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Liberals Religion is Government - their motto: Separation FROM Church TO State

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Conservative mindset: “Pay it Forward!”
Liberal mindset: “Pay it For ME!”

(2011 Article ported from #RattleWithUs #SEMi #TEAParty site – and cross-posted at #RedState)

We are now reaping what Liberals have been allowed to sow! And Liberals will not make it to the end of the Article before attempting to twist/contort the #Gospel to be what it is NOT to defend their #Politics over the #Faith they PRETEND to hold/have….

“Render Unto Caesar” does NOT mean in Liberal Laziness pass/transfer Responsibilities to the State (nor 90% tax rates, see 2COR9:7 section below)…. “Separation FROM Church TO State” (Not Jeffersonian context of his writings, Liberals ignore, no State Run Church)…. “Creating Dependency is NOT Compassion” (Stealing from one to give another (#ReDistribution) is NOT #Charity)…. “Compassion/Charity is going door-to-door (YOURSELF) to help raise funds for a needy neighbor, Liberal Laziness is voting to have the IRS extort the funds!”… Again, Theft from one to give another (#ReDistribution) is NOT #Charity (and an abducation of your #Christian duties)….. more….

It is not even Xristos-mass time and (not even snowing, many haven’t even begun to think about Thanksgiving let alone December yet, but…) I am really tired of Liberals corrupting, distorting, twisting, misquoting, etc, the message of Christ (or just the Torah, if you prefer, this is about Religion in general) to promote Liberal Government. Not even to begin to touch on their invocations of “Separation of Church and State” double-standards. You’ll see this has been brewing/building for some time as parts have been touched on in other writings.

This is, no doubt, going to offend and/or anger many on the Left, as if that isn’t a good reason to do it on its own, ;-) but it probably isn’t going to get any of them to honestly examine their Life, their Faith, and if they are actually applying the two together!?!? How there is a complete disconnect between the message and how it is intended to be implemented with them escapes me (not really). That does (really) trouble me, as a person who really is concerned about all of my fellow Americans.

First, a h/t to bs for this: I Am Angry Post that reawakened these concerns over what seems to me to be obviously misguided convictions, that they are willingly being led into a Statism intent on replacing traditional Faith as the primary entity for worship. You can see/hear those underpinnings in every speech that Leftists give about supposed “Social Justice.” That they cannot grasp that statement/concept, makes it even less excusable that they do not make any attempts to see the path that those they choose to follow “Hope” to lead them down. This is NOT just about Abortion. It is the explaining away of how the Govt. should just not be “allowed” to do so many Liberal ideas/things but that it somehow (in their minds) “must” do any number of things.

While I go more in-depth in Frustration with dealing with Politically Brain-Dead and/or to a lessor extent in other Posts here (Party of kNOw) or here (Conservative nominations), I pointed out in my comment (Psychology of awakening ObamaZombies from Liberal Laziness) in bs’ RS Diary, and want to briefly touch on again here, the following point:

Shock, Denial, Anger, Acceptance.
Political awareness and Coming to grips with the fact the JackAss Party today is nowhere what it used to be just 50 years ago (and even then it was socialist, just the RINO drip drip slow kind (Republicans must be the Party of HELL NO [to Bigger Govt.] not the Party of SLOW[er Liberal Incremental-ism])) is like the grieving process. We have some that get that SHOCK but quickly just eagerly dwell in the DENIAL phase for the rest of their life. It’s easier that way, of course, to just stumble through life completely oblivious to Reality and keep the little bubble of friends equally in the dark. It is not until we force them to view out their window and see REALITY that they will get to the ANGER phase and to ultimate ACCEPTANCE of the error of their LIBERAL LAZINESS childishness (ultimately selfish, extort from others rather than do ANYTHING themselves to help their friends, family, neighbors, etc, ways). “You can lead a Liberal to the Truth (Facts), but you can’t make them THINK!”

I say this all, of course, NOT for thoughtful Conservatives but for the visitors we have that hadn’t figured this out yet and/or for those that might need one additional “thought-provoking” way to try and awaken one of the Brain-deads that may be in their life.

But, that is just the layer above the surface. It is what is under that which troubles me most and what I’ve ultimately provide this Post to address. That is what I (we) clearly see as the DETOUR Liberal Democrats have put in place and many have followed for so long that they don’t recall they have detoured and/or that they are way off course and on the wrong road. The Liberal Democrats’ (Progressives/Socialists) desire to “Separate You FROM Church TO State, not the Separation Of Church And State” (wall of separation between Church & State twisted by Libs) that Liberals have gotten wrong from the beginning of the Progressive movement (not unintentionally)!

Co-opting Faith, Hope, and Charity.
It’s obvious how “Hope” is being twisted, so let’s move right to Charity. I’d like to refer to a common theme on a few ProBamaCare signs that made the rounds at the Health-care Townhalls (HC Townhall: Like Hollywood, Democrats used new Actors to replay the same Script.) invoking (what is supposedly, according to them if it’s Republicans/Conservatives) forbidden from Politics: Religion! Charity…

Dear Brain-deads: Charity begins at Home and is giving NOT Extortion (Extortion, pure and simple (to raise taxes or avoid/enact legislation)) via the Power of Government. Giving from one’s own holdings rather than reaching into someone else’s pocket-book to give to others. That is NOT CHARITY, it is SOCIALISM – Liberal Brain-dead ObaMorons, just their latest incarnation as they’ve been lost Pavlov-dogs behind any/all Leftists since Carter, can’t grasp that basic concept/definition! “Pay it Forward” NOT ‘Pay it for me!’

It Takes A Village (read: community).
Responsibilities to our Brothers and Sisters. Hillary tried to cash in on that Liberal distortion and Obama has tried to drop it a few times in regard to implying a “Moral imperative” to/for a complete Health-care Takeover (and/or countless other Obama initiatives), rather than true reforms we would agree to. Like Charity, “It Takes A Village” is not offensive to Conservatives, on the contrary – we welcome it! It is, as always, the warped distortion of it by Liberals from Voluntarily (in keeping with God’s gift to us of Free Will and expectation we “choose” to engage in it as part of our Faith and Salvation plans) over Coercion/Extortion… As with Charity, when it is forced/commanded by the State, it crossed from the simple “Community” and becomes the “Political Communism!”

Let me spell this out another way for our ultra-Liberal lurkers who (especially a couple of folks from SA, so you can quote me correctly ;-) and not link for folks to read the whole things [an aside - some reasonable folks there intermingled with the usual Liberal Brain-deads], and maybe even a few Conservatives over there that don’t know how to explain the difference to those that) don’t grasp the distinction:

  • Conservative = Willingly helping fellow Americans, that may have need, of their own volition – giving aid, comfort, time, ones OWN money, etc…
  • Liberal/Democrat/Progressive/Obamunist/SOCIALIST = Engaging in the Laziness of Liberalism (Class Warfare) by voting to have the Government Extort money (Taxes) from the Productive to redistribute to Others, so as to feel (that usual Education Indoctrination “Esteem/Style over Substance”) good about having done – really nothing – for someone else.

See too compassion section below.


The PLANET Worship – “Green” and/or “Global Warming” alarmist junk science agenda.
First, Conservatives are NOT anti-science – we are anti-JUNK-science! Remember the 1970′s and the “Ice Age returns” alarm-ism? We’ve not even touched on this obvious one! The Climate $cam agenda placing PLANET Worship over God and the Green Agenda as its doctrine of control (countless sub-issues: 1, 2, 3, 4a/4b/4c, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13) rather than being proper custodians of God’s Planet Earth and our Home! Conservatives are Real/True Conservationists and want to Preserve the Planet and Resources without destroying Americans (highest quality) way of Life in the process.

Creating Dependency is NOT Compassion!”
Further, using those whom you create a dependency within for Political means to an end is not Nobel but a False Pretense of, what should otherwise be a selfless and, a Faithful act. They are acts of False Prophets who seek to place themselves above God, create their own following for Personal gains/power, etc… “Compassion/Charity is going door-to-door (YOURSELF) to help raise funds for a needy neighbor, Liberal Laziness is voting to have the IRS extort the funds!”

Plenty of additional examples could be made, but I’ll end this here, as Conservatives “get it,” while I could go on for pages and pages and exceed the 1,000+ pages of the HR 3200 (Obama-care) with Liberals never understanding it.

“JUDGE NOT, lest ye be Judged!” – Liberals, to try and get away from dealing with their immorality LOVE to quote the first seven words of the Matthew scripture while completely ignoring the remainder of the Scripture (and/or further context of other Scriptures (especiallly Leviticus)):

In CONTEXT (Do Unto Others As You’d Have Done Unto You) that you may NOT BE A HYPOCRITE (you may NOT employ a set of Double Standards (as Liberals as have – one set of Rules for them and another for Others). Ultimately, CONDEMN NOT LEST YE BE CONDEMNED, for FINAL JUDGEMENT is Reserved for the Lord. However, we can, do, and MUST JUDGE (again, with Bibilical Standards, and same set of Standards for All, Judge based upon FAIR standards by which you would expect to be FAIRLY Judged) and do all the time. We don’t just Date anyone and everyone that Asks, we make a Judgement on compatibility before going out. We don’t just MARRY anyone or everyone that would Ask, we Judge whether they really are the Right one! We can/do/should particpate on a JURY to JUDGE/determine Guilt or Innocence of CRIMINAL (immoral) ACTS and they should suffer punishment on Earth for those Crimes against other Humans! Etc, etc, etc….


In fact, the additional context, is the TEN COMMANDMENTS (and other passages) that point out the correct standards by which we are to Judge! And, the US having been formed/based on/to BE A GODLY NATION most of our Laws are derived from the Bible Standards. One “touchy” issue is DEATH PENALTY, yet the #BIBLE tells us that the Death Penalty (of Adults, having committed heinous Crimes and duly Convicted) is Biblical (but, of course, the Left cannot use the Bible in anyway to justify ABORTION (Killing innocent Babies)…..

Genesis 9:6 Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man…

Numbers 35:30 Whoso killeth any person, the murderer shall be put to death by the mouth of witnesses…

Leviticus 24:17 And he that killeth any man shall surely be put to death…


Thanks for stopping by and May God Bless!
I bid you all an early Merry X-mas*
*if offended/concerned, re-read the second paragraph of the Post (Xristos).
& remember where the real argument resides – against Liberals

PS: Distortion of the Islamic Faith and twisting text (Qur’an) is NOT limited to Al Qaeda, we have plenty that use distortions of Christianity and the Bible for Statist means here in America: see “Render unto Caesar” (completely misunderstood by Liberals.

PPS: Lest we forget, as it relates to the Health-Care discussions:
Obama went on about “False witness” (he used that exact terminology, Liberal Psychological Projection, as usual!) to impugn his detractors, while his Party members continually Lied about what was in the sole plan (HR3200) in Consideration in the Congress (their distortions/lies details directly highlighted/refuted: here, here, here, and here). Further lied by claiming his own plan (Obama’s “My HC plan” Lie – Obama’s HC dodge, quoting a non-existent and/or not in consideration Plan) – he wasn’t saying “His preferences are” he outright Lied about a Plan no-one could read because it didn’t exist. If it did it would have been available to read from and introduced into the House or Senate by a fellow Obamunist for Consideration – again, was not, and could not have been, because it NEVER existed! Liberals would like people to BELIEVE in them/Government and that their policies/thoughts are axiomatic and their voters buy into it (again, Liberal Laziness or DENIAL – it’s easy that way) and just accept anything they say and keep pulling that JackAss lever on Election days.

Further: The “Separation of YOU from Church to State” (or other minor variations of it) and/or other One-liner Political jabs… using one liners to get people to think (one-liner quotes/jabs) are important, IMHO, as it’s all about the Marketing and getting the messages out/through (see too: Getting the message out). The Demoncrats are good at Parroting slogans (often, involving out-right Lies), and sticking them in peoples Brains (especially Politically Brain-dead folks). We have to be better and more clever than them and keep coming up with new/fresh comments to stick in people’s craws.

We know they are NOT going to listen to our giving them the FACTS (“You can lead a Liberal to the Truth, but you cannot make them THINK!”), so we have to have the cute, quick, brief, piffy, comments that despite themselves might stick in their Dead-Brain-matter and fester. Enough of those using one liners to get people to think (one-liner quotes/jabs) can add up over time and help to awaken some (Optimism and Faith in, at least, several of the Brain-deads who didn’t bother to vote to wake up at least). Seeing more and more one-liner quotes in Posts warms my heart, but we need to be using them out in the streets and/or on our TEApeats signs (Hey Progressives – Here’s Your Sign!) we are making headway and a difference!!!

The one-liner jab gets through where a longer argument is never going to be entertained. They have to have their self-awakening and discovery, then they’ll come back to us (via Conservative sites) to tune into what they hadn’t been paying attention to and continue that Road To Recovery from their DENIAL. We cannot (unfortunately) force them, they have to come willingly!! Again – “You can lead a Liberal to Truth, but you cannot make them THINK!”

See too this blog’s follow-up (or companion article) “the Greater Good” at:

In picture form for our Liberal friends to understand it

(h/t to a RS friend ColdWarrior whom I first saw use the graphic)


LASTLY, JESUS WAS NOT A SOCIALIST…. (best shown in meme form, Liberals always have to try and TWIST and distort Scripture or take it out of Context to peddle their Socialist agenda. One CANNOT be a REAL CHRISTIAN and be a Democrat)….


2COR9:7….. Yes, a certain degree of Tax Collection is necessary for the Operation of a State (and, yes, the proper application of “Render Unto Caesar”) but that begs the issue (with CONTEXT of 2COR9:7 below) WHAT IS REASONABLE?!?! And, Libtards, the United States managed just fine with mainly import/export Tariffs for HOW MANY YEARS (100, 150, 175) before the passage of the #IncomeTaxAmendment (including Local SchoolHouses educating our Children, a Standing Army, and on and on and on)! Liberals defend the #IncomeTax and 90% Rates cuz they are NOT at all interested in (preoperly) CONSTITUTIONAL CONSTRAINED DUTIES AND SPENDING. It’s all about SEPARATION FROM CHURCH TO STATE (as previously stated) and CONTROL by creating DEPENDENCY (as also previously discussed)!

And, of course, we cannot overlook that whole ABORTION / KILLING BABIES issue…

Pregnancy is NOT a Disease! It is therefore NOTHING like removing Cancer! It is NOT HealthCare. Abortion is Murder!


Plus, The Shaky Ground (RoeVWade) that Abortion is built upon (debunking Leftwing myth): /v3/the-law/2018/2457918.html

Be sure to see directly related: The Greater Good – /v3/economics-and-politics/2019/2518275.html

As always, Regards from JLenardDetroit from “NoMoTown (The MOTORless CITY)”
“Remember, Liberals – looking to do for America, what they’ve done to Detroit. – Destroy it!”
“I think, therefore I am Conservative”
“Conservative by choice, Republican by necessity”
“The more things ‘hope and change’ the more they stay the same”
“You can lead a Liberal to the Truth (Facts), but you cannot make them THINK!”
closing quotes attributable to (me) JLenardDetroit Bookmark and Share

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    • JLenardDetroit

      2019 update: Rev William Barber (find him on Twitter: @RevDrBarber), moron MSNBC paid hack, was on just the other Day claiming the Bible supports SOCIALISM (OK for him to twist Bible to peddle liberalism, but I can’t ANALYZE THEWORD in context?) and “REV” Barber (like RevJesseJackson and RevAlSharlaton) challenged anyone to Debate him on it. OK, happy to do so (see my Tweet to him:, that he’ll just ignore) with him or anyone on the Subject!

      Please, beg anyone to (w/ #Scriptures, IN CONTEXT (as I do therein)) to refute it?!?! Any of it at all?!?! I am far from Perfect (and why I need #Jesus, and the Scriptures) convince me where I’m wrong?

      I have Family that are “supposed #Christians” and Vote for #Democrats!
      I happen to prefer to defend #JESUS / #SCRIPTURES (righteousness) rather than make excuses for humans/people (even Family)!
      And, of course, I LOVE THOSE FAMILY MEMBERS so I “tell them, in even less uncertain terms than I do “strangers” (whom I also don’t hold back with), “like it is” and try to bring back from “modern Worldly convenient excuses” to #Righteousness!

      It’s long past time for many to reOpen #SCRIPTURES with eye on living in them, rather than constantly trying to twist them to match their #BabyKilling #Socialist #Democrat Party Cult! And they do twist them, or try to distort one line completely out-of-context of/with THE WORD as a whole (no one Scripture stands-alone)!

      Not an ad-hom attack, but detailed analysis why I say….
      One cannot be #Christian & #Democrat
      #Democrats are #Socialists
      #JesusWasNOTASocialist #RedistributionIsNOTCharity
      “Each must give as Decided in Heart #not #reluctantly or under #compulsion” 2 COR 9:7
      IRREFUTABLE details in:

      Each 1 must give as has Decided in Heart #not #reluctantly or under #compulsion: 2 COR 9:7
      (just 1 of countless properly contexted scriptures in Article)
      NOT improperly contexted/defined RENDER UNTO CAESAR and THEFT FROM ONE TO ANOTHER (#ReDistribution)

      ALL/FULL DETAILS (including properly contexted “JUDGE NOT” (by proper Biblical, rightful, true, what should be our standards (and therefore is NOT HYPERBOLIC AD-HOMINEM NAME-CALLING, but a Doctrinal legitimate argument/challenge)) in:

      We must STOP allowing FAKE PRIESTS/MINISTERS from being SOFT on PROPERLY PREACHING THE TRUE/REAL GOSPEL rather than PROSPERITY OR FEEL-GOOD DOCTRINE just to keep Democrats in the Pews and the MONEY flowing into the Churches! Our allowing shying away of ACTUAL DOCTRINAL PREACHING is what has gotten us to where we are now – THE USA GOING TO HELL like the rest of the Globe! #WeMustBeTheShiningCityOnTheHillOnceMore!

      Being taught to avoid talking about #politics or #religion (especially intersection of the two) has led to a lack of understanding of politics & religion.

      What we should have been taught was to have a civil conversation (seems we’re way beyond that now) about difficult topics.

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