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Will #Election2020 assure #ObamaCare is GONE? #Democrat victory will usher in #mediCAIDforall, while #GOP control in DC will bring #FreeMarket reforms!

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Will #Election2020 assure #ObamaCare is GONE? #Democrat victory will usher in #mediCAIDforall, while #GOP control in DC will bring #FreeMarket reforms!

As we told you all along, ObamaCare was meant to be a failure and just a stepping-stone (excuse to introduce) #mediCAIDforall full Government Control, elimination of all PRIVATE HealthCare Plans, mandated, scheme! Now, they no longer pretend it was not, most Democrat Candidates for USHouse or USSenate openly call for it (and even more HIDDEN TAXES than they stuffed into ObamaCare (on the Backs of the Poor and MiddleClass (while pretending their other OVERTLY OPEN TAX INCREASE scheme will be on only those above $400k (see related: /u-s-politics/2020/09/election2020-same-lies-different-day-as-the-who-song-says-wont-be-fooled-again-i-hope-you-wont-2580386.html)))…

In Order to Win #USHouse seats Last Election (#MidTerms2018) the Democrats told #LIES (see related: about what #GOP wanted to do regarding #ObamaCare (and, of course, much more, actually LIES about every GOP Policy)! #Republicans wanted to (still want to)  #REPEALANDREPLACE (with a Better Plan to improve Care/Coverage and REDUCE COSTS (unlike #ObamaCare FALSE PROMISES which raised everyone’s Rates) and still PROTECT PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS (PEC) coverage (and President Trump has attack Ads against him still on this topic, despite having already signed an Executive Order protecting PEC (see: NOT “KICK PEOPLE OFF THEIR PLANS” (like Democrats actually did to Millions with “If you like your Plan you can keep your Plan” #LIES of #ObamaCare*) but instead PROVIDE REAL “CHOICE” (you know, that thing Democrats pretend they care about “CHOICE”), better/more PRIVATE, FREE MARKET,  options!

Before we go any further, need to also point out more LIES and/or DISTORTIONS or THINGS THE LEFT LEAVES OUT (the pesky details they don’t want you to know about)…. People seem to have a HIGH OPINION of MEDICARE! Well, time you learn some #FACTS! I myself am on Medicare, I know the system well…. For those who do not know, not sure how you wouldn’t as endless MEDICARE ADVANTAGE SUPPLEMENTAL PLAN commercials remind you over and over — MEDICARE ONLY COVERS 80% OF ALL COSTS! PERIOD! The rest, that 20% IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY — OFTEN A VERY LARGE CO-PAY you are not factoring in regarding the overall discussion!

ALSO, again MEDICARE ONLY COVERS 80% — WHY DO YOU THINK THERE ARE ALWAYS SO MANY ADS FOR SUPPLEMENTALS OR “ADVANTAGE” PLANS?!?! That is so people can MANAGE and REDUCE that 20% unexpected OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS! The additional PRIVATE COVERAGE PLANS, that the FASCICRATS’ MEDICAIDFORALLSCAM WOULD ALSO ELIMINATE, have various options. Some of those Plans are ZERO ADDITIONAL COST but many enroll in Plans that DO HAVE ADDITIONAL UPFRONT COSTS (monthly billed, like any other Private Health Insurance Plan (and, again, FASCICRATS MEDICAIDFORALLSCAM would ELIMINATE ALL PRIVATE COVERAGE (again, including MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTAL/ADVANTAGE PLANS)))! These Plans STILL EVEN leave you with CO-PAYS, but far, far, far, less than the 20% NOT COVERED BY MEDICARE!

I, as author, do not just provide SPECULATION, I am myself (due to Health reasons, on Disability) am on MediCare. It is NOT all that it is cracked up to be OPTIONS/CHOICES ARE LIMITED!!! That is THE FACTS of the matter! I have indeed (Thanks to GWBush and GOP Congress having created FREE MARKET INCENTIVES) someone that does have a BlueCrossBlueShieldOfMichigan MediCareAdvantage PRIVATE PLAN SUPPLEMENT to MediCare, and thankfully (again, thanks to GWBush and GOP) HAVE MORE OPTIONS/CHOICES than just standard MediCare provides/allows by having that. But, again, the Democrats WANT TO ELIMINATE MY/OUR/YOUR ADDITIONAL OPTIONS/CHOICES available by/with this additional coverage with their MEDICAIDFORALLscam! Republicans want to EXPAND OPTIONS/CHOICES in HealthCare via FREE MARKET OPTIONS (just as WE did during GWBush days and promoting additional FREE MARKET OPTIONS/CHOICES (including the MediCare PART D DRUG PLANS and now again today FIGHT TO LOWER DRUG COSTS FURTHER (and as Trump has done as best possible within available confines of HHS authority and CAN AND WILL DO MORE if #GOPTakeBackHouse and keep #USSenate control in 2020 and again in 2022 (yes, it may take that long as DEMOCRATS CONTINUE TO SWEAR TO #RESIST any/all efforts that does NOT move USA closer to complete MEDICAIDFORALLscam full Government control of HealthCare and ultimately their FULL CONTROL OVER YOU)))! I had Cancer treatment in 2010 and w/o my BCBS Advantage I would have had to come up with $20,000 but since I had that additional PRIVATE COVERAGE my out-of-pocket was only $2,000.

Now that you KNOW, all the PESKY DETAILS the Fascicrats REFUSE TO TELL YOU about their COMPLETE GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF #HEALTHCARE AND THEREFORE COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOU SCHEME – let’s talk about more of the REALITY! #FACTSmatter! And here’s one other quick one EVERY SINGLE GOP #REPEALANDREPLACE PLAN, and there have been SIX OF THEM over the last 10 years, of #obaMAOcare has included continued mandated coverage for PreExistingConditions (#PEC)!! PERIOD!

This cycle (#Election2020 (for #Trump2020Landslide & #GOPTakeBackHouse)) #GOP need to TELL THE TRUTH about Democrats plans to go even further than #ObamaCare (which, as we warned you all along was just their first step toward complete Federalized Government Controlled/operated/dictated) AND DESTROY (make Illegal) ALL PRIVATE #HEALTHCARE PLANS (this time, 150 Million Americans WHO LIKE THEIR PLANS WILL NOT GET TO KEEP THEIR PLANS, and no-one will be allowed to keep ANY Privately held or CORPORATE PROVIDED #HealthCare Plans (MILLIONS WILL BE FORCED OFF THEIR EXISTING COVERAGE/PLANS)) under a #mediCAIDforall scheme! Here in Michigan, none sum up the Democrat lurch Left than Gary Peters (D USSenate)(see related, /tea-party/2019/06/while-trump-tries-to-lessen-federal-government-meddling-garypeters-democrat-michigan-tries-to-expand-fed-meddling-even-more-2626068.html, and /tea-party/2019/01/michigan-garypeters-is-far-more-beatable-for-ussenate-in-2020-than-was-debbiestabenow-in-midterms2018-2619288.html), Rashida Tlaib**, Elissa Slotkin, and Haley Stevens, and we must replace them with JOHN JAMES, DAVE DUDENHOEFER, PAUL JUNGE, and ERIC ESSHAKI, respectively! Everyone else reading this, of course, has their own list of Fascicrats horrors needing immediate ousting!



I myself have HEALTH ISSUES and therefore would NEVER support any Candidate(s) and/or Plans that would strip PREEXISTING CONDITION COVERAGE (which most States’ had already mandated at the State level, long before ObamaCare, including Michigan) nor will I ever support a full Govt controlled Socialized Medicine (with the lines, rationing, etc, FAILURE we’ve seen everywhere else that has one)!



#Fascicrats (NOT HYPERBOLE – see related: (full Govt control Socialized Medicine was part of NSDAP Platform too (and that is NOT only similarity 25 NSDAP Platform planks of the 30′s exist in today’s DNC Platform))) now openly fully push Cuba style full Govt run/mandated Socialized Medicine (see Dinesh D’Souza’s latest movie #TrumpCard ( putting the LIE to Mikey Moore-on’s SICKO film, as well as many other Fascicrats’ false-narratives)!

[Image above: LABOR! Anything that requires the Labor of others is NOT A RIGHT! To dictate one must work for the benefit of others is SLAVERY (yes, even if somewhate compensated (regulated wages is Socialist dictate NOT FREE MARKET as we as a Nation were founded on))]
[notice: B4IN ARCHIVES all articles after one year, so all related images one year after this Articles initial posting will have been stripped and therefore potentially some much needed context and/or related thoughts that were conveyed by the image(s) (something B4IN does to articles after 1 year of age to save space on Archive Server)]

We can see the Fascicrats elevating this issue (ATTACKS ON ALL GOP) via the Amy Coney Barrett SCOTUS nominee Fight (see related: in that she is the “mechanism” by which we will now be able to DESTROY ObamaCare via the Courts! NOT SO, I, we, are confident that people are no longer going to buy-into the LIES of the Left (you’ve told them over and over), and ask, USCITIZENS to provide President Trump re-election, help GOP retain control of the USSenate (and even grow our Majority by electing John James in MI), and #GOPTakeBackHouse, which we then will properly #REPEALANDREPLACE ObamaCare legistlatively with (again, any new Plan(s)) protecting pre-existing conditions, PUTTING AMERICA AND AMERICANS FIRST, providing REAL COST RELIEF, REAL/MORE FREE MARKET CHOICES, LOWERING PRESCRIPTION DRUG COSTS, NOT FORCING YOU TO PAY TO COVER ILLEGALS (providing another WELFARE MAGNET incentive for more to invade USA (see related: /immigration/2019/01/president-trump-oval-office-address-on-bordercrisis-dem-response-what-crisis-see-no-evil-hear-no-evil-speak-no-evil-2459396.html and /immigration/2019/01/president-trump-2nd-address-on-bordercrisis-2459481.html)), ETC….

NOW is the time to join with Republicans and #WalkAwayFromDemocratLIES, #WalkAwayFromDemocratDIVISION, #WalkAwayFromDemocratIDENTITYPOLITICS / #RACEBAITING, and DEAL WITH POLICY ISSUES (see related: /u-s-politics/2020/08/brandonstraka-walkaway-candiceowens-blexit-2020-and-beyond-can-they-do-what-the-teaparty-did-not-long-term-shifts-2580289.html)!


But, hey, Mikey Moore-on says CUBA has THE BEST HEALTH CARE in all the word (in his movie: SICKO)! Now let’s look at REALITY rather than Moore’s propaganda:

OK, unfair perhaps, anyone with a functional Brain knows Moore is a Socialist apologist stooge propagandist. How about that FANTASTIC Care in Canada (even though those of us in Detroit area know better, as Canadians FLOCK across the border with CASH IN HAND for Care in USA, cuz they don’t want to, or really cannot, WAIT for years for even basic Care in Canada that they can get in USA) Steven Crowder was originally from Canada, so he went back to CHECK IT OUT (yes, granted, this is around 2009 (best available for those who’d rather watch than read), but please spare us the “it must have gotten better” lame dodge, here’s a 2019 on the same topic :


* My REDSTATE Articles on #ObamaCare #LIES @ the time (it was designed to be #EpicFail, all a step-stone 4 #mediCAIDforall (#Dependency & #Control))
> TownHall propaganda refuted:

> TownHalls continued:
> TownHalls v3:

> ObamaCare Mandate:
The Contraception Deception:

[Image above: The folks behind the FAR LEFT DEMOCRAT SURGE Candidates elections (image archive link: and now they clearly control their Party]


+ While #Trump tries to lessen #Federal #Government meddling, #GaryPeters (#Democrat #Michigan) tries to EXPAND FED MEDDLING EVEN MORE: /tea-party/2019/06/while-trump-tries-to-lessen-federal-government-meddling-garypeters-democrat-michigan-tries-to-expand-fed-meddling-even-more-2626068.html
+ #Michigan: #GaryPeters is far more beatable for #USSenate in 2020 than was #DebbieStabenow in #MidTerms2018: /tea-party/2019/01/michigan-garypeters-is-far-more-beatable-for-ussenate-in-2020-than-was-debbiestabenow-in-midterms2018-2619288.html
+ The Facebook THANKS ALOT GARY, NOT group:
+ The Key to winning State-wide #Elections in #Michigan (#FACTS, #DATA, #GOP ignores at its own peril): /u-s-politics/2019/05/the-key-to-winning-state-wide-elections-in-michigan-facts-data-gop-ignores-at-its-own-peril-2576573.html
+ Trump signs executive order to preserve coverage of preexisting conditions! Says he will offer better options, slams “socialist takeover” from rivals:
+ Same Lies, Different Election: /u-s-politics/2020/09/election2020-same-lies-different-day-as-the-who-song-says-wont-be-fooled-again-i-hope-you-wont-2580386.html
+ Wuhan Virus:
+ Due to LOCKDOWN and Virus media PANIC stories, Suicide is up (they don’t want you to hear that narrative): WAAM MomentOfClarity TEEN SUICIDE PREVENTION SHOW (100519,AUDIO)
+ Abortion is NOT HealthCare, Pregnancy is NOT a Disease: /the-law/2018/07/the-shaky-ground-roevwade-that-the-abortion-structure-wasis-built-upon-destroying-the-lefts-false-narratives-2457918.html
+ Excuse me if I’m Incredulous:  
+ Dealing with the Politically BRAIN DEAD:
+ The Democrat Climate Hustle:
+ #RINOsForBiden:
+ Whether or NOT #KanyeForPresident2020 is serious or NOT, it’s driving the Left crazy:
+ #WalkAway and #BLEXIT movement (greatly reducing the stranglehold Dems had on the Black Vote of past):
+ Just like 2016, they’re fudging the Polling (to try to prop up Biden):
+ Dinesh D’Souza’s latest movie #TrumpCard:
+ Who are today’s #NAZI’s?
No, seriously, NOT #hyperbole #MANURE like #ANTIFA / #Dems spew, but how about an HONEST/REAL/DETAILED ANALYSIS of such? The US #Fascicrats… see: /v3/politics/2018/3009680.html
+ Border Crisis (still exists) – see: /immigration/2019/01/president-trump-oval-office-address-on-bordercrisis-dem-response-what-crisis-see-no-evil-hear-no-evil-speak-no-evil-2459396.html and /immigration/2019/01/president-trump-2nd-address-on-bordercrisis-2459481.html
+ RBG death, the open #SCOTUS seat and the 2020 Election – /the-law/2020/09/breaking-news-scotus-justice-ruth-bader-ginsberg-has-died-at-age-87-2458419.html
+ #WalkAwayFromDemocratLIES, #WalkAwayFromDemocratDIVISION, #WalkAwayFromDemocratIDENTITYPOLITICS / #RACEBAITING, and DEAL WITH POLICY ISSUES – see: /u-s-politics/2020/08/brandonstraka-walkaway-candiceowens-blexit-2020-and-beyond-can-they-do-what-the-teaparty-did-not-long-term-shifts-2580289.html
+ ObamaCare TownHall propaganda refuted:
+ ObamaCare TownHalls continued:
+ ObamaCare TownHalls v3:
+ ObamaCare TownHalls v4:
+ ObamaCare Mandate:
The Contraception Deception:


Gary Wellings and #TheDrift Radio Show (formerly on WAAM Talk 1600 Radio (Ann Arbor, MI) on Sat’s 13:00 (now (Gary’s former co-host) Ed Bonderenka’s YourAmericanHeritage Show timeslot)) is now #TheDrift #Podcast!

Mar 31 2020 podcast via:

We discussed: #Whitmer and #WuhanVirus (even as the numbers/statistics/discoveries shift seemingly daily) Policy/Politics in #Michigan as a whole. #HydroxyChloroquine saving Lives. #Michigans 8th (#ElissaSlotkin / #MikeDetmer), 11th (#HaleyStevens / #WhittneyWilliams or #KerryBentivolio for #GOP), 12th (#debbiedENGEL / #JeffJones), and 13th (#RashidaTlaib / #AlLemmo or #DaveDudenhoefer for #GOP) District Politics. #TrumpDerangementSyndrome (#PrinciplesNotPersonalities) as well as #Trump prospects in #MI in 2020 (and by extension chances of #JohnJames for #USSenate from #Mich)! #Democrat nominee for 2020 (#Whitless VP? pivot to Cuomo?). #AngerManagement (sorta, LOL – like taught in #StarTrek5 our Past makes us who we are today). The broader scope of #China, #WuhanVirus, #Trade, etc… Can we trust the #WuhanVirus numbers? #ThomasMassie (#KY) and #RuleOfLaw / #CONSTITUTIONAL principles and potential dangerous precedents (need to amend #NationalEmergencyAct). #Suicide rising in the Time of #WuhanVirusLOCKDOWNS (Please Call/Skype Friends, Family, Neighbors, be sure their #MentalHealth (they may be reluctant to discuss but you could SAVE A LIFE) is GOOD as well as their #PhysicalHealth). MORE!

related items with THE DRIFT podcast discussions:
* some of these items regarding #WuhanVirus needed to have truncated discussion to fit a 1hr podcast, but I go much more in-depth in my Article on the subject at:
All #WuhanVirus (aka: #COVID19) details, #FACTS NOT #eneMEDIA #FakeNews #SPIN: /health/2020/03/wuhanvirus-aka-covid19-coronavirus-all-the-details-minus-the-panic-full-details-not-twitter-snippet-spin-posts-3014541.html
* #TheDrift #SuicidePrevention Show – WAAM DRIFT – #SUICIDE PREVENTION SHOW (060918,AUDIO) –
* My #ToiletPaper story (#AMomentOfLevity) we never got back around to:
* The whole story behind me being 1 of #TheMighty200 targeted by #Politico (& #HillaryClinton) on Twitter in 2016 (the start of the #RussianBots / #RussianCollusion #FalseNarratives): /u-s-politics/2020/04/politico-targeted-me-jlenarddetroit-other-conservatives-on-twitter-the-russianbots-russianhoax-falsenarratives-origins-2016-2579963.html
* #Michigan #OperationGridlock:  
* More MI #OperationGridlock: /alternative/2020/04/the-sleeping-giant-has-awakened-today-michigan-tomorrow-the-whole-nation-protests-across-america-3720598.html
* Lansing MI Protest Thu May 14 2020:
* Operations Haircut May 20 –
* The #EdBonderenka “Excuse me if I’m Incredulous” piece I thought we discussed during the podcast but it appears was only part of our pre or post Show discussion that I want to bring peoples’ attention to:  


see: Leftists’ Religion is really GOVERNMENT – their motto: Separation FROM Church TO State…
see too its companion (followup) piece:



Early KEY STATES (East coast) to Watch!

There have been ISSUES in these key Eastern States that could provide early bellweather to the night....

#ME (If #Collins WINS, bodes VERY WELL for #REDWAVE up/down ballot all across #USA) as long as #NC (#Tillis was in trouble), #SC (nearly 1/4 BILLION spent by #Fascicrats to unseat Lindsey #Graham), #GA (if State does GO BLUE, there will be trouble, but if it stays RED (especially by a LARGE MARGIN) then CALL EVERYONE YOU KNOW WEST OF MS to be sure they still #GOTV for #GOP up/down ballot for #REDWAVE (if they let off the Gas, we could still lose #USHouse and/or #USSenate)) and of course #FL (we need the potential massive #BLEXIT and #Lexit shifts to show themselves in #MIAMIDADE to make it clear FL will go RED and CAN BE CALLED EARLY)! IF THOSE GO BAD/BLUE, #Trump could still pull out a WIN (but will be uphill climb, and likely to not have either #USCongress body to help for his entire 2nd term)!

Then, #MI, #OH, #PA.... These are still going to BE CLOSE, likely too close to call as early as we'd like!

As we move West: #AZ (must save #McSally #USSenate seat), #NV, #CO (must save #Gardner #USSenate seat)

and if all that demonstrates #REDWAVE AWASHING #USA, we have real shot at reclaiming #CA #USHouse seats lost in #MidTerms2018 which would assure #GOPSWEEP #Election2020 sweep!!! ]


[Sat Nov 21 update:]











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    • JLenardDetroit

      DEBATE FARCE! When you have a Moderator CLEARLY trying to aid the FASCICRATS lines again (every question, steeped in FASCICRAT SPIN and Talking Point false narratives):

      #democratLIESmatter #enemediaSPINmatters

      WALLACE introduced the STAND DOWN term

      #CHARLOTTESVILLE #LIES all again

      If u r unable 2 LISTEN, perhaps u should READ TRANSCRIPT! Twice in Charlottesville speech CONDEMNED #WHITESUPREMACISTS & #NAZI’s, & same w/ #Wallace’s Q “sure, I would do that” TWICE

      Wallace, desperate to help peddle #FASCICRATS’ narrative, spoke over those responses and kept trying to reenforce #FALSENARRATIVES!

      Wallace, over and over tried to keep Trump from answering questions and providing FACTS, was soft on Biden and in fact one question Wallace answered for Biden (pushed Trump, every question, let Biden SKATE on every LIE or COMPLETE REFUSAL TO ANSWER A QUESTION)!

    • JLenardDetroit

      #Biden can LIE all he like, his BASE knows he’s lying to get elected.. #JoeBiden absolutely supports #mediCAIDforall & #GreenNewDeal SCAMS/SCHEMES, Court Packing (tells base YES, Publicly DODGES question), etc
      #LIES to try & sucker #LOWINFO #Voters

    • JLenardDetroit

      #Biden 2.0, same #JoeBiden
      #DementiaJoe cont’s #PLAGIARISM ways
      Declares he’s the #BUYAMERICAN guy (after yrs exporting #USCitizens #Jobs to #China (copying #Trump #AMERICAFIRST))
      Calls #GreenNewDeal #BidenPlan
      #mediCAIDforall as “expanding #obaMAOcare”

    • JLenardDetroit


      All on #ENEMEdia saying THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT to have any more Debates like that

      If they thought, in any way shape or form, #BidenWonDebate, theyd BEG FOR 5 MORE #DEBATES JUST LIkE IT they’d think #DementiaJoe would Win also. They know damn well, #TrumpWonDebate! must put #HidinBiden back in basement! Their reactions and endless attempts and need to SPIN THE DEBATE tells you all you need to know! If Biden won, they’d only need to show clips of Joe doing the GREAT THINGS that won him the Debate (they can’t do that, all they can do is ATTACK TRUMP and try to SPIN UP his negatives)!

    • JLenardDetroit

      #HidinBiden crew dancing with Joy #Trump got #WuhanVirus
      they can now in conjunction with their #ENEMEdia accomplices
      keep focus on #WuhanVirus, their #FalseNarratives (and outright #LIES about what #POTUS has and has not done regarding it), and avoid any/all focus/discussion of #DementiaJoe’s #POLICY that would be #DANGEROUS for #USA!

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