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Election 2020, re-examined, reviewed, recapped, expounded upon, etc....

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[If you look ( you'll see I've been VERY BUSY with new material over this Memorial weekend 2021, and now June 1, 2021, I bring you another (Examination, rather RE-EXAMINATION, with what we know now, of ELECTION 2020).... IMPORTANT NOTE: While a new piece, it is really a sequel, but not even that really but another in an now ongoing series of these related topics! It is a follow-up/continuation of: /the-law/2020/12/scotus-shows-cowardice-in-refusing-to-take-tx-case-electionfraud-unequal-applicationprotections-constitution-disenfranchisement-etc-issues-vs-pa-ga-mi-wi-2458458.html (Dec 2020); and /u-s-politics/2020/11/election-2020-fraud-trumps-legal-path-to-reelection-2580638.html (Nov 2020, which in part needs updates/minor-corrections to, but has all the analytics that have never failed to predict the Presidency in my Lifetime (59 years) that said TRUMP WON); as well as /u-s-politics/2020/07/never-ending-efforts-of-democrats-to-controlmanipulate-elections-via-voterfraud-2580233.html (July 2020); /u-s-politics/2019/04/exposing-the-lefts-lies-that-voterfraud-never-happens-2576326.html (Apr 2019); and even more I could list going back before that! Share this Article with short-cut:]


#ElectionReform needed in all 50 States immediately…
8 steps that must be enacted IMMEDIATELY…


First let me start off by saying I am using Google Assistant dictation, speech to text, services and as usual there will certainly be a lack of punctuation and potential wrong word choices input but I’m sure you will understand what I mean as I’m eager to get this up and online and therefore not going to go back through before heating upload and re-edit and correct all the punctuation and or capitalization etc issues. And that this is as HONEST (SOMETHING DEMOCRATS CAN/NEVER ENGAGE IN, HONEST FACTUAL DISCUSSION) A REAL ANALYSIS (NOT HOW I’D PREFER THEY BE) OF THINGS AS THEY STAND *NOW* (and completely/separate issue of the ongoing Impeachment farce/fiasco that also need continue to be addressed – see:!

Next, let me really start the substance here-in with two unequivocal statements that ultimately are a matter of opinion but I will stick by them… And THESE CASES must continue to be brought until dealt with legitimately or every Election going forward will bring more and more Fraud and fiasco STEAL like 2020….

First I think Trump won the 2020 election! Until such time as we can get all the FRAUD and other Evidence cases as well as TX case heard in Court(s), that remains opinion! And sadly there are far too many Cowards, even those who claim to want to uphold CONSTITUTION and RULE OF LAW, will not unseat an “ACTING” (even illegitimate) President Biden. which again is why we MUST INSIST these Cases be ejudicated to ensure LAW IS UPHELD IN FUTURE and every Election not a repeat of the 2020 farce (of/in “SOME” States, that effected others (the TX Case)).

Second there clearly was/is evidence of widespread voter fraud but keep reading for the caveat that has to go along with that! And, recall, the endless cries, zero evidence like we have now, that TRUMP STOLE 2016 ELECTION they still drone on about/over, but yet say YOU SHOULD SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR “CONSPIRACY THEORY” (THEIR LABEL) ABOUT 2020 ELECTION STOLEN.

Caveat number one, widespread voter fraud, we have to look at it in the terms of orwellian newspeak and or the Clinton twist the left always engages in and twisting the language to fit their narratives all depends on what the definition of widespread is. Which is why even a Democrat usually now won’t say the completely demonstrably provable false there was no voter fraud in the 2020 election line. Is there anyone on the planet who has not seen the security footage out of Atlanta showing a poll worker running a large stack of the same ballots through a scanner over and over which is clear evidence demonstrated and everyone can see with their own eyes on that security footage, and that is only one example I’m not going to go into a long list of them, for that see my separate election 2020 fraud post that I will link to at the bottom of this article. Instead the lying Democrats engaging in spin and false narrative still will say there was no widespread voter fraud or not enough for it to actually change the outcome of the election which is a partial truth that you really need to keep reading this article to understand fully… because again it depends on the definition and their definition of widespread is spin to fit their narrative.

Caveat number two being able to definitively present evidence of voter fraud in the six battleground states that matters is possible and going forward I’m just going to use the state of Nevada as an example but you can check Pat colbeck’s let’s fix for the case for the decertification of Michigan and that is yet another caveat decertification versus outright and complete overturning that could and would declare Trump the winner which is not going to happen and you need to keep bringing this honest analysis to understand why if you do not yet understand why.

Nevada and even Arizona and probably Georgia I have seen sufficient information and potentially and probable enough evidence to present in a court of law for let’s just use a round number of 15,000 fraudulent illegal or otherwise improper, dead people non-residents etc,.  votes in the state of Nevada which would overturn the results of Nevada.

Now yet another caveat this time in the term overturn, we can demonstrate 15,000 votes enough to eclipse the vote win margin however what cannot be proven is that all 15,000 votes were for Biden and therefore actually declare Trump the winner of Nevada rather than Biden. what can be proven is that the margin is in question and therefore the state should not be certified and it’s electoral votes nullified making the state of Nevada go for neither Biden or Trump and the further caveats that raises as we go along. 


Hang in here with me and keep reading….


Again we cannot prove even a perponderance of the evidence the 15,000 votes are all Biden votes to then recalculate the outcome though we know darn well that the Democrat Fraud is not going to be Trump vote you cannot still prove these in a court of law without 15, 000 sworn testimonials of so-and-so saying they saw so and so vote for Biden illegally or so and so ran a thousand Biden ballots through a scanner 15 times to directly invalidate then/attested/known fraudulent Biden votes. That is just not going to happen.

 This piece is about reality, demonstratable and beyond a reasonable doubt or even a preponderance of the evidence, and again caveat after caveat after caveat. 

AN HONEST ANALYSIS OF WHAT WAS AND WHAT STILL IS… And do I need to repeat again that I do believe Trump won the election?

For example let me use my precinct in Wyandotte Michigan as example. What you can prove is that I went in based on the poll book to my precinct at let’s just say 10:00 a.m. and I was given ballot number 25 for sake of an example. What you cannot do because the number associated with the ballot 25 gets separated and then run through the scanner who I voted for and before you jump to conclusions and an assumption let me further explain… 

What you cannot do even though there is only one scanner for my precinct is prove that the 25th ballot scanned was my ballot number 25. John q public and Jane Doe could have also come in at about the same 10:00 a.m. time frame and been issued ballots number 26 and 27 and even though they came in slightly after me and have a higher ballot number they may have both quickly  marked straight ticket and voted nothing else and went to the scanner and therefore their ballot run through before my ballot 25. It cannot be demonstrated any more simply than that as to why you cannot associate a person with a ballot ever. That ballots scammed equate to ballot numbers issued. Absolutely zero room for additional discussion only speculation.

Now as to the overturn and the caveats regarding that. It can be overturned in the sense that enough demonstratable evidence of fraud illegal or otherwise improper cast votes in like Nevada Arizona and Georgia especially where the margin was low that the results are in question therefore the election overturned in the sense that one cannot prove who actually won those states and therefore the results of those States elections should have never been certified. Michigan Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are larger vote margins and a whole other topic but I certainly trust and Believe Pat colbeck and his case for decertification of Michigan (see related:


Now let’s talk the certification and decertification, and let’s even just for the sake of the discussion say we can prove enough to have all six battleground States elections put into question and therefore those States being decertified as they IMO should. All that means is that neither Biden nor Trump then have the prerequisite 270 electors.

 Decertification of those States means those electors would be nullified. Taking those electors from Biden does not in any way automatically mean they go to Trump, or that a court could reasonably and justifiably shift those votes to Trump there is just not enough evidence to say that an improper Biden vote would have indeed been a trump vote or otherwise fully shift the victory to Trump in that state,  and therefore Trump clearly declared the winner. that is not reality is not happening will never happen even a full court of true constitutionalists on scotus would not and could not decide that in any honest fashion.desertification of the six States would then mean the House of Representatives would decide and the Democratic controlled the house then and they control the house now so sorry my friends Biden would still have been INSTILLED, not elected, as president.

That does not change what to most of us understand to be the obvious situation of those States likely having indeed gone to Donald Trump which is of course what I stated at the top I firmly believe Trump won the election but again it is what is verifiable provable in court and subsequent law and clear constitutional authority or not and one cannot prove in court that x number votes that went to Biden actually went to Trump aside from the whole voting machine vote flipping issue which could be demonstrated or the issue of weighted voting being illegally and improperly conducted by voting machines. That is a whole separate issue not addressed here. And again may not be enough and again I say may not be enough without every voting machine examined and tested and the logs examined which we all know Democrats have destroyed evidence erased logs reset machines even though laws dictate election information be retained for a certain amount of time for audit recounts or more importantly full forensic audits.

So brief recap of above enough evidence can be presented to overturn to the point of likely five of the if not all of the six States being desertified but Biden still likely had been declared President by the House of Representatives controlled by democrats not withstanding thinking people would grasp that the election was indeed stolen.

That is not now however to do with the other issue of not fraud but illegal actions by States like Michigan Pennsylvania others breaking their own election laws their governor and Secretary of State not having authority to just mail ballots to whomever they chose  or drop boxes where the law did not allow or a lot for extending voting deadlines and many more violations of law using covid as an excuse the laws in no way shape or form allowed for them to override existing law even under a declared emergency. And that is where the Texas lawsuit against the battleground States comes in and the scotus cowardice which I wrote about elsewhere in not hearing that case. That however is not without precedence that a new election be declared, certainly not everywhere but in the states in question,  it has been in several jurisdictions by several judges but just never on this Grand of a scale. That is an issue of disenfranchisement a term the left loves to misapply to accuse Republicans of racism because they always imply that Republicans are disenfranchising black votes only to pedal false narrative which is again a whole other long and drawn-out story to be discussed elsewhere.

 A state does have standing and in fact the scotus is the only court that can hear such a valid case of one state needing to sue another state over violations that affect the first state in question and the supreme Court should have heard and addressed that case.but of course that again is a whole other issue that likely could have decertified the election not overturned it as Biden would have still been declared winner by Nancy pelosi’s controlled us house. It could have been proper grounds to revote in the six battleground States just as again I said earlier other judges and courts have ordered revokes in smaller instances it again has never happened on this scale but again is not without precedence to order such and the supreme Court and therefore could have clearly if the states made to adhere to their laws to reconduct the election validly determined the winner in those States and the overall winner but scotus just didn’t want to, even though it would clearly be their job to do so, have to go there.


So again let me State unequivocally that yes I think Trump won and this election was stolen before some moron tries to take one or two things herein out of context and say I’m a Biden/DNC apologist and spewing the Democrat talking points which I have specifically gone out of my way to refute above.


To expound on some of the points above you need to see other articles of mine especially the election fraud 2020 which I’ll add a link to later before I hit save and also my scotus cowardice piece.

Let me unequivocally say again anyone that spews the original Democrat talking point that there was no fraud is an abject clueless moron or indeed has seen evidence but just ignores it and repeats their lie to continue to avoid reality and pedal continued false narratives like Democrats always do. [update/insert: whole other side topics: "You know the term: RINO! Republican In Name Only… Let’s examine it…" article: Just one of several Memorial weekend items I made to my Articles here at B4IN (click here) and somewhat companion piece to that: "Recruiting Conservatives and Constitutionalists, as well as those identify as Trump style Nationalists (America first, not America alone, or America only), and Steve Hilton (not Bernie Sanders) style Populists, to the GOP!" at: /opinion-conservative/2021/05/recruiting-conservatives-and-constitutionalists-as-well-as-those-identify-as-trump-style-nationalists-america-first-not-america-alone-or-america-only-and-steve-hilton-not-bernie-sanders-style-3581904.html]


This is ultimately not about Trump or Biden or whether we are turning into a third world fixed elections Nation. Election integrity laws to ensure we have integrity in our elections should matter to everyone but obviously does not to Democrats because they want to do anything and everything like their first of a bill called hr1 for the people act that wants to make ability to commit voter fraud even more prevalent. You can also find an article of mine regarding voter ID and voter fraud and many provable instances that disprove the liberal lie that voter fraud never happens and that even some democrat states have Stern voter ID laws that they have no problem with they only have problem with voter ID laws where they need to be able to commit fraud to win the more purple States and therefore when they can stir up false narratives of disenfranchisement and cries of racism in Republican states. 


Take for example the whole Major League baseball farce of pulling the All-Star game from Georgia over voter ID law and moving it to Colorado which also has voter ID law negating their whole argument. Additionally if it’s about disenfranchisement of black people they move the game from a state and a city with a large percentage of black population and moved it to Lily white Colorado again completely turning on its head The narrative of why the game was moved. Just demonstrating it’s all about woke politics and nothing to do with reality as Democrats can never have an actual honest conversation dealing in facts only they’re woke pathetical corruptness snowflake feelings and clinging to fantasy world they live in.


So again, SORRY but factual, to reiterate the point there is no way shape or form Trump would be declared the winner of the 2020 election unless scotus declares decertification of the six paddle ground States and orders new vote in those states to be properly held and adhered two under existing election law of those states that was violated to properly determine a winner of those States and any potential reallocation of electors that would be a result that I am probably you are confident would then declare Trump the winner but again the scotus is a bunch of cowards and just will not do that. We always talk of the need to have election supervision of other countries to ensure a proper valid Fair election but reality is now several states in the United States needs impartial as if that actually could be a reality as what nation could send impartial observers cuz all other nations have predetermined desires to elect a particular president in the United States that would be favorable to their Nation to oversee to ensure Fair elections here.


I could go on forever but again no sense of repeating things that have been said elsewhere that I am going to now add the links to refer you to…

[If you look ( you'll see I've been VERY BUSY with new material over this Memorial weekend, and now June 1, 2021, I bring you another with this detailed examination piece....
IMPORTANT NOTE: While a new piece, it is really a sequel, but not even that really but another in an now ongoing series of these related topics! It is a follow-up/continuation of: /the-law/2020/12/scotus-shows-cowardice-in-refusing-to-take-tx-case-electionfraud-unequal-applicationprotections-constitution-disenfranchisement-etc-issues-vs-pa-ga-mi-wi-2458458.html (Dec 2020); and /u-s-politics/2020/11/election-2020-fraud-trumps-legal-path-to-reelection-2580638.html (Nov 2020, which in part needs updates/minor-corrections to as I have here-in); as well as /u-s-politics/2020/07/never-ending-efforts-of-democrats-to-controlmanipulate-elections-via-voterfraud-2580233.html (July 2020); /u-s-politics/2019/04/exposing-the-lefts-lies-that-voterfraud-never-happens-2576326.html (Apr 2019); and even more I could list going back before that!]


[Sun Jan 24, 2021 update from the ELECTION 2020 FRAUD examined (Nov 2020) piece... so this is even outdated now and likely more VERIFIABLE FRAUD CASES added....

The 2020 election will go down as arguably the greatest fraud in world history.  The tremendously popular incumbent candidate, President Trump, was easily winning the race on election night in a landslide and then suddenly multiple states took a break, quit counting, and by the end of the week the election was flipped to Joe…

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Accurate List of 2020 Election Fraud Cases Shows 81 Cases Total, 30 Still Active - And NOT ONE SINGLE COURT Has Allowed Evidence to be Argued

Don't let the Left continue with the NOTHING PROVEN cuz it can and would be PROVEN IN COURT(s) if allowed to be presented but Courts are COWARDS and dare not let any of this get into PUBLIC RECORD (under Penalty of Purjury if mis-represented, and would open the eyes of many in the sleeping masses. They want to try and maintain distance from deciding an Election, even verifiable fraudulent one, that sadly (by choice, or side-effect) helps preserves the Left LIES about NOTHING PROVEN (just not all of it in/through Courts, YET)! There has to be eventual ejudification of this, imagine the 2000 Election would STILL BE BEING CHALLENGED and the Gore Campaign continuing to try and change the definition of a valid, hanging chad, dimple, pimple, etc, Votes to try and still over-come his margin of loss in FL (and every redefinition and recount showed GWBush the Winner of), if both the FL courts and then SCOTUS properly examining and ejudicating!]

Regards, @JLenardDetroit
(JLenardDetroit on Twatter (yes, still there (see related: and, CloutHub, Mumblit, Minds, GAB, Parler, Politichatter, Spreely, MeWe, LOCALS, Nextdoor, YouTube, Brighteon, more, Social Media Platforms)



TUE APR 26th 2022 UPDATE:

Hey #Patriots:
Want a SNEAK PEEK at Patrick Colbeck’s next book*??
My book (#TerrorStrikes) is first on the Page** and his follows down-page!!

* hint: it has to do with the 2020 Election!
** more on McHenry Press & #TerrorStrikes making History: [](  


Joseph M. Lenard (a/k/a: JLenardDetroit)
Born 1962. Lifelong resident Wyandotte Michigan.
Former information technology professional.
Political issues blogger/vlogger/speaker/writer.



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uh huh, lol at those who think it is productive to yell at the Players, Coaches, or Referee’s on the Field cuz TOO LAZY to suit up and help change the Game by being on the Field to effect the score/outcome… absolutely BACKWARDS THINKING… If you WANT CHANGE you have to BE INSIDE HELPING US TO FORCE THE CHANGE…

And as for moron’s talking about PATRIOT PARTY…
Then you are OUT OF STEP with #POTUS45 and #TRUMP2024..
And POTUS45 reiterated such a CPAC!

Spare us all the “NO LONGER REGISTERED #REPUBLICAN” manure posts! If that is all some ever were, THEY WERE/ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM (and should look in the Mirror)! Takes MORE than that…. Shall know them by their Fruits (and what is it THEY actually did?)!t

Also: Spare us the line “BOTH PARTIES ARE EQUALLY PATHETIC/BAD!” If some think the #GOP is inadequate, and many times, IMO, I think it is (many who do not uphold Platform planks/principles/values (tho, yes, of course, we are a BIG TENT and not going to agree on 100% EVERYTHING but there are a couple BIG/KEY/CRITICAL things that supposed to set us apart from FASCICRATS*)) — WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HELP?? Are YOU a #PrecinctDelegate (PD)?!?!

Why #Conservatives MUST become Precinct Delegate  (aka:

You can scream all you like from the Bleachers, if you want to help shape the outcome of the Game/Score you have to get on the Team and actually FIGHT to shape the outcome of the Game from/while ON THE FIELD!

“Help becoming a PD” in MI (DuckDuckGo search for other States): (aka:

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We need reinforcements INSIDE to help root out CINOs/RINOs as well as FASCICRATS!!!

NOTE the CINOs / RINOs count on everyone’s complacency and unwillingness to GET/BE INVOLVED… They count on it to maintain their power and control… Those who still SIT ON THE SIDELINES and scream from the Bleachers rather than (become a Delegate) suit up and get on the Field to help shape the outcome of the Score / Game are USEFUL IDIOTS TO/FOR THE RINOS (they love those who only whine, BUT DO NOTHING)!


more importantly see:

and :   


* (we focused on #19A)
Wayne12CDRC Michigan ConstDinner may move to Sep 17, focus will be #1A (#FreedomOfReligion)



related written items: (don’t let Title throw you, it will make sense WHEN (and you need to) READ IT!


Sat Sep 25 2021 UPDATE…



If your response to the known #VoterFraud in 2020 is to SIT OUT 2022, THEN YOU ARE A #MORON! We must turn-out in such overwhelming numbers, that they cannot even STEAL THE NEXT ELECTION trying to Cheat. But why would they Cheat, if #MORONS won’t #GOTV, they can Win w/o #Fraud. #SpecialKindOfSTUPID

Let’s just pretend that 160M people did vote in last Election, there are 330Mish #USCitizens in USA (but, yes, of course, not all are of age to Vote)… It is reported that between 50-60% OF ALL CHRISTIANS are STILL NOT VOTING (most of which are Conservatives, likely Constitutionalists, except for the FAKE CHRISTIANS like Biden, Pelosi, et al (see related:! There are PLENTY of Folks that HAVE NOT GOT OFF THEIR ASSES YET and are still part of the Problem.

As the Canadian Rock group RUSH tune says: If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice —- or, let me add: allowed one to be FORCED UPON YOU!


YOU, if YOU are already involved, MUST BECOME EVEN MORE INVOLVED.
Applications/Forms at:  




#MeghanMcCain’s new book: “BAD REPUBLICAN” is a major flop selling only a couple hundred books in months. She is a NATIONALLY KNOWN FIGURE, where-as I am not… I’m an ACTUAL #AUTHOR, w/ a REAL #BOOK.
(“Terror Strikes: Coming soon to a City near you!” not just #Terrorism, but PRO #AMERICA, #PROLIFE, PRO #FAMILY, PRO #MAGA, fare)!

Hers, of course, was not about a book that would actually interest anyone to buy and they do not really care if it sells (they gave her big up-front bucks she won’t have to pay back as reward for her manure peddling), and is just all about MONEY LAUNDERING (from a Left wing Publisher) to a #RINO for hit piece material Liberal #ENEMEdia can spew!

I, however, have to actually SELL BOOKS!
All the #RINO class like Meghan know they can get big $’s (from Lefty loon Publishers, willing to pay big bucks for the attack material, NOT to sell books and make a profit but really just DARK MONEY AND BACK-HANDED CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS TO TRY TO BOLSTER #FASCICRATS by attacking Conservatives) they write manure attacking AMERICA LOVING PATRIOTS for the same purpose to hurt REAL CONSTITUTIONALIST CONSERVATIVES.  


Joseph M. Lenard (a/k/a: JLenardDetroit)
Born 1962. Lifelong resident Wyandotte Michigan.
Former information technology professional.
Political issues blogger/vlogger/speaker/writer.



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