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Vaccine - Doctors Around the World Issue Dire Warning: Do Not Get the COVID Vaccine! ..UPDATE nor the TEST!

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Twenty eight doctors and health professionals are in this video speaking out against the use of the new and untried vaccine. Animals do not fare well with this vaccine according to some of the doctors, and many bring out the fact that it’s genetic engineering.. There is no “medical pandemic”, and the vaccine can actually make the disease worse. Links below, and as Dr Elke F. de Klerk, says at the end, “Inform yourself, protect yourself, protect your children and LOOK IT UP”.


Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!!

Dr Johan Denis from Belgium recommends
‘Robert Kennedy Jr’s

Dr Kevin P. Corbett from the U.K. says
“You can read about the flaws in the PCR test at

See the links in Mary’s latest message

And Celeste Solum, a former FEMA employee, has said
“there’s a lot of confusion. Is it a virus? Isn’t it a virus? There- we’re saturated with these nanoparticles and it is .. I can’t tell you, I’m getting thousands and thousands of peer review articles talking about this technology, and they all confirm one another that this is what is happening. And it is why the people did not respond- that when they got corona virus, they went to the hospital, they were in intensive care, um, and their lungs were filling up, the doctors assumed they had pneumonia. They didn’t have- I believe now, that they did not have pneumonia. What they had was a combination of things.. The nanoparticles swarmed in the lungs, clogging the lungs, causing some hemorrhagic action, um, and they just, you know, it .. When they swarm, they are multiplying in your body. They’re like- really like aphids in a way, and it’s then the person just dies.”

It’s PCR, a “chain reaction” with the nanoparticles and altered DNA multiplying exponentially within the body, not just in a petrie dish, most likely from the PCR test, itself, which these people would have had, to be diagnosed with the SARS-CoV-2, cum Covid19. ..Made at Fort Detrick according to the Rockefeller Foundations ‘Lockstep 2010′. Look that up too!!


UPDATE: the test too delivers the gene altering vaccine

Dr. Lorraine Day who cured herself of Cancer with diet confirms it. They can vaccinate us in the test… Little nano-dot robots have been developed that can  deliver this vaccine even through a nasal swab!

Very Clear
and it’s not good!


Boron a plant mineral  forms triangles
so can pull other molecules apart.
It has been used in tests to detoxify the environment gathering toxic metals,
so may, or may not, help in this instance.

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    • The Watcher


      • Cara

        Yes, I agree… I haven’t been to a doctor in more than forty years. If you have a good diet – get all the minerals and vitamins in food (mainly vegetable food) with very few supplements – the body looks after itself. It’s self-healing.

      • HypothesisFree

        - /v3/religion/2020/2554812.html

      • HypothesisFree

        Update from Jim Stone:

        The death notice is real, based on county records.

        Tiffany Pontes Dover

        Age: 30

        Location: Higdon Alabama.

        Death report: Done.

        Data source: DeKalb county death records.

        • Anonymous

          She worked her Monday shift after she dies, then. Only in BIN could this possibly happen. She is as alive as you are. Which probably ain’t saying much. :cool:

        • Cara

          I saw that on bitchute, Hypothesis Free… She is dead! ..and thanks for posting it.

          ‘Covid Vaccine Nurse – Tiffany Pontes-Dover Faints in 17 minutes & Dies in 10 Hours’

    • Anonymous

      Without the vaccine it is pretty evident that we would be wearing masks for the rest of our lives. These masks get expensive. Cara is lucky because she can just cut up a pair of her old panties and put them over her face. But, hey. I have to give Cara props. Although this post is an utter failure, at least it wasn’t about Nibiru. Our Cara has come a long way!!!

      • Cara

        Mask wearing ups the CO2 in the body, depresses the O2 and depresses the immune system according to a Dr Blaylock.
        In that article, we re-breathe these particles that are caught in the mask, and concentrated, they can travel up the ‘olfactory nerve’ and into the brain.. So long-time mask wearing is not ever a good idea.

        According to Dr Russell Blaylock: “As for the scientific support for the use of face mask, a recent careful examination of the literature, in which 17 of the best studies were analyzed, concluded that, “None of the studies established a conclusive relationship between mask/respirator use and protection against influenza infection.”

        My son looked it up, and virus particles are smaller than the holes in a mask, so they can pass through it. Something which supports what Dr Blaylock said..

        • 2QIK4U

          The Zionist Agenda of wearing a mask has nothing to do with health at all. It is to symbolise you are thier slave.

          • nikita

            The Primary purpose of masks, you are correct.

            Corollary purpose I believe is to weaken your health.
            I tried to debunk the alledged mask-co2 levels health risks,but found i could not.

            If you want to go full in on the slavery symbolism folks, i’ve just the ticket:

            :shock: :shock:

          • nomdeplume

            To what end? Poof, I’m their slave, now what? Are they gonna make me get universal healthcare and keep me from using child labor or prevent me from forcing my employees to work 100hr weeks? What’s the plan?

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        There are medical pros suggesting the masks and lockdowns will continue even if you do get vaccinated.
        Ontario’s Chief Medical Officers are saying the vaccine manufacturers haven’t been able to show it prevents infection.
        I’m not suprised as everything COVID and virus appears to be made up nonsense and made possible by a useless test.

    • Slimey

      I know two people who are wiling to take the vaccine. One says it work requirements the other useless a ss says he will take it. He was sort of a druggie kind anyway. Like stuff that could alter his mind so not surprised the useless a ss would want something that can alter his body AND his mind.

      The ultimate thrill. Becoming a vaccine ZOMBIE. :lol:

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        My mother knows 8 people who have had the first shot. She is also keen to take it asap. These are all old people, 80′s to 90′s sort of range. I am told that so far they are alright. The second shot will be ‘interesting’.

        I fully expect them to claim the need for booster shots at some point. It’s an endless nightmare looming.

        I cannot tell them or show them anything. It’s like they don’t even hear or understand. I do not care is a common response.

        I’m pretty worried tbh.

    • Daughter of the Church

      Twenty-eight doctors agree against the vaccine. This is more than enough to warn against a deadly poison disguised as an “antidote”, but the effort will not be enough to stop the genocide. It is too little too late. We are about to watch the greatest mass suicide of the history of the world, so far.
      There has been a trial-run to this kind of mass suicide. It occur (History) “on Nov. 18, 1978, … when more than 900 people, one-third of them children, died during what would be known as the Jonestown Massacre, one of the worst mass killings in American history.” Jim Jones used armed guards and threats to force ‘suicides.’

    • kinganu

      Watching their “roll out” of a truly epic toxin upon humanity makes me think of a maggot morphing into a fly.

    • Cara

      If we are forced to take the test or vaccine, I will be upping our Boron intake straight away. Boron, unlike Carbon and its rings, forms triangles and so it can grasp and pull other molecules apart. The main article on Boron, from Leeds University in the United Kingdom, is no longer up, but there are pictures which I’ve saved of what a molecule with boron at its center looks like. Will post above.

      Boron is a plant mineral and doesn’t go up the food chain, so, like vitamin C, it has to be taken every day.

      Alkalinizing the blood with a mainly vegetarian, vegan, diet is a good idea, because a slightly alkaline blood helps to keep cells in suspension and prevents anoxia in different parts of the body.

      There was an article on godlikeproductions forum where a lady got rid of Morgellons disease when her cat accidentally spilled a packet of Alfalfa (Lucerne) into her bath water and the little black Morgellon specks came out in droves… So alkalinizing the blood in this instance, too, may be a good idea. I don’t know..

      • nikita

        Pleased to see your article topics widening Cara. :wink:

        “If we are forced to take the test or vaccine…..”
        Don’t be.
        Likely it will not come to that, will be more subtle, no vax~no permission to do much of anything.
        Or maybe you’ll be offered a free place in a detention camp as an alternative to the vax.

        Robert Kennedy Jr is putting out that the damaged caused by mRNA vax will be irreparable.
        I don’t know if that’s correct, but worth considering.

        For some reason this scripture keeps coming to mind in recent weeks in relation to the vax:

        “Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made……
        And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:
        For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods……”

        With all this talk of the vax changing DNA “ye shall not die… shall be as gods”??
        Of course it was a lie originally also.
        Crazy thought? Maybe. :oops:

        • Cara

          That scripture that you’re quoting was ‘The Fall’, Nikita, into material thinking and loss of our spiritual knowledge (perspective or connection). This vaccine is supposed to do the same thing, cut us off from God or from religious thought.

          Video- Bill Gates briefing the CIA on developing vaccine to ‘cure’ religious fundamentalism

          This is Black Magic – manipulating the form (body) to control the mind. Force is used in Black Magic.
          White magic is to introduce a ‘seed thought’ and leave the person free to decide whether to act on it or not. No force is ever used in White magic.

          • Daughter of the Church

            Also, there is an important fact:
            Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize for medicine in 2008, said last April that the Covid-19 virus is “professional work”. According to him, it was created by Chinese researchers who wanted to make an AIDS vaccine.

            • Cara

              Not according to the Rockefeller Foundation paper, ‘Lockstep 2010′. It was made at Fort Detrick in Maryland, U.S.

              Unfortunately, Daughter of the Church, the more I read on BiN and around BIN on the internet, the more I think our whole system of compartmentalized institutions which govern our lives, is corrupt.. Rotten to the core, and that is because of individual behavior within those institutions. And I don’t think President Trump is going to overturn that. Greed surrounds him. Rather the whole system will have to collapse, and that will be a real shock to many many people. It will be frightening, even to me.

              Mary says repeatedly, ‘turn around to My Jesus’.. ‘Take care of your spiritual life’….. and how many people do that?

      • Anonymous

        Cara, we don’t want you to EVER take a vaccine under any circumstances. The vaccine has a tiny radio activated bomb that will be targeted into your brain. Then, when the Illuminati wants you dead, all they have to do is push a button on their remote and your head explodes!! Also, never, ever wear a mask. The bacteria builds up until your lungs get filled up, and then you die. Also, Cara, never wear a seat belt in your car, under any circumtances. That is what the government does to control you while you are driving.

        • Cara

          Wearing a seat belt is not in the same field as taking a vaccine, Anonymous.. What you’re saying about the vaccine is what I have read before about the RFiD chip.. that they can use a radio signal to kill you (a person or people). All we can ever do is present information so that people can change their minds about vaccines in general – in children especially – and about this vaccine in particular. Vaccines… period… are just NO GOOD1…. the aluminum and mercury in them damage the mitochondria, they’re a foreign protein, and being animal based they’re acid forming. And how much they’re changing the chhildren’s DNA, even now, we don’t know.

          • Anonymous

            I guess you don’t remember polio, do you? You took that vaccine which is probably why you didn’t get it. There were a lot of people that got polio that wished there was a vaccine. :cool:

            • Cara

              There wasn’t a lot known then about the benefits of an alkalinizing diet, that the blood has to be slightly alkaline for it to hold cells in suspension and so prevent anoxia in the tissues. Hence diseases in general. See Dr Andrew Moulden’s Anoxia Spectrum Syndrome.

              The cause of cancer is anoxia.. Dr Otto Warburg.

              There is a logical explanation for everything, Anonymous. If more people ate vegetarian/vegan we wouldn’t have the ‘big three’: Cancer, Diabetes and Arthritis… Besides if you look on you will see that diseases, including Polio, were well into decline before the vaccines for them were invented. This, because of better sanitation.

    • Cara

      For what it may be worth..

      Check out supplemental Iodine, boron and occasionally supplemental Zinc if your soils are poor in Zinc.

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      From Jim Stone…

      Heads up on Flu shot, there are HUGE PROBLEMS
      Now there are two cases of the same thing in our immediate circle of association – the first involved the dad of one of the wifes on the other side of the family. He got the flu shot and immediately caught a “cold” which got worse and worse RAPIDLY and within 2 days he was in the hospital diagnosed with Covid. Everyone around him knows it was the shot that did it because he was perfectly fine and down the toilet he went.
      Now, a direct friend of Claudia’s got stupid and despite everyone knowing better, got the flu shot and landed in the hospital very soon after, diagnosed with Covid. Claudia is freaked out about this because her work is pushing the Corona vax and everyone there “can’t wait to get it”. And if she tells THAT group there’s something wrong, she’ll immediately be called a nutcase and might end up fired.

      Claudia believes they are distributing COVID through the flu shots, and that it is a worse form than before. My thoughts are that though this is possible, the flu shot may have simply been formulated to create such serious reactions this year (at least the ones in Mex) that they can use all the people who were stupid enough to get it to pump up the Covid stats.
      I really don’t need to tell anyone who reads this site to avoid that, do I?
      Just a heads up so people are aware of a possible new twist to this plot.

    • Cara

      Here is the video of the nurse fainting seventeen minutes after taking the Covid 19 vaccine.

      Please see the details at the the previous link of ‘Fake News = The False Prophet’.

    • Cara

      In the link ‘Nurse collapses on live television’, I’ve read the possible side effects of Covid19 vaccine in the FDA “Safety Surviellance sheet and do believe that some of them can be lessened by a preexisting diet which is alkalinizing, rich in minerals and vitamins, in other words not denatured foods. Mainly vegetarian and vegan. At least it’s better than nothing.

      In the terminology, 1)”myelin” is sheath which covers nerves and along which nerve signals travel. 2) “Encephalo”, a prefix which refers to the brain. 3) “itis” is a suffix meaning inflammation. 4)The terms relating to blood coagulating in blood vessels (“infarction”, “coagulation”, “embolism”, “stroke”) may be relieved – and I stress “may”, not positively relieved in this instance, by an alkaninizing diet which consists mainly of plant-based foods, because then cells are held in suspension in the blood stream and don’t tend to clump and scrape along vessel walls damaging them to cause ministrokes (anoxia) in the capillaries. An acid blood has the opposite effect, blocking vessels, especially the tiny capillaries, and causing ANOXIA.. I do not know how much “anoxia” contributes to the effects of this vaccine… See ‘Mouldens Anoxia Spectrum Syndrome.. Dr Andrew Moulden’s ‘M.A.S.S. 5) Arthritis, mentioned also, is helped/eased by the plant mineral Boron that works through the parathyroid glands on calcium metabolism. …… 6) Kawasaki disease is an “itis” and Guillain-Barre Syndrome is a tiredness.

      So apart from the inflammatory response of the body, you may fare better if the blood vessels are kept open and oxygen gets to the tissues. How much that nurse collapsed due to her wearing a face mask, with high CO2 and low oxygen levels in her body, we don’t know.

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        I’m armed with MMS, Colloidals, Clays and zeolites and have a hulda clark/Bob Beck zapper.
        I’m also thinking of buying a prosthetic arm.

        • Cara

          “MMS” Miracle Mineral Solution. I had to look that up, and I hope you realize that Chlorine/ Chlorite competes successfully for sites in the body that Iodine is supposed to be uptaken by. Chloride, like Iodine, Bromide (since 1980 in bread) and Fluoride (in our drinking water) are all Halogens – in that family of minerals, and they compete with Iodine.. Sites in the body where Iodine is actively transported include (from memory), the ‘Choroid Plexus’ where cerebrospinal fluid is made, Ciliary body of the eye, The Thyroid Gland, Thymus gland, Breast tissue (against cancer), Stomach Mucosa, sexual organs and the skin (I may have missed some). It has a protective function and is needed by every cell in the body. ‘Iodism’ is not from Iodine itself, but occurs when Iodine pulls things like Bromide from out of the tissues to be eliminated. The solution is to take a lesser amount of Iodine until symptoms subside. Iodine is a very very good mineral to supplement.

          • Fake News = The False Prophet

            Chlorine Dioxide… I make it myself and have used it a number of times. You might like to read this as a primer: (I think that Trump may have been hinting at this stuff. The media like to pretend its bleach).


            Jordon Sather site:
            He did have various decent videos about MMS on youtube but his site got shut down.

            I have lugol’s solution for iodine, and eat a lot of spinach.

            On another note, a couple of days ago I was in brief contact with one of those people I mentioned. She has had the flu and covid vaccine recently and today I feel like I’m going down with something. Just a data point and I assure you I would not exagerate this. Elevated temperature and queasy. Should anything develop I’ll keep you posted. Have not seen anyone else. I’ve also straight away taken steps to combat anything. I hope someone reliable gets their hands on these vaccines and gives them a thorough going over. If they turn into carriers we could all be in trouble.

            • Fake News = The False Prophet

              Whatever that bug was I started to go down with has been knocked straight on the head. I used Hulda Clarks anti-pathogen protocol of Clove (taken half hour before others on empty stomach), then wormwood and black walnut. You can get these as a 3 pack. Drank Tonic Water. Citricidal (grapefruit seed extract) and zinc. Topped off with with one drop of activated MMS. I have used this combo before and so far it always seem to work.

              I also have a diffuser for essential oils. I put colloidal silver in it and add whichever essential oils are relevant. In my mind this has the advantage of protecting the environment around me.

              NEVER use essential oils around pets until you get clued up about which are safe for animals. Many are not and cause serious issues, even death for animals.

            • Cara

              Glad.. very glad.. you have found a solution that works, Fake News = The False Prophet. Alkalinizing the body may just do the trick.

              Check out Alton Parish’s new post:

    • nomdeplume

      Unless your a billionaire owner of Fox, then get the vaccine within 24 hours of your employees spouting anti
      -vax garbage.

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        There is ONLY pro-vax garbage. ANY unbiased research into vaccines leads to one inescapable conclusion. Avoid them at all costs. But I support your freedom to choose, and will forcibly insist on mine.

    • Cara

      Check this one out too, posted by Alton Parish..

      The fact that the Covid10 vaccine stimulates a strong to extreme allergic reaction is a good sign that the body’s immune system targets it – finds it foreign, and so taking Boron may.. it might.. be a good idea.. The Tibetans use boron like salt.. Borax might be a bit strong for the palate, but if you can get Plant Boron from a Nursery (they put it on fruit trees, especially Citrus, to prevent brown spots from appearing in the fruit) or use Boracic Acid it might be a good idea , because Boron is strongly alkaline forming in the body, and forms triangles that can grasp and pull other molecules apart.. Especially helpful in an immune response!

    • Cara

      If you make, or want to make your own bread and pizza bases, homemade, try to substitute some, even half, of the flour for other non-gmo grains. The consistency of the bread will be a little more crumbly than the glutenous bought bread, but offering you minerals and vitamins that the wheat flour doesn’t have. I have tried and use a mixture of some of (some more of than others):
      * Rye * millet * sorghum (gluten free) * buckwheat * coconut flour * brown rice flour * Graham flour (chickpea), and I’ve just come across only this week, *finger millet, which is a red millet and supposedly the fourth or fifth largest grain crop on the planet. Then there’s * Barley which I haven’t used. I don’t use oats or rolled oats in bread because it makes the bread a little soggy, a little too glutenous.

      Bread in general, to rise, needs *salt * sugar and * oil. Don’t use Boron in the bread mixture because Boron suppresses the yeast. But do use *Iodine, two drops per loaf (Iodine was the bread improver before 1980, and since 1980 they use Bromide which is a neuro-toxin and a rat poison … look that up)! As for the yeast, one level or slightly rounded teaspoonful per loaf of bread is enough.. two, for two loaves (8 cups of flour).. you don’t need to use a whole sachet. Seeds also are good in bread (sesame and chia), and after an example, I’ve taken to putting * dried fruit in bread,, try also a few * walnuts; the bread doesn’t rise quite as much.. it rises a little less, but it…

    • Cara

      The Rockefeller Foundation ‘Lockstep 2010′ agenda (pre-planning) is into its STEP THREE according to two articles posted today.
      ” .. If the majority of people go along with the agenda, then let those people enter the new system – new normal, while limiting the minority that defy the agenda, ability to work, travel and live. If the majority of the people go against agenda, then release the weaponised SARS Covid, HIV Covid, MERS, tri-brid strain as phase three – a virus with a 30 percent plus mortality rate as a final scare, to push the minority to quickly become the majority. And give a final “We told you so” to those that didn’t listen. Enact the new economy model: Microsoft patent 060606 – cryptocurrency system using body activity data, which is based on human behaviour and willingness to submit to version of ‘Black Mirrors – 15 million merits’, using food, water, shelter and other essentials as a weapon of enforcement of the new economic system.”

      Article 1-

      Article 2-

      It’s the STEP THREE according to the ‘Rockefeller Foundation’s…

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      Dr Vernon Coleman (short video 6mins)

      3150 Adverse health impact events of the vaccine (so far).
      2.79% equastes to 1.67 million people at risk in the UK alone.

    • Jen the pen

      The msm idiots pushing get vax. I saw a video of a doctor getting fake shot on live tv, he totally tried to play it off, nope will not be listening to msm about my health, these clown think they speak for us, nope. Every time i watch msm i laugh at those idiots, the government is never good period

    • Cara

      Another two videos.

      The first with world renown microbiologist and epidemologist, Prof. Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, a Thai-German national, who outlines four serious consequences of taking this “genetic vaccine”. 1) fever, chills, muscle aches, limb pains, headaches and sickness in healthy young people; the vaccine trials never included older people. 2) allergic reactions. 3) aggravates “with explosive progression” of subsequent real infections. The animals that were vaccinated nearly died. 4) autoimmune diseases and abnormal fetal development and even fetal death in pregnancy. …. He is clearly worried.

      The second video is by Spiro Skouras and the traces the disasters with vaccines that preceded this one, up to the current proposed Coronavirus vaccine. In one composite photo he shows three trial volunteers who developed ‘Bell’s Palsy’ (facial paralysis on one side) due to the vaccine. Compare that with Dr Andrew Moulden’s images of children with facial droops due to vaccine induced anoxia (acidosis, poor blood flow).

    • Daughter of the Church

      :idea: :idea: :idea: The “Vaccine”, what is it all about :?:
      Besides and attempt to subjugate and enslave the world -a grand diabolical idea- it also goes down to basic shopkeeper strategy: which is to please and to enrich the poisoners through the governments’ purchase of the shopkeepers’ “antidote”.

    • Cara

      And again, from Lee Austin.

      Most important !!!

    • Cara

      Dr Wakefield’s explanation is so clear, as to why the Corona Virus vaccine is not a VACCINE. It doesn’t target protein molecules that are seen by the body as foreign, antigens, but the builders of protein molecules in our bodies (RNA, DNA)- changing the shape, hence function of protein molecules in our bodies. And possibly making them be seen as foreign to our bodies’ own immune systems. Hence all the alarming side effects we see described… chills, pain, anaphylaxis,, itis’s of various sorts, attacking the myelin sheaths of nerve cells causing weaknesses and paralysis, etc…

      Dr Wakefield warns: “This is not a vax, it is irreversible genetic modification”

    • equus_gluteus

      I am a retired ICU nurse. No way would I even consider getting this vaccine. They have omitted the animal testing phase. Robert Kennedy Jr speaks of pathenogenic priming, which the animal testing phase is meant to detect. And regarding the test swabs being innoculated with the virus, yes, the CDC has admitted as much. I read an article on their website last spring saying they had inadvertently shipped out some cases of test swabs which were “contaminated” with the virus. It seems that they were making the swabs in the same lab where they were running the tests? Who would think that’s a good idea. And while I’m all amped up now, someone please explain to me why a simple cotton face covering will keep out a virus which managed to escape from a level 4 lab in Wuhan? The emperors running this freak show have no clothes.

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