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By Alton Parrish (Reporter)
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Obama Blasted By Radiation In Hawaii From Fukushima

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The Obama family vacation appears to have been cut short, coinciding with 3x Hazmat level radiation readings in Hawaii…MSM running year-old photo of Obama swimming, provided by the WH…and besides a hike to a waterfall and ‘possible’ beach excursion by his kids, the Obama’s appeared to have spent most of their Hawaian vacation indoors. Who the hell goes to Hawaii and doesn’t swim in the ocean? People who know whats blowing and floating in from Fukushima, that’s who…I know this entire video is based on speculation but at some point you need to decide if you truly believe in coincidence.


Published on Jan 7, 2013 by 

Vacation dates according to Reuters (if correct Obama & family left Hawaii 4 days early) Article states: “Before leaving Washington on Friday evening (the 21st), Obama urged Congress to come up with a stopgap measure to spare the U.S. economy the jolt of $600 billion in tax increases and spending cuts economists say would likely derail the economy”:

Link to Hawaii high rad graph:…

Link to graphs everywhere:

GOES water vapor map for past 5 days:

Huffington Post article from Jan 7, 2013 with 1 year old pic of Obama swimming:

White House Flickr account proving pic is old:

Article about sick fish, turtles, and coral:…

Enenews article of same:…

Speaking of coincidence, US govt checking rad levels over DC all week (which is complete BS that its for *BASELINE* levels…they already KNOW baseline levels and have for decades…they are looking for something SPECIFIC):

Link to author’s main Facebook page:…

Link to website



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    • Anonymous

      The mess of radioactive water, that is still being spilled from Fukushima, will take about 5 years to reach the west coast. Web Bots say that before this plays out completely, there will be 1.3 billion deaths in the Northern Hemisphere, as a result of the radiation emissions.

    • Anonymous

      Fukushima was an Israeli false flag. They detonated a 9 megaton nuclear bomb, on the ocean floor near Fukushima. Chistopher Stevens was the gun runner that procured the 9 megaton bomb and Benghazi was payback time for him.

      • Anonymous

        Adjust your tinfoil hat.

        • Joerg Klaemt

          @ Anon
          Look at your avatar, I don’t see anyone else but you wearing one.

      • Anonymous

        Anoymous- Prove that point. I do not believe until I see proof

    • Docinator


      • getreal

        yeah, I hope his hair and teeth start falling out and he contacts cancer, oh wait he is a cancer

    • Cap-Z-ro

      ” Obama Blasted By Radiation In Hawaii From Fukushima ”

      Wasn’t he also “blasted”,…on crack when that guy was giving him a BJ in the back of a limo, back in his chicago daze ?

    • Room With a View

      Maybe they should have gone to the Galapagos Islands. Really, I think they would be more at home there, catch up with a few relatives. lols.

      • Anonymoose


    • Anonymous

      Lost my sleep over this article! Worrying about the POTUS & his family well being!

      • Dandiman

        Riiiight, so did a whole bunch of us.

    • HDThoreau

      For once, I wish crazy was true. But it ain’t.

    • Dandiman

      GOD willing, we can pray that it eats him up quickly, and causes a painful demise.
      Not very God like idea, but desperate times require desperate measures.

    • Dandiman

      Can we get him on one of those space flights ? Maybe send him to ‘Uranus’ would Fit.

    • Mayhem

      Oh look at all the little Obama haters with their one line comments that really only reek of their own fears.

      Barak is probably just in way over his head: sure thing he was seduced by power even though now-a-days he’s probably just scared witless like the rest of the idiotic shrills; of course POTUS knows what happens if he tells TPTB to naff off. I evidence the only Presidents who did try that but of course, being that they all got assassinated, we are no longer able to get their opinion so you lot will just have to take my word for it. The worst thing he could be accused of is puppetry.

      Eat your fear suckers. :razz:

      • GenZan

        So I guess you’re the Gay dude that did him in the back of the limo, right?

        • Mayhem

          Oh looky here, my own little hater with his one line dig. You’re going to have to try much harder than that GenZan as i have been accused of far worse than homosexuality and by better skilled people than you.

          If you can get your two brain cells to stop attacking each other and manage to come up with something at least modestly offensive i might deign to tow you around by your nose hairs. Don’t set your hopes on it though as you really do seem to have small talents and much fear.

          Give it your best shot; pout your head off as sticks and stones may break my bones but it’s chains and whips that excite me. Hmm?

    • Monticello

      LOL. Boohoo.

    • GenZan

      Anyone with an ounce of sense knew this was coming, by 2015, it will be epidemic around the Northern Hemisphere, by 2018, the entire world. This could be a dead planet by 2025-2030.

      • Mayhem

        I see GenZan that you are, aside from being a scaredy cat and nasty blighter, that you are quite the stupid little twat aren’t you? No idea that we had been, if not still are, dumping hundreds of tons of nuclear waste into the Gulf of Mexico for decades and doing it using containers that might last as long as fifty years.

        Did you even know, that if we were short on containers, that we would simply load up old ships full of glow in the dark stuff and then scuttle them and call it an accident. Of course you didn’t; you got all of your knowledge from your television, didn’t you moron?

        What you don’t realise dummy is that mother nature will laugh off our dalliances as largely inconsequential and thank goodness for that or we would have been screwed long ago. I’m not saying that nuclear pollution is not a concern: i mean look at what it’s doing to the coral around Hawaii; but i am saying that the solution to pollution has always been dilution.

        Any regrets about your vile behaviour a few posts back? Don’t worry pal i have tons of game and i’m just warming up. You have the next crack if you like and i’ll see if you deserve any more of my valuable time.

    • villagefem

      Dont obsessed with Fear.—-We are the Universe, One with God.

      Play with the universe as a child plays with a ball….

      blow back the corrupt into the demons breath


    • Anonymous

      obama will go down as the most hated government occupier in US history. A betrayer of the Constitution and a tool of world powers.

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