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Presidential Immunity - can we get #PrinciplesNotPersonalities "hard standard" or only ever "eye of beholder" and "whose Ox is gored" (as sayings go)....

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This is really MORE COMPLEX than any/either side wants make this… Sadly IF we were to delve into it fully it would take probably a 5,000 word piece and I am NOT going to do that… So, hope this suffices in GETTING THE BALL ROLLING on the long and hard look and discussions (plural) we need have on such…

@DefundDCnow* over on #TruthSocial asked

First the Presidential immunity decision. What’s your prediction there? They have to recognize it or Bush will be charged with 3,000 deaths and Obama ordered the killing of an American without ever charging him. Without immunity they all could be charged with capital crimes.

So, I responded (and repeat here-in)….

What/how trying to deny it to Trump clearly IMMUNITY does apply…

HOWEVER, goes beyond just that…

This is one of those GREY AREAS matters**
cannot be addressed so simply/easily
Presidential Immunity HAS TO be upheld
BUT the problem is HOW does the SCOTUS handle the clear issue
In one way shape or form this has to kick-back to Congress to create a CLEARER Statute on when, where, how, it applies or not.
In what/how they are trying to deny it to Trump clearly the IMMUNITY does apply.

they will claim BLANKET IMMUNITY for any clear violations of Law and Constitution for any Democrat, but claim IMMUNITY of no kind any way exists IF talking about Republican.

I WILL ALWAYS BE CONSISTENT – #PrinciplesNotPersonalities
The Question is the Question and Issue the Issue needing LOGIC AND REASONED determination REGARDLESS OF THE WHO involved.

Grey Areas 1:
Grey Areas 2:


And continued further in another TRUTH (as, again, like all social-media platforms, there are SOME kind of space restrictions/limitation and again THIS IS NOT a Twatter type limitations capable DRIVE-BY POT-SHOT HEADLINE OR SOUND-BITE capable thing…. again…. requires FAR MORE than even what I laid out there and laying out here in/on B4IN in this piece)….

Again, NOT simple Political issue and requires LONG, HARD, LOOK – and need extended HONEST (of course, Left can never be) discussion…

Further thought [but no way, final thought, need much more discussion]…

Said what I said cuz IMO the Court(s) are NOT going to want to be seen (at least, if the Chief JustASS Roberts model/rules hold of PUNTING many decisions or splitting-the-baby (so to speak) Rulings) as wading into the EXECUTIVE BRANCH but will be happy to PUNT to CONGRESS and ask the Legislative Branch which also has no real authority in/with/over (other than general over-sight duties they can hold hearings and give opinions) to deal with it.

SADLY, also IMO, this is indeed only an issue SCOTUS can settle and “define” (on as go along basis) when/where IMMUNITY can/does apply as uncomfortable as that is AS WE ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE A CLARIFYING CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT created/passed on such soon (if ever). And everyone would be reluctant, I would think, to want a C.A. on such as it would be necessarily LARGE in text to cover the scope.

AGAIN, this is MORE COMPLEX than what I put forth, but HOPE that I at least outlined in a way that then leads to start of basic discussion and then on to the more in-depth and broader discussions WE MUST HAVE!

And speaking of IMMUNITY isn’t it FUNNY (NOT) how The Left tried to PLEA AWAY the Gun charges Hunter JUST FOUND GUILTY OF in a plea deal that would have granted Hunter IMMUNITY from any other future Charges – the Judge had to toss so the Trial could go forward or otherwise had set a Precedent never before anyone had the GALL try (demanding Immunity against any/all other Charges for OTHER CRIMES committed not part of the current case supposedly being PLEAD down). More in:

ALSO DROPPED THIS MORNING my article over on TheLibertyBeacon:
“Rising Tides Lifts All Boats” piece (inspired by a EdwardsNotebook)

ALSO DROPPED THIS MORNING (corresponding/correlating to the TLB piece, each compliments the other not identical material)…
CTP S1E52 SHOW NOTES ( listen (Sat Jun 15 2024 and thereafter) at: )… 
ChristiTutionalist Politics (S1E52) “Rising Tides Lift All Boats” (Pre-Recorded May 11) 
Brief look at “circulation of dollars” within the various Communities, and the even bigger/braoder “Rising Tide” concept and the real question of Why is one Community lagging behind (doesn’t just hurt/harm them, but all) other Communities of recent (Ron Edwards, Nationally syndicated snippets) “Edwards Notebook” raises. With 2 Black (not that we on Right care, they could be orange with purple polka-dots, The Left obsesses about/over Race) Conservatives (that Joe Biden accuses of “You Ain’t Black”) turning Left #IdentityPolitics on its head.
See Buzzsprout podcasts Transcript of Episode for related addl info
Transcript Bonus: CTP BiDUMBnomics part 2 (Show transcript)  




“UnOfficial Acts not immune from prosecution….”
WELL NO SHIT, everyone I think ACCEPTED THAT before the Case.
QUESTIONS will be/remain and argued with endless Cases that #SCOTUS will have to review many of them about “WHAT DEFINES ‘OFFICIAL’ vs ‘UNOFFICIAL’ Acts?!?!” Who decides?!?!? 
Sure wasn’t SCOTUS today! Left to countless THOUSANDS of Courts to apply own “biased” interpretations there-of.

more in…

LIKE #JoeBiDUMB endless parade of ILLEGAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS as the SCOTUS has smacked down already – one could argue EITHER WAY NOW that as UNOFFICIAL duties as the Opinion speaks to WITHIN CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY and the Court already Ruled he VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION therefore I DEMAND #BiDUMB be Prosecuted for such UNCONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY ACTIONS!!!!

From my LOCALS account (Mon. Jul. around 14:00):  

Now I got this in my Head (#BrainWorm) 
Songify This – Winning – a Song by Charlie Sheen  
as people try to PLAY UP the PARTIAL WIN for #Trump in the #Immunity Ruling….

Today’s Ruling GOOD and BAD (mixed bag) updated in both related pieces… I know peeps want to call this a BIG WIN but reality is only a PARTIAL WIN and does NOT stop the Prosecution (in no way “defined” difference of/in/what “Official” vs “UnOfficial” and we all know Left will not apply the Centuries old precedent of Immunity to date Commone-Sense and keep “feigning” ingnorance and allege EVERYTHING “UnOfficial” Acts) as it goes back to the lower Court (and Lib Activist Judges and Lefty Ideologues Prosecutors can and will IGNORE the “SCOTUS intent attempts at Clarifications”) to “decide” betw. “OFFICIAL” and “UNOFFICIAL” Acts.

beforeitsnews / opinion / speculations-and-what-ifs-


beforeitsnews / the-law / presidential-immunity-can-we-get-principlesnotpersonalities-hard-standard-or-only-ever-eye-of-beholder-and-whose-ox-is-gored-as-sayings-go-

Seriously Chief justASS Roberts Moderates again, splits the Baby, leaves a WHOLE LOTTA GREY-AREAS* WIGGLE ROOM meaning Cases will keep coming and this will go on for years still.


Another update Mon. Jul. 1st 2024 20:30 across my #SocialMedia

I swear some on Right (my/our) Side – as bad as Leftist Snowflakes and SPIN!
#PrinciplesNotPersonalities  #REALITY  Partial Win for #Trump….

#SCOTUS merely codified what’s been STANDARD/PRECEDENCE for 150+ yrs on #IMMUNITY! 

There is NO TOTAL/COMPLETE/ABSOLUTE #Immunity, never was, is not now, never will be, but is for OFFICIAL vs UNOFFICIAL Acts. WE ALL ALREADY KNEW THIS!

This will NOT NECESSARILY stop ALL (hopefully at least some) of the LAWFARE actions vs #Trump as OF COURSE Chief justASS Roberts wanted yet another PARTIAL/MODERATED Ruling and sends BACK to the lower Courts the OFFICIAL vs UNOFFICIAL determinations.
ENOUGH of the bullshit “COMPLETE WIN FOR TRUMP” as it is NOT and many sound like looney Leftists like MORON SOSOMAYOR in the dissent with RIDICULOUS HYPERBOLIC speculations fear-mongering Leftist HYSTERICS to drum up more Leftist VIOLENCE*.


CTP S2E54 NOTES ( listen (Jun 29 2024 and after) at: )… 
ChristiTutionalist Politics “Speculations and What Ifs”  

and more on today’s Ruling in the PRINT VERSION article related to S2E54 Show…

and, also, if you prefer #VIDEO, I was on the KIMBERLY CLOUD SHOW (Rumble, YouTube, ROKU, elsewhere) and discussed all this Mon. Jul. 1 15:00ET:  

* CTP S1E47 SHOW NOTES ( listen (Sat May 11 2024 and thereafter) at: )… 
ChristiTutionalist Politics (S1E47) “Continued Left-wing Violence”   




LASTLY: In The News THIS Month (June 2024, which was (exactly why Christian Faith haters coopted it for their Satan activity month (#Pedophilia, #Grooming, #GAYtivism engaging in #GAYtivism not “tolerance and acceptance”)Christian Heritage Month (no doubt you likely missed hearing about amidst all the GAY PRIDE #ENEMEdia hysteria peddling which I wrote on at BeforeItsNews 5 years ago)) Not Yet Commented On… You may have heard minor mentions of, but now need to understand the broader-contexts you will not have heard anywhere else… Now does it makes sense why my “Is Prayer Alone Enough” TLB piece dropping as well as “ChristiTutionalist TM Politics 2” book dropping June 2024?!?!?

Global Unrest related News….
dropped Mon. June 3rd

Will WNBA actually put FEMALE PRO-SPORTS really on the Map, or DIE (to DEI correctness hate)???

dropped Mon. June 10th

Life, Living, learning from mistakes to move forward
dropped Wed. June 12th 


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GREY-AREAS-2 BehindTheScenes/SneakPeek Video (with Miss Liz (of Miss Liz’s TEA-Time) also includes discussion of Russell Brand, Roseanne Barr, Bill Maher, more) at:



2023 in review…

CTP (S1E33, 20240203 drop, BTS/SP) “Brain-Dead Folks 1 (that’s a harsh title LOL)” BehindTheScenes/SneakPeek Video

[BRIEF NOTE: There has been, continues to be AN ISSUE with BeforeItsNews of late (in certain B4IN category sections, not all) in embedding Videos that I have filed a Support ticket regarding and still awaiting resolve. Normally, I am able to add several embedded Videos within every piece. For some reason I am limited to only including one as attempting more causes entire HTML code and parts of Articles TO VANISH. So, there will be additional links to Videos. Related Videos that I had hoped to embed throughout are...

"(CTP S1E28) SneakPeek/BTS "Can One 'Generalize' About Women Voters?" (Audio Show drops 20231230)"
or Rumble:

"CTP BTS/SP (S1EDecSpecial (MidWeek 12/6/23 drop)) "Dating in these WOKE times" Politics dividing."

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"CTP BTS/SP Video (S1E26) Year in Review (part 2)"

These Videos are also available via Bitchute and Brighteon @JLenardDetroit channels.
To see my CTP Show "Soundbites" samples - see: 
Take these, and of course ANY of the ChristiTutionalist TM Politics episodes on the Road (or whatever/where-ever) with you via Buzzsprout or any of the 14 other podcast platforms it is available. ]


Original “ChristiTutionalist (TM) Politics” book examined Bible context and proper historical application of Jefferson Letter (NOT declare “Separation FROM Church TO State” as some try apply). Of late seen criticisms of Washington “An Appeal To Heaven” flag flown [those] demanded Founders “really not Religious people” (under that thought, flag “really didn’t mean anything”) and despite endless “Quotations” (chapter included here-in) of our Constitution/Republic only sustainable for Godly / Moral peoples now try claim “meant nothing flag” means “Christian [Theocracy] Nationalism” signal.

CTP2 dives still deeper into false-narratives (Bible distortions) and while we’re “called” be “Brother’s Keeper, “Widows / Orphans,” and like via Christian Charity (“Cheerful Giver” not theft / redistribution), Jesus not a Socialist and “Community” (Bible sense, distinction between “unable” vs “unwilling”) not modern Political “Communism” (yet some try co-opt and distort “Community” language). 

Join “ChristiTutionalist” Army and fight (figuratively/vocally) wearing Armor of God (via contextually correct Scriptural knowledge / application). Book about those claim to be Christian but really only have Faith and fealty to Tyrannical Governance (their lord/savior, rather than The Lord/Saviour) over masses.






From my CTP2 book “Quotations” chapter (mostly Famous people Quotes still relate to today, but a few from lessor knowns, and yes even a couple of my originals like:
“Left will stand for, in fact want, anything; CLEPTocracy, MOBocracy, INEPTocracy; except MERITocracy!” – (Me) Joseph M Lenard 


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