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David Icke Is Right About President Trump - Here Is the Evidence - Sorry, but the Truth Is Devastating - Trump Controlled by Mossad/KGB-Timothy Fitzpatrick

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David Icke is Right About Trump. Here is the Evidence. Sorry, but the Truth is Devastating. Trump controlled by KGB/Mossad-Timothy Fitzpatrick

President Trump is a Jewish Zionist.


Even now I am I’ll just having to share this.

I am sorry, but the Truth Hurts.


The True Reason President Trump and Jarad Kushner Made Peace in the Mid East was to Prepare for Russia, Israel, China Belt Road/Silk Road World Trade Domination-AIDING OUR ENEMIES


You will see in the Many Videos Below, Exactly How Huge of a Threat Israel Really is.


There is Far Too Much Incriminating Evidence than can be Posted

Trump controlled by KGB/Mossad

Timothy Fitzpatrick

Trump controlled by the KGB/Mossad – Part II

Timothy Fitzpatrick

Trump controlled by the KGB/Mossad – Part III

Timothy Fitzpatrick

Trump controlled by KGB/Mossad – Part IV

Timothy Fitzpatrick

How Trump fits in the global neocon-Likud-Chabad organized crime syndicate

The Talmudic-Zionist illegal state of Israel is currently officially run by gangster Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel’s organized crime-run Likud party. Likud’s roots trace back to Jewish terrorist organizations like the Stern Gang and Irgun, which later evolved into the murderous Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). These modern day zealot organizations, with the aid of International Jewish criminals like mob boss of bosses Meyer Lansky, helped establish the Zionist state of Israel in 1948.

After years of criminal activity in America with Jewish mobsters like Mickey Cohen and Lansky, Irgun terrorist Menachem Begin would be rewarded by the Zionist-controlled West by becoming Prime Minister of Israel in 1980. He entered the national ministry through the Likud party, which he founded in 1973 through a blending of existing right- and left-wing parties in Israel—almost all of which agreed in their Zionism. Although Likud is based in Israel, it’s founding and ongoing political success exist because of the loyal labouring of a global organized crime syndicate, which is even composed of some non-Jews.

Chabad mafiya

This syndicate—which appears to have been re-organized as a religious front called Chabad Lubavitch, a mystical Orthodox branch of right-wing Judaism created in Russia—conducts much of its illegal activity in and through the United States of America and Russia, whether its running drugs, arms, carrying out fraudulent business and real-estate transactions, sex trafficking, extortion, or assassinating undesirables. It sometimes wears the mask of the intelligence community and exists among Democrats and Republicans alike. No American president, save for JFK, has dared to cross it. Late FBI director and closeted homosexual John Edgar Hoover was so controlled by this syndicate that he publicly claimed that the mafia did not even exist! Lansky is alleged to have had photos depicting Hoover in homosexual acts, particularly one showing Hoover performing fellatio on his lover and assistant Clyde Tolson—once again, we see elite Jews using sexual blackmail in their systems of control and dominance.

Like Hoover, current U.S. President Donald Trump appears to be in total submission to this s ame international Jewish crime syndicate, which, without any shred of opposition from Trump, is directing U.S. foreign policy (naturally favouring Israel) as well as protecting the usurers who control the entire financial and political establishments. Trump’s administration might as well be renamed the “Goldman Sachs Administration”. Whether Trumps obedience to the syndicate is a result of his sexual compromise at the hands of Israel’s Mossad (discussed in Part I of this series), his familial ties to Zionism and international Jewry, or personal opportunism, Trump’s administration can be said to be nothing short of being Zionist- and Jewish-occupied. What Likud wants, America will bring it, regardless of which figurehead poses as the American leader.

Trump surrounded by Chabadniks

Fred and his wife Mary Anne (President Trump’s mother) died at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, New York.[17] Whether this means the Trumps were Jewish is unclear. Blogger Richard Presser provides sources that tend to show that Trump family are, indeed, of Ashkenazi Jewish extraction.[18] If true, the Trumps could have been Chassidics well before Ivanka Trump married into the Chassidic Kushner family. There are many more Trump-Chabad connections, which we will continue to explore.

With the recent history that the American People have witnessed and the Overwhelming Corruption inside of our Nation,

How are we supposed to Trust Our Own Government and Military???

Between Israel and China the United States Government and Military has been Completely Compromised.


The U.S. Government and Military Allowed our Country to be Stolen in the 2020 Election.

The Fake Biden Regime, that is Obviously a Puppet of the CCP and the Globalist Powers is now doing everything possible to Weaken and Destroy us From Within.

Do you really think our Military has not known that our Election System has Been Highjacked for Decades?

That the will of the Voters has been Subverted?

That our Politicians have been Selected, Not Elected for many years?

Yes. They KNOW, but have Done Nothing to Protect our Rights or Defend the Constitution.



The Last American Vagabond


How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security | VICE on HBO

5,287,153 views  Mar 14, 2018

U.S. intelligence agencies accuse Russia of hacking the 2016 presidential election, a Ben Ferguson travels to Tel Aviv to find out how Israel is on its way to becoming the world’s top cyber superpower.


Israel has the Capability to Hack the Entire Infrastructure of the USA


Maxwell Israel Spy Software Backdoor


Artificial Intelligence is giving us [Jews] powers and prowess we’ve never had before. Cyber is a real domain of power” – Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking at Adelson School of Entrepreneurship (14min 08sec mark of this video)




5000 Unit 8200 Spies in New York alone.

Israel is the Ally of Russia, Not America


Whats happening in Kazakhstan? It can only be fully understood when placed in the Grans Chessboard context of an Oded Yinon plan for the Eurasian continent. Oded Yinon was the plan to “re-shape” the Middle East for the benefit of Israel and ultimately the City of London East India Trading Company.

Putin forms a NATO like Rapid Reaction Force of his own. Cold War 2.0 unfolds. Kissinger’s boy, Vladimir Putin continues to do his job for his UK/EU banking cartel employer.


This Documentary Proves Israel is our ENEMY and how much control they have over our Government.


James Traficant: Israel Treats the U.S. Like a Whore



The East India Trading Company “keeps it in the family”. The family civil war has settled. WWF Trump Train will be back for round II at a later date – or will the military take over and a new election held [munches popcorn]?

Meanwhile…back at the “Grand Strategy Rothschild Ranch”…America has been broken off from Eurasia. Vlad, Bi Bi, Xi and Rouhani AND Europe are busy doing deals hand over fist. The US will turn inward and develop internally as well as Mexico, Central and South America. Huge infrastructure projects everywhere including Eurasia – get the Asians into Smart Cities is a BIG goal, XI and Kissinger want them locked up and/or dead…do it now!5G UN Habitat Smart City Program surveillance state will come rapidly into the open – they will look and feel so good you will LOVE it! “Even the Elect will be deceived if that were possible.” Africans will resist this violently – they will simply be exterminated over time or plunged into late 70′s early 80′s civil war until they cease resisting the new East India Trading Company global expansion program. Rich white men in Europe like going on safari. A few black people will be kept to carry their baggage


Brendon O’Connell Talipot

Jarad Kushner’s Ties to Chabad Zionists are President Trump’s Ties as Well



*Israeli tech will help reshape world after pandemic*




Deleted from You Tube for “inappropriate content”. Perhaps to do with transgender puns or references to Shaun Atwood’s live in prostitute and her online sex worker profile.

In part 3 of 3 in the series we look into the US election and links between NATO/Marine and Israeli psychological warfare companies and Roger Stone, Paul Mannafort and Robert David Steele which should have you asking serious questions about a whole host of online alleged dissident personalities.


Today on TruNews we detail how Israel is preparing to take over the internet as it’s cyber guardian and deploy a top secret military army to police thought and spy on the world’s population through artificially intelligent Internet-of-Things. Rick Wiles, Edward Szall. Air date: 1-30-2019

Israel’s Top Secret Operation Talpiot Seeks to Globally Dominate AI and IoT (Internet of Things) (, 1/30/2019)

Posted onAugust 3, 2018 Author Eric Karlstrom

Rough transcription of highlights of this Trunews podcast:

# “Operation Talpiot is a top-secret Israeli project to enable Israel to dominate Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. From Miami, Florida’s Internet of Things Expo: (We examine) the technological revolution underway now to connect billions of microchips to the internet and each other and eventually to a global brain that will be ruled by artificial intelligence.

# In this segment, we will discuss Israel’s advancement to dominate artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and the surveillance of people like you and me.

# We have video of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu boasting to the world that Israel is in the very top echelon of world leaders in these technologies. We need to start putting these four things together….. artificial intelligence, the internet of things, 5G telecommunications, and cyber surveillance (cyber-warfare). It is bone-chilling. It is a technology monopoly.

Netanyahu’s speech on Jan. 29, 2019, was delivered at a two day technology conference in Tel Aviv.

Dan Coats, America’s Director of National Intelligence, talked about the threats that face America during the next year. And at the top of the list of threats are advances in new technology, including artificial intelligence, communication technologies, biotechnology, and material sciences.

Alex Younger, MI6 spy chief, gave a speech at St. Andrews University, in which he talks about the “fourth industrial revolution” that will further blur the lines between the physical, digital, and biological realms. This calls for a “fourth generation of espionage” and surveillance technologies and skills.

Rick Wiles: The CIA came into existence after World War II. The post-WWII era ushered in the age of spy agencies. Then we saw for-profit corporations and think tanks and research centers that were staffed by former executives from the spy agencies, and you saw this “revolving door” of people going from spy agencies into private enterprise and then into universities. RAND corporation is a good example. It’s had a profound effect on American society.

Lately, we are seeing more and more stories of Israeli intelligence chiefs going into private enterprise, starting technology companies. One company that has been in the news in the past year is Black Cube, which has worked both for Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein. With Weinstein, Blackcube was accused of doing espionage (actually gang stalking!) against the women who accused Weinstein of sexually molesting them.

Black Cube, founded in 2010 by a former Mossad intelligence officer, is headquartered in London, Paris, and Tel Aviv. Many of the 100+ employees are ex-Mossad and ex-Shin Bet. The international advisory board is a who’s who in Israeli intelligence/espionage, military, corporate and academic institutions. It includes several former heads of Mossad and Brigadier Generals.

A contractor affiliated with Black Cube was caught….

Israeli surveillance software, Pegasus, is secretly installed in people’s cell phones to track their whereabouts, NSO groups. Jamal Kashoggi was tracked this way….

And there is the potential of Jared Kushner’s cell phone app being used to relay “targeting information” to the Saudi government- to kill Kashoggi… the “targeting information” would have included where he was located, how to do it, etc.

# Senate Bill 1 would punish Americans who criticize Israel…. This will be a criminal offense. Ron De Santos, Governor of Florida, is basically a lobbyist for Israel.

So you, a person, or a company will get on a blacklist if you criticize Israel. Zionism is becoming militant and it is using technology to harass, surveille, and destroy anyone who criticizes Israel. They will send Israeli spies to our countries to entrap us.

NSO (Pegasus spy software used to track opponents of Israel) in Israel… is a company valued at $1 billion. They develop and sell cyber attack tools. In 2007, a top Israeli spy stated that the IDS technological revolution has turned soldiers into bionic machines.

# AI and Cyber warfare are the new revolution in Israeli warfare.

# In last 10 years the world has shifted- 10 years ago, the top 10 corporations were energy companies. Now 7 out of 10 top companies are information companies. Data is the new oil. Israel is becoming the center for global information technology (IT). And this is by design.

#This is how Israel intends to be a superpower- to control the internet. Today, they are second only to the US in cyber technology.

From Netanyahu’s speech (1/29/19): “Big data, connectivity, artificial intelligence”…. Israel cyber industry… by 2017, Israel has 20% of global market share. This allows small countries to be big countries.

#Israel, has only 1 tenth of 1 percent of world population (0.1%). Israel and Zionism will dominate the world through technology. They will be the guardian of world wide web. Israel and the Unexpected New World Order.

So the NWO will = “the technocracy”- controlled by Russia, China, India, and Israel. This could include a new global currency. Israel will guard the invisible global currency. An AI-powered global brain run by Israel will be able to control global wealth.

#In his speech, Netanyahu claimed Israel is part of the “5 eyes” that spy on the world…. (The Five Eyes are US Canada, Great Britain, Australia, NZ)… and now Israel. “Israel is the second eye,” he noted. Israel’s NSA is called Unit 8200….. So Israel participates in sharing intelligence with all the Five Eyes nations. They have “cyber warriors.” Israel will have an information file on everyone. And through control of these technologies, they will be able to “erase” anyone who criticizes Israel. (ETK comment: Just like TIs are being erased.)

#Operation Talpiot: Created in 1979 by two Jewish professors. Talpiot is an elite training system- a hybrid of a corporation and an elite military unit- that has the dark budget of CIA…. = Israel’s DARPA with a military arm. Talpiot derives its name from Chap. 4, verse 4 of the Song of Solomon. Rabbis say Talpiot refers to “the Temple.”

Zionism is going global. The Zionist occupation is going global. Israel used the Palestinians (ETK: and “Targeted Individuals”?) to help refine these technologies. There has been an extremely militant advance of Zionism in recent months.

Technology allows Israel to rapidly expand around the world. They can create bots to control the world.

#Operation Talpiot was modeled on the Palo Alto Research Center. They are the top edge of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). This system produced the “iron dome” defense system that Israel uses. The system relies on a deep recruiting pool. American-Israeli dual citizens serve in Talpiot; They call themselves a think tank, but they are really a spy agency. There is tremendous infiltration of all parts of America by the Israelis.

Israeli-Americans with dual citizenship are very common, which produces a “revolving door” from country to country. Stanley Fischer went from the Governor of the Bank of Israel to Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Where is the loyalty of these dual citizens? They are embedded in top corporations and in government offices across America.

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      …… NOTHING said here has any value or makes a difference….

      …… Just want you ” LOSER AMERICANS ” to get use to being called ” LOSER AMERICANS ”
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      …… Lets not start off with my reality lets let you know … the narrative
      …… They imbellish you with is …. TRUMP IS ALIVE AND COMING BACK…..

      …… YOU SWALLOWIG THAT BULLSHIT… is as easy as it was to accept
      ….. Michele ROBINSON is a woman and gave birth to 2 daughters….

      …… In fact.. some may actually have to take a second to figure out who michele robinson is

      …. Until you figure out you have been played and have the where with all to maintain

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      Michele is Big Mike nuf said .

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      • Morgana Le Fay

        Actually, it isn’t that cut and dry, and conversion requirements depend on the denomination of Judaism you wish to join. Generally speaking, most rabbis will not convert anyone based on marriage or status of a spouse. However, in most cases anyone can become a convert of Judaism with sufficient study and counseling by a rabbi.

        That said, in terms of how this is passed on to the offspring; it passes through the matriarchal/mother’s side—which I think is what you’re referring to. If the mother is Jewish, her offspring are by default considered to be Jewish also, regardless of the husband’s status.

        • Morgana Le Fay

          (And trust me, there is just as much disagreement and squabbling about doctrine among Jewish denominations—perhaps even more—than there is between Christian denominations…..frankly, it’s ALL B/S if you ask me, and I say that as a ‘hereditary’ Jew myself.)

          • Morgana Le Fay

            Get this… great-grandmother was Jewish, but my grandmother converted to Catholicism. My mother is Protestant, yet according to Jewish law I’m still, by bloodline, considered Jewish, even though I’m Pagan…..Go figure……

            • Morgana Le Fay

              Hell, in reality, lots of you are probably Jews and aren’t even aware of it, for that matter. This likely includes many of you who insist on blaming Jews for all the evils of the world. Isn’t that poetic justice?!!

            • Tom Terrific

              You are very wrong Niether knowing the scripture nor the power thereof. Christ was clear on those that have the Faith of Abraham are true Yahudahs. You do not and are so are bnot a true Yahudah bot of the Synagogue if Satan.
              Nor are you a Daughter of Sara and all women who will be saved must be. You do not subject your self to Christ and his commands even breaking the command that woman are not allowed to teach, but I would wager you have never subject yourself to a husband and called him Lord as Paul specifieces you must. 1 Peter3:1 Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives; 2 While they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear. 3 Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; 4 But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price. 5 For after this manner in the old time the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection unto their own husbands: 6 Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well, and are not afraid with any amazement.

      • @OratorBlog Information Warrior

        The Evidence Presented by Fitzpatrick in his article is Established Fact. DJT is deeply tied to these Zionist Criminals and Traitors.

        You may chose to believe that he rose above that cesspool. But he has only deepened those ties.

        If you disagree, you should not just write all of this off.

        You should RESEARCH YOURSELF and Try to Disprove it.

        The Evidence is there, Ignore it at your own peril.

    • Olive

      MICHELLE IS Michael Robinson period. He went to OSU Oregon State University and not Princeton.
      He got on the football team because his brother is the coach at Oregon State University.
      He rented his friends kids to trick people into thinking he is a woman. :mrgreen:
      Everything else is a lie.

    • James

      I doubt it. I don’t believe a word of this. Perhaps you should be more concerned with the green New Deal and the stolen election by dumbass and his cohorts who after they stole the election are doing everything they can to steal the children in case you haven’t noticed.

    • SnakeEyes40

      Not buying this bs for one minute.

    • KingOfTheCamp

      What you all need to realize is government is an immoral institution, ran by immoral pieces of trash that are so immoral they WANT TO RULE OVER YOU! Ah the grand plantation where the house slaves sit and cheer and further their own demise with every passing election.

      and the entire population doesn’t get, and I’m not talking America, I’m talking the planet.

    • Flipper 118

      Yeah well if Trump was with them then why are they trying to kill him and why is he desecrated in the media.?
      I read all about his Zionist Russian jewish mafia kingpins who bought up Trump Tower properties to money launder criminal funds through Trump real estate in 2018. What has taken you geniuses so long to come out with the that?
      Still not buying into it. He is cleaning up the swamp and all you truthers are paid by the swamp.

      • @OratorBlog Information Warrior

        That is How Controlled Opposition works.

        As we can see, DJT Did Not Drain The Swamp.

        The United States was Handed Over to the Deep State Globalists in a bow tie.

        • JoeXiden

          I disagree

      • Tom Terrific

        Orator is right. Do you believe they really can’t make a shot from a Helicopter like they claim happen at Mara largo? There is even a consumer rifle that can help a novice make a shot like that. Do you believe they had no access to weapons that could have penetrated the window like 20mm Chain gun for starts.
        These story are to make you feel sorry for trump and think of him as a suffering hero. Just like Pro wrestling does. BTW Trump has some experience with pro wrestling Look what Jesse Ventura recently said.
        He pretends to be at odds with Mark Cuban but Mark is a fellow Knights Templar Mason. That is not allowed if it were real but it is not.
        Flipper most were fooled for a while at one time. No one thinks it means you are dumb for falling for it but look into it with a clear mind because the things you believe even affect your salvation.

    • laughnow123

      Icke has always been a liar. I would never be stupid enough to believe anything he produces.

    • I’m not gonna take it…

      Have you sat down with Trump and asked him these questions. Or did you just write this article out like a bill in a China shop. Trey have been planing all of this for 50 years. There would not be careless mistakes in this stig. It is showing you ca’t wait to jump in there with some news you found. Ou don’t know if it is a plant trap by the white hats or the black hats.

      I noticed that your publisher or whoever worked up your video was a N Nelson or similar
      The round table you did with Juan and his people had the same name on it. Or one of the videos you did.

      Plain Kim is a witch. She might be wiki and they practice good magic. But it is not of God. And they do use spells to tie dow things for bad purposes. You don’t trust any of the devils workers, unless you are one as well. God Jehovah my Father who I enjoy spending time with, and he loves me, has said all these evil spirits will be removed from the earth when he is finished. There are levels of torture in hell. Perhaps it is something you should think about.

      God anointed David to be King over Israel. David wasn’t always perfect but he had a heart
      after God. My Bible say to touch not HIS anointed and do them no harm.

      Buddy you all just put a huge target on your back. If you were to go after me, I may not be as popular as Trump… but you would suffer greatly. We are all surrounded by angels. If you could see with some spiritual eyes the protection Trump has surrounding…

      • Morgana Le Fay

        (….you’ve got to be joking…) Yes, I’m sure if you sit down and ask Trump whether he’s been engaged in corrupt and criminal activities, he’s going to give you an honest and forthright answer. HE’S A BILLIONAIRE BUSINESS TYCOON AND A FREAKING POLITICIAN, FOR CHRIST’S SAKE :!:

        • Morgana Le Fay

          People don’t acquire the level of wealth and power he has by being ‘virtuous and honest’, that’s for damn sure.

          • Morgana Le Fay

            (At least not on this planet)

          • left8ntright

            If you are intellectually honest, you will have to admit that Trump is probably the most vetted person on this planet, They have been looking for a skeleton to hang him with since he came down the escalator.

            I do believe that God anointed Trump to do a job but what convinces me my faith is not misplaced: What Trump is walks right beside him, he doesn’t pretend to be someone he isn’t. And what seals the deal is the people who hate Trump and have been attacking him for years are the worst pieces of shit on the planet. That makes his resume bullet proof to me.

            • HypothesisFree

              What is it about Trump admitting that he is a Satanist on video and in a photo session, and that he is a Kabbala Zionist = Satanist, and that this represents EVERYTHING he believes in, THAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND?

              - /new-world-order/2018/11/your-vote-is-a-hate-crime-8235.html

          • Tom Terrific

            As much as it pains me I will stand for the truth if it sounds like I agree with you. Mt 19: 23Then said Yahusha unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. 24And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of YHVH.
            False preacher try to soften this and lie about this but Christ meant exactly what he said.
            Also so Trump is a Baphomet worshiping Knight of the Templar. The highest level York Rite (Islam) Mason
            Many of you worship Trump I am afraid.

    • Morgana Le Fay

      ….uh oh….someone addressed the “no-no” topic and hit a nerve, predictably bringing out the Trumple-Gooch/MAGA Cult screaming in droves. All the above information aside, there are PLENTY of indisputable atrocities your beloved Savior gifted you with. But I guess it’s more convenient for you fools to memory-hole and ignore the health and economic devastation of the last 890+ days—ALL initiated by Trump via Operation Warp Speed—and excuse his ongoing promotion of his death-jabs isn’t it??? And don’t forget the cardinal rule of thumb: presidents ALWAYS do the most damage during their second terms when they don’t have to worry about running again….AND YOU IMBECILES WILL DESERVE EVERY BIT OF IT if he manages to get reelected!!! Unfortunately, it’ll also impact those of us that didn’t drink the kool-aid.

      • Morgana Le Fay

        Yes, yes….I know/agree Biden and the Democratic candidates aren’t any better, but in this case it’s really a moot point to argue that you’re voting for the “lesser of two evils”. Since third-party candidates are disenfranchised and there’s no real pushback by the masses demanding they be given equal platforms in our corrupt system; it truly is a question of whether you want to take ‘Train A’ or Train B’ to hell.

        • Morgana Le Fay

          (Even that decision is basically moot, considering there seems to be little incentive to fix our corrupt/rigged voting system, which in reality will NEVER be fixed as long as mail-in ballots and electronic voting machines are utilized, and so many states continue not requiring voter ID.

        • Tom Terrific

          Close Morg, If you vote for a lesser evil you still sin by consenting to evil and you give them power YHVH would not have granted them over you had you stood in the true faith and not consented to either. All things work together for good to those that love YHVH. Those that obey him will see the destruction of the wicked but not be touched by it.
          Honestly I hate to see this in a way but I know YHVH is not unjust but merciful and those that ill fall are not in fact innocents. There is no such as all kids go to heaven but I sure do hope for something for these horribly abused kids. But Yah got this. He don’t need me me telling him what to do. No Cap. (a bone I throw to the young people. lol) I just need to do what he tells me to do. Pray should change me not Yah.

      • JoeXiden

        Get lost

    • DON ROBER>to

      {” First of all, 4th of JULY 1776 was not a INDEPENCE DAY….Another DEPENDENCE-DAY, to tie up white and black SERVI=SLAVE=THING=Person=PERSON, as PRODUCTS of the INCORPORATIONS who are trading these BONDS, BIRTHCERIFICATES, WASTE-PRODUCTS and CAPITALS, Human Beings, marked as the BEASTS MR.&MRS.JOHN DOE, signed the contracts by the MOTHER, when she delivered the Baby!!! To become a new Person; PERSON!!!!!!! on their private commercial MARKETS to gain all their ACCOUNTS at the DEP. of the TREASURY. That’s FACT. CoVID19 stands for CERITIFICATE of VACCINATION ID- EDENTIFICATION BOND, a new ACCOUNT, with the SOCIAL-CREDIT-GREEN CARD…so the PRODUCT-MODIFICATION. 19 stands for 19 AD the beginning of the PLANDEMIC-installed HATE against Jewish Christians in ROM, when The ROMAN EMPORERER TIBERIUS started the SEPARATION = divoc= hebrew. Some as SOLDIERS some into the COLLOSEUMS as ENTERTAINMENT-SACRIFICATION to ISIS, AMUN RA and EL BA’AL !!! S.P.Q.R Senatus Populusque Romanorum. The “que” stands for “ von” “for” a private commercial Corporation, which controls the Plebs=Folks, Town of , Country of , Land of , Nation of , Continents of and the entire OCEAN, called HIGH SEA !!! The beginning of the ongoing indoctrinated hate against all Jewish People, especially the CHISTIANS one. The ongoing of the BELIEVE-BUSINESS-LIAR-ENTERTAINMENT–BOOK called BIBLIA, BUT, still containing truth and reality, but this took place 2000 years before the NEW CALENDAR= BOOK-KEEPING-BILLING-PAYMENTS-DATA-CONCEPT. FRY-DAY=PAYDAY, SAT AN DAY, SUN-DAY BOOTY-DAY for the EMPERORS was installed, to control us,…”]..

    • DON ROBER>to

      [“ ii)…Today called PAPAM and PRESIDENTS, CHANCELLORS of private commercial INCs CORPs Ltds GmbHs LLCs ORGs AGs a.s.o. The 33°Scottih Rite and Apollyon Fanatist is as all other PRESIDENTS BUSINESSMEN and ILO AGENTS under the hood of the FREEMASONS, ILLUMINATI, ZIONISM of the DeepState and ZIONISM BANKSTERS of OPPENHEIMERS-ROTHSCHILDS-WARBURGS-DuPonts, GOLDMAN-SAXA a.s.o and BLACK NOBILITY and the sell this WAR against us Human Beings as their TRADE-WAR !!! …Look into the INAUGURATION-SPEECH 2017, when ALL CONTRACTS and CHAIN SUPPLY MANAGEMENT PLANS has been contracted by WHOM??? TRUMP and the RABBIS…and who was speaking after him…MARVIN HIER of the WIESENTHAL-FOUNDATION and a BISHOP of the ROMAN CATHOLIC ( old teunonian Word for devilish) CHURCH. Who was SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL?? 33°ScottishRite, one of the admost active WAR-CREATOR of WW 1 as CONTRACTOR of the ZIONISM and the BANKSTERS. So, app 100.000 active non-christian-JUDEAE-SEMITS called Jewish big Families are controlling the UNITED STATES INC. of America. And all other seven Continents, in many documents is proven manifested, that DONALD DRUMPF does have non-christian Judeae-Roots and following 119% their TERMS of CONDITIONS,…otherwise, he would not be placed in the private commercial INC. Corporation, called WHITE HOUSE, which is on a private commercial property called Washington D.C as the private commercial Property of the CITY of Rome INC. CITY of London INC. both are belonging to the VATICAN STATE INC. a private commercial FAMILY-BUSINESS, represented by the JESUITS, with the PRESIDENT, called PAPAM…wholyshit…”]…

    • DON ROBER>to

      [“ iii)… The JESUITS and the ILLUMINATI do have their roots by ADAM WESIHAUPT 1776 !!!! jaja DEPENDENCE DAY, where SLAVERYBONDS has been new organized. It doesn’t matter, in which Country CHANCELLORS or PRESIDENTS are placed by the FREEMASONS, out of their ALLSeyingEye DELTA PYRAMIDE, they all are sworn in to install their PRODUCTS NWO™ and EUROPE™ to become UNO Org. INC. NAEU-EURABIA-EURASIA. G-O-D ROCKEFELLER-OPPENHEIMER-ROTHSCHILDs….secret CAPITOL is NUR SULTAN in KHASACHSTAN…investigate in the KATARS !! So ILO-AGENT PUTIN GOLDEN EURASIA and ROYAL ARCH MASONBROTHER( PATRIARCHY) and ILO AGENT of the 33°ScottishRite do have very good private and commercial relationships…but TRUMP is with his Family, via IVANKA KUSHNER but still keeping the name TRUMP..why?? And her kids are unwillingly converted to the JUDEA-ZIONISM…So…is there anyone who still believe, that this PERSON TRUMPF aka DRUMPF will turn the RUDDER of this PSEUDO-TITANIC-PIRATE-SHIP into the given promises : >> WEEEEEEE wanna make Peace with all Nations WEEEEEEE are in WAR with……<> 4th IND.REVOLUTION<< is in Prep. Because it stands for the 4th JISRAELIAN-BABYLONEN ONE-WORLD-EMPIRE by the ZIONISM and its FREEMASONS BIG-FAMILES, which declares the 5 Elements as their private owned CAPITAL Give me Five VVV WEEEEE OWN YA SERVI-now digitalized---MARK OF THE BEASTS…..explained in the REVELATION. Uhps !!!! “]

    • DON ROBER>to

      [" Entschuldigung.....there are some tiping-finger-push-errors in this thoughts of all about :
      ADAM W E I S H A U P T is the correct name..... and S.P.Q.R the Q stands for the word o f UNITED STATES INC. of America.. or FEDERAL REPUBLIC of ......GOVERNMENT DU.....and please investigate on why all seven continents are totally controlled by the US-MUNICIPAL-GOVERNMENT CORPORATIONS and in look for governmental Gmbs, like SPD GmbH CDU GmbH .....all so called PARTIES world wide are private commercial INC.s. Ltd.s LLC. and of course with offshore-MAILBOXES !!! And e.g "D " and DE" stands not for DEUTSCHLAND / GERMNANY, noap, stands for DELAWARE, where all CORPORATIONS are reigistered and there are no legal elections, nowhere. Because we are not sovereign and freee living beings anymore. We just believe that, exept, if you have made your declaration that you are a living being and be untouchable...look cestui que vie act from 1666 !!!!! A Person; PERSON THING, PRODUCT of the CORPORATIONS in the so called Nations, can not vote non and nothing. Your spoon can not vote, in which brown stinky soup someone is putting in....or can your Truck make a decision to get stucked in the deepest brown mud, someone is riding it in with black smoking exhaust-pipes??? You see, MR&MRS JOHN DOE are just PRODUCTS of the CORPORATIONS....SLAVES. SERVI doing well organized SERVICES as AGENTS or EMPLOYEES of COMPANIES...labeld with NUMBERS and TITLES."]

    • left8ntright

      The only thing you have convinced me of is that you’re an anti-semite. I know thaa Zionists are not the Jews that are God’s people, but you paint all Jews with the same brush.

    • @OratorBlog Information Warrior

      This History of Donald Trump is 100% PROVEN.


      President Trump’s undying support for Israel is an Established Fact.

      His own words Prove That.

      The Abraham Accords have Paved the way for Isreal, China, Russia and All of the Mid East to Dominate Global Trade. A BETRAYAL of US interests. DEAL WITH IT.


      Trump has done nothing but help and cover for Israel. His Cabinet was Full of Zionist Traitors.

      Trump has handed over Secret US Military Operations to Israel.

      8f you do not think that is a problem, you are Brain Dead.

      No one was a bigger supporter of DJT than I was.. But time has Proven that when it Really Matters he has done Everything to Enable The Great Reset. Not the least being the COVID PLANDEMIC and Vax Genocide.

      HE 100% Supported 5G, AI, and the Internet of Things.

      President Trump never achieved ANYTHING of Permanent Benefit to the USA.

      How the Biden Puppet Regime has branch us to the Brink of Destruction in 2 years Proves that is True.

      President Trump did Not Restore our Republic. Now things are Worse Than Ever.

      If you turn you head and cast a Blind Eye to all of President Trump’s Failures you are Naive.

      If you Ignore how Compromised by Israels Back Stabbing, you are a Fool.

      • JBC4

        No you are easily manipulated, just like those who follow the MSM. Grown adults living on superstition and innuendo.. Geez. Ya’ll sound like those people who lived isolated from the world for thousands of years who have not even learned to make fire.

        Soooooo. Bogey orange man bad…. He knows people who are Jewish (Lawd forbid!) and even has some in his family!! Oh that just HAS to mean he is doing bad things….scary scary. And and…Russia…russia!! (Doesn’t matter the whole Russia hoax has been debunked)…He should never
        have stepped foot onto any foreign soil, lest he be a “traitor”! He should never invest in real estate outside the contiguous 48 states of the U S. He and Putin must be in bed together with those Jewish oligarchs…how do we know? Because he once took a picture with one of them!!! How dare he! (I once took a picture of me with the Princess of Sweden…so I must be a reptilian!) In fact, I heard he had dinner with a couple of oligarchs over the decades….how dare he!! That just PROVES he is a Rothschild illuminati reptile!!

        Grow up, people. There are REAL bogeymen out there and they DO have sophisticated, complex organizations they use to steal from good, hardworking people and they do want to cull the population and enslave the rest. But Trump is NOT one of them. Don’t believe publicity hound Ickes and the other anti-semitic nuts, unless you like being a useless tool of the fools.

    • @OratorBlog Information Warrior

      Patriots have been blinded by the Words of President Trump.

      I was blinded as well.

      But in the end it is the Deeds and Actions that count. Not the words.

      These are some of the Many FAILURES of DJT

      I Challenge You to justify all of this:

      If You Still Fully Support President Trump, I Challenge You To Answer These Questions. Top 36 Failures of President Trump That Everyone Needs to Understand
      Friday, April 29, 2022


      Dane Wigington says All Life Will Die in about 2 years if Chem Trails do not Stop. DJT never even called them out.

      President Trump could have Ended False Flag Attacks and Propaganda with a stroke of the pen, just by Reversing what Obama did to the Smith Mundt Act. He Did Not.

      No one has done more than DJT to Move the Great Reset forward.

      President Trump is Helping Our Enemies to Create the WEF Great Reset 4th Industrial Revolution, 5G, Internet of Things/Internet of Bodies and mRNA Digital ID Wireless Tracking Transhuman Agenda Sunday, October 24, 2021


      Are you just going to turn your head away from this?

      Absolute Proof President Trump is Directly Responsible for Launching the Global Pandemic and mRNA Vax Operation. 12 Top Failures of DJT to Protect We The People. Sorry, The Truth Hurts Me to the Extreme as Well
      Tuesday, November 23, 2021


      • Daughter of the Church

        Agree that “Patriots have been blinded by the Words of President Trump.” and I too. I was jubilant when by early morning (in the French Riviera) I learned the night time results in the USA.
        I had no doubt that President Trump was for real, because no normal man could ever do the opposite of what he had sworn to do. The doubt came a few months later when the US Navy bombed Syria. Then, how come Hillary was not chased by a “special prosecutor?”.
        So, former President Donald Trump is a traitor sold to Zion. He is doing the bidding for the controlled demolition of the United States of America, as if been a vulgar son of immigrant, still considering himself ‘just a visitor’. This is what comes from this piece in my naïve mind. Then there is a hurdle. The Donald is a sacred cow. He has so much convinced the Patriots, that President Trump has them all not ‘blinded’ only but corralled. Corralled for what? Use your imagination, and then get drunk with strong Tennessee Whisky, because the day after is not going to be rosy, and I am not talking of the simple handover… according to this piece.

        A recap on this comment by ‘@OratorBlog Information Warrior’. He is right. President Donald Trump is controlled opposition for the task corralling the Patriots, while letting the enemies loot our goods, strengthen our (conventional) enemy, which conventional (cannot name it) enemy is busy making a new empire to the detriment of the USA.

        If I may bring a simpler ground for…

      • Daughter of the Church

        - – - continuation – - -

        If I may bring a simpler ground for suspicion that The Donald is not as straight as he claims. It is recent. It is the ‘FBI Raid’. If the ‘Heroic Patriot’, ‘the savior of the children against the predators’ got “all the evidences confiscated by the FBI”, it is because The Donald did not really wished to use those ‘incriminating evidences’ against the sex-blackmail mafia. The Donald, while denouncing the pedophiles, is truly protecting them by having never efficiently gone after them since 2018. So he got Jeffrey & his girl-friend, please give me a break! The Donald has never been sincere at going after the big criminals, and so it is for all the rest. Now, since ‘his files’ seem to have been ‘confiscated’. How convenient.

        Sorry folks, but I might offend many. That is what happen when crossing a sacred cow. The Donald is regarded as an icon of ‘Patriotism’, but is he really? As POTUS #45, he as continued what POTUS #44 was doing, except for a little window-dressing. Then he has permitted the fraudulent ‘election’ of POTUS #46, who is senile, while Obama is the one running the show.
        I know one thing for sure: He is a fake Christian.

        • FortheloveofGod

          Most Christians are fakes
          They break every commandment and they pollute their temple horribly.
          They live in a beast system with Zero problem, using cell phones and a satanic health care system.
          They guzzle those drugs like candy and jab themselves and their kids with poisons.
          They march lockstep to movie theaters that show demonic entertainment, like MARVEL.
          So Yes Most Modern Christians are fakes at best.
          Stop assuming you are any better than anyone else ok, because you obviously are Not.
          Modern churches have been captured by Satan because their leaders allowed it.

    • Godeschalk

      Warning to the authors:
      When you put out a documentary or make certain statements not only do you release information about the subject matter and in the case of subject characters information on those characters but information on yourself.
      When the “chips” fall many authors will find themselves in a difficult situation where they have confirmed themselves as traitors or patriots and will receive the appropriate metered justice depending on the victor of this war.
      Adopting a stance where you desire to get “click-bait” may, in the end cost you your life.

    • 7th-4of10


      But the main issue the New Republic……what I wanted….where is it ????

    • thatdogwillbite

      Ok great! Maybe all the genius he-men zionist haters we hear so much from can put their pointy heads together and come up with a “final solution” for these pesky world subjugating mossad/zionist/ elitist/jews but if all you can do is tell us how bad they are and how the world is fucked then shut the fuck up we all are aware of it tell us something we don’t know. Stating a known problem without presenting a possible course of action to address the issue is like pissing into the wind. Worthless.

    • 7th-4of10


      Federal Reserve …Fed Income Tax…IRS…Constitutional Law…Safe Elections…Currency backed by gold….No sold birth certs…No

      aggressive gov. military actions…..6,000 patents…No nuclear-powered weaponry !!

      Lost …… Gone…… Not forgotten !!!!!!!!


    • Deplorable Maximus

      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Truth Liberty Justice

      At this point – a Stroll down the memory lane is well, BS— THE PEOPLE RUNNING THIS SHIT SHOW HAVE ZERO MORAL COMPASS, IT IS BROKEN, THEY DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT PEOPLE AMERICANS — FUCK THIS, THEY HAVE ZERO REASON TO END IT EITHER — FUCK THIS SHIT SHOW – THEY WORK FOR THE NEW HIDDEN HAND AGENDA GROOMING EVERYONE TO PLACE DESANTIS HAS LONG BEEN THE PLAN–he is cool hand luke playing a role in the movie – working to cover up and not working to the: the betterment of humanity if he does so……………………

      Desantis of ALL people should know about the fraud the DMED DATA AND BE THE ONE BRINGING TO FULL ATTENTION TO PUBLIC YET HASNT SAID SHIT–SO TWO WINGS SAME BIRD HERE WE GO AGAIN– SO we need attorney Thomas Renz to tell us???? wtf


      EXCEPT FOR THIS IN THIS MOVIE/REALITY GODFATHER OF THE JAB AND HIS MINIONS HAVE KILLED 12X MORE THAN THE VIETNAM WAR DID!!!! ON AMERICAN SOIL!!!! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! 1st degree premeditated murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU KNEW ABOUT ITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

    • pirategal62

      What a bunch of losers, putting this bullshit disinformation out. and anyone who believes this shit is a loser too.

    • Justin Case

      So the guy that says the Royal family in England is made up of shape shifting reptilian aliens, has all the”proof” about Trump. Yeah right…..

    • Anonymous

      This is an excellent report that needs to come out as Trump train was never vetted really until now. What a shame that the world is so duped into such stupidity by their own emotions. I hope this wakes us up all the way and to never get caught again in this evil. Maybe that is too much to hope for. But I would love to have real conversations again, politeness and humans living in the heart energy as was meant to be in the first place.

    • truthseeker4809

      Some people may not like this information. But it makes sense. The question is do we have other choice than Trump at this point to turn around the republic? There are levels of truth and nobody really knows the entire truth. I think the core of the problem was in the decline of Christianity in the 1980 as the most powerful Christian evangelicals went down by the disgraceful rumors and actions. Now the death cult that has been dormant in the shadow become active and control the entire society. It involves Catholicism, Judaism, Jesuits, Secret Societies, Illuminati, Free Masons etc. These are the same old remnant religious practices of Egyptian dead mummy culture. The dominant priest groups in Egyptian society imposed strict secrecy to lower class people so that they can take advantage of all the wealth and prestige of the Egyptian dynasty. It was a hell on earth. Of course such society can not last forever. It was a miracle it lasted thousands of years. The core of the problem in theological problem is that humans reincarnate over and over but the Egyptian death cult did not accept the truth and insisted life belongs in the body and they spent humongous amount of resources to decorate the useless corpse to make mummy. It was literally the Death Cult. The poor people can not afford to make such an exorbitant mummy for their dead body which represents their lower and meaningless class. The modern capitalistic society replaced that mummy made of dead body with money that they…

    • Anonymous

      Blockbuster – Susan Bradford On The FBI Mar-A-Lago Raid And Trump’s Relationship With Jack Abramoff – 8/25/22 (Audio – 46 mins)

    • g77enn

      Icke is a freemason. Watch his handshakes on Youtube when interviewed by newsmen of old.

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