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By The Real Revo
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The Real Revo Decade – My Personal Retrospective

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It really seems strange to be writing this but I am happy to have been given the opportunity to write it. It’s been almost Ten Years that I have been writing here. I certainly did not do the most writing here as the statistics that are on display do attest. Being a Plank Member of this forum though has been quite an experience. It’s something that I will always be very proud of.

This whole thing got started over some nonsense on another website, a Grenadian “Talkshop” that I first published a message in on October 24th 2000. This is where something really special happened in my life. I made contact with a Combat Veteran of Operation Urgent Fury, fellow Paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne Division Mr. RD Walker. We started having some real fun on the Spiceislander Talkshop. Nobody and I mean NOBODY can piss off an English speaking pseudo intellectual of the worldwide Communist Revolution than Mr. RD Walker. He has given me years of laughter with his many expressions of unvarnished Capitalist Logic.

Years went on and having become a regular there I published some historical videos about Operation Urgent Fury to YouTube in time for the Grenada Liberation Anniversary. Coincidentally, it was also just in advance of National Elections in Grenada and some of the people who were associated with the mass murder of Grenadians in 1983 and terrorism against Grenadians during the years of “The Revo” were running for public office. Even though my videos represented differing opinions about the U.S. lead Liberation of Grenada, my videos were considered to be especially offensive, especially the part that shows Grenadian Soldiers in Soviet made BTR-60s gunning down Grenadian citizens at Fort Rupert. I consider them to be especially offensive myself, which if why I reformatted all the video I have about the Grenadian “Revo”, condensed it into a 3 Part Documentary and republished it to YouTube, where it resides today.

The original publications were clips from a PBS Frontline story. I’m sure that it was legal under Fair Use to display them as I had, as historical events that I had taken part in. Nonetheless a Communist who lives in North Carolina who has associated with Communists from Grenada contacted her Communist friends in Boston and I got the customary threat of Law Suit if I did not remove them. There were other little moments of drama that took place during that time frame. Truly, associating with Communists in any way online will affect your mental well being. It deeply affected mine. I have an abiding hatred of them and to hold Hatred in your heart makes you a Murderer at heart. It is not good for your mind to be a Murderer at heart.

RD got pretty pissed off about the whole thing and decided that we should have our own website. He decided that we should quit contributing to their nonsense and do something on our own. I fully agreed.

So he asked what should we call this new spot on the worldwide web. He wanted a name that would really be spiteful to those who pissed us off. As those who pissed us of were either Communist Revolutionaries from Grenada or were somehow associated therewith and they referred to their brief moment in the Sun as “The Revo”, for some reason I just blurted out “Let’s call ourselves The Real Revo”. RD the marketing genius decided that would work.

“I’m sure that each of us can knock out three or four publications a week with no problem, what do you think”? That’s some pretty funny stuff right there. Look to your right and you will see the publication count for each of the writers. What we thought we would be producing in a week ended up being what we did in an average day.

We did not know what this website would end up becoming. We could not have known. As we started out, RD thought that it was very important to explain what a “Real Revolution” is. So he created an opening statement and a historical section that explains a little bit about who we are.

The Real Revo

On November 15th 2007 we were off to the races. The only time we ever looked back was to find something we had previously written to use as a reference piece. It was our goal to become an amalgamation of National Review and National Lampoon. We came into existence at a time when the American Public had been subjected to 7 years of hard Progressive media and political efforts that had been directed against the Bush Administration. Just as we see today, the Progressive World could not accept the outcome of the 2000 Presidential Election so they directed all their time and energy into undermining the President. There is nothing new under the Sun in this regard.

Just to prove my point about the 2000 Presidential Election, this very day nearly 17 years after the fact we have the loser of that contest running his mouth, providing evidence that he has not accepted the verdict of History.

Like I said, when it comes to the Progressive Movement there is nothing new under the Sun. Some think that their ideology originated with Karl Marx. Most things that  Karl Marx ever talked about goes as far back as the Tower of Babel. The Progressive Movement has been born of a very ancient form of Evil and all Evil descends from the Father of Lies himself. Lucifer has been around for a very long time. He is the adversary who roams the Earth seeking whom he may devour.

Let there be no doubt about this though, when THE Real Revo came into existence we truly did believe that we WERE something new under the Sun. RD Walker, Mad Brad and WHMan were a unique combination. I wish we hadn’t lost WHMan so early on. He is an intellectual giant, highly educated, Communist killing Bad Ass who was a native of Grenada, West Indies. He grew up and went to school with many of those who would become leaders of the Communist Revolution in Grenada, “The Revo”. He knew their minds. He knew their families. He knew stories. He immigrated to the United States in 1967 and by 1968 he was serving in the U.S. Army in Vietnam. He is a gentle speaking giant and he is even more to the Right than RD and I. Imagine a black, Communist killing Archie Bunker with a Caribbean dialect who drives a big fat Cadillac. That’s WHMan. He quit publishing years ago. We talk to him every now and then. I haven’t spoken to him in a while and I need to give him a call.

Of course there was RD and me. We believed our life experiences were unique enough to provide rare insight into daily events. Cold War kids are hard to kill, underneath our desks in an air raid drill. The world we grew up in taught us that in order to secure and maintain Liberty we have to be willing to fight and die for it, if need be. So we fought our Enemy on the Battlefield as young men and believed that by establishing The Real Revo we could do the same on the Battlefield of the Hearts and Minds of others and thereby help secure a more prosperous future for our Country. It seemed pretty simple and straightforward.

The character we worked for RD is Spock and I’ve always been more of a Terry Funk type. I did my best to be the Heel to help RD shine. Often times I would deliberately pick a fight with RD just to blow up the traffic numbers. We were struggling to take this thing to the top. We were learning what works from what doesn’t. Spock was on the Bridge, maintaining watch and monitoring sensor readings…

Biggest Month Ever For The Revo | Bumped Back Up

That was so early on that we were still questioning whether or not we should exist here on the Internet. That is one thing that we have regularly done throughout our existence. We first asked ourselves if we should exist back in 2008. What a beautiful thing it is to see that many of the people who responded to that question back in 2008 are still here with us in 2017. It warms my heart in a big way.

Wow. 13,562 hits in a single Month. As time went on we were up to 15,000 hits in a single day and had readers on 5 Continents. It was a great time to be a writer here. It was highly satisfying. We did some silly stuff and I know I tweaked RD just a little too much from time to time. It would just give us both that shot of adrenaline that we needed to do something in response that would end up being awesome.

It all really took off for us when we enlisted the help of co-bloggers. The more writers we had, the better off we were. We could not be here today without the dedication of Jim22, Notamobster, Locke-n-Load, BMan, Van-a-Gram, Roy Ryder, Rich and the many people who have taken the time to comment here. This has been a beautiful mix of intellectual contribution that has given us our distinct flavor.

One of my most enjoyable projects here at the Real Revo was playing News Correspondent from Washington DC on September 12th 2009. I was the first of 2.3 Million People who showed up at the National Mall that day. It was a fun time. I felt like I was making a meaningful contribution to history by recording the sights and sounds of that day. It was a of fun and something I will never forget. Any personal Retrospective of the Real Revo Decade would be deficient without remembering that day and the lessons I learned from it.

Images of Washington D.C. on September 12th 2009

The ongoing angle that I have worked here over the years as the Terry Funk of the Real Revo has been the Pro Wrestling analogies. That has irritated the crap out of RD over the years but I couldn’t give that one up. Even if I tried, I couldn’t give that one up. Real world events FORCED me to continue to make political commentary through the Pro Wrestling filter. During an Election Year it was unavoidable. It started with the 2008 Election. Then came 2012 and I was sure that there would never be another Presidential Election in our existence here at the Real Revo in which I could work my insane ringside color commentary than that one. I thought RD was going to have an Aneurism over my act back then. Of course it wasn’t an act, we all know this. I mean really, you can’t be Mad Brad unless you ARE Mad Brad. You really don’t want to BE Mad Brad unless you ARE Mad Brad.

Of course I could have been more wrong about that 2012 Election and the Pro Wrestling angle. The 2016 Presidential Election FAR exceeded the expectations of ANY Pro Wrestling Fan. Being mindful of how my contributions here during the 2012 Presidential Election affected RD I went super easy on him in 2016. The problem is that real world events during the election campaign were such that the Pro Wrestling analogies were unavoidable here. They were being used by the mainstream media. I didn’t have to work at all to sell my storyline in the 2016 Presidential Election. The mainstream media was selling it for me.

Though I have expressed remorse to RD for how I have affected his sanity with my Pro Wrestling Ringside Color Commentary in the end I was doing what RD expected of me here. I was working the National Lampoon half of our combined Brain as he was working the National Review half of our Brain. As time marches on we will see many examples of how what has been written here was always quite prophetic. RD’s many publications on Economics will be proven to be entirely accurate time and time again. As far as anything that I have written here during a Presidential Election as ringside Pro Wrestling color commentary, when you are watching the 2020 Presidential Election Campaign roll out there will be many instances when you think about me and you will laugh. This phenomena will re-occur in 2024. I’ll be laughing right there with you too.

Those are just a few examples of the many ways we have had a good time here over the years. No Real Revo Retrospective of the Real Revo Decade could be complete without a look back at some hard times too. When the Real Revo began I was in the midst of hard times. My wife was just a few months away from leaving me. That was a kick in the gut that made it hard for me to concentrate on anything more complicated than breathing. A major contributing factor to the failure of my second marriage was Internet Addiction. Our internet addiction began well before the existence of The Real Revo. Often times on the weekend we sat in the computer room in opposite corners from each other, on the net communicating with people Hundreds and even Thousands of Miles away and for hours not a single word would pass between us. That is entirely unhealthy. Internet addiction can destroy your life. I’m not going to make the claim that all of our writers here have suffered from it to one degree or another but those who have and still do know who they are and they know how bad it can be.

Then there is the self-destructive nature of blogging itself. We put ourselves out there as writers because we believe we have something insightful to say about current events. When you develop a readership, you have a reasonable expectation to believe that those readers want to hear what you have to say about whatever the events of the day happen to be. You exist to provide your unique insight, right? So you find yourself scanning the net for stories that are of interest to your readership, then formulate an opinion about such stories that you think will be insightful and then rush to get it published in a timely manner so that your Blog will continue to be viewed by the readership as cutting edge. That is a tremendous amount of pressure for anyone to put on themselves for any length of time unless they are being well paid to do so. This Blog has never had a profit motive.

Over the course of time the compulsory and frequent scanning of the net for news of events that are relative to discussion here, developing commentary on them and creating a publication creates unneeded and useless anxiety in the life of a Blogger. Everywhere and at all times you feel as if you should have instant and frequent access to the raw sewage of the Mainstream Media. I remember the first time since we were up and running here that RD went on vacation and left his higher tech communication devices at home so that he would have the most limited access to the internet as is possible. At the time he felt guilty about doing it. Imagine that.

There have been nearly Twenty Two Thousand publications that have been made to The Real Revo in Blog Format since November 15th 2007. That represents an incredible investment of personal time on the part of the writers here. This says nothing of the many hours of personal time that has been made in maintaining the function of this site. Whenever this site went down it was panic city out there. RD would be in his Lair, working on whatever was bugging the system. All of these investments seemed worthwhile but there has been a price to be paid for all that and sometimes that price was paid by the people around us who have nothing much to do with this Blog. That is a very sad fact.

One of the things that happens to a Blogger as a result of too much blogging is that we find ourselves communicating with people differently in the real world. The only way to communicate with someone via a computer screen in a way that you choose to be sure that you are understood is to be overly expressive. In the real world what you don’t say is as important as the things that you do say. In Blog World what you don’t say doesn’t exist. So you have to make it exist. When this tendency bleeds over into the real world in which we live our daily lives we often times easily find ourselves saying things to people that may be better left unsaid. The compulsive need to express yourself can bring needless disorder and unhappiness to your life and the struggle to control it can add to the anxiety that comes with the territory of spending so much time in Blog World.

Just as we as Bloggers have changed in the way we communicate with people around us as a result of blogging, people in general have changed the way that they communicate with others as a result of social media. As RD has pointed out, when the Real Revo began none of the means by which people primarily communicate on the internet today existed. When Facebook became a big thing, I made frequent use of publications found here at The Real Revo in conversations there. Did that boost readership? Not very much. People on social media don’t read articles that other people provide them in the course of a discussion. The only thing they read are the title of the publication, the source of the publication and the pretty little thumbnail picture that is associated with the publication. If all or part of those things appeal to the person or persons at whom it is directed, maybe they will read it. If the conversation you are in is a debate and you are representing an opposing view, most people who oppose that view won’t take the time to consider anything you have to say no matter how well you say it and not matter what the facts of the subject at hand actually are.

Likewise, when a Marxist Progressive in the course of a debate on Facebook sends me a link to an article that was published at a Marxist Progressive website, I don’t read it. Why would I read it? I pretty much know what all it’s going to say based on the title of the publication. I’ve been around the block a few times so instead of wasting time reading Progressive Bullshit I immediately formulate a single sentence smart ass response followed by a link to a publication here at the Real Revo. As is proper form on Facebook the Marxist Progressive will likewise respond to that by not reading the publication, responding to the title of the publication in a smart ass manner and then provide a link to another publication from another Progressive website that I will not read.

Here is an interesting bit of Real Revo History. The Real Revo was only 9 Months old when we pulled off the biggest Scoop of a national news story that would happen in our entire history. We had this story out on the net days in advance of the Mainstream Media. This was when I got word on the movements of Secret Service Agents indirectly from a co-worker who had the children of a Lead Secret Service Agent staying at his house down here in Florida and would not be back to pick them up as plan because he was on his way to Delaware. The entire Mainstream Media had their forces out at various locations, watching who was going where and talking to who, trying to find out who Obama was going to select as his running mate.

Mad Brad broke the story here first…

Obama to choose Senator Joe Biden as his running mate

The rest of the Mainstream Media…

They caught up with the Real Revo 3 Days later.

It must really suck to be paying people big bucks to provide breaking news stories only to get scooped by a 9 Month Old Blog that was still questioning whether or not it should exist. Surely breaking a story like that would put this “Something new under the Sun” Blog up in the rankings of the most read Blogs in the Country. Of course that is why we pushed ourselves so hard. We believed that we had the right mix of talent, experience and raw cutting edge that could take this publication to the level on influence we sought. Over the course of all these years we have gained the Wisdom of Solomon and have come to the conclusion that this too is Vanity and that there is in fact NOTHING new under the Sun.

There is a certain fatal deceit that Bloggers can fall victim to. We believe that we can to some uncertain degree change the world with the eloquence of written expression of the depth of our knowledge. We fall into the trap of pouring our energy and emotions into expressing ourselves about things that are well outside of our abilities to change. We also spend plenty of TIME doing this and that is a precious commodity, something we can’t ever get back. When we do this and it causes us to take time and energy away from the things that in fact ARE our responsibility, things that benefit the people of the communities in which we live, our families, our friends, our jobs, then we have become something other than what we ever intended to be when we started out as “Something new under the Sun”. We become worshippers to the monuments that we built in our mind. In a way it becomes a form of Idolatry. It’s always the Devil’s business to take something that is a good thing and turn it on itself. It’s one of his oldest and most common tricks.

The Real Revo in its original Blog format did not change the world but the world has changed quite a bit during the Real Revo Decade. Views that were expressed here early on that were once considered controversial are now commonly accepted. The American Public are now more aware than ever of the Ongoing Domestic Menace that is the Revolutionary Marxist Progressive Movement. We have been here every day covering the efforts of the Ongoing Domestic Menace to bring Communist Revolution to the United States. We were not able to influence any of the events of our day but we did the only thing we knew to do to hopefully win some hearts and minds by presenting our ideas. It was quite a few years ago when many of us felt like we have said all that we have to say about free markets and free minds. As time has gone on the quality of our publications here have suffered from exhaustion. If you’ve read my daily news publications of late you see that I no longer have the gusto that I once displayed. I mostly present a title, offer a few words of snarky opinion and then provide a link to a story from one of the regular news sites that I monitor. That’s not blogging. That’s not what made this website great.

It has been said by several regulars that we have not been the same after the 2012 Election. Still others say that the 2016 Election took us down. What cause us to have to choose to move to a new format on the worldwide web has been life. The Blog as we have known it all these years has ceased to be what it once was because the writers here have obligations in or daily lives that do not allow us to spend the time and energy here that we once did. It’s just something that happens.

RD has a huge and most worthy historical project that he MUST devote all of his Spock-like talent and energy to. He is also involved in the leadership of his Church. He did not have either of these responsibilities when the Real Revo began. These projects benefit the community in which he lives with positive, tangible impact. These are things that are far more important than his responsibilities here and so if we are to continue to exist at all he had to find a less labor intensive format. He has done so. The Real Revo Republic is a forum that makes every reader a writer. You can publish all that you care to publish.

The Real Revo has been a big part of my life. It will always evoke the fondest of memories. I’ve met some really great people here. I’ve been through the hardest times of my life here with my friends from the Revo to help get me through them. I’m talking about some bad, crazy times. People who have been here all these years know full well what I’m talking about because they helped get me through those times. The bad times are behind me now. I’m devoting time and energy to ministries within my Church now. I have lived up to the prediction of Locke-n-Load and am ministering to youth now, incarcerated youth. I get to do a Friday Night Movie with them once a Month. My time here as Morale Support Officer presenting a Friday Night Movie every week for the past 5 years has helped prepare me for this mission. During my time here I have met the woman of dreams, who you know as Little Miss Texas. She got to know me through this website due to her superior cyberstalking skills. With God’s Blessing I will spend the rest of my life with her. She can’t be subjected to the effects of my internet addiction. Two Divorces have been quite enough for me. I’m not going to set myself up for a third even before my third Marriage begins.

Then there’s the Pro Wrestling business. I am full-on producing shows for the Insane Wrestling Alliance now. This is pretty serious business. You will get to see just how serious it is over on the Real Revo Republic, that I assure you.

Anyone who has spent any time on the Sea knows what torture is. The craft that carries you through rough and often dangerous waters works you like a slave. There are always moments of unspeakable beauty but there are many more moments of tedious labor. Sometimes you cuss the vessel but when the time comes when the vessel has reached the end of its ability to carry out the mission it must be decommissioned for the good of the crew. When it comes time for the crew to render one last salute and depart, they do it with a heavy heart. They hate to see that vessel that they knew so well and labored so greatly for be retired from its duties. That is exactly what is happening here. I have shed some big fat tears all throughout this past week. The fact is that the correct call has been made. The really cool thing is that this crew has been provided a new craft to man. If all that has held us here together all these years truly exists in the hearts of our readership, then the Revo Republic will be the Republic that we can keep.

I have one last publication to make here on this most worthy craft that has served us so well over the years. Then I will be publishing exclusively in the Real Revo Republic. It has been most wonderful to have been a writer here for all these years, making truly meaningful friendships that have made my life better. For any and all who would like to contact me directly… You can find me HERE.

It’s been a great ride. The ride continues…


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