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Visit with God - Penny Wittbrodt's Near Death Experience (NDE) with transcript

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There are actually two videos, an unedited version in the links section, and this one which has been edited.. With thanks to Jeffery Pritchett for first posting.. It really is an excellent video and I hope people will continue to share it.

Penny Wittbrodt
courtesy of Grief & Growth

Part 1, The Emergency

It just started out, kind of out of nowhere, and I was having some autoimmune type things, like fibromyalgia and rosacea in my cheeks and stuff, and … but … I mean a lot of women have that. And, uh, I was home with my daughter one day and drinking just a smoothie in the living room … and I had a history of anaphylaxis to shellfish, but I hadn’t had an attack in years and years .. I just kind of kept those EpiPens around (obligatory, you know, because you’re supposed to), but I’d never used one. I’m in the living room and I start having difficulty breathing and swallowing, and I’m a nurse and I was like – “Holy cow, this is anaphylaxis”.. So I gave myself my EpiPen. My son drove me to the hospital. And it was a small town we were in and I knew the nurse who was checking me in.. and I won’t say her name.. But when she was checking me in, I thought, “Oh man, I’m in trouble..she’s got no idea what she’s doing”.. and she said, “Well, why did you come, you know you took your EpiPen, what’d you come to the hospital for”? .. And I thought, “Wow, you don’t even know the basic protocol for anaphylaxis : You take your IpiPen; you go to the hospital. So she’s like..”we’re waiting on a bed for one of the rooms, so I’m just gonna set you here in the hallway. We’ll get to you soon”.

You know, and that’s a person [the patient] that goes… I mean, I’m a critical care nurse.. that person goes right to the trauma bay, because you may end up having to intubate. So I’m in the hallway. I’ve got stridor, which is .. you know .. and people are just walking around doing their thing. I’m dying.. give myself another shot of my EpiPen … And finally the PA [physician assistant] looks over and is like, .. “She’s not looking so hot”. They got me in a room, and at this point we don’t have an IV or anything.. And I’m crashing fast. DON [director of nursing] gets there, and they move me into trauma, and uh, they can’t get an IV because when you have anaphylaxis, everything kind of clamps down. And so, uh, it’s just going from bad to worse and done! It’s like, “If you don’t do something she’s gonna die, you need to intubate her”. .. They said. “Oh no, we’ve got plenty of time”. .. and it was immediately after that that I just quit breathing.

And it’s funny, because I popped out of my body. .. So I could see what was going on. And so I’m kind of watching, and I’m thinking, “Man! Who is that girl!?.. She’s.. she’s pretty sick.” I didn’t.. I was.. It was so.. I was so depersonalised, I didn’t realize that was me. So they intubated me and then … And then everything was just black for a while.

Part 2, The Back seat

The next thing I remember .. I kind of materialised in the back seat of my sister’s car, and she was driving from Wisconsin to Kentucky, and she was at this gas station. She had pulled over and it was pouring rain … And I knew… I knew my, my body felt weird, like not solid, or .. and I couldn’t feel my bottom and my legs against the seat, and that seemed odd. And I just couldn’t sort out what was going on. So, uh, I’m in the back seat of her car and I see her clothes, and they don’t match.. and I’m thinking, “What on earth is she wearing? .. she looks ridiculous.”

You know, when I sensed something was wrong.. “Why is she driving in this pouring rain; she should be home.. Maybe something’s happened with one of the kids”? And I saw her pull her phone out.. she got onto Facebook and she typed, um “hang on” or “hang in their kiddo, I’m coming”. And then I popped back out of her car, and I was just in this dark void.

Part 3, The Void

I was in this expanse that was so dark, and it seemed limitless to me, as far as its space, and there was an oppressive nature to it. And I wonder if some of that being on the ventilator and the agitation that occurs in a patient, even in a coma from being on a ventilator. I wonder if I was kind of feeling that on that side because, as a nurse, it seems to me what people would describe. And so, um, I had this just oppressive work of breathing, you know, and it was like I knew I didn’t need to breathe over there, but it still seemed like I had to perform the work. And, um, and I was just stuck there; I couldn’t figure out how to get out.. and time is really different there. Um, time, here, is so structured and time, there, really gets away from you, and so I always tell people, “If I had to compare this earthly time with the time that I spent in the void, I would say it was probably about 10 years”.
I.. I began to wonder if I had ever really lived, like maybe I just imagined all of that to have something to think about in that place. I just didn’t know what was going on… Why I was trapped there .. What I could do to get out. I would try to move and I’d drag myself forward a little bit, and then I’d get so tired and go into what I call the ‘deep sleep’, where I had no awareness. And I.. that kind of went back and forth for a long time, and then finally I started doing some introspection and saying, you know.. “Is there something that I need to understand or learn, before I can leave here .. or realize that, you know, maybe I did live that life and there’s something I’m …. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m why I’m stuck here”. And it, uh, and it just occurred to me that the… the spiritual space that I was in was a picture of the spiritual space that I had made on the earth realm. I had, kind of, since my divorce many years ago, I had kind of built this wall around myself, to protect me and protect the kids. And, you know, a wall is great to protect you, but it also keeps people out, and it keeps you in. And so I really started to isolate, you know… I mean, I went to work, I took care of my kids, I took care of my house.. I went to work, I took care of my kids and took care of my house, and I stopped putting myself out there. And so the isolation that I had built on this side followed me over.
As soon as I figured out that this was the eternity that I had created…. As soon as that realisation happened, there was this rumbling,.. And it exploded open. And so now, all these little pieces of the darkness, like almost shards, are flying… they’re just spinning around. And the darkness is pushing further and further away, and this spirit comes, and I didn’t know who she was at first. And she’s just larger than life.. Orange hair on her head that is so bright it’s on fire. Um, and so there’s like these little licks of flame that are her hair and, and she’s just such an attractive spirit, like you.. I couldn’t keep myself from going to her. And so I go to here, and she holds me against her chest and I realize it’s my grandmother. And I’m weeping, you know, I’m so relieved that someone’s there and I’m not alone. And the dark is gone, and, and I’m just overcome, and I’m crying … and, and her energy is just circling around me, and mine’s still separate, but she’s kind of encompassing me. And these shards of the darkness keep trying to get in, and they hit her energy, and they’re flung further away, and she’s holding me and I’m crying. And she says telepathically, because they don’t speak, but she says, “Calm yourself, dear one”, and the words were like …. If any of the people who watch this have ever been given, like, morphine or fentanyl or whatever, IV for surgery, you know, um.. That immediate rush that you get, that’s like super relaxing, and you can feel everything. That’s what it was like, it was like a chemical. I felt it acting on her words, her.. The intention of those words acted on every cell in my body, and I just immediately relaxed and kind of melted into her. And, and.. just.. I mean, her energy was just amazing. I could feel her loving me, and I asked her.. I said.. “Am I dead?” And she said, “Oh, no, no, you”.. she said, “It’s like you learned in science. ‘Energy can’t be just created or destroyed, it just changes forms’. It’s true here too. So you don’t die, you either are alive on the earth side, or you’re super alive on this side…
And it’s just this transition”, and she said, “You are kind of in between, and there’s a little cord that’s holding you to your living side. And if you wanted to go back to that you could”. And I thought, “Okay, well that makes sense. But you know, she just put her love on me for a little while, and, and I was just floating in this light, and I didn’t realize she had gone. And all of a sudden, there was this, like, rumbling, thundering, and like this presence shook everything that ever had been or ever would be. …. Every.. every planet in the cosmos just was rumbling with this energy. And I could feel it in my bones. and I knew something big was coming.
Part 4, Well, hello God
And, I never saw a person… and I always refer to God as He, just because the energy felt very masculine to me, but I mean, I can’t say with certainty that this was a man. And I don’t think God is a man, I think it’s… I don’t know, He was this mix of masculine and feminine, because He was nurturing, but that power makes you think, you know,. at least me as a traditional person, that makes me think of a man. You know, He came to me, and I heard him say this telepathic thing. He said, “I AM”, and that was it. That’s all He had to say. I’m, like, “Man! You’re the stuff”. We just come up to somebody and say, “I am”, and you’re like, “Yeah, YOU ARE!” There’s a resonance. and it’s the key of ‘G’ is what it sounded like to me. And um, it’s hard to talk about. Um… It just had this vibration to it that was alive, that just went through me; and it was… I could feel it was coursing through every part of me. And so I’m there with Him and immediately I, I got kind of scared. I’m like, “Oh, no. I wasn’t ready for this… He’s going to look at all the stuff that I’m .. I’ve done wrong, that I’m so ashamed of..” And you know, He wasn’t judging me, He was like ‘super loving and everything’, but I just, I just.. It was like being naked in front of a crowd. I just was wanting to kind of hide, and He kind of soothed me in that, and I knew we were going to go through my life. And so, here I’m dreading stuff, like a kid you know, worried about the parents reading their diary or something, and all those things that I was so worried aout, that I was dreading, never came up. What the heck, right?  I think I’d probably beat myself up enough about those.

And so these other things came up, and first He showed me the good… and all of the things that I’ve done that I feel really good about did not come up. And the things that came up were… There was a scene in the grocery store that I had forgotten about (I mean, probably when my kids were little). The woman in line in front of me, and she was short just a couple dollars to pay her bill, and she was trying to figure out what to put back.. and I just knew what it was like to be in that position as a young mom, and, and I said, “It’s okay.. It’s okay, I’ve got it”, and I gave her the money …. and it immediately.. So I’m seeing this scene like I’m there, and immediately it flashes forward and I see this woman, um, working in a food pantry. And she’s blessing these, these people with food, and God’s showing me, he’s like, “I want you to see the ripple effect of every little act of kindness” .. And I saw that, and I was like, “Oh, my gosh, that’s amazing”. And, uh, and then we went through some of the negative things, and the one thing that really stuck with me was that, um,.. Of all the things I’ve done in my life that I’m not proud of, the thing that was shown to me is probably the hardest thing to never do again, and it was to control my thoughts about other people.

And God showed me.. He said, “Let me explain something to you”… So a thought has a certain measure of energy to it, and a word has even more, and an action has more than that. But it all starts with a thought. What you think about is what you talk about, is what you end up doing. And so, you.. It starts here… you gotta control your thoughts and your heart. .. And so He showed me, um, these negative thoughts that I had about people, and they were deserved! .. Let me tell you these were some jerky people. So He showed me that when you have a negative thought about that person, that energy goes out there, and it attaches itself to that person and you contribute to the ‘jerk’ that that person is. Now you’ve attached more of that energy to them. This is why forgiving is so important. So, when you forgive people, people say, “Oh, it’s not for them, it’s for you”. … It is for them, because if they don’t receive some measure of forgiveness, that energy is still attached to them, and it can’t come away. The energy’s got to go somewhere. You know’ ‘energy isn’t created or destroyed. It just changes forms’. So when you have a thought.. So if I think something negative about you, that thought attaches itself to your spirit, and it makes you more the person that you are, that I’m thinking you are. And when I forgive you, that energy is able to be redirected.

And so that little bit of negative that I put on you, that made you more the negative person that you are, now comes off, because I’ve forgiven you. And so it’s really important for that other person’s journey for you to forgive them, and it’s really important for you, because not only does that negative attempt energy going, attaches to them, but it attaches to you, and energy attracts energy. So if you’re harbouring all of these negative feelings about people, even if they’re well deserved, you’re just drawing more of it to you, because that energy isn’t attached to you. And, Wow!.. I mean, that’s life-changing information. You know, here I am with this loving Creator who’s kind of let all the big stuff go that I was really worried about, and then I suddenly became angry with Him. And, I realised I’d been angry with God for a long time, and I told Him, I said, “You know, you say you’re this loving God and you want the best for your children, and I call ‘bull crap’. You know you can just be so honest. I love that.. I’ve seen what, what you’ve allowed my own children to go through.. and I said here, “Their dad abandons them when they’re just babies, and you know him leaving me was hard enough and not deserved.. And, and for him to abandon his own children. And I thought, “You know I can take whatever he did to me, but watching those kids, you know, talk to him on the telephone and then go to the mailbox every day to check for a gift that he said he was going to send, that’s never coming, and watch them walk back heartbroken every day. What kind of God allows that?!” .. You know, I said, “It would have been easier on all of us, and this is terrible to say, but it would have been easier if he died, because I could have told the kids this story about what a wonderful man he was and how much he loved them, and they would have at least had that.. But now, they’ve got this man that’s alive, that is failing them in every way. And of course, children take that on and attribute it to something being wrong with them.” And I really had held that against God, and I was bitter and I wanted to be mad at Him, you know. I mean, I was kind of ‘balled up’ about it.

And He said, “Oh, you’ve completely misunderstood Me”, and He said, “Let me show you something”. And we flash forward and we’re sitting in the bleachers. David, my eldest son is sitting to my right, (now, when I had the experience, my grandson was two) ..So David’s sitting to my right, and Cole’s older, he’s like five or six (my grandson is). and we’re watching him play soccer, and he’s running up and down this field, and the sun’s on his hair … and you know that magic of just, ..just kids.. you know, just.. There’s just something about it and he’s running up and down the field and I, just seeing him in his strong body and his … you know, his hair, and he’s just.. I mean, just magic. It’s just magic. And David looks at me and he says, “Mom, I’m never gonna put him through this.. He says, “Mom, I’m going to be the dad to him that I deserved”. …. If it took his dad leaving for him to make that commitment, I get it, you know, it’s been worth it. And I gotta say, he’s been that bad. And it so funny, because a couple years later, Cole’s playing soccer. Who would have known that, it too, right, was playing soccer and David looks at me and he says, “Mom, I’m gonna be the dad to him that I deserve”. I mean, it just sucks the air out of you. I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, that happened, and it was this confirmation from God.

You know, You were here. There’s times you doubt that near-death experience, because so many people doubt, and He’s like, “No, you were here and, and I’m making manifest the things that I promised you”, and I was like, “Wow!”

The other thing I learned there was: We have this really screwed up definition of good and bad. To us, good is when nothing is wrong and everything is right, and in the spiritual realm, ‘good’ is forward motion, no matter how awful it feels. So, you’re moving forward, you’re growing. Um, you’re affecting the lives of other people, even if you’re doing it through grief, or, you know, whatever. That’s considered good, up there. He’s like, “Yeah, if you’re doing good work, even though all the circumstances around it suck, you’re.. you’re still good. It’s not bad, you’re moving forward. Now the day that you start sitting in that recliner, and you stop interacting with the world, and you’re just in that …. Um, you know, “I’m gonna do what makes me comfortable”. that’s bad, even though nothing bad’s happening.” … Not what we’re here for. — We weren’t here to be sedentary creatures that have no affect on the world around us. There’s no point in you being here if that’s what you’re going to do.

You know, I learned when I was over there, that before we come to this life, um, there’s actually a decision-making process that we go through with some consultation, um, of spirit guides and things like that.. About what family we want to come to and what general lessons we’d like to learn while we’re here. And I think we know the whole story before we come; I think we forget it when we get here. I try to remind people of that, because before you came, you knew what traumas you were going to face, and you were like, “That’s the life I want to live, I want to have those lessons because those are going to contribute to the growth of my spirit and the way it needs to grow”. .. And so this higher you.. These decisions here that are terrible … And I hear they’re awful, because this life – we perceive it as being really a long time, but I gotta tell you when I pulled out of my body.. this, this seemed like it had been over like that.

People say, Well, what about kids with cancer that are suffering. Or what about kids that are born horribly deformed, and I just tell them, ..I’m like, ‘Those are the most sacrificial spirits; those are the ones on the other side that said, “I’ll come, void of even the ability to communicate, just so I can show people a love that transcends speech”. So you know, I’m in this light, and this kind of healing process begins where the light comes through my feet and it just starts creeping up through my body, and it’s, it’s healing every little cell that it comes in contact with, spiritually, you know. It goes through my stomach and it goes through my chest, and it’s so powerful.. I can just feel this energy coming up through me, and it gets to my tongue, and these beautiful songs come out you know, that I can’t stop. God’s energy shot out my eyelashes and it was so bright, and it was like looking at the sun without having any pain and your eyes dilate even, and no heat or anything, and so it.. I tried to close my eyes, because I didn’t want any of the energy to get out … And so I’m closing my eyes, and it shoots out my eyelashes, and it.. it goes out into the expanse and turns around and comes back. I can feel it going through the little curves in my brain, and then I feel like … I get to this more core part of myself, and God’s there! And it blew me away …. I’m like, “Whoa … wait a minute, “Do you mean to tell me you’ve been in there all the time. You’re not this external thing?” And He’s like, “Well, I’m kind of both”. And I’m like, “So all of us, even the people that don’t believe, God is in there and He’s like, “You can’t take me out any more than you could take out your own father’s DNA. I made you, I’m in there, you know, and, and you can choose to not acknowledge Me. You can choose to walk around saying your dad’s not your dad, but we can prove he is. I’m telling you I’M IN THERE, and, and, I’m just waiting to love you, and you know, even through all of this crap you’re gonna go through (and I went through some hell there for awhile, you know, and I’ve had a lot of trauma in my life) …” And, and it just.. He kind of melted all of that away, and, and I started realising I was gonna have to make this decision about going back.

And there was a point, um, actually when I was still in the void that I, I, I was able to progress and move and see myself in my hospital room.. And so I see myself laying there in a coma, and I saw my daughter there.. I knew what she had worn that day and was able to describe that back to her. I knew what part of the room she’d stood in. …. So I get to this point where I’m in the light with God, and, and I have to come back. And it seemed like a decision that I probably had made before I was born .. that I’d known this was going to happen, and that I was going to choose to go back, because I hadn’t lived the life I was supposed to live, not even close. In fact, I had avoided doing the things I was supposed to do. I can’t tell you how heartbroken I was to leave, and Don says to me, you know.. My husband’s like, (you, you know), “Why would you not want to come back to me?”.. And I’m like, “I, I can’t make you understand that until you’ve been there. You just can’t understand it… I knew you’d be okay eventually”. .. And so I made that decision to come back, and, and I was crying and.. And I told God, I said, “At least let me remember it, because if I can’t remember this, I don’t think I’ll have any hope”.

And I woke up. I was off the ventilator. My sister was standing there, and the first thing I said was, “I was with God”. And the nurse came in and she called the doctor, and I’m in Saint Joseph Catholic Hostital, and the first person they send in to see me is a psychologist __’You can’t see God!’, and so they wrote that I was having delusions and, you know, and that stuff follows you. And I thought, “That’s just..” I just couldn’t get over the irony of that. It’s interesting the response you get when you have a near-death experience, because I think, as a believer, um.. as somebody who believed in God beforehand, I just assumed that all of my friends that were religious, would be the ones that wanted to hear the story. The people that I have gotten the hardest time from have been the religious folks. And I always try to remind people, because I do understand what their reservation is, you know.. I tell about this dark and empty void that I was in, and they’re like, “Well wait a minute, you’re a Christian, you should have gone right over to Heaven”. And I think I’ve figured that out.

A near-death experience is not a death experience. You know, I think God knows you’re only going to be there a short while. He knows you’re going to decide to go back, because you’re not done yet. So I think the near-death experience is tailored to the experiencer, with what they need, so that they can go back and overcome some things that are hindering them in their life. That’s not the same experience you’re going to give somebody who’s coming to stay. So for all of the folks who are Christians, who are like, “Well, you didn’t see Jesus, and all these other things, you know”, I was just there for a little visit. And those little visits aren’t like, aren’t like moving in.

Part 5, The Evidence: ‘Remember these?

“I’m in the back seat of her car and I see her clothes and they don’t match, and I’m thinking, “what on earth is she wearing. She looks ridiculous”…. Why is she driving in this pouring rain? She should be home…. And I saw her pull her phone out. She got onto Facebook and she typed, um, “Hang on.. or.. hang in their kiddo I’m coming

“Well that was funny, because when I woke up, she was there at the hospital, and I said, “I saw what you typed on Facebook, and of course there was no way I could have known that, but, um, it really freaked her out. I said, “Why were you wearing that outfit, and she said, “Well, when I got the call, I just grabbed whatever clothes were on the end of the bed, and I threw them on and threw some stuff in a bag and I left, and that’s why I was mismatched, and she verified the, the pouring rain and pulling over, and all of that stuff. So there’s no question that I saw that.


If you’d like to see more of Penny’s interview, there’s a full unedited interview right here, or there’s a link in the description you can click on. There’s about 30 more extra minutes of her talking about other experiences she had on the other side. Very cool.

Penny Wittbrodt- Near Death Survivor
Oct. 17, 2019

image Penny Wittbrodt, unedited videounedited


She Died Suddenly & Met God, What He Told Her About Energy Will Shock You | NDE

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