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Time for NEW GOP LEADERSHIP... WITH SOME FIGHT and IMAGINATION… and update on Biden's illegal and UnConstitutional Leftist "Student Debt Relief" program and the opportunity it provides the Right......

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[Joseph M. Lenard (Historical Fiction book) TERROR STRIKES: | |
and current events really make several sub-theme chapters there-in ever-more relevant
NOT just about foreign Terrorists, but America Hater FASCICRATS destroying us from within]

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Idiot RINO Kevin McCarthy is now running around saying WE WON THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE this cycle, Republicans got 6 million more Votes than FASCICRATS Nationwide overall, so it really was a great #RedWave. So, is idiot McCarthy now joining with the #FASCICRATS and their #NationalPopularVote to eliminate the #ElectoralCollege bandwagon?? What an idiot, the NATL POPULAR #VOTE is irrelevant ANY #ELECTION, it determines NOTHING. What matters are District by District in MidTerms, and State by State for #POTUS cycles – NEVER, EVER, The #NPV. Only an unprincipled moron desperate for #SPIN would cite such.

We need NEW GOP LEADERSHIP, not Country Club RINO types like McCarthy and McConnell (and thankfully Rubio has grown some balls and calling for new USSenate Leadership versus the McConnell types) more interested in playing games (which too often means cozying up to the Swamp) and folks with IMAGINATION to turn shit back on FASCICRATS and continue the migration of Working Class Blacks and Hispanics that Trump started with IMAGINATIVE SOLUTIONS that can and will speak to ALL THINKING PEOPLE…

Turn the Tables on the FASCICRATS and their handouts at Average US Citizens’’ Taxpaying expense…

A Judge, FINALLY, and properly, STRUCK DOWN Bidens ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITIONAL “Student Debt Relief Program” Executive Order for bypassing the properly and duly election USHouse where ALL SPENDING PROGRAMS must originate… In such, there is an opportunity….

PUNISH THE LEFT, including those University Liberal Elites…

Here’s a thought for #GOP led (still pending, if enough Left cheating prevents it) #USHouse 1st Bill… Hear me out…

Legal (not illegal Executive Order) STUDENT DEBT RELIEF ACT Bill to provide Student Debt Relief PAID FOR BY A ONE TIME WEALTH TAX* OF UNIVERSITY ENDOWMENTS since it was/is fault of the Universities they have that Debt (NOT Biden’s shifting of Debt to be paid by those who did not attend College via confiscating and redirecting the Waitress/Waiter, plumber, truck-driver, etc’s Taxes). ALSO, in the Bill, requirement all Tuition’s be SLASHED by 10% and CAPPED (Left loves price controls) at no more than #CPI or 5% (whichever LESS). Dare #USSenate Dems to Block or #Biden to #Veto to prove they care more about UNIVERSITY ADMIN AND PROFESSOR ELITES than the Students and the Taxpayers this would protect!! Add a return to Privatization of Student Loan Program (before Obama Federalized it).

* How could the Left OPPOSE what they’ve been clamoring for the last couple decades, but I/we would only agree to a/this TAX INCREASE if this limited, targeted, one-time, to kill two birds with one stone (solve the Loans issue, and punish the Left)

[See ChristiTutionalist (TM) Politics podcast Aug. 2023 update: as well as BiDUMB flips off SCOTUS (Affirmative Action edition):]

[NOTE: Cross-referenced/posted from article - see the original at  for added images within the story/blog/article]

AND ALSO LACK OF ANY STRATEGIC IMAGINATION regarding Impeachment. Just more talk about Impeaching BiDUMB that the #ENEMEdia will SPIN all day longs as “Witch-Hunt” and just “tit-for-tat” political payback – which DUMBocrats will soak up (and more importantly, sadly, MIGHT SELL TO INDUHPENDENTS). So NOTHING WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED IMPEACHING BIDUMB (as USSenate will DO NOTHING with the Impeachment referral). PERIOD! Those are the FACTS with the way the System works (even IF we controlled USSenate there would never, EVER, be 2/3 Vote for removal (and what you want #KacklingKamala instead??)). INSTEAD we could have, and already should have, MOVED TO IMPEACH MAYORKAS, GARLAND, GRANHOLM, PETE BUTTBOY, all QUOTA #INDENTYPOLITICS HIRE INCOMPETENT BUFFOONS which WOULD actually gain traction with the American INDUHPENDENTS (as either Party cannot win with must Base and therefore those the people we need reach) as INDUHPENDENTS can no longer NOT PICK A SIDE. You are either with the GOP trying to RESTORE OUR AMERICAN REPUBLIC or you are WITH THE FASCICRATS destroying America!!! PERIOD!!!

[NOTE: NOVEMBER 2022 UPDATE: I've now been writing at, in addition to continuing writing at BeforeItsNews, TheLibertyBeacon awhile, so I hope you'll check out my pieces there (see: where you'll find a few #TheLibertyBeacon exclusive pieces as well as some that may look a bit familiar, if you've followed me on B4IN awhile, as some at TLB are "updated/expounded" upon pieces originally published either on B4IN or even revised/updated former REDSTATE pieces of mine. Also, recently a friend put up a Wiki page for me - if you're curious you can see that at:]

About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)
author: Terror Strikes (buy)
12CDRC, Wayne12, Committees member
W12 Newsletter Editor Wayne-12CDRC Newsletter
MICD12GOP MI 12th CDRC Webmaster
Taylor (MI) Republicans Club TRC Michigan Webmaster
Terror Strikes book (B4IN write-up)

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I, Joseph M Lenard, am NOT going to relinquish co-host duties with Savaged Unfiltered, but too branching out and trying my Hands (or Mouth) with my own, new, very low-key (not alot of fluff or flash to start), the “ChristiTutionalist Politics” podcast!!!

It is OFFICIAL, my new ” #ChristiTutionalist #Politics ” #Podcast is NOW #LIVE.

Yes, will take time for it to migrate to the #SearchEngines and other #Streaming sources like #ApplePodcasts and #Spotify. YOU get the FIRST SHOT at listening to S1E1.

“ChristiTutionalist Politics” S1-E1 “Welcome to the new Show – Introductions”
This S1E1 will be an “introductory” episode and a little about me and this likely to be “Seinfeld-esque” (one Sat. about something serious, the next Sat. (yes, weekly to start slowly, dropping Saturdays (originally as announced Monthly)) maybe about nothing important at all. I’m open to hearing from you (via CONTACT tab) w/ comments/suggestions. Many times I’ll be going over my TheLibertyBeacon or BeforeItsNews artciles topics, “Savaged Unfiltered” podcast I co-host (“the BIG SHOW” to this little “humble-beginnings” show/start), my books, or whatever! Let us grow together.



@ByronDonalds (R MAGAguy FL) for Speaker – Win, Win, Win, all the way around…. NO MORE NEXT IN LINE BS… NO MORE SAME-OLE SAME-OLE DC/SWAMP POLITICS…. Think do not FEEL use BRAIN MATTER to engage in STRATEGIC THINKING…

I like @JimJordan, I LOVE @stevescalisefan 
(and IF we gotta go with the NEXT IN LINE RICH WHITE GUY THE #ENEMEDIA WILL EASILY ATTACK, it need be Steve due to his backstory including nearly MURDERED by Leftist loon story to remind, BUT….) ENOUGH OF THE DC SWAMP – WHO IS NEXT IN LINE, RATHER THAN WHO IS BEST CHOICE FOR HERE AND NOW!

more in: 


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    • JLenardDetroit

      Very interesting, the other day I wrote about “Not all eyes are on Georgia, they are on #WestVirginia and #JoeManchin too” (to see if he’d show some actual #principles or continue as a #FASCICRATS Party member and still trying to con WV that he is nothing more than a #DNC liar/con who always caves to the Left at the end of the day vs his “pretend #principled rhetoric” (see: THE SURPRISE, while we were watching #WV / #Manchin – #Sinema (#AZ) declares leaving #FASCICRATS to be #independent. WOW! But whom will she #caucus with? If still w/ #FASCICRATS they still hold 51/49 #USSenate FULL POWER/CONTROL rather than needed 50/50 #PowerSharing status to matter – or, likely, just more of the LONG CON (desperate to protect her seat). Hey JOE, what say you?!?!?

      Joseph M Lenard (aka: JLenardDetroit)

    • JLenardDetroit

      No, those 87,000 IRS Agents are NOT DEFUNDED (the USHouse defund the IRS Bill is going NOWHERE in the USSenate nor would be signed by JoeBiDUMB) and they are coming for you in the lower Middle-Class and Small-Business owners… and, frankly, it may be the ONLY THING that finally wakes up those asleep so long… Maybe, just maybe, some will actually/finally LEARN HOW THINGS WORK!*

      REMEMBER, WE TOLD YOU SO, and you could have prevented it all


      Maybe, FINALLY, these idiots that haven’t learned and still VOTE FOR (or allow, by not getting out and Fighting/Voting AGAINST) FASCICRATS DEEPSTATE BIG-GROWING-FEDERAL-GOVERNMENT AGENDA, will get that last straw added upon and break their backs to RED PILL AWAKENING?!?!?

      audit, Audit, AUDIT, you morons that thought they were here to “Audit and make the RICH pay more” WELCOME TO YOUR RUDE AWAKENING, you finally going to put aside your Unicorn Delusions that THE LEFT aren’t FASCICRATS?!?! and get off your ASSES and help reverse course (and, yes, full-disclosure, no hyperpartisanship shit here, FIGHT THE CINOs/RINOs as well as the FASCICRATS)?!?! No more I’M TOO BUSY BULLSHIT EXCUSES, YOU MUST MAKE SOME TIME AVAILABLE FOR POLITICS cuz Politics (the FASCISTS) political agenda sure has time to put and keep you in its cross-hairs!!

      related items…
      * /opinion-conservative/2023/01/its-called-leverage-and-about-damn-time-real-conservatives-use-it-over-the-quickearly-sellouts-cinosrinos-yet-again-3651476.html

    • JLenardDetroit

      @ByronDonalds (R MAGAguy FL) for Speaker – Win, Win, Win, all the way around…. NO MORE NEXT IN LINE BS… NO MORE SAME-OLE SAME-OLE DC/SWAMP POLITICS…. Think do not FEEL use BRAIN MATTER to engage in STRATEGIC THINKING…

      I like @JimJordan, I LOVE @stevescalisefan 
      (and IF we gotta go with the NEXT IN LINE RICH WHITE GUY THE #ENEMEDIA WILL EASILY ATTACK, it need be Steve due to his backstory including nearly MURDERED by Leftist loon story to remind, BUT….) ENOUGH OF THE DC SWAMP – WHO IS NEXT IN LINE, RATHER THAN WHO IS BEST CHOICE FOR HERE AND NOW!

      more in: 

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