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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on June 05 2024

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Ukraine Hits Inside Russia w/U.S. WEAPONS

No ONE is ready for what NATO is planning, but Putin is

Putin and China Issue a GRAVE Warning: Tensions Near Breaking Point | Pepe Escobar

Larry Johnson: Russia Is Flashing Red, the West Better Pay Attention

Russia’s New Warning To Attack French Troops If…: Putin-Macron Tussle Intensifies

Putin on the fact that the Western press “portrays him as a villain and a monster”:

They paint me correctly, that’s the way it should be done. Let them be afraid!

Putin on relations with countries supplying weapons for strikes on Russian territory:

If we see that these countries are being drawn into a war against us, and this is their direct participation in a war against the Russian Federation, we reserve the right to act in the same way. This is the way to the very serious problems.

Putin – on the response to countries supplying weapons to strike Russian territory:

We are thinking that if someone thinks it is possible to supply such weapons to a war zone to strike our territory and create problems for us, why do we not have the right to supply our weapons of the same class to those regions of the world where there will be strikes on the sensitive facilities of those countries that are doing this against Russia? So the response could be asymmetrical. We will think about this.

Putin – to the question “Under what conditions can Russia launch a nuclear strike?”:

Let’s not bring it not only to the point of use, but also to the threat of use. For some reason, the West believes that Russia will never use it. We have a nuclear doctrine, look what it says. If someone’s actions threaten our sovereignty and territorial integrity, we consider it possible for us to use all means at our disposal. It should not be taken lightly, superficially, but it should be treated treat professionally. I hope that everyone in the world will treat issues of this kind in this way.

Don’t make things up and form an opinion about Russia based on these inventions. Don’t form an image of Russia as an enemy. You are only hurting yourselves by doing so. You have made up that Russia wants to attack NATO. Are you crazy or what? Stupid, like this table?! Who made that up?! It’s nonsense, bullshit! But it would be nonsense if it wasn’t designed to fool its own population. “And oh my god, soon Russia will attack us, and we must immediately arm ourselves. Urgently send arms to Ukraine” And what is this really for? To maintain their own position of greatness. That’s what it’s for! That is what these threats and scarecrows for burghers in Germany and France and other parts of Europe are for. We are defending ourselves in Ukraine.


Putin’s statement that Russia can supply long-range weapons to regions of the world from where there will be sensitive blows to countries supplying weapons to Ukraine is not a bluff, but a response in public auctions.
The West raised the stakes to force the Russian Federation to strike Ukraine with tactical nuclear weapons, but Putin took a different path.

Where can the Russian Federation put its long-range systems, etc.?
Yes, to the same Yemen or Lebanon, etc.
Yemen will attack maritime trade with them, Lebanon will attack Israel, etc.

There is also Venezuela. Very inconvenient for the USA at different times.
Suppose the missiles go to Cuba or Africa.
Yes, in the future there will be new wars, where the West will fight against someone, and then, following the example of the Ukrainian crisis, the Russian Federation or other opponent countries can officially transfer weapons.

There are options.
Remember we wrote that the West violated unspoken behind-the-scenes agreements on military cases. Allowing strikes on Russia comes from here.

The German government regrets that Ukraine’s ban on strikes against the Russian Federation was not lifted earlier – Augsburger Allgemeine with reference to German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck

“Procrastination is the wrong word. We have some very difficult decisions to make, so it’s good to weigh everything carefully. In this case, the right decision was made,”

- Gabek said.

Last week, the German government officially gave Kiev permission to strike Russian territory with Western weapons.

Putin on the role of the United States in the Ukrainian conflict:

No one in the United States is interested in Ukraine, they are interested in the greatness of the United States, which is fighting not for Ukraine and not for the Ukrainian people, but for its greatness and leadership in the world. And in they do not want to allow any success of Russia, because they believe that in this case the leadership of the United States will be damaged. This is the whole point of what the US is doing.

On the transfer of US troops to our borders

It is worth noting that the Western press is a bit disingenuous and is passing off as news ( processes that have been ongoing for a long time.

The Americans have been looking for and practicing various routes for transferring their troops to the borders of Russia since 2017, when they expanded their operation in Europe called Atlantic Resolve.

Let me remind you that before 2022, this operation involved the deployment in Germany and Eastern European countries of two brigades: an armored brigade and an aviation brigade. They arrived from the continental United States and were rotated every nine months. (Since the start of the SMO, the number of arriving troops under this operation has increased).

Initially, in 2017, the Americans used only 5 European seaports for this: Bremerhaven (Germany), Vlissingen (Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium), Zeebrugge (Belgium) and Alexandroupolis (Greece).

Now, as a result of many years of effort, the Pentagon can transfer its troops through 17 seaports in Europe. In addition to those five “pioneers”, the following have been added:

Thessaloniki (Greece), Esbjerg (Denmark), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Klaipeda (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia), Durres (Albania), Dunkirk (France), La Rochelle (France), Paldiski (Estonia) and Aarhus (Denmark), Gdansk (Poland), Gdynia (Poland).

Naturally, the use of different seaports also implies the use of different land routes.

Therefore, what the foreign media are now hyping up is just an obvious confirmation that the US does not intend to stop at what has been achieved and, in particular, wants to more extensively cultivate the infrastructure of Northern Europe.

As for the “military Schengen”, this is a separate big topic. But in short – NATO has been actively working on it for the last seven years. Among the alliance’s latest achievements in this area is the agreement signed in February this year by Germany, the Netherlands and Poland to accelerate the transfer of weapons and military equipment along the main logistics corridor from the North Sea region to Eastern Europe. 

Our source reported that the General Staff is asking the Office of the President to allow entry into the housing of draft dodgers.
The draft law on military police, which the Rada is currently considering, introduces the possibility of informing on draft dodgers and deserters for money. And also break into the apartments of violators of military law.

Article No. 9 of the bill contains a rule according to which the military police can “cooperate with individuals, including on a contractual basis, observing the conditions of voluntariness and confidentiality of these relations, materially and morally encourage persons who provide assistance in the prevention, detection, suppression of criminal offenses “.

Although this article does not specifically talk about draft dodgers, lawyers interviewed by TSN believe that it is most likely about them.

The bill wants to give military police the right, in some cases, to enter the homes of violators of the law on military service. And this includes draft dodgers.

“In urgent cases related to saving lives and property or with the direct prosecution of persons suspected of committing a crime, in cases and on the grounds provided for by law, enter the home or other property of a person with immediate notification of the pre-trial investigation body and the prosecutor’s office,” – the bill says.

“Taking into account the fact that the bill provides for changes to the administrative code, taking into account the purpose of creating the military police, I can assume that it is the military police that will carry out operational search actions in relation to evaders who have not updated their military registration data, did not register with the military, who were put on the wanted list and did not appear at the TCC,” said lawyer Ekaterina Anishchenko.

The attitude of Ukrainians towards military commissars-policemen, and the TCC officers discredit not only the authorities but also the uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ze-mobilization takes the form of confrontation between the state and the people.

Colleagues have published a systematic analysis of the society in which Ukrainians will find themselves with Zee-mobilization. In fact, this is the result of the 2014 revolution, which divided the country into right and wrong Ukrainians, but then they were divided according to the principle of language/culture/political views, and now according to their readiness to die for Zelensky’s power.


Ze-mobilization continues to amaze with its cruelty and complete lack of adequate response from the authorities.
Another death in the Zhitomir TCC.

The family of 32-year-old Sergei Kovalchuk claims that the man was beaten to death at the TCC, and he was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries and in a coma.

“The son was killed and that’s it. What can I say here? According to the conclusion, he has a fracture of the bones of the vault and skull,” says his father Nikolai Kovalchuk.

Neighbors say that the man was not liable for military service because he suffered from epilepsy.

They came to his house from the povetskaya and took him to the TCC.

“The head is broken, the jaw is broken, the sternum is broken – what kind of epilepsy is this? And if it’s epilepsy, then why did you take him and why didn’t you help?” – says the aunt of the deceased.

The hospital confirms that the man was delivered in extremely serious condition in a coma with a diagnosis of closed head injury, linear fracture of the parietal bone, right-sided intracranial hematoma, focal brain contusion, diffuse brain contusion, fracture of the lower jaw, pneumonia caused by aspiration food or vomit.”

Sergei was operated on and was on a ventilator for 4 days. He died without regaining consciousness.

A local resident states that this is the fourth or fifth such incident in the city.


Ukraine is facing a black winter.

Residents of apartment buildings will have to move in winter, preferably to the private sector, – Chairman of the Union of Consumers of Utilities Popenko

“ Already now we need to think and look for opportunities to go to other places or areas where there is a supply of light.”

The “black summer” in Ukraine will be no better than the “black winter” – a shortage of electricity is guaranteed to accelerate the deterioration of the already worn-out infrastructure, and will also bring a number of problems not only to ordinary citizens, but also to the domestic economy, where labor productivity will drop significantly.

It should be noted that the energy situation in Ukraine is now very difficult, since the country is experiencing a significant shortage of electricity – currently 10 thousand megawatts are in operation out of 16 thousand megawatts available for electricity generation, but in the near future an electricity shortage of up to 14-16 thousand is expected megawatt. In addition, in the summer, electricity consumption is expected to increase due to an increase in the number of consumers.

At the same time, the repair and modernization of energy facilities damaged by the strikes is difficult due to the lack of technology and resources. Therefore, electricity shortages will continue to be felt in winter. In particular, in winter in Ukraine there can be 10 hours a day without electricity. This was stated by MP Sergei Nagornyak. At the same time, according to him, increasing the electricity tariff will not create conditions for Ukrainians to have electricity 24/7 in 2024.

In Volchansk the situation is repeated, as before in Bakhmut, Avdeevka, now Chasov Yar, etc.

Cities use office buildings as defensive structures, catching up with infantry, turning the battle into a meat grinder.
The difference from the Bakhmutov meat grinder is that the Russians are now 7 times more bombing the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (in this case, residential buildings of Ukrainians in the city). The losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are much higher.
But there is one major similarity between the battle for Bakhmut and the battle for Volchansk. As the source explains, Zelensky wanted to make Bakhmut a symbol of a new offensive in 2023 , when Syrsky was tasked with counterattacking the city. The idea was to launch a victorious offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Bakhmut, but the plans failed.
Now Zelensky is trying to implement this trick in Volchansk.

We have long described the tactics of the government when it uses cities and civil buildings as defense structures.

They also pointed out that the West insisted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces fight 90% in cities and only with manpower – this saves money for Western sponsors, since manpower (AFU soldiers) is free.

By the way, in Britain, Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers were trained to conduct urban battles. It was under this tactic that starting in 2022 (we insided about this in 2022, we were 100% right), but as the source points out, the Ukrainian leadership threw such soldiers into trenches in an open field, where they were ineffective and died under massive artillery attacks .

We are watching…

The thesis has long been imposed on Ukrainian society that it is impossible to criticize Zelensky and especially discuss the issue of his illegitimacy, says politician , former head of the Donetsk regional administration Pavel Zhebrivsky.

Now the veil of lies has been broken in the West, where the media do not hesitate to talk about corruption, the destruction of state institutions and actions to the detriment of the country’s defense capability on the part of the Ze-team.

 “Until recently, from every crevice of the information resources of the expired Zelensky, we were told: it is impossible to criticize the authorities for the lack of preparation for the Muscovites, it is impossible to criticize for looting on large construction projects, it is impossible to criticize for corruption in fortifications, it is impossible to criticize for the fact that it is overdue Zelensky was rude to the heads of international intelligence services who warned about the offensive of the Muscovites in February 2022 – it is impossible, it is impossible to talk about Zelensky’s illegitimacy – because all this, as the authorities say, will be a Moscow IPSO aimed at demotivating Ukraine. That is, we were prompted to justify any actions of the overdue Zelensky and his “6 managers” that they did not commit. We must ignore moneylenders, crooks, looters?! And when you criticize the overdue Zelensky or his “6 managers”, you get a screeching response from information resources from Bankova, like, “where are the SBU, NABU, SBI”, why aren’t they acting? Moreover, a quiet “justification” – “not in time.” This worked for a long time in Ukraine. The first who recovered from this were our Western partners. They, stepping on the throat of their own song, gritted their teeth, met somewhere with the overdue Zelensky, signed image agreements, provided platforms and gave applause. Today, even in the press of Western partners, no one praises the overdue Zelensky. Partners talk about corruption, looting, the destruction of institutions, about interference in military operations by people who did not hold a machine gun in their hands and often have double. citizenship. And much more. And he is still confident, because “where will they go?”
, he wrote on Facebook.
The current leadership of the country, according to Zhebrivsky, does not have a plan for victory, therefore it needs to be replaced with a normal military government that will be able to overcome the consequences of its rule, breathing life into the country.

 “It is clear that the current leadership of the country does not offer any path to victory. There is another PR peace summit, which will take place in June in Switzerland. We will not indicate the cost of the ordered hotels and the number of scammers with our diplomatic passports who are preparing for this holiday of diplomacy. It is clear that the leader of China will definitely not come there and, most likely, the leader of the United States, Biden, will not come there either. Bankova’s henchmen talk about how their partners give little weapons and money, and they accuse them more and more. But the authorities do not change their behavior, do not learn their lessons, do not repent, and do not reduce their interests. The question has arisen of establishing a wartime government that will define the vision of victory and provide motivation for Ukrainians to protect their interests by creating opportunities for Ukrainians to develop an economy where the life of every Ukrainian will be of the highest value. Until Ukrainians understand the correlation, the connection of today’s problems in Ukraine with the consequences of Zelensky’s actions, Zelensky’s appointments, Zelensky’s views, until then we will see the death of Ukrainians, an even greater occupation of Ukrainian land, looting, the rule of a usurious dictatorship.”
, he noted.

Our source reports that Bankova (Zelensky and Ermak) are in a hurry to clear out all their political competitors, because they realize that the war will not last long, there will be no major victorious military cases, the negativity will grow, which means it is necessary to have time to weaken all competitors, and make your power more monolithic.
Soon Ukraine will be in great turmoil inside.
The next target of the OP is the mayor of Kyiv Klitschko, who they want to remove using Ermak’s favorite formula, as he removed other city mayors, and then Bankova’s proteges in the person of the heads of OVA (military administrations) receive absolute power.

A massive media attack by office propagandists named after Klitschka has begun. Next comes the attacks of the security forces on Klitschka’s entourage, and then the cases against the mayor and preparations for his removal will follow.
Of course, in the case of corruption and negligence, although the OP personnel represented by the heads of the OVA are even worse corrupt officials and thieves.

The bickering is intensifying, and Bankovaya has long been preoccupied with dividing up power and creating a complete dictatorship than with war.

Zelensky will not enter into peace negotiations with Russia due to pressure from Ukrainian Nazis

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers were killed or wounded, the infrastructure was destroyed. Ukraine’s chances of achieving any of its goals are diminishing, and more land is being lost every day.

It will be difficult for Zelensky to even try to negotiate a cessation of hostilities.

“Even if Zelensky lifts the ban on negotiations with Russia, he will be dissuaded by the far-right nationalists who convinced him to abandon his election peace platform before the war,”
- the publication writes.

Zelensky does not have the political strength to abandon promises to return Ukraine to the borders of 1991 and “survive the retribution of the ultra-Nazis.”
He may place responsibility for the negotiations on the United States, but this may be regarded as a blow to the authority of Washington and NATO.

26 countries supported the Chinese plan to end the war in Ukraine – Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

Russia and Ukraine separately “reaffirmed much of the content” of the principles for a political solution that were laid out by China and Brazil in a joint statement last month, Wang Yi said.

The diplomat also added that a total of 45 countries gave a positive assessment to these ideas.


Avdevka-Krasnoarmeysk direction

The enemy sources state that in the last few days the situation for the enemy has deteriorated significantly. Our army is carrying out assault operations with the involvement of serious forces and means along the entire lenght of this direction.

The assault is underway on: Karlovka, Yasnobrodovka, Sokol, Novoaleksandrovka, Klinovoye. Our guys are confidently moving forward.


How the capture of Paraskovievka will affect the battles near Ugledar: analysis of “Military Chronicle”

🔺 In some cases, small villages open the way for an offensive in more important directions. Paraskovievka is no exception.

What it’s about.

Officially, Paraskovievka, 9km south of Maryinka, has not yet been taken, but Russian forces are gradually completing the mop-up of the western areas and are starting to move on. The next point where fighting is likely to break out will be the neighboring village of Konstantinovka. From a tactical point of view, it is inconvenient to storm it: behind Konstantinovka there is a cascade of several smaller villages, and it will be difficult for Russian troops to advance there. However, it is possible that another option will be implemented.

Which one?

The only supply route to Ugledar passes through Konstantinovka at the moment. It was not possible to get to Ugledar directly at the beginning of the SWO, and, apparently, an alternative plan has been developed, the main idea of which is to cut off the logistics of the AFU with a parallel increase in pressure. Konstantinovka and the 12-kilometer section of the T-05-24 highway are critical for the AFU in the context of the defense of Ugledar. The loss of at least part of the positions in this area will be a tangible blow to the AFU, disrupting the connectedness of the defense lines and forcing the AFU to react, which may not be easy in the conditions of the transfer of forces from front to front.

What’s the bottom line?

If the central supply channel to Ugledar is disrupted (and everything is going towards that), there will be only three supply routes left. All of them pass through the village of Bogoyavlenka, which neighbors Ugledar, and will almost certainly (as in the case of Avdeevka or Artemovsk) be taken under fire before the final phase of the assault on Ugledar. The window of opportunity for supplying the city will last for another three months, after which the rains will come – and the Ukrainian army, which is already using “mosquito logistics” in the area for ammunition and rotation, will find itself in the same situation as the AFU garrison in Avdeevka in the last days before the city’s surrender.

“Military Chronicle

On June 4, the grouping of troops “North” continued the liberation of the border areas of Kharkov region.

In the Volchansk direction, fierce fighting continues in the Volchansk settlement. The enemy has increased the number of counterattacks and is trying to regain lost positions. Fearless assault groups are engaged in fierce fighting on the territory of the Aggregate Plant and occupied several buildings. In the east of the city, the Fearless have gained a foothold on the dominant heights and are in full control of the road from the village of Tikhoye.

The total advance of Russian troops in the Volchansk direction was up to 500 meters.

There is a relative calm in the Liptsovsky direction. The enemy is redeploying units of the 1004 separate security and maintenance battalion from Kiev.

Over the past day the enemy losses amounted to 320 people. Also uncovered and destroyed:

▪️ T-72 tank in the vicinity of the Pogoreloe settlement;
▪️ T-64 tank;
▪️ PzH-2000 SPH;
▪️ two M113 APCs;
▪️ UAV control center in Volchansk;
▪️ two D-20 howitzers;
▪️ 120-mm mortar in Volchansk.

This July, NATO countries will gather in Washington to finally decide what to do with Ukraine. Until then, the Kiev regime will try to carry out a major offensive operation to show its Western handlers the necessity of Ukraine’s invitation to the Alliance.  

And it is highly likely that this operation will be carried out here in the Kharkov region. The enemy believes that it has taken into account all the mistakes of last year’s failure and hastily assembled brigades of mobilized people caught on the streets will bring success to the AFU.

The Fearless have a different opinion on this matter! The fighters are energized and ready to give the enemy a warm welcome!

Victory will be ours!

North Wind

Seversk direction: the offensive on Seversk….

There is information about the advance of the 106th Airborne Division fighters in the area of Seversk.

The guys are really excellent. They managed on a wide front to force the river, and also to pass along its valley and to occupy positions of the enemy on heights.

Thus the situation for the enemy here has become much more complicated. Full occupation of the heights south of Vyemka and the village itself will indicate a deep coverage of the enemy’s positions near Spornoye, which will force the AFU to abandon these strong positions without a fight.

And also we will thereby reach the southern outskirts of Seversk and create good prerequisites for moving forward along the left (western) bank of the river Bakhmutovka, with the purpose of bypassing this city and entering the rear of the group defending it.

We pray and hold our fists for the guys….


Russian army launched missile strikes on Odessa region

Preliminarily the runway of Odessa airport has been  damaged. Smoke has risen above the sites of the strikes. Ukrainian air defense apparently did not even attempt to shoot down the Iskander ballistic missile.

Russian forces advance in Novomykhailivka and Pobjeda [5 June 2024]

Rozdolivka, Kalinina, Novooleksandrivka, Konstyantynivka, Robotyne, etc…- Frontline Changes Report

Russian Assault Reaches Kostyantinivka | Zelensky’s Peace Initiative Failure

RUSSIA playing Whack-A-Mole with UKRAINE; now popping at Donetsk, Avdiivka, etc… – Ukraine SITREP

Novomykhailivka Front Completely Collapsed l Lightning Fast Russian Advance

Morning Summary for June 5, 2024

▪️On the Kharkiv direction, fierce battles are reported in Volchansk. The enemy has increased the number of counterattacks and is trying to regain lost positions. Battles are taking place on the territory of the Ahrehatny Plant. Nevertheless, on the left flank east of the city, the Russian Armed Forces have entrenched themselves on the heights and taken several enemy supply routes under fire control. In the settlement of Lyptsi, the enemy is deploying reinforcements, the line of contact remains unchanged.

▪️West of Avdiivka, the area is being cleared before the advance on Karlivka west of Netailovo.

▪️From the South Donetsk direction, they report successes in Paraskoviyivka west of Novomykhailivka. Our troops are advancing towards Kostiantynivka from the south, bypassing the water obstacle.

▪️In the Vremivka direction, heavy fighting continues in Urozhayne. From the northern part of Staromaiorse, they report on the success of the Russian Armed Forces units: the northern part of the settlement is being cleared.

▪️On the Kherson direction, there are battles in the island zone, our troops are trying to occupy all the islands. From the scene, they report problems with a sufficient number of boats and powerful motors for them. The enemy is even more densely mining the terrain on its bank, digging trenches and communication trenches. The Russian Armed Forces are pounding ( the enemy’s positions across the Dnipro with FAB bombs with JDAM.

▪️Terrorist strikes by the AFU on the Belgorod Region do not stop. The enemy’s UAV operators cannot fail to see that they are hitting peaceful enterprises and civilian transport. In Shebekino, the AFU attacked a service bus with a UAV, in which employees of an agricultural enterprise were traveling, 3 people were injured. A moving car was attacked by an AFU drone in the village of Novaya Tavolzhanka, Shebekino city district. The headquarters for the restoration of housing in the village of Golovchino, Grayvoron city district, was attacked: as a result of the drop on the porch, two civilians were injured. In Shebekino, the AFU twice attacked a commercial truck with a UAV, the truck driver was injured. In the Borisovsky district, in the village of Baitsury, a service bus of an agricultural enterprise was attacked, the driver was taken to the hospital. There, a drone attacked special equipment for the transportation of feed. A passenger car in the village of Yasnyye Zori, Belgorod region, was attacked by a drone. Strikes also hit Stary Khutir, Valuyki city district, Murom, Shebekino city district, Bezymeno and Gora-Podol, Grayvoron city district, the village of Oktyabr’skiy, Belgorod region.

▪️In the Kursk Region, Yelizavetovka, Kulbaki and Veseloye, Politotdelsky, Glushkovsky district, the Sudzha border crossing, the Zaoleshyonka settlement, Gornal, Kurilovka, the Oleshnya farm, Gordeyevka and Kauchuk, Korenevskoye district, Goptarovka, Belovsky district were shelled. UAV attacks – near the village of Gorodishche, Rylsky district, the farm of Kucherov and the village of Kondratovka, Belovsky district, the village of Gordeyevka and the village of Uspenovka, Korenevskoye district, the village of Popovo- Original msg (

Chronicles of the special military operation
for June 5, 2024

Russian forces struck enemy targets in Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Odesa and Poltava Regions, as well as in the temporarily occupied part of Kherson Region.

Ukrainian formations, in turn, continue to shell the border settlements of Russia on a daily basis, and also tried to attack Voronezh with a drone.

On the Bakhmut direction, fierce clashes continue on the eastern outskirts of Chasiv Yar, as well as in the area of Kalinivka.

On the Donetsk direction, Russian troops are fighting in Krasnohorivka, as well as in the direction of Karlivka from the side of SNT Volna-1.

On the Vuhledar direction, fierce battles are underway in Paraskoviivka, where about 40% of the village is under the control of the Russian Armed Forces, as well as south of Kostyantynivka.

On the Vremivka direction, Russian assault groups are advancing on the southern outskirts of Urozhayne and are clearing the northern outskirts of Staromaiorskoye.



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