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Imminent Midwest Quake To Unleash Nuclear Hell

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Scientists are warning that a major quake on the New Madrid fault would not only destroy much of the Midwest United States’ infrastructure, but unleash the fury of a radiation hell thousands of times worse than the Fukushima, Japan disaster. An incredible 15 aging nuclear reactors are exposed to potential catastrophic destruction when another Great Quakelike the one that reversed the flow of the Mississippi River during the early 1800sslams the country again.

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Great quake long overdue

Nature is cruel, unyielding and blind. It has titanic forces at its command and when they are unleashed humans are often swept away like a gigantic hand sweeping away puny mites.

The only defenses humans have against the ravages of Nature unleashed are luck and common sense. Luck cannot be relied upon and common sense is also pushed to the wayside to make way for profit, political expediency, or simply emotional desire. Those three things are why people keep rebuilding in known flood zones and regions hit by monster hurricanes. They are the reason behind atomic power plants like California’s El Diablo literally being built on top of the notorious San Andreas fault.

Those three things add up to long range folly. Especially when two of the most devastating earthquakes ever to hit America occurred in a region where nuclear power plants, atomic waste facilities, and nuclear recycling centers now sit.

A megathrust quake will destroy most of Midwestern United States and kill a million or more people. It will cause up to a trillion dollars in property damage. It’s not a question of if, but when. And when, say some geophysicists, may be closer than anyone wants to believe. [See: Devastating Megaquake May Destroy Midwest Soon]

More frequent earthquakes within the region of the New Madrid Fault have many experts increasingly on edge that another megaquake like the one that destroyed much of the Midwest during the early 1800s may be about to occur.

The New Madrid earthquakes of 1811 and 1812 were so powerful and widespread that if they occurred today the damage and loss of life are incalculable.

Today such megaquakes would destroy much of the infrastructure of the middle US, disrupt transportation throughout the country, threaten the Internet and energy supplies, disrupt food distribution networks, and even destroy major cities.

ABC News reported that “Another study by the Mid-America Earthquake Center [in 2010] estimates that nearly 750,000 buildings would be damaged, 3,000 bridges would potentially collapse, 400,000 breaks and leaks to local pipelines and $300 billion in direct damage and $600 billion in indirect losses would occur.

“‘Although Memphis is likely to be the focus of major damage in the region, St. Louis, Mo., Little Rock, Ark., and many small and medium sized cities would also sustain damage,’ the U.S. Geological Survey found.”

And all of that will be followed by the catastrophic rupture of several or more nuclear facilities leading to the loss or compromise of critical core containment and massive radioactive release.

How bad could it be? Think of Japan’s TEPCO reactors accident on steroids.

While some experts contend that the earthquakes in Arkansas and dozens more in Oklahoma—including the historic 5.6 temblor—are helping to relieve pressure that’s built up on the main fault lines, other geophysicists aren’t so sure. They see the increased activity as a potential warning sign that a gigantic killer quake may be imminent and are warning people to be prepared.

And the event might occur sooner than even some scientists anticipate as recently volcanic venting in several states has been recorded by geosynchronous satellites. [See: Frightening Volcanic Venting Signals Coming Midwest Megaquake]

As is often the case, the expert’s dire warnings are being ignored.

15 Fukushimas scattered across Midwestern states

Before It’s News lives up to it’s name with the important report that appeared March 16, 2011 focusing on 15 nuclear reactor sites at high risk from a mega New Madrid quake.

Blogger Zen Gardner revealed that “There are 15 nuclear power plants in the New Madrid fault zonethree reactors in Alabamathat are of the same or similar design as the site in Japan experiencing problems.

“The USGS report predicts that a major quake would create horrific scenes like something out of a science fiction movie, potentially cutting the Eastern part of the country off from the West in terms of vehicular traffic and road commerce.”

But it’s worse than that. Crops would be poisoned and entire swaths of fertile farmland lost for at least a generation, perhaps longer. The disaster would cause the US to collapse economically and cause the world to crash into a decades-long depression. Starvation in many parts of the world would become the normeven in industrialized nations.

Industries would collapse and up to one billion people could perish. Most of those shock waves would precipitate from the massive release of radiation, not the megaquake destruction of the landscape.

Nuclear power plants

Some of the nuclear power plants are old GE designs, the same as the TEPCO reactors in Fukushima that evidence reveals are breached.

Could the same fate await one of more of the 15 nuclear reactors weathering a massive Midwest quake? Most certainly. While it’s true that little advanced planningeven from FEMAhas gone into preparedness for a nightmare nuclear cloud of radiation sweeping across a good portion of the United States, in fairness no agency however well-manned and funded could deal with such a Doomsday disaster.

Adding to the woes are numerous abandoned plants that still have nuclear core rods stored within walls that are reinforced against almost anything but a megaquake.

And then there are the many nuclear fuel rod storage facilities that are scattered across the landscape like scaled up atomic versions of IEDs (improvised explosive devices)only magnitudes worse.

The nuclear waste and processing plants will also be exposed and some will suffer damage. How extreme will the damage be? No expert can begin to hazard a guess.

Hell in the Heartland

When the next Great New Madrid Earthquake strikes most experts agree the infrastructure will be catastrophically damaged. Emergency services will be ineffective at best. Civil services, police and fire departments will be helpless. Communication will be gone, distribution gone, food scarce, gasoline unobtainable, and utilities offline.

Then hell will rise from Earth in the form of a deadly invisible cloud of drifting death leaving behind it twisted lives, mutations, dying victims and cancer deaths mounting over the next few dozen years.

Mother Nature will do its best to slap Mankind down.

Mankind’s folly could finish the job.

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    • Maverick

      Oh Terrance… you just get a kick out of peddling fear don’t you?

      Never any proof, just pure fear porn.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously. This is fear-based supposition, not “news”. “Imminent Quake to Unleash Nucler Hell”, bahahahahahahahahahahahaa!

    • Anonymous

      That is a good phrase, ‘fear porn’.

      The ‘what if’ panty-waists don’t contribute, build or inspire. They must be government paper-pushers. How have we let such uselessness proliferate to such grossness? It is certain that time will provide the pruning machete.

    • anonymoustache

      Call this “fear porn”,too-
      if that makes you feel better but that won’t change the facts.

      The New Madrid Fault is more deadly and serious than the San Andreas Fault.

      During its last major event period in 1811-1812,
      the NMF was felt moderately over ONE MILLION SQUARE MILES-
      by comparison,
      the 1906 Great San Francisco Earthquake was moderately felt over “only” 6,200 square miles.

      The NMF cracked sidewalks in NYC and DC
      and rang church bells in what is now Toronto,Canada.

      It made the Mighty Mississippi run backwards and formed Reelfoot Lake in TN.

      The seismic sensors in Louisiana have gon crazy all summer near the horrible Louisiana sinkhole
      at Bayou Corne as bubbles of toxic&flammable gas have been coming up in the Bayou there.

      The underground salt dome storage facility next to the sinkhole stores many more times explosive power than
      that which destroyed Hiroshima&Nagaski combined.

      There is also significant radioactive waste stored there,
      as well.

      The Fed,the state and the company responsible for the salt dome are all pointing fingers and each side is claiming different reasons-
      one side says that the serious seismic activity there has caused the sinkhole while the other side claims that the
      the salt dome failure has caused the seismic activity AND the sinkhole.

      None of this arguing is responding to or addressing the imminent danger-
      there are MILLIONS of barrels of liquified natural gas,butane&propane-

      The New Madrid itself will wreak havoc unspeakable next time which really could be anytime,
      considering all this serious seismic activity this summer concerning this Fault.

      In 1811 there were no Interstate or railroad bridges across the Mississippi
      of course,there were no refineries,pipelines or oil&gas stored in salt domes
      in Louisiana.

      Not to mention that most people are now incapable
      of living without centralized distribution.

      nobody really knows how this will effect the vulnerable New Orleans/South Louisiana levee system
      which was not then in place in 1811-
      the Mississippi will likely exit in several NEW places and UNEVALUATED New Orleans
      (Unlike during Katrina when the city was mostly evacuated)is likely to experience even greater pain&tragedt than last time.

      What I am saying here is that mocking&scoffing is
      the answer-
      it’s like hitting the snooze button instead of responding to the Wake-Up Call.

      Where there is a reality gap,

      Another article on this site:

      • Anonymous

        You are right, of course, about all the above (New Madrid mega-quake more serious than San Andreas fault – that is, unless the Cascadia Subduction mega-thrust connecting to the fault leading to the San Andreas go all at once, or in quick succession?, but then, we are talking about 2 different things, major hell on both sides of the country)

        when these will happen is the question, and what are we doing about the imminent risk for both/all is the real question.

        the answer is we are still all trusting the powers that be, the federal government has direct influence over the states’ policies and school boards, but really the people are the (supposedly) the power in this country…
        and the people are trusting lies from (and overtly destructive harmful actions designed by the ptb who are not ignorant of this) their state, fed and media who allow this harmful intent to continue. In the school boards of the West Coast from at least way northern California and Oregon and Washington, who are in locations where the school buidlings are not architechturally designed to withstand any major quake, let alone a mega-quake of the historical precedent of Cascadia, for instance – they still use the mantra-command to the students to ‘get under your desks!’ or a variation of such erroneous and destructive protocol, ‘Stand beside this wall’. Your children, if they obey these commands in a mega-quake in any of those states will probably be rewarded for their obedient behaviour by death, an agonizing, painful and anguished death, by being crushed to death, in unnecessarily large numbers; instead of this old, erroneous and obsolete protocol the schools use, decided upon by the school boards, approved of by our federal government authorities, we should be enforcing the adoption of the protocol which has shown to be far more effective in saving lives and preventing mass injuries in mega-quakes in buildings which are not to code for larger quakes, called The Triangle Of Life.

        It is not a question of expense, (as if that should be a problem with all the crap we finance against our children’s well-being) as the protocol of saving lives could be established in all schools within one or two days. It is that a barrier to falling rooves and walls is laid down in each room, including bathrooms, cafeterias, next to which the children lay, being more protected from crushing buildings caving in. A row of stacked, bound newspapers in the center of each room about a foot and a half or two feet high would provide this life-saving space in the case of a fast mega-quake in situations where people cannot be gotten outside fast enough after the first rumblings and falling apart of the school.

        Any community which knew of this Triangle Of Life protocol would adopt it, but the authorities do not want us to know, and thus insist on its adoption, and why is that?

        I think you know.

        New Madrid states are in the same risk since none of their architecture (schools) that I know of have been built to withstand a mega-quake. If you do know of any school which has rejected the death-trap policy of ‘Get Under your desks’ in favor of the more effective ‘Triangle of Life’ protocol, please let me know, I am very interested.

        As we all need to be, please, read up on this protocol and read up as to why the ptb do not want you to know about these facts.

        Mass deaths are needed/required/desired for mass energy-transfer to the powerholders who tyrannically instituted the death-trap policy and nefariously continue to hold to this inhumane and vicious policy against our children.

    • Handyman2012

      Those “barrels” of Nuclear waste are solid concrete with very small vials of material buried within them. Those would have to be heated to about 1 million degrees F to burn or vaporize. At that point so would the material inside of them. It is probably the most efficient way to dispose of nuclear waste. That is why we should be sending it directly towards the Sun.

    • Endthisnow!

      I think people have lived with the news that one day a major quake will happen for so long, they simply don’t pay it any mind. You can’t issue warnings every single day and expect it to have a great impact, which is exactly what is being done via the internet.

      Is a major quake imminent…meaning it could happen at any time? Sure it is. Each one of us face an imminent death, we could die at any moment. Is there scientific proof that can accurately predict when this major quake will happen? Not really….educated guesses is pretty much all any expert can offer. It’s simply old news….there was a lot of hype about the New Madrid fault line last year as well….hype….hype!

      Sure some people will stock up and be prepared for whatever, others won’t. If the quake strikes when those with well stocked homes/basements/shelters are at work or out and about, they may die anyways. And some folks that never gave it a second thought will live….ultimately it’s not in our control. Thus, I for one won’t waste my time worrying about it….let it happen as far as I’m concerned. I live in CA and it’s nothing but a cesspool of filth…it needs to break off into the ocean!!!!

    • CosmicKiwiPerth

      He might be peddling fear but he is damn well right & we all know it. By law all your reactors have to have a weeks supply diesel as backup for the generators. But what if there is no water or it has leaked away? What if fuel & water tankers can`t get to the reactors? You may have guns, water & food stored underground but radiation could be a real problem. Your Govt. still desires this oil economy when we all could have free energy devices already invented. Then the Middle East could go back to the way they were.. fighting over land & gods… AJ. Western Australia.

      • Endthisnow!

        Good point. But in the Japan 9.0 quake, it was not radiation that killed them. Here in the USA, I don’t think we have to worry about Nuclear plants after a big quake. Radiation takes time to spread. I think those along coast lines will die first from Tsunami’s and landslides….and yes everyone else will kill each other trying to survive. If you look at how they behaved in Japan, they were very civil, obedient, helpful to each other. People in the USA love to riot and steal given the opportunity. We should be far more advance than that….the world super power, but we act like savages during crisis. We should be so lucky if a major quake kills us before we turn on each other, even our own families….sorry but that is the reality of a rich spoiled selfish nation!

        • Ranger_Ric

          That’s not completely true. Yes, the cities will burn and the parasites who have lived on the backs of hard working American taxpayers will starve, freeze and kill each other over scarps of food within a few months but that is a GOOD THING! The sooner the free cell phone, EBT, free housing parasites are all dead and gone, the sooner this country can rebuild.

          There are many of us who have prepared. There are many of us in communities who will band together and help each other.

          Look at the maps where most of these reactors are. They are almost exclusively near major cities. Good riddance. What is left of the parasites and liberals who live in these rat holes will be exterminated by the radiation.

    • Anonymous

      “ABC News reported that “Another study by the Mid-America Earthquake Center [in 2010] estimates that nearly 750,000 buildings would be damaged, 3,000 bridges would potentially collapse, 400,000 breaks and leaks to local pipelines and $300 billion in direct damage and $600 billion in indirect losses would occur.”
      …And the band played on…but I do think we have become habituated to the frequency of information re: “the big one” and therefore do not respond to the fact that yes some day it will happen but then that day may still not happen for a long time. Best to prepare and live with plans in place but live you must until well, until whatever. You never know what might come your way of much lesser magnitude than a mega quake but nevertheless will bring a one hundred percent disaster into your personal life: Cancer, Auto accident? As of now we in our small town have two armed and disparate men at large well there you go…you never know. As I have concluded and stated to those around me for some time: “Everything seems fine…until it isn’t.” (Things can happen fast and unexpectedly) so yes prepare.
      Informative article and yet I do think “fear porn” is a valid term if not particular to this piece but like regular adult entertainment fear porn has its potential for addiction. It seems to be all some, and I do say some, of these crisis pushers are capable of doing, that is, moving from one potential catastrophe scenario to the next. However a life out of balance with fear can lead to an acidic and cancerous personal tragedy. As relevant to the e-quake happening anytime soon I’ll ask: “Whanna be going through Chemo or recovering from surgery when it hits?

    • Joerg Klaemt

      Had the same thoughts about the Waist to be shipped and burned up in our Sun.
      (Or alternatively dumped into our earth’s magma). Using conventional rocketry is unreliable unsafe and could backfire.
      If we were to use our back-engineered ALIEN Technology,we probably could accomplish that.
      But that would let the Cat out of the Bag.
      We all would then know that there is an Alternative clean Energy that would have eliminated Nuke Plants in the first Place, it would crash the Stock Market wounding the Zionist Architects that artificially created the biggest holocaust in human history.
      Did anyone see the Video of earth size Objects being Steered into the Sun?
      My first thought was that other Civilization’s are doing exactly what we were discussing here, maybe its not radioactive debris but some more advanced type of waist that needs to be disposed off.
      Perhaps Garbage day for them is every 11 years or so when the sun reacts to that violently.
      Just a Thought

    • Anonymous

      Sweet go get get em earthquake… take em out those dastardly GOPERS…


      weed is the perfect antidote to this article

    • Anonymous

      You neglected to mention a few important points in an otherwise accurate article.
      1/ The only uranium reprocessing plant (that makes depleted uranium for weapons) is located at Paducah, Kentucky. This is a 30min drive from, you guessed it, Cairo. Site of the big one 200yrs ago.
      2/ The NLE in 2011, that brought one nuclear plant to the edge of disaster, used HAARP and other GEO/ENG weapons to cause massive flooding and EQ’s on the fault line and in peripheral States.
      3/ The vision of Edgar Cayce who saw the USA split in two with a thousand mile long lake on the Mississippi Valley. It is rumored to parallel a USN future map of the US.
      4/ The number of oil and gas lines crossing the New Madrid fault, during a major EQ would erupt in a firestorm that would extinguish gas and oil supplies for more than half of the US. It would also create an uplift of air, and ionizing radiation, that would kill around 40 million within a month. Most of whom are East of the NMSZ. Think NY.
      To: Maverick
      You can deny what you want until the day of doom. Then you will weep like the rest of us, if you are still alive.
      Haggai said, ‘I (Yahweh) will shake the earth.’ and ‘I will shake the earth again’.
      The ‘earth’. All nations will feel this.
      If the Louisiana sinkholes ignite at the same time? Think 200 million dead!
      Just my two cents.

      • Anonymous

        Isn’t that interesting, Moriyah. That they put all those pipelines of explosive gas across the New Madrid Fault line. I cannot help but think that they knew this would happen…how better to murder many for much power for Lucifer’s Regime and New World.

      • Anonymous

        And that the states in the South are inhabited by many blacks, this mass killing will achieve the elimination of much of the country’s black population, which Satanists usually consider as the racists they are, not as deserving as the ‘superior’ strains of ‘humanity’… most Illuminists are as Satanists, very very racist. I guess that is the reason for their treatment also of the Native populations, the Indian tribes here in the Americas…there is a common thread that they really like to believe that the Aryan race is one (along with the Asian, like Chinese) of the most advanced genetically.

        They are evil, and they are our Dear Leaders’ masters, and often our Dear Leaders are of the priesthood of this vile religion.

    • pigsdofly

      fear porn-the writer of this bull sheet is nothing but a scarred little wimp! he/she eats lives by fear, daily I CAN SHE SEE this freak in a small one bedroom apt or mom’s basement-living on welfare or mom ain’t got the guts to kick his/her but out

    • Anonymous

      That expression may have it’s applications but this is not one.
      Detractors who attack the messenger and not the message show themselves to be either idiots or government agents. Oh, that was redundant, sorry.
      Still, it has always been that way.
      I welcome those critiques from the clueless.
      It adds credibility to the message.
      Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      To point out the folly of our convenience-oriented society is only sort of porn. Things can be repeated and lose their impact because the news is inconvenient for the audience. Or the facts can be repeated because people are not paying enough attention to affect changing their society’s precarious situation.

      Fear is a natural survival response — fight or flight. We can’t seem to fight for our lives enough when it appears that our social planners and material providers are careless with our lives. To save lives, we need to shut down those reactors and do without the convenience. Will we demand that for ourselves and our posterity in time?

      If we do not use our natural fear to our advantage then that is a curse from the PTB we cannot shake. If we accept that we are accursed then that is fear porn.

      If you operate on the basis of love for mankind, parasites and all, then fear evaporates into a useful survival tool instead of a stuck-on-stupid curse. :idea:

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Ya… but you guys read it though didn’t you?

    • drturi

      Hello Reader

      The future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thought, feeding evil by listening to unconscious “talking Heads” mishandling the superconscious in time and space destructive forces can only bring about those traumatic experience. Its about time for people to become Cosmic Concious and apply their will for hope. love, respect true wisdom peace and harmony for all.

      You have a choice, make the right choice work for the light! Have hope and trust the future because 99.09% of the “talking Heads” do not posses cosmic consciousness and let their fears go wild…


      Together We Will Change the World Because The Future Is The Reincarnation of the Thought…

      “Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

      Be curious –

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