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An Alien Reptilian Mercenary In Service To the Grays, Contactee Reveals More Details About Reptilians

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In Service to the Grays: Observations about my Reptilian Handler  by Ken Bakeman 

See his new book here: The Verges:  A Chronicle of Alien Encounters, Book 1


The illustration to the left depicts the ‘lizardman’ who acted as my handler over a span of some forty years. This Reptilian worked in association with the policing division of the Gray aliens primarily in relationship to flushing out and capturing or eliminating a wide variety of beings not allowed to interact with humans on the surface of Earth. I have described my handler as a mercenary in the sense that he served the Gray agenda and didn’t give any indication of allegiance to the various factions or clans of reptilians that I had knowledge of. Actually it was quite the opposite, given that he was involved in operations that resulted in busting an albino Draco-type Reptilian who had set up camp in the Okefenokee Swamp. I have no idea what his reward or incentive was in working with the Grays but from what I observed he was clearly an asset who was instrumental in carrying out their policing agenda. I personally saw him in their presence several times, both on the ground and inside the sterile Gray crafts, where he seemed to be treated with a sort of cool deference.


My first encounter with this Reptilian took place in the summer of 1962 when I was nine years old.   This initial visit, which was along the lines of a screening to determine my ability to handle extreme stress, led to further training and tests. Beginning when I was twenty years old, after I had been subjected to a devastating three day soul contract torture experience, I was called on to assist in a variety of “clean-up” operations conducted by the Gray military police in conjunction with my handler. These actions included sting operations designed to deal with unauthorized beings and in some cases serving as an asset in crashed or disabled craft emergencies. This was tied into an overseer monitoring program given an English language acronymn of LECTOS, standing for ‘Light Energy Craft Tracking and Observasion System’. The main function of LECTOS was, and presumably still is, to detect perturbations in the dimensional threshold between the hardscape of the terrestrial 3 dimensional platform and neighboring reality environments. The terrestrial habitat of soul-bearing humans is, based on what I’ve learned, carefully monitored to minimize loss of stock.


THE TERM ‘REPTILIAN’ has come into the popular lexicon in recent years referring to what is generally perceived to be an ‘alien’, in the sense of pertaining to a paranormal or extraterrestrial being with physical attributes that at least superficially links it to some kind of reptile. Leaving aside the alien aspect for a moment, the reptilian-like characteristics very reasonably, in my opinion, originate from witness observations, including my own, of scales or scutes evident on the skin of the being and also lizard or snake-like heads and prominent tails. After all, what else is one to come up with for a description? The alien descriptor given here refers to the cryptological nature of these animals; seldom seen and with extraordinary abilities. For these cryptic creatures the designation of Reptilia in the standard Linnean taxonomy of known terrestrial species seems, based on my observations, to be incorrect. What comes to mind in this regard is the ongoing debate about whether the metabolism of dinosaurs was ectothermic or otherwise, i.e. poikilothermic or possibly homeothermic. For example, in two of my personal encounters with reptile-like alien beings the animals in question functioned well, albeit demonstrating a not unexpected level of discomfort, in freezing cold weather conditions. This is clearly something not characteristic of a terrestrial reptile. More information about this is given in other reports on this site.


At any rate, in this current report the Reptilian type described concerns a handler assigned to me during my childhood. By “handler” I mean an individual who was selected to train and coach me and in some circumstances psychically possess my body to a certain extent in order to achieve predetermined objectives. Even though my handler was a Reptilian he served, based on my observations, mainly the Gray type alien. In some restricted alliances I was involved in there were dealings with the US military. In these cases the US military was clearly subservient to the Grays. (Some details of my training – including physically brutal aptitude tests as a child and mind-control torture experiences as a teenager – are given in part one of Verges of the Weird, which is, unfortunately, currently out of print.) Beginning at the age of 20 the main role I was assigned in relation to my Reptilian handler was essentially as “bait” used in a variety of sting operations orchestrated by the Grays that were part of an overall policing program concerning ETs considered undesirable by the Grays. The general theme would be that I was placed in a situation as a potential victim and in some other cases as a perpetrator — pursuant to a trigger event had been previously enacted — used in a carefully planned set-up to lure interaction with targeted ET offenders.


Obviously this is a very arcane and complicated subject that I don’t expect anyone, including even myself, to fully understand. My intent regarding this discussion is to report what I saw and experienced as accurately as possible. Items and events that will undoubtedly be deemed preposterous and fictional have not been excluded because they actually did exist and did take place and deserve to be included in an unredacted report. The worst thing for UFO-Alien related research and reporting is, in my opinion, to exclude or edit the seemingly impossible, because it is only from the richness of high strangeness that an expansive, coherent ontology will become integrated into human consciousness. On a positive note, over the years I have received a few significant confirmations from other experiencers concerning some of my observations. There are certain details that others have witnessed that dovetail with my reports, which at least on an anecdotal level lends some credence to the observations. This has provided a small degree of comfort and incentive for me to continue to share my accounts and to move forward in exploring the Reptilian involvement in human affairs.







The Reptilian who was assigned to me. He worked for the Grays in regards to a variety of “clean-up” operations conducted by the Gray Military Police. Shown here is a small back pack with gun used as a stun weapon.


My reptilian handler was telepathically fluent and communicated in simple but understandable English. Generally his manner was to relay short, clipped phrases. Like all of the other Reptilians I have encountered he wasn’t able to speak vocally in English or any other human language that I understood. However on a few very rare occasions I did hear him vocalize. In one situation when he was extremely angry he made a deep pitched, guttural growl, somewhat like a lion roar. On another occasion when he was emotionally distraught (a very rare occurrence based on what I have observed) he made high pitched whimpering, whining noises. In addition to being able to telepathically transmit information he could somehow use ordinary household radio and telephone speakers to speak verbally. I suspect that this was accomplished by use of technology and I was shown in one encounter a small pen-sized device that he claimed was a translation tool.


In one of my early childhood meetings with this being I asked him what his name was. After a short pause I mentally heard an unpronounceable jumble of sounds that resembled someone getting ready to hawk a loogie. The closest I could come up with for an equivalent in English is Renjeck, with the “r” being a deep guttural and the “ck” at the end being almost like a death rattle. In my experiences with Reptilians I’ve noticed that they are, at least by human standards, not very adept at nuanced communication. It seems that they have limited patience when it comes to getting their blunt messages across. Complex trains of thought that encompass variables and subtleties seem to be either outside their range of interest or perhaps beyond the limitations of their mental capabilities.




On the topic of gender, my sense was that Renjeck — and I admit that the accuracy of this name is questionable — was a male. There was no outward physiological indication of this designation in terms of genitalia, which probably would not be unexpected if the reproductive organs were retained within the cloacal opening. The tone of his telepathically relayed speech was, as I perceived it, a deep baritone. As a human I naturally connected this with a male. I don’t know if the modeling of the telepathic voice was something accomplished naturally by my handler or an affect achieved by means of technology. The latter is more probable in my opinion, particularly considering the association of Renjeck with the Grey military police and the level of sophistication of technology at their disposal. On one occasion Renjeck showed me a black rod with rounded ends, about 2 cm in diameter and some 15 cm long. He referred to this as a jack knife that had several applications. One of these dealt with translation and there was a hint that it also could be used as a weapon with various levels of effects on the target.




Another significant skill my reptilian handler possessed was the ability to apply a pulling force on a physical body. I suppose that this may fall under that category of telekinesis and was either the product of native aptitude or technological advantage, or perhaps a combination of the two. In my first encounter with this being I was literally pulled, slowly but forcefully, across the living room carpet toward him. In another meeting he pulled me toward him with what I thought felt like long, invisible rubber bands. There was an elastic quality to the pulling force and something like a game seemed to be employed to train me to come to him. in one other very memorable occasion he pulled me to him while I was in a small row boat out in Puget Sound. The only problem was that he was pulling the boat stern first! I was horrified that the transom of the boat would be torn off, which fortunately didn’t happen.




In some encounters I experienced involving this lizardman his arrival was by means of a glowing red sphere somewhere between 15cm to 20 cm in diameter. The edges of the sphere were fuzzy from the low level of radiant light that was emitted. In one case I was driving at night and a red ball of light showed up just outside the passenger side window of my van. After keeping pace with my vehicle for a few moments this glowing sphere passed through the closed window and in a blink of an eye somehow transformed into the body of Renjeck, who at that point was squeezed rather uncomfortably — tail and all — into the confined space available on the front seat of a 1973 VW camper van. In this experience I was at very close quarters with my handler, who commanded repeatedly that I should not look at him. This was probably good advice since I was driving on icy road conditions at the time and ogling a lizardman who just popped into the front of the car might have led to an accident. In other occurrences where Renjeck showed up first as a red orb there was a need for him to pass through a solid physical structure, such as a wall. This might indicate that this reptilian didn’t have the ability that many of the Grays that I have been abducted by displayed, namely to effortlessly pass through a solid pane of glass or even a wall. On the other side of the argument, the transformation from a physical body to an energetic, glowing orb was possibly a matter of expediencey and the need to both avoid beeing seen.


The presence of energetic glowing orbs is an element that has been a part of a few of my extraordinary encounters. To the extent that this subject may fit in with Renjeck’s ability to transform his physical body into a small glowing red orb, I’m giving some examples of these cases. In a 1977 abduction instigated by an albino “Draco” leader I was initially confronted by a blindingly bright orange sphere. In 1971 I was approached from a distance by two glowing orange spheres, one of which engulfed my body (the other took my friend) and transported me to a shuttle located a few hundred yards away in the woods. In this experience I felt very comfortable and detached from my physical body while inside the sphere and calmly observed our progress just as though I was looking out of a perfectly clear glass ball. This same general scenario has happened to me in other cases with Grays appearing in physical form and then by some magic or technological contrivance converting to a pearly, slightly glowing bubble about a meter in diameter. This type of orb slowly floated towards me — I should add that these orbs can also relocate instantaneously — and absorbed my body into its interior, just like the orange glowing ones mentioned above.


In these situations the orbs were used as devices for short range transport of a targeted individual with the least amount of resistance or upset. Once I had been moved to a destination — usually inside of a nearby shuttle craft — the bubble dissolved, so to speak, leaving me standing in complete amazement at the relocation process and having to deal with the situation at hand. In some other cases where I’ve seen orbs I wasn’t absorbed into their interior but was left outside gawking at them. In some of these experiences I was witnessing the transport and arrival of a being who had transposed into an energetic sphere. (Sad to say, in one incident this involved sanguinary vampire.)  Under other circumstances I had ejected from my physical body due to serious injury and was floating in some kind of OBE-like near-death state some twenty to thirty feet above ground. Thus I think that on some level there is very likely a correlation between the various floating orbs that I and others have witnessed and the dynamics associated with non-physical conscious existence. Clearly, the topic of energetic orbs is central to a ET-supernatural-afterlife discussion and much remains to be explored in this regard.




The “lizardman” wearing a black cape that he wrapped around himself at night to avoid being seen.  The shuttles he used were a standard type used by a variety of ETs. Black exterior hulls were used for night work and dull silver grey exteriors were used for day work.




In some encounters with my Reptilian handler I was able to not only see from the outside but also enter the small landing craft he had at his disposal. This is of a design that I have seen many types of ‘aliens’ use ranging from, believe it or not, Sasquatch to the Blue dwarfs and at least two other types of Saurian-Reptilian beings. It is a standard utility duty craft that I can only assume is mass produced and readily available on the ‘market’, so to speak, but apparently only if one isn’t a terrestrial human being farmed and shepherded under the restrictions imposed by the Gray military police. The general design of these craft is in the shape of a slender dome or bell cabin mounted on top of a round base. This basic configuration with a few variations has been reported by multiple witnesses around the world, and includes the well documented 1965 case from Kecksburg, PA.


I have seen these craft with a black, a dull silver and even a camoflauge hull exterior. At night the dull black hull virtually dissapears from sight, and similarly in daylight the dull silver hull makes an innocuous impression. The interior of this small vessels generally is devoid of seating and might be compared to the level of luxury that a commercial freight elevator displays. More information about these transport craft can be found here.


One of the devices that appears to have been indispensable to my reptilian handler was contained in a back pack that he often wore. I have seen a wide range of beings, including Grays and even human-looking individuals, use a nearly identical device, leading me to think that it is somewhat of a standard issue utensil applied in controlling human subjects. The outer case of the pack, which was approximately 33-36 cm square and about 7 cm thick, looked like it was made of aluminum or some other dull silver colored material with a smooth, dull finish. This was attached by a short cord to a wand that was about a half meter long with an diameter of near 2 cm. This set up was mounted on a shoulder harness with the rod shaped gun part clipped to a waist band for easy access. On several occasions I have seen this device used where the rod is aimed at a target with the effect of instantly causing them to become completely immobilized. It’s basically as though they had been turned into a statue, incapable of movement and vocalization.





The general appearance of a small pack worn on a shoulder harness and used to immobilize targeted individuals.


This device has actually been used on me a few times (not by my handler, that I recall) and although my body became totally ridged I was still fully conscious and able to see and hear what was happening around me. This is an extremely disconcerting state to be in due to the feeling of helplessness but it isn’t painful or even uncomfortable from a physical standpoint. In one incident I had occasion to pick up this type of back pack that Renjeck had left in my car, much to my astonishment and alarm. It was quite light, perhaps weighing only one quarter of a kilogram or less. I should probably add that this sort of equipment was used on me in an abduction case carried out by plastic-looking humans when I was a teenager with the results of both paralyzing my skeletal muscles and acting as a sort of tractor mechanism. The pulling aspect ranged between the elastic, rubber band type of force to a solid grab that resulted in my body skidding slowly but surely across the floor of a JC Penney store and even across the parking lot to a waiting van


On the more pedestrian level, there are some noteworthy characteristics of Renjeck’s style of running. From what I have observed, this lizardman didn’t engage in leisurely walks or casual, meditative strolls. When he decided to move it was accomplished in a quick and robust manner. This behaviour was probably due at least in part to his need to avoid being seen by witnesses but my impression is also that the sudden and speedy manner in which he moved was a product of his physiology and instinctive tendencies. On one occasion I got a good look at his ability to run, which was absolutely astounding. We needed to cross a large, empty parking lot to reach a nearby building, the Battelle Primate Research lab near the Pine Barrens in New Jersey. In his usual clipped communication Renjeck ordered, “Follow. Hurry! I was still getting out of my car while the lizardman had already run almost halfway across the lot. Sprinting to try to catch up with him, I saw that he was making huge leaps of nearly three meters, springing into the air close to a meter with each bound. I estimate that he traversed some 30 meters with less than a dozen of these spring-loaded leaps. In this process his entire body was leaning forward steeply, with arms reaching out in front as though he was clawing his way through space. These huge bounds while running were probably made possible at least in part by the extremely well developed thigh muscles Renjeck had, which is from what I’ve observed a characteristic that reptilians share in common. I’d say that Renjeck’s species — if that term applies — is built to run, and run fast.





The athletic sprinting ability of my reptilian handler contrasts sharply with what I’ve noticed about the albino “Draco” type of reptilian. In this case although their rather flabby thighs are well developed to an almost absurd degree, below the knee the legs look atrophied and the feet seem defective. This was particularly apparent in the case of the “Draco” I encountered in the Okeefenoke swamp in 1977, who had to be steadied by two reptilian attendants in order to walk. His feet seemed to be weak and mostly just dragged along the floor like flaps as this monster of a being pounded his way across the floor on his heels causing the building we were in to shudder with each step. I suppose that his feet weren’t completely useless however since he was able to stand in place unaided while haranguing me with his mostly undecipherable monologue and waving his hands in wild gesticulations presumably to help drive home his points. Additionally the two “Draco” type beings I had the displeasure of meeting in Tokyo in 1992 also displayed difficulty in walking. These albino reptilians had to raise their legs up considerably when walking just to prevent tripping over their own feet. This disability might have been amusing had it not been for the fact that at the time these bad boys were brandishing swords and not being shy about using them.





My reptilian handler had the capability to enter my mind and essentially take command of my body. This process ranged in degree, with a full takeover used only rarely, at least as far as I can remember. During these extreme events it seemed as though the point of reference of my conscious awareness had been pushed slightly backwards and that I was an observer rather than an operator of my body. This was a very strange and somewhat disconcerting but not particularly unpleasant sensation. It was as though there was another person who had entered my body who had somehow pushed “me” aside and taken over the controls while I was essentially just an observer who had been shoved to “back seat”, so to speak, of the physical vehicle of my body. In more moderate psychic intrusions my reptilian handler was something like a co-pilot of my body, with noticably clumsy results. One example of this awkwardness relates to my effort to talk to somebody while Renjeck was essentially forming the content of my speech — reptilians aren’t especially adept at casual conversation.


As I have briefly stated earlier in this report, I was subjected to a regimen of training, including being exposed to extreme, often times violent circumstances, including outright mental and physical torture. This training began when I was nine years old and came to a head, so to speak, with a closure type torture experience when I was eighteen years old. This training was, as best I can determine, under the purview of the Grays, who via their organizational hierarchy conduct what amounts to an operation of subcontracting various stages of recruiting and training of humans to serve their agenda. The “subcontractors” and/or spin-off alliances in this process constitute a wide spectrum of opportunistic types, not the least of which is the Faceless One, aka “Grim Reaper”, reported by many people in conjunction to extreme paranormal encounters. The upshot of this is that I was subjected to a curriculum of mind control with the intention and ultimate result of restructuring my psyche into partitions, whereby upon command one component responded to and served my reptilian handler without question, while the other component engaged in a life with free will, to the extent possible considering the circumstances.




The last time I saw Renjeck was on January 1, 1996. It was early in the AM hours when he silently came into my bedroom and ordered me to follow him. For some reason he insisted that I bring my eye glasses along. The lizardman was in a big hurry as usual but for some odd reason I wanted to stop before going out the back door to take my clothes out of the washing machine and put them into the dryer. After looking at me for a second with what I thought was a bewildered look, Renjeck gave me two clipped commands of “no” and “hurry”. We shuttled to a Gray disc craft that had a row of large viewing windows looking down onto the ocean. From our position, obviously many miles above the surface of the planet, the horizon displayed a noticeable curvature and thanks to having my glasses I could make out the extremely fine details of waves and white caps on the vast expanse of water spread out below us. All I could see was ocean, no land, and judging by the timing of the imminent sunrise (some six or seven hours ahead of pacific standard time, the time zone I came from) I surmised that we were perched above the Atlantic. A few Greys were in attendance along with Renjeck. As I stood near the window, amazed by the view, Renjeck came over to me and mentally told me to pay close attention. Apparently I was supposed to be a witness to an important event, a milestone in terms of the unfolding Gray agenda.


Just before the sun appeared above the horizon I saw some objects below us slowly move in from different directions. They were at the same altitude in a position miles below us but still high above the surface of the ocean. Steadily, more and more of a wide variety of craft arrived and formed a densely packed grouping. In just a few minutes there were hundreds of vehicles pressed together in a predetermined location over the Atlantic Ocean. This assemblage consisted of variously shaped vehicles, mostly rectangular boxcar freighters along with a few spheres and discs. The colors of these craft ranged from grey to black. After a span of a few minutes all of the vehicles had settled into their spots in what seemed to be an orderly manner, leaving a circular opening in the center of the pack. As I continued to watch this amazing event, the sun made its appearance above the horizon in a brilliant display of morning light. At that moment all of the craft below us dissapeared from sight. A fuller explanation of the importance of this event will be addressed in future postings.


Copyright 2012 Ken Bakeman reprinted with permission

See Ken’s new book here: The Verges:  A Chronicle of Alien Encounters, Book 1


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