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By Deborah Dupre (Reporter)
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Apocalyptic Louisiana Flood Updates: 12 Dead, Others Have Nothing, 80000 Homes Destroyed but Media Neglectful Silence. Why?

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By Deborah Dupré

UPDATE: TUES. 17.8.2016 5:30 PM CST: Death Toll Mounts to 12

“At least 75 of my deputies no longer have a home,” said said Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard. “What do you tell them? It’s heartbreaking to see a man have an emotional moment, wipe his tears away, and then get back on his boat and take off. He knows his people need him.”

“We’ve been through Hurricane Gustav, Katrina, Isaac and Rita, but this without a doubt is the roughest we’ve ever had in this parish.”

The death toll has risen to 12 people. Over 80,000 people have had their homes flooded. Seventy-five percent of homes in Ard’s parish, Livingston, are a “total loss.”

In Ascension Parish, where the Mississippi River levee breached, water seeped into 15,000 homes, one of every three homes.

“This is a historic flooding event,” Gov. John Bel Edwards said Tuesday. “When you have a storm that is unnamed — it wasn’t a tropical storm, it wasn’t a hurricane — a lot of times people underestimate the impact that it would have.… But this is historic. We are seeing unprecedented flood levels as the waters move south.”

A burning question continues to be repeatedly asked pertains to media neglect — or coverup of the flood.

“Why isn’t national media covering the floods in Louisiana?” tweeted Amy Crowe Duhe, a Baton Rouge nursing student. “This is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.”

One singer-songwriter wants more of the world to know. Country singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has set an example for other celebs by donating $1 million dollars to Louisiana Flood relief.

“We began The 1989 World Tour in Louisiana, and the wonderful fans there made us feel completely at home,” Swift said in a statement to CNN. “The fact that so many people in Louisiana have been forced out of their own homes this week is heartbreaking. I encourage those who can to help out and send your love and prayers their way during this devastating time.”

Meanwhile, Louisiana governor Edwards has called on volunteers to help.

“We are going to need volunteers to get mud out of homes,” Edwards said Tuesday. “Not everyone can do this on their own.”

Sources, LA Times, Before Its News

UPDATE: TUES. 16.8.2016 10:30 PM CST

A south Louisiana mayor announced this afternoon that the flooding was man-made. He is gaining support for a massive lawsuit.

UPDATE: TUES. 16.8.2016 6:45 PM CST 

The Louisiana Flood catastrophe has claimed the lives of at least 11 people, according to offcials. Flash Flood Warnings were issued for humerous southern parishes that include the states capital city Baton Rouge. Already, over 30 inches of rain fell in some parts of the battered state.

READ: Breaking: Terrifying Louisiana Flood Catastrophe New Evacuation Warnings. More Cities to Drown. Millions Flee Chaos.

Some 37,000 customers are without power in south Louisiana will have to wait for flood waters to receded before they can have lights and charge cell phones. “And a significant number of those – the ones with a couple of feet of water in their homes and businesses – will have to hire electricians before the utilities will restore power.” (Emergency Management)

UPDATE: TUES. 16.8.2016 10:30 AM CST 

The Louisisna flood ordeal has reached a new catastrophic level as the water throughout much of the southern part of the state also climbs to unprecedented levels and the death toll rises to nine. By Tuesday night, another three to four feet of water is expected to drown more cities. Terrifying “LEAVE NOW” warnings are being passed to locals as water continues to rise. Such a warning for people in South Louisiana was posted regarding water rising in numerous regions. A sheriff’s wife reportedly compiled the following list and sent it with a warning to locals. It was posted on a Facebook page, Louisiana Flood Lost and Found:

((((SERIOUSLY YALL DO NOT RISK IT BECAUSE YOU ARE SAFE AT THE MOMENT!!!! Water travels very very fast!!!!))))))


(this is not meant to hype nor scare..please be prepared)



SORRENTO: LA Hwy 22 at Airline Hwy is already covered and is not passable.
***Water is expected to rise in Sorrento another 3 to 4 feet per the Mayor of Sorrento and the entire city of Sorrento is expected to flood.***

ST AMANT: Same as Sorrento…if you’re still at home and have a ways of evacuating, PLEASE GET OUT NOW. DO NOT WAIT. The entire city of St Amant may get an additional 3 to 4 feet of water overnight.

Same for Gonzale and numeroius other cities.

The Mississippi levee in Ascension parish has been breached, sending thousands fleeing.

Loved ones post heartfelt messages as they frantically try to get help to stranded victims, while others have no idea what has become of their loved ones.

SEE: Terrifying Louisiana Flood New Evacuation Warnings: Entire Cities Going Under. Millions Flee Chaos.

Government and media criticisms are common this hour, such as the one below.

UPDATE: MON. 15.8.2016 9:30 PM CST

Louisiana residents have exposed ugly hidden truths about this most recent flood event, truth that media and the government officials are keeping to themselves. This coverup is tragically as deadly as during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when similar desperate calls for help fell on deaf ears and aid was blocked. The following facts regarding the August 2016 Louisiana Flood, as of August 15, demonstrate the environmental and humanitarian crisis as well as the chaos and needless suffering due to the ongoing government and media “run around,” as one Louisiana man called it Monday morning.

READ: Deadly Louisiana Flood Coverup. 16 Startling Truths

UPDATE: SUN. 14.8.2016, 8:30 AM

BREAKING: Heartbreaking Hurricane Katrina-Type Desperate Calls For Help, 7000 Rescued, 5000 in Shelters. Waters Continue Rising. Three Deaths, Untold Number of Others Missing.

Sunday morning, flooding accounts such as the ones below posted on Facebook bring to mind tragic incidents and calls for help during Hurricane Katrina.

(Above Photo Credit: Gizmodo)

Loved ones of trapped victms are desperately trying to get first responders to relations and friends with medical issues. Messages such as those directly below were sent Sunday morning to the Louisiana State Police for help.

On Saturday, it seemed Louisiana’s capitol city Baton Rouge had been spared the worst of the historic flooding. Rain continued falling over parts of south Louisiana on Sunday morning (Aug. 14), however, “cruelly lingering after historic rainfall and flooding led to the deaths of three people and prompted rescues of thousands of people across numerous parishes,” reports NOLA.

Over 24 inches of rain have fallen since Wednesday in Livingston, near Baton Rouge, making the disaster an extremely rare weather event, according to the National Weather Service. Forecasters warned victims of ongoing historic and deadly Louisiana flooding to brace for another 2-4 inches Sunday. 

Some rivers continued rising Sunday. Authorities Saturday night and Sunday morning stayed busy rescuing people still trapped in homes and on highways.

On I-12 in East Livingston Parish, there were hundreds of cars stranded on what had become “islands” with people still in them, awaiting rescue teams, according to the Louisiana State Police on Facebook. Police, however, say boats were unable to reach stranded motorists.

“The Louisiana State Police have been working with other public safety agencies to support these efforts. Rescues were made into the night with Louisiana National Guard’s high water vehicles until the rising water prevented additional access.

“Boats were unable to reach the stranded motorists due to the sporadic areas of dry land between the ‘islands.’ Multiple public safety agencies are involved in these efforts. Five Louisiana State Troopers have been on the ground with the stranded motorists for the duration communicating needs to the Emergency Operation Center.

“These efforts will continue until every person is rescued.” (LSP)

Louisiana State Police are using helicopters to deliver supplies to the many stranded motorists stuck on islands of dry land along Interstate 12 east of Baton Rouge. 

Many relations are trying to learn if loved ones in Louisiana’s worst impacted areas are safe.

Officals report that 7,000 people have been rescued and 5,000 are in shelters.

The scene described by witnesses is just as bad as you’d expect. The Associated Press reports:

“From the air homes in southwest Louisiana looked more like little islands surrounded by flooded fields. Farmland was covered, streets descended into impassable pools of water, shopping centers were inundated with only roofs of cars peeking above the water.

From the ground it was just as catastrophic. Drivers tried to navigate treacherous roads where the water lapped at the side or covered the asphalt in a running stream. Abandoned cars were pushed to the side of the road, lawn furniture and children’s toys floating through the waters.”

Sunday, in Galvez-Lake, a town near the Amite River, frantic Christy Bourgeois and her husband Tom were preparing to use a fan boat to race to a nearby flooded home.

“The last I heard my sister was there and it was on fire,” she said.

KOCO reports:

“Elsewhere in that area, victims were salvaging toys, clothes and other belongings from their flooded homes. Down Highway 431, desperate families, including pets, gathered at a gas station waiting for the water at their homes to recede. Their pickup trucks were loaded with belongings they were able to save before the flood came.

“Not far away, Jeremy Best said he and Henri Dufrane had brought their small boat from nearby Wallace and used it to help 30-40 people escape their flooded houses. Best said the water is still rising.

“It’s coming up fast, man,” said Best, who was wearing little more than shorts and a pair of boat shoes. “And it’s only going to get worse.”


UPDATED: 1:30 PM, 13.8.2016

Louisiana is again the scene of tragic chaos, mandatory evacuations and over 1000 deployed soldiers trying to save lives of people stranded on rooftops, in cars and wherever they are Saturday. Three deaths have been reported, but that toll is due to rise, officials say. New Orleans is among those on a flash flood watch.

”Everybody’s houses are going under,” the BBC headlines read Saturday morning as water continues to inundate one-third of the state of Louisiana where rainfalls up to 20 inches had already fallen by Friday night. Much of that water is tainted with carcinogenic fossil fuel poisons.

Thursday night, torrential rains fell in south Louisiana – up to two feet in some areas – causing rivers and their tributaries to overflow. The Amite River at Denham Springs, for example, crested Saturday night, over 12 feet above flood stage. It snet water into East Baton Rouge and Livingston parish neighborhoods, causing the power to fail.

Over 1000 rescues had been made so Friday. Thousands more are in harm’s way. Thousands have lost their homes and all their belongings after pounded with rain since Monday. While other states are flooded, Louisiana has once again taken the brunt of the destruction. The downpours have sent rivers rising quickly toward historic crests. The Amite River in Denham Springs, Louisiana already reached historic levels and is expected to rise 4 1/2 feet above the record. 

It is a “truly historic event,” stated the Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, one that won’t be over anytime soon.

Of Louisiana’s 64 parishes, 21 will have declared a state of emergency by Saturday night. The entire state is under a state of emergency declared Friday and remaining in effect until September 10, according to the state governor John Bel Edwards.

Record levels of flooding and cresting along rivers and creeks have occurred that will affect homes, roads, and driveways, Edwards said.

“This is a major disaster,” the governor said. “This is an ongoing event and we are still in the response mode.”

‘Be prepared to Leave’

Some people have had their entire homes swept away up to 100 yards and destroyed in the unprecedented fierce force of rising waters.

Deputies are going door-to-door in Bogue Chitto Heights warning residents ‘be prepared to leave.’ In Tangipahoa Parish, president Robby Miller instructed residents near the Tangipahoa River to leave their homes and find a safer place to stay until the water recedes, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported. WWL-TV reported that the the Bogue Chitto River is expected to crest at 18 feet.

In Walker, Louisiana, caskets were unearthed in St. Mark’s Cemetery due to forceful flooding. The Walker Police Department post photos on Facebook showing at least two bright yellow caskets floating in floodwaters.

“Virtually every road now in the city has some kind of water problem,” Central, Louisiana, mayor Jr. Shelton told the Baton Rouge Advocate. “We’ve never seen anything like this before.”

The state will request federal help in recovery efforts after it has determined damage estimates. For now, Gov. Edwards said that the state and parishes are managing the response efforts.

“Rains continue to fall in areas most impacted already, the governor explained.

Water flooded the governor’s mansion. Edwards said the electricity had been cut a precaution and the office moved operations to a state police facility farther north.

The National Weather Service warned residents of “dangerous and life-threatening flash flooding.”

Above Photo: Franklinton Fairgrounds. Credit: Accuweather

Above Photo: Floodwaters submerged Louisiana Highway 339 (Verot School Road) in Lafayette Parish. (Credit: Louisiana Department of Transportation)

A 68-year-old man drowned near Zachary, about 15 miles north of Baton Rouge, according to emergency management director in East Baton Rouge Parish, JoAnne Moreau.
“We were in the trailer just watching TV and then the water just started coming up,” Vernon Drummond, the victim’s roommate, told CNN affiliate WAFB.  ”We were walking out and he slipped and fell. He went under the water. We tried to save him, but we couldn’t.”
One victim was an elderly man being helped through floodwaters when he slipped into a ditch, according to Moreau. His body has been recovered.
A man in his 50s died Friday in St. Helena Parish as a result of the flooding, according to Chief H. “Butch” Browning, Louisiana State Fire Marshal.
In Tangipahoa village northeast of Baton Rouge, Police Chief Darrell Martin told CNN that a father and son were swept away by rushing waters. The son was located. His father, however, has yet to be found.
“He was in his truck and was apparently swept off the flooded roadway in swift water,” Browning said.

Flood warnings had been in effect for several days for portions of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana as the weather system lingered over the Gulf of Mexico earlier in the week. Moving west and north, the system reached land.

Flash Flood Watch remains in effect through Sunday morning. The state weather service reports that the Flash Flood Watch continues for.
  • Portions of Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi, including the following areas, in southeast Louisiana, Ascension. Assumption, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville. Livingston, lower Jefferson, lower Lafourche, lower Plaquemines, lower St. Bernard, lower Terrebonne, northern Tangipahoa, Orleans, Pointe Coupee, Southern Tangipahoa. St. Charles, St. Helena, St. James, St. John the Baptist. St. Tammany, Upper Jefferson, Upper Lafourche, Upper Plaquemines, Upper St. Bernard, Upper Terrebonne. Washington, West Baton Rouge and West Feliciana. In Mississippi, Amite, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Pearl River, Pike, Walthall and Wilkinson.
  • Through Sunday morning.
  • Additional periods of moderate to heavy rainfall are expected, especially west of Interstate 55 down to Houma where the potential of additional flash flooding is moderate to high due to already saturated soils and ongoing flooding. Additional rainfall accumulations through Sunday morning could range between 2 and 5 inches west of Interstate 55 with locally higher amounts. Somewhat lower rainfall totals east of Interstate 55 are expected.
  • Impacts include ponding of waters in low lying and poorly drained areas as well as elevated levels on area rivers and streams.
The office of Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards on Saturday morning also released a revised list of shelters for those impacted by floods. 
In March, heavy rains and storms led to widespread floods damaging thousands of homes in northern Louisiana. This event, however, is far worse, locals say.
President Barack Obama declared that a “major disaster” had hit the state, and the Louisiana’s emergency management office described the flooding as a “historic flood event.”

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    • Deborah Dupre

      With sea-level rising, what hope is there for south Louisiana where much is already below sea level? I smell disaster capitalism.

      • Pink Slime

        Never live near a river or any low lying land area. Can I say duhhhh Duhhbrah? :lol:

    • Hsaive

      Climate engineering is creating these flood disasters. Deborah needs to get onboard this problem. Satellite images show massive aerosol dumps over the flooded area that are manipulating rainfall

    • Just The Truth

      I believe it is God’s judgement….. just like Katrina and the deep well blowout…

      Learn how to pray people…. /prophecy/2016/08/shocking-testimony-from-satanist-2483220.html

      • Paul Brown

        Interesting that God is so ham-handed, punishing everyone in the area regardless of their religion, sexual preference, or morality. Too bad,I would have thought he was more discriminating.
        Keep out of lightning storms.

        • Deborah Dupre

          Interesting response Brown. Yes, the Christian religion seems to be extremely violent. The idolizing of torture — involving being nailed to a cross to die — praying to that image and yes, the cruelty Christians’ God seems to impart of humans… I like the Buddha teachings. They seem far more loving and peaceful – like what I was taught was Godly.

          Come to think about it, Christians’ God must really like the fossil fuel industry down there in south Louisiana. The more He can help rid the Cajuns once and for all from their swamp lands, the easier it is for the petro-military-industrial-complex to continue its expansion down there — you know, without pesky protesting environmentalists and other home owners presenting them with obstacles.

        • Just The Truth

          Read the Hell testimonies at sadly close to 99 people out of 100 wind up there because they will not draw close to Jesus, confess their sins, and keep His commandments.

          He said the way was narrow and that few people find it.

          Sadly most churches are leading their followers astray with promises of salvation just for believing in Jesus. Even Satan believes in Jesus… in and of itself, belief does not result in salvation. Salavation takes a lot of effort and clean living and thinking.

      • Katherine

        Since the 1940′s, weather weaponry has been used to murder, torture, cause chaos and misery the world over. The “politicians” told us it will never be used against the people.

        Words cannot explain how COMPLETELY evil the world Governments and those who control them are.

        The murderous/idiotic “climate change” criminals have it partly right. Climate change is dangerous they say.

        Yeah, THEY—change the climate—THROUGH manipulating the weather in extremely dangerous ways.

        I thought weather was reserved for God’s territory.

        No, the horrific climate changing elements, drought in Calif., floods in Louisiana and most all of similar types of weather abnormalities, including freak snowstorms are given to you freely by Obama, Clinton, Soros, Bushes and all of the other demonically inspired “movers and shakers”.

        So, the next time you believe Obama on the “climate change” criminality, (he and all the rest just like him count on you staying forever ignorant on everything he/they put out there) and for those of you who believe it is God that is responsible, here’s a superb site that will educate the ignorance right out of you.

        A re-post

    • Alan Schuetz

      I live in Baton Rouge, and most are high and dry. Yes, the low-lying areas took a pounding as they often do during major rain events — typically associated with a hurricane. Both my daughters left for New Orleans this morning for the Red Dress Run, and they arrived safely. Again, it’s bad in certain areas, but it’s not nearly as bad as the media is reporting. I’m writing this from my back patio; the rains have subsided. Fortunately, we never even lost power. Flooding is nothing new in south Louisiana, but this type of system (unassociated with a hurricane) is uncommon.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Hello LaSchutetz,

        Thank you for reading this and for your first hand account. I’m glad you and most of Baton Rouge where I was reared many years ago are safe and sound. I’d communicated with people there and understood that so far, Big BR is fine – and also New Orleans has been spared for the most part, thank goodness.

        It is surprising to see areas a little further north under water. And yes, so much of Louisiana is low-lying, it’s no wonder they are underwater. The record-breaking river crests are disturbing. So is the long-range Sept. 10 date before lifting the state of emergency. Wonder what your take on that is.

        Let’s hope this is not part of the new normal, but I remain only very cautiously optimistic about that, considering climate change and sea level rising.

        • Alan Schuetz

          Climate change (formerly known as global warming) is a farce; it’s all about collecting taxes (i.e., selling carbon credits) to reduce an ill-defined “carbon footprint.” Before manufactured weather events, solar cycles were proven to be the primary determinant for global temperatures. Perhaps I will upload pics of chemtrails over Baton Rouge the next time they crisscross the sky. I visited Eugene, OR, twice this summer for the NCAA Division I Track & Field Championships as well as the Olympic Trials, and I was amazed how the sky there appeared like a checkerboard due to chemtrails. So, any “new normals” are defined by human manipulation.

          The reason why we witness higher and higher floodwater cresting is primarily due to over-building along rivers, tributaries, bayous, creeks, lakes, and other water bodies. There is no longer any place for runoff. This is certainly not the first time there has been significant flooding north of Baton Rouge. I spent my formative years in Natchitoches in north central Louisiana.

          As for the state of emergency being projected into mid-September, that has to do with Obama taking care of Liberal Governor John Bel Edwards. The only reason that Edwards won in a red state is that Republican David Vitter was disliked by so many. “Honor Code” Edwards will certainly be a one-termer as he broke so many campaign promises during his first 100 days.

          None of this is “apocalyptic” as you state — nor is it the wrath of God as there are many God-fearing people in Louisiana. I appreciate your well wishes, but PLEASE don’t contribute to sensationalistic, yellow journalism. The sea level is certainly NOT rising!

          • Deborah Dupre

            Laschetz – Where did you learn your science? Certainly not at any credentialed institution of higher education. I see, however, that two of the most frequented so-called “alternative” websites promote pseudo-science and propaganda – all to the benefit of the fossil fuel industries promoting the line that they have had nothing to do with the disastrous climatic events we are witnessing today. Some of those leaders have finally come forward and admitted the massive fraud committed on the naive “progressives” who still defend their very dastardly actions. Industry has funded the “no sea level rising” propaganda that you site.

            You see, these days, one must always not only check the references- but also the funders of those studies.

            I use the apocalyptic term because it is what too many readers find most attractive and it describes some of the horror scenes of such destruction. Of course, as usual, environmental justice means mainly the less fortunate – the poor – are most impacted by these climate events. Now that’s something to ponder.

            Thank you for helping to prove my point that whenever I use the climate change term, trolls soon appear attempting to discredit me and my work.


            • Alan Schuetz

              And, what makes you an expert? Let’s see your credentials. We had the same kind of flooding about this time last year. Another useful idiot…

            • FAT AXL!!!

              So let us ‘trolls’ then put the question to you:

              Where is your evidence of sea-levels rising ANYWHERE in the United States over the past twenty years?


              On the one hand we have the poisonous vapors emanating from ‘accredited higher-learning institutions’ and infecting minds everywhere…

              …and on the other hand we have rock-solid, empirical facts, such as sea levels NOT rising anywhere in the United States over the past 20 years. The beach communities that exist today, do so much as they have done for the past two decades all up and down the eastern and western coastlines of the US (save for beach communities damaged in severe storms like Hurricane Sandy in New York/New Jersey, for example).

              What say you, madam?

            • Alan Schuetz

              Shreveport is about as far north as it gets in Louisiana; this was from June 2015:

              Again, let’s see your credentials. I graduated from LSU in Quantitative Business Analysis/Computer Science. Data analytics and modeling has been a large part of my career, and most have a strong affinity for weather monitoring in Louisiana. Bonne chance!

            • TRUTHY1

              Name one place where the water level is one inch higher than it was 10 years ago,20,30… !

          • Deborah Dupre

            It has become very obvious that whenever I dare mention “climate change” or anything related, trolls never fail to soon appear. Please check their research report references and the elite funders of those studies (usually connected to the fossil fuel industry) they cite before falling for their aggressive false assertions. Pseudo-science is rampant among them. I’m happy to do so, if they really want to have an open, honest, adult-mannered debate.

            • LifeIs

              Ad hominem arguments are not science. Ad hominem arguments are illogical. Ad hominem arguments prove nothing at all.

              Here is a science fact. Satellites are used to measure temperature at different levels of the atmosphere.

              Including ground level. The summer melt in Greenland, for example, is estimated by air temperature, as measured by satellites.

              The satellites are measuring temperature by the irradiance of oxygen. The infrared glow of oxygen.

              It shines directly into outer space from every level of the atmosphere.

              Those wavelengths are not absorbed by water vapor or carbon dioxide or methane.

              Those are facts.

              And here is what they mean. Heat is not “trapped” in the atmosphere. Whatever heat the atmosphere gets, it radiates into space.

              Here is an analogy. Suppose ALL your windows are open, and it’s cold outside. If you close ONE window, the carbon dioxide one, the OTHER windows are still open. The oxygen windows are open. And your house won’t get any warmer.

              That is one of many, many irrefutable proofs that there is no “greenhouse effect.” One of many.

              Louisiana has subsidence and it has erosion and we all know that. Louisiana gets rainfall, and it has nothing to do with a trace gas in the atmosphere.

        • TuffENuff

          Re: seal level rising. Since you seem to value first hand accounts, I was born on a beach in Florida (Atlantic side) in 1953 and I still live in the same house. I look at the ocean all day, every day. The sea level has not risen. Fact.

    • VirusGuard

      Just think about all them fracking chemicals that would be washed to the surface.

      if the government won’t listen to the people when it comes to fracking and people risk being poisoned by the ground water then don’t blame the people that burn the production plant down, it’s called survival

      • Deborah Dupre

        Amen, Virus Guard. Pity the poor people in the coastal areas, wading through tainted water today, unable to go straight to a shower to wash the poisons off their bodies. More “odd” BP-type diseases on the horizon I suspect.

      • LifeIs

        ecclesiatical your own link describes the situation as one of subsidence.

        ” IRD scientists and their research partners recently described in the journal PNAS how this group of islands is sinking into the ocean at a rate of about one centimetre per year. The Vanuatu islands are sitting on the boundary of the Pacific tectonic plate, overlapping the Indo-Australian plate which is plunging underneath it, dragging its base along with the islands placed above.”

        A volcanic island sinking in the Pacific wouldn’t surprise me, anyway. Charles Darwin is famous for showing that coral atolls are the product of volcanic islands that sink into the sea floor.

        There are locations on Earth where the land is subsiding, sinking, for one reason or another.

    • FAT AXL!!!

      Ms. Dupree wrote:

      “It has become very obvious that whenever I dare mention “climate change” or anything related, trolls never fail to soon appear.”


      “…I’m happy to do so, if they really want to have an open, honest, adult-mannered debate.”

      As anyone can see, there are three, perhaps four commenters here including myself who emphatically disagree with your claims and have asked you to support them with something other than assertions and your opinion. You say you would be happy to engage in an ‘honest’ and ‘adult-mannered debate’ and yet you have refused to answer very simple questions put to you by contributors who have indeed behaved as reasonable folks, whereas you alone have engaged in the personal insults.

      So? Are you willing to have this conversation or not?

      Or is even your declared willingness to discuss the matter further as hollow as the claims of sea-levels rising and impending doom related to atmospheric carbon increases?

      Only one side of this equation is ready and willing to debate, madam. And it’s not yours. Thanks for proving it.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Sea Level rising has created a new wave or environmental refugees, from the South Pacific Least developing Island Nations, such as the Marshal Islands and Vanuatu, to California’s coast to Louisiana islands off of the Gulf Coast.

        Sea level rising nearby example that some Louisiana scientists here seem to be unaware is Isle de Jean Charles. Here’s an excerpt from one of the more recent of dozens of articles apparently missed by too many here:

        CNN REPORT April 8, 2016
        “….See that tiny water tower?” he asked.
        The tower was on the horizon — so distant that it appeared to be only about as tall as my pen was wide. Aside from a few tufts of marsh between us and the tower, there was mostly water.
        All of that used to be solid land, he told me.
        Now: “There’s nothing but water.”
        This isn’t some back-in-the-day, old-folks-exaggerating type of story. As Billiot knows all too well, the marsh of Louisiana’s fragile coast is disappearing at a mind-blowing rate.
        A football field of land, on average, falls into the Gulf each hour.
        That bears repeating: A football field of land, per hour, gone.”

        How do skeptics explain this? You inspire me. For a real debate when people with medical conditions in Louisiana are no longer stranded in cars and the top of homes, please watch for a special report addressing this. I look forward to continuing this there. Thank you.

        • LifeIs

          This link touches on subsidence issues in California, Texas, and some other places, due to pumping of groundwater.

          This link reports NASA and LSU research on NEW ORLEANS subsidence:

          “The pumping of groundwater by major industries, including electric power plants and petrochemical facilities, may be causing soils to sink more quickly in the New Orleans area, and could pose a threat to levees and other flood control structures, including the Bonnet Carre Spillway…some of the fastest sinking during the study’s three-year view was occurring near groundwater wells used by industry.”

          And about natural subsidence: “There are natural processes, such as the simple compaction of Mississippi River sediment…subsidence caused by the dropping of blocks of earth along fault lines… changes in underlying salt deposits, such as near underground salt domes…”

          This link contains the abstract for a published research paper, which states:

          “A major cause for severe land subsidence is excessive groundwater extraction related to rapid urbanization and population growth. Without action, parts of Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and numerous other coastal cities will sink below sea level.”

          This link is about subsidence issues in California generally. There are many articles about this online.

          And so is this one:

        • FAT AXL!!!

          Ms. Dupre wrote:

          “Sea Level rising has created a new wave or environmental refugees, from the South Pacific Least developing Island Nations, such as the Marshal Islands and Vanuatu, to California’s coast to Louisiana islands off of the Gulf Coast.”

          FALSE: Were any such ‘environmental calamity’ (so-called) actually attributable to sea-levels rising ANYWHERE on the planet, the effects would be global. Must we actually demonstrate the fact that if sea-levels are rising in one quadrant of the planet, then sea-levels MUST be rising in all quadrants of the planet. Thus we know that sea-levels are NOT rising anywhere, because sea-levels are NOT rising here in the United States.

          And if it is your intention to argue that sea-levels can mysteriously rise in only certain portions of the globe, while leaving all other coastlines devoid of any such changes, then it is your burden to prove how on earth that might be possible. For this reason, we don’t have to rely on foreign anecdotal ‘evidence’ of sea-level changes (otherwise known as lies). All we have to do is visit our own coastlines periodically and the attempted ideological subterfuge falls out as dust.

          “Sea level rising nearby example that some Louisiana scientists here seem to be unaware is Isle de Jean Charles.”

          Again – the effects you describe are (of necessity) global, or they do not exist. This is a simple matter of the unyielding laws of physics – which laws are not subject to ideological relativity. [No doubt Dr. Brown will have some ‘explanation’ for how this sort of thing is possible. Ready when you are, doctor.]

          “For a real debate when people with medical conditions in Louisiana are no longer stranded in cars and the top of homes, please watch for a special report addressing this. I look forward to continuing this there. Thank you.”

          Yes. Classic ideological deflection. Floods are now proof of sea-levels rising. This is a perfect example of aberrant ideological mind-set. Who is here to deceive, madam?

      • Paul Brown

        I address this last response to readers:

        Do not accept these glib statements, like Greenland ice loss being measured using atmospheric temperatures measured from satellites (It’s being measured directly. Surface temperatures around the world are also measured directly.) These have all been discredited many times by the people who do the actual research (not any of the trolls commenting here). These trolls are paid to have the last word, so there is no point debating with them. They will cite claims by renegade scientists who are often in the pay of fossil fuel interests (like Willie Soon), and myths propagated by right-wing “think tanks” which receive massive contributions from polluters like the Koch brothers, such as Americans for Prosperity Foundation, FreedomWorks, the Cato Institute and The Heritage Foundation. They are using the same PR firms that foisted the lies of the tobacco industry about lung cancer on the American public for years.

        Here are facts, which you can verify easily: The last decade is the hottest on record, with 2014, 2015, and probably 2016 setting new records. Ocean flooding of cities, particularly on the Atlantic coast (especially Miami) of the US and around the world, is getting dramatically worse, and accelerating. Alaskan highways are buckling because the permafrost is melting, and villages are being washed away there and elsewhere around the world The people of the Maldives are preparing to evacuate their entire country because of sea level rise. Governments at all levels around the world are being forced to take measures to cope with climate disruption (yet another new term to describe new circumstances).

        ExxonMobil has admitted that they have known about global warming and the contribution of fossil fuels and covered it up. They are still covering it up, as are the Koch brothers, the think tanks, and the entire fossil fuel industry. Legislators in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry like Senator James Inhofe and Representative Lamar Smith deny global warming and harass climate scientists. These Republicans have been given positions of great power in the GOP-controlled legislature. As a result of their efforts, and efforts of trolls like these, global CO2 is now over 400 ppm, the highest in 8 million years. We are undergoing a mass extinction, in part due to global warming (also due to habitat loss and direct killing by humans).

        Scientists all over the world are in consensus on the science. Governments all over the world have finally agreed to do something about it, although probably too little too late, because positive feedbacks are accelerating the process. Examples: loss of ice is making the planet darker, so it is absorbing more heat from sunlight. Forest fires are increasing CO2, accelerating the greenhouse effect. Melting tundra is releasing methane, an even worse greenhouse gas than CO2. Methane “ice” is melting on the sea floor and on the bottoms of arctic lakes, with the same effect. These are called positive feedbacks because the accelerate the global warming that is causing them, in a vicious cycle.

        The Union of Concerned Scientists has one of the best sites for refutation of the lies of these trolls. For those who really want to know about the science, check it out. For those who want the technical details, read the original research, as I have done.

        • Deborah Dupre

          Thank you, Dr. Brown.

        • LifeIs

          Sigh. Deflection. Well, mental confusion at least. NOBODY doubts that the satellites do what I said.

          They are measuring the irradiance of oxygen, which is not absorbed by water vapor or carbon dioxide or methane.

          How is that difficult?

          The oxygen windows are open. Oxygen radiates its heat directly to outer space from every level of the atmosphere.

          The satellites PROVE THAT. For anyone who doesn’t believe published information about wavelengths.

          The oxygen windows are wide open. And what if they were not? Another fact:

          The atmosphere of Venus is still almost pure carbon dioxide. And at altitude, where the atmospheric pressure is equal to OUR sea level pressure, the temperature is 59 F.

          Which proves: if we had as much heat as Venus, and received as much sunshine, and if our atmosphere were almost all carbon dioxide, our temperature would be 59 F.

 scroll down to the “temperature vs. pressure” graph.

          50 kilometers altitude. Earth’s sea level pressure. 15 C (59F) temperature.

          Proof that there is no such thing as a greenhouse effect. Read it and weep.

          • LifeIs

            Every bit of my factual information is linked. Some of it is from the US government.

            Every bit of logic is my own. And none has been refuted here. Name-calling and insinuations do not qualify.

            And again, we’ve known since Darwin’s day that volcanic islands sink, and we know from recent studies that Vanuatu is sinking for geologic reasons.


            ” …the continental Indo-Australian Plate plunges beneath the oceanic plate at a convergence rate of about 7 cm per year. This subduction process leads the continental plate to drag with it the base of the overlapping plate, triggering the subsidence of the islands situated above, which sink further into the ocean.”

            THIS is about coastal erosion in Louisiana. It’s from the US government.


            • LifeIs

              And Venus STILL has a 96.5% carbon dioxide atmosphere.

              And where the air pressure is equal to that of Earth’s sea level pressure, the temperature is STILL 59 degrees F.

              The heat leaves Venus perfectly well, doesn’t it?

            • Deborah Dupre

              Coastal erosion, including by man-made causes related to “development,” is definitely contributing to the disasters, as is sea-level rising. Putting man-made causes, including illegal environmental modifications, floods are to be expected.

              Let’s simplify this. The Earth’s melting ice and snow on land, such as in Antarctica and Greenland, is melting. Melted ice and snow is water. That extra water is in the connected oceans, increasing the volume of water and causing the sea-level to rise globally. Again, this is the main reason that floods will continually increase – and increase a faster speed than scientists had previously predicted. (See: Nicholls, Robert J.; Cazenave, Anny (18 June 2010). “Sea-Level Sea-Level Rise and Its Impact on Coastal Zones”. Science Magazine. 328 (5985): 1517–1520. Bibcode:2010Sci…328.1517N. doi:10.1126/science.1185782)

            • LifeIs

              1. There are known reasons for the coastal erosion in Louisiana. There are known reasons for subsidence, in Louisiana and elsewhere.

              2. Greenland’s ice sheet: “was smaller—as small as it has ever been in recent history—from 3-5,000 years ago”


              Abstract of published study:

              3. Antarctic sea ice extent –caused by cold — Last year was the first time in 4 years we didn’t have a record extent.

              “In contrast to the past three years, the 2015 maximum did not set a new record high for the period of satellite observations, but was nevertheless slightly above the 1981 to 2010 average.”


              4. West Antarctica, 2015: “The amount of heat flowing toward the base of the West Antarctic ice sheet from geothermal sources deep within the Earth is surprisingly high, according to a new study led by UC Santa Cruz researchers. The results, published July 10 in Science Advances”

              “High heat flow below the West Antarctic ice sheet may also help explain the presence of lakes beneath it and why parts of the ice sheet flow rapidly as ice streams. Water at the base of the ice streams is thought to provide the lubrication…”


              West Antarctica from 2014: ” a new study finds that these subglacial volcanoes and other geothermal “hotspots” are contributing to the melting of Thwaites Glacier, a major river of ice that flows into Antarctica’s Pine Island Bay. Areas of the glacier that sit near geologic features thought to be volcanic are melting faster than regions farther away from hotspots, said Dustin Schroeder, the study’s lead author and a geophysicist at the University of Texas at Austin.”


              There is nothing in any of this to suggest a greenhouse effect.

        • FAT AXL!!!

          Paul Brown wrote:

          “These trolls are paid to have the last word, so there is no point debating with them.”

          The first and last refuge of the utterly unimaginative.

          “They will cite claims by renegade scientists…”

          Nothing doing my good man. I call to account merely what all of us can see with our own eyes and the very sands we can walk with our own bare feet. The problem for your ideologues is that some of us can actually remember what happened yesterday. Some can even remember further back than that. This leaves you with the intractable problem of convincing everyone that the beaches at Point Pleasant, New Jersey or Padre Island, Texas, used to be hundreds of yards wider than they are today. But any such claim is absurd on its face, so ideologues must resort to imaginary factoids and outlandish assertions like coastal waters rising ‘here’ but not ‘there.’ The only people who believe you are your fellow ideologues and the sycophants chasing tenure or publication. (Unless you count the parrot-zombies who get all of their information from CNN and MSNBC, but not even you want to count them as your own.)

          “…lies of the tobacco industry about lung cancer on the American public for years…”

          Blah blah blah. How about all the evil gun manufacturers and all the little children who died as a result of those evil products? Global warming. Or why not point also to evil Steve Jobs and his forced child labor empire? Global warming. You can hem, haw, juke, jive and beat around the bush all day, doctor. But you still will have come no further to making anything approximating a sound argument in support of your case. Does truth have no meaning to you at all?

          “Ocean flooding of cities, particularly on the Atlantic coast (especially Miami) of the US and around the world, is getting dramatically worse, and accelerating.”

          FALSE. What of those who actually live on the seaboard and have for decades? What of those who know your statement to be preposterous on its face? What of the FACT that US beach-front communities exist today much as they did twenty years ago? Which cities are permanently underwater as the inescapable result of these ever rising tides? Which communities had to retreat to higher ground and gave up their properties to the inexorable rise in sea-levels? Which ones, doctor? Your lie has not changed in over 20 years. And ALL of the prophetical utterances of your fellow ideologues – regarding sea-levels rising – have fallen to the ground unfulfilled. Yet you persist along your course, taking offense at the fact that certain folks DARE to challenge your outrageous assertions.

          “…villages are being washed away there (in Alaska) and elsewhere around the world…”

          WHICH VILLAGES, DOCTOR? Be specific now. Use your words. Don’t hide behind statistics and subterfuge; come right out and name a few of these villages which have been washed away by the rising tide. Hey doc… I dare you.

          “The people of the Maldives are preparing to evacuate their entire country because of sea level rise.”

          But for some reason, the people in neighboring Sri Lanka and Kerala are experiencing no such effects. Oh the things that make you go: ‘hmmmmm…’

          “Governments at all levels around the world are being forced to take measures to cope with climate disruption (yet another new term to describe new circumstances).”

          No. Governments around the world have decided to embark upon yet another fraudulent scam through which they can seize more money from and more control over the people they dominate.

          “ExxonMobil has admitted that they have known about global warming…”

          Oh yes? Sources please.

          “Scientists all over the world are in consensus on the science.”

          I notice you did not say ALL scientists all over the world. The scientists with a healthy, functioning mind and spine have somewhat to say against you.

          I think we get the idea. You and Ms. Dupre have nothing of substance to point to in support of your assertions. You have governments furthering the ideological line and you have anecdotal evidence (lies) about far-away people fleeing far-away waves. You have nothing more than that. So don’t waste anyone’s time feigning offense at the objections raised by sound-minded people. And don’t forget to take your oh so tired and hackneyed ‘troll alarm’ with you when you go. It’s about the most valuable tactic you have left in your empty bag of tricks.

          • Deborah Dupre

            Lifels – I’ll address your other points, but for starters, to show how fossil fuel industry is funding climate change deniers and their pseudo “progressive” sources, please see:

            “Exxon knew of climate change in 1981, email says – but it funded deniers for 27 more years” []

            • LifeIs

              That’s not my comment. That’s TCB.

              I know that the major oil companies and the government have been pretty much the same thing, since WW 2.

              Oil companies produce revenue for the oligarchy. And by providing cover for intelligence operations, they facilitate power grabs.

              And if you don’t believe that, look at how the public interest was sacrificed for BP’s interest in the Macondo riser fire + blowout.

              Look at how the media was on board, with pretending the spill was smaller than it was. Every governmental agency in the US was on board, too.

              And someone from Louisiana asked me recently, “what’s Corexit?” They didn’t know.

              There is no such thing as a greenhouse effect. It is a myth.

          • FAT AXL!!!

            I took some time to explore the doctor’s assertion that the Maldives are being submerged beneath rising sea waters. Here’s an article from September of 2013:

            Maldives: Submerging under Water!


            Here is a quote from the article:

            “Recent studies have shown that the Maldives only has 4,000 days before it becomes completely submerged.”


            WELL NOW!!!

            Here we are, more than 1000 days after that brazen proclamation was given. So we should be a quarter of the way to an overwhelmed island chain. Right? Or, at the very least, there should be a remarkable difference between then and now, with respect to the progress of the advancing waters. Right?


            No appreciable difference can be recorded. Translated = the island chain is most decidedly NOT being submerged beneath the waves, nor is it being evacuated, per the doctor’s preposterous suggestion.

            Moreover, the ONLY information available to us that even addresses the issue of the Maldives diving beneath the waves, comes as speculation in the form of ‘what if’ scenarios, in addition to over-the-top (and wholly unsubstantiated) allegations of islands that WILL SOON sink beneath the rising waters.

            Problem is, the islands aren’t going anywhere. It’s all speculative.

            All of it.

            Want to try again, doc?

            • FAT AXL!!!

              This is a pristine example of leftist ideological arguments being exposed for lies and nothing else. Here we have a leftist ideologue in Paul Brown, who has been goaded into making specific claims, rather than just mere generalizations and vague pontifications.

              SPECIFICS are like kryptonite to the arguments of leftist ideologues. If specifics are ever given by the leftist in the furtherance of his argument, then the leftist will have painted himself into a corner from which there is no escape.

              Case-in-point: IF there were ANYTHING even approximating a steady sea-level rise in this world, the Maldives would indeed be among the first land areas overwhelmed by the waters. That much is true. But the FACTS of reality belie every effort from the leftist camp to legitimize its canard of steadily rising sea-levels.

              Whenever engaged in conversation or debate with any leftist attempting to advance a fraudulent argument, all any opponent must do in order to defeat the leftist and cause him to beat a hasty retreat, is to demand verifiable specifics. Doctor Brown’s argument was defeated the very instant he provided specifics. And then he fled the conversation, beating a hasty retreat under the guise of not wishing to engage further with ‘paid government trolls.’ Yet more lies.

            • The Clucker

              Dr. Brown’s face is probably as red as his arse at this point. :oops:

            • The Clucker

              Damnit LifeIs and TCB! Ms. Dupree and Mr. Brown only want to “debate” with the people that agree with them! :???:

            • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

              NO…It probably isn’t.
              TRUE Libtards like him have no shame.
              They just get mad and start hurling more insults.
              When you have NO facts to stand on, insults become your only crutches.

    • truther357

      No PlanetX ?
      Looks like everyone living near a river should have a inter-tube blown up ( and available ) at all times for each member of their family.
      We’ve seen more incidents where slow rising rivers, know incoming water ‘surges’ and slow moving tsunami’s.. where people could have been saved with inter-tubes.
      You might end up mile downstream .. but up might still be alive.
      Now flash floods..forget it.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Superb idea. Need to keep a small one in the car, too.
        Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      They want everyone to leave that area and not come back. They tried to do this during Katrina and that didn’t work. They tried back in 1927 and that didn’t work. Now maybe in 2016 they will get their wish. They want everyone gone or dead with homes and businesses ruined or totally destroyed making the area totally uninhabitable FOREVER. Don’t you get it? There must be millions of crude oil or natural gas under the land and the greedy developers want it for themselves and want those pesky people GONE. They will probably introduce some swell diseases like typhus or cholorea into the water and anyone even walking in it will get very ill and/or die from it.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Anonymous, As evil as what you write sounds, I do believe it is truth. Disaster capitalism is being played out before our eyes, as author Naomi Klein described happened after Katrina. And yes about diseases. Look at the odd diseases that have plagued the Gulf Coasters since BP’s crime. Many of those children still suffer with blood noses, never ending coughs, weird sores, crying in pain.

        Poor Louisiana folks live on the most oil cursed land of the states. Industry wants ever square inch of it and will aim for it and probably, eventually will get it, one way or another. It’s one solid reason geoengineering or rather environmental modification weaponry might be used to trigger Louisiana disasters.

        You might like a copy of my book, Vampire of Macondo. With hundreds of references, it supports what you have written here.

    • Mayhem

      From the article…

      “A south Louisiana mayor announced this afternoon that the flooding was man-made. He is gaining support for a massive lawsuit.”

      … which begs the question. Is “Mayor” a euphemism for respectable climate scientist backed with empirical data?

      Oh and the idiot Mayor means “exacerbated” not “caused”. The thing is with flood mitigation once the levee’s are breached they work just as well at keeping the water out of the rivers as they do keeping the water in the river in the first place.

      Two thousand year storms in a season? Gee how time flies and yes i’ve read the rebuttal that argued the statistic should read a 1 in 1000 chance of a flooding event but i’m just trying to be funny.

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