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Seriously, how long is The Left going to continue (with aiding/abetting by Leftist #ENEMEdia) get away with these FRAUDS?!?!

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Yes, quick and short piece (maybe I’ll add more on later (I’ve been known to BUILD pieces over time with updates, sometimes over months and a few pieces that still get updates YEARS later LOL) but really/seriously HOW IS THIS NOT COMMON-KNOWLEDGE?)!!! More-so, how do those supposed “inDUHpendents” that like to pretend to be so “above everything” when it is actually Cowardice NOT FIGURED OUT YET that unless you are against #FASCICRATS (#FASCISM) - fact based analysis, NOT feewings manure - bothering to even attempt to PRESERVE OUR MOST UNIQUE (no, not Perfect, nothing is, and all those BAD THINGS (Trail of Tears, Slavery, US Concentration Camps (FDR), Segregation, Jim Crow Laws, et al) all done by The Left) REPUBLIC ON THE PLANET (that has lifted more from Poverty (even former Socialist BONO of U2 figured that out while working with GWBush to LIFT PEOPLE from Poverty in Africa NOT KEEP THEM DEPENDENT, see/hear too “Rising Tides Lifts All Boats” article and CTP Show (corresponding, correlating, complimentary, items) both dropping June 15th 2024) and tyranny, than any Nation in History of the Planet); you are WITH THEM (you are a useful-idiot to/for those trying to DESTROY WESTERN CULTURE) and luckily lots of Younger Folks ARE GETTING IT (can see CTP S1E48 (YouTube BTS/SP video) episode).


from LOCALS:

#Gore STILL Election denier (despite counts 10 different times, 10 different ways, trying SHIFT/steal 2000 for Al); #Hitlery, STILL Election denier; as #Abrams; and then there is/are the countless #Fascicrats took both #USHouse & #USenate Floor (since 2000, challenging Election of every Republican since the GWBush Win in 2000) to proclaim such ON RECORD w/o EVIDENCE. WE bring EVIDENCE/FACTS of UnLawful activity (no denying several Dem controlled States IGNORED THEIR ELECTION LAWS, but Courts dismiss on “Standing” (farce, fraud/sham) TO PREVENT SAID EVIDENCE getting on Official Records and We’re UNDEMOCRATIC?LMFAO

THEIR MORON VOTERS still have ZERO CLUE as many that have walked away from DEMOCRAT Party know completely UNDEMOCRATIC (screwed Bernie in Primaries, 2x) screwed Hiltlery for #obaMAO, stole 2020 (as Putin / Russian Commies have since 2000 there) – NOT about “DEMOCRACY” but 1-Party governance/power (like Fascists of Germany/Italy/Spain in 30s), & THEIR APPROVED next Elitist up (as happens in China).

They constantly “adjust” their Rules (SuperDelegates, to Hell with Voters and regular Delegates), their Primaries, there WHATEVER NECESSARY to get their preferred outcomes and still their Base is clueless they are not getting any say in it all – just an ILLUSION (usual Leftist Bubble DELUSION). I have been talking FOR DECADES (written on it a few times, including I think it was 2008 for RedState/Townhall, most recently via TLB at: about NEED TO CHANGE (FITN) FIRST-IN-NATION-PRIMARIES and of course get push-back, but then of course The Left Leadership changes its tune when it needs to FOR RIGGING PURPOSES (not solid, thoughtful, logic, reason, common-sense, THESIS (as I put forth)).

SNOWFLAKES (and, yes, all on LEFT are, but too there are some on RIGHT also, that just EMOTE and cannot THINK) – again, THESIS, couldn’t create one to back up their “positions” if their Lives depended upon it – cuz they are as shallow as the #BirdBath in my front-yard!

I have MANY Election related pieces via


Seriously, the whole LAWFARE thing also… Clearly BANANA REPUBLIC stuff as Leftist Activists write, rewrite, other times JUST IGNORE Law/Constitution to bring Charges against Trump.

Seriously, the NDA/HushMoney farce…. Want me to TAKE IT/YOU SERIOUSLY??? Then bring Charges against Gary Hart, John Edwards, and Bill Clinton, FOR SAME DAMN THING! And what about the RAPE CHARGES (not “consensual Sex” then followed by HushMoney/NDA (which is NOT AGAINST LAW, they have to twist beyond all distortion to bring that Case against Trump) against Joseph R Biden?!?!?

And clearly need be fast-tracked appeal following these shams to SCOTUS, you cannot EX POST FACTO a Law and Charge someone for what was NOT formerly illegal at time “alleged” Crime (that wasn’t at time, or Statute of Limitations expired (they then try to extend)) happened. Beyond even the Communist SHOW ME THE MAN AND I’LL SHOW YOU THE CRIME (Spin it via Activist Courts and hand-picked Juries that will convict on Political motivations not #PrinciplesNotPersonalities) now into SHOW ME THE MAN AND WE’LL INVENT A NEW CRIME (change the Laws, ignore others, skip established Precedents, etc., to then EX POST FACTO Charge) to target Politically motivated someone!


more/related: THE LEFT are not “DEMOCRAT” and about “DEMOCRACY” as pointed out above,
#FACTS not Feewings – evidenced 28 planks of NSDAP exist in modern DNC Platform.

This is NOT the 1930′s, I’ve had to repeat over and over and over, there is NO REAL DIFFERENCE today in Communism, Fascism, Socialism, just a minor difference in tactics to achieve same overall DICTATORIAL (whether on Person or Ruling Elites cabal TYRANNY over all else) power/control, just different color banner flying.

more in: 

Today’s #Fasci-Federalists:


ALSO, from my forthcoming book, follow-up to “ChristiTutionalist (TM) Politics” dropped June 2023, ”ChristiTutionalist (TM) Politics 2″ to drop June 2024 “QUOTATIONS” chapter (one of a couple of my own “original” quotes among pages upon pages of quotes from throughout time that now resonate more than ever):
“Left will stand for, in fact want, anything; CLEPTocracy, MOBocracy, INEPTocracy; except MERITocracy!” – (Me) Joseph M Lenard



#TRUMP did NOT “quote” Hitler
HE/WE do NOT oppose any and all IMMIGRATION
Spare us the BULLSHIT you retarded Leftist liars.
Just like the “Trump called Immigrants ANIMALS” distortion!!
and the Charlottesville “Both Sides” lies and misrepresentation.

#FASCICRATS bleeding USCitizen support (all shapes, sizes, colors, etc.)… So FASCICRATS Open Borders all about replacement Votes for USCitizens for the #FASCICRATS as many Citizens finally getting their Heads out-their-Asses and #WalkAway from #FASCICRATS Party…

see both related…

CTP S1E39 SHOW NOTES ( listen (Sat Mar 16 2024 and thereafter) at: )…
ChristiTutionalist Politics (S1E39) “Newcomers (The Left again with Orwellian Newspeak language twisting)”


CTP S1E42 NOTES ( listen (Sat Apr 6 2024 and thereafter) at: )…
ChristiTutionalist Politics (S1E42) “Voter-ID (Devil in Details (and there are MASSIVE LOOPHOLES details most ignore))”

and that USSenate AMNESTY farce that would codify 5k/day flow making #ReplacementTheory into #ReplacementLAW. Actions speak louder than their DENIALS.


The LEFT must ALWAYS twist and warp not just language, but they distort Children Stories too (more on that later)…. (warping/twisting)




Robin Hood story… THE REAL STORY….
Did NOT “take” from some “random Rich” (took from Sheriff confiscating monies from Peasants on behalf of THE KING)…. The Power… The State… and didn’t give to “some random Poor” (gave back the funds TAKEN by The State to those (Poor) it was taken from)!

The Ruling ELITES cannot let that REAL STORY be told, that LESSON is way too dangerous to their POWER/CONTROL agenda … that is why that, and most other Children’s Stories ARE TWISTED/WARPED rewritten!

I discussed that and so much more on TRUE-CASES with Vinny Parco LIVE (8p) tonight… Watch/Listen on replay:  




Only a MORON doesn’t understand what is going on in the #Bronx right now…. Now…. Can #TRUMP Win #NY State in November? Sure “possible” (hopefully can pull it off) but not still “probable” – however, doesn’t mean you do not TRY. Doesn’t mean even if your internals show it IMPOSSIBLE to turn NY Red – you still do this. WHY? Cuz a POTUS cannot do everything, and we need bigger numbers in #USHouse and to take #USSenate (we STILL have NO SHOT at getting #Filibuster proof numbers in 2024, nor likely 2026, BUT YOU HAVE TO POSITION YOURSELF WORKING TOWARD THAT)! He may not Win NY State, but look what #LeeZeldin did which Shows indeed it IS ACHIEVABLE but again even if not a couple relatively close Districts that flow out into more Rural areas COULD BE FLIPPED FROM BLUE TO RED and that fucking matters!!!

More in….
CTP S1E48 NOTES ( listen (May 18 2024 and after) at: )…
ChristiTutionalist Politics “Let Left Keep Pushing (Generational Shift Occurring)”



HURRY, just $199.99
buy your ROSE COLORED SPIN GLASSES from #BiDUMBnomics clearance House… So you can see the SPIN and ONLY THE SPIN (not all those pesky reality Facts otherwise) that allows MORONS to think this is a SOARING ECONOMY!

CTP S1E45 NOTES ( listen (Apr 27 2024 and after) at: )…
“When Are You Going To Fight? + BiDUMBnomics part 3 (lies, damn lies, and statistics)”
In Segment 1 an older BeforeItsNews piece titled “Conservatives…. TEAParty Activists…. When/Where Are You Willing To Stand and Fight?” is examined and relevant updates added, but far more details than in this CTP Show vocalized on this topic is/are covered in the corresponding/correlating “When Are You Going To Fight” TLB piece (and as I spoke on with Bruce and Phil on WAAMradio Apr. 27th ART (Abolitionists RoundTable, Sat.’s 9aET) Show. In Segment 2 you’ll hear an update on issues relating to BiDUMBnomics (an “unofficial” part 3 to relate to the CTP BIDENomics 1 & 2.


You have GOT to see the hilarious LEFTIST attempts at “comments” on my Friend Rick Walker’s Maverick News (Canada) Show video I commented on they now try to DEFLECT from at:
There I made a HISTORICALLY FACTUAL comment as well as to DISCUSS honestly the overall MILITARY TACTICS issue/trouble of TRYING TO KILL THE LEADER OF ANOTHER NATION (even one that is corrupt) as all it does is Martyr them and “rally their People around the Martyred Leader (they may not have previously liked, cuz he was corrupt) and RALLY THEM AROUND THEIR FLAG” and of course the Commies got their pinko panties in a bunch and responded ALINSKY style.






A response I made to someone (SMS Texts, back and forth) in regard to their saying a recent CTP Show “BrainDead (well that’s a harsh title LOL) part 1″ ( was/is “thoughtful”…

Thx for the feedback on BrainDead1 episode (he will be on my Show soon for an already “Listener Feedback” mini-episode in next several weeks (end of February or early March 2024) when he wanted to react and talk about S1E13 “Censorship” Show) I indeed go for “thoughtful” (always, logic and reason and facts) though I have addressed that sometimes I may indeed get HOT/ANIMATED and sound more like raving lunatic (Leftist) at times (while “spirited” in “tone” and action – still using logic/reason/strategy but just a bit more “passionately” delivered (see related 1m YouTube Short on that))! LOL Thankfully those number of Shows are the exceptions and not the Rule. I am always going for “not the same ole talking-point takes of the usual suspect talking-head parrots” (there is Hannity and a million others for the same-ole bs parrot responses (though, not to say, sometimes a particular talking-point oft heard is not worth repeating too, but parroting cannot be one’s ONE TRICK (and sadly too many are just parrots (or One-Trick-Pony, if you prefer) with never any originality — AT ALL, EVER (at least if delivering the same basic “topics” have some reasonable different approach or other “angle” of delivery than same mono-tone talking-head resting face and voice))).


Rick Walker joined me on my Show awhile back – see:

2023 in review…

CTP (S1E33, 20240203 drop, BTS/SP) “Brain-Dead Folks 1 (that’s a harsh title LOL)” BehindTheScenes/SneakPeek Video

[BRIEF NOTE: There has been, continues to be AN ISSUE with BeforeItsNews of late (in certain B4IN category sections, not all) in embedding Videos that I have filed a Support ticket regarding and still awaiting resolve. Normally, I am able to add several embedded Videos within every piece. For some reason I am limited to only including one as attempting more causes entire HTML code and parts of Articles TO VANISH. So, there will be additional links to Videos. Related Videos that I had hoped to embed throughout are...
"(CTP S1E28) SneakPeek/BTS "Can One 'Generalize' About Women Voters?" (Audio Show drops 20231230)"
or Rumble:
"CTP BTS/SP (S1EDecSpecial (MidWeek 12/6/23 drop)) "Dating in these WOKE times" Politics dividing."
"CTP S1ENov2023Special BTS/SP "Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas""
"CTP S1E25 BTS/SP Video "Year in Review (part 1)" 20231209 Audio podcast drop"
"CTP BTS/SP Video (S1E26) Year in Review (part 2)"
These Videos are also available via Bitchute and Brighteon @JLenardDetroit channels.
To see my CTP Show "Soundbites" samples - see: 
Take these, and of course ANY of the ChristiTutionalist TM Politics episodes on the Road (or whatever/where-ever) with you via Buzzsprout or any of the 14 other podcast platforms it is available. ]




CTP S1E42 NOTES ( listen (Apr 6 2024 and thereafter) at: )… 
ChristiTutionalist Politics (S1E42) “Voter-ID (Devil in Details)”
Voter-ID (Devil in Details, and there are some very important details that many leave out surrounding the discussion). How Left is already skirting real effectiveness of Voter-ID Laws providing FREE ID to all (no proof who they are) and automatically signing up ILLEGAL VOTERS onto QVF’s of States via Clinton “Motor-Voter Act” (officially: The National Voter Registration Act Of 1993 (NVRA)) while blocking via Liberal Activist Courts MVA requirements to clean QVF’s of improper Voters (Dead, Non-Residents, Felons, etc.) on Rolls (as RNC now (just days after this Show Recorded in March for April broadcast) filed suit vs MI-SOS) so those Ballots available to be Cast (disenfranchising legit Votes and Voters by negating Legal Votes). Shifting Elections by (disenfranchising/subvert legal/legit Votes/Voters with (Illegal Votes/Voters doesn’t require “wide-spread Fraud” to change District and/or some States’ outcomes (and control of Congress or the White House (2020 POTUS ultimately just decided by 44,000 Votes across 5 States)) just minor manipulations here-and-there in Blue enclaves.
See Buzzsprout podcasts Transcript of Show for Episode related addl info
Transcript Bonus: SCOTUS Cowardice – TX v BattleGround States piece   










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  • JLenardDetroit

    I’ve been saying (over 2 decades, I used to interact with some REAL LIBERTARIANS back when) more-so late including on my CTP Show, Savaged Unfiltered, Maverick News (Canada), more/elsewhere, and some just thought I was being HYPERBOLIC, that #Libertarians haven’t been such for 2 decades now – THEY’RE #LIBERALtarians (mostly about POT issue their they wanna get High anytime, any place, and IF they ruin their (via Pot and escalation to other even more destructive Drugs) own Lives (unlike real Libertarians past, about Smaller Govt, ending Welfare State) they all about YOU having take care of them). Well, some FINALLY AWAKENED to that Reality now that they (as a Party) OFFICIALLY NOMINATED ULTRA-LEFTIST GAY HAMAS-TERRORISTS HUGGER as their nominee! THANK YOU for so blatantly PROVING MY POINT, PROVING ME RIGHT! lmfao


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