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Brandon Straka (WalkAway) & Candace Owens (BLEXIT), 2020 and Beyond! Can They Do What the Tea Party Did Not (Long Term Shifts)?

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[New book from Joseph M. Lenard TERROR STRIKES: / /]

#BrandonStraka (#WalkAway) & #CandaceOwens (#BLEXIT), 2020 and beyond! Can they do what the #TEAParty did not (long term shifts)? And add to that the LATINxodus and JExodus movements…

related pieces…
We can still RED PILL some Liberals (not hard-core LEFTISTS (there is a difference, for the best discussion defining that/those differences must listen to Dennis Prager: and also: /u-s-politics/2020/12/mindheart-on-gab-asked-what-is-a-conservatarian-so-glad-you-asked-conservatism-vs-liberaltarianism-2580715.html)…

The movements, from where I sit:

If this were a FB Relationship status update, it would be labeled “it’s complicated!” LOL Want to share my extended story and a few concerns I have for 2020 and beyond….  

As you’ll see I’ve been involved in Politics for a long time so there are so many days I read #WalkAway testimonies and get so optimistic, but then there are other days I see things on/in SocialMedia (Twitter mainly) that get me pessimistic again.

I am both, in many respects, both a #WalkAway and a #WalkWith. I’m certainly a #WalkWith these days as I’ve been #Republican since 1980 (my first Votes cast) which I was (before my time) a #WalkAway from my Family allegience to the #Democrats (my Parents soon after shifted, but extended Family did not)!

But before I go any further, if you’re a “LIBERAL” then you will want to see/hear this first before continuing…

Imagine what we, with #Reagan, could have accomplished if we had the available Tools and the #TEAParty, #WalkAway, and #BLEXIT movements! #RossPerot before his #POTUS Run created #UnitedWeStandAmerica (#TEAParty before the term was coined) and many of us joined that movement (which was SEPARATE (full of Conservatives interested in that movement, but not Perot’s Campaign, again separate) from his Presidential Run, but invariably at the end melted down with his POTUS Run meltdown)!  We had a second shot at real RETURN back to our Founders’ roots with official creations of #TEAParty movements all across USA. But, those too, fizzled out!

Thanks to YouTube and SocialMedia Brandon Straka’s #WalkAway movement (coupled with Candace Owens’ #BLEXIT movement) gives us our greatest opportunity as, as predicted way back during Carter/Reagan this never ending March of #DNC to #MARXISM!  As more and more become HARDENED in their Emotional Hysterically brain-washed State by the Left/DNC, it is up to ALL OF YOU to reach those with the #REDPILL you took!

IMO — There is one thing and one thing only that will get #USA back on track! That is #USCitizens giving #Trump2020Landslide, #GOPTakeTheHouse (swing min 50 #USHouse seats from Blue to Red), #GOPUSSenateSuperMajority2020, oust several #Commiecrat Mayors/Governors! There is only one thing that will even create the chance of any Democrats shaping up and doing right by their constituents and that is the clear message/THREAT that THEY COULD LOSE THEIR JOB NEXT!

[a brief Video break... No, sorry, this video isn't available for embed here-in, can only refer you to and highly recommend you check out Brandon's TRUE COLORS Music tribute at:]

Let me go further forward, by taking a step back and refer you via THROWBACK to anothers’ #WalkAway testimony:  I have to just say that the person’s testimony was very TRUMP ONLY (seemingly) specific and worries me whether or not Trump is just an exception for some vs a real/permanent #WalkAway.   And I want to share my response:

No offense, but it is posts like these that worry me! Not trying to cast any judgement or make any assumptions re: the person who Posted this here – just making this as a GENERAL RESPONSE!

Let me start out by saying those of us that are old enough recognize this (not saying it is the case here with the person posting this, those commenting, others in the WalkAway group as a whole, but certainly see it with some) CELEBRITY CULT —- just like before with/thru RONALD REAGAN!!!

Those supposed “REAGAN DEMOCRATS” many may have just been CELEBRITY CULTISTS (though that concept within Political Candidates hadn’t been recognized for such potentially back then) that professed their LOVE for Ronnie but didn’t SEE ANY REAL LIGHT and still Voted DUMBocrat down-ticket (and all but for a brief 2 year period, If memory serves me, did #GOP have control of #USSenate and NEVER control of #USHouse during Reagan years) how, of course, just like now with TRUMP those down-ballot folks they voted in just keep screaming to RESIST RESIST RESIST!!!

HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE??? Unless, if they are not Voting for someone for POLITICAL POLICY reasonse but instead EMOTIONAL BASED “likability” or “just cuz they are not the typical Politician” – an Outsider, but that OUTSIDER moniker and strategy has NOT worked for all especially at the Presidential Politics level. As for me, it always has been and always will remain: #PrinciplesNotPersonalities!

#MidTerms2018, for those that actual STUDY POLITICS, is a bit of an OPEN QUESTION (a bit inconclusive) as far as the Results. Yes, the #USHouse shifted — BUT, MidTerms OFTEN see a Swing of 50-60ish seats in the #USHouse and 2018 was 35ish. Well below average/norms!! So, while it still does show the usual SHIFT but a lessor degree and can give us REAL HOPE that many professing their LOVE OF TRUMP have actually SEEN THE LIGHT and #WalkAway from Democrats and not just shift back immediately after (like after Reagan) Trump is gone. REAL HOPE for 2020 (DOWN-BALLOT where it will really matter if TRUMP/WE are to get anything done the next 4 years) AND IN 2022 if people will GET OFF THEIR ASSES in that next off-year/midterm to make sure TRUMP/WE continue to control #USHouse (if indeed #GOPTakeBackTheHouse and Keep #USSenate in 2020) and our need to build on #USSenate majority in both 2020 and 2022.

Time will only tell.

It is ALSO REAL HOPEFUL in that there was no #WALKAWAY (no SocialMedia) movement back then to Help further convince Folks they must MAKE LONG-TERM PERMANENT SHIFT and not just a temporary pivot from Democrats!

BUT AGAIN, IMO, we have gone so far afoul of our Founders that there is one thing and one thing only that will get #USA back on track! That is #USCitizens giving #Trump2020Landslide, #GOPTakeTheHouse (swing min 50 #USHouse seats from Blue to Red), #GOPUSSenateSuperMajority2020, oust several #Commiecrat Mayors/Governors! There is only one thing that will even create the chance of any Democrats shaping up and doing right by their constituents and that is the clear message/THREAT that THEY COULD LOSE THEIR JOB NEXT!


Jeff Van Drew repeats Reagan: I didn’t leave the Democrat Party it left me!

As for the SHIFT within the #LGBT community, Democrats thought could NEVER HAPPEN – IT IS!!

Glad you took the #RedPill… Many #LGBTQs are part of several ULTRA-LEFT LGBT groups…. It is key to point out, that the point and primary purpose of the Leadership of such Groups are SOCIALISM (antiAmericanism, HATE, DIVISION) first and foremost, and the LGBT part is just (in many cases) really just a Cover – a convenient sub-group they can try to EXPLOIT! 

The Democrats (#IdentityPolitics, #DivideAndConquer strategy (#Alinsky #RulesForRadicals)) rely on the very LEFTY ACTIVIST 1% sub-group of the already probably only 1% (of population) sub-group (don’t beat me up if I am OFF on the percentages, I’m just trying to make a generic/general point) to keep people jinned up on EMOTIONAL HYSTERICS and therefore more easily manipulated.Thankfully, some in LGB community are taking the #RedPill!! We need to tell them – THANK YOU, and WELCOME to REASONED THOUGHT LAND OF REALITY!!  


As Brandon Straka (a #Gay Man himself, and Founder of #WalkAwayFromDemocrats movement) points out (image attached), there are many in the #DNC (and it’s allies like #JussieSmollett) perpetrating a HOAX…. SO, I hope everyone takes the following in the LOVING and OUTREACH manner it is intended, I know others (you know, those at the #DNC who want to continue to gin-up HATE and mistrust) will try and get you EMOTIONALLY HYPED and Hope you’ll react NEGATIVELY (as they have seemingly trained/indoctrinated the #Democrat Base to do, have an automatic knee-jerk DISDAIN for anything anyone other than a fellow #SOCIALIST (er, I mean, “#DEMOCRAT” (no I don’t, I mean SOCIALIST)) says…….. Let’s engage in REASONED THOUGHT and NOT EMOTIONAL HYSTERICS….

#PrideMonth2020: The attached Article below RELATES to the #WalkAway Campaign, as #BrandonStraka himself being a #Gay #Male #PATRIOT and who has himself acknowledged that #Democrats seem to feel they OWN the #LGBTQ community as much as they insist they OWN #BLACK community (pathetically presumptuous, arrogant, and outright #BIGOTED, to expect/demand those in those groups ALL THINK ALIKE) , and unfortunately still about 90% of BOTH communities (well, I thought it was 90% for LGBT community too, glad to see Brandon say it’s only 80% in his Post above) do Vote the #JackAss logo Straight-ticket (yes, couldn’t resist the PUN (intended, all in good Fun (please tell me you still have a sense-of-humor)))! 

Please, PLEASE, Read the following Article and give me your thoughts there-in (comment section), as a reply here, or feel free to send me a DM…. Thank You in advance!
#PrideMonth: How bad is the #LGBTQ community vs #Conservatives / #Republicans (#GOP) divide (especially during #GayPrideMonth)?!?! The Left sure wants you to believe that is where it is all at (#FalseNarratives)! 

–> /v3/awakening-start-here/2019/12308.html <–


TERROR STRIKES book … coming April 15th 2022 …

Joseph M. Lenard (a/k/a: JLenardDetroit)
Born 1962. Lifelong resident Wyandotte Michigan.
Former information technology professional.
Political issues blogger/vlogger/speaker/writer.



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Elbert Guillory: Why I Left the Democrat Party and became a member of the Grand Ole Party.
#HistoryMatters #FactsMatter


As for Candace and #BLEXIT:

Candace and others…

She is just, IMO, the WHOLE PACKAGE (as Democrats always engage in #IdentityPolitics, and she is both #Black and #Female, and in today’s pathetic PC culture can get away with saying many things that need to be said that many others cant) ! She is a recent convert (part of the #WalkAway movement) so that (again, IMO) gives her a degree of Credibility others that have long been Conservatives don’t have and may be dismissed as just hyper-partisan hacks – they cannot get away with that manure/slur/dismissiveness with her!! She can effectively RECITE the Left (Emotional and/or FICTIONAL) manure (cuz she fairly recently fell-for-it and spewed it herself, again with a Credibility others don’t have) and then KNOCK IT DOWN (with #FACTS, #LOGIC, #REASONEDTHOUGHT, which is all #CONSERVATISM she only recently awoke to)!

I love….
* Larry Elder
* Elbert Guillory (gotta see his YouTube Video “Why I’m a Republican” about his recent Party switch to #GOP) 
* Lawrence Jones III 
* Star Parker 
* Kevin Jackson (host: BlackSphere)
* Alfonzo Rachel 
* Carol Swain (PHD)
just to name a few, we could go on and on and on!!  

No, I’m not a Big #DiamondAndSilk Fan, I prefer the more serious folks above, but they have a wonderful reach to a much different sub-demographic!

I’m not a Kanye Fan, am now more than I used to be, but hell he’s even very helpful as people see his very Public recent Conversion and the equally PUBLIC ATTACKS he takes for it. That is Powerful for people to see how he went from BELOVED to HATED – and the only reason why (and exposing the pathetic HATE, DoubleStandards, HYPOCRISY, AND #RACISM (they DEMAND ALL BLACKS THINK LIBERAL – that is clearly #RACIST (and some will finally see that)) and helps #RedPill some Folks! (MORE ON #KANYE – please see related: Funny how the Left loved the (attacking Swift Kanye) now he’s a threat so they try and #CANCELCULTURE him! at  /african-american-news/2020/08/funny-how-the-left-loved-the-attacking-swift-kanye-now-hes-a-threat-so-they-try-and-cancelculture-him-2465881.html)


One person you will see in the Video above (hope you watch it all) is LUCRITIA HUGHES of Atlanta Georgia, and we (The Wayne-12 Congressional District Republican Committee had her as our Keynote Speaker in 2020 for our Annual Constitution Dinner (which in 2020 we did for 100th Anniv. of the #19A (that Republicans got added to the Constittuion as well as the #13A, #14A, and #15A which used to be taught as THE REPUBLICAN AMENDMENTS)) and you can see her FB video of her speech there (recorded by her husband) here:! If you are reading this Sept 2021 update, hope you’ll consider joining us for our 5th Annual Constitution Dinner Thu Sep 16, 2021 focusing this time around on #1A #FreedomOfReligion (details: – tickets: (see all our Events via or


Most #DANGEROUS (#BLACK or otherwise) #WOMAN on Planet cuz she threatens (w/ #FACTS, #REALITY, #LOGIC, #REASON, etc.. destroying constant #Democrat #RaceBaiting, HATE, FEAR! of) the #DemocratPlantation..
#CandaceOwens Full
#BlackTwitter #BlackTwitterMovement #BLEXIT #BlackHistory #BlacksForTrump




‘#Republicans Have My Support’ sez #NY #Democrat
then Slams #Schumer, #DemocratParty ‘Betraying’ #American (#USA) Values



many #Dems still claim they’re NOT #Socialists
#Socialism = control means #Operation / #Production
#DemocraticSocialism = direct #CONTROL via #FedGovt #Regulations, other #EXTORTION, dictating #Operations / #Productions



RELATED: One cannot be #Christian and BE OR VOTE #Democrat
and it is NOT just their Baby Killing Bloodlust….
#Democrats are #Socialists
#JesusWasNOTASocialist #RedistributionIsNOTCharity
“Each must give as Decided in Heart #not #reluctantly or under #compulsion” 2 COR 9:7
IRREFUTABLE details in: /religion/2019/04/liberals-religion-is-government-their-motto-separation-from-church-to-state-2-2546594.html

your thoughts?!?!?!?



Early KEY STATES (East coast) to Watch!

There have been ISSUES in these key Eastern States that could provide early bellweather to the night....

#ME (If #Collins WINS, bodes VERY WELL for #REDWAVE up/down ballot all across #USA) as long as #NC (#Tillis was in trouble), #SC (nearly 1/4 BILLION spent by #Fascicrats to unseat Lindsey #Graham), #GA (if State does GO BLUE, there will be trouble, but if it stays RED (especially by a LARGE MARGIN) then CALL EVERYONE YOU KNOW WEST OF MS to be sure they still #GOTV for #GOP up/down ballot for #REDWAVE (if they let off the Gas, we could still lose #USHouse and/or #USSenate)) and of course #FL (we need the potential massive #BLEXIT and #Lexit shifts to show themselves in #MIAMIDADE to make it clear FL will go RED and CAN BE CALLED EARLY)! IF THOSE GO BAD/BLUE, #Trump could still pull out a WIN (but will be uphill climb, and likely to not have either #USCongress body to help for his entire 2nd term)!

Then, #MI, #OH, #PA.... These are still going to BE CLOSE, likely too close to call as early as we'd like!

As we move West: #AZ (must save #McSally #USSenate seat), #NV, #CO (must save #Gardner #USSenate seat)

and if all that demonstrates #REDWAVE AWASHING #USA, we have real shot at reclaiming #CA #USHouse seats lost in #MidTerms2018 which would assure #GOPSWEEP #Election2020 sweep!!! ]


[Sat Nov 21 update:]



You really think the issues have changed much? Listen to this old Reagan speech, the Left is still working incrementally decade after decade to enact…


Tammy Bruce, another former Liberal Democrat on Democrat LIES



related written items: (don’t let Title throw you, it will make sense WHEN (and you need to) READ IT!


Sat Sep 25 2021 UPDATE…


[VERY IMPORTANT FRI OCT 1 2021 UPDATE, as Tom drops "AMERICA".....

Having SHARED Tom's latest Video, must mention TOPHER's "DEAR TOM" (see here: has valid points asking Tom for MORE SPECIFICS!!!

I agree to some degree that Tom's GREAT MODERATE HERO schtick is wearing thin!! I have NOT ever now nor ever will claim GOP is perfect, it is far from but unless one is willing to pick a side and become a GOP Delegate, fight on the Field rather than just WHINE/SCREAM from the Bleachers, and help us make it better then they are JUST A USEFUL IDIOT to/for FASCICRATS!! If anyone does not recognize that the FASCICRATS Party is the TEDDY KENNEDY (now driving the Car into the River to drown all of America) than JFK, is a complete fucking moron OSTRICH!

As the group RUSH says: If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice (or rather allow one to be forced upon you)! And the saying, stand in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD don't be surprised when you get hit by traffic going both ways!

So, yes, Republicans aren't perfect, SHUT UP AND WORK TO MAKE THE GOP BETTER but anyone that entertains allowing a FASCICRATS Candidate get elected anywhere is A MORON! Become a GOP Delegate (I am, and I'm fighting RINOs as hard as FASCICRATS)!

You are RIGHT, he needs to PICK A SIDE or just admit he's only in it for the CASH!



TERROR STRIKES book … coming April 15th 2022 …

Joseph M. Lenard (a/k/a: JLenardDetroit)
Born 1962. Lifelong resident Wyandotte Michigan.
Former information technology professional.
Political issues blogger/vlogger/speaker/writer.



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    • JLenardDetroit

      WITH APOLOGIES for misspelling Candace’s name at top
      B4IN won’t let us EDIT anymore, and I didn’t sufficiently proof read!

      • JLenardDetroit

        update, actually found it is NOT a B4IN issue… It is a CHROME BROWSER issue… The EDIT button shows up and works just fine with other Browsers!!

    • JLenardDetroit

      #REALNEWS: #LA #CityCouncilman #MikeBonin who voted to #DEFUNDTHEPOLICE over $150M, CALLS THE #POLICE EIGHT TIMES to stop the #Rioters / #Looters from intruding on HIS PROPERTY! #CantFixSTUPID #HYPOCRISY


      #REALNEWS: AVOID #FakeNews #eneMEDIA #SPIN outlets

      #democratLIESmatter #DemocratsAreCorrupt #WalkAwayFromDemocratSocialists

      #WeAreTheNewsNow – see #REALNEWS tag (across all #SocialMedia (#MeWe, #Spreely, #PolitiChat, #Parler, #GAB, #Twitter (NOT #FASCISTBOOK they have banned me from posting #REALNEWS) Platforms for #REALNEWS)!

    • JLenardDetroit

      #REALNEWS (not really, more #SPIN from #ObamaBiden apologists trying to rewrite #History again, for the #ENEMEdia outlets to peddle) Valerie Jarrett Suggested Americans Owe Obama A Debt Of Gratitude… The Reason Why Is Beyond Absurd

      These Folks are HILARIOUS, and it would be Funny IF there were not so many fellow #USCitizens that weren’t so F****** STUPID as to believe such MANURE!! SERIOUSLY!!!

      Obama spent his whole 8 yrs BLAMING GWBUSH for Oblunders’ bad Economy.
      The worst Economic Recovery, following a Recession, since the great Depression – more appropriately called “WRECKovery!”
      #ObamaBiden continually said their pathetic Growth (first admin in US HISTORY, since we started recording “Growth” as % of GDP) to not have any 1 year of 3%+ growth! They insisted lackluster (mostly under) 2% GDP Growth “THE NEW NORMAL!” (WRONG) #ObamaBiden #SOCIALISM suppressed the #Economy and Growth (DESPITE,, not BECAUSE them) only reached 3% 2 Quarters of their entire 8yrs (of 24 available Quarters)!
      They insisted, THOSE JOBS (they sold out, and helped ship overseas via bad Trade Policy they helped enact and supported forever) WOULD NEVER COME BACK! What, we got a #MAGICWAND?!?!
      Those are the MORONS that now want credit for #Trump #Economic BOOM (pre #WuhanVirus disruption)?!?!


      #REALNEWS: AVOID #FakeNews #ENEMEdia #SPIN outlets

      #democratLIESmatter #DemocratsAreCorrupt #WalkAwayFromDemocratSocialists

      #WeAreTheNewsNow – see #REALNEWS tag (across all #SocialMedia (#MeWe, #Spreely, #PolitiChat, #Parler, #GAB, #Twitter) Platforms for #REALNEWS)!

      All the REALNEWS TWEETS: see: if they don’t #Shadowban the tweets!

    • JLenardDetroit

      How can ANYONE, unless they choose to remain woefully ignorant, not see what is going on?!?!




      (if anything in this Article surprises you, you’ve been an enabler of it (ignorance, is no longer an excuse))!

    • JLenardDetroit

      Wed 9/30: DEBATE FARCE! When you have a Moderator CLEARLY trying to aid the FASCICRATS lines again (every question, steeped in FASCICRAT SPIN and Talking Point false narratives):

      #democratLIESmatter #enemediaSPINmatters

      WALLACE introduced the STAND DOWN term

      #CHARLOTTESVILLE #LIES all again

      If u r unable 2 LISTEN, perhaps u should READ TRANSCRIPT! Twice in Charlottesville speech CONDEMNED #WHITESUPREMACISTS & #NAZI’s, & same w/ #Wallace’s Q “sure, I would do that” TWICE

      Wallace, desperate to help peddle #FASCICRATS’ narrative, spoke over those responses and kept trying to reenforce #FALSENARRATIVES!

      Wallace, over and over tried to keep Trump from answering questions and providing FACTS, was soft on Biden and in fact one question Wallace answered for Biden (pushed Trump, every question, let Biden SKATE on every LIE or COMPLETE REFUSAL TO ANSWER A QUESTION)!

    • JLenardDetroit


      All on #ENEMEdia saying THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT to have any more Debates like that

      If they thought, in any way shape or form, #BidenWonDebate, theyd BEG FOR 5 MORE #DEBATES JUST LIkE IT they’d think #DementiaJoe would Win also. They know damn well, #TrumpWonDebate! must put #HidinBiden back in basement! Their reactions and endless attempts and need to SPIN THE DEBATE tells you all you need to know! If Biden won, they’d only need to show clips of Joe doing the GREAT THINGS that won him the Debate (they can’t do that, all they can do is ATTACK TRUMP and try to SPIN UP his negatives)!

    • JLenardDetroit

      NOTE the CINOs / RINOs count on everyone’s complacency and unwillingness to GET/BE INVOLVED… They count on it to maintain their power and control… Those who still SIT ON THE SIDELINES and scream from the Bleachers rather than (become a Delegate) suit up and get on the Field to help shape the outcome of the Score / Game are USEFUL IDIOTS TO/FOR THE RINOS (they love those who only whine, BUT DO NOTHING)!

    • JLenardDetroit

      [below is comment from: about redistricting shenanigans. You really should see: as while it is about MI REDISTRICTING much of what is there WILL APPLY TO YOU!!! AND YOUR STATE!!!!]

      We told you PEOPLE NOT POLITICIANS (aka: Prop-2) was a farce…
      We told you that it was NOT JUST MICHIGAN, that Soro’s was pouring money, on behalf of Democrats, IN STATES THAT THE LEGISLATURES CONTROLLED BY REPUBLICANS (and only those States, you didn’t and won’t see this GO-AROUND in any BLUE STATE) was for a reason – and that reason was to STEAL the redistricting process from LEGISLATORS (as outlined in LAW or CONSTITUTION of most States) and put it in the hands of BOARDS/COMMITTEES they could, lie, cheat, steal, control over, in order to GERRYMANDER ADDITIONAL BLUE DISTRICTS!

      Now, they finally admit it…

      from…. [email protected]
      to: DUMBocrats/FASCICRATS/SUCKERS in Michigan
      Subject: “There has been a redistricting turnaround”

      The media is starting to catch on to the fact that our efforts to stop Republican’s are having an impact.

      It’s about time! For years now, the NDRC has been working hard to prepare the public and policymakers for redistricting [Editor note: I added the emphasis (and let me correct their “prepare” term to what it really was/is…

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