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The #SocialMedia Battleground! No, I will not concede any of it, to do so is SURRENDER (and we cannot let the #LeftWingLoons WIN)!

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[My new book TERROR STRIKES - see:
which includes a section about FREE SPEECH battles]

BillSmith (on GAB (see: asked: Why do I keep using TWATTER (even though they #ShadowBan me and worse – you really should see related: to see how I and others have been targets on Twatter since 2016)?

[original post Dec 4 2020, last update: Sun Jan 24, 2021]

Not looking to cast an aspersions unto anyone, just saying AS FOR ME* (in affirming statements/tones)
You dont always get to dictate when/where Battles fought, 1 thing certain – intend to WIN A WAR you can’t COWER from the enemy YOU MUST ENGAGE**
Like it or NOT, #FASCISTBOOK & #TWATTER are where main Battle for Hearts & (more importantly) MINDS being fought! Again, ILL NEVER SURRENDER ( /
Know that WE THAT REMAIN FIGHTING are being effective, that’s why they have to engage in #CENSORSHIP against us & try & DEPLATFORM US
Were being effective & #WALKAWAY & #BLEXIT movements evidence of it
Just keep telling them OPEN YOUR EYES:
MORE: #LeftWing #BIAS #eneMEDIA #FakeNews #SPIN outlets!
Don’t believe it? Just give 5 mins to watch this and #RedPill.
The #HardTruth, Episode 1: Media Bias #WalkAway Education Series

Review, often, #REALNEWS tag (over all #SocialMedia Platforms) for what they don’t want you to see/know!
* but, to each his own. I’d certainly PREFER more would STAND AND FIGHT with me (we need the Allies)!
Some of the #PatheticallyCorrupt and #IdentityPolitics games/nonsense….
While YOU, ME, WE, may dislike #IdentityPolitics (idiot Left “Intersectionalism”), sometimes an Enemy dictates the Battlefield that you must Fight on. Failure to Fight any particular Battle, means Surrender (automatic LOSS).
Sometimes you can pick the time and location of a Battle taking it to the Enemy, other times you must Defend (more-so, Fight back) upon the Battlefield Enemy dictates.
Running away and pretending this is not happening is not a useful strategy. Trying to claim you are too good to bother to Fight and get your hands dirty is (again, lame excuse for) SURRENDER!
Lincoln did not get to just say – you know, I’d rather not bother to confront Confederate Troops amassed at Gettysburg (let’s ignore the situation and pretend it isn’t happening). To do so would have then allowed them to March on next to anywhere they damn well pleased. Unless you are completely outnumbered and have no real way to Fight back, you must engage!

(above from #GAB/JLenardDetroit:

update: Sat Jan 9, 2021….
Post from GAB from @rooshv (
Twitter’s banning of Donald Trump was a blessing. Sleepy conservatives have been jolted awake to the severity of authoritarianism that is coming for them, because if the President of the United States isn’t safe, neither are they. The breach of the Capitol building by patriots proved they still possess sufficient strength and willpower. They now have the justification, motivation, and righteous anger to fight back in all ways small and big against the corrupt establishment. Buckle your seat belts and choose your battles wisely. There will be good days and bad days, but those on the side of truth and God will prevail.
MY RESPONSE: THE LESSON! People should have NEVER limited their options in the first place!!!



1) Use a separate Browser to keep all the Platforms open in separate Tabs to easily toggle between them… and make a post on one, then cut/paste/post to the others!! You maximize your message reach that/this way!!!!

2) Yes, I know, many are reluctant to start on new Social Media Platforms cuz they just don’t want to have to start from scratch building up Friends / Follows/Followers / “Subscribers” / etc (whatever each site uses for terminology to try and pretend to be something different (they are all same basic functions)). Some have FIND FRIENDS function that will scan your Contacts database (grab emails) to then search their Users database to find your Friends to AUTO FOLLOW and/or send a FOLLOW REQUEST to them. IF NOT, just make use of the HASHTAGS that all the Platforms have/use. Type in one of your commonly used tags and it is likely there are like minded folks using the same tag on any/all the other sites and you can scroll down page (one tag search at a time) to find like minded folks to connect with!

IF A PLATFORM (LIKE PARLER, others) DO NOT HAVE THEIR OWN SERVERS, their Hosts can REMOVE THEM FROM EXISTANCE AT ANY TIME! (discussed further down in a Sat Jan 9 update) GAB, for that very reason, invested in and moved to their own Servers for one (not sure on the others)!

3) You want others to share your thoughts/posts? Then do so for others (at least, on occasion, obviously you can’t for everyone, all the time, as your Feed would be just massively long and cluttered)! HOWEVER, having said that, let me also state that you can go overboard the other direction! I have indeed unfollowed/unfriended some who do NOTHING BUT SHARE OTHERS’ THOUGHTS/POSTS and never have an original thought/post of their own, or never even additional commentary on what they are sharing of/from others!
4) USE SCREEN SHOTS – If you suspect someone is likely to be SUSPENDED/BANNED at anytime soon and want to save/preserve any of their posts (cuz once suspended/banned, their posts/feed will go away including any SHARES/RTs/QUOTES/etc on others’ feeds of them) but using screen-shot method preserves them.


5) BEWARE OF NEWER USERS SINCE NOV 3, 2020… Like I’d been posting since Nov 3… There are Libtards posing as Conservatives…

BEWARE OF THE LIBERAL TROLLS CREATING NEW ACCOUNTS ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS PRETENDING TO BE CONSERVATIVES (be sure to check JOIN DATE and BE SUSPICIOUS of any/all joined since Nov 4, they are DESPERATE to get you to sit out (or other such shit disturbing antics) Jan 5 #GASen #Runoffs and allow #FASCICRATS #OSSOFF and #WARNOCK win (support #Perdue & #Loeffler)!

NO REAL CONSERVATIVE! NO REAL REPUBLICAN! Would ever sit idly (or worse as the Fake Conservative Trolls are doing – trying to get you to sitout) by and allow a FASCICRATS NOMINEE (for anything from DogCatcher to President) to Win an Election! EVER! Ignore the MORON #RINOSFORBIDEN crowd and/or LIBTARD TROLL MORONS (who created a new Account over the past few days, liars, FAKE CONSERVATIVES PROFILES) claiming they are sitting out the #GASEN #RUNOFFS on Jan 5 and that “you should too!” Only a MORON or a LIAR would suggest anyone sit idly by and allow FASCICRATS #OSSOFF and #WARNOCK “just be given” a #USSENATE seat, for any reason – at all – EVER! DONATE TO, SUPPORT (regardless of where you Live in #USA), both #TRUMP ENDORSED CANDIDATES #DAVIDPERDUE and #KELLYLOEFFLER (WINRED.COM, select GA in State pulldown)! Also see: /u-s-politics/2020/11/election-2020-fraud-trumps-legal-path-to-reelection-2580638.html

If YOU LITERALLY want to cut off your Nose to spite your Face – then you go right ahead, you only hurt yourself that way. NOT SUPPORTING PERDUE and LOEFFLER (to STOP BIDEN, PELOSI, SCHUMER, FASCICRATS AGENDA) harms 330M Americans and no-one should do that, even if LIFE THREATENED by #BlackLyingMarxists FASCICRATS crowd! Your Childrens’ Future demands you STAND UP AND BE COUNTED FOR PERDUE AND LOEFFLER as President TRUMP has called for (has endorsed them, and having SaveTheUSSenate Rally for them Dec 5)!

more/related: /u-s-politics/2020/11/election-2020-fraud-trumps-legal-path-to-reelection-2580638.html   


Gab CEO Blames CIA and Mockingbird Media for Latest PSYOP Campaign of Slew of New Accounts “Popping Out of Nowhere and Making Threats of Violence”

Gab CEO Andrew Torba released a statement on Friday on the latest suspicious activity on the social media platform. Torba says the company has noticed a slew of activity “popping out of nowhere” and promoting violence. He suspects this is a “CIA Mockingbird Media Complex” operation. They want to shut down all unapproved and opposing…

And, vice-versa, be prepared when you are joining new Sites for the Users that have been there a long time to take awhile to “warm” to you, they may be SUSPICIOUS of you as a New-User for awhile until you’ve built up a Track-Record of consistent Posting! Find common Friends from your other sites first, that know you, should recognize you and/or your handle/id, which then builds your followings and followers which then also lends you more credibility.

6) FascistBook (and/or MeWe) groups are nice (if you’re NOT BANNED from the platform), but regardless join #NEXTDOOR too!
Like HOLIDAY LIGHTS viewing? Nextdoor (in conjunction w/ #HallmarkChannel) has CHEER MAP (you can add your home to &/or review to find HOLIDAY LIGHTS are for viewing in your area:!

I’ve been on it abt 5yrs. Only once dealt w/ politics, aft Libtard started shit – we handed her her ass then BLOCKED her! U can tell who kind/loving/caring/CONSERVATIVE folks are v controlling/nanny-type libtards are (& BLOCK THEM as with any platform)! Just avoid Politics there.

Its good for NeighborhoodWatch type stuff, local YardSale stuff, lost cats/dogs, XmasLightsMap, etc….
Again, just know it’s “function” and “place” in our Lives!
As for Politics, CONCEDE NO GROUND on the regular/traditional SocialMedia Platforms

7) Use screen shots of longer posts on other platforms to extend comments on Twatter! Make your post that won’t fit on Twatter elsewhere, then screen-shot your full post, cut/paste it to Twatter!

And beyond that, some issues deserve/need a DEEP DIVE that doesn’t fit on ANY PLATFORM! Join BeforeItsNews and create Articles for sharing…

Here’s a post I sometimes share on SMPlatforms about that…
For anyone interested really sharing  extended thoughts beyond Social Media constraints & delve into some issue(s) often far too complex to even boil down in available space of Social Media Platforms providing far more generous Posts space than available vs very limited space Twitter allows (making any comments of great significance damn near impossible, instead only encouraging “pot shots” or “sound bites”  don’t do issue Justice) I hope you check out my recent Articles & consider joining B4IN so you can respond to articles/issues there-in (which then affords access via sharing my article to point folks to check out your considered response, rather than constantly having to retype the same thought over and over when/where warranted (consider it a place to park thoughts, that you can then go to for cut/paste into SMPlatform responses of topics that keep recurring), or perhaps write your own pieces):

older RedState articles of mine:

8) Also regarding newer users… CAT-FISH and/or IMPERSONATION schemes — Also regarding newer users… There are still CAT-FISH (someone using info/photos of others to either IMPERSONATE them and/or create their own FAKE PROFILE to fool people) schemes/scams going on… A post I made regarding that on GAB:
FYI, I just REPORTED (just in case, they’ll likely NOT do anything right now but I hope they keep an eye on these Accounts) and BLOCKED them…. Not gonna share the names/handles, just wanted to RAISE AWARENESS and ask, who else has seen potentially FISHY activity account wise lately?!?!

REPORT that I filed on/for/about each of them:
This is now like the 6th account that has followed me that has very few posts and all the images virtually identical (the two with the young girl in COW WHISPERER and HOLDING CHICKEN are absolutely 100% identical and the rest very similar, several more likely identical, all relating to Farm scenes). Something is catFISHY here!!!


If you get a POST FAILED ERROR it is most likely just HEAVY TRAFFIC (Server lag) issues we’ve seen here (and got worse of late since Parler down, and new users flooding in in droves)! All I can do is recommend PATIENCE!

At best, do a CTRL-C (copy) of your text BEFORE hitting Post/Publish/whatever, here and or everywhere, for sometime going forward, as POST FAILURES will continue to occur as all the Platforms quickly try to install more and more equipment to ease and/or spread the load on the Systems. Ctrl-C just so it is in your System copy buffer should a/the Post FAIL and for whatever reason your text erases you can wait a few minutes, CTRL-V (paste) it back into a new Post and retry to Post. If you really want to be OVER CAUTIOUS – you could create and keep a TEXT DOCUMENT open on your Desktop to either cut/paste/save into to ensure you don’t lose text (especially on longer commentary type posts) that you can then cut/paste/post into Social Media sites (and for use in multi-site posting/sharing)! You may also, before attempting repost, hitting REFRESH (which, will, for certain, lose your text, so be sure you COPY it before hitting REFRESH (and in some cases, depending on site and Error, the site may “wig-out: and attempt of REFRESH of your Page/connection on its own (so, again, good to ensure you copy your text at least into your system Copy buffer)))!

10) You will quickly lose any/all credibility if you engage in misleading click-bait (flashy, often inticing but deceptive headlined, links, or constantly provide links without any commentary/context to suggest why someone should TRUST a link you provide! Or deal in SPAM, and as a Retired IT guy let me share the proper definition – SPAM = unwanted ADVERTISEMENTS (later broadened, but not quite the same, to mean ANYTHING SHARED UNWANTED BY RECIPIENT (improper use of term) but indeed accepted term as CONTINUED SENDING ITEMS YOU KNOW SOMEONE PREVIOUSLY EXPRESSED NO INTEREST IN CONTINUED RECEIVING FROM YOU)! Or, as the Left may often imply, anything that upsets them – like sharing FACTS, cuz they don’t want to deal in them, IS NOT DEFINED AS SPAM. Related, of course, Left continued sending of FALSE INFORMATION = #FAKENEWS!

#LeftWing #BIAS #eneMEDIA #FakeNews #SPIN outlets!
Don’t believe it? Just give 5 mins to watch this and #RedPill.
The #HardTruth, Episode 1: Media Bias #WalkAway Education Series #democratLIESmatter
Review, often, #REALNEWS tag for what they don’t want you to see/know!

11) Some older, still very relevant, points/tips/tricks in my older RedState piece: (2016)



Sat Jan 9, 2021 update: PARLER MAY DISAPPEAR SOON:

1st – NO, I AM NOT ASKING ANYONE TO LEAVE ANY PLATFORM, just consider your vulnerability if you’ve limited your options at/to this point…

WARNING: AWS (Amazon Web Services) is threatened to remove #PARLER hosting privileges by (and other sites, including GAB even though they have their own Host servers (still use) other providers/services could be next). #parler does NOT have it’s own Servers like #GAB and others, so YES they can be completely dePlatformmed!! Don’t get caught flat-footed. I am NOT suggesting anyone leave the #ParlerFamily just EXAPAND YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA REACH/OPTIONS!!

Google and Apple are removing Parler App from their Playstores… This is just the first steps in SILENCING/CENSORING PARLER for good…. And don’t be fooled GAB, Spreely, others, still using CLOUDFLARE Services, so they can be effectively SHUTDOWN (have Traffic flow blocked) at any point also!


more – you really need to see (especially the PRO TIPS section that touches on Parlers potential being offline): /u-s-politics/2020/12/the-socialmedia-battleground-no-i-will-not-concede-any-of-it-to-do-so-is-surrender-and-we-cannot-let-the-leftwingloons-win-2580681.html

Share this with others on all Platforms!!!


(additionally from: AGAIN, since some seem to lack understanding that CONTEXT (between/across multiple Social Media Posts and/or Articles) matters…. I, nor anyone else, is advocating anyone leave GAB (nor any Social Media Platform, that is the point: to JOIN AND USE AS MANY AS POSSIBLE (EXPAND/EXTEND YOUR REACH))! Quite the contrary, we are advocating you join additional other platforms TO SHARE GAB CONTENT WITH/ON!
Damn, some people are DUMB, even some supposedly on OUR SIDE and should be Allies but instead are ACT AS BADLY AS THE SNOWFLAKES THEY PRETEND TO DETEST/FIGHT!


Are you a #SocialMedia #PowerUser too?!?! I float between #FaceBook (or did, until permabanned July 2020, I have filed official complaint with FCC***), #Spreely, #MeWe, #PolitiChatter (aka: #RagingRight), #Parler, #GAB, #MINDS, #Mumblit, and #Twitter!! Look me up on all those platforms you also frequent…. either Joseph Lenard or @ JLenardDetroit across all platforms!

No, I’m not leaving FB/Twitter (related discussion:, cuz frankly that is where the Battle mainly continues to RAGE, & you cant win a #WAR if you don’t go engage #enemy & reach as many as possible to try & #TurnTheTide!

Think about #WalkAway/#BLEXIT movements (see: We are reaching some Folks.. As #Democrats get WEIRDER & WEIRDER & undeniably 100% #Socialists, some now #WalkAwayFromDemocrats (must reach out to those folks)!

Avoid #FakeNews, see #REALNEWS hashtag (across all #SocialMedia Platforms)!

***related: my FCC complaint vs Twatter and FB, and more, covered in….
whole story behind me being 1 of #TheMighty200 targeted by #Politico (& #HillaryClinton) on Twitter in 2016 (the start of the #RussianBots / #RussianCollusion #FalseNarratives): /u-s-politics/2020/04/politico-targeted-me-jlenarddetroit-other-conservatives-on-twitter-the-russianbots-russianhoax-falsenarratives-origins-2016-2579963.html

Look me up once you join the other sites to be Friends there too:
and post articles, like this, for sharing, at BeforeItsNews: (telegram)

I have joined the American Hartford IRA Gold group, you should too, 
and I even am now an official spokesperson – why?
Massive inflation, unsteady Crypto/Stock Markets, Gold your IRA: Yes, I have been BANNED since July 2020 but have Filed Official complaint with FCC (minor details on that in amidst the other stuff about Twatter) if the RINOs in DC ever get serious about Section 230 hearings and crackdown on the BLATANT LIES Dorsey and Zuckerberg have told to them (funny, others are JAILED for NOT telling LIES (just make minor errors in recollection) to FBI and/or Congress, but ZERO happens to these LIARS) maybe one day I’ll be able to reclaim my Account! I do know, however, from what others have told me, that my FB “Page” ( still exists which I hope you’ll check out and “LIKE” just to piss-off the FascistBook crew!




This section update Jan 9 2021 (cut/pasted from a comment/reply I made on/to GAB (” Don’t limit your options BE EVERYWHERE! Cut/paste across all Social Media Platforms!!! “) Post (

@rooshv from another post where @Josiekana says she is on Social Media with just one platform too much already…. lol

yup, I understand, but to cut/paste from that one to the others take another 1m or so?!?!? Pick ONE to be your main, then, as I said, cut/paste to the others to further your reach (understanding some have (like Minds, restricts to 5 hashtags; Parler only 1k character limit; etc) restrictions to deal with, but for the most part it is indeed simple cut/paste/hit-post across all the platforms if you train yourself to just automatically keep yourself at 5 tags and under 1k for most of your posts!!!

It matters, however, if you are indeed on a PHONE APP or Laptop. I engage my SocialMediaPlatforms from a Laptop so that is easier. I only, very rarely, bother to access any of the Platforms from my Phone – too much of a pain in the ass to use the virtual keyboard for posts/comments – I want full use of a full keyboard to physically type on/with.



BONUS MATERIAL – NON-POLITICAL RELATED, for all the great folks that made it all the way down to the bottom of the Article! In this TWITTER/SHORT ATTENTION SPAN WORLD we’re livin’ in, you are one of us rare breed of Folks who care to KNOW THE FULL DETAILS! Obviously you’re a caring person, so here’s a way of knowing what is going on in your Neighborhood and to interact with those “NEXTDOOR!”

Your invite into the system:
FB groups are nice, but you should still join #NEXTDOOR! Nextdoor is a great way to interact with your neighbors!
Like HOLIDAY LIGHTS viewing? Nextdoor (in conjunction w/ #HallmarkChannel) has CHEER MAP (you can add your home to &/or review to know where HOLIDAY LIGHTS are for viewing in your area:!
Your invite into the system:


He’s Fighting for the Country – Greg Kelly (NEWSMAX)
(do not let his opening fool you, this NOT about Biden, it is about US and TRUMP)

Yes, there is a path to Victory (see:



Hey #Libtards / #Fascicrats (see: #Trolls! Just move on! Cuz, NO I’m NOT one of those weak/cowering #Republicans! You try to Slap me (Politically speaking) I WILL LAY YOUR ASS OUT COLD! #demcratLIESmatter and I will NOT let them go un-refuted!
#FACTSmatter #REALITYmatters
#eneMEDIA #SPIN (see my related 2008 article: countered
and, let me be clear – YOU TOO #CINOs / #RINOs. I am going to call out your Shit also!
related: I’m #CONSERVATIVE (1st/foremost) #Republican (2nd) – stand by any #POTUS when deserving and criticize when I feel necessary (with ANY/ALL Politicians)!
I don’t write regularly, but sometimes I’m either INSPIRED or SO FUCKING PISSED that I feel I must…..
older pieces at #RedState:
(some older stuff you see may shock you, I am an equal opportunity CALLER OUTER (yup, I know, no such word, but you know what I mean)!


Lastly, not entirely related but…. since folks are angry and talking about starting other new Parties which will only make you USEFUL IDIOTS (Like those in LIBERALtarian Party has been for decades) and help elect more FASCICRATS (! HOW ABOUT YOU ACTUALLY GET OFF YOUR COUCH AND DO SOMETHING MORE THAN SITTING AROUND AND JUST VOTING COME ELECTION TIME WITH/FOR THE ONE WE GOT?!?!?

Spare me the line “BOTH PARTIES ARE EQUALLY PATHETIC/BAD!” If you think the #GOP is inadequate, and many times, IMO, I think it is (many who do not uphold Platoform planks/principles/values (tho, yes, of course, we are a BIG TENT and not going to agree on 100% EVERYTHING but there are a couple BIG/KEY/CRITICAL things that supposed to set us apart from FASCICRATS*)) — WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HELP?? Are YOU a #PrecinctDelegate (PD)?!?!
Why #Conservatives MUST become Precinct Delegate  (aka:

You can scream all you like from the Bleachers, if you want to help shape the outcome of the Game/Score you have to get on the Team and actually FIGHT to shape the outcome of the Game from/while ON THE FIELD!

“Help becoming a PD” in MI (DuckDuckGo search for other States): (aka:

Get involved. Become a PD. Then try to become a member of your District or County Republican Committee (or even Run for Chair of them)! EXERT REAL INFLUENCE!  Go to the State Convention!  

We need reinforcements INSIDE to help root out CINOs/RINOs as well as FASCICRATS!!!





Sun June 13, 2021 update…

Have you heard of #Anoox?
I thought I’d check it out.
Of course, just another LeftyLoon controlled/operated site that when the #SNOWFLAKES cannot refute #FACTS immediately go to #BAN, #CENSOR, #SILENCE, those who deliver them tactics (as everywhere they control, can’t have HONEST discussions.

If you happen to look, I’m on as:  
which, of course, as you can see “GOP” in the userid, drew immediate leftyloon assaults.

While I could use a few Friends/Allies over there, IT REALLY ISN’T WORTH SIGNING UP…. UNLESS, you want to temporarily just to Friend me, Troll some moron SNOWFLAKES, and then just ignore the site from then on! LOL

The only reason I signed-up/joined, was I was seeking FREE MARKETING OPPORTUNITES for the (hence the MICD12GOP userid) Website I’m the Webmaster of. Thought they might be worth something, just turned out to be a great big JOKE over there!


TERROR STRIKES book … coming April 15th 2022 …

Joseph M. Lenard (a/k/a: JLenardDetroit)
Born 1962. Lifelong resident Wyandotte Michigan.
Former information technology professional.
Political issues blogger/vlogger/speaker/writer.



Appreciate this or other Joseph M. Lenard pieces?
Joseph M Lenard is on @buymeacoffee! 🎉
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————- MON SEP 27 2021 UPDATE….

If your response to the known #VoterFraud in 2020 is to SIT OUT 2022, THEN YOU ARE A #MORON! We must turn-out in such overwhelming numbers, that they cannot even STEAL THE NEXT ELECTION trying to Cheat. But why would they Cheat, if #MORONS won’t #GOTV, they can Win w/o #Fraud. #SpecialKindOfSTUPID


Let’s just pretend that 160M people did vote in last Election, there are 330Mish #USCitizens in USA (but, yes, of course, not all are of age to Vote)… It is reported that between 50-60% OF ALL CHRISTIANS are STILL NOT VOTING (most of which are Conservatives, likely Constitutionalists, except for the FAKE CHRISTIANS like Biden, Pelosi, et al (see related:! There are PLENTY of Folks that HAVE NOT GOT OFF THEIR ASSES YET and are still part of the Problem.

As the Canadian Rock group RUSH tune says: If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice —- or, let me add: allowed one to be FORCED UPON YOU!


YOU, if YOU are already involved, MUST BECOME EVEN MORE INVOLVED.
Applications/Forms at:  



YouTube shuts down Dilbert creator Scott Adams








Never ending LIES of the Left
never ending HYPOCRISY of the Left
Promise one thing, Bait and Switch, deliver only misery




Former Obama Activist: “Run Away” To Trump!



gun toting patriot bryson gray


TERROR STRIKES book … coming April 15th 2022 …

Joseph M. Lenard (a/k/a: JLenardDetroit)
Born 1962. Lifelong resident Wyandotte Michigan.
Former information technology professional.
Political issues blogger/vlogger/speaker/writer.



Appreciate this or other Joseph M. Lenard pieces?
Joseph M Lenard is on @buymeacoffee! 🎉
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My follow-up book “How to Write a Book and Get It Published” (in which I share my journey (of writing my #1 “Political Thriller” Bestseller “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You” (and the hints, tips, tricks, techniques, I learned in the process)) to aid you in your journey from concept, to written form, to published, to marketing, of your own book) – is available now via Amazon:



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    • JLenardDetroit

      Monday Dec 14, 2020….

      GOOGLE Is Down…Is This An Algo Reset Or Strike Against Election Fraud? – CD Media

      Really??? Didn’t notice. People who want UNCENSORED INFO use rather than Google-censor-search ( or RUMBLE over YouCensoredTube
      GMail, ok, no biggie, just an Emergency backup/fallback for many if their Primary account experiences trouble

    • JLenardDetroit

      Sun June 13, 2021….

      Have you heard of #Anoox?
      I thought I’d check it out.
      Of course, just another LeftyLoon controlled/operated site that when the #SNOWFLAKES cannot refute #FACTS immediately go to #BAN, #CENSOR, #SILENCE, those who deliver them tactics (as everywhere they control, can’t have HONEST discussions.

      If you happen to look, I’m on as:
      which, of course, as you can see “GOP” in the userid, drew immediate leftyloon assaults.

      While I could use a few Friends/Allies over there, IT REALLY ISN’T WORTH SIGNING UP…. UNLESS, you want to temporarily just to Friend me, Troll some moron SNOWFLAKES, and then just ignore the site from then on! LOL

      The only reason I signed-up/joined, was I was seeking FREE MARKETING OPPORTUNITES for the (hence the MICD12GOP userid) Website I’m the Webmaster of. Thought they might be worth something, just turned out to be a great big JOKE over there!

    • JLenardDetroit

      After we talked about my countering Dee Snider’s hilarity at attacking Keri Lake (in what will be the upcoming (when released, can’t wait to promote it as Labor Day (when it will air*) draws nearer) MESS TO MIRACLE podcast session we did), Twatter has now SUSPENDED ME (yet again, probably permanently this time, though I have appealed (as if I’d get a FAIR HEARING)) this time for CALLING OUT (replying to) MEATHEAD (aka: Rob Reiner) and countering his LIES about the BABY KILLER BILL the Dem’s put forth (that would require 60 Votes to get past a Filibuster (coming from their own Party via Manchin and Sinema) which is why it failed before but MEATHEAD claims SEND DEMS $ to win “just 2 more USSenate seats” and they’ll be able to pass it scam/con to raise money under false pretense) AND his Students Loans vs Trump Tax Cuts SPIN (they were across the board, for ALL TAXPAYERS, and didn’t add to the Deficit and Debt because (like JFK, Reagan, GWBush, cuts before them) resulted in MORE REVENUE TO US TREASURY not less (all verifiable FACTS (their idiot followers could look up themselves if they weren’t so lazy and uncaring about truth/reality) not Feelings or SPIN)). They cannot abide by someone tweeting FACTS at them.

      * others – see: for the 1st interview and link to where to find the broadcast aired this past Labor Day

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