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By Joseph Zrnchik for 5th Estate Media Email: [email protected] (Reporter)
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A Call to Arms - DNC, CIA, Neocon and Media Treason and Drawing the Line for and Responding to the Coming Civil War

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A Call to Arms – DNC, CIA and Neocon Treason and Drawing the Line for and
Responding to the Coming Civil War


If the US is to have a civil war due to the attempts by the CIA, Clinton, the neocons and the media to overturn the presidential election, then it must be made clear to that political class that all media supporting her will be shut down and anyone supporting the overthrow of the Trump presidency will be arrested for treason and they must be made to know that all of their property will be used to compensate the victims of their crimes and to pay the costs of subduing the insurrection. 


The media has proven itself a willing partner of the criminal elites and their dispenser of propaganda.  This propaganda is a tool in the conduct of warfare used by the ruling class and directed at the American people to confuse, deceive and break the morale of the American people.  The crimes committed through propaganda and disinformation directed against the American people have aided and abetted those who have engaged in lawlessness on a global scale.  Their crimes have caused the destruction of entire nations and loss of life for millions of people.  If the media had not engaged in this propaganda and disinformation, our nation would not be where it is now at this moment in history. 


After the media’s lying to Americans about the Wall Street collapse, fraud, banking, the Iraq war, Saudi Arabia, the 9/11 attacks, false documents and computers, assorted false flag operations, the lies about the Iranian nuclear program, the waging of covert wars, support for Israeli ethnic cleansing, Zionism, the Libyan War and the support for ISIS, any mention of fake news by the media ought to result in charges of illegally inciting war due to their past lies and deceptions.  We must now smash the war and regime change machine.


It is only through deception that the media has enlisted the support of the American people to be willing dupes for their global crimes.  Imagine the irony of the Democrats expecting to be given the presidency because somebody told others the truth about them and their illegal plans and so the targets of their deception decided to change their vote.  Although, the fact is that nobody changed their vote and there is no law that Clinton could break that were cause her cult to break step with her.  They are too ignorant and too gullible.  They complain that Putin was allegedly behind Trump’s victory, but the media, owned and run by the criminal elite to manufacture consent and lie us into wars, had hackers or leakers expose the lawlessness of Clinton and her minions in their service to the elites.   All of the evidence was from the DNC itself and its true documents.  The only documents that were fake were the ones created by DNC operatives in a lame attempt to falsely claim the forgery and dissemination of fake documents by Wikileaks to discredit Assange.  With all this mainstream media print about accusations of Russian fake news losing Clinton the election, ironically it was their fake documents that became real news about their fake news.  The PropOrNot website so recklessly quoted by the MSM was a CIA plot itself, and that was why the MSM did so little cross-checking before ti was proved a fake website.  The proof is here.


Again, the media has aided and abetted treason by assisting and participating in this deception operation. The DNC then refused to provide any documents because Wikileaks would have been able to prove the DNC’s further deception of the American people by sowing the actual documents it released.  Is there any such thing as you having free will if you fall to deception?  What the DNC, Clinton and the CIA are fighting for is the right to lie the American people into war and surrendering their liberties while these criminals expect and demand to be left unhindered so their crimes remain protected and hidden.  They seek the right to capture you, spy on you, imprison you, silence you, torture you and even murder you at their discretion.  They seek to stamp out all news THEY deem fake or harmful to them.  Hillary said that her homebrew server was never hacked for years as it remained unsecure and now she wants to claim that in only a couple of weeks Russia completely overthrew the US empire because of a hack to Podesta and the DNC.  It seems Hillary always wants it both ways, just as when Obama mocked Trump saying his conspiracy theory of the vote being hacked was impossible and absurdly ridiculous because the voting process was spread out over 50 states and there was no way ANYONE could interfere or corrupt the election process as he mocked Tump’s concerns.  How fast tunes change in the orchestra that is politics.

The Democrats are now going after the 1st Amendment like they went after the 2nd Amendment.  Next they will be telling you that a new election needs to take place because Republicans have no right to tell other people the truth about Democrats. Obviously, the Democrats sins have found them out.  This is about karma. Imagine how great Clinton would think it would have been if it was the US who caused Putin to lose an election because his lies were exposed.  Would it have mattered to the US or the Democrats where that information came from or how it was obtained?   Yet, the fact is thaty there are major disagreements between teh NSA and the CIA as to whether the Wikileaks information was hacked or leaked.  The CIA has said it was a hack, but refuses to provide any information or evidence.  They admit their theory is only based on speculation, but is it possible that a Bernie Sanders fan decided to do to Hillary what Hillary and the DNC did to Bernie? In fact, experts have claimed this is the much more likely scenario and the NSA claims to have physical evidence to back this up.  There are other who claim it was those in the intelligence community who are rabidly anti-Clinton that decided to leak from an NSA hack. The fact is that there is seerious contention between the NSA and the CIA, from where the CIA gets most of its raw data.  The conflict is explained here.


What the DNC feared and wanted to hide was the emails that confirmed Sen. Bernie Sanders’s suspicions of the DNC improperly tilting the nomination for Clinton. The DNC lied to the American people about having an institutional bias for Clinton. So, even IF the Russians did uncover the truth and leaked it to WikiLeaks, they would only have been exposing to the American people the DNC’s corrupt abuse of the democratic process, something all voters had a right to know.


With regard to Podesta’s emails, they  revealed transcripts of Clinton’s speeches to Wall Street banks which she again tried to hide from the American voter. Therefore, even if the Russians were involved in the hack or leak, they would only have been providing voters information that Clinton should have released on her own. So, the lies about fake news and Clinton claiming the 1st Amendmant now needs to be destroyed, as the DNC created fake documents it claimed were put out by Wikileaks, clearly shows that pro-Hillary Washington is losing its mind.  These things that Hillary did and tried to hide are not “fake news”.  Political parties have put out last minute fake news against opposing candidates for years, has something suddenly changed in politics?  It is clear that we are close to a revolution in this country I intend on not being ruled by SJW, illegal aliens and ignorant clowns who don’t understand that Hillary was leading us to WWIII and nuclear confrontation, and by people who have no understanding of economics, history, geopolitics, or military policy.


Regardless, the CIA has become an embarrassment and their crimes have created blowback to which innocent Americans have become victim.  Just as the FBI has become so corrupt as to have James Comey and Loretta Lynch hide the crimes of the Clinton crime snydicate and cover Clinton espionage so she could hide her bribery and extortion crimes while being the Secretary of State, so has unaccountability corrupted the CIA which was specifically created to violate the very laws America claims to uphold.  The CIA now wants to have American democracy overthrown so it can continue its pathetic and losing attempts at one upmanship of Putin and continue placing Americans on a  collusion course with Russian. I would like to see how these pro-Clinton yahoos would be protesting after finding out she was intent on sending them off to fight on the Eastern front against Russian infantry fighting on its own soil.  It is verified fact that the Saudis gave Clinton 20% of her campaign contributions and the Chinese also gave Clinton money, and so it could be argued that they also interferred with the US election on behalf of Clinton. The plot by the DNC to use Russia to steal the presidency is explained here.


Anyone connected  to the Clinton Foundation must be mercilessly prosecuted and punished.  The entire foundation’s funding must immediately be seized under RICO statutes in the same manner the police take a guy’s money who is going to buy a car.  Make Clinton prove she did not commit any crimes.  The one legitimate use of the NSA would be to provide all documents that have been destroyed by Clinton, to include those that were destroyed regarding Libya.  The NSA wants to record everything we do, yet it refuses to produce the treason to whcih Clinton has made the entire nation victim.  Trump must let everyone know that a civil war will result from any attempted to be overthrow and usurp his election.  


It should be made known to the Democrats, the media, the CIA and all their neocon supporters that they will be brought up on charges of inciting violence and war.  Their foreign policy and police state measures, torture, illegal renditions, illegal detentions, assassination lists, and support for the enemies of the American people and US Constitution by engaging in treason and subverting US Constitution will be punished ruthlessly.  I want French Revolution style justice, for that is the only justice that would fit their crimes.  Now Americans can see what they are willing to do to this country to maintain their global crime syndicate.  Let them reap what they have sown.  There is prooof there was foreign meddling in the US election -to help Hillary.  The proof is undeniable and is listed here.


Cenk Uyger has gone on record to state that Clinton lost because she was an pro-establishment candidate controlled by special interests and her attempt to obliterate the 1st Amendment should be deemed as an attack on US democracy and the liberties of American.  He crushes Clinton here:  “>Progressive Cenk Uyger Destroys Clinton’s Fake News Meme 



The mainstream media is attacking Trump and highlighting his disagreement with the CIA regarding the CIA’s assessment that Russia hacked the election which gave the election to Trump.  Suddenly the CIA has become a sacred cow to anti-Trump left.  Furthermore,  the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) “has not endorsed [the CIA’s] assessment because of a lack of conclusive evidence.”  But, if one needs to be provided with background information regarding the CIA’s trustworthiness, they should consider that when asked to brief the US Congress regarding the allegations of a Russia hack, the CIA simply refused.  The whole story is here. Representative Peter King of Long Island called it ‘absolutely disgraceful’ that the CIA won’t come in and asked if there was a disinformation program going on.  And, let’s not forget that this is the same CIA that hacked and monitored the Senate Select Intelligence Committee when its senators were investigating CIA torture.  CIA Director John O. Brennan admitted the CIA hacked and illegally monitored a committee specifically designed for the oversight of the CIA.  The whole story is listed here.  So, what deference should the CIA be given if it refuses to release any proof, refuses to brief the US Congress and in cases engaged in cyber warfare against our own US Senate?


It should be made known to those in the CIA who engaged in torture and murder, going back as far as the FBI torture and murder of Kenneth Trentadue under Operation Patriot Conspiracy (PATCON), that they will be indicted and face charges that could very well lead to their execution.  Those who participated in or covered up torture during the Iraq War in any way, or hid anything by destroying evidence, refusing subpoenas, providing illegal justifications as being legal, or having engaged in extraordinary renditions, must be made to know they will be indicted and imprisoned without bail to stand trial for aiding and abetting these crimes should they stand with Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media or those who seek to commit treason by siding with those who stand against the American people and the US Constitution.  The CIA must be disbanded and its operations handled by the Defense Intelligence Agency.  All corporate intelligence agencies operating inside the US must cease all operations or face RICO charges and charges of treason if found to have been in violation of any law, the US Constitution or any order by President Trump. 


With regard to the NSA, all illegal spying directed against natural born Americans must be ordered to be ended immediately.  All NSA officials who lied to the US Congress ought to be prosecuted and fined.  All those who lied and committed perjury must be charged, prosecuted and jailed.  Those who assisted the NSA criminals ought to be barred from government service.  All whistleblowers must be pardoned and protected and have their records expunged and convictions overturned. This includes Jeffrey Sterling, Jullian Assange, Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and especially Barrett Brown, who did nothing but post a link to an online document.


The reason those who seek to overturn the election results have become so bold is that they have found they have been allowed to engage in wholesale lawlessness for decades.  It is at this point that the police must decide if they are going to support the people and their duly elected representatives, or the treasonous Washington political establishment. 


Trump must immediately make public all documents, evidence and investigative reports regarding the assassination of both Kennedy brothers.  Clinton must be brought to justice for the death of Ambassador Stevens and her dereliction in providing security or armed response to prevent their testimony after she lied to congress about providing arms and ammunition to ISIS and its affiliates.


The CIA must also be made to know that anyone who has provided aid to ISIS, al Nusra, al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia or any of its associated organizations or operations, or covered for their crimes through acts of commission or omission, will also be charged with aiding and abetting terrorism, treason, crimes against humanity and war crimes.


All heads of governmental agencies must be made to stand down and turn over the authority for the various agencies to Trump appointees.  All police forces must be brought under the control of the militia of the various states while emergency measures are being undertaken.  All local law enforcement agencies will be placed under the operational control of the governor for each individual state and all federal law enforcement agencies will immediately be placed under the command and control of the various state governors or their militia representatives for the state in which that branch of the federal agency operates.  Any governor from any state who resists should be told they will also stand trial for treason and all of their wealth will be confiscated as reparations for all costs incurred during the rebellion against the American people and the US Constitution.


Any individuals from any federal agency found to have resisted or conspired in any way, manner or method against these orders of the duly elected President of the United States will be subject to summary execution for treason by a panel consisting of 12 appointed jurors from 3 different states each appointed by that state’s respective governor that has sworn to uphold the election of Trump as the duly elected and Constitutionally authorized President of These United States. 


Oh, and President Trump, please provide me with White House press credentials as I promise to tell the truth and not lie to the American people.  An informed and armed citizenry is the best protection against tyranny.


Anyone that has any ideas that will help prevent the takeover of the government by Obama, Clinton, the CIA and the neocons, please post your ideas here.


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    • Judge Roy Bean

      The elite left in this nation needs to experience the “Ass Master” and then into the organic hog pile.

    • Takealook

      The media from talking heads to corporate execs need to meet my
      heavy metal between the eyes. Treason from top to bottom and take
      out their families while you’re at it. They want your kids dead so pay back
      will be a bitch.

    • Redlist Renegade

      All GREAT ideas if or when the need presents it’s self in the VERY near future !!!

    • CRUNGLER (Poet-in-Action, Wordsmith, Rebel, Chronicler)

      Excellent article! I hope and pray that it will all come to pass VERY soon! Let all these bastards feel the wrath of the American people.

    • 2QIK4U

      You are correct. People like dave hodges has closed comments for one current article saying trump hasnt got the 270 votes needed and trump supporters are going to fema.. I translate that article as a scare tactic trying to make people start shooting before truly warranted. TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT AND WE MUST HAVE PATIENCE TO ALLOW HIS INNAUGURATION. Let traitors like michael moore hang himself with his own gutless treachory. Suddenly people like DAVE. LISA. LYN ETC are baiting hooks for a deplorable reaction… REMEMBER THESE RATS ARE SCURRYING ON THIER SINKING SHIP AND ARE TRYING EVERY TACTIC POSSIBLE! PATIENCE PATRIOTS HOLD THE LINE.

      • 2QIK4U

        From a TRUE AUSSIE WHO HAS YOUR BACK.. (but not your debts lol)

    • 2QIK4U


    • 2QIK4U

      Somebody tell Mel Gibson to get his kilt and blue warpaint on. :mad:

    • LightsOut

      Good article,

      Wake up people before it’s too late! Prepare for a long and hard road ahead of us. Pity the fools that can not comprehend the Evil people that are truly running this planet! We has human’s deserve much better!

      It is the Evil ones that cause the war’s and destruction that causes all of humanity to suffer!

      Just think, lack of clean water kills millions of people worldwide every year! How F-ing hard is that too cure with modern technology and all the money extracted from all of us through Bull shit taxation used for wars?

      Stop wars, use the money and technology to actually help humanity, not destroy it!

    • LightsOut

      In the last few days, I have emailed myself a few BIN articles to archive, but they do not reach my account.

      Anyone else having the same problem? Maybe it’s the Russians :)

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