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By Deborah Dupre (Reporter)
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Jaw-Dropping What Brad Pitt Is Doing To American Indian Reservations

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Brad Pitt has been partenering with Fort Peck, Montana Sioux and Assiniboine nation tribes to build 20 super green homes for residents whose income levels are at or below 60 percent the area’s mean income, with a percentage of the homes reserved for seniors and disabled veterans.


 More Than Talented Pretty Face Celebrity


When Pitt isn’t jet-setting to movie locations and being a father of six (three biological and three adopted), he’s running a non-profit, Make It Right.


His organization has been most notable for building 150 sustainable homes in Louisiana’s Lower Ninth Ward post-Hurricane Katrina.


“We hear stories from people who have nine families living in a five bedroom home and take ‘sleeping shifts’ to share the limited beds,” writes Make It Right communications director Taylor Royle. “Most homes are smaller, one or two bedrooms. We [met] a woman who shares a two-bedroom home with her elderly mother and her brother’s family—she and her three children sleep on the floor in the living room.”


Now, through a Low Income Housing Tax Credit Rent-to-Own program, residents in his Make It Right American Indian homes will be able buy their new green homes after 15 years of renting.



“These LEED Platinum, solar-powered homes will have three or four bedrooms and two or three bathrooms each, and built with certified Cradle-to-Cradle vendors, which means they’re developed responsibly and use reclaimed materials,” reports NationSwell. “It’s certainly a big improvement from some of the current homes on the reservation, which are rife with black mold and structural problems, resulting in high utility bills due to inefficient design.”


Using participatory democracy principles, Pitt’s organization organizers met with families and community leaders about their needs and their vision for their new homes, and how the builders can preserve the culture of the Assiniboine and Sioux tribes, such as doorways facing east or north and using tribally significant colors.


“We are enthusiastic about these home designs that reflect traditional life ways while exemplifying deep green public-impact architecture,” said Architecture for Humanity architect Nathaniel Corum.


Fort Deck, America’s ninth-largest Native American reservation, has over 6,000 tribal members living on the 2-million-acre reservation. Over 600 people are waiting for housing. That means overcrowding is all too common.


The Washington Post has reported unemployment is over 50 percent on the reservations, with approximately three out of every four children live in poverty, and the cycle of abuse imposed on the First Nation Peoples includes widespread problems with alcohol and methamphetamines exist in the communities there.



Make it Right donors are giving people a safe place to live, promote sustainable living and solar energy, and help those in need of reconstruction after natural disaster. Some options of donation are green gifts which include: solar panels, paint, native plants, Energy Star appliances, and more.


Average energy bills have decreased for the homeowners because of the green technology installed in the Make it Right homes. At first, te homes were only available to peopl whose homes were leveled from Hurricane Katrina but now, the green homes are accessible to teachers and first responders.


Lower Nine residents are still eligible and but the program is extending the offer of housing to others.


Pitt’s foundation employs lawyers, social workers, and loan workers to help the former residents of the Lower Ninth Ward whom many of which lost all documentation during Hurricane Katrina to get through the mortgage application process. The income of the applicants does not affect the applicant’s ability to obtain a home. The unsubsidized mortgage is designed to be no more than one third of the applicant’s income.


There have been problems with the New Orleans green homes, but Pitt and his followers are doing more than just trying to do the right thing. Brad Pitt and his foundation have given hope where there was none. They are doing what government could do, but is not.


While recognizing much more is needed aside from building green homes to fix reservation’s problems, Pitt and his organization members are helping to “make it right.” 



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    • Deborah Dupre

      What an amazing story. Had to help give it a boost. Aho!!

      • slamdance13 This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
        • WarAngel77711

          Still upset about the defeat a few millenia back? Don’t worry, the job will be finished this time.

      • CrowPie

        I agree Deborah. This is a wonderful idea and I’m not surprised that Brad Pitt is the benefactor.

        • Deborah Dupre

          I truly cannot understand why your comment was voted down. Outrageous. Thank you, though.

        • CrowPie

          Because everyone here thinks I’m a liberal.

          What they don’t know is….I’m VERY conservative in all matters.

          However, humans (of all colors MSG CHICKEN) are our brothers. And if a nation is only as good as how it treats it’s poor, sick and minorities….then we are not doing a very good job.


        Cool cat. Where’s my dog?

      • stompk

        Looks good on the surface, but..they have to RENT the home for 15yrs, and after that, they can purchase the 15 yr old home? Does any of the RENT go to the purchase price. The way the article is worded, sounds like Pitt and Co. is getting 15 yrs of interest, and then ALLOWING the poor to by the home…

        How is this helping the poor exactly? Looks like he’s part of the NWO agenda to create a nation of renters.

        • komotion

          Some people would give their left reproductive organ to own a 15yro house.

        • kal98

          believe rent to own and in 15 yrs it is yours.

      • resonator

        I’m with you Deborah.
        I suppose there are still plenty of folks that just can’t stop hating something – it’s their loss when they hate. I guess I feel a little bit bad for them that they don’t even know it jacks with them to hate.
        But I do feel really good about what Pitt is doing. I really had know idea. Good on him.

      • WeBeDoomed

        What is the deal with voting down people’s comments who are commenting on Brad Pitt’s philanthropy :???:

      • LedaOhio9

        What a good story…

        I do have to say.. That one home sitting in the middle of the plains(?) looks like a serious Tornado magnet.


    • Anonymous

      I like the Pitts. they have their failings for sure, but don’t we all, and he and she do try.

    • BooBoo

      wow, really cool, i just wish there were more people like that!!

      Deborah Dupre

      What an amazing story. Had to help give it a boost. Aho, i agree with you, thanks for the post!


      It’s called “putting your money where your mouth is”!

      • MSG Chicken

        It’s good you copy my TYPE of name. If everyone did this we can warn people about the dangers of “corporate food”, negro politics, liberal hypocrisy, etc, under different categories.

        Our names will be our advertisement, er warnings!

        I am known as MSG Chicken as a warning about MSG in your food. I read many comments and no doubt about MSG in the food affects, or infects your brain.

        • Deborah Dupre

          Obviously something is infecting brains of commenters here – such as your using terms such as “negro” politics.” Dark ages have returned.

        • MSG Chicken

          To Debra Dupe,

          You obviously are racist and cannot accept them as your equal because you look down on them. STOP looking down on Negroes and your racism will go away and you wouldn’t have been DUPED by the illegal negro sodomite currently occupying the White House.

          I do not look down on Negroes and treat them as anybody else. The reason why I call him negro because that is the way he sees himself and the world – as a negro! And that is the way he WANTS to see the world if you read anything about him and by his own words, such as his autobiography.

          So, I oblige the man and his ways, much to his own racist hurt, however. If it bothers you just reverse engineer negro and substitute “white” (or Boosh if you want to) and it won’t bother you anymore because you do not look down on whites (or George Boosh).

          You remember how the trashed Georgy boy Booosh. Didn’t seem to bother you did it?

    • Jay

      The Taxpayers are the real stars, can anyone say tax write off. He would impress a lot more if this power couple would stop collecting kids that are taken care of by hired help so that the “stars” can have a photo shoot holding orphans. The children would be a lot better served if the power couple helped the children ‘s parents raise their own kids. I have a lot more admiration for the single parent holding down 2 jobs, raising a family and trying to do the right thing then a ex drug addict whose only claim to fame is that he is paid a ridiculous amount of money to play dress up.

      • Mayhem

        You’re correct about it being a tax dodge, Jay, but what’s your point? It’s money that the Pitt’s are unable to keep but they do have a choice who they give it to. It’d be less work to let the tax man have it, wouldn’t it?

        • carsonking

          Yep, I have to agree with you there, fair play for his forward thinking.

        • CrowPie

          I fully agree Mayhem. If your tax money MUST go…then put it where YOU want it to go.

        • Mayhem

          And we get voted off, too funny!

        • Deborah Dupre

          Agreed! What if all the elite used their money for humanitarian causes instead of rights abuses?

        • Anonymous

          He could have put his tax dodge into something else. What are taxes? Something that government wastes.

        • carsonking

          Yeah, I got voted off, I got voted off, that’s my cherry broken.
          If we get voted for kind words, this place must be full of ( choose the most offensive word you can think of) .

        • CrowPie

          @ carsonking-you said, “If we get voted for kind words, this place must be full of ( choose the most offensive word you can think of) .”

          So, you’ve noticed that folks get voted off BIN for “kind words.”

          That leaves one to wonder, doesn’t it? :wink:

        • carsonking

          It doesn’t make me think crow, the world is full of crap people, this crap is dedicated mind, that took some loggin in and out, to make people want to read what’s been hidden. I read every post that’s been voted down and 50% of the ones showing, so their plan is a fail.

        • CrowPie

          Yes…I especially read the voted off comments as well. I will try to refrain from making comments, hereafter, that leave you out…..since you don’t look beneath the surface long enough to see to see the motives/agenda of a hate groups web site.

          Because even though human nature and curiosity usually motivates us to read what has been deemed ‘unlikeable’ by the majority…..the badge of unlikeable still remains.

          And THAT is their ultimate goal.

    • Lenskin

      Who is Brad Pitt ?

      • Deborah Dupre

        First and foremost, Brad Pitt is a humanitarian.
        He’s also an award-winning actor and movie producer. Born on December 18, 1963, he’s received a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and 3 Academy Award nominations in acting categories, two other Academy Award nominations, winning one, for productions of his film production company Plan B Entertainment. He’s also “one of the world’s most attractive men, a label for which he has received substantial media attention.”

        • War Pony

          I upvoted you not for what you said – screw holy (not) wood and their awards, and if looks matter more than deeds then you have gang oft agly as beauty is only skin deep. Deeds will not replace faith, but with faith you’ll generally find deeds.

    • paul brown

      Such mean spirited comments are a disgrace to all of us. Most rich people do nothing for the disadvantaged. Bravo to those who hep make it right.

    • Discernment

      Brad Pitt is an admitted atheist – we should be praying for him, not glamorizing him. As long as people keep honoring the atheists and other evil(s), God’s wrath is going to continue to rain down on our nation.
      People need to wake up before the door to the ark is closed – and locked.

      • CrowPie

        How many houses have YOU built for Homeless folks to live in?

        • eyes wide shut

          How many have you built?

        • CrowPie

          If you MUST know….I haven’t built any….but I have given away… disabled individuals. How many have YOU given away? :razz:

    • StavoV

      During the Vietnam thing-a-bobber……every other young native American from that reservation, entered the military. Some of those men are pretty well decorated, ol’ Charlie and those NVA, thought they had a demon by the tail, when he mixed it up with some of those natives. Plus a lot of those men, went into WWII and the Korean conflict and of course, there are the recent events in the middle east :smile: , so if anyone one needed a extended hand and a hand up…….

      Mr. Pitt just went up a whole bunch of notches in my book. :grin:

      • War Pony

        The folks on the reservations around there are and have been soldiers as their ancestors were – it’s in their blood. Many still join to serve as a way out of poverty, being about the only way out for many. And, they make some of the finest and most fierce soldiers.

    • MileHiLife

      As long as he’s not helping struggling Caucasian people living below that 60% mean, being the typical self-loathing white Hollywood elitist that he is. Or… is he Nephilim? ; )

      • MileHiLife

        As long as he’s not helping struggling Caucasian people living below that 60% mean, being the typical self-loathing white Hollywood elitist that he is. Or… is he Nephilim? ; )

        • Deborah Dupre

          What if he helps all people he can – as equals? This page has certainly brought more than enough comments reflecting too many people do not think of all humans as equals, the very core of all human rights.

          BTW – Do you know Mr. Pitts is self-loathing. or is that simply another racist comment based on color of his skin and his profession?

        • MileHiLife

          Deb, that’s exactly my point. I’m the furthest thing from a racist you’ll find — and a self-described humanitarian. Humanitarian, as in ALL humans regardless of race. What Pitt and Jolie do IS fine, but…why do they never seem to help whites? IF they do we never hear about it in the white self-loathing press ; ) From their adopted kids, Katrina, to this latest which you dutifully reported as most star-struck Hollywood reporters do.

          Careful who you call racist…you were a way too quick to pull the trigger on this one.

        • MileHiLife

          And don’t be fooled…it’s ALL a tax write-off. It’s win win for them — IF they were true humanitarians…we’d never hear about it. It’s ALL for the worshipers to watch, read, and report on when not watching Entertainment Tonight.

        • Deborah Dupre

          Mile – Facts about US poverty and race might help in understanding why the Pitts and many others are involved in philanthropic work with US Peoples of Color.

          Please see Urban Institute and Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and Uninsured estimates based on the Census Bureau’s March 2012 and 2013 Current Population Survey (CPS: Annual Social and Economic Supplements) here:

          In 2010, 67% of all people living in poverty in the US were Peoples of Color.

          The US Census declared in 2010 15.1% of general population lived in poverty:
          9.9% of all white persons
          12.1% of all Asian persons
          26.6% of all Hispanic persons (of any race)
          28.4% of all black persons. (

          Furthermore, “poverty is notoriously high on Native American reservations. 7 of the 11 poorest counties in per capita income, including the 2 poorest in the U.S., include Lakota Sioux reservations in S. Dakota.” (Wikipedia)

          And finally, I ask: Do the Pitts really only lend a helping hand to Peoples of Color? Not according to what I’ve read about their projects. They do, however, lend a hand to Peoples of Color globally. Why – by far, most of those in need in the world – the 1.2 of humanity that are Have-nots – are People of Color.

          Again, let’s look at poverty facts, bearing in mind these are almost all Peoples of Color:

          1. Nearly 1/2 of world’s population — over 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. Over 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty – less than $1.25 a day.
          2. 1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty.
          3. Over 1 billion people lack adequate access to clean drinking water and an estimated 400 million of these are children. Because unclean water yields illness, roughly 443 million school days are missed every year.
          4. In 2011, 165 million children under the age 5 were stunted (reduced rate of growth and development) due to chronic malnutrition.
          5. 870 million people worldwide do not have enough food to eat.
          6. Preventable diseases (eg diarrhea and pneumonia) take lives of 2 million children a year who are too poor to afford proper treatment.
          7. 1/4 of all humans live without electricity — approximately 1.6 billion people.
          8. 80% of the world population lives on less than $10 a day.
          9. In 1998, the UN estimated it would take $40 billion annually to offer basic education, clean water/sanitation, reproductive health, and basic health and nutrition to every person in every developing country – about $58 billion today.
          10. “The poor are hungry and their hunger traps them in poverty.” Hunger is the number 1 cause of death in the world, killing more than HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. (World Food Programme)

          Now remember: The capitalist world system was built on 3 things: war, race, and empire.
          As Malcolm X once declared, “You can’t have capitalism without racism.”

        • MileHiLife

          (Reply button won’t show up under your posts after several refreshes)

          Thanks for the info, Deb. According to those statistics, ALL things equal whites should receive 9.9% (lets call it 10), Asian’s 12, Hispanics 26.5 and blacks 28.5 of Branjelina’s humanitarian efforts (kidding). With 85% of American’s now living paycheck to paycheck, another 8% have no more than 6 months tucked away, and the complete destruction of the middle class — seems the majority of us are in the same boat regardless of race.

          Honest to God I don’t give a rat’s ass what they do, who they adopt, what their wearing, etc…it’s just amazing to me that so many do? I imagine most fascinated with these celebrities are unsatisfied with their won lives. Sad they can tell us what Jolie wore to the Oscars, but can’t name the Secretary of State or the three branches of govt? Yet, vote…and tend to be supporters of the O’dministration. :wink:

        • HfjNUlYZ

          Again, the reply button seems elusive… You, MileHi, made a comment about the percentages living in poverty and that the poverty level whites should receive 9.9% of the assistance – why do you assume they do not? Are you so ‘humanitarianly’ suggesting that the Pitts need to assume that responsibility? They, as you, have the right to utilize their income to help whomever they want to, or not. They chose to help those in the Lower Ninth Ward, in many other areas as well, and this per the article, to try to assist those relegated to reservations and abject poverty by helping construct homes that would not only be available to them, but would help save on utility costs and benefit in other aspects. Are you suggesting that they instead should be helping the 9.9%? Is it not THEIR money and do they not have the right to utilize it to help whomever they wish to? Maybe they saw the need and decided to help and left the 9.9% that you are championing to you so that you could be the ‘humanitarian’ you claim to be ;) Mr. (and Mrs) Pitt can distribute the monies he has garnered in any way he wishes to and I for one think it is admirable that instead of just putting it in an offshore account that he has chosen to help others in this world. I would think anyone who professes to be a ‘humanitarian’ would admire that he has chosen to do that as well. He earned the money; he can give it to whomever he wants. Others made comments about it being a ‘tax write off’ – so? Everyone here who has income has something they re writing off on their taxes – I would love it if I were wealthy enough to be able to help someone in the ways that this family has but I am one of the 9.9% at this point and I await you building me a green home that I can live out my days in :cool:

        • MileHiLife

          (no reply button again)


          Or…or maybe this is simply a win win as a tax write-off and a huge pat on the back by the idol worshiping media giving a collective, perpetual pat on the back. Again, true humanitarianism doesn’t require nor deserve the attention of the public eye time & again.

          Sure, maybe that’s a cynical way of looking at it — but, I have good reason — so should you. It’s just funny to me how the sheep continue to prop these people on pedestals as if they’re deity’s. It’s easy to give if you have it to do so…yet…

          It was recently reported that only 88 people (interesting #) control nearly HALF of the worlds wealth…WTF?? IF these “people” only gave a percentage of that wealth to charities, or toward fixing the worlds ills, we could defeat so many of these social and economic issues in short time, or at least be decades ahead of where we are now.

          But, it appears a different agenda is at play. NWO? Take the Gates Foundation, Soros, Buffett, or your favorite elite or celeb — Babs Streisand, maybe? Do you really think their efforts are for the betterment of mankind’s wellbeing?

          The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation exposed

          Sure, the Pitt’s aren’t the pits. In fact I just watched a Pitt movie this weekend, “Kalifornia”, and have to say Pitt’s acting was really bad. But, it was on of his first — he’s come a long way.

          Never mind the freaky crap with Jolie — the viles of blood, the awkward, yet “loving” kiss of her brother, the accusations by her father, John Voight, of her mental state…well, you get the point.

          I think Billy Bob Thornton said it best a few years after he and Jolie parted…

          “She’s so beautiful she didn’t have to do anything — it was like f*cking the sofa”

      • MileHiLife

        **The following excerpt was taken out of my last post. Hmmm…let’s try again…this was in the Rense article regarding the Gates Foundation linked in my previous post.**

        “Through the philanthropic and humanitarian work of such people as George Soros, Bill Gates, Kofi Annan and Bono, to name just a few, people are beginning to recognize the needs of the world’s destitute people and acting to do something about them. There is talk by Soros and another thinker, James Tobin, about the creation of some type of tax upon financial transactions that would be used to support domestic programs in the developing world. Humanity surely has the ability to institute these and similar changes; it just needs the will to do so.”

        A tax on all financial transactions is part of what Lucis Trust calls “The Plan.” This begins with the proclamation of the “Maitreya,” the New Age Messiah who they have been grooming for more than three decades.

        According to Cumbey, who is a lawyer, the “Plan” also includes a ((new world government)) and religion under Maitreya, a universal credit card system; an authority that would control the food supply; a universal tax; and a universal draft.

        “They plan to ((outlaw)) all present religious practises and symbols of orthodox Jews and Christians,” Cumbey writes. “New Agers have threatened violence and even extermination of Jews, Christians and Moslems who fail to cooperate with Maitreya and his ((new religion)).”

    • larry

      Look, stars can spend their money on any thing they want, ANYTHING, and I think Brad Pitt is an amazing person for what he did for those people in New Orleans and now for the Indians. What have his critics done to help others?

      I am not the kind of person that hero worships, and I certainly am not the kind of person that would be considered a groupy. I have met over 100 singers and artists in my life, and I have had dinner with many of them. To me they are just people like you and me, but I have a great deal of admiration for Brad Pitt, his wife and what he is doing for those in need, and until all you critics get off your asses and start helping others less fortunate like Mr. Pitt is you have no right to critize him.

      How many houses has Obama built?

    • Lenskin

      Somebody needs to get a life, I’ve read all these posts that were removed, obviously the work of sombody with way to much idle time. :mrgreen:

      • Mellissa

        There are people who follow around poster and article writers to vote and bother. Must be leading very boring lives.

        • Deborah Dupre

          Thank you once again, Melissa.

    • Coalpony

      Good stuff , personally I think their a great couple smart and generous without the tag , good to see humility overcomes self indulgence and vanity. God bless guys.

    • TombRaider

      If the story is true then my hat’s off to Brad for his vision and generosity…..regardless of the opinion of many of the buffoons comments above…

      • apache5

        Amazing how certain stories really bring out the trolls.

        • TombRaider

          Apparently you have a problem with someone doing something positive for the real Native Americans in the US?

    • Deborah Dupre

      A hearty thank you to all my loyal readers here on BIN, especially those with sensible, humanitarian-type comments. The rest of those commenting are a sad reflection of American values these days. I’m stunned by the less than human attitudes. Maybe there really are aliens amongst us?

      See the voted down comments (by clicking “show” – many praising Pitt’s work and mine.

    • paul brown

      There’s clearly a well organized attack in progress by right-wing agitators. Before It’s News is notorious for this, one reason why progressive readers and contributors are abandoning this site. If BIN doesn’t exercise some editorial balance it will become just another site for regressive hate fests.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Thank you Mr. Brown. This page has indeed become a good example of a regressive hate fest. And yes, it does appear organized. Is this also an example of “Christian” ideology? I for one respect people walking the walk of Christ.

        • Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)

          True humanitarian causes should revolve around helping people be more independent, rather than giving them something for what is seemingly nothing.

          Being an Indian myself, I disagree with Brad Pitts actions here.

          If you look at the tribes that don’t take govt assistance or any assistance from anyone, they are completely independent and in some cases, wealthy.

          I would site the Lumbee, who are rejected by other tribes for NOT taking or wanting govt subsidies.

          I would also point out that Johnny Depp said he would buy Wounded Knee and give it back and he never did.

          Hollywood types feel all “indiany” once in awhile and say things that they soon forget.

          It’s a good article, Ms. Dupre and I mean no disrespect here at all, I know many other Indians agree with me, they don’t want Hollywood people messing around in their affairs.

          Not to be rude, but white folks haven’t really been much of a help to my people over the years, you know?

    • Tommy

      What a load of PSYOP bull…

      This is the beginning of the destruction of aboriginal American culture and the assimilation of them into our broken civilization.

      I mean how disrespectful is it to assume that they want to live how most of us don’t.

      We should really be asking them for teepees…

      • Deborah Dupre

        Ask for teepees? These tribes did **not*** say that’s what they wanted. It’s disrespectful – in fact, a human rights violation – to tell them what they should be asking to have. It’s called the right to self-determination, something it seems too many are forgetting here in Comments – including Mr/Mrs. N Morgan. Thank you very much for making this point clear.

    • Tribe of the LION of Judah

      Thanks for pointing this out Deborah,
      Hopefully most Native Americans and Canadians and Aborigines that are still with us realize that it was relatively a small number of whites and others that came against them in the past, and now ( ? )
      The rest of us can’t control every yahoo that comes expressing their psychopathic DNA.

      And native Americans by their actions very much appreciate many things white man has
      brought to the table e.g.; inventions:
      AC electricity, and radiant electricity_Tesla_white man…………..

      And there are also those Native Americans who have heard, believed, and received the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven !

      • Deborah Dupre

        Thank you, Lion, but don;t you think Native Americans had their own version of good news of the Spirit long before white man invaded their land and tarnished their culture? Don’t you think their own tradition, Spirit and spirituality deserves to be respected as much as your does?

        • Tribe of the LION of Judah

          Whatever part of traditions, spirituality, culture, or an individual is actually a true expression of
          the Holy Spirit of God through Y’shua the Anointed One, I respect.
          Anything less I don’t respect, though I might be respectful so as not to offend.

          What I do know is, that Y’shua has commanded all cultures, nations, and individuals to repent
          from their own ways, their own expressions, and to follow Him, an infinitely Holy God.
          Native Americans are not exempt from “repent, for the Government of Heaven is at hand”.

          If they had the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven before white man came along,
          they were ripping the rest of us off by not telling us in all that time.
          But I’ve never heard Y’shua say, or read quotes in scripture that He said
          to make disciples of all ethnic groups, except for the Native Americans, since
          “they have it all together”.

          “All authority in heaven and earth has been given to Me”
          If anyone wonders what tha heck has happened to themselves, or their culture, or
          whatever, they can take it up with Him. :smile:

    • Deborah Dupre

      Why would BIN readers vote Paul Brown’s comment (below) off this page?
      paul brown: “Such mean spirited comments are a disgrace to all of us. Most rich people do nothing for the disadvantaged. Bravo to those who hep make it right.”

      • Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)

        When those rich people, as you say actually follow through with such promises.

        I think you were being a bit glib by acting that you don’t know if I’m male or female. :roll:

        Funny, you are getting huffy about the negative comments and I tell what natives have told me and you get snippy at me.

        What you do with that information is up to you, Debra.

        The fact is, if the Pitts wish to actually do something for the communities they claim to care about, housing isn’t’ it.

        Education IS. Getting educated can lead to independence.

        Better education leads to better lives.

        If I offended you, well, too bad, you have now offended me by doing what most progressives do, which is tell people what they need or what is good for them,when frankly, you have no clue what is really needed or what the true issues are.

        I can say I appreciate the efforts you put forth towards the environment and other things, but some things need to left alone and most natives want to be left alone.

        I don’t want to be disrespectful to an elder, but I would be remiss if I didn’t warn you that you and the Pitts are stepping on sensitive ground, that hurts more than helps..

        Tribe of the LION of Judah: As far as inventions go, you think natives couldn’t have come up with those things without white people? Wow, pretty low brow comment.. :roll:

        • Tribe of the LION of Judah

          N.Morgan, sure they could if given enough time and education ( as you said ),
          just turned out like it did, along with all the other.

          Actually while driving through an “Native American reservation” yesterday, and feeling
          some of the oppression there, I was thinking:
          Here a handful of whites beat them down into the dust, then their
          descendants later on say something general like,
          “what’s wrong with them, why don’t they ‘get with it’. “

        • CrowPie

          N. Morgan

          Why don’t you do an expose’….get a few of those hacked-off First Nations recipients of those houses to talk about how ticked off they are about renting to own a new home?

          If you were actually “IN TOUCH” with the real feelings of the people you were just trying to speak for…..You would know that they prefer to be called ‘The First Nations’ not natives.

          I would venture to guess your comment had much more to do with “taxes” and the nations economic situation according to your PARTY affiliation….rather than a FAMILY affiliation.

        • Deborah Dupre

          Neil – Apologies re the s/he reference. I deliberately did that out of respect, not knowing any other than a male with your first name that I’ve seen but will not mention here since you prefer “N” and not caring about your sexual orientation. (I hope that makes sense. I know many writers who choose to disguise their real persona and respect that, too.)

          I only see what you are saying, not what any other First Nation/Indians are saying in your comments, so I can only respond to you.

          Were the Pitts asked to work with those tribes on an education project? Certainly, not to my knowledge. You might think that would be a better project, isn’t that up to the people to decide? Again: self-determination is the key to empowerment. As far as my doing that, with all due respect – you’ve sadly misjudged. I work at not telling people what they need. In fact – I do not even believe in “education” for that reason. Only individuals (regardless of culture) know what they really need to learn. Instead of education, I, therefore, believe in learning and all the principles regarding learning – directly opposed to telling people what and how they need to think.

          I’, glad you appreciate my efforts regarding environment and other things – but hardly think it is your place to tell me to leave some issues alone because “most natives want to be left alone.” For one thing, my ancestors caused so much pain and misery to American Indians, when asked to raise awareness about their plight as I’ve often been asked to do, I try to honor that request to the best of my ability.

          Instead – you “warn” me to stay away? Is that a threat? Hardly a way to respond to an elder or any human of any age. If I or Pitts have hurt more than helped, we surely need to know – but not from an onlooker or self-appointed spokesperson.

          One thing is for certain, your comments reflect a dire need for greater understanding on both sides of the fence. For that, I’m greatly appreciative of them.

        • Deborah Dupre

          Education ignored by the Pitts? From Wikipedia:

          Angelina Jolie has co-chaired the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, that funds education programs for children affected by disaster.[106] In its first year, the partnership supported education projects for Iraqi refugee children, youth affected by the Darfur conflict, and girls in rural Afghanistan, among other affected groups.[106]

          The partnership has worked closely with the Council on Foreign Relations’ Center for Universal Education—founded by the partnership’s co-chair, noted economist Gene Sperling—to establish education policies, which resulted in recommendations made to UN agencies, G8 development agencies, and the World Bank.[107] Jolie joined the Council on Foreign Relations in June

          These are the types of activities in which the Pitts spend their spend time. I’ve yet to meet a child living in poverty, sleeping on the floor, experiencing violence at home, in community or war-torn situations – who can learn well. Providing safe homes for these children, where they can have a good night’s sleep… and their parents can, too – is a fundamental requirement for learning.

    • Tommy

      Twisted games on B4in…

      If you Look closely you will see them.

      • Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)

        Actually Crowpie, most preferred to be called Indians, since Native American is just another term used by people who don’t know what they are talking about.

        Secondly, I thought about letting the others come and see and comment for themselves, but I was not trying to start a fight, only pointing out what everyone seems to ignore here, which is that we as a people are capable of caring for ourselves, when we aren’t interfered with.

        It’s funny how none of you want to hear from the people you are claiming to want to help so badly.. Typically..

        Yes, there certainly seems to be an issue with Indians on here, you people seem to think we cannot think for ourselves and we need YOU to do it for us..

        Absolutely pathetic..

        • Deborah Dupre

          N. – Of course we appreciate hearing from an Indian. When Indians observe self-determination, a human right, by meeting with and expressing what they want a project to achieve with non-Indians – in this case a project aimed at helping alleviate their homelessness, is it really fair or ethical to tell non-Indians they have wronged the people?

          Self-determination is what most Aborigines strive to obtain and is what this project boasts of observing. Had those tribes asked Mr. Pitt to stay away, I am certain he would have upheld that decision, too.

          Now, if someone from another tribe told him (or anyone else) to stay away from the tribes inviting him to work with them, that would be viewed as a violation of self-determination – by the intruder.

        • Mayhem

          You’re not wrong, N.Morgan, we have an almost identical situation in New Zealand. The Maori are not indigenous but they were here before us. We gave them the right royal screw over and have spent the last 150yrs imagining they’d be rooted without us. Arrogant much?

        • CrowPie


          Where do you think my opinion comes from? Surely you do not think I speak out of turn…out of ignorance or out of inexperience. I happen to be 1/4 Cherokee. My Grandfather on my mothers side is full blood. So careful that you assume I do not know my community, my Elders or my history.

          I have every right to speak as well as you….and YOU have no MORE a right to speak than me.

          You are the one trying to avoid the topic……..

          Just how UNHAPPY are those First Nations people who now have a home to live in?

          I would venture to guess….that they are very happy. Why are YOU so ticked?

        • Kate Friday

          I am part Blackfoot, and just thought I’d chime in to say, I prefer “Indian” too, I do not use the term Native American, I don’t like it. . .just sayin’

    • ClearDawn*

      God bless his soul!

      • Deborah Dupre

        Thank you, Clear. Oops. You responded with kindness. Get ready to be voted off this page. So sorry.

    • TombRaider

      Apparently this site is full of American Indian haters so I guess I’ll side with you then. F-um all, leave them alone and let them live their lives regardless of their needs. They don’t need your pity or donations, they’re fine…..

      My guess is this will receive negative votes as well………..OH yes, this is Before It’s News isn’t it… :roll:

    • TombRaider

      Well folks, there’s absolutely nothing to read here as nearly all the replies are hidden to negative votes…

      • Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)

        I think my negative votes came from Deborah and her boy Paul..

        Fine with me, the truth doesn’t ever float well with commies..

        Typical trying to always force things on people, like Obamacare and a bunch of other socialist crap.

        Yet, Socialism always fails, go figure..

        It’s rather funny, I actually thought Deborah would appreciate the input and WANT to know what the people thought. LOL :lol:

        I’m not going to respond again, I don’t cast pearls before swine..

        • paul brown

          Sorry, N Morgan, the negative votes weren’t from me.
          Sorry, not a commie or socialist, although not their enemy either. I don’t hate anyone, but I don’t appreciate bigotry, deception, or abuse, and I do appreciate people who try to follow the Golden Rule, from which all morality is derived.
          Sorry, I think your last comment was casting swine before pearls.

        • Deborah Dupre

          Again, N., your thinking is incorrect. Only time I vote down is when people make personal attacks instead of engaging in adult conversation. Name-calling (bad enough in kindergarten) almost fits that personal attack criteria – like calling people “commies.”

      • Deborah Dupre

        Here’s at least one good one, Tom, in case you missed it before voted off the page: “Such mean spirited comments are a disgrace to all of us. Most rich people do nothing for the disadvantaged. Bravo to those who hep make it right.”

    • bladerunner

      Ok these are photo imaging homes, I work with these software. Where are the real houses,

      • Mayhem

        Yeah i’m pretty sure we can all tell that they aren’t real photo’s but good for you. The homes are yet to be built but they’ll look like…. walla!

      • Deborah Dupre

        Yes, obviously these are photo imaged shots to show what the houses will look like when complete. Most top architects are using this technique for their clients. It’s extremely helpful to the prospective home owner, isn’t it?

        • War Pony

          Hope the follow-up story does show the job complete, and hopefully Mr. Pitt understands that the inhabitants are hunter-gatherers in a very cold muddy hot and hostile environment – this is like no country most understand.

    • Deborah Dupre

      Hey readers! Guess at least some of you have worked out all you need is several co-conspirators to hop under an article and vote every humanitarian comment down, leaving mainly hateful ones against the article subjects and the author. Congratulations. At this rate, it’s no wonder evil is prevailing.

      • UniqueArchetype

        I blame their parents. The type of venom they spit at what appears to be a positive act had to have come from somewhere. Parents … remember to hug your children because if not they will grow up to hate everything in the world, the yin and the yang.

        • Deborah Dupre

          So true. Thank you Unique. Yes, hug – and also of equal importance: Listen to your children.

          Did you know the most effective way to prevent later emotional and mental problems in life is listening to children? The most effective way to prevent child and later in life suicide? Yes, – listening to children.

    • Ruk9p

      Technology to create green jobs a plenty,

      Doing it right means building jobs as well.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Thank you ruk9p!

    • Elekwense

      Would be better if he was building earthships instead of this ugly trash.

      • Deborah Dupre

        “Ugly trash”? Find one homeless person who’d not be appreciative of having one of Pitt’s green homes and ask them to contact us with their comments.

        If you’re really offering your contributions, the link in the article takes you to a page where you can volunteer – along with dozens of other goodhearted people. Thank you!

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Interesting comments, “We see the world not as it is but as we are.”

      • Deborah Dupre

        mw315, thank you for your input, seemingly the wisest words on this page.

      • MSG Chicken

        We see the world not as it is but as we are”

        So said the guy who sees the world that way? Kind of an oxymoron statement isn’t it?

    • Deborah Dupre

      “American Indians” or “Native Americans”? My BIN colleague N. Morgan, in a comment here, provided valuable insight into political correctness and preference regarding terminology for America’s First Nation Peoples. Here’s what PBS says about “Indians” and “Native Americas” terms:

      Despite supposed political correctness of Native American, it has not become the preferred term. “The acceptance of Native American has not brought about the demise of Indian,” according to the fourth edition of the American Heritage Book of English Usage, published in 2000. “Unlike Negro, which was quickly stigmatized once black became preferred, Indian never fell out of favor with a large segment of the American population.”

      Nor did the word Indian fall out of favor with the people it described. A 1995 Census Bureau survey that asked indigenous Americans their preferences for names (the last such survey done by the bureau) found that 49 percent preferred the term Indian, 37 percent Native American, and 3.6 percent “some other name.” About 5 percent expressed no preference.

      Moreover, a large number of Indians actually strongly object to the term Native American for political reasons. In his 1998 essay “I Am An American Indian, Not a Native American!”, Russell Means, a Lakota activist and a founder of the American Indian Movement (AIM), stated unequivocally, “I abhor the term ‘Native American.’” He continues:

      “It is a generic government term used to describe all the indigenous prisoners of the United States. These are the American Samoans, the Micronesians, the Aleuts, the original Hawaiians, and the erroneously termed Eskimos, who are actually Upiks and Inupiaqs. And, of course, the American Indian.

      “I prefer the term American Indian because I know its origins. … As an added distinction the American Indian is the only ethnic group in the United States with the American before our ethnicity.” (

      • War Pony

        Exactly, why would the originals want to be labeled under the likes of Amerigo Vespucci, “Native Amerigos” – yep, we’re Italian right!?

      • MSG Chicken

        Negro is the proper description. Black is not a race but rather a derogatory description of the negro. If you look up the word “black” in a dictionary you will see that it is one of the MOST negative adjective in the English language.

        Well, who thought of calling Negroes black then?

        It was a mulatto or a semi-negro from the Caribbeans I think. A liberal negro who decided to use that term and for a good reason. Black means something very negative and this was his idea for the “black movement” back in the 60′s to supercharge the negative of the negro. Remember how they like to use the term “black power”?

        For instance we have:

        Black plague,
        Black Pope,
        Black mark,
        Black mail,
        Black magic,
        Black prince,
        Black hole,
        Uhh, black power.
        Black Mamba (one of the most poisonous snakes in the world next to oBama), and now we have,

        BLACK PEOPLE!!!

        Since we have been calling them that haven’t you notice they have gone downhill and actually are becoming like the term? Words have POWER you know…..

        Some definitions of BLACK:

        adj. Marked by anger or resentment.
        adj. Extremely dark.
        adj. Soiled with dirt or soot.
        adj. Having extremely unfortunate or dire consequences.
        adj. Offering little or no hope.
        adj. Distributed or sold illicitly.
        adj. Deliberately misleading.
        adj. Harshly ironic or sinister.
        noun. Absent of light.

        Doesn’t “negro” sound more humanistic and conciliatory? Perhaps if we called them negro again they might become tame?

        And Black Power? How about ordinary Negro Power?

        • Deborah Dupre

          MSG, Many thanks for all the time and thought you put into this one. What happened, however, to the term “African Americans”?

          In grad school years ago, the overarching preferred term was Peoples of Color.

        • Deborah Dupre

          One study showed Black Americans prefer to be called Black. “85% of persons who did answer said they prefer to be called, or referred to as, Black.” See:

        • paul brown

          Actually, it was blacks themselves who expressed their preference during the civil rights turmoil of the 60s. Hence the terms Black is Beautiful, Black Power, and other terms of their own choice. It was a reaction to the term negro, which had been degraded to the epithet nigger, which every decent person rejected. It was also an act of assertiveness.
          Peoples of color refers to all who are not white. They all share a common bond of being discriminated against by the people of power and privilege, the whites.

        • War Pony

          The “negroes” as you call them would knock you silly if you called them such here down south. And, I was corrected by a black woman when I mentioned “Afican American” as she said the term was derogatory since it was reminiscent of slavery and she certainly wasn’t from Africa.

          Guess it all depends on who you talk to and I would recommend asking whomever you are speaking with what their preference is – hers was “black.”

        • MSG Chicken

          To War Pony,

          If I was talking to her I would refuse to call her “black” and explain to her why it is derogatory and then tie in to spending the next hour selling her insurance (good opportunity).

          After one hour I swear to you they prefer being called “negro” to get me out of their house and never want to be called “black’ again! LOL!

    • Richard Peterson Kuthumi (Indian in the machine)

      Don’t be fooled people… ‘they’ do 50% good 50% evil… look at his wife…and her united nations work.. it’s how the illuminati function… the houses would be toxic, just like his movies.

    • DennisB

      Hollywood just makes money and controls the minds of the weak. It’s Swamp Gas, realy….and entertaning.

    • Forthwithtx

      Brad’s wife is a Looney Toon. But, I think she is talented in her profession, as Brad has also become, over time, though I would say his delivery is a bit strained and monotonous, even on his best days. Definitely overrated, in my opinion.

      Certainly, I would never elevate another human simply because they have international recognition or a God-given talent. They are just actors; nothing more than extremely well paid professionals, who have found success in their chosen avocations.

      That being said, what he is doing here is a good thing.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Fort – It’s good to see you approve of the Pitts philanthropy – but Angelie Jolie is hardly what people who know her call Looney. Anyone who makes personal and professional sacrifices to adopt three children deserves greater respect that that. She and her husband, however, do not stop there. They give more and more to better humanity – so are clearly more than “just actors.” Thank you very much for raising these important issues.

    • War Pony

      Fort PECK, NOT Deck. I worked west on Ft. Belknap. Even the second in charge of the BIA at Belknap – a Sioux – admitted that they are some of the most racist people, especially against the Hopi, including most other tribes, making jokes about a speaker that came to the reservation one day, saying sarcastically “I Hopi makes it home.”

    • UniqueArchetype

      Some of these commenters need a hug or something. Such vitriol for what appears to be a positive act. Maybe if Brad Pitt converted all his money to gold bars and lived out the rest of his days unabomber-style in his underground bunker with his beans, bullets, and bible they will think more highly of him.


      where are the real pics?


      who is the tard voting down everything?

      • MSG Chicken

        Hilarious, cracks me up. I had to press show comments on everyone. I love when I have to do that. It’s so FUNNY!

    • War Pony

      Just for the record, Mr. Pitt has also helped in New Orleans for the low income. Say what you will, but before you judge this man, name a contribution you’ve made to the needy/humanity – hypocrites (or is it envy, one of the seven deadly sins)?

    • War Pony


    • Nancy636

      Wow, he is still overpaid. Good works, obviously he want’s all to know. Not that impressed, he and all others should give back but where do people think this will get him. More acting gigs? He got a actor fired because he tried to witness to him, yeah nice guy. Next?

      • Deborah Dupre

        Nancy, I thought Americans believed in the principle of religious freedom. Don’t you believe in this basic human right? Or does that freedom and right only apply to your brand of Christianity? Exceptionlism is the root of misery the US inflicts globally.

        What is more important: Walking the walk or talking the talk? Seems to me Mr. Pitt walks the walk.

        Here’s what Mr. Pitt said about equality: If there was a nation of gay married couples that were telling you you couldn’t practice your religion, I’d be speaking up for you, too… So, let’s stop the nonsense.”

        In demand as much as he is for his talent, Pitt hardly needs to rely on raising awareness about his philanthropy for acting gigs.

        Many deservedly well-paid celebrities are philanthropic – but think about this: What if they all gave back as much as Mr. Pitt does?

    • Danielle

      Fort DECK?! It’s Fort Peck! There is this thing in journalism called fact checking. Use it!

      • Deborah Dupre

        Thank you. There’s a thing in the world called kindness. In language you seem to understand: “Use it.”

    • Ventura66

      Now doesn’t this make more sense than dropping a boatload of money in Haiti of all places ??

      Nice to see the money staying home for a change, and Brad Pitt is to be commended for helping these folks………………….

      • Deborah Dupre

        Haiti needs it, too, my friend.

        Just got this in from Leonard Peltier in an email as he is threatened with dying in prison, as mostly people of color do:

        “We are a strong and beautiful people. If our truths and our love of our Mother Earth does not prevail than no person anywhere and not even nature itself will be safe and protected.”

    • 4mothernature2

      This is a heartwarming story. I’m so glad that Brad has taken this on. I went to his “Make it Right” website and left a message for him/them to consider purchasing large tracts of ‘raw land’ (no water or utilities…which is cheaper) in various areas of the United States… to allow people living or wanting to live “off the grid” in Tiny Houses or Tiny Houses on Wheels…so we could move there and buy our individual ‘plots’ from them (with interest going toward their non-profit) but making it affordable for us without zoning laws preventing us from becoming self sufficient and financially secure, again. Many of us are the former middle class and don’t want to be dependent on utilities when we can have green energy like solar and wind. Many of us don’t want ‘treated water’ which is not healthy with chlorine and fluoride. We would be using water catchment with filtration for our water source. Please send prayers that they will consider doing this! As I stated in my request to Brad Pitt; we are looking for a hand…not a handout. Thanks for the prayers.

      • Deborah Dupre

        4mothernature2, I applaud your suggestion to the Pitts and hope they will respond favorably to your excellent idea and much needed green tiny house project. It is also commendable than you include in your comment and message to the Pitts and the rest of the world that you seek a lending hand, not a handout. I pray the Pitts or someone else favorably answers your call. Thank you. Stay strong.

    • David E.H. Smith

      Regarding Native issues, Mr. Pitt might consider sharing the following with his family, friends & associates.
      “DISAPPEARED” & “SUICIDE-D” Activists along “DEATH-POTS” Highway (#16)
      gives new meaning to “RED OCTOBER”; corp.Can Desperate to KILL WAD Accord’s COMPENSATION INFO Re; TPP, C-CIT, CETA, NAFTA, Shareholders arrangements?’.

      Human Nature; How Cultures & Traditions can be used to try & explain Bullying & Info Deprivation to Protect the Power of “Death-Pots”.

      After reading about the fears of retaliation of the Native Canadian women at the Special House of Commons Committee on Violence Against Indigenous Women, by powerful chiefs & councils for questioning & improving the chiefs/councils plans & decisions, etc., it has been suggested that it might be easier to minimize any potential for negative “stereo typing” of Native chiefs & their councils by:
      1) the most vulnerable Native community members (95% – 99% of the members of Native communities),
      2) non Native funders of Native communities
      3) et al,
      by pointing out once again, but, with greater emphasis, that the most vulnerable community members, both; Native & non Native, are slowly & painfully becoming aware of the threat that is posed to the bullying, information depriving despots (Death-Pots) by way of the sharing of the relevant information, in forums that have eliminated the fear of retaliation.

      And, therefore, in regard to the recent, June 5, 2014, comments by the grand chief of the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians Gordon Peters about negative “stereotypes”, it has also been suggested that Mr. Peters needn’t be concerned as Native & non Native Canadians have made:
      1) the distinctions between the bullying despots & the most vulnerable community members
      2) the distinctions between those chiefs & councils that want/need their community members to start getting the relevant information, including the information & questions in The WAD Accord & its Compensation
      those chiefs & councils who need to keep their community members in the dark in order to supplicate the most “vulnerables” to limited beliefs & “hopes”
      thereby, maintain, &/or, enhance their abusive powers.

      Perhaps, Mr. Peters can take some solace in knowing that he may be able to learn more about which bullying, information depriving despots are presently being “de-stereotyped”.

      Some of the chiefs & councils may even graciously admit that some of the more abusive aspects of human nature are being used & rationalized by despots by claims that the abuse of their power is based upon tradition, &/or, culture that excludes the comprehension of the abuses by non Natives. Doesn’t this suggest that unless you are in the position of being able to be bullied, etc., then you are incapable of, &/or, should be prohibited from helping those who are being bullied by providing the information & safe forums for the discussion, sharing, improving information, plans, etc. before they become a decision that are acted upon & the human costs are added up? There are many examples of this “helping” precedent in other human communities around the globe.

      The potential sponsors of this “helping process” understand the importance of identifying, investigating, prosecuting & enforcing the prevention of the abusers from continuing their abuse. Similarly, the potential sponsors can assist the most vulnerable community members to ascertain the amount of compensation they are due for previous abuse. These sponsors who are being considered have also observed & understand that the political abuse of the RCMP is causing a great deal of morale problems within the non union service (see; Paul Palango; “Dispersing the Fog”). Therefore, it is for the aforementioned reasons that the potential sponsors would like to be considered to help the most vulnerable community members eliminate their fears & help the most vulnerable develop the natural resources that are accessed by way of the community’s lands. These are also the lands that have already been secretly “negotiated”, &/or, are in the process of being secretly “negotiated” within Canada by way of the despots & without the full due diligence sharing of the information with the most vulnerable community members.

      There are several reasons why some of these foreign corporate sponsors might be considered. They are:
      1) basically, to understand & perhaps prevent bullying despots from making secret arrangements whereby,
      in exchange for:
      a) the despots’ cooperation to endorse the last minute “new” &”improved” environmental & safety standards, etc. for their projects that may be derived from the C – CI Treaty, the EU – Canada CET Agreement, the TP Partnership, et al
      b) the “protection” provided by the bullies for the potential foreign participants/ investors from the most vulnerable community members,

      the potential foreign participants/investors may exclusively & secretly reward the bullies financially & thereby, further legitimize the bullies power & control by way the bullies’ mechanisms of fear.

      2) some of the potential foreign participants are as disgusted with the “unethical” & “inhumane” arrangements of corporate Canada & their representatives in the government of Canada as many Native & non Native Canadians, et al, are. One potential participant said:

      “It’s not that we are racist when it comes to dealing with Canadians,
      it’s just that we can’t stand the way that you suck up to us”.

      That is to say; while corporate Canada & its political representatives “suck up” to the “coveted” foreign investor, the “Canadians” also “shi…”, uh, “purge down”. It may be regrettable that this bullying is just part of human nature?

      Our job is to identify & to minimize, &/or, eliminate it.

      Therefore, while the most vulnerable Native community members may be looking for a much “better” deal that protects their rights to live & express themselves in the absence of fear, isn’t it reasonable to assume that they can also expect to start getting the aforementioned relevant information for their humble consideration, including The Compensation that is embodied in The W.A.D. Accord?

      So, does the “much better deal” by way of these “foreign” countries include:
      1) the elimination of the bullying by the information depriving despots,
      2) enabling the employment opportunities that can equal those non Native Canadians & then use the “better deal” to shrink the financial disparity between:
      the 95% – 99% of the communities’ most vulnerable members
      the 1% – 5% of the existing political & financial bullies, both; Native & non Native?
      3) et al.

      But, aren’t the above reasons why The W.A.D. Accord (aka; The Australian Question) was developed in the first place? That is to say, The Accord was developed in order to ensure that the most vulnerable community members are getting the relevant information & are getting the opportunity to consider, to discuss, to ask questions about it, to improve, to create alternatives, to reject, etc., the information & questions in The Accord, including The Compensation that is embodied in it?

      By way of closing, now that Mr. Peters’ concerns about negative stereotyping have been laid to rest, the most vulnerable community members, et al, might also consider some of the other areas of information that they are continuing to be deprived of that can be, &/or, are being abused by the the aforementioned bullies in order to strengthen their, the bullies’, “legitimacy” besides:
      1) the on going land settlements & treaty rights negotiations,
      2) the development of Aboriginal self-governance
      3) et al?

      And, finally, how do you, the readers in North America, China, the European Union, the Trans Pacific nations, et al, think that these human nature issues can be redressed by The WAD Accord?

      I look forward to reading about your questions, your comments, your improvements, etc., regarding the above & the information listed below.


      David E.H. Smith
      - Researcher
      -“Qui tam…”

      For more Information & Questions re; The Relationship between Human (Nature) Rights & Economics in the C-CI Treaty, the CET Agreement, TP Partnership, et al, via The W.A.D. Accord,
      see; Facebook; “David Smith, Sidney, BC”,
      Google; “David E.H. Smith” to access RECENT ARTICLES, LETTERS & NOTIFICATIONS by DEHS.

    • War Pony

      To the best of my recollection, the Ft. Peck reservation owns a casino and may have a better cash flow than other reservations – like Ft. Belknap. Wouldn’t it be better to offer assistance to the MORE needy if such is really the case?

      I realize this all funnels through the tribal council, but the Sioux (Assiniboine and Gros Ventre) at Belknap would appear to be the more deserving candidate.

    • GuitarLots

      Good stuff

    • Before It Was All Pop Ups

      Slogan – “What a Pitthole! These homes are very Bradley built.”

    • Love Ya

      wow, alot of comments! i couldn’t read them all. i would like to comment on solar energy. i love using the sun for power. we have them on our cabin. they work great. glad to see them used on these homes. a big money saver.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Thank you, Love Ya. I find it difficult to describe the freedom I experience knowing my home and car are powered by the sun – as others still pay through the roof for electricity’s cool and warmth and for fuel to power their cars. It’s one the way for everyone, no matter how many dirty tricks Big Oil plays to sustain their dirty dangerous fossil fuel machine.

    • John Mike
    • Karen Sherry Brackett

      “It is always great to read good news about people helping people rather than so many reports of war in the Middle East. Brad Pitt has done a great deal of good and for that I personally thank both him and Angelina. Foundations are a tax haven in a sense which allow for the personal decision making on how the money which would have been paid in taxes is spent. Some wealthy people decide to support cats for example and while that is certainly their right, I believe Brad is doing the right thing by supporting people first becaue the trickle down effect will still eventually help other needs as well. Hindsight is however often clearer than foresight and so I would leave a message here for him hopefully to find to keep in mind. In the eighties, I helped build homes one summer in Mexico and while the homes were certainly well needed and over three decades the town did rise above poverty and is doing much better today, looking back I realized that had we gone in and built industry instead the end result would have happened a lot faster and the people would have benefited more greatly by the reward of their own labor. Every community needs certain modern services which create jobs such as water, electricity, grocery stores, textiles for clothes and shoes, along with all of the necessities for life. So, many textile plants have left America now that it is almost impossible to find for example a man’s dress shirt made in America. Brad and Angelina both have a great sense of fashion about them and perhaps they might consider instead creating jobs by forming their own fashion label, building industry in America to make those labels, etc. etc. This is something I am certain they would come to realize in time; however given I have already lived and realized it, I think perhaps helping them step to this realization faster would be a good thing. Volunteers could still help there are tons of young college students working on studies in design, volunteers could still help build the small factories and anytime a community can clothe and shoe itself it also helps promote a greener environment verses all of the shipping that occurs now globally in bringing clothing and shoes to our markets. The countries were under developed at the time those factories were built overseas are not above poverty and are now in self sustaining cycles of providing for their own. So, a small lose in profits for them is not going to be the end of their worlds. All of this could still be done under the workings of a Foundation as a non-profit endeavor and the end results ultimately be paid back and purchased by town helped or the workers hired to become for profit operations. If our Congress men and women will not bring jobs back to America. WE as Americans can by working together if someone will simply spearhead the project. “Make It Right” is a perfect name for such an undertaking. If you would like help organizing this just send me a message. All the Best, KB “

    • SludgeWarehouse

      Will be interesting to see what the homes look like in 5 to 10 years. I’ve been to many of the reservations in the Midwest and oftentimes they do not maintain the homes they are given for free by their housing authorities.

      Glad to see someone is trying to do something to improve the living conditions, but I am afraid it needs to come from within before any actual long term success can be realized.

    • lindarosemary

      And in six months from move in; they will be trashed.

    • Mymy

      How come this pritt brat fellow by all the money did he rob me?

    • capache

      I think this is great but my mother could use a new home. She lives in a broken down trailer on the Mescalero Apache Reservation and the tribe will not help her out. The tribe recently acquired new trailers for tribal members but she doesn’t qualify!? She is 64 years old with a lot of health issues raising her grand children. The youngest being 3 years old. She could use some help with a new home.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Sounds very unfair. I wonder how she missed the new trailer opportunity and what we could do?

    • robobbob

      its great to read about some one putting their money where there mouth is and doing something, but then I read about the LEED certifications and suddenly it turns into a political statement merely using poverty as a stage prop.
      For the cost required to for all that, they could have built double the homes. and it doesn’t matter if its donated. some one, some where, paid for those items, and that money could have gone twice as far. For the price of one energy star washer, you can get 2 regulars. for the price of one quality CFL, you can buy a box of regulars. even solar is not free. It takes 15 yrs or so to recoup the costs if the system lasts that long, though if the homes are in a no grid zone thats a lessor consideration.
      Instead of a handful of special high priced show case homes that benefit companies on the sustainability bandwagon, how many off the self trailer and modular homes could they have bought?

    • prisonerno6

      What about the people in Detroit or all the Undocumented Citizens???

      • Deborah Dupre

        Yes, Prison, abused refugees and people in Detroit also need a helping hand – not only from celebrities but also from their neighbors, ordinary citizens.

        Maybe the other good question is, What happened to the America of yesteryear when people’s all-American spirit and compassion led them to treat others as they’d like to be treated?

    • Rosa María Ricardo

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    • Love Birds

      Master–Bator LEE
      You Soooooooooooooooooooooo silly, and racist! Worship whiteskinned mangod?

      Thanks Jed Bozo, the christo-CLOWN from new jersey, for the laugh?????! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

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