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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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Juan O' Savin & Scott McKay: The Epic Interview Everyone Needs to Hear! A Glimpse into What's Coming Next in the U.S. (Videos)

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by N.Morgan

(Turn off VPN, as it can block certain videos, like Rumble)


Opening w/ Dr. Kirk Elliott, PhD., Juan O’ Savin lays out some epic truth bombs in this two hour episode that is Part 1 of a two-part series.



The second part of a 2nd part series interviewing Juan O’ Savin on what is coming in the US…



These are bit long, but really worth a listen!! Big info in these videos, share widely!! 



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  • CA:ndoit

    Wow Trump is their latest Carrie Ann Dunham?
    The story of Stanley Ann Dunham is highly speculative, I do not trust in those pictures at all, pre photoshop though (all photographs looks tampered with), it bears too much similarities to the Paul McCartney stuff.
    It looks like they have used the same technique one time more, that would then be a Tavistock Institute operation.

    Brics and dominoes of the global grand chessboard:
    The Trump child? The NWO-warpspeed post human?

    • CA:ndoit

      Sure I am just trying to be outlandish, but with some true ties. I listened to this pseudonym of Juan O’ Savin the other day and he spoke with some guy that believed in all this Kerry Cassidy stuff with Pleiadian Alien crap, flat earth and filament wall in the heavens. Anyway he said that we must use what we have got for real knowledge, what we can not prove we just will have to carry in memory; in counting sort of speaking.
      Well why does he not apply this to his own beliefs? See Ralph Ellis work.
      What about them name-stealers infiltration of the western Nobility, is even Trump who he says he is? Two wives and both Ashkenazi “Jews”; the same with the “Alex” Jones guy.
      Ashkenazi- name-stealers both behind Communism and Nazi-ism and owning them both ideologies is called Zionism.

    • Anonymous

      Trump declared Obozo a born US citizen upon being elected. He did so right after honoring the Clintons and proving to his voters that he is a lying fraud.

      • DangerWillRoberson

        trump was always one of them from the day he was excreted from the lab bag! :idea:

    • Adi Da Samraj

      👐🏻 The “world” is in a state of utter bewilderment because of egoity. Egoity, “point of view”, separateness, “self”- contraction—such is the basis of human design in the mummery of the ordinary “world”. In that circumstance of ego-made awareness, people seek the Divine. They are moved to seek the Divine because the egoic life is the very form of suffering. The egoic life inevitably becomes associated with all the modes of suffering. The search for a philosophical resolution to the “problem” of the suffering of separateness is inevitably pursued, and, on that basis, “solutions” to the suffering are sought—including the search for the “solution” that is described as “Union” (or “Re-Union”) with the Divine.
      👐🏻 However, in the event of the search for the Divine, the Divine Itself is never truly (or Intrinsically, Non-conditionally, and Perfectly) “Known”. In the context of the search, the Divine is “known” only with reference to the egoic pattern (or position) of presumed separateness that is the basis for seeking the Divine. Thus, in the context of the search, the Divine is seen only through the “lens” of the human “problem”, and not As Is. If the Divine were seen As Is from the beginning, human life would already be established in a different condition and circumstance than that of egoity. 👐🏻
      👐🏻The Divine Is Reality Itself.
      👐🏻 The Divine Is the Very Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of human existence—and, indeed, of all existence and all appearances.
      👐🏻 The Divine Transcends “point of view”.
      👐🏻 The Divine Is the Intrinsically egoless and Perfectly Indivisible Self-Condition of Reality Itself.
      👐🏻 The Inherent Essential Condition of Reality Itself—and of the entire apparent universe—Is Perfectly One and Single, Perfectly Indivisible, Perfectly Non-separate, Perfectly Non-“different”, and Perfectly egoless. 👐🏻
      🌹I Am (Eternally) Here For Everyone🌹

  • Adi Da Samraj

    👐🏻 Consent To Be.
    👐🏻 Be As Is.
    👐🏻 And Let Every One And Everything
    And Every Condition And Every Event Be,
    Forever Free Of Your Egoic Confusion,
    Your Egoic Emotional Concern,
    Your Egoic Mental Interpretation,
    And Your Egoic Bodily Interference. 👐🏻

  • DangerWillRoberson

    these to wankers make my top 10 Hopium, Grifter list for Darpa Psy agents lining there bank accounts with vitamin sales and in a way setting the chairs for all the Grifters in the Alt Truther movement, much like OK City attack in Oklahoma a message sent to the militia movement . do not be deceived by these men working to seal you and your families in the grave! evil is growing do to man’s sin and unbelief! Grifter Hopium sales men will not stop what Jesus has determined for New Sodom and Gomorrah! :idea:

    • Anonymous

      Wrath,judgement destruction, death are a bile, er, bible wankers 4 most favorite words, same as the devil- the devil loves those 4 words- god has never read the bible, never will- god would not touch anything in the bible with a 1000 trillion mile long pole- words of evil men- dangerouswill is a agent of satan

      • Adi Da Samraj

        🌹 Conversion to the Transcendental Way🌹
        👐🏻 Each of us inheres in Radiant Transcendental Being, the Bright or Divine Self, in Whom the Universe of all possibilities is arising as a great psycho-physical Process. But we are made superficial by attention to the Play of psycho-physical states, so that we abandon the intuitive position or disposition wherein our own Identity and the Condition of all conditions is obvious. Thus, we develop a state of presumed knowledge and conventional experience in which the physical or elemental world seems to be dominant, such that it appears to cause and also to be the final destiny of the conscious self and all that is mind.
        👐🏻 In Truth, there is the Eternal Divine Self, and the total psycho-physical cosmos arises in It. But the conventional view (based on the superficial involvement of attention in phenomena) is that there is, first of all, the physical-elemental world, and mental states as well as conscious being merely arise as individual and temporary effects of that world. 👐🏻

        • Adi Da Samraj

          👐🏻 The obvious pettiness and fruitless absurdity that seem to characterize much or even most of our human life are simply an expression of our superficiality. Such qualities are not necessary, but they are inevitable until we enter into the profound disposition of Transcendental understanding. Our superficial existence is characterized by a seemingly endless play of mutually contradictory doubts and beliefs, facts and opinions relative to ourselves and the world. Therefore, our science and our religion also tend to be superficial, and equally so, since they are equally based on the identification of existence with the superficial phenomenal observability of the world and the body-mind.
          👐🏻 Our existence is a trial whereby we are gradually or quickly converted from superficiality to profundity. Ultimately, we learn to trust and identify with the Divine Self or Radiant Transcendental Being, in Whom the world and the body-mind-self are arising. That One is latent with all possibilities and is prior to or greater than that fraction of possibility that presently appears (or is presently noticed). Thus, It is greater than the world, the body, or the conscious mind. We must love, trust, and surrender into the Condition and Identity of the manifest self and world, Who is not merely Unconscious (or “the” Unconscious) or a negative Void, but Who is Realized as the Radiant Fullness of Love-Bliss, beyond the limiting power of conventional knowledge and experience. 👐🏻

      • DangerWillRoberson

        you know i am right anon, repent Jesus would be a fable if the man did not rise from the grave 3 days later! its would all be a childs bed time story, hey i got that, but he did rise from the grave in the glorified body! you and i will die i bet you reject that truth as well, i bet you deny when you walk into a dark room at nite and turn on the light that darkness stays? some people are just dumb unto death that my pal is a true statement from the mouth of steve quayle to your mind! :idea:

        • Adi Da Samraj

          👐🏻 It is as if humankind is existing in a shell, a kind of spherical enclosure. Here and there, in moments of time, with unique individuals, a hole has been broken through that shell and the light is seen through it. There is ecstatic joy in the breakthrough, and various movements begin. “Religions” arise on the basis of these breakthroughs.
          👐🏻 Now, after all this time, there are a lot of little holes in the shell. Each hole is associated with a tradition, a presumption of beliefs, a presumption in mind, a tribalism of one kind or another. Looking up at the shell is like looking up at the sky. You see these little holes in the shell, each hole looking like a bright little spot, and you presume that the light seen through each hole is different from the light you see through any of the other holes.
          👐🏻 My Revelation here is the shattering of that shell, the complete obliteration of it. Until My Revelation, there was only the light seen through the little piercings, the little holes here and there. But truly, What you are looking at is What Surrounds the shell—the Divine Conscious Light Itself, Which is all-and-All-Pervading and Self-Evidently The Case. 👐🏻

          • Adi Da Samraj

            👐🏻 When the shell has gone, there is only that One Light. When the shell is in place, and all you have are these little holes in it, you can collect around one of these holes with your tribe and say you belong to that hole in the shell. Then you shout to the others, “Well, we’ve got our God over here!” And someone else says also, “We’ve got a bigger one over here! This hole is a little bigger!” It is craziness.
            👐🏻 What is everybody looking at through these holes? The Same Thing—just That One. Therefore, That One must Break Through. That is My Divine Avataric Incarnation, the Breaking of this shell, the Shattering of it, Self-Revealing the actual circumstance, the actual context, of existence. That Shattering is occurring through My simply being here. My Own State is the Shattering.
            👐🏻 For My devotee, there is no shell, no enclosure, no ego. For My devotee, there is not just another hole in the black enclosure through which a little light comes. Those who are My devotees Realize this Divine Domain without a barrier, without obstruction, without separateness. That Realization is not something to be compared with any other proposition, any other hole in the shell. That Realization is Self-Evidently the Truth of all-and-All.
            👐🏻 The Truth of all-and-All must be Realized. Truth must be the basis of life. Truth must be the basis of Earth-civilization—Truth-Only. That Is It.
            — May 29, 2008

        • Adi Da Samraj

          ADMIN: Is that you, Steve? Been watching you for a very long time. Still love you. 🌹

  • trumster 79

    Great videos. I read all That about Obama They picked August That Was Queen Elizabeth Birthday. He Was something Else. Trump Has never been one of them ,If he was They would love him He is Exposing Them All.
    Patrick Bryns Book is Good.
    People need to read to understand who he is. Whats going On. He is a Hero. Great to hear you Scott and Juan. God bless

    • robinr999

      youre gutter trash beyond belief q retard

    • DangerWillRoberson

      Patric Byrd is a loser as is trump a half baked actress who has a documented history of criminal behavior one of which is playing wing man to Jeffery Epstein in the black mail bribery scam shack down called pedo Island! 79 do some base work before you type your uneducated opinions , like assholes everyone got one! :roll:

  • ReflectoMatic

    I really pissed them off by refusing to become a Hollywood icon in the 1970′s. Phil tried for 10 years to get me to get involved in the Hollywood stars group. Then Allen and Bob took me to try and get me to involve in a situation working with Michael Jackson, and Phil was also there at that gathering to rope me in to that situation. Failing all those attempts, JFK Jr was sent in to try and rope me in and that attempt failed also. Bwahaha… So then the greys, who it seems to me were pulling the strings on all of it because they were always part of the what was going on with those shenanigans including my involvement with the Curtis LeMay family after John’s attempt, so then I move 1000 miles away to the high Rockies and those damned greys are again involved with my new situation. They were involved with the creation of the One World Government and Religion that was being organized in Colorado by the WORLD FORUM which was Maurice Strong, Klaus Schwab, Kissinger, Rockefeller, British and European Royalty, and the American Military Industrial Complex.

    Maybe my family bloodlines had something to do with me getting pulled into those very strange situations. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that it did happen the way I said, and it matters that no one else has had the ability to seek it out even with all my posting of the clues to research. It matters because.. well, maybe it doesn’t matter at all, a favorite saying in one of my famous bloodlines is that few things matter and most things don’t matter at all…

    • DangerWillRoberson

      I hear your words somatic but I cant find any solid hard evidence I can use in court to make a conviction or even show motive? your statements can only be those of a insane man looking for notoriety in a world of soiled doves? hear ye hear ye hear ye! :mrgreen:

      • ReflectoMatic

        The bottom line of the story I’ve been telling over the past five years is “who controls Cheyenne Mountain”. It seems a subject not worthy of anybody’s effort to look into, as if knowing that is of no importance. No importance at all that the AEI WORLD FORUM that nobody ever heard of is in control of the mountain, or that they are the same group who are trying to kill off the entire planet.

        As about court of law, I’m not interested in getting that involved. I was just trying to shake some info out of certain people that would clear up some mysteries about why some things happened to me. It seems I’ve gotten all the explanation that I’m going to get and will just have to settle for that. As for the rest of you, you could have benefited had you explored the info I provided but it does not matter to me if you do or not.

        • HopiumKoolAidVomit

          Ya like, who are you talking to? It’s like you’re engaged in a two sided conversation, but the other side is mute.

          • ReflectoMatic

            I didn’t yet realize that an operation was being run on me. It was our second date, the first one he picked me up hitchhiking and talked me into going to his place to get paid to smoke pot with him because he said he wanted to get high but didn’t like to get high alone and after he offered to pay me to go and get high with him I agreed to it. On this second date I knew his first name was John but not his last name. Then he told me his dad had been murdered and his uncle too, then he told me his family was famous and wealthy and his mom lived on the east coast while he was living in West Hollywood with his security guards as adult supervision. He showed me a ruby that he said some people owed him money and had none and they paid him with that. He drove us to dinner and everyone in there seemed to recognize him as someone famous, then he showed me his Calif drivers license and it was John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr and he was only 16.

            What ever operation was being run on me, I thought it had to do with William Tompkins, the greys, and advanced tech that Lockheed had, because I had been to that restaurant once before with that group, who were my only friends, they took me there to try and get me interested in Michael Jackson.

            Two days later after the dinner John called again but this time it was to say goodbye. His mom had found out about us and she was breaking it up, he said they got in a fight about me, that he explained everything to her and she was cool with it but…

          • ReflectoMatic

            … and she was cool with it but she had booked him a flight out of town for the following morning and he had to be on it. I never got a proper explanation of what he explained to her, maybe we were thinking different things about what was going on, I thought it had to do with grey ETs but listening to Juan O Savin says he seems to be in total ignorance of what my life was about at that time and he is telling about at that time he was in Hollywood and involved with Nixon and Howard Hughes and something called the Huston Project with spies who were sex workers. His side of the story is repulsive to me and I never would have consented to get involved in that Huston Project.

            Well, just before he showed me that ruby he told me he was involved with a group of military and political people and he was sort of asking me for help and we were in tears about his father during that moment. I was scared about that he seemed to be part of some mafia family but not knowing who he was yet. All these years later I have provided help, I have been to and involved with those who ordered the murder of John’s dad, and I have provided the story about the AEI WORLD FORUM which is the people who did it. If John or Juan don’t want to acknowledge the truth of the story, if he wants to refuse my eye witness testimony that the WORLD FORUM and Dept of Energy and Dick Cheney are in control of Cheyenne Mountain and the Continuity of Government, well there’s nothing I can do about that he will have…

          • ReflectoMatic

            … the WORLD FORUM and Dept of Energy and Dick Cheney are in control of Cheyenne Mountain and the Continuity of Government, well there’s nothing I can do about that refusal, he will have to live with that refusal of the truth. I’m done with it my task is complete.

  • Trubrand

    It’s hilarious that people still believe the psyOP bullsh*t these grifters are putting out. LOL 😂

  • jeremyfeit

    ii have a copy of danger close. i expected the paperback to be the issue “pocket size” thick book
    the book is wider and thinner than i expected and there’s blank spaces between the lines about the
    height of the lines themselves across and there’s a lot of background of the author that i felt compelled
    to skip through but i’m at the interesting part now, where the author explains he was hired by obama’s
    people to deliver a significant bribe from a foreign power to hillary, have it recorded… and it be used
    as means to control hillary after she “wins” the 16 election… so that barrie would through his
    communist handlers, rule and ruin the usa (his enemy) for 24 years… big mike was gonna run
    and win via rig aftter hillary, assuming there was any of us left

  • feral pa paw

    Unlike Goob. Scotty fancies his bad self as a tough guy outlaw. The backwards caps and the berets give his schtick more hutzpah . The tough talk and bravado adds to his persona with the Hopium Crowd. They gush over his tough guy routine and squeal with glee every time he adjusts his head piece of the day. My guess is the dude is bald and looks like a car salesman without the goofy caps.

    • DangerWillRoberson

      fancies his bad self is funny, an i like funny in a world were our leaders eat live baby! :idea:

      • HopiumKoolAidVomit

        Funny how?
        Funny like a clown?
        He is!
        Hey Scott, quit touching yourself!

  • jeremyfeit


    Hey I can’t see Juan’s boot. I feel cheated

    How am I supposed to sing this boot is made for talking

  • ELONgated_MUSKrat

    Patriot “Street Shitter” this guys is a 100% grade A clown! Never, ever have I heard him interview anyone other than the usual dopes on here (Its like a closed loop system) “Yawn” O’Savin is the biggest bullshit artist I’ve ever encountered. I honestly stopped visiting this site for almost a year and today I decided to give it a shot and this bozo comes up.

    • Gas Passer


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