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By Medium For God
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Stop Traffck At CPS DCFS Welfare Services Internationally

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To Stop Traffick at CPS DCFS and Welfare Services Internationally 

The Prophetic readings have said that a job by this title was sent for me by my resume’ I emailed to every United Nations email address in May, 2010.

The stolen job said for Nancy Gail Fox to channel write for Senator Nancy S chafer who said ” they run a chattel slavery ring at CPS”, She said this in 2010 on youtubes etc. and was dead a week later and people think the chattel slavery traffick ring run through CPS killed her.

In 2009 spring I said “I bet they human sex traffick at DCFS” as I was slandered, framed and set up to DCFS by lies, and before that stalking went on, vandalizing,theft and so on for four years prior to being set up.

In May 2010 I wrote a resume’ that said Nancy Gail Fox, The Son of God, Lordess on earth channel writer, medium for God, Jesus Christ etc. and it explained the stalking and DCFS set up, and that I am trying to stop human sex trafficking and sex slavery internationally etc.

In May 2010, I wrote this channel writer resume’ for channel writer jobs and I sent it with book query letters, and my DCFS victimizing fact stories and I my readings say a job was sent for me by this resume’ in May, 2010 to The Royal Crown Plaza Hotel by LAX airport where I emailed the entire United Nations from the hotel lobby computer when I was visiting a guest there. The prophetic readings say a Fed Ex was sent to the hotels front desk, or somewhere there the end of May, 2010 by my emails I sent and that the pedo traffickers who pretend to be CPS DCFS case workers ran and stole it by spying on security cameras and surveillance and they always steal crime tip stop traffick stop slavery jobs this way as they pretend they are covering on security cameras and surveillance on the whole City, and if anyone tries to get security camera footage of them they say they can’t because they are in charge of the safety of the city and they know everything sent for people also by bugging phones and hacking etc.

The readings say the pedo traffcker CPS Secret Courthouse hearing woman and DCFS etc, ran and stole the job that is to Stop Traffick at CPS DCFS Welfare Services Internationally and that they stole it and others sped over the hill to rip it off who stole Son of God Save Life Mission, Stop Sex Slavery Internationally Angel Board jobs in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 etc, from mail as the main Secret Service L A man who is the CPS Secret Courthouse DCFS pedo traffickers relative told them to steal the Angel Board save life mission stop sex slavery jobs and that they could write their names on the jobs they take from mail and pretend it is their job they are doing with the secret service main L A  man and CIA top secret Northern California person by them saying they assigned the job to them. That I D Theft mail crook group went speeding to the Royal Crown Plaza Hotel 45 minutes away by LAX airport the end of May 2010 to steal the channel writer job with the CPS DCFS pedo sex traffick ring and they lied that was their job by stealing the job from the mail and wirting their names on it and by saying Secret Service main L A man and CIA top secret Northern California assigned it to them and the stolen job said this is for Nancy Gail Fox to channel write for Senator Nancy Schaefer to stop traffick at CPS as they killed her March 10, 2010 when she said it. The readings say the job instructions they sent were sent from a Norway or Sweden U N or Human Rights office, and it said this is for Nancy Gail Fox as she channel writes to stop human sex traffick and sex slavery internationally and is also a medium for God, Jesus Christ Virgin Mary as stated on her Nancy Gail Fox Lordess on earth channel writer Son of God Communicator resume’ as she communicates for the Holy Spirits and is the Emergency Angel to stop emergencies etc. She is to live in the Gods Medium house we arranged in the hills of Studio City, with four houses around it arranged for her to have a staff working with her and people to protect her starting now May 28th, 2010 as it is also a safe house to work in and live in. DCFS filled out a form and lied they could assign the houses to other people as the devils relative they steal from people and lie they can assign things to someone else, and the readings say that DCFS filled out a form and CIA Northern California person, and wrote We ____________ assign this property for you to live in, we assign you this job position to do the crime tip work for a job we got called Stop Traffick at CPS DCFS Welfare Services, and we assign you the job to do our folders in these named houses in the hills of Studio City by us commanding this as we say you are so much better suited for this job position so ignore the name Nancy Gail Fox on this job order, that says she’s to channel write for passed away Senator Nancy Schaefer from Georgia as we say that is ka ka do da bull crap and always have thought that, thereby we all seven assign you this job position, and that is to do our crime tip work in folders by our crime tips we will leave in your mail boxes in the five Studio City houses that go with this job, and we assign you these residences to reside in and you shall also take all the Nancy Gail Fox resume’ thank you Prophet channel writer Medium For God presents sent ups fed ex and in the postal mail, and her thank you writer pay as we say that is bull crap sent for a bunch of hog wash, and we say we assign you those Prophet channel writer resume’ gifts and pay, gift cards, cars as we are assigning you all a job she was sent and the mail says she’s to have a group of five psychics work in a house by her Gods Medium houses in the hills of Studio City, and the group of psychics she hires shall put her channel writer crime tips in folders for her, and get together for dinner everyday and review the work, and they assigned one of the houses to five psychics May, 2010 or later in 2010, and they told someone they could assign the Nancy Gail Fox Lordess on earth resume’ gifts sent for her and thank you channel writer Lordess on earth pay to someone, and for that person to live in one of the five houses that is for Nancy Gail Foxs friends to live in for protection, and they assign them clothes sent for the Medium For God Lordess On Earth Son of God Communicator for God and Jesus and Virgin Mary to speak for them in public as their mediums speaker. The CPS DCFS pedo child traffick ring leave fake crime tips in their mail boxes to cover up how they traffick at CPS DCFS Welfare Services internationally and they do the trafficking and lie they got a job to Stop Traffick at CPS DCFS Welfare Services and whatever is sent for Nancy Gail Fox’s work to stop traffick and sex slavery they steal it and lie they can assign stolen property to someone else by filling out a form and this has gone on with this great earned generated Stop Traffick at CPS DCFS Welfare Services job sent by Nancy Gail Fox’s resume’ for far too long as this wicked racket has gone on for over 12 years as they do this to every job and they all ran to steal it when it was sent by her great emails to the whole United Nations email list from the Royal Crown Plazas hotel lobby computer. Many who stole the Angel Board Nancy Gail Fox Son of God Communicator jobs in 2005, 2006, 2007,2008 got in on stealing this job also as they steal them all and cover up how they run sex slavery torturing human trafficking some knowingly and some with such dense thick headed stubborn minded plain stupidity as they think a person who has a Government Agency Title does what the job title says, such as to protect children when they are cons in it to kidnap molest gang rape kill kids and babies and teenager girls and young small sons and their nice moms they frame to their own top secret cias Northern California CPS Secret Courthouse with one fruad serial killer phony loud mouthed CPS pretend case worker doing the liar hearings to frame the nicest moms, and they say that is their Ventura County, Oxnard Secret CPS Courthouse hearing held by her alone, one CPS woman who is Israeli speaks fluent Hebrew drives a bright yellow corvette older one and lives in an estate a 5 or 5.9 million dollar home bought with stolen money probably as they steal money from families they frame to be not needed at all ever case files and that woman is the biggest devil mass murdering the population on tiny little white pre school innocent kids and so many babies tiny tots munchkin wee ones the hated CPS names them who runs around like the gestapo loud mouthed yelling that crime tip is hog wash ka ka doo doo dooaloo etc. ina  devils slang language mass murdering the population and her the mortgage broker gal who’s offices is about 1 1/2 miles from her gaurd gated estate with real gaurds sitting in the gate booth, and the mortgage broker creates bumps and bruises reports and lies moms are bad who do not use Bactine and Band-Aid as she always did for a cut knee and she calls them her Bumps and Bruises Reports, and says they are notes and logs from the law office lady who does reports on moms, she frames them very bad and says she just makes stuff up and they frame the nicest mothers on the planet earth anywhere in the whole entire world and send it to the CPS Hated fakes estate by delivering files there in her brothers and cousins Tall White Medical Observation CPS DCFS Sting Unit Vans, The Watch Dog brothers, relatives who gang rape the children of all ages with the CPS Secret Courthouse woman, she yells a Very bad mom! you fat cunt! you whore! this is your own fault my relatives 9 of them are gang banging your kids in front of you all lined up in a real row alll hand cuffed to the fold in half chairs my very tall 6 ft 8 brother brought in from is main man L A County Secret Service investigator black Cadillac, he keeps chairs in the trunk for Bloody Virgin Gang Bang that we do every day at to many nice fine hotels and motels all over the world and in cabins lodges in Northern California and in North Carolina where they set up 199 Bloody Virgin Gang Bang rooms by us making reservations in a five star resort, a motel 7 a motel 6, a cabin in the Woods, bed and breakfasts lodges, tents in a campground even at a so called friends house paid 1 mil smack a roos says the CPS rapist serial killer and the two women law office lady, mortgage broker gal, send framer files to the CPS rapists estate and the mortgage broker gal got a hold of the resume’ from May 2010 when they all ran and stole the Stop Traffick at CPS DCFS Welfare Services job sent to hire Nancy Gail Fox, The mortgage broker says she marked it all up with chalk, divided up each department which people woudl steal what from Nancy Gail Fox it means, and she marked it up cut it apart and said here they will assign the Nancy Gail Fox Lordess on earth presents and jewelry her clothing gifts, cars, beauty gifts to this person and lie she’s doing the Lordess on earth job by CPS DCFS and the udder girl child molester hacker girls dropping off fake crime tips, then they lie the clothing and jewelry gifts etc sent for the Lordess on earth are for someone who gets fake crime tips, when the gifts and clothes etc are for Nancy Gail Fox’s Lordess on earth crime tips, and the CPS woman runs around lying hers are hog wash this person we assigned the houses in the Studio City hills to is doing that job as we assigned it to her and say they li lie it is a role to play that they can assign by a form, and the mortgage brokers lies its a Lordess on earth contest for someone to win money and its stolen money sent for Nancy Gail Fox Lordess on earth poetry, money sent for the Lordess on earth that they steal, sent for Lordess on earth on her resume’ since May 2010 and on poetry posts for years, and the mortgage broker lies its a Contest to win, and no it is stolen money that is Nancy Gail Foxs for her work she did and that is the devils game they play to cover up as they do not want to Stop Traffick at CPS DCFS Welfare Services internationally says God and Jesus Christ as they have taken many Lordess on earth car gifts as car thefts, Gods Medium Prophet cars sent for only Nancy Gail Fox, and its so many cars they steal and by knowing by spy cameras, bugging car lot phones, and so on and the main DCFS pedo trafficker who does oral sex to children the tiniest kids toddlers for years in pelvic examination stands called the eat out pelvic examination stand films, and the very tall blond law office gal the devils right arm buys sailor dresses sailor suits for boys and girls babies tots to wear in Ghoul child molester photos where the 6 ft 8 in Secret Service main L A County man wears a plastic Ghoul Mask and rented hooded dark cloak with 100 gay child molesters under Park N Rec buildings, bought rented dark hooded costumes by the law office gal who buys the pelvic eat out sex torture clothes, the same costume, a cute fun Sailor Dress or Sailor Suit for a small mere ever so quaint son the devils describe it this way, as I am God to say the DCFS pedo pelvic eat out child molester goes on the California Department of Motor Vehicles web site and writes I am CIA Northern California’s person with Son of God job commander authority in addition to my uncle old step dad being Secret Service L A Main investigator of very bad moms in addition to being DCFS Los Angeles County California with CPS Secret Courthouse authority to say I we can assign these car gifts sent for our case files, mothers and their older children to another person, we say they cannot have the car presents sent for them that say for the DCFS victims, and for work gifts etc etc. and therefore we are assigning car gift sent for them to another person, and everyday she steals cars on the DMV web site by saying secret service pass code CPS Secret Courthouse authority, and fills out forms and says I am __________ I assign you ____________ this gift _____________ that was sent to my DCFS case file as a present, Thereby I am the one announcing you are doing this gesture of so much kindness as by taking this car present away from them, then I can take them to hotels motels arranged much quicker by shots we do to relax them all at once to line up very bad moms my case files all in a real row hand cuffed by me often and by my relatives ,main man L A Secret Service CPS Secret Courthouse gal my relative, etc, and we take them to hotels motels our homes to show the kids a movie to explain their mom is a very bad naughty dirty sex phen, sex alcoholic sex addict with a huge sex problem and taking this car away helps out, as we get them by keeping them all broke and take paypal cash app venmo from all closed open current DCFS CPS case files by hacking and send it all over and say take the  pay all away a hey hey, its to save another life to dam day by me DCFS LA CA saying to get it at  nearby ATM Machine but not at Vons as they caught on, but many stand in line at atms in North Carolina taking paypal sent to their paypal account, and its stolen money from her DCFS Case file family members from moms and daughters, current case files case files not opened yet, long ago closed up DCFS Case files as she steals their money from all over America from adult children also who were kids in a DCFS case file long ago that is closed, she keeps stealing their money by hacking the DCFS children adult children’s paypal cash app venmo, and sends it all over for people to be her kidnappers, and lies that great amount of so much hot dog dang pay is to cover the grown up daughters who were my DCFS Case files when they were minor children and its to cover them as adults and their children by texting me where they are and that is how the DCFS child Molester pedo pelvic eat out movie monster kidnaps her DCFS case files, mothers, daughters, sons of every age and adult children and their babies, toddlers and kids says God. She stole the Stop Traffick at CPS DCFS Welfare Services Job in May 2010 from the Royal Crown Plaza Hotel by LAX airport and the mortgage broker gal whos says she works for the L A County secret service man to make nice moms look bad, marked the resume’ up cut it apart and said the Son of God gifts and resume’ pay go to the CIA Northern California person , and the Emergency Angel Gifts and gift cards etc go to the toe head blue eyed girl who was 15 May 2010 who is 27 now and does kiddy porn everyday, she child molest sons they take on beds in the top secret houses they lie are their save life mission son of God authority houses, and she is sent Emergency Angel money clothes gifts cars that are sent for Nancy Gail Foxs resume’ emailed since May 2010 and shes given stolen Angel Saving La County gifts mail ups fed exes and goes to Malibu and ;lies that is her money in accounts and its all stolen by the mortgage broker devil chalking up marking up cutting apart a Prophets resume/ the Nancy Gail Fox Son of God communicator for God and Jesus Christ’s resume’ May 2010 and the pedo toe head says her job is to suck on tiny tot sons wee ones hard penises as she sucks on them so very soft to make them hard so quick for the shot list, as she lays on the secret agent watch dog guys bed and sucks away and then its filmed and its 10 shots a day at noon and was at 2 pm and she also eats out cunts on meth at 5 pm when they get tiny kids babies tots from Parks as they say they are the Park and Rec ParK Playground secret security monitors and sit under Park buildings in the Ghoul mask ancient hooded robe photo rooms where they make kids wet themselves by the 100 gay man eating their cunts and penis as the very tall secret service man punches them in a plastic ghoul mask and the toe head who’s 27 says they all laugh and get way off on it,its called peeing in their wee little old me britches thou pants that the law office lady bought oddles of at Nordstroms and they all buy so many quaint clothes in the movie Studio Shopping Service as wardrobe babes too boot at that, as they say its clothes they need to take on many rolling racks for a really fun movie for a  T V  stick reality  T V show for some grand fun man oh man, and they get clothes at 9 am and 10 pm from Studio Shopping Services and lie that is their Son of God Medium For God money in a store account that is really all stolen money that they rob from mail ups fed ex cash app venmo paypal, and they say top secret CIA Northern California in unison with law office gal as they lie they got a save life Son Of God job by stealing mail and they do I  D Theft and pretend that is their job when it is not and they pretend the money they stole is theirs when it is not, and the toe head says she does it for 9 shots of much needed meth and for head her mom gives her mom does this to her since she was 14 probably and her and her toe head mom do mom daughter porn, and she steals The Emergency Angel Money sent for the May 2010 resume’ that the devil mortgage broker marked up and cut up into 7 catagory’s to steal what is sent for Nancy Gail Fox.

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    • Jude

      Sounds sort of manic. Try some lithium? But, no kidding, there is a lot of evidence that CPS abuses children at times. They abuse parents also. Here in Beaumont we had to sue CPS under U.S.C. 1983 and also ran off a corrupt judge who aided and abetted. Freed 300 children from foster care nightmares. If you can make it to Beaumont, Texas we have put a stop to 90 percent of their shenanigans.

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