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The Second Coming - Joseph Gregory Hallett from New Zealand claims to be the Messiah, the Mashiach (anointed one). video with transcript.

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As you read this transcript, please consider who is behind him, that he is using the mechanics of this world – the legal system, to press his claim.. It says governments are behind him… The hidden government (shareholders) controls the media. A banking family was behind the creation of the nation-state of Israel, and the same banking family was behind the communist revolution of Mao Zedong in China. It has been said that the elite of this world (money) financed both sides of every war in the 20th Century, and probably before. So please consider carefully and do some research around the subject on your own. I’ve put some quotes of Jesus and Mary in the links below, identifying the person by his location, but with the secret government and the media behind him, including generals he says, he will be a very powerful person in the very near future.

‘We’d like to offer our sincere thanks
to the governments of the world
for their part in making this film possible.’

Introduction: “The following interview was filmed on the strict lockdown rules. Some of the content you may find shocking.

Joseph Gregory Hallett: ‘Flat low royal’ means illegitimate, not allowed on the throne.

Interviewer: It may make you question your spiritual beliefs.

J.G. Hallett: The biggest secret in the Catholic Church is that there were two Jesuses.

Interviewer: But the journalistic integrity of us presenting this in a truthful non-biased way is very important to us . I hope you enjoy the show and we’ll see you for part 2.

‘Digital Warrior Productions’

March 2020. The corona virus takes full effect in the United Kingdom, and 63 million people were forced into lockdown. London’s streets are quiet, but rumours about the royal family are ablaze. … Civil unrest breaks out. No clear leadership, seems like there’s no help. But what if there was a new king, a hidden king.

After a restricted journey across Europe, we made it to the secret film location and we got prepared. We were all a bit nervous shooting what possibly could be the biggest story of the 21st Century. So when he arrived, I thought I’d go straight in for the question that was on everyone’s minds.

D.G. Mahoney (interviewer): You rolling?

Dave Vickers (camera): Yeah.

D.G. Mahoney to J.G. Hallett: With this ascension to the throne, and the current situation with that corona virus, is this all tied in with this internal battle in the USA.

J.G. Hallett: Internal battles everywhere. It is the fulfilment of prophecy.. The Jews have this prophecy where they have to destroy Europe before the ‘Messiah’ comes, and messiah just means someone whose earlier works are followed later. And all of these words have definitions, like ‘Lord’, ‘Christ’, ‘Messiah’, ‘Mashiach’. Mashiach [the anointed] is born on a certain day during Rosh Hashanah after seven years of certain events, which just happened to be my birthday and the time of my birth which makes me ‘King of Israel’. Now Israel is supposed to be run by a temple, not a government, so in acknowledgment of me being “Mashiach”, Israel has not been able to form a government in the last 17 months.

D.G. Mahoney: So, is this all tied in with what you have to do as well?

J.G. Hallett: Absolutely .. Absolutely.. and we’ve been working on this since 1988. I’ve been working on it since 1980. It’s just a normal life. I grew up in New Zealand, then when I was 5 1/2, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II’s doctor, called ‘sergeant surgeon’, he came out to New Zealand.. invited my father to share a sheep, and on Sunday we went for cold meat sandwiches .. Sitting at my father’s knee, and he said, “Why don’t you take your son down to see King George VI’s son in Rotorua.” So I did that, and my father dropped me off .. He was in there, then he left. And I had a private audience with King George VI’s son, George Fitzratana [Ratana is Maori Christian church] who is actually King George VII, and that was on the 10th of July 1967 .. and at the same time they changed the New Zealand currency from British pounds and pence to New Zealand dollars and cents, but they retained the old coin called “the crown” and kept it in New Zealand until 1971 in use … Right? So they were symbolically, they were saying saying that the crown is retained in New Zealand. And there were signs and symbols all the way through, so if we go back a bit to the coin from the 23rd of April 1968, nine and a half months after my meeting with King George VI’s son – natural biological son, the coin started to appear ‘Elizabeth to Greg’, and that went on.. That was first on a 5 p coin, actually before decimalisation, and then it was last on a two pound coin on the 10th of June 1998. And that was 11,011 days apart, and eleven means the letter ‘M’, so it’s about M 0 M, so  something was starting to happen. I was being broadened and named and symbolised, and labeled as royal.

Comment by D.G. Mahoney: Greg speaks a lot about biblical prophecies, predictions, signs that have helped him on his journey. He’s agreed to show us some of these signs today.

Diss Norfolk
‘Corn Hall 5 mins, St Mary’s Church 3 mins, Market Place & Museum 2 mins.

J.G. Hallett: This is a prophecy market.. It’s a steely as the distally [away from the center or origin] and was put up in June 2000, and it predicts the day that I would arrive, pretty much within six days, and it shows the location from Jerusalem and that location is 11 miles out. Okay? .. two thousand two hundred and twenty-two miles to Jerusalem, and this is 2211 .. and that 11 is a guide to rotate the Diss Mere [lake of standing water] 11 degrees … and then it’s an exact match with the Sea of Galilee and the shape, and see if the ‘a’ is a modernist with the Roman numeral ‘C’ which is 100 and the Diss Mere is exactly 1/100th the size of the Sea of Galilee.

D.G. Mahoney: Wow! And you’ve worked all this out?

J.G. Hallett: I just came across it one day and saw it, and it predicted how old I would be when I noticed it, and, um.. The coordinates on it are actually the coordinates of the Sizewell Nuclear Power Station… D.B. Mahoney: “What!?” …. which is 21 nautical miles away. So the code is, to size this up well, it’s nuclear. So I had a look at this, I had a look at the Diss Mere. I related it to the Sea of Galilee, and then they built a structure over the water which is a floating platform, exactly where the Apostles left on the Sea of Galilee .. and it does a right angle exactly where Jesus was standing on the water.

It’s like signs the Southwell.. It’s nuclear.

D.G. Mahoney: So what is something like this doing in a rural village in the middle of nowhere?

J.G. Hallett: It’s part of Christianity’s oldest science called ‘Typology Theology’, which means that what happened then will happen in another place in some future time, and this stone – the Steely, marks that future time and marks that location. And I’m going to show you just how involved that prophetic marking is.

(Change of scene) …. It’s just unfolding like it’s a glorious revolution, and it’s a bloodless coup, and we’re just getting rid of the old ways and the people doing the old.. the things in the old ways .. And we’re doing things in a new way which is multi-dimensional, from all angles, from all media,.. And, um, it’s just happening, and we all know it’s happening, and not many people can put their finger on it. And not many people know what the causations are. One of the causations is that the British Royal Family has been ‘flat low royal’ since 1840.

D.G. Mahoney: Explain that.

J.G. Hallett: ‘Flat low royal’ means illegitimate, not allowed on the throne. So, from the Battle of Waterloo, the British Royal Family lost all their money and they’ve been funded by the Rothschilds in exchange for breeding rights. So the Rothschilds had the breeding rights to the British Royal Family from 1819 to 2019.

D.G. Mahoney: So what was the purpose of the Rothschilds needing this.

J.G. Hallett: The British Royal Family were virtually bankrupt from 1815. So the Rothschilds funded the British Royal Family in exchange for the Rothschilds breeding the Royals, so the whole British Royal family are Rothschild bâtards, and ‘bâtard’ is the royal name for bastard. So what I did in my legal documents is – I exposed King George V of England has been sired by Tsar Alexander III of Russia, and I exposed Queen Elizabeth II as sired by artificial insemination by Winston Churchill who actually was the illegitimate son of King Edward VII.

D.G. Mahoney: Hang on.. Hang on.. hang..

J.G. Hallett: I know! It’s too much.. It’s too much, so I’ll show you a chart.

D.J. Mahoney: Okay, so you’ve got it all laid out for us to see?

J.G. Hallett: Really.

Comment by D.J. Mahoney: Greg has produced a chart showing surprisingly different narrative of the royal lineage we’ve all become accustomed to.

D.J. Mahoney: So these legal documents that you’ve registered and given to the British Royal Family, you’ve also sent copy of these to various other world leaders?

J.G. Hallett: America, Russia, Israel, England, plus the Pope. Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

D.J. Mahoney: And nobody contested these documents?

J.G. Hallett: Well, they’ve accepted more by passive acquiescence and cognitive avoidance, and they put an estoppel action on them, which means to stop due to the action, which is an admission. So the whole world has been acting on my documents, including the British Royal Family who’ve acquiesced to my documents by removing their emblem off the Buckingham Palace gates, and by doing a ‘writ absconditus’. And the queen has gone into hiding in Windsor Castle for the purpose of..supposedly the corona virus. …. But the corona virus actually means, ‘we crown him’ in Latin. Right?.. The whole world has closed down for Lent. The Pope has abdicated. The queen has abdicated, and I’ve been named in movies. I’ve named myself in the documents with these titles. Given the reasons and the history of why I have these titles, and it’s been accepted … so I’m now getting phone calls from, and interviews with American generals accepting me and putting me in place. And the whole world is acting on it and [breathing in].. People saying, “Hey! How excited”, and I’m going.. Actually, I just.. it just feels normal. I just got no ego, super-egoist …. I’m just walking a path, you know.

D.J. Mahoney: So you’re just taking it all in your stride, really. You’re just letting it all unfold.

J.G. Hallett: It’s like I was imbued with it, and I literally was… I was imbued with it and I was successively trained with it about every two years, you know, so I wouldn’t go into overload and, um, I’ve been publishing this stuff for the last 18 years. And it’s in depth and it crosses all barriers  [Interruption phone call* .. great.. yeah, okay.. cess, cess, yes .. How are you? How are you, we're in the middle of filming.. there quickly...

Comment by D.J. Mahoney: Just as I'm filming with Greg, were were several occasions when he received phone calls giving him vital intel about the ongoing worldwide situation.

J.G. Hallett finishing the call:  Yeah.. yeah. Fantastic. That's brilliant.. favorite. Thanks John. .... Sorry about that.

J.G. Hallett: Happens all the time. I'll get intel drops all the time. .... And the world's ready now, and I understand... I understand symbols, I understand signs and symbols. I understand what he's doing and I put it clearly in the legal documents, and that has just spread like wildfire... I had a 170,000 document downloads in five days.

D.J. Mahoney: Wow.

J.G. Hallett: know, so we actually had to get a new server to cope with it, just that. And they're realising it's true and the royals are actually on it, they're disappeared. Prince Andrew has disappeared. Prince Harry has disappeared. .... The documentation I presented to the common law courts of Great Britain and internationally, includes the certified declaration of Queen, ambivalence for royal lineage, and myself Joseph Gregory Hallett; the certified declaration of Joseph Gregory Hallett and Mashiach Christ Messiah and King of England. Affidavit in support of Joseph Gregory Hallett declares the illegitimate conception of King George V, United Kingdom, and the statement of claim support for myself declaring the patent ambiguity of Queen Elizabeth II for all styles and titles. I also have a letter from Queen Victoria, dated 17th of March 1850 to include all of Ireland, and it says, "Assemble him claimant". That's the most valuable royal mark in the British Empire.

D.J. Mahoney: It's such an incredible story, but it's very difficult to put it in terms that most people can understand it.

J.G. Hallett: Well, what's going to happen is: The crown and the orb and the scepter and the sword are going to be left on the throne. The gates are going to be open.. I'm going to walk in and I'm going to sit down on the chair. Someone's going to put the crown on my head, take a photo and we're going to send that around the world, and then we'll have a ceremony later. That's actually what's going to happen.

D.J Mahoney: It's very...

J.G. Hallett: I mean it's total acquiescence, right?

D.J. Mahoney: Yeah.

J.G. Hallett: It's just total acquiescence. The whole British Royal Throne and Crown of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Britain - Great Britain, the United Kingdom.. the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and all Ireland and all of the Commonwealth is just acquiescing. It's fantastic. We're looking at the biggest coup in history because we also got the acquiescence of the Catholic Church. Right? .. And that's because I filled all.. fulfilled all the predictions in the Bible. The Bible is actually a series of prophecies and predictions hidden inside a religion, and the religion is there to keep the prophecies alive so that enough of the world's population will recognise the predictions when they happen.

D.J. Mahoney: Which has become clouded now because most people have forgotten how to interpret these messages.

J.G. Hallett: Well, what was interesting that they brought Paul in to undo Jesus' work in the Bible, and that's quite well documented by leading academics. But the bits they didn't understand in the Bible, they left in, and the bits they didn't understand was the predictions. So the predictions, the essence of it, was left in there. And there's also the 'Book of Predictions', and the book of predictions was summarised in the Rosicrucian Cosmography drawn by Sir Walter Raleigh, and there's a key required for that Rosicrucian cosmography to show who is the silent Roman Emperor, the King of the United Kingdom, and then it was England and Great Britain. And, um um .. I was given the key on the 10th of April 2014.

D.J. Mahoney: This is the key?

J.G. Hallett: This is the key. And then I found out that Sir Walter Raleigh was my ancestor, and when I finished these books (it just tipped over from winter into summer season, I was living 100 meters from the coast in Algarve [Portugal] so I went down to Bonito, had a coffee and a beer… Where am I going to live? .. you know, so and I just had this memory that I wanted to live in a cave in Europe, and it was like warm enough. So I just wandered for 45 minutes, found a cave and they were building a walkway above it, so I got the offcuts, threw them down into the cave, created a little platform and just slept on the ground and then got an air bed and then slept on that for about 123 days. But because of giant waves coming up and hitting a 40 foot cliff face and going up another 50 feet, I didn’t sleep through the entire time. So I sleep there 100 days, and then I found out that Sir Walter Raleigh had also been to that cave and that he had drawn it. He’d sat in the cave and drawn the lion shaped rock with Noah’s Ark on top of it. I’m sitting in this cave, before I knew this – sitting in this cave and I’m looking at this rock, and then a replica of Sir Walter Raleigh’s ship goes past and I capture a photo of it sitting on top of that lion too, and that’s exactly what Sir Walter Raleigh drew ..

and he named me, Joseph Gregory Hallett and the Rosicrucian cosmography. Draw two blank spaces on the top left, top right, for exactly this, which is the royal mark of Prince Regent to governor, which means King-to-be. And, um, that Rosicrucian cosmography was a summary of the ‘Book of Predictions’ that was stored 30 miles west near, just north of Farah [Afghanistan].

D.J. Mahoney: So the Book of Predictions.. Was that a different layout, a different version of the Bible?

J.G. Hallett: Because Jesus, who held the title ‘Christ’, right? – Christ is the title … Because Jesus who held the title Christ, he represented the end times/ new age in his time, that kama [desire-mind] from the Old Testament to the New Testament … He had to predict who would next represent the end times/ new age, so he wrote the ‘Book of Predictions’. Sir Walter Raleigh could speak and write in six languages, he got that during the “Kidders” [or Kinders?] Farah raids, collecting books for the Oxford Library, and, um, he kept that Book of Predictions to himself, interpreted it and he said, ~ “Go 30 miles west to an arch in the rock that’s 27 feet high … go through there, find the cave which had been struck by plasma arcs from another planet, and sketch it, and write down these names, Joseph Gregory Hallett. This is the next person to represent the end times / new age.” ~ And I was actually living in that cave when I got the phone call from the “Sangryeol” [Holy Grail], saying the priority to see on top of the occult, have just selected us to represent the end times.. I’m hearing it (slightly static). .. He phoned .. (because there’s not a lot of reception in a cave) .. And so, that was great, we did that and I found out all the dates and when the changeover was… And, you know, if you get right down to detail.

D.J. Mahoney: So you knew it was going to be 2020?

J.G. Hallett: Now this was 2014. I was doing it.. I was doing it and it’s .. The way they marked 2014 and the Rosicrucian cosmography, they have two little X’s. It’s 20, and then they have a big vertical feather. It’s the one, and then they’ve got another feather, one from the 4, and the other is 7. And that mark 2014, which is the ’7′ year, yeah.. (two plus one plus four), and that started on the 7th of July, so ’777′, and that’s the number for the end times / new age. It’s also the number for the ‘shin’ – 21 [21st letter of the Hebrew alphabet], and I’d been running the shin since 1980. And the shin is the forbidden secret, and the forbidden secret is: British Royal Family are illegitimate, and the biggest secret in the Catholic Church is that there were two Jesus’s.

D.J. Mahoney: Wow!

J.G. Hallett: Right, that’s.. that’s…. So I published the two Jesus’s story, volume four and five, and that’s why the Catholic Church folded. [D.J. Mahoney: <unheard comment>] … I mean it just gets huge. It gets huge. And it took me three months. When I first found out there were two Jesus’s, it took me three months of cognitive dissonance to even begin to accept it.

D.J. Mahoney: Right. So they were from the same part of the world, down..

J.G. Hallett: Yeah, they were third cousins. They are actually second cousins but one generation apart. So if you can imagine two generations of thirty years and three generations of 20 years, so they’re the same age – second-third cousins.

[change of scene} So this is my profile oak tree, where I was photographed in 2016, and in 2017 on the 25th-26th of July, a storm came through that was from the ground right up to the top of the sky - 200% moisture, and it was traveling at about six miles an hour.. We toppled a tree, and "I" ..and then it came through here and a huge thunder, with huge Zeus-like thunder but no lightning. And it came here and a thunderbolt of sound split a third of my profile oak tree off, and it fell on the ground and produced ... The leaves went gold and it produced a golden crown with 24 major branches on it, fulfilling the prophecy of 24 elders who had seats. And what was left inside was a Jesus on the cross,

'The Passion of Christ', with two horses either side, and what came down on the ground was an Anubis-like figure [Egyptian god of the dead and afterlife], also with some horses in it. And this formed the ‘Four Horses of the Apocalypse’. Our “win” [or when] Oaks split, it makes the sound ‘apocalypse’, and it is the colour of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse.. black, red, pale and white. So what happened here is, we’ve got two horses remaining in the tree either side of the ‘Passion of Christ’, and we’ve got another two horses falling down. That’s the ‘Four Horses of the Apocalypse’, and the prediction was that a man with a very sharp axe, who was three score and twenty – that’s 80 years old, would cut it down and inhale and incense. And I just happened to be walking past on the 7th of December and asked him if he cut out this Anubis-shaped/horse shaped figure, and he said, “Sure, come back tomorrow”.. 8th of December, and he had this massive, really sharp, chainsaw, and he cut out the Anubis figure for me, and it was sweet and he was burning brushes which was the incense, and he was 80 years old. It’s just a fulfilment of prophecy. And when I filmed it there is no clouds and this rainbow [he laughs] appeared out of the sky and landed in the gravestone 100 meters that way, so I went and looked at the gravestone and it said, ‘Henry William Hallett’. And that was also in the Bible prophecy.

D.J. Mahoney” So Greg, if all of these prophecies we were talking about come true, how do you feel about all of this, and what are you going to do?

J.G. Hallett: Well I’ve been shock tested with humility all my life. I’ve been hungry for twelve days, there was no salt for nine months, I’ve been blacklisted since I was eleven. I haven’t been allowed to work anywhere in the world for the last 13 years. So now that it’s obvious that I’m fulfilling all the prophecies and the time is right … Everyone’s coming on board, like governments and generals and banks, and this crew has just popped up. It’s just fantastic. And, nothing has been done for so long, and we’re now living in a non-reality, right? .. Lockdown.. It’s a total non-reality. So, I can’t have to do everything from the beginning, which is good, because that’s what’s expected.. Because we’re starting a New Age, and medicine doesn’t work. You know the banking is not quite working; mortgages 82.7% are incorrectly registered, all land registries. So the Queen has failed in her Regis status, which is to register. So it’s just a whole new game from the beginning to the end. We’re rewriting all the laws, like GESARA [global] and NESARA [U.S. National], and banking and how we live, and what our values are, and what’s actually good for the environment, and how we build the houses and what medicine we use, and what inventions we can access. A lot of suppressed inventions.

D.J. Maloney: But you’re talking about the entire planet doing this.

J.G. Hallett: It’s a whole new age. So the changeover has ben happening since 2012, 2014, 2017 and now 2019-20. It’s, um, like an invisible rolling, clear thunder from Zeus, you know, so ..booom…, you know, and we’re just in a whole new reality. The old reality is crumbling – absolutely crumbling. Everyone knows it’s crumbling; everyone knows it’s a non-reality. Everyone is looking for the new reality, and who the leaders of the new reality are … and that’s based on the fulfilment of prophecy, like Trump’s got prophecies about him. For myself, and I’ve got prophecies about me from Revelation – last book of the Bible, and that actually finished. Revelation was actually completed on the 30th-31st of May 2020, and then from this day, on the 1st of June, Donald Trump gets his Hebrides Bible and walks out of the White House, goes to 1525, St John’s Church, holds his Bible up as the symbol that Revelation had been completed. And what it says is, “Christ, I come quickly”, right? And I’ve gone from 10 views a day to 15,000 a day plus another 5,000 a day who can’t access.. I’ve gone from 10 views a day to 20,000 views a day. Ummm, and at that same time, the Pope said, “People will hear him now.” And that’s exactly what’s happened. Right, he gave permission for people to access my information, and  people in lockdown, so they’re looking for information, and my website and my books and my legal documents are providing that information, and we’ve got all sorts of lawyers and all sorts of historians, tried to undo my information. And we’ve got all the royal family and all their lawyers and all their historians trying to undo my information, and they got nots, and that’s true.

D.J. Maloney: That’s amazing! If you could leave this interview and give one message – send one message to the entire world, what would that message be?

J.G. Hallett: Uh.. We’re doing it and be part of it, and come along for the ride. It’s happening. It’s absolutely happening. It’s a “Ranga” [Maori, meaning to raise up, to pull up by the roots] – The Awakening.

Closing remarks by D.J. Maloney: I’ve spent the past three days with Greg, and the man’s knowledge of history, Biblical prophecy and royal lines is truly remarkable. I’ve seen it first hand, the documentation, including the letter from Queen Victoria. Now whether Greg can achieve this monumental task, only time will tell. Well, what one thing is for sure, I feel that this is not the last time that we will hear this name: Joseph Gregory Hallett.



Joseph Gregory Hallett – The Hidden King Documentary 2020

Jesus’ prediction

Mary’s prediction
Chegará o dia em que um homem com aparência de bom e justo surgirá. Enganará a muitos, pois realizará grandes prodígios. Virá do hemisfério sul e muitos o terão como um salvador. Estai atentos para não serdes enganados

“Will come the day in which a man with appearance of good and just will arise (the antichrist). He will deceive many, since he will realise great prodigies/wonders. He will come from the southern hemisphere and many will have him as a savior. Be attentive not to be deceived.”

Joseph Gregory Hallett is from New Zealand
from the east“, says Jesus
from the southern hemisphere“, says Mary

Mary’s Messages



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      King John The Third… just when you think it couldn’t get any more stupid.

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      And even if it wasn’t he would be just another monarch needing hanging.

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      This circulated a few years ago this man is a demon an instrument to decieve to distract the World from whats coming , im a very real prophet i was gifted by God , all my premonitions have happened and still continue to happen, i cant understand how the majority of our World has fallen for all the líes and continues to go along with these demons in power . Whats coming will change this World forever there will be a total cleansing and billions of people will be sacrificed, most are not ready because most dont know who the true God is and only when you truly believe in God will you be saved . I was born in the Village of the cross it was renamed by the vikings Who called it little Crosby, i was the only one of 4 siblings to be born at home in a building called Crown buildings i was christained William a King i have lived a life like no other ive sufferred beyond anyones imagination but God has a reason for everything. Turn to God before its too late. God Bless 💞

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