes Logo Linked To Operation Warp!  Must See Videos!


Bob Langer The Coronavirus “Common Denominator” Tied To Charles Lieber & Israel’s NY “Smart Cities.” COVID-19: The Video That Broke the Australian Internet – Jay Ross. Must See Video!


Why The “Viruses Don’t Exist” Movement Is Controlled Opposition (Viruses, Exosomes & Half Truths). Myths Of The Truth Movement – Clint Richardson On Brutal Honesty Radio. Wagging The Dog Documentary: The Story Behind The Story Of Covid19. Must See Video!


Life? Vax Deaths Skyrocket! – Rockefeller Wants You To Wear Masks Forever! MK Ultra Slave Reveals End Game… Must See Censored Videos!


The US Government Is A Money Laundering Operation! Guess Who They Are Taking To The Cleaners? Must See Videos With Harry!


The Jewish Plan To Conquer The Gentiles & Rule The World Exposed. New Horrifying Kabbalah Secrets Exposed | Know More News Live W/ Christopher Jon Bjerknes. Must See Videos!


World Economic Forum: Scientific Mechanisms Of The Anti-White Paradigm. Full Documentary. Must See Video!



The Plan! Must See If You Are Thinking About Taking The Corona-hoax 19 JABS! Is Joe Biden Human? Must See Videos By End Times Watchman!


Joos Were Behind Canada’s Anti-White Immigration Policies From The Start To Bring Communism To Canada. People In CANADA Better Wake Up Before The Boot Is On Your Head! We Must Stand Together, Government Accelerating JNWO & Agenda 2030! Must See Videos!


Youtube Bans Video Of Distinguished Doctor Claiming Ivermectin Is A Miracle Cure! America Experiencing Ten Times More Covid Deaths Than In Third World Countries. Must See Video!


Urgent Warning About Coronavirus Vaccines And Transhumanism Nanotechnology To Alter Your DNA! Must See Video Dr. Carrie Madej With Mike Adams!


Pastor: Christians MUST Resist Tyranny! Must Watch Video!! What The Bible Really Teaches About A Tyrannical Government!


The Mafia Conspiracy Documentary – Coming To America Soon (2020)! Must See Video!


It’s a Big Club And You Ain’t In It! The American Dream Is Over! Coronavirus Hoax – Jews Crash Global Economy – Get Ready For The Noahide Laws. Remove Your Children From All Jewish And Multiracial Influence! Must See Videos!


Exposed!! Mao Tse-Tung: An Alumni Of Yale University’s “Order Of Skull & Bones”! How China Became A Superpower! The Joos In China! Must See Videos! !


The History Of Joos In China – Israel Continues To Sell Out The United States To The CCP ! How China Became A Superpower! Must See Videos!


Exposed!! Mao Tse-Tung: An Alumni Of Yale University’s “Order Of Skull & Bones”! How China Became A Superpower! The Joos In China! Must See Videos! !



Eugenics: The Elite’s Plan For Depopulation By Vaccine Is In Full Swing. Where’s The Cavalry? Must See Videos! Never Has The News Been So Entertaining!


Dr Lorraine Day – Noahide Laws And The New World Order 2. Jana @ Israeli News Live & On The Noahide Laws. Know More News On Noahide Laws & The One World Religion! Must See Videos!


Dr. Lorraine Day Uncensored… Speaking Out About The Destruction Of America & The World & Who’s Doing It! Must See Interview With Dr. Day On Her New Book With Lillian McDermott! The Great Awakening!


Never Forget The Apollo Affair, The Attack On The USS Liberty, 9/11, And The Ethnic Cleansing Of The Indigenous Palestinian Population. Only One State On Earth Can Get Away With Murder And Americans Are Brainwashed Into Worshipping Them! Must See Video!


The Media Is Institutionally Racist Against White People! Must See Video With Paul Joseph Watson!


Jared Kushner Is Building The “Big Dick” In The “Big Apple”! The Process Of Transhumanism Is The Mark Of The Beast. The Curious Case Of Joe Biden And Captain America. Must See Videos By Tamara!


The Biggest Asset Stripping Operation Of All Time Due To The Engineered Covid-19 Plandemic! Must See Interview With Harry! There Is Something About Harry And It Isn’t Contrary But Rather Tells You The Truth!


End Of Days The Final Countdown! Sirius Dog Star Exposed – The More You Know! Stranger Things! Caught In The 5G Wigi Web. Must See Videos By Shaking My Head!


Kill Chain: Cyber War On Americas Elections [Full Documentary]. The Control Paradigm Exposed. Bev Harris – Electronic Vote Fraud. Murder, Spies & Voting Lies: The Clint Curtis Story. Must See Videos!!


Did Microsoft Israel Employees Give Tips To Russian & Chinese Hackers? How Israel Used Iran To Force The Arabs To Make Peace In Israel! Must See Videos With Brendon O’Connell!


Hollywood Actor Admits He Eats…People…Armie Hammer Is In Big Trouble!! Must See!


Crime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals Approve Bill Allowing Doctors To Kill Mentally Ill Canadians! Psychiatry: An Industry Of Death And No Science to Support This Money Making Scheme! Must See!


Tribute To Alan Watt R.I.P. Died Around March 4th, 2021! Alan Watt’s Last Show: Never In The History of Human Conflict Has So Much Been Lost by So Many! Alan Was A Pivotal Member Of The Truth Community & Will Be Sadly Missed! Must See!


Phil Schneider The Ultimate Whistleblower: The NWO Alien Agenda, Reptilians, Grey’s, Adrenochrome, Mag Trains, DUMBS And Underground Cities Bases They Are Hiding From The American Public! Must See Videos!


Urgent Warnings !! About The Covid-19 mRNA Injection !! The Gene Code Injection – An Experiment On Humanity? By Dr. Carrie Madej. Must Watch !!


How Bush Did 9/11 And What Came After In 2021. Illuminati Insider Reveals Plans New World Order Agenda 50 Years Ago! ”Conspiracies Are Evil Theories” – Says Bill Gates. The Plandemic – Coronavirus, 5g And Vaccine Deception – Full Documentary! Must See!


Secret Destiny Of America Exposed! Are You Ready For The “Zombie Apocalypse”? Still Shaking My Head One Year Later – 3.11.2021 By Shaking My Head!


Generation Rx. We Become Silent: The Last Days Of Health Freedom! Must See Videos By International Award-Winning Filmmaker Kevin P. Miller!


The Seduction of Eve And Adam In The Garden Of Eden By The Serpent Which Produced A Satanic Hybrid Seedline Into The World. Bruised Heads & Heels as Per Genesis 3:15. Must See Videos!


Proof!! Moderna’s MRNA Injections Are An “Operating System” Designed To Program Humans And Hack Their Biological Functions. Head Of Moderna Playing God Says They Are Hacking The Software Of Life And Rewriting Genetic Code: Transhumanism 101! Must See!


Brendon O’Connell: Alex Jones Admits Israel Has Sold Out America To Russia And China! Must See Videos!


Who Would Have Guessed Demolition Man Would Be the Most Prophetic Movie of the 90s? Prepper’s Movie Decode. Must See!


Never Forget What They Have Done! Must See Documentary!


Documentary – Der Ewige Jude! Must See!/prophecy/2021/03/documentary-der-ewige-jude-must-see-2519208.html

Vatican Sex Trafficking And The Mark Of The Beast!! Vatican Child Trafficking & Blackmailed Monarch Slaves! Must See Videos!!


The Covid-19 Gene Modification Inoculation Documentary! Proof That Covid Doesn’t Exist!


The Mask Ritual – A Mass Mind Control Operation. The Transformation Of Man – Mystery Babylon Exposed! Must See Videos By Shaking My Head!


Just As The Days Of Noah! Revelation: The Trumpets and The Four Horsemen. Connecting The Four Beasts To Ezekiel! Must See!


Injected With A Poison Documentary. The Truth Behind Bill Gates Depopulation Agenda! Sars-Cov-2 Has Not Been Proven To Exist! Must See Videos!


Vaccines, Biontech Companies, Secret Agreements, Death Of The Germ Theory, Transhumanism, Vaccine Trials & What They Are Not Telling You | Dr. Carrie Madej


Rick Wiles TRU NEWS Wants To Be President 2024! Must See!


Skynet Is The Virus. Clones R Us & The Boys From Brazil! Everyone’s Eating Soylent Green! What’s The Big Secret? Must See Videos By Shaking My Head!!


Find Out Who Is Trying To Take America Down In Order To Establish The Stinking New World Odor! Must See Videos!


Kill Bill The Documentary! Must See Videos!


Kill Bill! Behind the Masque! How Do you Like Me Now? Bill Gates Barcode Children’s Advertising! Must See!


Whistleblower Video Exposes Forced Vaccination In Nursing Homes Which Led To 8 Deaths. Masks Lead To Pneumonia, Oral Thrush, Systemic Inflammation & May Be The Cause Of “Long-Haul” Covid. MSM Now Says Covid Won’t Be Over For “Seven Years”. Must See!


Bill Gates Exposed!! Found The Lost Documentary!!


Urgent Warning !! Nano Particles Found In PCR Test Swabs !! The PCR Test Can Kill You And Can Be Used To Vaccinate You – Dr.Vernon Coleman. Must See!


H.R. 5: The Sodom & Gomorrah Act. The Equality Act Makes Discrimination The Law Of The Land. Must See!


Is The CPAC Stage Designed To Resemble The Norse Odal Rune Insignia Adopted By Hitler Nazi SS Or Is It Just A Coincidence? I Must Admit I Did Nazi This Coming!


Bobby Fischer: How The Best Chess Player In the World Became Arrested And Banned From His Own Country! Was Bobby An MK-ULTRA Victim? Must See Videos!


Donald Trump Is The Modern-Day Golden Calf! The Modern Day Tower Of Babel And The Burning “Rush”! Must See!


Exposing Our Manipulated History, All Is Not What It Seems, Nor What We Perceive! Must See Video!


Prepare To Be Mindblown! This Thing Holds Your Body Together Like Glue. How Great Is Our God Of Abraham Isaac And Jacob! Must See!


Fauci In Hot Water | Fauci’s Flip Flop. Del Bigtree – 2nd Dose Or 2nd Thoughts? How Many People Are Covid (False) Positive? Zero!! Doctor Drops Nuclear Truth Bomb On Covid Vaccine. Must See Videos!


Jon Rappoport – The Most Damning Evidence Against The PCR Test! Dr. Scott Jensen – WHO Lowered PCR Test Cycles Coinciding With Injection Release! Must See Videos!


The Transhumanist Covax Agenda Exposed With Dr. Carrie Madej! Our Creator Has His Signature In Your DNA And The Beast Will Leave His Signature In Your DNA After You Take The Covid “Jab”. Must See!


Woman Discovers Self-Assembling, Self-Replicating Nano Morgellons In COVID Swab “Test”. The Test Is Vaccinating You Like Goyim Aka Cattle! Must See!



Tiger Woods Car Crash: All Signs Point To The Illuminaughty! Texans Are Realizing Something Is Odd About The Snow! Church Infiltration! Mind Control. Must See Videos!


They Can’t Arrest Us All! Piss Off, It’s The Flu Song – Did The Demon Rats Really Get The Vaccine? Terrible Covid MRNA Vaccine Reactions Including Death! Refusing the RT-PCR Test! Must See Videos!


Featured Image

Frontline Doctor Simone Gold: FBI ‘Broke Down My Door’ In Swat Team Raid Of 20 Men. Must See Simone Gold Interview With Michelle Malkin On Stop Medical Discrimination!


Dr. Lorraine Day Interview: The Covid Agenda And The Mark Of The Beast! Heavily Censored! Must See!


What Is That Sitting On Alan Dershowitz’s Couch Seen In BBC Documentary Panorama? This Is The Same Dershowitz Threatening To Plunge A Needle In Our Arm? Must See Video!


Mark Of The Beast Already Started But People Can’t See It! Worshipping The Beast! Must See!


Expert Immunologist / Virologist Reveals The Absolute Hoax Being Perpetrated. Must See!


Gemma O Doherty Ireland’s Favourite Punching Bag Received Praise On Irish News For Uncovering The Truth. For People Waiting For The Truth On The Mainstream Media, Here It Is! UK Government Confirms That The Covid 19 Virus Does Not Exist! It Is All A Lie! Must See!


Race Mixing. Confusion And The Death Of White Civilization. God Of Abraham Isaac And Jacob’s Vengeance. The Manifestation Of Light. The Test. Must See Videos!



Dr. Carrie Madej: The Gene Code Injection! An Experiment On Humanity! Heart Frequency & The Spirit Of God! Must See Videos!


Public Service Announcement From Govern-Mental Overlords To Peasantry Underclass (Feb. 18, 2021)! Must See!!


Are the End Times Upon Us? The Two Prophets Of Rev. 11:7 Assassination in 2021? Why Is the U.S. Government So Interested in UFOs? The Nazi Connection, Who Is the Anti-Christ? STOP AND LISTEN (The Michael Decon Program With Dr. Luke Prophet)


Cursed Dust, PAN, Cernunnos & Secrets of Mt. Hermon Revealed. The Corona Virus Serpent is Crowned…the Documentary! Amazing BODY CODE Documentary! Undeniable evidence Of Our Creator and His Son Coded in Our Body. Must See Decode By Enter The Stars!


The Covid Vaccine On Trial: If You Only Knew… [2021] – Maureen McDonnell (Documentary Video). Must See! Share With Everyone!


The Curse Of The Serpent And Eve. Amazing BODY CODE Documentary! Undeniable evidence Of Our Creator and His Son Coded in Our Body. The CV Serpent is Crowned…the Documentary! Must See Decode By Enter The Stars!


Follow The White Rabbit! Must See Adrenochrome Data Dump!


Israel Threatens To Dump The USA Because They Have Bled The United States Dry After Securing $40B In U.S. Aid! More Evidence Israelis Are Using Placebo COVID Vaccines! Must See Video!!


C-I-A Drug Ops Conspiracy (Unaired Documentary). Must See Video!


Pastor Peter J. Peters Experience With Jewish Power For Standing With God Of Abraham Isaac And Jacob And Exposing the Truth! Must See! Pastor Peters Died Under Mysterious Circumstances!


Experimental Biological Vaccines And Geoengineering, Depopulation Is Real, We Are The Experiment!  The Day Of Reckoning Is Fast Approaching, The Bolsheviks Are In The White House!  Must See Videos!


It’s All About YOU-topia & It’s Happening NOW DARK WINTER is Happening NOW…Power Grid Down ~ I Pet Goat 2.  “They’re Here”…Dorothy & the Witch Land at Flushing Meadows & Lakehouse Matrix.  Must See Videos By Enter The Stars!


Former Luciferian Enlightening Lecture: The Order Followers ‘Cult Of Ultimate Evil’. There Are Only 2 Frequencies: Love And Fear! Must See!!


“Marching to Zion” Official Full Film! Must See!


Covid Death Va666ine – 1st Shot Changes Your DNA & Kills The Elderly – 2nd Shot Kills 50% Who Get It. Dr. Carrie Madej On Why [email protected] Are A Threat To Humanity & Cause Infertility, Qui Bono? Must See Videos!


Gates, Epstein, Maxwell & Mossad Connection! Must See Interview With Harry & Nick From Denmark! Heavily Censored! Watch While You Can!


Alien Joe Swears on Goat Lucy’s Bible. The Weeknd’s Super Bowl 2021 Performance Presents: an Ode to the AntiChristos. The 2021 Super Bowl Ads Are ALREADY Promoting the New Whoaaa Order. We Live in a Simulation of Reality. They Are No Longer Hiding It. Must See Videos!


Dr. Tom Cowan & Dr. Andrew Kaufman – Has The Covid-19 Been Isolated? China Admits: ‘They Didn’t Isolate The Covid-19 Virus’! MSM Just Admitted They Didn’t Isolate The Virus! It’s All Based On A Lie! Must See!


Dr. Carrie Madej: The Covid Vaccine Will Turn Us Into Human 2.0. Dr. Tom Cowan Explains MRNA Vaccines. Celeste Solum Talks Hydrogel. Nanobots, Vaccines & 5G = Depopulation! Gates Of Hells Admits The Vaccine Will Change Our DNA Forever! Must See Videos!


Michael Phelps is a Genetically Modified Human | Illuminati MK Ultra Facilities | Clones and Cyborgs. Must See Video.


Carrie Madej | Planet Lockdown | Full Interview!  Planet Lockdown: Brendon O’Connell Fills In The Missing Information In Catherine Austin Fitts Planet Lockdown!  How Microsoft Israel Gave The Keys To Russia And The China. Must See!


Zoom Interview Rosa Koire And Willem Engel On The Fourth Industrial Revolution Unfolding! The UN Agenda 21 Masterplan. The UN Plan To Kill, Cull, Sterilize, Euthanize! Must See!



Spars Pandemic Scenario 2025-2028 Welcome To Your Future! Must See To FInd Out What Is Planned For You!


What They Secretly Told Us During The Super Bowl Halftime Show (2021)! How To Get A Medical Exemption For The Covid Messenger RNA DNA Changing Vaccine! Must See Videos!


Pathogenic Priming! Must See!


Death By Medicine! Must See Video!


Chilling Super Bowl Show & Ads Decode! Warped Seed Was Planned a Long Time Ago! Escape From New York & LA is Happening NOW! The Johnny Dmnemonic BIOHACK Matrix. Must See Enter The Stars Decode!


The Break Up Of The United States – Oded Yinon Comes To America For The Benefit Of Israel. Kill Switch – Israel & Microsoft, How They Subvert America. Must See Videos Brendon O’Connell!/prophecy/2021/02/the-break-up-of-the-united-states-oded-yinon-comes-to-america-for-the-benefit-of-israel-kill-switch-israel-microsoft-how-they-subvert-america-must-see-videos-brendon-oconnell-2518560.html

Exposed!! AMERICA THE BLIGHT: The Method to The Madness. Must See!!


Exposed!! PhD Chemist Whistleblower who Worked 17 Years Developing Chemtrails: 90% of Chemtrails Designed to Alter Emotions/Mood/State of Mind and Provoke “Flu-like Symptoms” Must Read!


Eustace Mullins: History You Have Not Been Told About! Must See Videos!


Exposed!! Is President Joe Biden Human? This Is “Shocking” Bill Gates Reveals The Covid-19 Vaccines Is The Next Virus Coming. Fear Of Anti-Government Trump Supporters. What They Don’t Want You To Know About My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell! Must See!


Very Important Info!! Seniors Dying After COVID Vaccine Now Labeled As Natural Causes! Moderna VS Pfizer’s Gene Therapy: See Which “Injection” Is More “Deadly”! Must See!


COVID Death Vaccine ~ 1st Shot Changes Your DNA & Kills The Elderly ~ 2nd Shot Kills 50% Who Get It! Must See And Share Far And Wide!


10,000+ Adverse Effects In First Month Of DNA Distorting ‘Gene Therapy’ Injection. Wireless Warfare Exposed. Includes Ways To Protect Your Family. Must See!


Who Is Trying to Destroy the Christian And Caucasian Western Nations Who Are The Real Tribes of Jacob Surnamed Israel? Esau Is Mad As He!! For Trading His Birthright For A Bowl Of Gefilte Fish! Find Out Who’s Who Today. Heavily Censored Videos!


Red Alert: Dr. Carrie Madej: Human 2.0? Will The Covid “Injection” Turn Us Into A Transhuman & Completely Enslave Us? Must See Compilation Of Videos Of Doctors From Around The World Warning Us Of The Risks!!


video image

Warning!! This Is Urgent!! You & Your Families Life Depends On Seeing This! – Must See Video!


329 Deaths And 9516 “Other Injuries” So Far Predominantly In The Nursing Homes. Now They Want Everyone To Bend Over! Excellent Videos And Updates!


Dr. Carrie Madej ~ Covid-19 Vaccine Will Permanently Alter Our DNA -There’s No Going Back!! Nursing Home Whistleblower “Patients Dying Like Flies After Vaccine” Timmy Learns About Covid Vaccines. Must See Videos!!


Wolves In Our Midst Identified ~ Awesome Video For All Christians & Caucasians To Understand Who The Wolves Are That Are Trying To Kill Us! Church of Smyrna and Philadelphia Both Taught Rev. 2:9 & 3:9 And Understood It.


American Police Now “Israeli-DHS Trained,” Precursor To Dictatorship. Ex-IDF Soldier Exposes Cause Of Police Brutality. The Kneeling on Floyd George Was A Freemasonic Ritual. Very Informative Video!


Priest Warns Vaccine Can Cause Death! Freemason’s Secret Society Exposed As Satanic Cult! Must See!


The Book Of Ezekiel Was Purposely Altered And Not Placed In Chronological Order In Order To Confuse The Reader. Excellent Video To Learn The Correct Order!


Whistleblower Leaks Extermination Plan For Rounding Up Patriots, Christians And Intellectuals! Must See Videos!


Friends Of David Goldberg Warning: USA Genocide: Get Out Of The USA Survival Guide & Plan For Patriots. Project To Exterminate Millions Of Americans! Must Listen!


David Goldberg confirms what Klaus the Louse Schwab (World Economic Forum) is telling us in the “America The Blight” video below.  The object of the Covid-19 vaccines is to tag , track and ID everyone on the planet!  God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob does not dwell in a machine.  The Covid-19 vaccines will make us a cyborg and we will lose our free will and consciousnes and turn us into zombies.  The Covid-19 vaccines will attack our Chromosome 8 and make us mentally retarded and have our immune system attack on us.

David Goldberg’s Final Words Before He Was Murdered. Projects Pogo & Project Zyphr Leaked And The Plan To Exterminate Millions Of Christians and Patriots. Who Will Be The Future King Of Israel? Great Videos.


AMERICA THE BLIGHT: The Method to the Madness Shocker: They Are Telling Us The Purpose Of The Covid-19 Vaccine Is To Tag, Track & ID Us. Awesome Video By Dayz Of Noah!

Featuring Klaus The Louse Schwaab (World Economic Forum).


Who Has Destroyed America? Must See Video !


329 Deaths And 9,516 “Other Injuries” So Far Predominantly In The Nursing Homes.  Now They Want Everyone To Bend Over!  Excellent Videos And Updates On All People That Have Died From This Experiment Jab Not FDA Approved!


The Epic Of Gilgamesh, The Two Adams And The Two Creations Of Genesis, Dagon The Fish god, The War In The Heavens And Satan And The Fallen Angels Being Cast Down To Earth! Important History For Your Learning. Excellent Videos!


The Elderly And Frail In The Long Term Care Homes Are Dying Like Flies Since They Got Their Shot In The Arm. Now They Want Everyone To Bend Over! Excellent Videos And Updates On The Hunger Games Tribute To People That Died From This Experiment Jab Not FDA Approved!


How To Legally Refuse The Lethal Injections Service. Get Ready To Say No! Must See!


Max Igan On The Richie Allen Show. 5G Awareness. Reclaiming Sovereignty. Living In Resonance: A Conversation On Consciousness. Excellent Interviews With TheCrowhouse.


Pfizer Admits Vaccine Does Not Prevent COVID! Must See !


War To Conquer The White Western European Christian Nations And America. Much See Video!


Federal Reserve ‘System’ (Sits Atop The Food Chain Of The D.C. Swamp)! Must See!


The Legend Of Norman Dodd: How Rich People Pay Activists To Screw Everybody & How America’s Education System Was Hijacked! Must See!


Foundations & Flaws Of Viral Theory. Review Of The Covid And The Science Of MRNA Vaccines. 5G And Coronavirus! Excellent Videos By Dr. Cowan.


Proof of a Mysterious Lost Ancient Global Civilization Spanning Virtually the Entire Planet ~ Awesome Video by Bright Insight!



Jacobin Cover Has Joe Biden As The antiChrist! Vaccine Logo Tied To Trump Ancestors! Excellent Videos And Decode By Enter The Stars!


SUPER BOWL 55 Glorifying The Goat And Worship Of False Idols!  Beast Agenda Exposed!  Welcome To The Hunger Games! A House Divided Cannot Stand! Excellent Videos By Shaking My Head!  Banned On YT! /prophecy/2021/02/super-bowl-55-glorifying-the-goat-beast-agenda-exposed-welcome-to-the-hunger-games-a-house-divided-cannot-stand-must-see-videos-by-shaking-my-head-2518355.html

Communist Subversion | A Plan For Total World-Wide Control. Absolutely One Of The Best Videos Ever Made On ‘The New World Order’ And The Number 33! Lucifer’s JNWO Is Now Upon Us! /prophecy/2021/01/communist-subversion-a-plan-for-total-world-wide-control-absolutely-one-of-the-best-videos-ever-made-on-the-new-world-order-and-the-number-33-lucifers-jnwo-is-now-upon-us-2518031.html

“We’ll Just Get Rid of All Whites in the United States” – CDC Chair of Advisory Committee on Immunizations Lashes Out at White Americans. Planned Genocide Of The White Race ! The White Supremacy Lie ! Must See Banned Videos!!


Agenda 21 Is Here! Excellent Videos ! Banned Everywhere!


The Great Game – A Family Civil War, Trump, Biden & Kissinger. Israeli Drones World Wide – Israel Russia China & Iran: The Belt & Road. Israels Secret Weapon – The Talpiot Program. Excellent Videos By Brendon O’Connell!


Exposed: Anthony Sutton, Eustace Mullins And The Control Paradigm. Bev Harris – Electronic Vote Fraud. Murder, Spies & Voting Lies: The Clint Curtis Story. Excellent Videos!!


U Eyes Shall Be Opened + U Shall Be As Gods ~ Transhumanism H+ Deception Rising ~ [Genesis 3:5]. Excellent Video By Nicholson 1968!


World Doctors Alliance – The Covid Nuremberg Trials. Nursing Home Health Issues Following Covid Vaxx Campaign “Testimony”. Excellent Videos!


Dr. David E. Martin – The Fauci/Covid-19 Dossier! Revealing the TRUTH behind the LIES! Excellent Video!


Covid Doesn’t Exist! We Have The Proof!! Excellent Video! Share With Everyone!!


The Science Of MRNA Vaccines The First Of Its Kind Being Rolled Out Called Covid-19! 5G And The Coronavirus! Excellent Videos With Dr. Tom Cowan!


Race Mixing! Excellent Video!!


Koch Brothers Exposed • Full Documentary By Brave New Films.  Great Video Showing How 2 Rich Philanthropists Subverted American Democracy To Help Usher In The Stinking Jew New World Odor!


Dr. Lorraine Day – They Are Putting Something Into Your Brain. Truth In A Satanic World. Excellent Interview With Alex Stein.


Jacob Rothschild Delivers Leaked Queen’s Speech Instructions On Covid Herd Management! Excellent Speech! Must See!


GlowingVegan Interviews Dr. Lorraine Day, The Most Fearless Truthteller To Help Cut Through The Lies! Excellent Video!


Demoralization: What Yuri Bezmenov Didn’t Tell You! – Excellent Video!


Justen Faull On Hollow Earth, Hybrids, & End Times Prophecy with Jim Wilhelmsen! The Fake ALIEN Invasion Is Coming From Underground! Excellent Video!!


VERY BAD NEWS: JEWS AT WORK: Nordic Resistance banned – Bitchute Deplatforms Law-Abiding Nationalist Groups On Behalf of Leftist NGOs – My Comments – Worthless Rumble

Dispatches ~The Communist Snakes At Their Best ~ Mind Control The UK. Excellent Video!


Doctors Aren’t Taught About Vaccines In Medical School. CIA Vaccines: Spying Or Sterilizing Program? HPV Vaccine Insert Lists Death As Adverse Event. Genocide In The Guise Of A Vaccine. CDC Admits Vaccines Contain A Carcinogen. Must See Videos!


Mass Civil Disobedience Is Spreading! Must See Video!


Dr. Carrie Madej: “This Is The Ultimate Enslavement Of Humanity” (January 20, 2021 Interview With Tania). Must See Video!!


The Trials Of Henry Kissinger (Documentary). Banned In 6 Countries. The Pornography Of Power! Must See!!


The Jewish Agenda to Destroy the White Race

The Greatest Lie Ever Told – History Is Not What You Think! Excellent Video!


The Book Of Revelation! Excellent Video To Understand The Book Of Revelation!


Tomorrowland…”58 Days”, Tesla, Edison & the 1939 World’s Fair. The Betrayal of Trump Was All Scripted And Outlined In Disney Movie! Don’s Farewell & The 5th Wave…Us Against Us! Great Videos And Decode By Enter The Stars!


R.I.P. America. The Inauguration Ritual – Raising Osiris. And They Worship The Image. Television – Telling Lies To Your Vision. Great Videos By Shaking My Head!


What Is Lawful Money & Who Stole Yours? Excellent Video!


The Principle (2015) – Banned Film: Are We Special In The Universe? New Suppressed Science Says Yes. Must See Video!


Sterilisation By Vaccination! Excellent Video!



Operation Lying Spirit and “Operation Trust” A Jewish Bolshevik PsyOp! Great Video By Corner Fringe Ministries!


The Bolshevik Revolution was a Jewish Revolution to kill the white Christians and it was run by Jews and funded by Jews. The Jews took their vengeance on Russia as the Czar wouldn’t let the Rothschild have a central bank in Russia. 

The Jewish Ethnic Cleansing Of Europeans

In Flu Enza AKA “Spanish Flu” ~ How 50 Million Died In 1918 Due To Vaccines & Mask Wearing! Excellent Video!


The Red Shoes & The Illuminati Ninth Circle | Satanic Hollywood Sacrifices, NWO Agenda, Martial Law ! Fantastic video!!


Top Medical Inventor: Covid MRNA Covid 19 “Vaccine” Is Not A Vaccine! Must See Video!!  Dr. David E. Martin


Woman Slams The 4 Vaccinazis At Connecticut’s Required School Immunizations Hearing. FDA Vaccine Insert Lists Autism As Adverse Reaction! Gardasil Vaccine Causing Ovarian Failure. Flu Shot Kills Healthy Teenager & More! Excellent Videos!


Babies Are Born Alive At 5-6 Months Old With Beating Hearts And Having Their Hearts Cut Out Without Any Anesthesia & Sacrificed For Use In Vaccines – Shocking Interview With Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Discussing The Manufacture Of Vaccines – Must Be Viewed By Everyone!!


Dr. Carrie Madej: Reprogramming Of Cells Without Informed Consent – Ramola Reports. Excellent Video!! Must See!! Christians This Is Your Wake Up Call!!


Agenda “Plandemic” – 50 Years In The Making! Corona Madness – It’s All Planned Folks! 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Ritual. Vaccine Truth – Share Everywhere! Excellent Videos Shaking My Head!


Dr Eric A Nepute 40,000 Adverse Vaccine Effects Which Is Not FDA Approved!  Vaers – Pfizer And Moderna Adverse Reaction Reports Escalating Exponentially.  Dr. Confirms The Jab Was The Cause Of Death Of Florida Doctor. Must See Videos!


Exposed !! This is Not a vaccine! Dr Judy Mikovits Goes Off On The Real Covid-19 Plot!! Focus On Fauci! Excellent Videos!


Warning !! 55 People Dead Already In The US After Getting The “Jab”. Florida Nurse: ‘I Can’t Stand This Corruption Any More’ Regarding The Covid-19 Lies !! 120,000 Care Home Staff Refuse Covid-19 Jab. What Are The Risks Of The Covid-19 Vaccine? With Sucharit Bhakdi !! Great Videos!


Donald J. Trump The Role Of A Lifetime – A Documentary! Hells Angels Hidden In Plain Sight – It’s All Scripted! Greenland 2020 American Disaster Trailer. Great Video By Shaking My Head!


White Race – Battle Of The Ages Is Upon Us. The Black Budget And What Americans Have Paid For With Their Tax Dollars! Awesome Video!


Confusion The Death Of White Civilization And Where Did Your American Tax Dollars Go?? Excellent Video!


Bombshell:  Globalist New World Order Plan: Classified COVID Depopulation of Earth, Document Read by Italian Doctor! – Must See Banned Video!


Must Watch !! Urgent Information About The Covid-19 Vaccine From Doctor Simone Gold !! Very Concise Layman Friendly Presentation On This Vaxx! Video.


Exposed !! A Funeral Director Blows The Whistle, The Covid-19 Numbers Are A Lie !! Dr Louise Lagendijk Discusses New Mrna Vaxx. Dresden Concentration Camps For Covid19 Skeptics. Male Nurse Develops Severe Reaction To Covid 19 Jab! Excellent Videos!


Total 7 Videos

The White Reformer! Amazing Historical Video For All Christians And The White Race To Determine Who’s Who!


And The Oscar Goes To…President Trump. The Whole Worlds A Stage & We Are The Ones Being Played! Clade X Simulation Exercise Predicts The Fraudulent Election, The Riots, The Next President And More! Excellent Videos – Banned By You Tube – Shaking My Head.


Jim Willie Interview – Stolen Vatican Gold!?! Insurrection Act – PART 1 – Fact or Fiction? – Part 2 Great Videos!


Double Vision – The Tale Of Two Trumps – Welcome To The Bizarro World! Great Video By Shaking My Head!!


The Planned White Genocide! Excellent Video!


Rise of the New World Order 2021! - The Fight Against Spiritual Wickedness In High Places.  Must See Videos!


The “PCR Test Everybody” Strategy Has No Scientific Validity Whatsoever. Studies Show Masks Cause Higher Rates Of Infections And Disease. The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On An Unsuspecting Public. Great Videos From Thomas Cowan, Del Bigtree & Roger Hodkinson!


Merging Man & Machine – Where Do You Draw The Line? America – It’s Not What You Think. Great Videos By Shaking My Head Production!


The Khazarian Mafia – The True Rulers Of The World (Documentary Video). Awesome Historical Information Of Major Past Events That Lead Us Up To Today!


Breaking News! Woman Goes Into Anaphylactic Shock Minutes After Taking Killer Phisza M-RNA Vaccine & Whistleblower! Must See Video!


The Death Of White European Civilization! Must See Video!


Dr Amanda Vollmer: How To Fight Fines And Grow A Spine – Psychological Warfare – The Antibody Theory Is False – The Mutations Explained – Enough Is Enough – Covid Is A Lie. Awesome Videos To Help Wake You Up!


England’s Royal Family Polluted And The Kings Of The Earth As Prophesied From The Tribe Of Judah! Excellent Video!


Exposed! Nanotechnology In The Covid-19 Swabs Test! In Egypt This Swab Up The Nose Was A Punishment For Slaves! Excellent Videos! Must See!!


America Betrayed!! The Pentagon On 9-11 2001 Excellent Videos!


Planet Lockdown –  Filling In The Missing Information – Catherine Austin Fitts!  How Microsoft Israel Gave The Keys To Russia And The Chinese Commies.  The Rats In The Ranks.  Excellent Videos By Brendon O’Connell! /prophecy/2021/01/planet-lockdown-filling-in-the-missing-information-catherine-austin-fitts-how-microsoft-israel-gave-the-keys-to-russia-and-the-chinese-commies-the-rats-in-the-ranks-excellent-videos-by-bren-2517598.html

Trump Is The Tip Of The Spear And The Tip Of The Needles To Deliver The Venom. Apollo’s Arrow Brings Disease! Trump’s Columbus Globe Dates Back to 1939 Fair. I Pet Goat 3, The Honey Trap & Much More! Excellent Videos By Enter The Stars!


Joe Biden’s Wife and Baby Died in a Mysterious Car Crash – The Donald Trump Impeachment & Joe Biden Inauguration Is Federal Theater – Pope Francis & Pope Benedict Receive the Coronavirus Vaccine! Breaking Down the News and Jesuit Propaganda Using Gematria – Great Videos!


Shawn’s Story After Taking The Moderna Mark Of The Beast 666. Shake Rattle And Roll Even When You Don’t Want To! Must See Video!!!


Boring Boris Johnson Confirms The Transhuman Agenda With The Use Of Gate’s Big Prick And The New World Order Plans! Excellent Video!


The Jewish Kaballah And The Jesuits all Point to 911 (IXXI) As The Beginning Of Their Door Opening To The antiChrist! Excellent Videos!



America Without Trump. Secession Is The Only Way. International Zionism Or Globalism. The Corona ‘Gates’ Tattoo. Fake News, Fake Election. Excellent Videos!


666: Coronavirus And The Mark Of The Beast! Excellent Video!


Project Blue Beam – God Of Abraham Isaac And Jacob Shall Send Them Strong Delusion, That They Should Believe A Lie! Land Of Confusion – Order Out Of Chaos. Pharmakeia – A Cure For Wellness. Excellent Videos Shaking My Head


Super Bowl X And How It Relates To The Coming Potential Disaster On Or Around Inauguration Day January 2021! Patriots Should Stay At Home! Great Video And Decode!


24 Dead In NYC Nursing Home Days After Getting The Jab! The Culling Has Begun! Great Video!


Vaccines Agenda Murder US ALL!!! Must See! Is Donald Trump A Judas Goat? David Knight Exposes Trump! Great Videos!


Cracked ILLUSION! Counting Down To A Major Catastrophe In The Next 10 Days! Great Video!! Heavily Censored! Watch While You Can!


Brave Reporter Goes Off Script On Air With Doctor! Excellent Video!


God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob’s Gift To The Wicked! Excellent Video!


Vaccines Good Or Bad? Excellent Video!


Demon Observed By Hundreds At Midday On Vatican Roof | Total NWO Elite Media Censorship Taking Place! Excellent Video!


Trump’s NEW AGE Warp Speed Advisor Wants to Tap Chakras w/ BIOELECTRIC Nano Implants! 1939 World’s Fair “Democracity”, the WORLD of TOMORROW is NOW.. Serpent Sun God Injection Ritual! Awesome Videos By Enter The Stars!


They Live [1988] (Movie)! Excellent Video That Is Applicable ForToday!!! People Need To Shut Off Their Talmudvision In Order To Find The Truth!


MUST SHARE WITH EVERYONE! mRNA Vaccine is an Operating System! Excellent Video!


24 Dead and 137 Infected at NY Nursing Home After Experimental COVID Injections!! Excellent Update!!


Denmark Is Now At War! Must See Videos!!


For Those Who Cannot See (There Are 10 Days Left)!  Awesome Video!


YOU Are The Key – Stairway To The Heavens!!! COVID Connection To The Cosmic Void! Excellent Video!! Watch While You Can! Heavily Censored!


Panicked Area 51 Worker Calls Exposing Lying aLIEns & NWO Human Extermination Plan! Excellent Video!


The Mustard Seed Of Life! Awesome Video!!  /christian-news/2021/01/the-mustard-seed-of-life-awesome-video-2-2592347.html

The Final Countdown! Select Blackouts Around the World And More! Heavily Censored Video. Watch While You Can!  /prophecy/2021/01/the-final-countdown-select-blackouts-around-the-world-and-more-heavily-censored-video-watch-while-you-can-2517470.html

The War In The Heavens Against God Of Abraham Isaac And Jacob! The Real Star Wars! Excellent Video!


The Crowhouse: The Coming Zombie Apocalypse! Excellent Video!


The Truth About Autism And Cancer And Vaccines! Hunger Games Tribute To The Holistic Doctors! Must See Videos! Heavily Censored


Breakthrough cancer treatment called GcMAF


The Truth About Baby Vaccines! What Every Parent Should Know And What Your Doctor Will Not Tell You! Excellent Videos!


Hunger Games Tribute To Another Great Patriot Fallen! The War On Truth And The Battle For Freedom! Excellent Video! Must See!


Trump Loses WWF Fight – What Just Happened? Should The U.S Invade Israel? Solarwind Was Intel Killed By Russian Espionage Based In Israel. Israel’s Secret Weapon – The Talpiot Program! Excellent Videos By Brendon O’Connell A Beacon Of Truth!


Obama Paid Italian Weapons Contractor Leonardo $400m To Manipulate 2020 Election Via Satellite. Great Video!


Gemma O’Doherty: Death Toll From Covid “Kill” Shot Rises! Sheep To The Slaughter! Awesome Update!



Here’s Why Everyone On The World Stage Will Die From Covid-19 Before You. Awesome Video!


The Devil’s Been Busy – He Knows His Time Is Short! Washington D.C. Gone Wild – Keep Calm Because It’s Showtime!  Great Video By Shaking My Head!


Never Again! Excellent Video!


Warning About Communism In Third World Countries Coming To America. This Race War Between Jacob And Esau And Their Descendants Was Prophesied. Find Out What’s What And Who’s Who To Understand What Is Going On Today! Awesome Videos!


The Noahide Laws In America Which Will Be Used To Decapitate Christians And Patriots! Excellent Video! /christian-news/2021/01/the-noahide-laws-in-america-which-will-be-used-to-decapitate-christians-and-patriots-excellent-video-2592224.html

The Simpsons Grim Prediction About Trump. Another Show Predicts That Pence Will Be Dead At The Age Of 61. Is The Grim Reaper In Trump And Pence’s Immediate Future? Who Will Become The Führer Of The Fourth Reich In America? Excellent Videos!


The Dropa Race & Their Discs Of Knowledge In China. Very Interesting Video!  /prophecy/2021/01/the-dropa-race-their-discs-of-knowledge-in-china-very-interesting-video-2517423.html

Belarus Offered $940m From The World Bank To Lockdown.  Excellent Videos!


The Mainstream Media’s War On Truth And Freedom. Great Video By The Crowhouse!


Scripture And Historicity – Just Say No To The Covid19 Va666ine! Excellent Video!


Shocker: Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Whistleblower Speaks Out. Must See!! Great Video!


Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Causes “Monsterism”

Abductions And How To Stop Them! Awesome Video!


CDC Death Numbers Expose Covid Hoax. CV: 2019 Cares Act? H.R. 6666? Patent 060606? Introduced Jan 2019 Before Covid Outbreak? Sentient World Simulation Darpa Advisor Reveals Conscious AI Supercomputers Used For Mind Control. Excellent Videos!


PhD Chemist Whistleblower who Worked 17 Years Developing Chemtrails: 90% of Chemtrails Designed to Alter Emotions/Mood/State of Mind and Provoke “Flu-like Symptoms” Must Read!


Professor Dolores Cahill People Will Start Dying Soon After The First MRNA Vaccination! Top Microbiologist Says Covid Vaccine “Downright Dangerous,” Will Send You “To Your Doom”. Excellent Videos!


John Wrote It Very Simple! Excellent Video!


Moses The Mount And Starships. Awesome Video!


The Greatest Commandment! Awesome VIdeo!


The Second Commandment. Excellent Video!


Operation Warp Speed Ahead – The Spiritual War For Your Soul! – Excellent Videos By Shaking My Head & Enter The Stars!


Experimental COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Are Operating System Designed To Program Human DNA, Says Moderna

Portuguese Nurse Dies Suddenly After Receiving COVID Vaccine. Modern Admits Their Experimental COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Are Operating System Designed To Program Human DNA! Must See Videos!


PCR Test & COVID-19 Pandemic Debunked as Deep State Terrorism Hoax! – Must See Video!


Seattle Space Needle 2021 Shows The Luciferian Agenda! – Awesome Videos By Shaking My Head And Decode By Enter The Stars!


EU Lawsuit Reveals Globalist’s Coronahoax Vaccine Extermination Protocol. Shocking Video!!


How One Man Took Down America….And The World! Excellent Videos!


Georgia’s Election Fraud Linked To Global Pedophile Network Coverup! Great Video!


Jews In Family Guy, American Dad, South Park & The Simpsons (( Compilation )).  Excellent Video!


Simpsons Reveal That Jew Owned Trump Serves Israel & Betrays America (The Ex Wife). Excellent Video!


The Coming Starvation As Prophesied In The Tribulation! Excellent Video!


Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for The Twentieth Century. Great Video To Understand The Plan!


Why Are People Afraid Of The Facts About Jews? Mind Control By Jewish Hollywood.. Family Guy – Early Brainwashing Propaganda Warfare We Watched. Excellent Videos!


A True American Hero Who Fought To Preserve the White Christian Race Was Murdered! No Surprise! George Warned Us Who Was Behind Destroying America.  The Same People That Destroyed Germany Came To America To Do The Same!  Great Videos Of A True Patriot.

UFO & Aliens Exposed As A Masonic New World Order Agenda – The Fake Alien Invasion Project Bluebeam. The Crown & The White Horse Symbolism – “This Is The End” Rapture Scene. Fake News Revelation From 1968 TV Show. Phenomenal Videos!


DNA Light Harvesting. Color Out Of Space. Tech Trap Of Lovecraft Great Old Ones. 5g. D-Wave. Q. Birthing A New Race With The Covid. When They Say Peace Peace Then Sudden Destruction! Excellent Videos!


The Promise of God Of Abraham Isaac And Jacob To Adam! Awesome Video!!


How To Refuse Mandated Vaccinations – Getting Ready To Say No! Excellent Video!


Tiffany Dover Dead!! Another Vaccine Casualty Via Lethal Injection! Excellent Video!


Guess Who Is Mrs. Doubtfire Today? Welcome To The Grand Illusion! Great Video By Shaking My Head!


The Hunger Games Have Begun! Prominent Truther Jeff C (The Most Censored Man On YouTube) Has Died Mysteriously! RIP Jeff C! Excellent Videos!


Plagues Of Babylon. Excellent Video!  /christian-news/2020/12/plagues-of-babylon-excellent-video-2591781.html

Noah’s Seedline! Excellent Video! /christian-news/2020/12/noahs-seedline-excellent-video-2591779.html

Killer Gates – The Deleted Documentary! First Symptoms of Covid…Singing, Laughing & Talking! Pfizer Vaccine Death Data Report! Excellent Videos!


Real Money, Equal Weights & Measures And Today! Awesome Video! /prophecy/2020/12/real-money-equal-weights-measures-and-today-awesome-video-2516989.html

We Will Have Created Utopia! (Youtube Censored Video) – Awesome Video By Demon Hunter!


Gemma O’Doherty: Today They Were Forced To Admit That ‘Covid-19′ Does Not Exist! Must See Video!



Masonic Lodge Over Jerusalem. Excellent Video!


Masonic Werewolves In Utah. Excellent Video!


Michael A Hoffman: The Rothschilds & The Church Of Rome. Great Video!


The Vaccine Scam Of The Covid Conspiracy! Great Video On The World Affairs Update!


Stop Human Cloning, Transhumanism, Anunnaki Alien Agendas … But With The Nephilim Reality Of It! Awesome Video!


NWO & Coronavirus Plannedemic End-Game Plot; Vaccines; Beast System; Martial Law; Cashless Society. Awesome 29 min. Presentation!!


Altered Carbon, Human Cloning, Transhumanism, Super Soldiers, The Nephilim And More! Excellent Video!


Prophecy Club: 2045 The Year Man Becomes Immortal Or Earlier? Awesome Video!


The Illusion Of Money. The Complete History of Money. New World Order: Secret Societies And Biblical Prophecy Vol. 2. The Money Changers Are In The Temple. Where Did The $50 Trillion Dollars Go? Awesome Video!


Who’s Who and Who’s…? Awesome Video To Understand Who Is Trying To Destroy America And The White Western European Nations!


NWO: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Vol. 1. Well Researched Documentary. Excellent Video.


Time Is Just A Place. God Of Abraham Isaac and Jacob Is Outside Of Time. Awesome Video!


Reviewing Historical Information That Proves The Bible! The Raided Tomb Of Gilgamesh By The Americans Contained The Flood Tablet 11 Which Recorded The Flood On The Earth! Awesome Video!


Bill Schoebelen: The Medical Conspiracy. Awesome Video!


David Knight: Armed Open Carry Rally On Jan 17th. Tom Cruise Trying To Save His “Essential” Film, But Saving Small Biz Is Mission Impossible! No $$ For People Or Small Biz & No Vaccine Mandate For Soldiers. Vaccine “Testing” Stage 4. Excellent Videos!


Dr. Carrie Madej Discusses The CV Agenda And The MRNA DNA Changing Vaccines, Mandatory Vaccine Ethics And Risks And More! Awesome Videos And Interview!


David Knight: Will Christians Be Shamed Or Silenced? David’s Last Show Before Alex Jones Fired Him On The NWO Jab! False Prophets Are Revealing Themselves With Anthony Patch And Stevie Ray. Excellent Videos!


Eustace Mullins: The Rockefeller Drug Empire. Excellent Video!


Hellstorm – The True Story Of The Nazi Genocide! Excellent Video!


The Corona 5G Virus – Fear Based Programming – An Over Dose Denver Production. Great Video By ODD TV.


Is Your Phone Gangstalking You? (Targeted Individuals)! Great Video!


Catholicism: The Church on Haunted Hill ! Great Video Exposing How Corrupt And Immoral The Catholic Church Is With Former Illuminate Now Christian!


Is Christmas Pagan? Excellent Video!


The Snake Exposed! Robotaxis Taxis Today – Brain Chips Tomorrow – Let The Hunger Games Begin! St. John Divine NYC – The Devil Is In The Details! Great Video By SMHP!


Countdown to January 2021 Inauguration Day! The Truth Unmasked In This Mad World! Great Videos By Shaking My Head Production


The Communist Jews Used the Blacks To Fight Against The Whites in South Africa Just Like They Are Doing In America Today. The Jews Are Trying To Incite A Civil War In America Between The Blacks And The Whites While They Sit Back And Watch! Great Videos.


Bohemian Rhapsody Donald Trump Cover. As Most ActWhores Are Jewish, Trump Is The Great ActWhore Of Them All And Is A Jew! Great Videos!


Nurse Thrown Out Of Town Hall For Telling The Truth About Coronahoax Vaccine. Top Catholic Cardinal: Coronahoax Being Used To Usher In “Evil Great Reset”. How To Steal The 2020 Election! Awesome Videos!


The Bible Warns Us Against Mongrelizing The Blood Of The White Race, Which Is The Holy Seed Of God Of Abraham Isaac And Jacob! Excellent Videos!


Microsoft Israel Election Guard & Netanyahu Stole Election! Trump Goes After Military Industrial Complex Lockheed Gives Tech To Iran Russia China & Israel. Hyperinflation & Food Shortages, Watch Out! Excellent Videos By Brendon O’Connell.


Trump and The Purge: Election Year Predictive Programming. The AntiChrist is Using Trump to Trick You. Trump Mimicking Christ. 5G Waves. Babylon the “Great”. Awesome Videos!


The Communist Objective Behind Immigration Is The Dissolution Of Europe And America! Great Videos To Understand How George Soros Is Funding The Refugees To Weaken The White Christian Nation And Incite Race Wars!


Rapper Lord Jamar: ‘George Soros Controls Black Lives Matter! It’s NOT Our Movement’! Great Video Confirming That There Is A Political Agenda Behind All These Protests!


Who is Wormwood? Who is George Soros? Excellent Video By Tamara!


Shocker: Today It’s Best You Understand The Real History Of Who Owns What In America! You Will Be Surprised! Awesome Video!


The Snake Oil Salesman’s Biggest Hit! Vaccines! Awesome Video!


Henry Makow & Jeff Rense – Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 Speech! Excellent Interview (Video)!


Nasa’s First Boss Wernher Von Braun Bragged About Faking An Alien Invasion. Why? Great Video To Show What The Jewnited Nations Is Planning For Us To Usher In The antiChrist!


Who Are The Kenites? Are They Here Now? Great Historical Information That Explains How God Uses The Kenites (Satan’s Serpent Seed) As The Negative Part Of His Plan For Redemption Of His Holy Seed, The Tribes of Jacob Surnamed Israel. Great Videos!


A Time Far Removed Shows That The War In Heavens Will Also Happen Again Here On Earth! Excellent Video!


Fritz Springmeier: Culling The Sheep With The 7 Deadly Sins And Using 5G And Vaccines As An Extinction Level Event!! Awesome Videos!


Amerigeddon (2016) Banned Hollywood Movie – This Film Dares to Show Martial Law and Civil War Coming to America! Great Movie!


Europeans Are the “Lost” Tribes of Israel – A Rare Documentary That Traces the Origins of the Tribes of Jacob Surnamed Israel to Europe and America. Very Enlightening Videos!


The Planned Death Of Germany And The German People As Well As The White Western Christian Nations and America! Excellent Video!


God of Abraham Isaac And Jacob’s Vengeance Upon Edom! Excellent Video!


The Mystery of Melchizedek and the Coming Great Royal Priesthood Unveiled! Great Videos and Analysis To Unravel This Mystery!


They Are Teaching Us To Eat Each Other! Great Video By KJ & Analysis Of The Holy Scriptures Forbidding Drinking Human Blood And Eating Human Flesh!


The Jewish Utopia (Book Written On Jewish World Domination) & The Kabbalah! Great Video To Find Out Who’s Who!


The World’s Troubling Time And The Plan To Conquer The White Christian European And American Nations! Great Video!


The antiChrist Is Here! Gather For Your Enslavement! Great Video!


Jewish Communist Race Mixing Agenda In Advertising And “Entertainment” To Genocide The White Race. The White Race Is The Holy Seed Of God Of Abraham Isaac And Jacob And We Are Not To Corrupt Our DNA! Great Video!


Disney, Media Advertising, Sexual Subliminal Messages, The Illuminati/ Freemasons/ Satanism & Hollywood Exposed! Great Videos!


Federal Forced Planned Vaccinations Began With Barack Obama And The Poisoning Of The People In The USA For Depopulation! Excellent Videos!


The Killer Gates Nanodot Tattoo Is A Mark Of the Beast 666. The Covid Hoax! The 1% Are The Only Ones Who Benefit From Covid-19 And The Lockdown! Excellent Interviews!


Who Rules The ‘World’… Shape, Change The Course Of Society And Modern Human History! Excellent Video!


Enough Is Enough With Dr. Amanda Vollmer! The Antibody Theory Is False! Covid-19 Is Fake! Humans Are The Virus! As They Are Testing Chromosome 8! Awesome Videos For Exposing The Truth!


This corona plandemic is to bring in the Jew NWO under the Rabbi`s and the 7 Noahide laws with the main anti-Christ (Antonio Guterres at the Jewnited Nations) and total enslavement, this is all conditioning for serf class existence.  It is a stinking Jew New World Odor for the Jews and run by the Jews for the Jews and all the non Jews will either die or be their slaves until King Jesus returns in 2022 to extinguish all evil and set up His Kingdom here on earth for the millenium.  The Great Tribulation is God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob pouring out His wrath on the unbelievers and punishing His children, the white race and Christains for turning their face was God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and His Commandments and Ordinances.

Ancient Mysteries Of Michigan! Awesome Video!


Head Scars of Obama 100% Match Akhenaten Hieroglyph! Pharaoh Returning for End Times! Great Videos!


Head Scars of Obama 100% Match Akhenaten Hieroglyph! Pharaoh Returning for End Times! Great Videos!


Warns Us Not To Take The Killer Covid-19 Vaccine That Has Not Been Tested And Not To Participate In The Distribution Of These “Kill” Shots! Awesome Video!


The Identity Exposed of Barack “Insane” Obama, the Spear Chucking Dog Without A Bone Or A Home And Without An Authentic Birth Certificate! Find Out What Bones This Dog Intends To Bury In America! Awesome Videos!


Lucifer’s Temple Chambers Beneath The Vatican. Find Out What Is Below The Vatican! You Will Be Shocked! Great Video!


The Last President | What A 127 Year Old Book About Two Trumps Reveals About Donald And Barron Trump And The Downfall Of America! Great Video!


David Sassoon (Jew) The World’s Biggest Drug Dealer, And How He Destroyed China Using Opium. Find Out The Truth Not Taught In Your Communist Indoctrination Schools! The Sassoon FDR Connection! Awesome Video!


Dr. Lorraine Day Interview On Covid, Your Health, Purpose Of The Plandemic And More! Extremely Important And Valuable Information! Great Video With Glowing Vegan!


Anarchy Today In The USA. Awesome Video To Understand Who Your Enemy Is As Most Americans Are Clueless!


Jewish Prof. Roger Dommergue Demolished the Holocaust and Warned of Worldwide Weimar Nazi Global Domination! Excellent Video!


Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng: Any Covid 19 Vaccine Or Covid 19 Test Corrupting People’s DNA , That Vaccine Or Test Must Be Destroyed! Awesome Video!


Dr. Lorraine Day w/ Dr. June Knight on Noahide Laws & The Covid 19 Shamdemic! Great Video November 23, 2020!


Bill Gates’ Big Prick Exposed For What It Is! The Ju Jab Will Not Only Corrupt Your DNA But Will Target Your Testicles! Excellent Videos!


Clearly, the MRNA DNA Changing Gene Altering “Soul Damning” Covid-19 Vaccine + RFID Chip included is the Mark of the Beast!  The Covid 19 Test is also a Mark of the Beast if it changes your DNA (see Dr. Lorraine Day Interview with Jana below) as it contains nanobots that can change your DNA. The number in Holy Gematria equates to 666 for Covid 19 test. 

Do not take anything from Bill Gates or Elon Musk or any electrononics / tattoos to affix on your body or in your body that will corrupt and change your DNA.  We must keep our DNA pure!

Elon Musk’s Neuralink is also another form of the Mark of the Beast.  Anything that is inserted in or on your body or orfices that changes and corrupts your DNA is a Mark of the Beast. 

Sunday worship is another form of the Mark of the Beast.  The Sabbath is Saturday, the 7th day, according to the Bible and must be adhered to by all Christians / Israelites / the white race which are the true Tribes of Jacob surnamed Israel  (Friday sundown until Saturday sundown).  The Law has not been done away with.  See link to the Commandments and Ordinances still in effect today that must be adhered to.  

Warning: Ex-Merck Rep Brandy Vaughan Exposes The Dark Side Of pHARMa – WAVE! The Covert & Overt Intimidation Of Brand Vaughan Who Was Found Dead After Warning People To Investigate Her Tragedy! Excellent Videos!


You Can’t Fix Stupid! Awesome Video To Unravel Some Of Satan’s Lies To Christians & The White Race!


Dr. Lorraine Day Warns People Of The Covid Nonsense And That The Covid Test May Have Already Done Significant Damage To People! Awesome Video!


The Selling Off Of America. Awesome Video To Understand How America Was Destroyed From Within!


100% Proof Jews Are Behind Race Mixing To Destroy The White Race. Great Video!


The Zionist Massacres In The Last Century! Great Video!


The Rothschild Controlled Popes! Great Video!


The History Jews Do Not Want You To Know: Judaism Is Bolshevism, Communism & Marxism And Are Detailed In Their Jewish Babylonian Talmud For World Domination And Enslavement Of Humanity! Very Good Eye Opening Videos!


The Bloody History Of Communism & The Black Book Of Communism! Great Documentary (Video)!


Who Fathered Cain? The Blood Covenants. Great Teaching By Pastor Jones (Video)!


Operation Talpiot – Israel Spying On The World.  Israel Is The Biggest U.S. National Security Threat (Talpiot, Unit 8200)! Great Videos To Understand How America Was Subverted From Within!


Science Of The Soul Full Documentary. Great Video Confirming That Reincarnation Does Exist For Some People Here On Earth!


The Pineal Gland: The Entrance To The Soul And The Spiritual Light Of Truth. Great Video By Dr. Joye!


The Sabbath Is A Sign Between God Of Abraham Isaac and Jacob And The Israelites Forever! Great Video Series By Corner Fringe Ministries On Keeping The Sabbath On The 7th Day!


Understanding The Divinity Of Our Messiah Jesus And His Relationship With God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob And The Holy Spirit. Great Video Series Explaining The Godhead Using The Holy Scriptures!


Fritz Springmeier: Illuminati Bloodlines, Demons, Aliens, Dumbs, Human Blood Sacrifice Rituals, Mind Control & Exposing the New World Order Agenda. Awesome Videos!


Testing The Star Of David Against The Holy Scriptures To See If It Is The Star Of Remphan In Acts 7:43.  Very Eye Opening Videos!!


Bombshell!! Dr. Francis Boyle,Bioweapons Treaty Author, Reveals That The Covid-19 Vaccine Contains HIV! Awesome VIdeos!!!


Urgent Warning!! Corona Jabs Will Unleash The Beast, The Devil Is In The Detail! Danger Of Permanent Brain Damage And Death By Covid-19 Vaccine! WTF ?? Scientists Using HIV In Covid-19 Vaccine!! Excellent Videos!


Cain, Able & The Two Enochs. Excellent Video!


Re-Education Camp FEMA; The Next Phase Of The Covid Scamdemic; They Tried This Very Scenario In 2010. Could This Be The Plan For What’s Coming? Excellent Video!


The Corona Jab Serum & It’s Effects On Human DNA & Brain Hacking! Are You Ready To Blow Your Mind? Excellent Video Featuring Celeste Solum!


Dr. Wesley Swift: A Master Plan Against The Caucasian Race By Satan And His Children! Very Prophetic Video!


Would You Trust Killer Gates, A College Drop Out & Frequent Visitor To Pedo Island On The Lolita Express With Jeffrey Epstein, With Your Health By Taking His Covid-19 Vaccines That No One Is Allowed To Analyze? Banned Video Watch While You Can!!


The Khazarian Synagogue Of Satan Full Movie! Must See Videos!! Revelation 2:9 & 3:9.


Scientist Linked To Wuhan’s Coronavirus, Covid-19 Test, Bill Gates And Facebook ‘Fact Checker’. Fauci’s Daughter Ali Works At Twitter. Why Zuckerberg Will Not Go To Jail. Great Videos!


Warning: Dr. Francis Boyle: ‘Bioweapon’ MRNA DNA Changing Vaccines Violate Nuremburg Code Against Cruelty! The Elderly Are Considered Useless Eaters And Will Be Fed To The Lions First Like Daniel Except This Time, They Will Be Eaten, Prison Garb & All! Awesome Video!


Killer Gates Tells Viewers To Ignore Life Threatening Side Effects Of His New Coronahoax Vaccine! Great Videos!


Dr. Lorraine Day Discusses Health, The Covid Hoax, The Truth About Vaccines And The Noahide Laws Coming To Your Town Soon! Great June 7 2020 Interview (Video)!


Dr. Lorraine Day Interview On The Corona Hoax And How It Is Being Used To Muzzle Us And Enslave Us Prior To Us Being Railroaded To The FEMA Camps. Great Video For People That Want To Know The Truth!


Ancient Knowledge 2014 Full Movie! Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Illusion of Reality, Hidden History, Spirituality, Lost Civilizations, Energy, Coral Castle, Magnetism, Illuminati, Suppression, Religion, Astrology, Numerology, Philosophy, Esoteric & Occult Knowledge. Awesome Video!


How Obama Won The War Against Christmas And Rolled Out Satan Lucifer Clause. From Snaketivty, To The Church Of Lucifer, To Childhood’s End, To Supernatural, We Can See A Major Change Took Place in 2015. Great Videos!


I Pet Goat 2: The Illuminati’s New York City Plan To Usher In Armageddon. Great Video!


EXPOSED: Obama’s 3 Head Scars and Hillary’s 9/11 Seizure: The Beast Has Its Head Wound Healed – Revelation 13:3. Great Video!


Isaac Newton’s Prophecy; Crossings And Chaos; “100% PROBABILITY” of Asteroid. Solving Isaac Newton’s Riddle – The Temple at the Center of Time. Great Videos!


Vatican’s Project Lucifer, The Alien Hoax, Vatican Astronomer Finds Dark Matter Entities: The Lucifer Disclosure Is Coming. Great Videos!


The Beginning Of The End Has Officially Begun! If This Doesn’t Wake People Up About What Is Happening Then Nothing Ever Will! Great Videos By This Is A Call For An Uprising!


The Video Freemasonry Doesn’t Want You To See!!!!! FEMA Death Camp Executioners…Great Videos!!


There’s Storm Brewing Called the Noahide Laws Drummed Through Congress by the Jew Traitor George HW Bush to Kill Christians! Barack Obama, Another Jew, Promised That He Will Be Back but Not Wearing a Suit – What Is Barack Obama Coming Back As? A Jack Ass, the Mascot of the Demon Rats? Great Videos!


How Bill & Melinda Gates Came From The Computer Industry To Influence The Vaccine Industry And Big Pharma And Deny Your Freedom Today! Great Video!


This Is How The World Will Worship The Beast, The Commie CV19 Vaccines Can Edit The Human Brain. Hell Is Real, And The CV19 Vaccines Will Make Sure That Those Who Take Them Will Be Cut Off From God Forever! President Trump Promises Vaccines Will Be Distributed In 2 Weeks! Excellent Videos!


Dr. Carrie Madej Urgent Warning On The Covid Vaccine And How It Will Permanently Change Your DNA And Make You Transhuman! Multiple Videos And Interviews!


Celeste Solum: The Dangers To Humans From COVID PCR Tests & Hydrogel! Excellent Interview!


C = BS! It’s All A Lie And People Need To Wake Up Or Perish. The First & Second Wave Covid Hoax. The Gates Of Hell Vaccine Will Only Enslave You & Possible Kill You. The Vaccine Is A Guarantee To Lose Your Soul As It Is The Mark Of The Beast! Excellent Videos!


Jews Have Been Kicked Out Of 109 Locations Including 79 Countries Throughout History! The Jews Have Taken Lessons From Their Brother Hitler Who Was A Jew And Now They Are Trying Bring All The White Caucasians Into A Jew Created Holocaust! Excellent Videos!


António Guterres Calling For The “Great Reset” To Turns Man Into Machine With The Covid-19 Vaccine To Serve The Jewish UN Controllers. The Little Horn Is Going To Stick It To Us With The Covid-19 Vaccine & Wants To Take Charge Of The Global Vaccines Rollout!


Dr. Wesley Swift: Children Of The Heavenly Father. The Foretold Destiny Of America. Great Spiritual Treasure Of Your Race! Awesome Videos


Did Eve Really Much On An Apple Or Is The Church Just Trying to Make Us All Look Like Fruitcakes? Great Video!


Operation Armageddon, Covid-19, And The War Against The West. The War Against The West Was Planned Years Ago. Find Out Who Are Enemies Really Are. Great Video To Understand Who’s Trying To Destroy The White Western Civilization! You Will Be Surprised!


The War Of The Children Of Light vs. The Children Of Darkness! Excellent Video!


Scripture And Historicity – The Parable Of The Wheat And The Tares. Great Video!


The Rapture, The Greater Grander Second Exodus, The 144,000 Saints And Where We Are On The Tribulation Timeline! We Are Farther Along Than Most People Realize! Great Video And Analysis!


The Greater Second Exodus Will Be Much Grander Than The First Exodus To Gather The Remnant Of The Tribes Of Jacob Surnamed Israel From The Four Corners Of The Earth In 2022! Great Videos!


António Guterres Calling For The “Great Reset” To Turns Man Into Machine With The Covid-19 Vaccine To Serve The Jews! The Little Horn Is Going To Stick It To Us With The Covid-19 Vaccine And His Big Mouth To Lock Everyone Down For Good. It Will Be Catastrophe To Put The antiChrist In Charge Of The Vaccines! Video.


The Movie “You Should Have Left” Released This Year Was a Warning That You Should Have Left Babylon by Now – They Already Did the Movie “Get Out” and You Didn’t Go – Permanent Lockdowns Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You – WW3 Is Not a Fictional Action Movie but the Real McCoy – Great Videos!


Court Says Lockdowns ‘Catastrophically Wrong,’ Overall Mortality Normal & Biden’s Vaccine Passports. PHD Says Sars-Cov-2 Has Never Been Isolated! Must See Videos!


All Music in the World Has an Agenda. Excellent Video

LBJ Lying At The Signing Of The 1965 Immigration Act And How A Lying Jewish Congressman Shaped American Immigration Policy To Destroy The Anglo Saxon Ethnicity Of America! Great Videos!


The Prophecy Of Daniel, Bel & The Dragon In the Apocrypha And Who They Are Today. This Is A Prophecy For America Today! Great Videos And Decode!


Illuminati Play Book For World Domination: Awesome Video Explaining Barack Obama’s Rise To Power And How The Rulers In America Have Been Hornswoggled To Push The Khazarian Jewish Fascist Agenda For The Stinking New World Odor!!


David Duke Interview With Alex Jones as to Who the Real Enemy Is in America! Banned Video Well Worth Watching To Understand Who’s Who & Who’s Jew!


This Is It! It’s Officially Here And Being Given Out December 15th… Look At What Our American Heros Are About To Do For Us!!! Great Videos By This Is A Call For An Uprising!


Another Monolith Shows Up In California. The Black Awakening. Bad Prophet Files. Great Videos By Tamara!


Information embedded in DNA Proves The Existence of God! Great Video!


The Abrahamic Covenant (Audio Book) – Written By E. Raymond Capt. Excellent Video!


The Conditional And Unconditional Covenants In The Holy Bible Explained.  Great Chuck Missler Videos!


Mark Of The Beast 666 Unveiled Revelation 13:15-18 Prophecy Fulfillment. Killer Gates’ Injectable Biochip With Body Sensors Permanently Fused To Your Body Within Your Covid Inoculation. Excellent Video!


COVID Vaccines “Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction” says Wyoming Medical Doctor and Former Manager for Wyoming’s State Public Health Department. Fabulous Video!


Warning:  The Mark Of The Beast 666 Is Here! The Covid-19 Vaccine Is The DNA Changing Gene Altering “Soul Catching” Mark Of The Beast [Revelation 13:15-18]! Must See Video!


Alan Horvath Tells Us How To Pitch Our Tent With God Of Abraham Isaac And Jacob Who Knows Our Heart And Will Allow Us, If We So Choose, To Have A Personal Relationship With Him. Great Teachings (Videos).


The Simpsons Predicted The Metal Monalith In Utah Which Has Mysteriously Disappeared And Another One Has Now Appeared In Romania. Planet of the Apes is Happening Now As They Are Injecting Monkey Kidney Cells Into The Covid Vaccines! Awesome Videos!


The Covid-19 vaccine is guaranteed to change your DNA and make you transhuman.  God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob’s Holy Spirit does not dwell in a machine and will immediately leave your body.  If you choose to take the Covid-19 vaccine which is the Mark of the Beast, then God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob will grant your request and you will be separated from Him for an eternity in utter darkness.  There is no chance of redemption as per Revealtion 14.

Matrix Architect (Lucifer) Attempts Omnipresence With His “All Seeing Eye” AI Surveillance Apparatus In Order To Imitate God Of Abraham Isaac And Jacob. Skydome Atlantis and The Great Mask Debate!  Awesome Videos By Demon Hunters!!


Nathan Reynolds Comes Out From a Famous Illuminati Satanic Family That Manufactures Reynolds Wrap &Tobacco and Finds Jesus After Getting Wrapped by the Holy Spirit. Wonderful Story How He Left Mammon for Jesus and Stands for Truth Today! Great Video!


The Corona Eclipse Ritual – Crowning Of Their Sun King Exposed. Rider On A White Horse & The Image Of The Beast. Great Videos By Shaking My Head!


Alfred McCoy – A Short History Of Psychological Terror! Great Video To Understand Your Big Brother!


UTAH Cryptic Monolith Monument Found on 322nd Day of 2020, Relating it to Georgia’s Guidestones! Monolith Discovered In Utah Near MOAB Mysteriously Disappears. SYNCHRONIC Serpent Arrow Through TIME! Great Videos And Decode!


The Serpent Seed Explained In 15 Minutes. Great Video!  /prophecy/2020/11/the-serpent-seed-explained-in-15-minutes-great-video-2516024.html

The Tribes of Jacob Surnamed Israel Are Not Lost. They Only Lost Their Identity. They Are The Great Nations Of The World. Tribe of Judah Identified Today and How All the Kings of the Rulers of the Earth Are Descended From Judah as Prophesied. Awesome Videos!


God of Abraham Isaac And Jacob’s Chosen People. Ye Are The Light Of The World! Awesome Videos To Understand Your Heritage!


Cain’s Satanic Seed Line – The Two Seed-Line Doctrine – Without Two Seedlines, There Is No Need For A Savior In Christianity – Banned Videos Confirming How Eve Was Beguiled By The Serpent!


A Biblical Overview of the Christian Identity Truth. The Most Confusing Word in Scripture: Jew. Pastor Peters Interviews Charles Weisman Whose Books Were All Banned! Great Videos By Pastor Peters!


The Tall Israeli That Runs The Rap Industry – Illuminati Satanic Music Industry Exposed. Great Video Showing How The Rap Music Degraded The White Race To Further The Jewish Agenda!


First Wave And The Coming Deadly Second Wave Of Covid-19. Who Is The Big Prick Going Around Sticking Needles Into Everyone And Won’t Even Vaccinate His Own Children? Great Videos!!


Ashton Kutcher’s Human Trafficking Organization (Thorn) Connection To Jeff Bezos And The Clowns In Action! Awesome Video!


Indisputable Proof Of The Identity Of The 12 Tribes Of Israel With Rosette! Awesome Video!


Deconstructing White Privilege. The Real Agenda Behind “White Privilege” and The Staged Race Wars! Great Video.


Aaron Russo And Ex IRS Agent Tells It Like It Is About Federal Income Tax! You WILL NOT Believe What You Hear! The US Government Doesn’t Want You Know Know This! Awesome Videos!


Trump: 6.4 Trillion In Mid-East Wars 10s Of 1000s Of American Lives To Protect Israel. Trump: Jewish Founded U.N. Must Hold Jewish Communism Responsible For Jewish Created Coronavirus. Great Videos!


Scariest UFO Documentary Ever! Astounding Compilation Of The Leading Experts On UFO’s, The Illuminati, Freemasons, And The New World Order! Awesome Video!


King Cyrus Boasted How He Captured Babylon Without Firing A Shot. Donald Trump Is A Type Of King Cyrus And Will He Take Down America (Babylon) Without Firing A Shot As Well? Great Chuck Missler Video!!


Dr. Wesley Swift: Racial Origins In The Bible And The Stream Of Life. The Bible Was Given To Adam And His Son Shem, And His Descendants In Genesis 5. Find Out If You Are Heir To The Covenant. Excellent Video!


Pawns In The Game. Awesome Speech In 1958 That Lays Out The Plans For The Third World War Coming To A Street Where You Live! Video.


The Death Of America Series Reveals The Imminent Destruction Of America Through The Prophetic Lens Of Scripture!  A Great Video Series To Find Out Why Judgment Is Coming To America & Why Americans Should FLEE Babylon Which Is America Today (Jeremiah 51:6)!


Age of Deceit: 1 Fallen Angels and the New World Order; 2 Alchemy and the Rise of the Beast Image; 3 Remnants in the Cyber Hive Earth – Great Videos by Face Like the Sun!


The Truth In ‘Plane’ Sight Documentary – The American Government Is Using Weather Warfare Weapons To Starve Humankind and Usher In The JNWO. Great Video Banned On Jew Tube!


Decode Your Reality – Exposing The Occult! Amazing Video!


Symbolism – A Different Perspective. Very Interesting Video!


The Swiss Beast. Home Of The Devil. Great Video!


Bobby Kennedy Jr In Washington Protest: Breaking: Co House Hearing On Vaccine Bill SB20-163. Great Video!


Vatican Secret Societies Jesuits and the New World Order. Great Documentary (Video)!


The Jesuits And The Assassination Of JFK. Eric Phelps On The Jesuits. Fascinating Videos!


JESUIT New World Order & The War on Protestant Churches! Great Videos!


The Secrets of the Secret Societies and Their Hidden Agenda to Destroy Christians and Caucasians and to Bring in a Global Fascist Communist Dictatorship Controlled by the Unelected United Nations – Great Videos Banned On Jew Tube!


In The Name of Zion (Full Documentary Video)! Very Informative Video!!


AI God – New Church With New Deity (AI) As It’s Head. Great Video On “The Image Of The Beast” Revelation 13:15.


The Protocols Of Zion | What The Goi Are Not Supposed To Be Told. Excellent Video!


Murder By Injection! The Medical Monopoly! Great Videos By Eustace Mullins. Warning For Today!


Warning: Michael Collins Piper On The Two Party Jew Party Dialectic That People Have Been Suckered Into. The Jews Are The Circus Masters & You Are The Circus Clowns For Listening to All Their BS! Phenomenal Video!


The Rothschilds, Hitler, Holocaust, State Of Israel & Zionist World Government. Fabulous Video!


The Sabbatean-Frankist Nazi Empire After WW2 That Rules The World Today!. Great Video.


The Protocols Of Zion: Rothschild’s Game Plan. Heavily Censored Video!


Rapture Of The Church? What Do The Scriptures Say About The Rapture? Blockbuster News I Have To Tell You About. Great Videos By Think About It.


Meet “The Good Club” | Warren Buffoon and Killer Gates’ Billionaire Think-Tank to Curb Overpopulation – The Good Club Even Have A Cartoon Series To Indoctrinate the Children!  Great Videos!


The August 21 2017 Great American Eclipse, The Signs in the Heavens September 23 2017 and the America – Egypt connections! Great Video!


Monopoly Men (Federal Reserve Fraud).  Great Documentary Featuring Eustace Mullins.  Excellent Video!!


Adolph Schicklgruber – Founder Of Israel. Eustace Mullins – Adolf Hitler & The Central Banks Financing His War Effort. Great Videos!


Eustace Mullins Exposes The New Neo-Zionist World Order And Traces Them All The Way Back To Caanan. Great Videos For Learning Who Rules Your Rulers, Who Starts All Wars And Who Is Behind Communism!


Carl Sanders – Man Who Invented RFID Microchip Speaks Out: Mark Of The Beast 666. Great Video!  /christian-news/2020/11/carl-sanders-man-who-invented-rfid-microchip-speaks-out-mark-of-the-beast-666-great-video-2590713.html

Vaccines: Whistleblower in 2020 – David Knight Show. Great Video!


Covid Vaccine Injury Halts Astrazeneca Trial When People Suffered From Neurological Problems And Lost Their Connection With God! Another Volunteer In Oxford Dies From Covid Vaccine! Great Videos!


“They’ve Killed God; I Can’t Feel God; My Soul Is Dead” AstraZeneca Halts COVID-19 Vaccine Trials after Second Volunteer “Develops Neurological problems” Great Video By ” Great Video By RFB!


Former Luciferian Discusses Coming Out Of Cults Like Freemasonry And The Mormons. Intriguing Talk On Vampires, Werewolves, The Dangers of the Twilight Books, Dracula and The Fallen Angels. Awesome Videos!


Exposing The Satanic Empire (Illuminati) And The Vatican – Full Documentary By Keith Thompson! Excellent Video!


Former Luciferian Now Christian Exposes The Illuminati From Within And Tells Of The Light Behind Masonry. Excellent Videos!


The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion Decoded! Excellent Video!


The Communist Manifesto Decoded. Great Video!!


Jews Are Only The Tip Of The Spear! How The World Really Operates! Great Video!


The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2 Documentary – Great Video!


The New World Order Communism by the Backdoor – Great Documentary Video!


Ancestry DNA Tests Exposed Banned On Youtube! Excellent Video!


The Neanderthal Roots of the Jews. Great Interview On This Controversial Topic Of Jewish Genetics (Video)!


From Long Ago To Today. Is the Neanderthal Still Living Among Us? Great Video!


“Pandemic is Over” – Dr. Yeadon Former Pfizer Chief Science Officer Says “Second Wave” Faked On False-Positive Tests! Great Video Banned Everywhere!


Dancing With Devils! Excellent Video For Christians To Understand Who Our Enemies Are Today!


The Obelisks Of Joseph’s Two Sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, Pointers To The Children Of Israel. Awesome Video!  /christian-news/2020/11/the-obelisks-of-josephs-two-sons-ephraim-and-manasseh-pointers-to-the-children-of-israel-awesome-video-2590626.htmlAryan Bloodlines Of Ancient Babylon. History Of Atlantis And The Lost Tribes. Dragon Bloodlines And The Serpent Seed. Great Videos By Robert Sepehr!


Trust Me, I’m A Doctor! From Brave New World To Slave World Order – Mark of the Beast 666 Revealed! Santa Is Basically The Devil – The More You Know! Great Videos By Shaking My Head.


The Truth About The Elites Who Are Trying To Enslave And Kill Us! Great Videos!


Elite’s Exposed Illuminati Plans Secret Video 1967 Leaked And How They Plan On Destroying America. Great Video!


The Dark Winter Operation Warp Speed Exposed. Awesome Video To Help You Wake You Up!


Judaism: Satanism, Sorcery and Black Magic. Great Video Exposing The Dark World Of Judaism And The Kabbalah Which Controls The Cabal Today!


The British Royals and the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult. Where Are The 10 Missing Children? – Great Eye Opening Videos


The Jewish Talmud Exposed. The Jewish Bankers Are Wiping Out The Non Jewish Businesses Just Like In WW2. Jews Are Not Supposed to Rescue A Non Jew So Do Not Trust A Jewish Doctor Or A Jewish Vaccine To Save You! Great Eye Opening Videos!

The “PCR Test Everybody” Strategy Has No Scientific Validity Whatsoever. Studies Show Masks Cause Higher Rates Of Infections And Disease. The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On An Unsuspecting Public. Great Videos From Thomas Cowan, Del Bigtree & Roger Hodkinson!


Richie Allen Show: Sucharit Bhakdi Author Of ‘Corona False Alarm?’ Great Interview!


COVID-19 Vaccines Being Tested In Africa And People Are Dying. Gates Vaccine Rollout In Africa And India Scrubbed From The Net. Find Out Why! Great Videos!


Fraudulent Covid PCR Tests Taken To Court: Interview With Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich. Crimes Against Humanity! Great Videos


As In The Days Of Noah. Project Tiberius Decoded. Shame On The Demonic General For Pushing A DNA Changing Vaccine On Us For A Non Existent Virus To Turn Us Into Zombies Like Him! Great Videos Shaking My Head!


All Wars Have Been Banker’s Wars! Britain Helped Orchestrate WW1 And WW2 With The Bankers Against Germany Due To Jealousy As Prophesied! Great Eye Opening Video.


UK Agreement in 1940 Pledged the New World Order To the Jews In Exchange For Getting America Into WW2. The Jews Are Now Your Slave Masters. See Video and NY Times Article Which Explains How America Was Bamboozled Into WW2.


Wake Up Stupid, It’s The Jews! The New World Order Is Pledged To The Jews! Great Videos!


James Perloff ~ Covid-19 And The Agendas To Come: Red-Pilled. Excellent Video!


James Perloff : Rothschild’s War on Christianity And How The Church Was Infiltrated. Excellent Video!


Lost Arts Radio: The Science Of EMF Weapons & Understanding 5G With Mark Steele. Excellent Interview


Pastor Tells Us Why Kabbalistic Jews Want To Do Evil. Excellent Video!


I AM THE WITNESS: The Multi-Pronged Attack On Humanity! Awesome Videos!!


Benjamin Freedman Warned United States In 1961 How The Christians And The Caucasians Have Been Duped! The Biggest Hoax In History! Must Listen As It Explains How Most Of The World Has Been Deceived By The Serpent! Fabulous Videos!


The Depopulation Agenda To Exterminate Humanity. Great Videos To Understand Why Everything Is So Confusing.


A Summary Of The Devil’s Plandemic So Far – Mandatory Vaccines – ID-2020 Mark Of The Beast 666. Cyber Plandemic. Dicktator World CEO Klaus Schwab And The Not So Great Reset Satire. Excellent Videos.


Dr. Lorraine Day Explains How The Noahide Laws Were Fraudently Introduced Into Congress. Now The Government Can Legally Kill Christians! Great Interviews on Health, the Noahide Laws and Communism Taken Directly From The Jewish Talmud. Great Interviews!


by Bill Dannemeyer (husband of Dr. Lorraine Day)
U.S. Congressman, 1979-1992

The Plandemic – Coronahoax, 5G and Vaccine Deception – Full Deception – Full Documentary – Heavily Censored Video!


Lilith And Other Considerations. Great Video!


Off With Their Heads – The Noahide World Order Examined. The Transformation Project – Realize The Real Lies! Fortnite – Millions Addicted – Exposing The Beast System! Great Videos By Shaking My Head!


Who Do You Obey God Or Man? The Lines Are Now Being Drawn. Great Video!


Warning !! Not Just A Vaccine ~ Covid19 Sci-Fi Experiment ~ Dr. Carrie Madej & Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Great Video!


Proof Covid Was Planned Years Ago !! Covid-19 To Be Diagnosed Using A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) According To 2015 Patent Application. Great Video!


“They’ve Killed God; I Can’t Feel My God, My Soul Is Dead” – Covid Vaccine Trial Volunteer Reports. Great Video!


Canada’s Communist Pm Trudeau Says Purpose Of Coronahoax Was Always An Excuse To Usher In The JNWO. Canadian Government Publishes Bid Request for “Programmable Hydraulic Guillotines” For Convid.


Carrie Madej: MRNA Vaccine Technology Killed Animals In Tests Bypassed For Covid. Covid-19 Vaccines Kills 7 Infants In Senegal. Great Videos!


Urgent Vaccine Information !! – Share With Everyone You Know Today Entire Genome From Aborted Baby Found Inside Most Vaccines! Excellent Video!


Hacking Your DNA – Linking Humanity To A Sentient World Simulation. Great Video On The Dangers Of The DNA Altering Covid-19 Vaccine!


While Everyone Is Distracted They Are Closer To Forcing This On Us. Great Videos By This Is A Call For An Uprising!


The Biggest Identity Theft in History, The Parable Of The Wheat And Tares, & The Royal Lineage Of Judah From Adam To Now. Excellent Videos!


Dr. Lorraine Day AIDS Expert: The Covid Was Planned To Usher In The JNWO & Together With The 7 Noahide Laws Will Depopulate the Planet! The Government Can Legally Kill Christians Now! Great Eye Opening Videos!


Forbidden Knowledge:  History of the Khazarian Empire – Lecture by Jack Otto.  Warning About The Agenda For  WW3.   He Died Mysteriously A Year After This Lecture.  Excellent Video!


The One Year Tribulation and the Return of Messiah Jesus Our King Of Kings. Declaring the End from the Beginning. Awesome Videos!


The Jasons: The Secret History of Science’s Postwar Elite.  Find Out About This Secret Illuminati Science Group Working For The Government Trying To Devise Ways To Kill Off Humanity.  Great Video!


CDC Admits Covid Death Rate For Healthy People Is Miniscule. So What Is The Underlying Agenda? Great Videos On Subversion Explained By Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov And Iron Mountain Document Explained By Deborah Taveres.


It’s All About Your DNA! – Great Videos SMHP & Celeste Solum!


Confirmed They Are Collecting Your DNA From The Covid Test Swabs! Your DNA Is Being Bought And Sold For Record Profits. DOD Has Been Mapping Genome Of Military Personnel For Years. The Top Secret Jason Mad Scientists Are Using Your DNA For Nefarious Purpose!. Great Videos.


Bombshell Evidence That Covid Is Testing Chromosome 8 Human DNA – Faulty PCR Test. Humans Are The Virus. Ground Breaking Videos Banned By YouTube Including The Latest With AMANDHA VOLLMER. Phenomenal Videos.


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They Are Disguising The Covid-19 Vaccines As A Cure When It Really Is Just A Reason To Change Your DNA, Own You And Control You! Excellent Videos By Nicholson 1968.


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Shocking: An Israeli Gives His Testimony As To What Is Really Going On In Israel. Very Eye Opening Video!


The Covid-19 Depopulation Of 2020. Awesome Presentation By Claire Edwards! Best 20 Min Video Ever!


*There is no Virus* pg 39 para. 2 sentence 2. *

Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available

Copper King Snake…Rise & Fall. The Clean & Unclean of GOD’s TEMPLE. The Plan Of Salvation Is Coded In Our Eyeball. Mind Blowing Videos By Enter The Stars


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And do not have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather even expose them.  (Ephesians 5:11)

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Who are the Gentiles?

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Warning: DC BIll Allowing Children 11 Years And Older To Be Vaccinated Without Parental Knowledge Or Consent. On the Corner Fringe: Scary Science. Must See Video!


Masks do not protect you nor others.  The cold hard facts of masks and vaccines.  Masks cause irreparable brain damage and extremely harmful for children as well as adults.

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The Unmasked Buried The Masked In The “Spanish Flu”. Is History Going To Repeat Itself? What Did People In Masks Die From? Bacterial Pneumonia. Dr. Fraudski Wrote About This In 2008! Banned Videos!!

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Brother Nathanael, a former Jew now Christian tells us how the Jews hate God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and His Son, Messiah Jesus Our King of Kings and all of His creation, the white race and all Christians adopted in.

109 Locations whence Jews have been Expelled since AD250


Find Out About Your Overlords Who Consider Themselves the Superior Race To Rule Over You In The Stinking Jew New World Odor! – Eye Opening Videos with Brother Nathanael, a former Jew now Christian.


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The Ancient Forbidden Kingdom Of The Ancient White Civilization On Earth In Lemuria Known As “Mu” And The “Mu” People. The Continent Of Mu Was Destroyed And Sunk And The Remnant Of The 144,000 Saints (Rev 7/14) Were Saved That Did Not Pollute And Corrupt Their DNA With The Nephilim. Fabulous Video!


Jacob Have I Loved…Esau Have I Hated! Romans 9:13. Find Out Who’s Who! Great Videos!


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Donald Trump Signs $10M Holocaust Brainwashing Bill While America Burns And People Starve. Great Educational Videos For People That Are Interested in Learning The Truth Since The Schools No Longer Teach The Truth.


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Mossad 101 Restricted Information. Great Video To Show How The Majority Americans Have Been Duped!


The UN is planning on eliminating the white race which is the Holy Seed of God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. The white Christain nations cannot be conquered unless they are flooded with immigrants as confirmed by former Britisih PM Benjamin Disraeli who was also Jewish and a Rothschild in his book.

Google “Replacement Migration”. The UN Are Replacing The Western Nations With Radical Islamists To Weaken The White Christian Nations. Great Video!


Jewish Kabbalah (Zohar 1,25b) “Exterminate All Non-Jews”.  


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The only written plans for genocide during the 20th-century was not a German plan to exterminate the Jews but rather Jewish plans to exterminate the Germans, The Royal Tribe of Judah.

The Great Melting Pot: The Final Solution To Exterminate the White Race Through Mongrelization, Sterilization, Starvation, Vaccination and War! The Full Europa Documentary Details The Jewish Plans In Detail! Very Informative Videos!