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Need for more "upbeat" fare in Entertainment outlets and options discussion with Cy Young

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I know some of you have seen a few of my pieces that said SHORT AND SWEET while other pieces of mine VERY LONG WINDED and detailed (many things not able to be quick, drive-by, pot-shot, to do them justice (not Black and White, but lots of GREY AREAS)). This is going to be an ULTRA-SHORT, compete for one of my shortest ever pieces LOL (well, at least it started that way, but I’ve updated and lengthened several times already shortly after initial drop). As I intend to more-or-less really share material via embedded Video [see note down-thread] rather than written word. About what?
Need for more “upbeat” or “positive or uplifting” fare in all our Entertainment outlets and options w/ Cy Young… No, this is NOT a seance (not the Baseball great (RIP) Cy Young, a different Cy).

[I previously promised I would not get in the habit of doing this! Doing what? Well... I've seen a few folks use BeforeItsNews as if it were another YouTube or place to just throw their Videos only, no accompanying written content to go along with it. B4IN is clearly meant to be a site for the written word, and I promise not to abuse my privilege of being allowed to WRITE for/on/at this site by turning my feed into just what I consider CHEATING and potentially, I dare say, some "abusing" the privilege they've been granted here in using B4IN to "JUST" (only) use it to draw attention to their Videos. I DO, HOWEVER, indeed often add Video embeds in many of my pieces as supplemental, or to provide additional other/related materials. Just wanted to provide this clarification, while I am sort-a "CHEATING" (in my view from what this site is about (I do sometimes use my Show's Transcripts (and I will include such of this CTP S1EAprSpecial2 Show here-in) as short-cut to the/my text of some of my pieces provided, but still providing written word none-the-less just not typed/created from scratch)) in this one Post/Article/Blog (whatever you care to call these) here at B4IN it will not become a habit - as to me it is a bit "deceptive" of folks trying to, IMO, misuse B4IN in that way as YouTube and other Video specific platforms already exist to part those at and for people to seek/search/find them at.]

[NOTE: YES, there were some video "Technical issues" with the video shared via Bitchute, Brighteon, Rumble, and Youtube, but I did NOT want to let that stop from my tradition of providing early Show release via video BehindTheScenes/SneakPeek videos on those platforms. Seeing my gorgeous face (LOL, yes kidding) is NOT the point - the point is THE CONTENT of the discussion]

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ChristiTutionalist Politics (S1EAprSpecial2) “Need for more ‘upbeat’ and ‘positive’ fare in our Entertainment options”
Cy Young joins. Cy worked with Buster Keaton on Broadway; has a song on the Barbra Streisand Third Album; composer/lyricist, writer of published, screenplays, award winning short stories, produced musicals, etc., to discuss how far we’ve come from Hollywood’s past with everything Star driven and a lot of nepotism and back-room dealings (and some brief FurBabies talk). Segment 2 “clarification” of Scriptures relating to “Thou Shalt Not Murder” and “Condemn Not Lest Ye Be Condemned” (John 7 / 1 Corinthians / 2 Corinthians / Revelation and more, as clarification and continuation of Matthew 7 (which there is far more to than just the first 7 words)) that came up along the way. 
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[ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast begin Show intro]

Welcome to ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast aka CTP in association with and I am your host Joseph M Lenard and that’s L E N A R D   CTP is your no muss no fuss just me you And occasional guest type podcast as Graham Norton would say let’s get on with the show 

[ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast - Segment 1] 

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host): Welcome everybody. I have sigh young with me here today and the obvious question is Are you named after the baseball player? No, no, I’m not my dad was born in

CY YOUNG:  1900 and sigh young pitched the first world series in 1993 well in three games and build an E 1 4. I’m going to screenplay about it It’s very interesting when my dad no, he was I don’t think his name was sigh young was something young but somebody said no You should name yourself after him. So he did he pick up sigh young so I inherited that

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  Yeah Well, that answers the next obvious question. Yeah, no relation then no Yeah, yeah, well and to my audience you might ask well, do I not do any research on my guests? Did I not know that well actually no I didn’t know that and yes Obviously I research whether someone will be a good fit for a topic for the show But beyond that I don’t like to do a lot of homework I’d rather just have a spitball session and go with the flow right the same obvious questions that would come up to an audience that member hopefully then would come up to me and You and I so the audience knows Stumbled across each other through a service called podcast guest list where people find each other for podcasts And I’m in your bio it talked about and I wrote back to you would love I’ll read it right from the note that I sent you would love to discuss the need for more upbeat and or positive uplifting Fair all through our entertainment But especially our TV shows and movies I just talked to Don glade a few months ago about movies some specifics But we’re gonna kind of talk some generalities I guess right because I agree with you wholeheartedly. There’s a whole lot of garbage out there

CY YOUNG:  Well, I saw a great film last night. I thought it was great. I don’t see very many films Joe, but this was called the blood What was it called The whole what was it? About the about the open A’s and how they how they came back and how they tried a new a new system Moneyball moneyball. Yeah, yeah, it was really broad Brad Pitt was really great in it And I thought was the concept I thought was great was that this guy this general manager with the Oakland A’s was doing something different He wasn’t doing the 40 years of what the GM’s usually do the scouts usually do the owners do He was doing something different and boy did it pay off they won 20 games a real record in a row Now they didn’t win the World Series, but they won 20 games So his new thinking and new new way of thinking really paid off But he had to find like a tiger to get it done. Yeah

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  Based on a true story and a lot of different not just baseball now try to At least put a little of that philosophy Especially in this modern day and age of all sports having salary caps So you have to play a degree of moneyball as it was called Yeah, that came out a few years ago I saw a couple months ago a movie called our guile now. I’m an author I wrote terror strikes coming soon to a city near you which is a political thriller But our guile one of the premises or sub premises is that Dallas Bryce Howard plays a Author who writes spy novels and then there are a bunch of twists and turns from there Did you see that film I did not see it? No? Yeah, that was just out a few months ago I Really liked it. It’s also known as the cat movie And if you see that if you look up the preview you’ll understand why because a cat prominently plays Through the whole movie. It’s right, but it’s really like Comedy drama and action and it’s a lot of fun like we’re talking the need for more upbeat You know, it’s comedic. It’s fun It’s over like the fight scene on the train is so over the top. It’s funny You know and so we need more stuff like that in my opinion

CY YOUNG:  Well, I think we do too, but it’s who’s producing it and who’s directing it. That’s the question I don’t know these guys come and go all the time But I was trying to get stuff done in in Hollywood I had an agent in New York a Peter Miller and we would submit stuff to them and they’d say well We need this star if we don’t get this star or not I’m gonna get it done I had a movie had a movie called what was it called? Deflow but I think death loads and it was a very powerful action film and And I had the one of the producers was a guy who had produced a movie Not not well, I guess about 30 years ago from that from now but then it was about 10 years ago and He was a very good producer and he liked it. He wanted to rewrite So I did a little rewrite on it and his people who we work with him said cited a great rewrite on this Death loads called and but they couldn’t find a star a guy who could write a more or so I can shoot people You need somebody who can write my motorcycle to shoot people, you know

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  Well Tom Tom Cruise can certainly do that these days, but back then He was still not quite the star he is today. Oh and I had it. I had another movie

CY YOUNG:  Let me just tell you about this. You know who Donna Mills is oh, yeah. Yeah with Donna Mill I knew her when she was Donna Miller. Oh Oh, ha ha ha ha Donna Miller in Chicago. She was 16. I was 24 We were studying dancing at stone Cameron in Chicago. We went to see a movie. We held hands and kissed. It was wonderful Anyway, cut to third dog has 25 years later. I had the screenplay as called Overdue and it’s about a gal who’s a reporter who’s trapped in the library research library on On the 42nd Street in a snowstorm. It’s really really strong and we do it with somebody Somebody optioned it. It was very strong and they got it to Donna. I thought oh, yeah, Donna. I know Donna. Well They’re not gonna believe me that I got I don’t I don’t remember That’s kind of the way that goes but anyway, so you do you live with your learn. Yeah, you’re right. You never know

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  Where people are in their immediate life and career to whether they think something will fit or not for them and yeah But I think there is in some cases a reliance on stars too much I wish like when we’re talking about upbeat films or whatever Films like you’re talking about options them wanting a big star if they would take their chance on the next upcoming star For your film, you know, we need to give some more people a break

CY YOUNG:  Yeah, well that would be good if they would think of it that way I don’t think they do I think it’s totally personal they think of it as a personal thing Is this good for me and am I gonna do that? No, you know, basically that’s it’s it’s kind of every small narrow concept but People are very selfish. They just you know, we face that there they think about themselves first And then if that’s gonna work for me. Well, think about it. Yeah, that’s a shame

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  But because everybody had to get their start somewhere, right? Yeah, everybody needs that One big break and it’s a shame. I’ve seen a bunch of other Movies with like some people that we thought would be the next up and coming star And I can’t think of her name But I’m thinking about the old Sylvester Stallone cliffhanger film the woman that was in that I thought oh well flies giving her a break and she’s likely to be a Pretty big deal going forward, but then I never seen her in anything

CY YOUNG:  I’ve seen some some women in films and I thought yeah Or guys and I thought they’d be great I never see them again and I just think it depends upon your agent It depends upon if you know anybody in highwood and that’s that’s the first thing That’s that’s number one if you know somebody well your way ahead

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  Yeah, like my terror strikes book coming soon to a city near you. I do have listed on story rocket I’m hoping somebody would pick that up and make a movie of it, but I’m not gonna hold my breath. That’s for sure Yeah, I’m self-published yeah, so so But yeah, I you never know Like you said Sometimes it becomes personal and people rub somebody the you know well so-and-so Discovered that person. I’m not gonna have anything to do with that person that is the petty games that go on right?

CY YOUNG:  Well, there’s a lot of that it seems that we just unfortunate I think people they cut themselves off For more kinds of ideas I think they’re just all kinds of ideas right here now if we can just keep our mind open and think about it And like you said, it’s very difficult to get published And if you self-published then you have to fight like a Demon to get your stuff done then you’ve got to learn how to do how the publishing company would do How would they how would they promote this and then you got to go and promote it yourself? And I think people are learning that I’m learning that into it’s a hard way But I have a gal who works for me Judith and she’s really she works with me actually And I’m gonna give her credit for the books because she’s very good at that And she knows the computer and she knows how to work it She knows how to come in and out and that sort of thing and you need somebody like that unless you’re a good add in yourself

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  Are you a good computer guy? I’m a former IT guy so Oh, well there you go. Hey there you are So that helped I’ve been out of IT for 20 years now so You know, there’s a whole lot going on around us that I’m not In tune with either. I’m I’m old and dated myself as insofar as how quick things change with computers

CY YOUNG:  But also yeah, can you spell algorithms? I

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  Know what it is but

CY YOUNG:  Two weeks to learn to spell it because I wanted to do rhythm it did it’s a lg o r I k hm

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  Yeah, I know what it is. I know what it does that’s more important than knowing how to spell it

CY YOUNG:  I know one of the things about money ball. That’s what they did. They did algorithms But I thought that basically an algorithm is simply very simple There’s an algorithm to the breath of your teeth There’s an algorithm to making fried eggs, you know It’s just a matter of what the algorithm does is they people come in and they and they do it more technically and they tie it together

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  they examine for patterns and Behaviors and things that will return a positive Positive for what you put in because obviously you don’t want to expend Energy and get negative in return you want positive outcomes But you were mentioning like about with stars and that’s the big crutch I think is with all these producers and directors the star Helps sell the ad which helps sell the movie So it’s almost kind of laziness in my mind. Yeah

CY YOUNG:  Well, it’s like like Disney says You have to promote a thing some some idea movie or whatever seven times Before he’s going to kick off. So that’s very good for us to know as safe self self publishers of books You got to get that book at least seven times in front of the people not just Amazon and then book Bob And all that stuff, but just constant. It’s a yes thing and yeah, soon as you learn that boy It is a fight. It’s a battle. Everybody is fighting there But the guys that get through there they’re making a hundred thousand a year and do very well a lot of them So it’s just a matter of the focus. That’s what yeah

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  Yeah, that’s a general marketing rule because i’ve been involved my show is constitutionalist politics my Saturday shows usually deal with the politics my interviews usually don’t but that’s Very true of a candidate also you want to get a tv ad a radio ad a robo call A couple mailers. It’s the same marketing concept. You want to touch someone seven times in various ways In order to really get into their consciousness and then going back to a star in a movie The star will catch somebody’s eye on the tv ad whereas no name actors or lesser knowns They would have to and again it goes back to laziness. I think They would have to work harder To sell the film and they don’t want to do that. They they just want to print money They say oh this will be a hit if you mentioned Brad Pitt if Brad Pitt’s in it. Hey, well just print money

CY YOUNG:  Yeah, there you go. Well, that’s it. That’s true But I think the idea of focus is really important in whatever you do Whether it’s a film whether it’s writing a film or getting a film produced or published whatever It’s a matter of focus and how do you focus your thought? So that you will get the most out of it And I think that a lot of that is just quiet listening because I get I’m sure everybody else does I get all these thoughts that come at me boom boom boom boom boom boom and you got to say no no no yes And you find out what works and I think that’s that’s that’s the key. I’m very warm here Yeah

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  Yeah, I’m that way my mind goes a million miles a minute Exactly and you’ve got to be able to learn to focus And on things but let’s get back to the general concept of beatness in movies because like today not again, I Generally with guests don’t go political but these days It seems like everything has to have a woke agenda in it and there’s a big pushback against that on some but and Those films rather than being up beat They’re about beating people over the head With a message they don’t want to hear

CY YOUNG:  And then Joe that is so wrong to do that if you have a message Uh, who was it they said they use uh These western union But don’t use a don’t use a book or a play and a lot of stuff on Broadway is like that now There’s a message they have to get across and they do and I think it turns people off I think everybody wants to be Be pushed like that if let let and the individual come to its own ideas His own conclusions by himself and people are capable of doing that But you have to present a picture to them that is clear And focused and if you do have a point of view you have to I think you have to couch it in terms that’s saying okay This is my concept I have a BC and that’s my concept now. What’s your concept? You know, how do you see yourself with that? So I think it’s it’s being open it’s being open to you to other people’s concepts of ideas

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  Yeah, now obviously a movie has to have a message of some sort or there’s no plot Right, it’s like the old Seinfeld thing a show about nothing right, but that show obviously Was about a lot of things No one specific thing now like this show Chrystitutionalist politics mainly geared towards Christians Obviously those are going to have a preach message and people expect that though Where the trouble comes in is when you’re going to a movie and you’re getting bait and switch You’re expecting a certain generic kind of entertainment and then they beat you over the head With something else you weren’t expecting and just aren’t there for

CY YOUNG:  Exactly. Joe give me an eye. Give me an example of your Something that you promote we just focus on chris christ the christ the christian thing How would you how would you focus something like that?

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  Well, that’s a good question. You’re turning the table on me here Uh, uh, I I’m trying to even just think of what the last christian movie Was that I saw and I see so many movies That like you earlier trying to think of money ball. I see so many movies I almost forget them immediately. Oh, I know I saw a movie the other day on amazon Freebie channel. They have a channel called freebie. That’s all free movies And I saw a movie called time changer that was actually from 2002 I never even heard of and I felt like it was almost divine intervention for me to see that having a bout of insomnia The the few nights that I stumbled upon it But I felt like it was divine intervention because that movie felt like it was speaking directly to me Because I have christitucilist politics to Book coming out june and that to me Uh, made me think of something that I needed to put in the book That would have been absent had I not stumbled on that film But again, I knew it was the christian film going in Whereas like one of my favorite all-time christian films is a film called The resurrection of gavin stone Now some people in this audience are gonna oh my god. You you can’t use resurrection A regular human can’t be resurrected. That’s blasphemy It’s a comedy It’s meant in fun In jenst It’s a metaphorical Resurrection of the character coming to christ from his secular lifestyle But to me that is a great movie because it isn’t just about Preaching and beating people over the head with the bible. It’s a comedy So yeah, this guy A hollywood guy Get sentenced to community service for having you know done typical You know hollywood prankster antics and get sentenced to community service So he volunteers for a church And he starts to learn what that’s all about So to me that’s great because It’s for non-christians also You know rather than beating people over the head with the bible give somebody a comedy while at the same time battle delivery of Christianity to them and if they walk away wanting to learn more great If they don’t at least you tried

CY YOUNG:  Well, that’s a good point. You’re also uh I think you can write you can Present a bible’s story and it had nothing to do with preaching for instance I have a book where that is an oscream play called the boy from nayan in ain And I have a christian film company that says that they’re interested in and it is a film Now do you know what you bought the bible?

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  uh quite a bit I can’t I can’t i don’t have it memorized front the back

CY YOUNG:  I can’t say it to you Boy from nayan is based on the the uh incident in the bible where the jr. Jesus The young man who dies in the town of nayan And uh, he’s a young man and as they’re carrying him out Jesus appears with his followers and raises the man from the dead It’s you’re talking about Lazarus. No, I’m talking about nayan in ain a boy That’s interesting. He raised a lot of people from the dead not just

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  He did well lazarus is the most well known, but yeah, and of course I talk about this on my show all the time uh, the different christian sex Have different bibles and not every gospel is in every bible So I you have to admit i’m not familiar i’m not recalling that story

CY YOUNG:  Well, another thing that bothers me about these different sects Is the different bibles now. Do you know anything about the original bible how it was created There is king james virgin. Well, yeah from

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  named after king james because king james uh In ordain it didn’t christen it didn’t he He’s the one that commission is the word i’m looking for He’s the one that commissioned it there’s head of mental block

CY YOUNG:  He commissioned uh, I think it’s about 62 or 63 of the most brilliant scholars in england and scholar in that whole area to to do this to translate this book into into the king james version and the paltry the uh, the area edition The education of these people is just brilliant and the paltry and the king james version of the bible Which is the original virgin is wonderful and I most of these other bibles I mean their by their bible is about god and christ but they don’t have the paltry and the paltry is very very important He that dwells in the secret place of the most high, you know, it’s very beautiful and uh, that’s by one one Believe about people you should use the king james version, but people use their own version which is you know, I guess it’s okay

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  Yeah, and I have discussed that on the show several times It’s like you’re saying the king james kind of create his own council nysia And commissioned a bible Now I have an issue even with king james version though Because it is thou shalt not murder innocence not thou shalt not kill From the original latin arameic hebrew and greek thou shalt not murder because if you read genesis Leviticus and that dude eronomy the death penalty Is biblical so killing Is sanctioned and or sanctified in certain situations But the innocent murder or slaughtering of innocence is not so even the king james version Has a bit of a distortion and I know that will upset some people but

CY YOUNG:  Well, I’ll look that up. I don’t know anything about the murder. I know it’s thou shalt not kill thou shalt not commit adultery Acceptor acceptor so I’ll look that up you see it’s in thou shalt not murder

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  In the original And no not the king james has killed Whereas the original text the arameic the hebrew of the latin and the greek had murder Because again the distinction between those two words is significant. Yes, it is. That sure it is Yeah, well, that’s That’s like Matthew 7 Judge not lest ye be judged. Well, there’s more to that scripture than just those seven words And that’s really Condem not lest ye be condemned Because there are more than a dozen other scriptures that say you shall judge in this manner Biblically so again Matthew 7 in a way is a distortion It’s condemned not lest ye be condemned for final judgment is for that of the lord Right we are to judge. We’re not to be completely non judgmental So we are not to condemn another Except for of course in earthly law in earthly court and again to go back Killing is biblically sanctioned in the case of death penalty So we’ve distorted things a bit over these thousands of years. Yeah, we sure have Yeah, true, but we’ve gotten way off of movies I

CY YOUNG:  Like I think some of the greatest movies were done like 40 30 40 50 years ago for instance The treasure the serum adre Is a wonderful film and uh, it’s by john uston and But I think the greatest film The greatest film ever ever created was from a short story Uh by the indian and indian writer and it’s the name of it is My first name, but it’s with uh, well, I’ll think of it in it pretty soon It’ll come back to you later. It’s a very powerful movie and it’s from a short story Uh and it’s uh, it’s a very it’s a big action film too And I know that you used to know wanted to do it with uh car gable And Power or something someone like that, but instead he used uh use shon connery and And the english guy that’s so good and the man who would be king

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  Oh, there you go Yeah, I’ve seen that. Yeah, and another another really good one That’s biblical is ben her and that’s another one of those films that People will see it and not necessarily understand they’re getting a bible message Which again, which to my mind is what makes it great like when I was talking with don glade You know, uh, cs louis came up and the witch the lion the witch in the wardrobe Which is also really a christian underlying theme film But he wanted to present it in a way that it would be more secular for people to see So I think we’re talking that same line of It’s how you can have a film that can appeal to the masses And not beat them over the head With the underlying theme you’re hoping they will take away from it like you said earlier about Bringing them in and letting them see it and them going away With their own thought not having been beat over the head by The either the christian message or the modern day woke message or whatever just be entertaining And hope your audience gets it and wants to learn more

CY YOUNG:  Good point joe and I think that the uh to go back to the man who would became The point of that is a very general Wonderful point these two men have been soldiers together through the many many campaigns They’re very they’re great friends And they had this pact that they want to or they won’t have any sex with any woman Until they get to what they want all the money and that they can find So they go over to this foreign country and it ends up with them um They’re going to be killed because they have It’s kind of involved But the uh shan connery character has a medal Around his chest and it’s about the one of the uh one of the big uh um sex that’s around and they think he’s a god they think he’s a god And somebody shoots an arrow and hits that and he doesn’t kill him because they hit that And they think that’s a proof that he’s a god They see that as a miracle. Yes, right at the end of it He gets gets caught because the woman he’s going to marry bites him with a lip and the lip bleeds So they know he’s he’s a phony so they’re human. Yeah Right And Sean con Michael came Sean connery or Michael can you’re back to back and all these bad guys are going to kill him and and Michael can and Sean connery says You forgive me buddy. He said yes So it’s about friendship It’s just great because Sean connery dives and this guy comes back and and he’s okay But anyway, I think that’s that’s that’s the way to really to promote an idea is It’s a very warm and friendly and these two guys

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  Friendship is the key. Yeah, and before I we go too much further. I want to Again admit that I didn’t know that one story that you mentioned. I will have I recommend bible gateway Online they are a great service. You can compare the various different bibles So I will go research and check beyond Lazarus and the others that Jesus brought back to life And find that story what you are saying to see what versions of the bible It is in and what bible versions it is not in because some people in this audience I have no doubt will have known immediately what you were talking about whereas again I’m imperfect. I’m frail. I’m human Yeah, you know, I don’t know it all and you know unlike a lot of talk show hosts I admit I don’t know it all and I’m not gonna pretend and play

CY YOUNG:  Like I do Let me get my cat. Oh, okay

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  So I will kind of just spill space and for those of you looking on Behind the scenes Okay on my youtube video Brighteon bitchute rumble channels. You will see sighs One of sighs cat. She’s got in the background there. I was saying before we started the show What a what a beautiful fur baby. What’s the cat? The cat that’s in your background. What’s that cat’s name? That’s millie millie

CY YOUNG:  We thought we were getting another female, but we got another male so the male chases her around and she goes and eyes under the bed And it takes me but she’s a beautiful cat. You just gorgeous. Yeah, yeah

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  All my fur babies are gone now Now uh and I I have health issues myself. I have enough time Probably taking care of myself Floyd alone Bringing another newer life into my home to take care of you know So I I don’t want to do that as much as I miss The companionship of my fur babies I I don’t feel at this point. I should commit to an animal who would probably outlive me and cause That problem of separation that they would have when that were to occur. So At any rate and I say that tongue and cheek because you don’t know but the audience will know you know some people do a lot of arm and ah and I got my verbal crutches at any rate so at any rate I appreciate you joining me here today again. This goes back to the top of the show. No I don’t do boatloads of research on my guests because I just want to let the rabbit holes open And we go down them as we come across them and say Pardon? spontaneity Exactly exactly, you know I There are a whole lot of shows out there that are scripted and the host knows exactly what the guest’s gonna say the guest knows In advance what the questions are going to be I don’t want that. I’m not going to go there to me. That’s dishonest So For better or worse and sometimes it’s for better and sometimes it’s for worse. That’s what you get here

CY YOUNG:  That’s great You you keep it open and you keep it spontaneous And I think people like that people like something that they think that’s real. I do too if something spontaneous Yeah, it’s not a phony. He’s not a phony guy up there They’re trying to promote something. Yeah, he just is just a guy talking about himself in his life And about his god. We all have our god We have to understand and express and that’s where I’m right now. I’m very much into that

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  I really appreciate it. Amen. I hear you on that. Yeah, some would call it folksy Right, but there are other hosts who try to force folksy Uh as a schtick and I don’t like them people either. They’re phonies, right? Like you said Real and honest you and I just shooting the proverbial stuff, right? You better get say it Well, I can say it but I certainly prefer not to on a christian show, right? Kids kids could be listening. So thank you again. Sayon I’m nothing to do with the ballplayer except for his dad did like the ballplayer Thank you for stopping by son Well before we go, where can people find you if they want to reach out to you have a website Stuff like that

CY YOUNG:  My website is See why why oh you in g no period during anything you go there And that’s my website. I got my screenplays there. I placed my short plays my books Uh, I’ve got my everything up there that I should have we got my magnets Which are short short books about my key character Frank East Carmasino Who is the key kicker? In my mystery series. He’s with the new york, uh, new york giants and that’s basically where you go

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  Interesting interesting. So that’s kind of your most latest set your series It revolves around this kicker for the giants. That’s correct

CY YOUNG:  Yeah, we’ve got three books going out with that. They’re out right now actually Kickers both So but be sure you say saiyang author because otherwise you’ll get a baseball player

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):  Right exactly exactly so remember saiyang young as you would expect to spell young Uh, or well I wanted to reiterate the site and of course That link will be in the show notes for everybody to see. Thank you again for coming. I greatly appreciate it

CY YOUNG: Okay, baby. Bye. Bye 

I just wanted to do a quick follow-up Not long after having spoken with saiyang and to follow up on Some of what we had talked about I have not yet had the chance to indeed do the deep dive on Jesus bringing others to life other than Lazarus now I mentioned Lazarus because even non-Christians understand and know the story of Lazarus And there’s been tv shows. I recall one specifically indeed called Lazarus so even non-Christians Have heard the story whether they’re a believer or not to understand that concept And let me be clear as I said, I’m not a know-it-all I do not have a PhD in theology. I have not been officially professionally framed in a seminary so I just wanted to provide that as Full disclosure in case if there’s still anyone who doesn’t know or understand that yet I mainly wanted to follow up on the thou shalt not murder versus thou shalt not kill I mentioned Genesis Numbers and Leviticus. I I think I Didn’t say numbers though. I I forget what I said and Therefore, I made a mistake But referring to the death penalty as being biblical Let me quote genesis 9-6 Who so shall us man’s blood by man shall his blood be shed for in the image of god made he man Numbers 35 30 who so kill us any person The murderer shall be put to death by the mouth of witnesses, but one witness Shall not testify against any person to cause him to die Leviticus 24 17 and he that kill us any man so surely be put to death So spare me that the death penalty is not biblical it is And beyond that Let’s go to Exodus 22 2 if a thief is caught breaking in that night and it struck a fatal blow The defender is not guilty of bloodshed So once again, there’s a distinction between killing and murder of innocence now I’m not saying I’m sure Most are not going to say that if someone breaks into your home You purposely willfully and malice of forethought try to kill them That indeed would be murder But if you make it clear your presence is there and they do not retreat You make it clear that you have a weapon of some sort and they still Do not retreat it is clear and present danger It is evident that they are going beyond mere burglary and attempting to rob you that they May likely very well intend to harm you To ensure they get away with their crime and you indeed Under biblical terms have every right to defend yourself And indeed let me read Exodus 22 2 again if a thief is caught breaking in at night and of course Night is figurative there In many respects and it struck a fatal blow Again if they’re coming onto your property and You’re telling them get out You’re armed You have a weapon whether it be a knife or a gun and they keep coming at you It is Pensible Who deemed them a threat and understand that they mean you harm and you every right under the bible And the law Virtually anywhere on the planet the right to defend yourself And as it says is struck a fatal blow The defender is not guilty of bloodshed. You are not guilty of murder again distinction Doubt shalt not murder innocence versus the Doubt shalt not kill and same with Matthew seven Condem not Less ye be condemned because there are a dozen plus Scriptures and i’m not going to go into them all I’m not even going to go into one. I leave it for you to understand your own research As like I said, I now have Research of my own to do because there are things i’ve forgotten As my focus has often been potentially on something else as a main point And things spill out of my brain Things that i’ve read things that i’ve learned we don’t always retain 100 Percent of it especially if we don’t use that knowledge in Discussion with others so I have homework to do. I would suggest This whole show constitutional politics is about giving back to our bibles and reading them front to back And understanding all the context There are 12 plus other scriptures Contextually stating that we are as Christians to judge But we are not too condemned for final judgment is for that of the lord I just wanted to while I was thinking of it while it was fresh in my mind Make these clarifications and or really re iterations or Uh, if I hadn’t made the point clear in the first place to Expound upon The discussion I had was sigh on those things So thank you all for tuning in again. Take care god bless This concludes the follow-up segment To the show with sigh that this will be part of to Give that additional clarity as my friend pastor Richard Clark Deitering who’s now retired from radio His show moment of clarity hopefully providing Some moments of clarity Follow up to what we had previously discussed. Thank you all take care god bless 

[ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast begin Show outro]

Thank you for having tuned into ChristiTutionalist Politics show. Please be sure to check out more about today’s discussion at where my articles drop every Saturday in addition to seeing the corresponding piece referenced in the episode of ChristiTutionalist podcast see to the show transcript on podcast platforms that provide access to it like buzzsprout at for additional bonus material therein the transcript. Thank you. Take care. God bless

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BONUS MATERIAL BELOW from: “Let’s go to Lobby & get ourselves some Snacks, & Politics…” [See original piece at:, for referenced links, images, and embedded videos.]

Let’s go to Lobby & get ourselves some Snacks, & Politics…

For those that remember the dancing candy and popcorn singing “Let’s all go to the Lobby and get ourselves some treats” an “off the beaten path” piece about Movies – mainly The Thirteenth Floor…The Political MATRIX… and related Politics there-in… This will be followed up next week by/with more in “Movies, Snacks, Politics; part 2” piece.

OK, a bit LIGHTER post (but indeed major Political applications/undertones; as I can turn a discussion about turnips into a Political one; and some would also rightly point out I can usually find a bad/lame pun about/in any situation or any topic too, but that is a whole other subject; it’s just the way I’m built, and like I did my previous TLB items on Comedy, Interstellar-ET’s, Sports, Music, and previously Movies (and now again Films below); and cross-referencing to other directly or indirectly related other Political TLB pieces of mine throughout) All the sub-sections relating to modern Politics all “underlined” here-in for easy spotting… 

Who all saw THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR (TTF)?? We’ll get to that more down-thread and how it relates to POLITICS and so many people’s attempts at DEFLECTION, DISTRACTION, AVOIDANCE OF REALITY.

But first… So, what is in Theaters Now (or maybe just left (no Political pun intended) by time this article releases and/or you read it) or Coming Soon to Cineplex near you (and, yes, which one’s have positive Conservative (or as I now claim “ChristiTutionalist” Political under-tones, for a change, from the normal Leftist WOKEist bullshit ponderings and pandering?!?!?

I did see the new Jennifer Lawrence “NO HARD FEELINGS” (not just pure temporary escapism, but with important Political under-tone messaging for Teenagers and Parents alike) fully understanding it was/is indeed another cookie-cutter and predictable remake of the “CAN’T BUY ME LOVE” (Hughes) film someone remakes only slightly changed up every 10 years or so. I give that a very understandable “C” (yes, very “average”) and predictable script/movie. I also recently saw “FLASH” (give it a B+, loved all the Cameo’s (or Role reprisals) and was much better than I was expecting) as well as “ELEMENTAL” (give that a solid “B” but it too was somewhat “cookie-cutter and predictable” copy of so many similar such Animated fare fore it). The latest SPIDERMANVerseCartoon was better than I expected that to be too. The latest TRANSFORMERS, was to/for me very disappointing and I give it a “D” despite wanting, hoping, it would be good, as I enjoyed the Franchise previous deliveries. “FAST X” I walked out of after about 20min’s in “D-” to/for me (seriously, in 25 years will be “FAST XXX” (no, not X-rated, Fast 30) how “fast” can Dom wheel his wheel-chair? (I would have done a “Walker” with the tennis-balls on the bottom, but out of respect for Paul Walker and Fast-6 rankly the last actual good Fast film and they should have stopped after IMO)). 

VIDEO (1m 56s): Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3:  [See original piece at:, for referenced links, images, and embedded videos.]

“GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOLUME 3″ is still doing well at the Box Offices and for “good reason” IMO as I give that a “B+” while somewhat predictable some of the Comic Fare is less full of the latest “gotta pander manure” in it than the other options and too relating to our current/modern Political climate – the Rocket line “He didn’t want Perfect, he just hated things the way they were” is indeed PERFECT about any/all Commie, Fascist, Socialist, whateverist, Tyrants craving power, as no such thing as Perfect, they just want to be the MASTER of the IMPERFECT and Lord over all those they make miserable in their process (as discussed in my TLB “Law of Unintended Consequences” piece). GOTG3 therefore despite being 3rd in a Franchise, and/but having to FIT in the Comic Universe sub-pieces it must coexist somewhat predictability I give a hearty “A-” to/for. 
My friend, Ed Bonderenka, of “Your American Heritage” Show on WAAM Radio, oft discusses the comparisons of the “THANOS” related plots and today’s Leftist depopulation agenda. So, there are some writers doing these ongoing Comic Fare franchises with some Conservative leanings (or clueless, like the originators of THE MATRIX franchise; who after Twitter dust-up with Elon, promised, and delivered Leftist messaging in Matrix-4 as “a trans-allegory” (character called “Switch” should have been your hint) as his WOKE revolt against Conservatives that love to use the Red-Pill meme; how these films would be perceived).
I so miss the days of calling in to Linda’s (RIP) American Dream show (Saturday’s NoonET) and being the “Un-Official WAAM movie-correspondent” as she used to call me (RIP “Lovely Linda” – shout-out to/about Linda and Thayrone’s FUNDRAISER in her honor (and as is also referenced on/in my Terror Strikes Charities (help those in need) page)). We always discussed the Political connections in/between Movies.
I was very much interested in seeing the latest from Mel Gibson and Jim Caviezel about Human-Trafficking; that took them years to film and even a few more to get distributorship to get it into Theaters. Certainly one of the most important Films of our time, on such an important topic as such is quickly growing and surpassing the Drug Trafficking Trade in illegal profits enriching the Cartels.
Next week (“Movies and Politics, part 2) I will go into a previous Savaged Unfiltered podcast we did on “Movies Throughout the Ages” (and, obviously now too, since my ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast mainly covers my TLB piece topics will be covering that/this 2 weeks in a row, but this edition I want to point out some previously written some articles on movies (related,  older) items (not gonna greatly expand this piece “quoting” from them, just providing for those who really, truly, love the additional Rabbit-holes I like to provide in my pieces to go down later)…
Hollywood Hatefest © 2011, 2019
Maleficent 2 Review (surprisingly “Christian”/“Redemption” film) © 2019
Last Christmas Review (as well as “Harriet” (political) and “Over-comer” (Christian Political) fare reviews there-in) © 2019
Hollywood Redemption? (opportunity/window now closed/passed) © 2019

VIDEO (2m 8s): The Thirteenth Floor (Preview)(VOYAGE / YouTube (buy/rent (1h 40m 28s)): [See original piece at:, for referenced links, images, and embedded videos.]

OK, where was I originally going with this?? Oh yes…
Who all saw THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR (TTF)?? Politics, and so many’s attempts at deflection, distraction, avoidance of reality, is very much implied there-in.
It was THE MATRIX, before that series began later in the same year – 1999. 
IMO, far more believable/realistic, well still a movie and requires some suspension of PHYSICS as we currently know it, than the Keanu version ( but, yes, love both ( and see related MATRIX-4 related “Enemy of My Enemy Notion” TLB piece ) franchises ). TTF is based upon the great Sci-Fi book SIMULICRON-3 ( see the movie here: if you can stand to watch on a small screen or can Chromecast (or whatever) it over to your TV)
With current updates in Technology, a form of “Matrix” or another is closer to reality than ever before… Imagine a real Matrix, the likely future of being able to put on 3D-Virtual-Reality googles and download yourself into your SIMCITY to interact with your City and your Sims! When put like that, not so farfetched. And, of course, THE SIMS don’t know they’re DIGITAL BEINGS! And, again, since we mainly talk Politics here, as relevant about Left and their propensity and desire for deflections, distractions, distorted-science, to want to retreat to a Bubble of delusion they prefer than deal with Facts/Reality permanent diversion from Reality rather than just occasional minor escapes of Sports or a TV-series.

TTF for me is my all-time-fave movie, EVER! Why? Cuz it is not just Sci-Fi, but intertwines Film-noir, Crime Drama, General Drama, Romance, Thriller, Suspense, all in one great package.

VIDEO (3m 43s): The Cardigans – Erase/Rewind (TTF OST) [You know the difference in Me’s]: [See original piece at:, for referenced links, images, and embedded videos.]

TTF is from the great Director ROLAND EMMERICH (Centropolis Productions) the genius behind many Blockbuster films like Midway, The Patriot (with Mel Gibson), Stargate (which of course spurred the 10 Seasons of Stargate-SG1 TV-series and subsequent spin-off Series’; and he has been fighting with MGM for more than 2 decades now for a STARGATE Trilogy return to Theaters they block), Independence Day (the movie franchise series), The Day After Tomorrow, [the modern] Godzilla [reboot, and sequels], White-House Down (though I personally thought Antoine Fuqua’s other one “Olympus Has Fallen” (and its sequel) was a better variation of the same theme), 2012, Moonfall; all way over-the-top type action-dramas as well as many of them Sci-Fi related; more…

“Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You” StoryRocket Movie Project.

This is not the first time we’ve gone into movies here on TLB in my pieces, and how they relate politically. Free Guy, Matrix-4, and others, mentioned in “Enemy of my Enemy notion.”

(#ROAR) Restore Our American Republic!
Check out this article’s corresponding ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast episode S1E5.

That’s it for now, hope you’ll check-out next week (Sat Jul 29) “Movies, Snacks, and Politics” (the part 2 of this) where we’ll continue down the Road about WOKEism and more in Movies. Also touting the great “Sound Of Freedom” those in Pedowood trying to CANCEL (seriously, of course the Left attacks anything about countering abuse of Children, since they love slaughtering Babies in the Womb). As well as discussion of “Idiocracy” (remember that Film, spot-on to where FASCICRATS/DUMBocrats path leading us down. Yes, and as said in Infomercial’s – but wait there is more!!! “The Purge” series of hilarity trying to make people think GOP wants a Theocracy! LOL While silent, on the converse Film “The Hunt!”

Rare opportunity for me to tout some upcoming (as well as a couple previous) TLB pieces from me; as I have several ready (about 95% complete) awaiting some minor final touches just before these expected/anticipated publication dates:
Sa 7/8/23 – TLB: Remembering Freedoms & Rights beyond 4th-Of-July Holiday – CTP: S1E3
Sa 7/15/23 – TLB: Remembering Freedoms & Rights (part 2) – CTP: S1E4
Sa 7/22/23 – TLB: Let’s All go to the Lobby, for Snacks & Politics [this piece] – CTP: S1E5
Sa 7/29/23 – TLB: Movies and Politics (part 2) – CTP: S1E6
Sa 8/5/23 – TLB: BIDENomics, ‘working’ (Alinsky / Cloward & Piven planned) – CTP: S1E7
Sa 8/12/23 – TLB: ’Norton v Shelby,’ and Government over-reach / usurpation – CTP: S1E8
Sa 8/19/23 – TLB: BIDENomics part 2 – CTP: S1E9
And, yes, again, be sure to tune-in to each Saturday’s corresponding ChristiTutionalist Politics (SUBSCRIBE) shows (Season 1, Episodes 3-9) for further additional/exclusive content on those topics, as well as see the CTP Show episode transcript for additional bonus material.

BONUS MATERIAL ABOVE from: “Let’s go to Lobby & get ourselves some Snacks, & Politics…” [See original piece at:, for referenced links, images, and embedded videos.]




2023 in review







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