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Juan O' Savin & Gene Decode Interview with Nicholas Veniamin! - Must Video

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    • HawkBowler

      When listening to Juan O Savin, it’s important to realize that he is controlling all aspects of our American experience. So when he’s talking about what’s happening with Biden he’s talking about his decisions on the left, and when he talks about Trump and MAGA, he’s talking about his decisions made on the right.

      We have to expand our thinking of the devil. He’s not a one-sided coin. He develops both the good and the bad and keeps top end control over both. Examples on the good side… Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King… Joel Osteen? (please say it isn’t so Joel)

      • HawkBowler

        Nick: Gene, you believe Trump will be back by September, why?

        I have the ability to see timelines and the choices that affect those timelines. The other thing, I’m looking at what has to happen within the country like vaccines.

        Q: How bout you Juan?

        I don’t want to talk about the timeline. By April 1st, I said that…

        There’s going to be an economic crisis, but we don’t want Trump to carry that baggage.

        A military crisis involving some kind of event… the reason that has to happen.. from a globalist standpoint, cuz nuclear command and control has not been relinquineshed to the Biden camp. A different… upper strata… beyond flag officers… that nuclear and beyond strata did not go to Biden… and was retained by the command structure pending review of election.

        EO from Trump, 9/12/2018 applied to looking forward to any foreign interference in the election and report back to President and agency heads, 45 days… Dec 18, 2020, DNI unable to submit report due to differing opinions of the report.

        Continued to stall for 33 days

        Up til Jan 20, like an executioner ready to pull the switch, there were opportunities, the executive side to take action… stop the handover of power for various reasons… here’s where that seperate strata comes in.. the commander and chief is in command of all stratas but that… that’s where the football comes in… so that Generals in isolated locations, monitoring by satellite… then the Generals that are in…

        • HawkBowler

          then the Generals that are in secure locations like Chian Mountain, they do anal verification, within 3-5 minutes.. they determine legitimacy… and then they communicate with the football… supposed to be just within a few feet of the president…

          Now this is important… Under President Clinton, we changed our response.. we used to just launch on notice, mutual assured destruction, but under Clinton we want to absorb… we had enough to absorb an initial attack. We didn’t want somebody to fake us out and we kill the wrong enemy.

          3/11/68 launch on Pearl Harbor, Clementine project, missile exploded in tube. Russian sub.. long story

          One of Lucy’s talents is getting man to do the stupid with a perfectly rational explanation for being stupid.

          Juan O Savin’s reasoning behind allowing an initial nuke strike is insane. He has no concern for the lives of other people, so it’s laughable to think that he really believes that this is a good move.

          The person in charge of the football does not agree that Biden won the election.

          El Diablo has the drone Dems, the drone media, and… the drone MAGA crowd.

          Who has the ball? Who wants the ball? What does it mean to advance the ball?

          The Jan 20 order… if civil unable it becomes military… we’re not bannana republic, Generals don’t go off half cocked…

          End of 45 days, March 6.. they then have five services, each one has a day to present findings… bringing us to March 11. They did not have any legal…

          • HawkBowler

            “They did not have any legal obligation or right to make information public… information on the public is the same as an invasion on the public… it is an attack, act of war to interfere with the election. This is the same as missiles launched off shore. Bomb assessment must be done. But under attack, there’s no reason to tell the public, nor military protocol, no requirement to install commander and chief back into the presidency.

            The relevance, we may think what’s going on but we don’t due to code of silence. Next, while working through the process to capture the enemy and retake the hill and recapture the country… how long will it take?

            We are still awaiting the economic crisis.

            The military crisis, just like Pelosi tried… to put it congress. Completely blocked. That’s why we have an executive commander and chief. Now if you have a crisis at a global level, they want to create a crisis to where Joe Biden or the Congress has the control to stop some bad result.

            “I am looking for a hand of god moment.”

            “The medes and the persians came up with a way to create a damning project for the systems under the walls of Babylon. This set up the attack. While this is happening, on this exact date, huge party, they wanted to do this offense to god by bringing in all the godly artifacts to use in their porno party. My personal belief, hand of god moment. He himself surprises everyone. ”

            I disagree with 107 here… what makes him so sure that God put…

            • HawkBowler

              I disagree with 107 here… what makes him so sure that God put the handwriting on the wall? Think about it… who is called to interpret the writing the wall… the only guy who can, Daniel.

              The bad guys are not the only cunning ones.

              Surprised Lucy?

            • HawkBowler

              Hey… NebukanaGEEZER
              here’s what happened…

              Focus now cuz you’re swirling Lucy

              The Persians were some arrogant mother truckers. Egomaniacs. They had plenty of spoil and plunder across the world, but no, they wanted what the Hebrew tribe had… a direct connection with God.

              The Nimrods of the world always believe that they can club genius over the head with a rock and claim it as their own. And that’s what the Persians did, they sacked the heart of Israel and stole the holy artifacts. Not without notice… and not without planned recourse…

              Juan O Savin is right, it was a porno denigrate party on the holy of holies. Then came the fiery writing on the wall…

              Then came Daniel cuz he was always the guy they turned to when they didn’t know what the f^ck was going on.

              So they ask Daniel, “Holy sh*t, what does that writing on the wall say?”

              Daniel tells them that they are wise to ask. They TOTALLY pissed off god. But…. but… it is not God exactly that’s coming to get them… no an army is waiting outside ready for Daniel to deliver the bad news.

              The writing is on the wall Lucy

            • Hey Cut & Paste,
              What the F**K Happened 2 the Book Deal(?)-U and Anus Really Should Get Together—U Seem 2 Share A Common Trait—
              ~~Ass Wipe~~

            • HawkBowler

              Gene: “A pivotal move will happen, but first 80% of people need to be in service to God.”

              Juan: “A hand of god moment is still to come. We need to be in a place of blessing, and if we can’t raise a finger to help the children… they’re crying out to God for help… they are crying for help from us. Those people who correct this problem of slavery and evil are doing the will of God.”

              Both Juan and Gene called for consensus in this video. There is a mental consciousness reading that needs to be met in order for the public to awaken. We must still have some veils, some cloaks over the true reality, secrets kept.

              Once the public awakens to the horrific nature of the global pedocracy that has ruled the world for ages, a consensus will not be difficult. All of the vampires must die and they must die now.

              Juan and Gene also talk about a different kind of consensus, a spiritual one, like the agreement that was obtained by Abraham and his tribe. Those people entered a special condition of living known as the Arvut, where each agrees to cover the others back while also making sure everyone’s needs are met. Once Abraham’s people showed that they could live in mutual guarantee, they received the Torah and wisdom from God.

              What happened during Abraham’s era that Juan keeps talking about? Babylon and the great tower. What was going on with those crazy people who thought they could reach heaven on their own? Even more baffling, why do the evil ones believe that…

            • HawkBowler

              why do the evil ones believe that they almost did it? That’s right… many of them think that God smote the tower and confused the languages cuz… he was scared. Well, maybe in the sense that he was scared that the entire world would work on this never ending tower to nowhere.

              The tower of Babel is the kind of hand of God moment that Juan is talking about. When does the big guy rain down fire from above? When does the Deus Ex Machina happen for real? The Creator does show himself, after all, like the fire column that led Moses or like in 1917 when he decided to make the sun dance around the sky in Fatima, Portugal. That hand of God moment ended the war.

              Humanity is just now beginning to lift it’s head from the beastly crib and see exactly who it is and how it has been developped. The picture is ugly and gruesome, at least 10 million children a year harvested for torture and blood, fed to a global pedocracy bent on Satanic conquest of all of humanity.

      • Katherine

        All of humanity has been born into this Antichrist beast system.  This beast system is now and always has been in the business of programming each and every one of us on how to “view” and then to believe Satan’s “point of view” instead of  [[  knowing ]]  God Almighty’s Truth and Reality!

        Fear is the at the apex of the beast system’s PSYOP on the control of everything ! 

        We are definitely able to rid ourselves, forever, of the ungodly “FEAR”, deliberately created through a myriad of “FEAR PSYOPS” carried out by none other than this world’s Nazi Style Serial Killing Pedophile Death Cult.

        These are the people many trust so much that they have placed them in positions of “trust and power”.

        This Antichrist beast system and it’s psyop system, will prove to be pointless, futile, ineffectual, impotent, fruitless, and at the “end of the day” completely unsuccessful.

        It is completely up to you what you choose to do.


      • Freeus

        Spicy Purbachal and now two others are hijacking everyone’s videos and putting them on you tube I have seen 5 different popular names BEWARE unless you allow sharing?? But if your own YT their taking your viewers and if your not they are. When you go to their name it is all Chinese writing. WTF?

    • Syrin

      So the time line keeps moving later and later and later. Then it will be 2022, then it will be 2023. Juan is an IDIOT to say it must be 80%, NO ONE has EVER had 80% approval, not even close. What Juan is saying is the military will NEVER act. How long did it take for the US to act of the REAL Pearl Harbor attack? A FUCKING YEAR?!?!? The military has betrayed us completely. The other STUPID thing about this is the assumption there will be an America left to save. How much damage must we suffer for the sin of voting for Trump in record numbers? How many people will die from vaccines? When they mandate vaccines, there will be a civil war, and who gives a shit of there is one? We need to PURGE this country of the cancer that is liberalism which is DESTROYING the country with the BLESSING of Trump and the treasonous military. This will be fixed by patriots who will rise up and take what was stolen back. The military can GO FUCK THEMSELVES! OATHBREAKERS too busy wearing gay pride flags. FUCK YOU TRAITORS. How many businesses will close with Trump and the military smiling away as people’s lives are RUINED while they let the criminals commit crimes for a FUCKING YEAR or MORE! FUCK YOU MILITARY, and FUCK YOU TRUMP! We DID OUR JOB AND VOTED FOR YOU NOW FUCKING DO YOUR JOB ASSHOLE!

      • ~~(I’m sorry, just can’t seem to help myself)…

        ~~So sorry thing’s aren’t moving fast enough for “U”
        Siren—U‘re only sounding like a putts REPEATING—
        AD NAUSEAM— the same little imitation speeches that
        You’ve read elsewhere.
        ~~Do any sort of MIL. Time(?)
        I’d like to hear your repeat performance, so I can see
        Just how Sincere “U” really R…….

        ~~Being frustrated is One thing, True faith has a way comfort AND show signs if “U” look AND listen hard
        Enough. Plenty of soul searching to go around-(may-B
        That’s part of the plan(?))

        ~~So “siren”, before (1) jumps 2 conclusions, we’ll all
        See who’s sincere and who isn’t.


        • HawkBowler

          We’re all listening song bird
          “True faith is comfort”
          I agree, so what, discard the comfy
          Soul searching is nonsense
          Ego searching, now that’s something
          Law of One
          U were right about me…
          I am a little bike rider..
          “Da dana na na Da dana na na
          I’ll get U might pretty!”

          • ~~I guess the meaning “STALL TACTIC” just Evades U and the other cluster f**k Bunch Who really R that stupid or just like to hear themselves type. I guess—-
            All this talk of “ALMOST THERE” Is just going to Go-On-&-On-&-On—for What—(?)
            Ever & Ever(?), or May-B there R other Fields at work(?)(?)(?)—
            Patience is (🗝)—to get things Right——
            May-B U might B able 2 Write a Book Duche Boy about how Old and Stupid U really R——
            Your Future might Depend on it-

    • allendaves

      #2 SECOND COMING Thou Fool! “I come quickly” so “Hold fast till i come”… NOT …“in another 2000 yrs I might be coming soon any time now, so hold fast”!?! …those that deny the second coming of Christ in the war of AD70 are practicing a damnable heresy in denying the lord that bought them ( 2Peter 2:1-2 ;2Tim 4:8/ you cant love an appearing you deny& the context is the 2nd coming not the first)… Mat 7:23..”I NEVER KNEW YOU” …..Mat 10:33. But whosoever shall deny me before men……..sound familiar?…. If I said I am coming to your house in this generation when these things happen but no one knows the day or hour what fool would think I might be coming in 2000 years latter!?!? ..2 Tim 4: 4. And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be TURNED UNTO FABLES. 2Thess 2: 11. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12. That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. DOWNLOAD FREE THE ENTIRE 480PG BOOK AT SEVERAL LOCATIONS or Revelation The First Gospel of The Kingdom or 


      #3 Predestination….its true..its all true…download here Most true Christians go to hell

      #4 Water babtisim?  HTTPS://WWW.SCRIBD.COM/DOCUMENT/326686356/THIEF-CROSS-3D

    • Syrin

      Juan: It was a military attack, an act of war, but the military is going to sit on their fucking ASSES waiting for approval polls to act. I love the concept that we were attacked by an act that is considered an act of war, and the military waits a YEAR to respond. God forbid China invades us, and the military waits a FUCKING YEAR for an opinion poll to DO THEOR DAMN DUTY. TRAITORS, every last one of them. No one explains WHY we “NEED” 80% approval for the military to PROTECT THE DAMN COUNTRY!

      • Valentine

        Juan O is a bag of wind. One possibility here is that he really doesn’t know much at all but likes having people think he does. I decided a while back to tune the guy out. As for the military and Trump and how many people have died and will die, I tend to agree with you. Juan did say at least one truth and that is we can’t fix all this by ordinary means, it requires a military approach. If it is not done soon, we will have to deal with mandatory vaxxes, power outages, food shortages, etc. It seems the regular citizen is pretty low on the totem poll in this planet/cosmic conflict. We humans may need to save ourselves and that will be without the help of the brain washed vaxxed crowd.

    • Newsanno

      I am surprised the comments are not disabled, seriously folks anybody who listens to this idiot fraud 07 & hustler friend NDA Charlie ward better understand its entertainment these idiots wouldn’t be trusted with pin code

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Spoiler alert:
      Scooby Doo will pull the mask off Biden and ONLY THEN will we know that its been a movie. Then the CCP will say, “I woo-han have gotten way wiff it if it woo-han have been fo you dawn digital solders”! (this will be the end of the EBS broadcast show)

      • ~~Officially—Fuck You


    • Banter U Bri


      God: “This is My nation and I will change things according to the time and season”:

      Spring 2021 (MAR 20 – JUNE 19):
      -Reveal and expose evil things that are hidden.
      -Setting up for the next election (New Congressional and Presidential elections within 120 days of Nesara’s announcement – in the fall…).

      Summer 2021 (JUNE 20 – SEPT 21):
      -Hurricanes and tornados (The Storm…).
      -Tumultuous rendering (Among the people). The earth trembles/shakes (D.U.M.B.s blown up?).
      -God seems quiet, but is waiting.
      -Uncovering of great evil.
      -Strange July, strange July…
      -Two presidents – one is double minded.
      -Two terror organizations (dark powers) rage, then pierced.

      Fall 2021 (SEPT 22 – DEC 20):
      -Pandemonium! Pandemonium in the White House! (2020 winter – election and human trafficking rescue under the White House), but look to the fall…
      -Many will fall in the fall (Vaccinated?, Black hats?).
      -Summer tremors so that the fall can do its work in America.
      -In the fall, many will fall and many will rise from the dust.
      -In the fall, things are shaken and rebuilding happens, release of resources (New election, DEATH TO DEBT!, …time of Jubilee/debt forgiveness, QFS, RV, NESARA/GESARA).
      -Trump is revealed as President – “My chosen David”.
      -Hypnotic November…

      Winter 2021-2022 (DEC 21 – MAR 19):
      -Christmas! I will make them happy!
      -“…believe Me, that I can clear the debt, and I can cause you to be free. To dance again, and to give. And to rejoice in the Lord who made you.”
      -A new era of energy. A new energy is coming! (Spiritual? Physical? Or both?!)

      • ~~Lets 👀~~

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