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Visions From The Lord: Flood Coming To Florida & Terrorist Attack

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I have a story to tell that most will not believe.  I have been given several visions from God that show impending disaster coming to the United States.  I have researched to see if anyone else is getting similar visions.  I see lots of people having dreams of disaster coming, but so many of the dreams people have conflict with other people’s dreams.  Which dream of destruction is the correct dream? 

Dreams can be caused by so many different influences, be it food, movies or even from conversation.  That is why I do not put as much faith in people’s dreams lately.  I am looking for people with visions such as the one I had because I feel that dreams and visions are two different things. 

God has given me many visions and when they come, I am in the middle of doing one thing, when suddenly I have an out of body experience and I am placed someplace else.  It is something you cannot control and it is something so real you could reach out and touch what it is you see. 

God might have given pieces of the puzzle to many different people and when we all tell what we know, it might give us a bigger picture of what to expect and how to prepare.  These visions might have been given to us to save many lives.

I’ve warned family and friends and most do not believe what I have seen and quite frankly, most don’t seem to care.  I feel it is my obligation to tell people what I have seen and that this is real.

First of all, let me introduce myself.  My name is Brett Creamer and I am a Bible believing, born again Christian.  I worked for a large non-denominational mega church from 2006-2012 and I ran a large ministry for 5 of those years.  I am now teaching at a church in Indiana and I am heavily active in my new church.  I am a Bible teacher, evangelist and a Bible counselor. 

I normally don’t talk much about my interaction, dreams or visions from the Lord because quite frankly, most don’t believe…  And for those that do, it freaks them out because they have never experienced something like that.   To give you an example, I’ve heard an audible voice that saved my life on 2 separate occasions and another time that saved me and the lives of countless others.  As soon as I say I heard a voice speaking with me, I am instantly labeled as insane.  Well, I know what I heard and as I stated, the voice saved me from peril. 

Now, you may say, “Why would I trust you?”  The only proof I can give you is the fact that I’ve had other visions which were of personal nature that all have been fulfilled.  Those are not as important as the ones God has shown me below.

I figured I should share my experiences with the Lord as the visions and dreams may help save lives.  I also wanted to write down what the Lord did in my life when I devoted my time and energy to Him and have this as a testimony for my children.  I want them to see what God has done in my life and see that the God that I serve is real and true.  Let’s get started…


Out of body visions

1) Washington D.C. Terrorist Attack – My very first vision took place on 9/11/01.  I had just moved from Washington DC area to Fort Lauderdale for a job I was offered.  I was staying with my cousin until I could find a decent apartment.   Since I had not officially moved to Florida yet, all my furniture was still in my apartment in Arlington, VA. 

As I pulled up to the office, someone came running out saying a plane had his the Trade Towers in NY.  My first thought was, “It must have been a small commuter plane as the big planes don’t fly near the city.”  When I got inside, I realized the scope of the event.  As we watched the event on TV, we saw the second plane hit the 2nd tower.  Now we realized that we were under attack.  Within no time, we watched as a plane flew into the Pentagon.  This rocked me, because I had been in there several times due to my position as a contractor for the government.  It was also pretty scary because the Pentagon was only 1 mile from my house in Arlington, VA. 

My first thought was, how deep will this attack go?  I walked back to my desk to call my brother to discuss the events that were unfolding and as soon as I sat down to call, I suddenly found myself floating above the City of Washington D.C.  Imagine my shock as I am hovering above the city when only moments ago I was sitting at a desk.  As I hovered there, it was like my eyes zoomed in to man standing in front of the White House.  He was a dark skinned Middle Eastern looking young man around 18-24 years old.  He was wearing a gray hoodie with a black and white striped shirt underneath.  He had a large black backpack on his back.  He took off the backpack, then he pulled out something that looked like a wire cord and then I saw a blinding flash.  I am assuming that it was a dirty bomb.  I zoomed back to where I was floating in the sky and I saw a small mushroom cloud in the center of DC.  I could see all my friends who worked in DC and they were killed.  Instantly, I was sitting back at my desk holding my phone in my hand that I was about to call my brother on.  I immediately teared up and felt like I was going to throw up.  I grabbed my trash can and held my head over it for a few minutes until I felt better. 

This was the first time I had ever experienced something like this.  Besides being given a vision, I had seen friends of mine dying right in front of me.  I was so sick and scared.  When I regained my composure, I called my brother and my friends that I had seen in the vision and told them what happened.  They were all in route to go home anyway, and they dismissed my story as my imagination.  I ended up getting saved about 5 months later.

2) Florida Wiped Out By Flood – Back in 2008 I was given a vision that frightened me to my core.  My family and I were visiting with my parents in Fort Myers Florida for the weekend.  After dinner, we said our goodbyes and hit the road to head back to St. Petersburg which is about an hour and forty-five minutes away.  We were on the road for about 15 minutes when my kids fell asleep in the back of the vehicle.  My wife said she was going to lay her head back and try to get a quick nap.  I looked at my wife and kids and I was so thankful for what God had done in my life and in the life of my family.  As soon as she closed her eyes, I started praying to God.  I was telling God how thankful my family and I are for the life He has given us.  In the middle of the prayer, I found myself standing in the living room of my home (in Saint Petersburg Florida).  Instantly it went from night time on the road to day time in my house.  I had no idea what was happening, nor where my family was.  I looked around and everything had a tinge of blue to it.  The walls shimmered with diamonds of light the way it looks when you are swimming under water in a pool on a sunny day.  At that time, I had no idea where the light reflections were coming from so I scanned the room to try and figure it out.  As I looked up, I saw the roof was partially ripped off the North West corner of the house and I could see that the house was actually underwater.  The surface of the water looked like it was at least 15 feet above the roof line.  Now I saw where the light patterns were coming from.  I could see the light streaming down from the surface as it reflected all over the walls of the living room.  As I stared in amazement at the scene I was standing in, I was suddenly brought back to where I was praying in my car with my family all around me.

To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement.  I got that dream in 2008. Since then, we moved out of Florida and we moved to Indiana.  Sadly, we still own the house in Florida since it is financially under water (no pun intended), but as far as what I saw, it, along with all of Florida, will be destroyed.  How can I say that all of Florida will be destroyed?  Well, our house in Florida sits on the 2nd highest ground in St. Pete (based on an Army Corp of Engineers survey).  Since Florida is predominately flat and my house was about 25 feet under water, I can safely assume that all of Florida will be under water.  Since we lived on such high ground, we did not need to purchase flood insurance.  Well, my vision told me otherwise.  No amount of flood insurance will fix what is coming.

I was interviewed by Rick Wiles of TruNews back in February and we went over all of my visions and dreams: 

Bob Barber, a Christian end times researcher was also interested in my story and created a video presentation which visually shows what my vision looked like.  He did an amazing job and it was very close to what the Lord showed me:


Now, I mentioned that I don’t put a lot of faith in dreams , but I have had dreams that were so real that it felt like I was there.  These dreams have left an emotional impression on me.   

1) Tsunami On The East Coast – Since we currently live so far from our extended family members, we often do group vacations in various areas.  I had dream where I knew we were on vacation with all our family members in a condo on the beach.  I can’t explain why, but it felt like the east coast, somewhere between VA & Florida.  The front of the house had tall huge glass windows and the house faced the water.  I was standing on the deck looking out at the ocean, when way off in the distance, I could see a dark line across the horizon that did not look normal.  As I watched, the dark line started to grow in thickness very rapidly.  I remember being memorized by the line in the distance as it was getting bigger and bigger by the second.  At first, I thought it was a squall line.  I’ve been boating for years and I have seen a squall line before.  But this was different and was moving much faster than a storm.  When it came into view, I realized it was wall of water coming at the beach house with intense speed.  I ran into the house and started screaming to my family to warn them of what was coming.  They all laughed at me and did not believe me.  I stood there in stock because no one cared about what was about to happen.  In reality, it was already too late to do anything about it anyway.  The wall of water looked like the wall of water in the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  At that time I remember getting the dream soon after I was first saved in 2002. 

2) Financial Collapse Coming To America – This next dream was horrible.  In my dream, I was in my bedroom and I was going through the drawers of my dresser.  I was frantically looking for anything of value and importance that we could use while on the road on our own.   I knew that we had to leave the house in a hurry and that we could not take much.  I remember feeling completely unprotected, mad and without hope.  On my bed, I had a large sheet that I was piling things up on…  Anything we could use or barter: money, jewelry, pocket knives, my guns and ammo and a change of clothes.  I remember thinking I would wrap up the immediate necessities like a hobo pack on my back.  We had a small red wagon that was already filled with some food, water, tent and some blankets.  As I looked at the pile in the wagon and in the sheet, I got frustrated and threw what I had in my hands on the bed and yelled, “What good is this all going to do for us anyway!”  I heard a noise outside and I separated the blinds to look outside.  I felt like I was peeking outside with the hopes that no one would see me in the house.  I saw all my neighbors leaving their houses; all were holding their children and were pulling little red wagons like I had.  I remember wondering how would we survive outside with our kids and such with such a meager about of supplies.  My wife and child have a medical condition where they can’t walk far due to the tenderness of their skin, so I was trying to figure out how to put them in the cart and somehow hold onto that we needed to live.  I felt hopeless.  I then heard noise again outside and I looked through the blinds up the street.  I saw what looked like hundreds of people walking down the street with their belongings and they were beginning to take up residence in the houses that my neighbors were leaving behind.  I knew that for some reason the government was forcing hard working people out of their homes and they were giving it to those who were living on welfare and government assistance.  I understand that there are people who cannot work due to certain situations, but it was as if these people were getting perfect houses, furniture, cars, etc. for free and they were totally capable of working.  I was so angry because as hard as I have worked during my life, I was going to lose it all because the government took it all from me.  As I watched them get closer, I knew that these people would take all we had worked for and we would be essentially about to become street vagrants.  I grabbed what I could and we all started to walk towards the front door…  With that I woke up.  When I woke up, I was so overwhelmed with a feeling of helplessness.  Although I knew it was a dream, the thought lingered as to what would happen if for some reason we were all forced to leave our homes due to an evacuation or something.  How much could we honestly bring with us and how long would it last?  What if the government took away my means of protecting my family?  How would we make it on the street and for how long?  It is a scary scenario and one with no answers. 

About a week later, I was watching the news and I saw a story where the bank was evicting people from their homes who were having trouble paying the bills.  Then, the government was getting involved.  They were cleaning up and updating the houses and they were giving the houses to people on government assistance!  The dream was being fulfilled before my eyes!  My first thought was, why didn’t the government work with the people who were already in the house in the first place!  Why not help them get back on their feet since there were the ones who had already paid into the house and were currently living there?  It made no sense, but it was really happening.

3) Imprisoned For My Faith – I had another dream where I was in a cold dark prison.  I was separated from my family and I was in a holding cell with other men in the same situation as I was.  We were all depressed and grieved.  I remember being filled with despair and anger knowing I could do nothing to protect my family.  I had no idea when or if I would ever see them again.  Suddenly, the doors flung open and the guards ordered us all to get up and get out.  I had no idea if they were taking us outside to kill us or free us.  I could feel the hatred and anger the guards had towards us, but at the same time, they seemed like they were ordered to free us.  It was as if we were Israelites being thrown out of Egypt.  When we were sent outside, they shut the doors of the prison and I realized that we were free!  I franticly looked for my family, but the crowds of people were so huge!  Then amazingly through the crowd I saw them and ran to them.  We all stood there and hugged for the longest time.  I felt such a feeling of joy and relief.  We were all together again.

As we stood outside of the prison, it was night time and I could see the prison was in the middle of a suburb of the city.  All the houses were two story row-homes.  I saw the people who lived in the homes surrounding the prison started to pull down their shades and close their doors as if to say they wanted nothing to do with us.  I huddled my family close by me and we started to pull on doors to see if we could find some sort of protection and shelter. 

Now bear with me as this as hard to describe as it was to experience it.  One door I pulled on opened and suddenly we were hit with this bright light as if it was day time inside the home.  The outside of the house was dingy, dark and damaged, but when you looked inside, the foyer and the stair case inside looked like a beautiful mansion with the most amazing rays of light shining in through the windows.  We felt a welcoming feeling as we entered the house.  The entire house was paneled in wood and to be honest, the woodwork was exquisite.  To the left side of the house, there were huge floor to ceiling windows that let the sunlight in.  Out of the window, I could see palm trees swaying in the wind and the house was situated on a beautiful beach.  Obviously, I was confused and had no idea what was happening.  There was a grand staircase next to the windows that went up about 15 steps to a landing, turned 180 degrees to the right, then went up another flight of 15 steps.  This was strange because the steps would have ended up on the second floor pointing back to the front of the house.  I knew the steps could not lead to anything as the front of the house was a flat.  Since we were just outside in the night time in a dark dank inner city neighborhood, I was completely confused as to what was going on.  As we walked up the steps, my family and I were suddenly filled with peace as if we knew it was all ok.  At the top of the steps was a door.  I opened the door and found a magnificent large waiting room.  Again, the light was streaming in and we could see the beach and the trees as we overlooked the scenery.  Then, one by one, my extended family members (Mom, Dad, sister and brother) started to come in the same door and we had just entered and we were all so overjoyed to see each other that we all just stood and hugged without saying anything.  Our confusion as to what was happening turned to peace because we knew it was the rapture.  Once we were all together, an angel came in to meet us all and bring us through another door which was the entrance to Paradise.  He spoke to us briefly, saying, “Ok, it is time to go.”  Once we entered the door, we were hit with a blinding light as if you walked directly into the path of the sun’s rays.  Once our eyes adjusted, we saw the most beautiful place, but it was different than the scene we could see out of the windows in the waiting room.  I saw people everywhere.  It was as if each immediate family got to gather together before entering Paradise to meet the rest of the extended families.  With that, I woke up.  This dream had such strong emotions tied to it and it seemed so real.  When I woke, the imagery of Paradise stuck in my head and gave me such a warm feeling of peace. 

4) The Rapture – I had a dream where I was on the ground, then suddenly I heard the most amazing music.  It is something that I have never heard on earth and is a bit hard to describe.  Imagine every voice in Heaven and Earth as well as every single musical instrument in Heaven and the Earth playing/singing the same note and building it to a crescendo.  It was so loud and overwhelming, yet so beautiful at the same time.  As the music played, I was suddenly transported up into the air.  It was a blue sky with a few clouds around.  As I raised up into the sky, I could see Jesus galloping towards me on a white horse.  His robe was blowing in the wind and behind Him was thousands and thousands of saints on white horses also.  They were coming toward me in a V formation with the Lord in the front.  As His horse galloped, rolling clouds formed under the horses feet as if the clouds were rolling out before Him and making a pathway of solid ground for the horses to ride on.  As fast as the horses went, the cloud was right in front rolling out.  It was the most amazing sight I have ever seen and I know according to the scriptures that when He comes back after the tribulation, He will be bringing the saints with Him to rule and reign here on the earth.  I feel like He was showing me His seriousness and His might as He came back to the Earth to finalize all things.  It was awesome! 

My Thoughts

I’ve always wondered if the dreams fit together in some way.  It seems that:

Dream #1 (Tsunami) is focused more on trying to warn a stubborn hard headed people than it is to warn of an impending disaster.  Over all my years of teaching and evangelizing, about 80% of those I talk to do not want to hear anything about God.  Many mock and get angry. 

Dream #2 (Financial Collapse) will hits us fast and hard and most people will be caught unprepared. 

Dream #3 (Imprisoned For My Faith), could happen after the financial collapse when society breaks down and the government clamps down on religious belief.

Dream #4 give us the hope that Jesus will come back to the earth to rule and reign.

Were these dreams from God? It is my impression is that they were, but I cannot verify if that is so.  What I do know is the visions I received were real out-of-body experiences that I cannot understand.   

My Hope…

I hope my experiences can help others to see the importance of spending time with and serving the Lord.  God wants a relationship with His people, not a religion.  , I live my life everyday as if the Lord is coming to take us at any minute.  My wife and I read our Bibles several times a day, we read with our children, we pray collectively with my family and each of us prays to God alone.  My wife and I serve Him in various ministries and we are teaching our children what it means to live as Jesus told us to live.  We need to be ready in our hearts to be with Him and that brings a peace most people cannot understand.

Maybe more people would hear from the Lord with they were more devoted to Him.  Hopefully you can use this info to encourage others to come forward and tell of their experiences with the Lord.

God bless!

PS:  Check out my Bible teachings on Youtube.  I am currently teaching through the Book of Revelation:



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    • Paul Rowlandson

      Thanks for the humor.

    • Jehbus


    • Central Scrutinizer

      Your opening sentence pretty much wraps it up, HomeBoy.

      You’re right, I don’t believe your story.

      That is all. As you were.

    • Discreet Prepper

      @Paul & @Central.

      I love how people can claim something did not happen when you weren’t there. I guess that means you guys are prophets? I would love to hear how your prophecies and visions came true! Please share!

    • Jiliane

      The mental environment is manipulated by other race’s that occupy
      our planet. I have no doubt you had the dreams and like many others the fear
      is overwhelming. This is what they want!
      God has sent a new revelation into the world to educate humanity as to what is coming.
      9,220 pages….you won’t be disappointed.

    • Counted Verse

      These self-proclaimed prophets are such charlatans. It is this pessimistic view of the future that prevents from people from actually solving humanity’s problems because vague, unrealistic prophecies have convinced them their actions are pointless. Not only that, but most of the prophecies claimed by these self-proclaimed seers are only foretold and recorded after the event has happened. If prophets are real, God would be far helpful to their followers than giving them vague visions of a futuristic outcome, such as actual dates and the precise time of the predicted event. Keep your imaginary dreams to yourself because no wants to listen to the rants of delusional person who believes God speaks to them in their sleep.

    • nomorelabels

      Yes, it “freaks them out”, and that is the response you are looking for. We all are aware that your god wants to destroy and kill, that is your message, and it is not our creator.

      My god, why do so many people live in this state of paranoia? They have been drawn into something so dark, then they think it is god telling them he wants to kill someone or destroy a land or a people, or or or…

    • Amminadab

      “I worked for a large non-denominational mega church.”

      That right there proves he is a false prophet.

      It is crucial that we examine the prophet’s word and match them up with Scripture. If they do not agree 100%, then understand in your heart that you ARE dealing with a bonafide, dyed in the wool, FALSE PROPHET.

      Another key to detecting false prophets is their adherence to the Law of God. If they do not keep the Ten Commandments, they are simply not capable of receiving prophetic understanding of the Word let alone visions. For it is written, “Her gates are sunk into the ground; he hath destroyed and broken her bars: her king and her princes are among the Gentiles: the law is no more; her prophets also find no vision from the LORD.” -Lamentations 2:9

      In order to receive a vision from on High, one must be a commandment keeping child of the Living God. Do a study in the Bible to find out what happened each time the people or the prophets rejected His Commandments. You will see clear evidence that the visions STOPPED! Keeping the Law is crucial! In fact, this is one of TWO major keys of a child of God. Revelation 12:17 says, “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

      Key #1 = Keeping the Commandments

      Key #2 = Having the testimony of Jesus Christ

      Most understand what keeping the Commandments is all about. But what is the “testimony of Jesus Christ?” What does the Bible define it as?

      Revelation 19:10, “…for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

      There you have it! More evidence of a true child of God as well as one who understands prophecy. The testimony of Jesus is the gift of prophecy! Of course the most important of the two would have to be keeping the law. For if you do not keep it, the blessings of the Almighty would not be realized, and the prophecies would indeed be closed to you.

      Ezekiel 7:26, “Mischief shall come upon mischief, and rumour shall be upon rumour; then shall they seek a vision of the prophet; but the law shall perish from the priest, and counsel from the ancients.”

      Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

    • kprofscrts

      I hope you are wrong, but from my understanding it cant happen through tsunami means, since the ocean before the land here is deepest and a tsunami heading from the location of the south east islands, would imperatively slow down and break it’s strength about 300 miles form the shores of Florida nearly dissipating a 500ft wall into nearly nothing. However, it’s not to say God couldn’t make it happen.

      Also, I live here in Tampa, I have a close relationship with God, he would not of moved me recently to send me to my death. It will all of been for nothing. There is something else going on in the state I will give you that, it is definitely bad.

      Also, you should not believe in those things that is also called being psychic/clairvoyant, which are abominations according to the word and you should not pursue these things they could be temptations from the devil. Ever think of that?
      God has carefully selected specific people to be his witnesses and prophets in the end of days, you are not them. He says many will have dreams, however, it does not mean everyone will have good and accurate dreams.

      I think you need to relinquish yourself form the Satanic practices you are holding onto and repent.
      As do i from many things,

      Those are not gifts. Either they are lies or gifts not from God but his enemy. This is a spiritual battle and you are losing already by giving into them

    • NWO for Dummies.

      Hey Discreet Prepper, I can confirm your prophecy. :cool:

    • Anonymous

      I had a dream similar to yours regarding the tsunami in Florida. I had it in 1986 while still a teenager. In the dream, I was now an adult and I was living in a high-rise apartment building in Miami. (I have never lived in Florida, nor have I ever visited Miami.) The apartment had a view of the ocean through large, floor-to-ceiling windows. I was looking at the view through the windows, when I noticed the water seemed very high. Knowing that I was on higher-floor of the building, I, at first, thought I was looking at the horizon, but then quickly realized that there was a huge wall of water coming towards land. (When I watched the movie, “The Day After Tomorrow”, I immediately remembered how I had seen this before, years earlier, in my dream). I started to run away from the windows, in terror, and I tried to tell the people that were in the apartment with me about the water, but they didn’t believe me. Then I woke up.
      About a year later, I had the dream again, only this time, I didn’t wake up after running away from the window and trying to warn the other people. This time, the dream continued with me leaving the apartment, and trying to run down the stairwell to get out of the building and away from the wall of water that was coming. However, by the time I got to the stairwell, I saw it was already filling up with water. I then ran back into the apartment, in hopes that the water would not rise any further, but it began filling into the apartment and got up to about my knees when I woke up.
      The experience of having this dream two times has intrigued me for years. I have always felt that there was a reason for having this dream. It was just so vivid and I remember every detail. After reading what you wrote about your dream, I feel a bit shaken up, but I believe you 100% because I dreamed the same thing.

      In addition, I was baptized in 2009, and a week after being baptized, I had a vision. As I was getting into my bed for the night, I saw a vision of a nuclear explosion and the formation of a mushroom cloud. The vision only lasted for a flash, maybe, a second or two, but it really freaked me out because I’ve never had that happen before.

    • Aero

      Gee, a lot of armchair commentary here!!!!! or GIW’s!

      I can certainly confirm the above story re Florida.



    • Ben dover

      I’ll tell you a great secret.
      You will all die.
      And there is nothing you can do about it.
      That is the truth and nothing but the truth!
      Maybe you do not wake up the next day.
      Think about it before you go to sleep. :eek:

    • Pix

      Dreams are a reflection of your subconscious cares. In dream psychology floods are a common theme and are an indication you are feeling overwhelmed by circumstances. A violent attack, because you know you have it coming, karma is a b*tch. You’re subconscious doesn’t lie, it reflects what ever is on your mind. Know thyself.


    • Terry L Smith

      A nuke in downtown D.C., eh?

      Know this, Tom Clancy wrote, in a fictional story, of a 747 being flown into the Capitol building.

    • NWO for Dummies.

      If this is from God and meant to be shared it will have one of two different effects.

      1. It will make people react negatively in an emotional way. Then it is from God.

      2. People will be moved by it to repent and get right with God. Then it is from God.

    • MyStand2014

      Hello Evangelist Creamer,

      My name is Carrie Taymon and I am a bondservant and prophetess of the Most High. I have read your posting, as well as all the comments made, and if I may I would like to share some insight that might help with clarity purposes. Clarity not only towards the revelation you have received, but also towards some misunderstanding I read while reading through the comment section. Please know that I will be making several posting due to the length of what I will be sharing.

      First of all I think it would help if people truly perceived what prophesy is; as well as perceive what revelation is; regardless of the means it comes by. Revelation is no more than ‘exposure of something,’ and though most are ignorant to this fact, not all revelation is considered prophesy; even tough prophesy also reveals. To understand the difference, one must understand prophesy.

      In 1 Corinthians 12 – 14 the Apostle Paul acknowledges the Holy Spirit’s Gift of Prophesy, and expresses that he greatly desired for people to seek out that gifting above all other gifting. Why? Well because the gift of prophesy, which is a revealing gifting, operates on two specific foundations (2 levels). In the first level is the revealing of the Lord God’s character. That’s right, in the first level the gift of prophesy reveals the character of God to people: all of His character. It is this gifting that primarily brings one to an understanding of who the Lord God truly is. In the 2nd level, the revealing of the Lord God ‘will’ comes to be. However, the revealing of His will is not always on a prophetic level in which the Lord God’s will is revealed on a grand scale.

      That level is a level of prophesy that is often seen in prophetic operations. Most of the time, the revealing of the Lord God’s will in normal operations of prophesy are revealing’s of His will in that person’s life; or within a connection of that person’s life (especially within the church body one is connected to). Basically, the Gift of Prophesy is a Holy Spirit gifting which helps people to have a personal, deep, and intimate relationship with the Lord God. A relationship in which people not only come to know the Lord God, but come to know His will for their life. Then, most often, when that level of spiritual growth is accomplished, the Gift of Prophesy expands in operation to pour outwards. The Lord God first pours into a person’s life; then He pours through the person’s life.

      So as you can see, to prophesy does not always mean to operate in the prophetic. The prophetic is an anointing, not a God-given ability, or gifting or a Holy Spirit operation; even though all can be a part of prophetic operations. Now, back to revelation. As stated before, revelation is no more than exposure of something (it reveals). That revealing can come by many means. Revelation can come straight from the Lord God, from His angels (who are widely acknowledged as being messengers), from spirits (spirits from God and demonic spirits), and from entities (both good and bad. The Bible acknowledges the bad ones as wicked hosts in heavenly places in Ephesians).

      Within the receiving of revelation many different revealing gifting’s of the Holy Spirit can also be in operation. There are 4 revealing gifting’s, they are: Gift of Word of Wisdom (future-tense insight), Gift of Word of Knowledge (present or past-tense insight), Gift of Prophesy (reveal of the Lord God’s character or will), and the Gift of Discernment (revealing of spirits and the revealing of motives). One can be chosen to operate in the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Discernment gifting’s and not be prophesying in the least towards the Lord God’s character or will when they are in operation; even though they can operate simultaneously with the Gift of Prophesy.

      They can also be chosen to operate in those same gifting’s, while also be given the God-given ability to dream dreams and see visions, and not be prophesying either. That’s right, one can receive a dream or vision, with one of those gifting’s revealing insight; with it having absolutely nothing to do with prophesying God’s character or will either. For instance, the Lord God might give one a revelation that reveals something terrible. That terrible factor, which the Lord God would be fully aware of since He knows everything, could be purposed to come to be because of wicked spirits, evil within mankind’s authority, or even because of wicked entities. Therefore, because of those factors, the Lord God can expose that destruction through revelation through words of wisdom or knowledge; as well as give discernment towards origins and motives.

      You see, the Gift of Prophesy reveals the Lord God’s will, but the Gifts of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Discernment can reveal what is not the will of the Lord God; with all revealing’s coming to be known through revelation (exposure). Revelation which can come by means of dreams, visions, or not. That is why the Apostle Paul greatly encouraged the seeking out the Gift of Prophesy; so one would know what is the will of God and what is not of the will of God. I hope that may help some to see that relating given revelation to the Prophetic Office (Prophets and Prophetess’ of the Lord God at least) is not always correct. Nor is it always correct to say one is prophesying every time revelation is received and shared.

      I will share some insight towards the revelation you have received in the next posting.

      Bondservant and Prophetess of the Most High

    • dagiles

      you just got some bad or maybe good DMT

    • MyStand2014

      Dear Evangelist Creamer and others,

      First of all, please excuse the typos. I do try to catch most of them with my spell checker, but I do still miss some.
      Now, when it comes to receiving revelation by means of dreams and visions, I can truly relate to the difficulties. I am a seeing Prophetess. That means I also receive revelation by means of dreams and visions. I have been receiving revelations by those means since 2004, and I am still learning and growing in the operation of those abilities. Please notice I stated abilities; for truly receiving God-given dreams and visions is an ability which can operate in anyone; even outside of a specific calling/function. It took me a long time, I am talking years and years, to learn this one foundational truth with God-given revelations: as revelation comes from the Lord God (regardless of means), so must the interpretation (understanding) come by means of the Lord God.

      That means the first thing one who receives revelation by means of dreams and visions has to learn is to set aside their own natural/logical reasoning. That’s right, you have to not try to understand out of your own means, and allow the Lord God to give you the understanding He desires for you to have; in His timing. One of the primary reasons for this is due to the fact that the revelation can be either highly symbolic (one thing represents something entirely different), or can be literal (exactly as revealed). The majority of the revelations I have received are highly symbolic. The Lord God is well-known for using symbolism; just like the Lord Christ was well-known for parables. The usage of symbolism serves the purpose of revealing insight and hiding insight at the same time; so that one who have an ear to hear can receive, while those who don’t won’t.

      Next thing one has to learn, is that all God-given revelation will be Scripturally supported; with one being led to specific Scripture. Notice that I stated led to Scripture. One can know a lot of Scripture and want to immediately connect that known Scripture with the revelation for support, and completely cause a misrepresentation of the revelation by the Lord God’s Word itself. I learned this personally through a lot of discipling. In His timing, the Lord God will lead one to the specific Scripture; which will reveal and confirm the insight He has purposed.

      Now, Mr. Creamer, with you statement that you believe there is a difference between dreams and visions; you are right. One difference is receiving during sleep (dream) and receiving while awake (vision). However, that is not the only difference. Though it is hard to explain, it has a lot to do with measures used in the giving of the revelation. For starters, refer to these Scriptures for further insight into visions: Book of Daniel, 2 Corinthians 12, Acts 10:9-16). Just know that the Bible does have many more references. Next, I would like to remind that God-given revelations are never forceful. That means before receiving by either means, one would have had to give the Lord God opportunity. The first God-given revelation I recall ever receiving by means of a dream, I had prayed greatly, with great distress, seeking insight from the Lord God. I fell asleep while praying, and I received the dream.

      I gave mention of that fact, because that lack of forcefulness cannot be counted on with spirits and entities that are not of the Lord God. To give a perfect example of forcefulness being enacted to give a revelation, research the George Washington Prophesy and pay attention to the details he shared about the being that gave him one. Also, while I am remembering it, I would like to give reference to three spirits of the Lord God that reveal for His sake. They are all found in the New Testament. They are called the spirit of revelation and wisdom in the knowledge of God (Eph. 1:17), the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error (1 John 4:6). The spirit of truth and the spirit of error reveal pertaining to the representation of the Gospel.

      Finally, when it comes to receiving revelation by dreams and visions I would also like to give reference to a portion of Scripture that upholds that the Lord God can cause the ceasing of revelation for reasons outside disobedience in the one who normally receives (Isaiah 29:10). In other words, the Lord God can cause His prophets, prophetess, and those whom He has given the ability to see, to stop receiving because of the disobedience of others; even though they may not be in disobedience themselves.

      With that being said, I will end this posting. I will make one more posting to give specific insight into some of the revelations you have received.

      Bondservant and Prophetess of the Most High

    • MyStand2014

      Dear Evangelist Creamer,

      Before I get started with the revelations you have received, I would like to share one more insight towards the descriptions you shared about when you receive visions. The Holy Spirit led me to after I posted the last posting. To do that I will refer to when I receive visions. When I receive visions I am always wide awake. I am also always aware of being in the environment I am physically in; even if I am carried off in the spirit (out of body experience).

      For instance, after awakening from a nap one day, I received a vision of me actually taking the nap that day; with me being carried off in the spirit to Heaven in that vision. I had walked back into the livingroom where I had earlier taken a nap on the couch, and when I looked towards the couch I began to receive a vision. In the vision I saw myself taking the nap. I then saw a white cloud appearing over and covering the entirety of my body. Then I literally saw my spirit separate from my body, and I was carried off in the spirit and received revelation. The whole time I was receiving the vision, I was completely aware of standing in the livingroom looking upon the couch I had been laying on. It is the same with every vision I have received; I am always aware of being in the environment I was naturally in. The best way to understand what I am trying to relate is to watch a movie called “The Gifting.”

      In the movie a woman is looking at a tree, when all the sudden she starts receiving a vision. Her receiving several other visions, while being wide awake and not physically leaving the environments she was in, is revealed. Now I know she is a psychic, but the way the movie portrays the receiving of her visions really relates to how it is with me. Your experiences are completely different from mine. Even though I can relate to being carried off in the spirit (out of body experience/astral projection for natural relating), floating in the air while receiving revelation, I cannot relate to being awake and actually leaving my physical environment. In dreams I have those experiences (leaving one environment completely and instantaneously), but not while I am wide awake.

      That kind of experience reminds me of entity involvement (alien abduction). And yes I firmly believe in alien abduction even with me being a Prophetess of the Most High. You will be amazed just how much the Word of God confirms what so many are afraid to admit. The Lord God has given me much revelations on aliens and alien abduction; while also revealing their advancements towards me, and others as well. Now back to your revelations.

      Washington DC Terrorist Attack:

      I do not know if you are aware of it or not, but on 9/11 the third target was actually in Washington D.C.; even though it was not accomplished. I became aware of that insight by a revelation given to me, well after the events had happened, by means of a Word of Knowledge given in the revelation. The intended target revealed to me however was the Capitol Building. The revealing was done by means of symbolism. The insight given to you might have been insight, by means of symbolism, to confirm that Washington was going to be targeted. With me, the Lord God will often use landmarks I am familiar with to give insight. Know though, that I am not stating that is the interpretation though. I am only sharing the insight that I was impressed with as I read the revelation.

      Giant Tsunami/Florida under water:

      For insight I would like to share that I too have been given a revelation that revealed a giant Tsunami. I received the revelation in 2013 by means of a dream. When I read the revelation you had received, the Holy Spirit prompted my remembrance to one of the portions of Scripture I was led to for support in the revelation I received; while also prompting me to share it specifically with you so that you may gain understanding. The portion of Scripture is found in Job 27:11-23; with emphasis especially upon verse 20, “Terrors overtake him/her like a flood” (NKJV). The portion of Scripture uses symbolism to parallel the overtaking of one’s border by means of disastrous events (like a flood). I believe this portion of Scripture will also provide insight into the dream you had where people were forced to leave their homes; with others taking over them.

      That is all the insight I have to share for now. However, I will pray and mediate to see if the Lord God should give me any further insight to share. Please know that you are in my prayers.

      Scripture quoted from the New King James Version. Copyright 1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

      Bondservant and Prophetess of the Most High

    • Vein Arde

      I felt I should post a few dreams or whatever they were here because they seem so related. Also. Let me say, I do not do drugs and nor do I drink with any excesiveness. (Maybe twice a year I will drink a couple drinks.)

      Dream 1/Vision?)
      I was at the beach in the evening and looking out over the waters I saw stars falling and one big one fell and got close to the water but made a 90 degree turn and was perpendicular to the water. It lit up an ocean liner and then turned towards land where I was standing. It got closer and closer and I started running. No matter where I ran it seemed to be chasing me. I finally gave up and sat down. It then hit me in my chest and I woke up. I lived in Ft. Myers, Florida and was 15 years old at the time. The color of that dream was so vivid that I still remember it like it was last night. I am now 61 years old.

      Dream 2/OOBE?) I had just laid down on a single bed to relax and as soon as I laid down I found myself floating face down above the bed looking at myself laying there. At first it sorta startled me and everything went black for a second. I then found myself under the bed. I got out from under and stood by the bed and there I saw myself still laying on the bed. I was close to the wall and reached to lean on the wall but fell through the wall as if it was not there. I found myself to be floating and could move thru the air. I went upwards to see how far I could go. I could travel into space and had no fear of doing so.I was out past our solar system and looked back and could no longer see earth and noticed a thin silver thread was attached to me. I got a bit fearful and at that point was back on the bed sitting up wondering what took place. I had no idea of what an OOBE was and had never heard of them before. I was 13 years old.

      Dream 3/Vision?
      Walking along Palm Beach Blvd in Ft. Myers one night I Suddenly found my self to be under water. I was still on the side of the road and saw all the buildings. I turned around and saw immediately everything was on fire towards the city area. I turned back and all things were frozen and sparkled like the sun shining on ice. Then a second of blackness and I was back as normal walking along. I have no idea if it means anything but it did happen to me.

      Now. Just to point out how dreams can relate to seeing the future I am telling this dream.
      I now live in North Florida. I had planted some Jasmine vines beside an old oak tree and thru time they were doing great. I went to sleep one night and had a dream I was feeding the fish in the goldfish pond nearby and looked over at the Jasmine. The right side half of the Jasmine was dead! I woke up wondering what if anything it meant. That morning I told my wife the dream and we went down to look. Everything was fine. No dead Jasmine. A week later I was feeding the fish in the goldfish pond and looked over and was startled! The right side of the Jasmine was dead just like in the dream.

      Do dreams hold prophecy? Do they relate to future? I do remember how Daniel had interpreted dreams that related to future events. So there very well could be a relation to future and the now.

      In any case. Make your own decisions. All I can do is tell my experiences here.

    • natalia

      Thank you for sharing. I, too, had a dream in 2001. Actually a few weeks back I found the journal I wrote the dream in. I was a teenager living in Myrtle Beach, SC at the time. I dreamt I was above a city and it was underwater. I saw the water all the way up close to the tops of the trees. I then saw like a big sign that said MYRTLE BEACH on the water and so I knew what city it was. I didn’t know what happened or when it will happen but I knew it wasn’t a normal dream. I felt very strongly God gave me that dream to tell what is coming. I am a Christian & believe the Lord is speaking to different Christians about things to come. My mom also had a very similar dream but she says it was an out of body experience bc she was up in the air over the east coast held by an angel or the Lord and she felt the wind blowing through her hair. She then saw a big bright flash of light so bright she turned her head she told me and then saw water up to the top of the trees also and it wasn’t receding. I have been thinking about that dream just about everyday for awhile now and praying about things to come. We just took a family vacation to MB and I can’t stop thinking about what is ahead. I definitely believe judgement is coming to our country bc we have turned away from God. I know there are false prophets out there but there are also real ones that God is really speaking to. Ezekiel 33 speaks of this. There are watchmen for the Lord that are meant to warn people before things happen. It is sad to see many scoffers in this day. I just pray people will listen to the truth and draw close to Jesus, the ONLY Way, Truth and Life.

    • rdc121974

      I had a recent vivid dream about seeing a flood going over the landscape. I couldn’t tell where I was. Suddenly I am brought beneath the waters to see what looked like a box opening up. The box reminded me of a Chinese food box. It opened and inside what looked like millions of rice kernels came pouring out into the flood waters. Then I was told or made to focus on one kernel. I was shown that this seed has a double set of instructions located inside of it and it began to change color from white to red. Then a small horn or thorn began to grow out of the reddish white seed and I woke up. The only similarity is the flood theme I know. However allot of people right now are receiving visions and dreams of a flood or a tsunami affecting almost the entire planet by the way everyone seems to be able to attach there flood dream to a geographical location.

    • v3u3

      Wow, this 2008 prophecy about Florida has come true. The scoffers were wrong.

    • Scanner Darko

      This morning I saw a pig fly out of my dogs butt so don’t tell me it didn’t happen because “you weren’t there”.

      You know, just when you think you’ve seen it all, this fool actually tries to mock others scoffing at those here claiming to have received prophecies by calling the scoffers false prophets.

    • FindtheTruth

      Just because someone has premonitions or prophetic dreams, doesn’t mean that they are charlatans. Mostly demons or demonic persons do that to people in their sleep.

      I had nightmares of 9/11 right before it happened. I know damn well that some unnatural force put that into my brain, because I could sense it. It has a ton to do with the PTB. I know how they operate. They are extremely clever in their deceptions, but I’m not going to get into that right now.

      Maybe I will explain it one day and see if BIN will decide to publish it.

    • You People Are Nuts

      yes…and the tumor

    • Dustdevil

      Firmly agreeing with others on this, Bible Warrior and contributor of this story, I have to put it back on you and the other Bible Thumpers like this:

      The young ‘god’ you find yourself praying to is a carbon copy of 12 other older gods that came before him, just a different name. That said, and you not listening, ask yourself this:

      If you had a neighbor that took all his children, played favorites with some of them, harshly punished others, gave them diseases, used suffering to teach them life-lessons, threatened them with eternal agony if they didn’t do exactly as he said, unfairly rewarded some while being cruel to others, and all the while was running a mafia ring with ‘former employees’ that he never actually fired (though he claimed he did to get distance from himself and make himself look more innocent), what would you do?

      You’d be living next to Tony Soprano, and would either sell your house and move, or be on the phone daily with the police reporting his actions. This being happening to call itself ‘god’, and you worshipping it, says WHAT about you?

      Face it – you’re worshipping at the feet of the equivalent of a made-up Italian mafia don, and the best you have is ‘he moves in mysterious ways’. Yep, that’s why the feds created the RICO Act for mortals.

    • Discreet Prepper


      You claim I am a false prophet because a mega-church? On what grounds may I ask? You also claim I am breaking God’s laws. Could you please be more detailed?

      I was given several out of body experiences that I cannot explain. God showed me things and it is as simple as that. I am hoping to help draw people into a closer relationship with the Lord, but you are attacking a Christian that you don’t even know. Where is the love of Jesus in you?

      You claim that I am breaking God’s Law, but I don’t think you realize the Laws of God you are breaking with your comments.

      Exodus 20:16 “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor”

      Proverbs 19:9 – A false witness will not go unpunished, and whoever pours out lies will perish.

      Proverbs 3:30 – Do not contend with a man without cause, If he has done you no harm.

      Colossians 3:8-9 – 8 But now you must also rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips. 9 Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices 10and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.

      Instead of making unjustified and foolish accusations towards a fellow Christian, try building up the body of Christ.

      Ephesians 4:29 – Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

    • Discreet Prepper


      Just because I had a vision of destruction coming to Florida does not mean you will be around to see it. The rapture could easily happen before this flood comes. But at the same time, there were Christians in Indonesia and in Japan that died when the tsunami came. Presently, ISIS is cutting the heads off of Christians in the Middle East. They did not expect that to happen.

      Who said I believe in psychic/clairvoyant stuff? I never said that and I fully believe God showed me something.

      I “need to relinquish yourself form the Satanic practices”? What in the world are you talking about? Are you saying that Satan gave me an out of body experience to show me my house under water? What good would that do? How would he get any credit for it? How does it help his kingdom? Are you saying that Satan is powerful enough to break the prayer I was in with God and give me a vision?

      Where did I say this was a gift? Preaching is a gift. Teaching is a gift. Healing is a gift. If God showed me something, I had nothing to do with it and therefore is not a gift.

    • Anonymous

      D.P. ” who said I believe in psychic/clairvoyant stuff” you should those are both Gifts of the Spirit. Discernment of Spirits is another Gift. 1 cor 14 : 24-25. if an unbeliever or an uninitiate enters while all are uttering prophecy, he will be taken to task by all and called to account by all, and the secret of his heart will be laid bare. Falling prostate , he will worship God , crying out. ” God is truly among you”.
      reread Job on how he was tested. First few chapters.
      ” powerful enough to break the prayer I was in” was it a prayer or a dream or a vision ? and yes Satan is. one has to be well grounded in the Word and the name of Jesus Christ. Which you seem to be, which could also be why you are not tested hard.
      keep spreading the Word and keep your eye on the prize. peace

    • GUNNY

      Sounds as though you speak from experience, Ben.

    • CrowPie

      And who would want to live forever on this earth, in this vessel, anyway?

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      We are here for a nanosecond in all of eternity.

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      If GOD showed me something or told me something I’d shut the hell up!

    • CrowPie

      There goes that song, again…..

    • GUNNY

      That is precisely the god you spend all your time running from, Dustdevil. Yet it is he whom you serve.

      The Creator of these worlds is nothing like you describe. Had you spent some of that Marine-grade attention to detail Uncle Sam paid for, when you were doing your Bible studies, you would know that to a mortal certainty.

      You’ve let your mind become clouded by the doctrines of men — perhaps permanently damaged by that very evil which you imagine yourself to rebel against.

    • Anonymous

      “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”
      – Isa 45:7

      You’re not dealing with an Enlightenment-era value system, and no attempt, whatsoever, is made at denying that fact.

      ‘Which god came first’ is an obvious, chicken-and-egg question.

      “and the best you have is…”

      Apologetics. Take it or leave it, the Christian answer has typically been given, countless times, in public, as these same questions have been asked for thousands of years, already. Not to be snide, but have you made any attempts, at all, at answering these questions, as from a Christian perspective. You can read the Bible for free. :neutral:

    • Pix

      Who would want to live forever anywhere? Especially if it’s based on the nanosecond we were a physical being, muddling through the best we can under difficult conditions. It’s pathetically childish, any eternal existence would become a hell sooner or later, no matter the initial conditions.

    • FindtheTruth

      I would if the world wasn’t so messed up. Why would it be so wrong to live an ideal life where you are with those you love and enjoying their company without all the other bs?

      I would want to have all of my loved ones with me forever. I don’t want anyone to die. I don’t want anyone to fight. There is too much bs in the world and that is why we want to die or kill. We don’t know anything else through practically eons of mind conditioning.

      The way things are don’t have to be this way. When you really think about it – it’s senseless. However, the super-corrupt forces are in charge and they don’t give a crap about the rest of us.

      They make all of us blindly chase the carrot, only to find out we’ve been duped. The only road they want us traveling down is the road to hell.

      I could live forever, no problem, if I didn’t have to worry constantly about my loved ones and if we all got along normally. Our planet is a beautiful place and full of abundance. What we have been born into is not normal. This planet should be a paradise, but the Beast Machine doesn’t allow it.

      Pix, you are part of the problem.

      Why is it that sooo many people these days are afflicted with crap like mesothelioma, vaginal mesh problems, diabetes, having to use damn catheters, and every other crap affliction? Why can’t you see what is really going on?

      If we can stop buying into their bs propaganda, we may have a chance. I am not so worried anymore about the planet or the animals because they will go to God because they aren’t the ones causing all the trouble. It’s the people that worry me. There are many that are super evil and controlling much of the chaos and mayhem for the rest of us.

    • Pix


      “Pix, you are part of the problem.”

      Whose problem? Your’s? *shrugs* get over yourself. :wink:

      I can understand the cowardice of adults telling a small child that they’ll see X again in the afterlife or another life to get out of telling them the truth, but adults believing it… :lol: It’s on a par with adults believing Santa is real. It tells me you are scared like a little kiddy of nothing, of oblivion.

      If we are judged based on the few moments we are alive, according to the Bible by an all knowing God who created us for specific and individual purposes, and appointed an afterlife based on that, the judge is a complete a-hole for appointing people for torture for all eternity in a hell, because there would be no point seeing as there is no escape from it. Any lessons learned would be pointless. What sort of entity would all knowingly create sensitive, thinking, felling beings, all knowingly set the up to fail, only to torture them for all eternity? Only a complete monster imafo, more evil than all the demons combined.

      This is the IT you worship? If so why?, it’s on a par with worshipping a genocidal Mafia thug,.. believe or I’ll torture you for all eternity. If you folks walked your talk and protected nature, according to religion ‘Gods creation’, attacked those who are trying to destroy nature and the world, instead of finger wagging at innocent bystanders for being born differently than you, and arguing over who or what created it, there would be no problems at all. You’re all two faced back stabbers, you’re hiding your hypocrisy and laziness behind an unsubstantiated belief in utter codswallop.


    • Discreet Prepper

      As I mentioned in my story, the main focus of the article is the out of body vision I was shown, not the dreams. I don’t trust dreams.

    • SuperMario


    • Scanner Darko

      You don’t trust dreams but you do trust visions.

      Interesting. How’d you reach that conclusion, one cherry looked more appealing than another?

    • Discreet Prepper

      You can’t compare a dream to a vision. At night we all have dreams. There are a number of reasons why we dream what we dream; input from your day, medicines and the foods you eat can all play a part.

      I had an out of body experience 5 times. I was not asleep, I do not drink and I have never done drugs. All the times I have had them, I was fully awake. Four of them happened while I was in the middle of praying and then I was suddenly somewhere else. I had no control over it. The fifth one happened on the way to call my brother. How would you feel if you were driving down the road at night and then you were suddenly standing in your living room in the broad daylight? I was freaked out by it.

      You can mock all you want, but I know what I saw. Two of the visions have come true already. The Bible has many examples of people receiving prophecies and visions.

    • Scanner Darko

      And every one of your visions and dreams have been claimed by thousands of others, many of whom have been found proven liars.

      I don’t mean to stretch the argument here but, you should realize that many have claimed they have been abducted by aliens from outer space who have shown them these very things. What makes your messages true, and their messages lies? I skimmed through much of what you’ve written and i did not see any reference to a direct confrontation with the Messiah, am i wrong?

      Regardless, who’s to say what you have received is authentic?

      I don’t care whether your ‘prophecies’ come true, i don’t prep for the material and the Bible is all i need to tell me what to expect. Thus it’s the source that must be questioned here.

      “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:” ~ 1 John 4:1

      You’re nothing but a man (or woman) and no matter what you think you’ve interpreted from a dream or a vision, it will never amount the veracity of the written Word. Can we agree on that?

      You can try to pretend like you’ve correctly interpreted what you’ve been given but the honest truth is that you don’t actually know. But you believe it to be your duty to sound the trumpet, correct?

      So what do we have here?

      “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:” ~ Acts 2:17


      “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:” ~ Joel 2:28


      I believe in the Word 100%. In fact, i believe much of what you have written to be very possible. But what i do not believe in is the honesty of these ‘popular’ messages you have been receiving. I think there is more to it than meets the eye.

      So that brings me to the problem i have with all this.

      You know about cognitive dissonance? Or how about the psychology of dreams? And here is a curveball, what about Murphy’s Law?

      At one point, i began to receive similar ‘dreams’. This only happened to me at a very WEAK and IMMATURE point in my spiritual development. I was spending countless hours jumping around from Youtube videos to articles in the search of messages just like yours, thinking that some man would lead me one step closer to the Truth. But I was wrong.

      Think of it like this:

      Many lifeguards at crowded wave pools or beaches all over the world experience the same lucid dream. Seemingly transcending time and space, this happens because of the high pressure and intensity involved in scanning for the drowned below the murky waters for hours on end. As such, in these vivid dreams, the lifeguards recall scenes where they are frantically scanning their water for what ultimately results in some kind of active rescue scenario (disaster). This isn’t some prophecy, a great majority of lifeguards never experience a situation as traumatic as what they experienced in the dreams.

      See what i’m saying?

      Ultimately, i believe that if you look for the disaster, the disaster will find you. Reality is a construct of our imagination. If you collectively will it, it will manifest. I believe that’s what these dreams are for, if anything at all.

      My advice: use your experience and knowledge of the Word to search for the Truth there within. Forget the dreams and visions and the quest for Gnosis. Focus on the Word, that’s all we need. Putting blind faith in some vision about a future event that we have all been warned about here is a fruitless effort. There’s so much fear and propaganda in your business, why add to the problem?

    • Discreet Prepper

      Here’s the deal. These visions happened over several years. I only told a few family, close friends and my pastor. No one seemed to care. They thought it was a wild dream I had a not a vision. God showed me for a reason. Why? Who knows? Why does God pick certain people for the work He needs done? We will never know.

      Recently, I saw an article about a vision someone had about a tsunami hitting the east coast. I found it interesting. Then in the blog of their story it seems many people are receiving the same dream/vision. I was talking to a Christian friend about what I feel the Lord showed me and what a coincidence as to all the stories I am hearing. He said, “Maybe this is something to tell others about.” So I did. I found a website online that dealt with prophetic visions and dreams and I sent him my article. The next thing I know, I have tons of Christians contacting me. There has been wonderful ministry created from this chance email. Counseling, prayer and teaching has come out of this single article. I am producing fruit as Jesus asked us to.

      Next thing that happens is, a Christian news broadcaster wants to interview me about my visions. I said sure, why not. I was glad I did because he preached the true gospel and it also brought me into wonderful relationships with new Christians. More fruit! I thought that maybe the same could happen here on BIN.

      If you read my article, I wrote this for my kids . I am relaying what I was shown to me in a super natural way. I am hoping to show people that the Lord does still speak to His people and He still does want us to reach out to Him. If you read my ending, I said, “I hope my experiences can help others to see the importance of spending time with and serving the Lord. God wants a relationship with His people, not a religion….” I also said, “We need to be ready in our hearts to be with Him and that brings a peace most people cannot understand.” I am not spreading fear, I am spreading the good news that we can all have peace in Christ.

      You keep bringing up dreams, but what I had was no dream. Why would God show me what He did. If it was not God, as you think, then why would Satan show me these things? Why would he interrupt me in the middle of prayer and put me someplace else? There is no logic to it. Sure, I did wonder as to the meanings of the dreams, but I did not do that with the visions. They were clear cut visions with no need to elaborate. Take as you want to, I am just a messenger trying to bring people closer to the Lord.

      “Forget the dreams and visions and the quest for Gnosis.” Who said I am searching for Gnosis? I have all I need in the Word of God and it guides my steps.

      The Word says, as you stated: “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:” ~ Acts 2:17

      It has happened to me. Why be so negative toward another Christian brother when the Word clearly states that is will be happening? If you don’t like it, let it go. God will sort it all out. If Satan gave me this visions and they will not come to pass, oh well, then I guess he still gets to burn in the end anyway. I was communing with God when I received these and I do not believe that Satan has the power to break that communication and take over.

    • Scanner Darko

      “It has happened to me. Why be so negative toward another Christian brother when the Word clearly states that is will be happening? If you don’t like it, let it go. God will sort it all out. If Satan gave me this visions and they will not come to pass, oh well, then I guess he still gets to burn in the end anyway.”

      Well said.

      First off, I’m not Christian – I don’t need an earthly institution to tell me what the Bible says (Plus Y’shua is not a Christ, he is Messiah – HaMashiach -, two very different things but the debate on Constantine and Eusebius does not belong here).

      You missed the whole point on “testing the spirits”. You’ll have to forget about your emotions and feelings when dealing with me. I come on strong for a reason. Man up to the challenge. Truth will not lose.

    • Pix

      An out of body experience is more or less the same as a dream. The result of a good amount of DMT circulating your body. DMT is a hormone created in your brain while you are in a meditative state or asleep, both alter brain waves. It is the reason why we can create an internal reality or visualise a reality with our eyes closed. When you are dreaming, your brain is creating a reality from what ever is on your mind when you go to sleep, either consciously or subconsciously. If you are always into ‘we’re all doomed’, then guess what…

      Try focusing on solutions, instead of disempowered doom and gloom.


    • NWO for Dummies.

      Pix, you have no idea what an OOB experience is. This is because um, ah, because you fell on your head as a child maybe and only the right part of your brain is working. … :oops:

    • FindtheTruth

      Don’t think that it can’t happen to you.

    • Anonymous

      that was well put. ( said )

    • sarah

      I believe God, Demons, and even demonic persons, can cause people to have dreams.

      Through prayer and a discerning spirit given by the grace, spirit, and wisdom of God may we know from whom or where a dream originated from.

      Sometimes I believe the dream can come from our own minds too, or even just maybe be caused by some food we ate that day like a pizza or sour pickles.

      God has a way of explaining dreams and visions God himself has given to us if we stick close to him, and walk close to him in fellowship and prayer.

      Sometimes we understand the interpretation of the dream right away, and sometimes it is several years or longer.

      In my humble opinion, it all gets down to our relationship and walk with God concerning discernment of most things in life, when especially it pertains to anything spiritual.


      This is a quotation from Job chapter 27 provided by you:

      “Terrors overtake him/her like a flood” (NKJV).

      The quotation marks are yours. You even took the unusual step of providing copyright indicia, when you posted this:

      “Scripture quoted from the New King James Version. Copyright 1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.”

      But it looks to me like you altered both the quote, AND the Scripture, despite your quotation marks and your copyright information.

      “Terrors overtake him like a flood; A tempest steals him away in the night.”

      This isn’t really a minor objection.

      But it is something for you to consider.

    • Discreet Prepper

      @rdc121974… Wow! Your dream sounds like it came right out of the Book of Daniel! So your dream had a double flood… A flood of water (water can symbolize people or a nation of people) and a flood of the rice kernels (a symbol of Asia or Asian food?). Strange. Is it a flood of Asians into the people groups? One of them is the leader and has specific plans? The horn (represents a leader) that grows symbolizes rising in power. Interesting! I would almost see this as having something to do with the Muslims integrating into many different people groups…

    • Discreet Prepper

      @natalia – Wow, your Mom’s out of body experiences (the nuke and the water) sound just like mine! I wonder if the bomb has something to do with the flood. I’ve heard of a plan to detonate a nuke off the coast underwater as to cause a huge tsunami on the land… God bless!

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